Big Brother 16 Week 10 POV Players Picked “If it’s physical you gotta try Victoria”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

BB16-2014-08-30 11-33-29-124

11:33pm Fire room Derrick and Victoria
Victoria tells Derrick that Caleb just got called into the Diary room they suspect the POV Players will be picked.

More or less just chit chat and people getting ready.
Holla Man – “Derrick… HOLLA”

BB16-2014-08-30 11-35-45-126

11:35AM Kitchen
Derrick tells them he had a 5:48am Diary room session to do with the HOLLA’s.
Derrick says the Holla man Mr Chow from Hangover
Holla Man – “Can i get a Holla up in here

BB16-2014-08-30 11-45-15-664
11:42AM Kitchen Cody, Frankie and Christine
Christine says she hates people when they say “Zip it, Lock it and swallow the key” how can they swallow the key when their mouths are zipped shut.
Frankie – you’re supposed to throw away the key.
They think the competition will either be early or late. Frankie had a dream that Jeff was going to host. Frankie does one of his Latin Characters “Consuelo” ..

BB16-2014-08-30 12-11-13-238
12:05AM POV Players picked
(Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick. Frankie is the host)
Frankie – unbelievable.. You get picked every single time.
Victoria – I didn’t get picked last week ..
Frankie – Ohh no you missed a week.. all week out of 30 all week you didn’t play
Frankie – well it’s official this is the last meeting I get to not get picked for.
Frankie – maybe it’ll be me and Jeff Co-hosting”
Frankie – it’s not the end of the world I’m pretty f*** up”

BB16-2014-08-30 12-24-58-883
12:26PM Nicole and Victoria Stretchering
They are hoping it’s a competition they have a chance to win.
Nicole – “If it’s physical you gotta try Victoria”
Victoria – DUH
Nicole tells her it will be so crazy if Victoria wins it, “I’ve seen you compete really well”

They head into the bathroom Victoria uses the toilet Nicole talking to herself.
Nicole – Cm’on Nicole lets go lets go lets go
Victoria comes out ‘think positive. like only positive..

BB16-2014-08-30 12-31-03-877
12:30pm Frankie is upset about the Veto picks.

BB16-2014-08-30 12-44-31-691
12:44pm Bathtub Christine and Frankie
Frankie – Ohh Big BRother you are unbelievable;e
Christine – I cannot beleive out of all people I pulled Victoria .. you may as well say vacant
Christine says if Victoria wins the Veto all CAleb needs to say is i’ll put Derrick on the block if you use it.
Frankie thinks that is a brilliant idea “Did you tell Caleb.. oph that is so smart”
Frankie – Ohh that is so smart.. Absolutely tell Caleb that is brilliant”
Frankie – She thinks she has checkmate we have checkmate and thenm Checkmate
Frankie and Christine go out of the bathroom they meet up with Cody and Derrick in the HOH room. Frankie looks up at the HOH TV says looks at Victoria and Nicole talking. He warns Derrick to make sure Victoria still loves him.
They talk about Victoria saying she’s going to win the POV.
Cody – Shut up you do nothing
Christine says she should have said Vanca instead of Victoria’s name when pulling her name because it’s a vacant player.

