Caleb says his mind is racing because if I make the wrong decision it will be me going home next week.

POV Holder: Christine Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 14-43-49-821

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2:45pm Caleb joins Nicole on the lounger to suntan. Caleb says I am not going to lie to you I am excited for this game to be over. Nicole says this Thursday there’s only two more weeks. Hang in there! Nicole says I’ve definitely missed out on some stuff but this experience has been worthwhile. Caleb says he has to and quit his job to be here. Caleb says I think if I make it to the end I would win. If I’m up next to Derrick, Frankie Christine I could beat them. Victoria ain’t going to be here. I would want to be up there with Cody I think it would be a good fight. Nicole says she would want to beat the best because its more fun that way. Cody, Frankie and Christine join them. They talk about their conversations last night about Cody being a fighter and if you can be in love at first sight. Caleb comments on how even though Donny knew he was going home he still kept eating slop. Frankie wonder if anyone’s ever gotten a penalty nom. Nicole says they have a couple of times, it was a penalty vote even though the spit it out. Frankie says I took 9 Advil and 4 Aleve yesterday. Nicole says FRANKIE?! What do you take them for? Frankie says for dance injuries mostly. I don’t live off them. Nicole says okay good.

In the fire room – Victoria says she is nervous for tomorrow. Derrick says I wouldn’t be. Victoria asks did you talk to him? Derrick says Caleb, not today. Victoria hugs Derrick from behind. Derrick tells Victoria to go kill her diary room session.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 14-52-01-239

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3:15pm – 3:50pm Caleb heads up to the HOH room with Derrick. Caleb says his mind is racing because if I make the wrong decision it will be me going home next week. Derrick says I know its a big decision. Caleb says I know if we kept Nicole she wouldn’t be coming after me. I don’t think she would come after you or Cody. So do we send her packing or do we keep her. Caleb says its a 50K or 500K decision. Derrick says like you said you don’t know. Its not a 100% with anyone. Caleb says it comes down to who I can beat in a competition. Do I throw up the god father of the bomb squad or so I stay loyal. Derrick says if Nicole stays who do you think she would go after Frankie is gone? Victoria? Caleb says its a tough decision. Nicole hasn’t won crap since she’s been back. Its tough and I don’t want to make the wrong decision. Caleb says I just think in the end I can beat Nicole at anything and I think you and Cody can too. I can tell you right now Frankie is not going to take me or Cody. Paranoia is setting into that kid. You saw what he did last time. Derrick says you and me talking I think you’ve made your decision already. Caleb says I haven’t I am talking to you to get your opinion. Caleb asks who is more dangerous? Derrick says it depends on the comp. Derrick says so if you send Frankie home then its 2 guys against 3 girls. Caleb says Frankie’s not sleeping up here any more. I don’t trust Frankie as far as I can throw him. Caleb says if we saved Nicole she would put Christine. But she could win and go back on that. Caleb asks if Cody wins who would he put up? Derrick says he should put up Christine and Victoria. Derrick says we could send Frankie home and Nicole could win and put us up or Frankie could stay and put us up too. Caleb says I think the only person who would give me the 500K is you. Derrick says absolutely and you would beat me. If Frankie goes who will Nicole go after .. I don’t think she would go after Christine because she thinks she can beat her. She could be like I don’t have a deal with you, I’m going after you. Nicole could promise you the world and then go back on it. Caleb says yeah and try and send out me the biggest beast in the house. Derrick says and she would be cheered for it. Derrick says I think Cody would be on board with getting Frankie out. I think it would take him a second to get Nicole back. Victoria joins them. Caleb tells her whoever I put up won’t go home to Nicole. It doesn’t matter. Victoria asks am I going up? Caleb says it doesn’t matter who I put up, I could put up one of the guys.. Nicole is going. Caleb says I’m not allowed to give an exact answer anyways.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 15-47-16-758

4pm – 4:20pm In the fire room – Nicole and Frankie are talking. Nicole says that Frankie hasn’t backstabbed her like other people have. Nicole proposes for someone to go up on the block that’s a bigger target than she is. To get out me or Victoria is a waste. Frankie says eventually someone will have turn. Me getting to then end of this game will take a lot of chance and skill. If I win the HOH next week then I can’t play the week after and will probably need to win that veto. Nicole tells Frankie I would love to see you in the final two. You are a great big brother players. Frankie says thank you. Nicole says If you do make it there you deserve the money. Frankie tells Nicole that she is an awesome girl and doing a great job in the game. Nicole asks do you really think so? Frankie says yes! Nicole apologizes for ever hurting Frankie’s feeling and hurting his heart. Nicole says lets enjoy these last few days. Frankie says we’re mended.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 15-51-29-577

4:15pm – 4:40pm Nicole joins Cody, Christine and Caleb by the hot tub and tells them that she and Frankie mended their relationship. At least I think we did. Nicole says I feel a lot better because I was by far the meanest to him. Christine looking at Cody in the dinosaur outfit comments on how she wants to watch Jurassic Park right now so bad. Frankie asks Christine if there’s a veto when it gets to the final 4. Christine says yes and that person decides who goes unless its the HOH then they decide of someone comes off and that person decides who goes. The
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 16-21-47-571

4:40pm In the kitchen – Cody and Christine are in the kitchen. Cody asks Christine to put on some clothes on its getting f**king repulsive! You’re walking around the house with no clothes on. Christine says excuse I was just told by a man that I look repulsive in a bathing suit. I am going to go kill myself now. Cody says no because your mom said she doesn’t like you in that pne! Christine says yeah that’s true.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 16-40-09-009

5pm – 5:15pm All the house guests are sitting around the hot tub talking about random things. Caleb tells Cody to go in there and ask for some more booze. Caleb and Frankie get up and start playing badminton. Frankie heads inside and Cody tells Nicole I can’t believe you had that conversation with Frankie.. you’re so soft. Nicole says I just didn’t want a bad goodbye speech again.