BB16-2014-08-30 13-04-12-938

12:58pm HOH Frankie, Derrick, Cody
Frankie tells Derrick he needs to have a fake final 2 with Victoria.
Frankie is worried that Victoria is gravitating towards Nicole right now
Derrick – Nicole is going home this week.. if by chance Victoria or Nicole win it I will stick with Victoria like glue.
They wonder if Nicole has told Victoria about their alliance they are in.
Frankie tells him if Victoria wins it Caleb needs to go to her and say Derrick will go up as the replacement.
Derrick – she’s not going to use it regardless.. she doesn’t want to make waves .
Cody says the only reason why Victoria is close to Nicole is because she’s the only girl in the house.
Caleb agree he will threaten Victoria that Derrick will go up if she uses the veto. Adds that he never would do that.
Caleb – now that we’re here together without Christine.. you guys care more about fame or game.
Caleb wants Christine gone if Nicole wins the POV.
Derrick tells them there is no way Victoria is going to win so they need to stop stressing, “I’m confident one of us are going to win”
Frankie “SHE CAN’T WIN IT IF YOU WANT IT.. I want Blood coming out of your eyes” (See image above)
Christine comes in.. Frankie changes right in front of them .
Frankie leaves they have a laugh at how scared he is at Victoria. Derrick tells them Victoria will not win Nicole might but Victoria will not.
Caleb – Beast mode cowboy is now beast mode ninja and i’m ready to kick some butt.

BB16-2014-08-30 13-29-23-153
1:24pm HOH Cody, Caleb and Derrick
Cody about Frankie – he only cares about covering his own a$$
Derick says Frankie wants to keep Christine now,
Caleb brings up Frankie telling NIcole that it was Caleb trying to keep Donny.
Cody – people are catching his bullsh1t because he’s getting crazy nervous about the end of the game.
Derrick tells them if Nicole wins HOH Frankie is going up.
Caleb – Frankie and I are close but not that close.. after he threw me under the bus and lied to me about Amber..
Derrick looks at the HOH TV.. “Sh1t Frankie is going to come up he doesn’t want us three to talk alone”
Caleb – I will choose you two over him any day..
Derrick tells Caleb that Nicole isn’t going to target him .
Cody – I’m crazy tight with Christine and if she’s on the block with Victoria she’s (Christine) going home.
Cody tells them Frankie has been setting himself up with Christine so if Christine wins HOH she’s going to put them up. “That is why if Nicole win POV Christine has gotta go”
Derrick says they can play games with Frankie but at the end of the day, “Nicole comes down Christine has gotta go”
They want a final 4 with Victoria.
Caleb – Best case scenario Nicole goes home second best Christine goes home
Derrick asks them what they should do if he wins the Veto. Cody and Caleb say pull Christine down.
Derick doesn’t know if Caleb should make another enemy, Caleb doesn’t care about putting up a replacement nominee.
Derrick tells them that Frankie scares him “He might have more secret he hasn’t told us.. and he’s crushed competitions”
Derrick tells them if Caleb is at the end with Frankie he needs to convince 3 people because he’s got 2 on lock. Derrick warns them that Frankie is really smart he’s a biology major. Derrick says Frankie used the word osmosis.
Derrick says this week was a Donny/Nicole play withe Nicole or Christine are going home this week.

1:44pm HOH Caleb and Derrick
Caleb – so Frankie could go home before Victoria

1:48pm Derrick goes down to the kitchen Frankie says they have about a hour until the POV

1:59 RockRoom they are talking about BB Broadway
Frankie “I’m the first man in drag that 90% of the world has ever seen because of me doing it on this show”

2:21pm Rock room Detonators
Chatting about drinking the 10 beers and 2 bottles of wine tonight.
(Victoria, Caleb and Cody are the only ones drinking
Christine – Please don’t make love with Victoria tonight you know she gets very feisty when she’s drunk
Frankie – You should double team her..
Caleb – we would ruin her there would be blood all over the place
Frankie – you should take all of her virginity’s in one night
Cody – that is so foul
Derrick – her father is watching and literally cringing .. I don’t know what I would do I would break the computer…

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2:25pm Nicole is painting Victoria’s ankle
Victoria – I will do everything in my power
Nicole – Thank you
Nicole tells her that their friendship is going to get aired a lot she’s getting a lot of questions in the Diary room.
BB16-2014-08-30 14-38-54-858

We’re all just waiting for the POV. Cody and Caleb are slamming monster energy drinks getting ready to become beasts.

BB16-2014-08-30 14-46-12-513

2:45pm Nicole giving herself a pep talk
Nicole- these people have been torturing you for 2 weeks, don’t give up don’t back down fight as hard as you can.. don’t think they can best you because of their size.. think about how much America is rooting for the underdog..