In the bathroom – Frankie talks to Caleb about her conversation with Nicole. Frankie says about his conversation.. whatever you say it doesn’t matter. Caleb says well I know who I want to final four of us to be. We will look like the worst people ever if we let Victoria make it to the end. Caleb says you’ve (Nicole) been here for 2 weeks and you haven’t talked two words of game to me. Caleb says she just wants your vote. Frankie says I know. Frankie comments on how Christine is in a pissy mood today and I don’t know why. Caleb says maybe her’s started her period. Frankie says oh… They head outside.

5:20pm – 5:45pm Caleb tells Frankie I hope I get Pandora’s Box. Like I get to record a song and you guys have to all eat slop for a week. Frankie says you could win 10K or you could win 0.48 cents. Or it could be opposite. Caleb says I think its in a wrap. She’s gone. Victoira’s not going to win it. Frankie says I agree. Derrick asks if Caleb’s going to tell Victoria she’s going up. Caleb says I can’t tell her directly. Victoria joins them to paint on Frankie’s arm. Victoria tells Frankie how she could have won the veto if she would have just understood the question. Victoria says that she’s worried if she goes up that she might go home because Nicole can talk. Frankie says IF you go up look at who will voting. You’re not going. It will be unanimous.

Over by the hot tub – Nicole comments on how annoyed she is that she talked to Frankie. I wish I didn’t now. Nicole says so basically I would have had to win HOH/veto back to back to make it to the end? Christine says yeah but we all have to at this point. Frankie and Christine head inside. He tells her about his conversation with Nicole and how it was mostly personally healing for her. She tried to make a ploy to stay. I just smiled and nodded the whole time.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 17-24-53-494

5:45pm – 5:55pm Cody tells Derrick how he has never felt threatened in this game but now we’re getting to the point. Derrick agrees and says that we still have to have 5 people go. Derrick says obviously we are going to give it our best effort no matter which way it goes. Cody says seeing those videos of our families… Derrick says puts everything into perspective. I don’t regret being here but I hate that I missed a lot.

In the kitchen – Caleb talks to Frankie about how he’s worried if someone gets the chance they might try to get one of the founding fathers of the bomb squad out. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they return – Frankie is talking about the how the final 4 works with the veto. Frankie says we’re definitely the biggest targets in the house. Caleb agrees. Frankie says but, there are definitely people in this house that will beat us with jury votes. Frankie says even though Nicole and I have healed I don’t think she would vote for me. She will have to vote for someone though because she’s not going to be here.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-31 17-46-55-378

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Best choice for you is to back door Frankie.


Just read that victoria s family is upset about the rape talk from frankie…..This is not first vile thing he has said either. I signed petition asking he be removed from the house. Also…viewers are not happy with the other guys not shutting frankie down while he was ranting on rape. If someone said this about derrick s daughter would he let it slide like he did with victoria? CBS if they wanted could pull That puke out of the house…..and send him home…not to the jury house.


Derrick, as a cop, should have immediately shut down the topic of taking V’s virginity. And, yes – had someone said that about HIS little girl, I’m sure that person would be in a lot of trouble. Frankie is vile. He reminds me of a rooster that thinks he’s King Cock – and he’s just a little chicken. Hope Caleb keeps him OUT of the HOH bed tonight!!!


Derrick did shut it down and walked out but Chrustine said nothing

Watching the feeds

No, Derrick didn’t shut crap down. He joined in on it and egged on Frankie and the rest in the talk about tag teaming Victoria. Derrick even mimicked the Zingbot having sex with Victoria and laughed and made noises as to how it would sound when Victoria was getting it from the Zingbot. He stayed for almost the entire conversation, As a cop, that was putting money before duty and honor. Despicable behavior by all involved but Derrick, a 30 year old man with a little girl himself and wife, should have known better. Amazing that this guy thinks that his antics on big brother are a good example for his little girl. Between his screwing around with Victoria and pawing her and her pawing him and Derrick joining in on the rape conversation and fanning the flames of the talk, I am done with him. I don’t care how good any body thinks his game is, there is no way I want to see someone like that win this game. Both he and Skankie are the worst ever especially because they both are the older members of the house they should know better. Even though Donny didn’t win, he at least kept his integrity and still played a pretty good game.


I’m curious where were all of you complainers back on BB 8 when Evil Dick who was a fan favorite and ended up winning kept talking about anal raping Jen? Evil Dick was also verbally abusive to the women on that show, let’s not forget him burning Jen with a cigarette on purpose or the many times he called her a bitch to her face, but because he was straight he was given a pass and is loved to this day… Someone explain that? To this day there are fans who gloss over his verbal abuse and talk about raping women, let’s not forget the physical abuse towards Jen as well, and still call him the best player ever.. Frankie doesn’t even come close to the amount of horrible things that was said or done by Evil Dick towards women, but because he is gay the homophobes come out in droves wanting him removed. Guaranteed if it was another straight man just like Evil Dick doing the same thing he did in BB 8 on this season’s show, people like you would be out here defending him in droves and complaining about Frankie instead.


Why wasn’t the rape conversation highlighted by OBB? I was hoping to read word for word, who said what.


Thank you simon. I’ll go back and read that!

Never Heard of Ariana Grande

Getting out a person who is outnumbered 6-1 is a waste of an HoH. As Helen showed us last year, whoever waits too late goes home.

But Beast Mode has some stupid idea that being part of an all-male F4 is a victory in itself. I doubt he has the guts to strike first.


or the brains…


Caleb is starting to think maybe Frankie is a threat and should be put up. I know it never happens but Caleb seems to be going in that way.

Are you kidding me...

Nobody is going to make a big move. I believe that even if Derrick was on the block, they would go to him for instructions.


Exactly. But he wants to be famous so badly that he will never go against Frankie. Caleb is a moron. Looks like this is the first time Victoria will be going up for a vote 🙁 She came off the block all 4 times she was nominated (2 with PoV, 2 with BoTB!).

Beach girl

I think Caleb ought to back door that disgusting Frankie! He is not a nice person and an embrasment to CBS.


I am amazed that his sister does not seem to be embarrassed by him.


If Caleb were smart, he would put Derrick up. Then you would see the realization that the money is more important than the bomb squad.


I really wish Nicole was not talking to Frankie! This will be the ammo Derrick needs to convince Caleb to go with getting her out this week!!


here is where the women thing comes up please Nicole keep your mouth shut they find out you told Frankie hes the only one that hasn’t backstabbed you since you been back your gone please shut up I like you


Nichol’s timing is terrible! It seems like everytime someone brings up a name other than hers, she is on another camera screwing everything up! She needs to be talking to Caleb and asking him what promises she needs to make in order to stay or shut up. Caleb might consider her trustworthy, I dont know. But going to Frankie trying to make nice?! Surely she must know this is one of the worst moves at this point. Frankie has zero loyalty!


Shut up, Derrick!!! Let Caleb backdoor Frankie so he can go for sure…Frankie will win the HoH and you all will regret not backdoor him. Let Nicole stay, she will go home next week ;). Come on Caleb!!!!!!!

I hope Cody will say yes put Frankie up since Cody had that idea but too scared to do it because of Derrick. Come on guys!!!!!!! Let’s do it!!!!!

Echo 1

No drama no suspense , no sense and no reason to watch! This may be the last big brother


Derrick doesn’t know that team America is over (fingers crossed). He’s trying to keep Frankie around for extra cash in his pocket.


Even so, greedy Derrick needs to stop thinking about a possible $5,000 a week and keep his eye on the big prize!

Beach girl

I think Caleb ought to back door that disgusting Frankie! He is not a nice person and an embarrassment to CBS!

The DR

We’re working overtime to get Frankie out – but with this bunch it isn’t easy.


Yes please backdoor Frankie!
Nicole please just keep your mouth shut!


I guess there are 2 now. But I’m Maggie A.


Yet another “toy with the viewers” moment. I will eat a brick if Caleb actually puts up Frankie. Not gonna happen.

Yeah,,, Not Gonna Happen

But if it does, I think I’ll actually be “sh*ttin bricks” !!!!


I quit drinking 9 years ago if he put up Frankie I will get drunk run around the house naked celebrating seriously just want to see the look of rejection on his face might even run around my back yard relax fenced in yard wife probably do it with me lol


Don’t start drinking. Repeat. This will be over. This will be over. Or you watch CNN.


I think there’s a really good chance that production gets involved & convinces Derrick & Caleb to get Frankie out. Would solve many of their publicity & legal problems.


Every few years or so there are players with vile mouths.. Get real! Mike Boogie vs Janelle was one of the biggest battles ever back on BB 14, he didn’t hold back either, neither did she. Evil Dick who is loved to this day has fans who defend his rape talk towards Jen.. Did that effect BB or CBS having a man talk about raping a female player anally until she bled on BB 8? No it didn’t.. In fact it made him even more popular and Evil Dick went on to win that year. So don’t make it seem like Frankie is the most vile disgusting player in BB history, he is far from it. Like I said before it is a different set of rules when vile things come out of a straight person’s mouth than when it comes from a gay person.. Some of you don’t even try to hide that bias at all. This is BB where just about everything and anything goes.. IF that bothers some of you so much, then go watch Sesame Street instead.. BB is for adults who are not squeamish about what they see on the live feeds.

Reality check

Yeah all you people that don’t like Frankie. We get it. We do. I think he is a piece of &hit too! These petitins to get him off, these discussions about CBS forcing him to be evicted. That’s all real nice to dream about but its not going to happen. This is a game. It is a reality show. It does not have rules that they have to abide by like a game show does. The production can pretty much do whatever they want. Frankie is good for ratings. All the publicity that CBS is getting is just driving traffice to all the BB sites and feeds. You all are helpind CBS to make more money by demanding the eviction of Frankie and starting and signing petitions. Do you even know where the data that you provide to those online petitions goes? You have no idea how many marekting lists you will be signed up for and how much your data and IP address will be sold to other organizations.
The laugh is on you.

(oo) Derrick's Pig Nose (oo)!!

Clip: In the fire room – Victoria says she is nervous for tomorrow. Derrick says I wouldn’t be. Victoria asks did you talk to him? Derrick says Caleb, not today. Victoria hugs Derrick from behind.

Do you think Derrick’s wife is nervous too? She may find out after the finale that she will be a divorcee as Derrick and Ricki Lake…. (my bad, typo) Victoria have eloped! Derrick is nothing but a typical police officer who are misogynist! Lil’ Ricki aka Victoria is getting to close for comfort and Derrick is soaking it all in! PIG!


Of course I will get the notorious 2 thumbs down from the goobers!


Seriously grow up!


I was wondering this same thing. If I were his wife I would not be happy with their closeness…not at all!


they all hug a touch its a prison thing relax


Let’s go BMC, it’s time to backdoor Fakie!


Every week they hash it out and make us think they will get rid of Freakie. Boo hiss! Off with Freakie’s head!

Bye Bye Frankie, See Ya Never

I think Freakie’s head is coming off this week. Diary room envelope for Derrick saying Team America is over because one of the TA members was evicted BOOM Freakie’s on the block! Simple as that.
Why would CBS do that? BB was very cautious about not having a repeat of BB15 newsworthy notoriety as evidenced by many changes with houseguests selected this year.
You remember Hayden joking about getting reinstated on one of the social mediums by putting on the application “Suck my big ***** **** ” Magically within 48 hours Hayden was evicted on the double evict. BB buried the story. Houseguests were warned not to go anywhere near statements with racial overtones.
Houseguests were also warned against misogynistic joking also, as in the endless violence, rape & murder jokes between Spencer & Andy during the closing days of BB15. Freakie had a meltdown on Saturday night over Julie Chen’s “overwhelming no” punch in the face. He then subsequently defied BBs instructions by making the jokes in retaliation that ended up on TMZ. He was basically self evicting and daring BB to do it.


Oh My!! What will you do with yourself when Thursday comes and Frankie is not sitting on the block?? Gleeful anticipation turning to burning resentment and ending with you kicking your tv set in with your foot is going to be the least and merely the beginning of your problems.. It’s only a tv show.. Don’t take it so personally!


YOU are the one making it personal on here by waving the gay card around. That is the reason WHY no one is daring to make a move on Stankie at this point is because of people like you doing the very same thing you ARE doing right now. EVEN THOUGH Stankie is running his stupid mouth off by saying the kind of things he is saying and acting like a 4 year old throwing a temper tantrum when ever he sees fit, but at least cannot help themselves but Stankie is a grown as* man, Since when WAS itok fro a gay man to behave that way just because he is gay1?!?!?
And as for the Evil Dick situation you keep loving to bring up, I ( along with others) did make a huge stink abut it on this site and complain about his behavior and do NOT like him still to this very day!!!! I hated the way he treated Jen, in fact I am one of her fans and there are not very females from the BB alum that I respect that much. So put a sock in it.


Caleb says Nicole could win HOH and then go back on her word… I have news for him: that is true for any of the HGs, not just Nicole.


Please sign the PETITION to have Frankie removed from the Big Brither house for his horrid comments!! Click the link!


Do some research on past players and years of BB before you embarrass and make a fool of yourself.. Every year there is one or more vile players who are there to shake up the house. As for petitions…. There was one last year to get Amanda removed for her bullying tactics towards Alyssa that included personal attacks towards not only Alyssa but her husband and her children, all of this done straight to her face and behind her back.. Where did that go? In the garbage bin, that’s where.. That is exactly where yours will go as well. If you want to waste your time, then go ahead but don’t waste anyone else’s.


Who the f*ck is Alyssa?? It’s ELLISA!!!! Take your own damn advice and research on the topic and the subjects name at hand before making yourself look a fruitloopdingus!!


Someone’s blowing smoke up Frankie’s arse.

I think Frankie’s gonna end up on the block.

Kathie from Canada

If the DR sessions with Caleb could push him in that direction it would sure help CBS out of a sticky situation without ‘getting blood on their hands’. OMG, I can’t believe I just used that phrase. LOL

Maggie A

I think the game gets to us after awhile. Ok it does me.


At the end of the day, it does…


at the end of the day all that matters is you donate to this site I love this site im addicted to this site great job dawg simon it makes the show 10 times better

Wanda from Walla Walla

Yes I’m strangely addicted to this site too. Thanks for all your work Simon and Dawg. You feed us.

Bowel Movement Cowboy

Nicole, this is real simple. Gather Derrick, Cody and Caleb in a room and say: ‘I want Frankie gone. He’s great at comps and has proven himself untrustworthy. After Frankie, I want Christine out. She is great at comps and has proven herself untrustworthy. Once the two of them are gone, you come after me. I have not proven myself as a comp threat and I have not given you reason to not trust me.’ Done. If she leaves this week, she has no one to blame but herself.

Kathie from Canada

Normally I would agree 100 per cent. But just Nicole for being bold enough to address the guys, Cody and Caleb would see her as a HUGE threat and get rid of her now. That is just how their dim macho brains are wired.

Bowel Movement Cowboy

You may be right, but nothing left to lose at this point.

Eyes Wide Shut

Look Derrick, I know I need to get rid of Frankie NOW, before he can take a shot at me. I also know I can trust Nicole wont target me if I save and cut a deal with her. I know what move I need to make, the only reason I’m even discussing it with you is because I know you will talk me into doing whats best for YOUR game and not what’s best for mine. I love you Derrick. Please tell me how I should make my mistakes in this game so I can hand you the $500k.
I love to hate Derrick as much as any1 else, but GODDAMN!!!! No1 and I mean NO1 in the entire history of the show has had that much mind control over the majority of the cast like he has with these people.


Its becuase CBS cast a bunch of kids…. they are too busy looking for abs and bikini models that they forgot you need some brains to compete….

Derrick is good….. but not near as good as these sheep have made him look….

Barring a miracle long shot win or direct intervention- We know as an audience whats going to happen every single week before monday…… and for a season touted as most twisted…. hopefully next year comes with MASSIVE overhaul on gameplay and casting, bc this BS cannot support the intelligent side of the fanbase…

they shouldve called BB16 – “the workshop” — bc its just a bunch of tools and a hoe or two laying around not doin sh!t on their own


I don’t see how Nicole can say that shit to Frankie without puking. She is messing up letting him think he’ll get her vote to win. She should be telling him Cody or Derrick will win so he will target one of them.


There has only been one HG in the history of BBUS that has successfully intimidated other hgs into keeping her in the house and that was Alison from BB4. Talk about a disgusting player.

I have a dream

that Simon and Dawg will post an update stating feeds are down for the next 3 hours. When the feeds come back, S/D will post an update saying that all the hgs, except Nicole and Victoria, have been removed and sent home. They will not attend the finale and all contractual obligations to CBS have been cancelled. When the house is shown, Zach, Jocasta, Hayden and Donny are sitting in the l/r and are advised that Thursday will be single eviction. The previous hgs will return as jurors. If only………………….



I’m sorry but these petitions are a waste of time, I hate Frankie as much as the next guy but I know that they’re not goign to eject him unless he physically assaults someone. That’s where BB draws the line, when they can be sued for putting their HGs in danger.


CBS just cares that it generates buzz for the show. Now they’ll get a ratings bump because curious people will want to tune in to see what Frankie does next.


It sure took a while.. But thankfully someone who has common sense and knows how BB works with getting the most mileage out of controversial house guests. Most of us remember last year’s petition to get Amanda kicked out of the house went no where and was a waste of time. Last year’s collection of sexist, racist and homophobic house guests brought massive attention to the show and helped the ratings.. Without Frankie, it would be a total snooze fest especially since Zach is now sitting in the jury house. If Evil Dick can be loved to this day even though he physically assaulted, verbally assaulted, called women bitches to their face and talked about how he wanted to rape Jen and have sex with her dead body and still go on to win the big prize, then anything Frankie says or does will be tame in comparison. Next year will be new house guests to complain about. This year did not have a outright villain, not unless you count Frankie as one.


Are you a parrot behind that computer screen since you absolutely love to repeat yourself? Do you know Stankie in real life since you condone his behavior? Or are you his publicist ? (I know it’s a stretch as I don’t think he can really afford one as he supposedly lives “paycheck to paycheck”).

upset stomach

, these people in the house make me sick, they are so discusting & nasty. they remind me of the last episode of seinfield. they had to go in front of a judge that told them he didn’t know how in the world that such horrible people like them could of ever met. seems like a remake make too me!

pee rock

Doesn’t the whole Victoria and Derrick thing remind you of when a hostage becomes sympathetic to her captors cause(i.e. Patty Hurst).

Kathie from Canada

Stockholm syndrome. Same with Pattie Hearst.


How stupid


Kathie… Stupid


so you’re saying there’s a chance..

A$$hole Brigade

Deja Vu. This is the same conversation we hear every time one of these fools is HOH. Great ideas, they never follow through. I’ll be shocked if any one but Victoria is the replacement nom.


Exactly…they drum up all this conversation when they never deviate from their original decision.Nothing changes,they are the most risk-averse,non-stratetic group of HGs I’ve ever seen.

Capt Obvious

I can’t wait to hear how Frankie’s mother will try to put a positive spin on his disgusting comments.
Frankie’s mother:”Oh my sweet genius Frankie… Only you would be smart enough to figure out that stating the secret word combination of ‘gang rape’ would grant you the DPOV!!! We are so proud of you!”.


Literally writing this from the floor cause I am laughing so so so so much!

Delilah Jones

I will be completely shocked if Caleb goes through with the backdoor Frankie move.. Pleased, but shocked.


Backdooring Frankie and evicting him is better for those guys games.
For the record the person who made a deal to not backdoor anyone and went back on their word is Christine, when she promised not to backdoor Nicole when they were both HoH, then the plan to get Frankie out went bad when he won the BoB on his own. Nicole was evicted

For game reasons alone if you look at who would evict Caleb, Cody or Derrick… and who keeping in the House would put them in the best possible place Frankie, Christine, Nicole and then Victoria. If your goal is a final three of Cody, Derrick and Caleb final three.
This Season the blood bath usually looks like a soggy diaper. It is 25 days till finale night and still nothing that can be called a big move still chugging along with the whole “This is what the House wants.” …. disappointing.

Androgynous Crustine

Cody now needs to lay it on thick that gettting Frankie out would be huge and that they may not get another chance. I’ll have respect for Caleb if he does but who the f*ck am I kidding? VapidVic going up and Nicole going home this week. so tired of this sh!t


Cody won’t do that, he enjoys being close to Frankie and grabbing his ass, because that is what normal straight men do……

Frankies gross

If anyone is interested, if you google ” Remove Frankie Grande from big brother” a site for a petition comes up that can be signed. I’ve already done so. I encourage any other poster who is appaled by skankies inappropriate beyond belief behavior to do so. It can’t hurt.


If Frankie is in final two and I’m a juror, my question to him is, “How much of your winnings will be going to schools in Africa?” Let the jurors and America hear either a huge number they can hold him to, or enjoy watching him try to talk himself out of that one.


What good would that do? Getting him to state how much money he would donate is just a hollow promise. He won’t remember it 5 minutes after he says it. It will hold as much weight as O.J. searching for the real killer.


AWESOME OJ reference! And accurate as pertaining to Frankie. Well done!


Caleb is using his brains… But, it won’t happen unless Derrick is on board, and right now he seems to be holding back. He has his own motives. Caleb would be making the biggest, greatest move of the summer if he backdoors Frankie!!!


Best twist of the show is if after Nicole leaves, the twist is that the jury house becomes the BB house and Bb house becomes jury


worst thing about derrick is that he will never fully commit to anything. So he hears people out, and they run the idea, and at the end they get the impression he doesn’t want any changes because he doesn’t say ‘yeah, let’s do that now’. so nothing changes because unlike the rest of them, Derrick doesn’t say ‘I want Frankie out.” just like that, and once Caleb knows he has the ‘team’ on lock down, he will go for it. If they don’t all agree tho, he won’t do it. And that will be to the ruin of everyone’s game if they really wanted to be F3 with anyone besides Frankie.

Frankie can win comps, Nicole isn’t winning. christine obviously can win comps, Nicole is not. It’s not rocket science. (also Victoria isnt’ going to win anything, and can be put up on the block anytime. Ask Nicole who would she put up, she’d say Frankie and Christine just like she always does )


Nothing different will happen as usual. Nicole will go home as they are all just too stupid too make a big and good move. This season is so predictable. Who agrees ?


Just saw a tribute video to Donny on you tube. Can’t stop crying. Also read on several other sites that the horrific behaviour of the F**king Five will not be addressed until the season ends.
BTW, if BMC thinks he is going to meet Justin Beaver, he is sadly mistaken. The Beaver has enough legal problems of his own without encouraging the likes of Crazy Caleb


Where can I find that tribute. Thanks for letting me know.


If Frankie keeps his word to Caleb, then for sure I can see Frankie asking Justin Bieber for a favor and posing for a picture with him and Caleb. Which Frankie will then commence to brag about, so will Caleb. If it’s one thing that Justin Bieber is well known for is doing what ever he wants to do and not what people tell him to do.. So I can see him agreeing to meet Caleb as a favor to Frankie. It’s Ariana who is a friend of Justin’s and for those who were not aware; Scooter Braun the manager who discovered Justin Bieber and made him a superstar is also Ariana’s manager. Thus the connection between Ariana and Justin and Frankie. I think Caleb is hoping Scooter will make him a star as well… LOL


Caleb is making the most sense out of anyone right now, however with Nicole talking to Frankie (why did she do that?) I think she just sealed her fate b/c she gave Frankie the ammo he needs to stay. And that would suck if Caleb did attempt to backdoor Frankie and then not have the votes b/c then Frankie would come after him and Derrick knows that. Caleb knows that Nicole won’t go after him. She needs to talk to him and convince him to keep her to work to the end for final 2. She needs to explain to him how risky it would be for him to go up against an alliance member in final 2 b/c it would split the votes of the members of their alliance in the jury (ala Hayden and Lane of Brigaide.) However if he kept her to final 2, he’d have all the votes and she’d be happy with the $50,000 b/c he played a good game blah blah blah and deserves the 500k. BUT, unfortunately I think she just screwed herself, poor girl, I like her but she’s not the best game player!


This is why Nicole is such a froot loop dingus. She tells everyone with a vote that she will work with them and take out whoever they want and vote for them. When everyone gets together to compare notes they realize she has promised everyone the same thing. Now no one can take her at her word. Nicole gets so desperate that she jeopardies her chances every time.
If she just kept her hears open and was focused on other things besides her hair, makeup and tanning she would know Frankie is everyone’s target and he’s the last person she should be campaigning to. I wasn’t a big fan of Hayden’s but I think he would have made smarter decisions and won at least one comp. He also would have tried to take out a big target before leaving again. Nicole just seems interested in staying in the BB as long as she can and not making the big moves. I don’t know what she is doing there at this point.
When I saw her compete in that fill the snowman w/water comp for HOH I knew she was not really in the game. She kept talking, laughing and watching Cody and everyone else and her pace was off. Christine and Caleb were way more focused on their lane and maintained a constant pace which is why they finished 1rst and 2nd. If by some miracle Nicole stays this week, its because Production obviously got in Caleb’s ear (he had a 2 hour DR this morning) and because its what Derrick wants. Nicole appears very untrustworthy and its her own fault. Part of me is actually glad she may be leaving this week . Hopefully Victoria will also go during the DE. Then we can finally watch the Detonators go at each other .


I don’t think Frankie will be sent a packing although I would love to see it. Frankie thinks he can beat Derrick in the final 2. Derrick knows he can beat Frankie in the final 2. Derrick also knows that Frankie is delusional enough to not see Derrick is playing him perfectly. Frankie is more concerned about Caleb and Cody. Derrick won’t be sending Frankie anywhere. Not yet anyway.

River Song

Going to go out on a limb here and say I think Christine will leave before Frankie (unless CBS pulls him off the show). Even if Cody would want to keep her, the rest of the HGs are getting sick of her, and honestly I’m not sure he’s all that enamored anymore. She talks trash about everyone , and with the numbers dwindling, so will the trust level.

Kathie from Canada

When Caleb says his brain is racing that just means he is all over the map. Thank goodness Derrick is there to hook up his own GPS to Caleb … problem solved (she said sarcastically)


Wonder how quickly CBS would have closed things down if they were all talking about raping Julie?

Bye Bye Frankie, See Ya Never

Nearly as bad joking about the ZingBot as a molester, & I think they’re gonna shut down Freakie this week.
There’s a reason you never see Mickey Mouse depicted as a pervert on Disney Channel. Common sense.

waka waka

They are not planning on backdooring Frankie. They could all be on board with it, but as long as Derrick shows some hesitation, they will not go through with it. To be quite frank, Christine winning HOH would be the best thing next week, because then FINALLY one of the the douchebags would go that week, and then Christine would go right after him.


this chic has to make the top 10 worst players in history…no as bad as that idiotic Danielle from few yrs back…but bad. she’s got to go.


You mean you don’t love to hear her whine and cry like a six year old every episode? She’s nothing but a petulant child!


Seriously, her talk with Frankie was the dumbest thing she has done all summer. Why? She just nullified any backdoor plan by doing that. She deserves to go.


Nicole is worried about getting a bad good bye message from Frankie. She’s the one headed to the jury house as a voter. Talk about people with screwed up priorities in this game.

I guess she didn’t realize at this point in the game most of the remaining HGs suddenly lose the snarky good bye messages because they are campaigning for votes.


Since Derrick did not push the Frankie backdoor I hope Frankie wins HOH on double evict and backdoors Derrick. He had Caleb in the perfect spot to nail Frankie and like the Donny save he wishy washed. I hope it comes back to bite him in the a$$ big time.


Some times I wonder if some of you even watch the feeds. Frankie would target Christine and Cody, way before Derrick and Caleb. Frankie 100% would even take Derrick to the end.

Do it!

Frankie backdooring Derrick would be THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN to this entire season. It would make up for all the lost time spent that last 3 weeks watching this show.

lemon balls

You mean I thought I was expecting the unexpected, but now I will not expect the unexpected but expect the expected? 🙂


BIG KENNY — are you ok??

I realise it is Labour Day weekend in Can and US so possibly many are away and not watching or commenting but have to give a shout out to my main man, straight-talking, in-your-face, tell it like it is BIG KENNY.
Have not seen any posts from you for a couple of days so hope you are away enjoying yourself and all is well.
I could not imagine you not giving your straight forward opinion on recent events.


Anybody else catch when Caleb said he wasn’t ALLOWED to say who his re nominee is when talking to vic…. kinda confirms that they let frankie get away with breaking the rules with zach


I noticed that too….he mentioned it a few times. It’s interesting how the houseguests are informed of the rules all of the sudden.


Yes, Frankie admitted the other night that he got a ” slap on the wrist” from production, that they weren’t happy but not a big deal at all. So it’s confirmed that they acknowledge it’s wrong but apparently don’t care to do anything about it.


For everyone saying Frankie will be pulled off the show, the only way a HG gets kicked off is for a violent act. If they were to kick someone off the show for something they said that offended someone outside of BB there would not have been many people left for most of the seasons of Big Brother.


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Celeb just put up Frankie and let him face the music for his rape comment. People people people derrick did protect Victoria, he knew Cody and Celeb would not do that bullshit Frankie wanted them to do to her. I quess his schools that he wanted to open up in Africa is not going to be “Victoria’s school”, I do believe that his sister does not need to say she’s sorry, because she did not do anything. All the money Frankie won is going to Victoria now. He is going to be the outcast now, what an jerk and little child. Last night when Cody was drink I thought that Cody was going to tell Frankie to back off, Frankie is in his face and on him and Celeb all the time.


Once again Nicole shoots herself in the foot, making mends with Frankie. Just when Caleb was maybe considering backdooring Frankie.


I think if Caleb backdoors Frankie he will be on my short list of favorites, number 4 to be exact. I wonder how much more other people will like him.


I’m pissed that CBS has not addressed. The rape “joke ” it’s the only reason I watched. If they don’t do anything about this I am done with CBS. CBS needs to show that they care about all victims of Rape. I hope other people will take a stand with me.


I have listened to the comment more than once. I still don’t her him mention rape. He talked about a tag team or threesome. I don’t understand, so when two guys have a threesome with a woman it is now considered rape? All he was talking about was two horny guys and one horny girl, getting a little tipsy and getting it on.


Frankie was telling them wait till Victoria gets drunk and can’t defend herself to gang bang her and take her virginity,with Derrick laughing and almost falling on the floor while he was saying it. Also, go to tmz and watch the video and his vulgar hand gestures of what to do to her.


I have the feeds, I have watched it many times. I was expecting to hear that he said go rape Victoria. All he said was go tag team her. So if a drunk girl and two drunk guys have sex with consent, it is rape? He never said Rape. I hate Frankie too, but he didn’t say what everyone is insinuating. Was it vulgar and disgusting…yes. But he didn’t say go rape her. He just didn’t.


All also never said “can’t defend herself”. You are putting words into is mouth.


Amanda threatened to slit Alyssa’s throat last year and anyone else who talked to Elissa not to mention the emotional abuse and bullying. .. That petition to get rid of her went no where. Evil Dick was not only verbally but physically abusive to Jen, burning her with a cigarette on purpose. Did he get kicked out for that? No! Even all the talking he did about raping her and having sex with her corpse didn’t get him kicked out either! So don’t hold your breath hoping for something that realistically won’t happen.. The precedent of abuse towards women was set by Evil Dick who went on to win BB 8, so now 8 years later nothing has really changed since then. Talk is cheap, and that is all it is… Talk. Learn the difference people between entertainment shock value and realism.


Victoria is a virgin. Frankie said they should double team her and take both her virginities away at the same time. ummmm …. I think in the real world that’s called gang bang R@PE!!! Do you honestly think Victoria wants her first intimate encounter inebriated or not would want to be doubled teamed? I highly don’t think so. That’s the reason for the outrage by the viewers and calling it what it is: RAPE

This is not game talk and serves no purpose other than to demean and demoralize a woman. How Crustine can laugh and find this funny is beyond me. this kind of talk threatens a woman’s personal space and safety. those who participated in this conversation are just as guilty by association including the pig who knows the law and should have put a stop to it. they all should be removed from the game. return the evicted jurors to replace them and let America pick the winner.

Cody got drunk and Skankie pounced. the only person molested in the house was Cody and shame he doesn’t remember or know how he was being preyed on by a very very horny pink haired piece of scum. for this alone …he should be pulled from the game and house. he has no right to prey and impose his urges on cody when he was passed out from intoxication. this is a violation of personal space and security.

public service announcement

men, this is why you CANNOT ignore a jury summons. there truly exist people who will convict an innocent man of rape, where there was no force or lack of consent, because they have an agenda or hate men or like feeling powerful or who knows why else. so show up and provide a fair, objective view of the facts.

based on the recap on this here site and the word of people who watched the feeds, there was no talk of rape or violence or forcible anything. just a very dirty joke. you may be defensive of victoria and disgusted at the men’s humor, but that is no excuse to make things up.


It scares me that anyone in here could be on a jury.


So if you heard someone say they should get your sister or cousin drunk and double team her and take away her virginity , to you that would not be suggesting rape? The law would disagree with you. Sorry, but Frankie did suggest rape! Did he mean it as a joke, yes, he went for a laugh. But as one who many years ago was attacked but saved , RAPE IS NOT A JOKING MATTER!


I thought even talking about that was protected by the 1st Ammendment along with other deplorable things such as racism, homophobia and so on.. Yes indeed Americans will defend their right to freedom of speech while in the same breath condemn things they don’t agree with.. Was it deplorable talking about taking advantage of a drunk woman? Of course.. But is it protected by freedom of speech in the U.S.A. ? Yes.


Freedom of speech has it’s limits to endangering others. You have a right to yell “fire”. But if there is no fire and you yell it in a theater and people get hurt, you can not hide under freedom of speech. If you insight a riot by your speech you are held accountable!


Once again another person putting the word r@pe into Frankies mouth.


Uh … you’re an idiot.
if the implied joke was put into action …no way in hell would Victoria consent … therefore rape is implied.

If Victoria was in the room and said in her presence then she would have been able to retort and defend herself. this “joke” was behind closed doors and with the same malicious mean girls/bullies.

All jokes have a subtle truth …. these five who participated ..showed their dark malicious nature.

So .. Uh. after all this if you don’t see it or understand then you’re one of them.


For Americans they are either blessed or burdened depending on which way you look at it with the 1st Ammendment… Talking about rape is protected by the 1st Ammendment, even that is protected by freedom of speech. But god forbid anyone should ever talk about making changes to the 1st Ammendment so that things like this are punished instead. One thing you forgot is that Frankie is gay and not interested in having sex with women.. He put that idea out there about Victoria but no one said it was inappropriate and indeed the men chuckled and thought it was funny. WHERE is the outrage towards the straight men? No where that’s where! But the so called “outrage” is instead directed towards the gay guy who we all know doesn’t want to rape or have any type of sexual relations with women whatsoever.


first , I don’t think Victoria is 21 yet. 2nd, if someone is drunk, unable to make wise decisions and someone takes advantage of them sexually, then it is rape. The night in question BB had brought in wine for the kids to drink and seems Veronica gets drunk rather easily. I have not seen the tape but, if the other guys laughed after comment was made then shame on them, especially the cop as they should present a more dignified moral character. And as someone said, how would he, the cop, feel if someone said that to his daughter?


Here is the way it works on BB.

HOH goes into DR and they ask who he is putting up. They then tell him to at least talk to other house guests about possible other targets. They need the footage for eviction night, so they can make it dramatic. Even though there is no intention on actually backdooring anyone.