This is it this is for everything.. prove to them you are the competition beast.. stay steady stay calm if it’s a puzzle Nicole you are smart if it’s fast you’re fast.. if it’s luck hopefully luck is on your size.. you can beat Caleb and Cody… if it’s punishments I will take every punishment if possible.

2:47pm Feeds go to Jeff POV TIME HOLLA
(I added a new bit at 2:21pm where Frankie was suggesting something.. )

4:37pm POV Still being played

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245 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Week 10 POV Players Picked “If it’s physical you gotta try Victoria”

    1. Would not want to be Frankie or Derrick when they leave Big Brother as HATED by America as they both are right now! They deserve all the hate they can get!

      1. No one is hated more than Frankie. He is terrible and these ‘jokes’ about taking Victoria’s virginity are vile.
        You might hate Derrick, but he’s no where *near* as disgusting and hateful as Frankie. At least Derrick will stick up for Victoria.

    2. Is anyone surprised that apparently Frankie’s entire family is a bunch of hate filled vile trash???? Read the article about his hateful sister and you will see they are all nasty people in his family!!!!!! Hope he goes soon an gets kicked in the nuts on the way out the door hard!

          1. It seems an army of Frankie defenders is starting to emerge from somewhere. Comments criticizing him are starting get a lot more down votes than usual.

            1. Michael, I was thinking the same thing. Hoping that was the case, anyway. Wonder if the Arianaoles, or whatever they’re called, has been made aware.

        1. I guess your question was indigestible to them, too, for inexplicable reasons. It’s beginning to be a waste of time bothering to attempt a reasonable dialogue with what’s left of this group. That excludes my faves, and you know who you are. End of rant.

          1. And…..if Michael from Canada’s theory (above) is correct, which I now believe is true after going through the posts, my apologies to the REAL OLBB posters. :(

            1. Oh please. Don’t say bad things about those of us and give us a thumbs down. It’s not fair. It’s not fair I tell you! This is our special place! Waaaaas, waaaaaa. Derrick make them stop!!!

  1. A brief HOH lockdown is lifted.
    Houseguests return to the dining table to find 5 freshly baked apple pies with a single name written on each container.
    1 more container has an empty pie plate and a badge with “Derrick” written on it.
    7th container also has an empty pie plate and a studio pass to watch a taping of “The Bold & The Beautiful” with “Frankie” written on it.
    How do you like them apples?

    1. Frankie is super excited because he has a front row seat to his favorite soap opera… he tells them how he will get cast autographs and invite them to do lunch. What he doesn’t know is that it is for the same day that Donny will be there. Frankie crys about why couldn’t he get a walk on part and oddly starts to melt as his tears spill down. As he melts he screams “I am not a wicked witch, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not”! Frankie is syrup and Donny gets nominated and wins an Emmy for his walk on part.

      1. Frankie shows up to Bold and beautiful and when Donny walks out Frankie runs on stage and yells … “I’m gonna let you finish Donny … but I was the best loved contestant on big brother of all time!”

  2. I would rather have had Frankie drawn for the POV so I wouldn’t have to listen to the pompous ass any more than I have to!!

    1. I don’t think Frankie will get many “hosting” requests after this show, especially for 500k. Maybe he could host at Applebee’s.

      1. Not a chance. Applebee’s management has way more class than to hire FrankenA$$. Wouldn’t want to lose customers at any store he might be at.

  3. According to online web sites, Stankie has a net worth of 1.5 million. How much of that do you suppose his “pop mega star” sister gave him? LMAO.

      1. Yep, his family was loaded before his sister was famous. His father is a Doctor and his Mother inherited a major business that she turned into 3 business according to Frankie. I saw a youtube video that Frankie did of a tour of his childhood bedroom. The walls were painted by a professional of the night sky with the moon shining through the clouds. He said it was the back ground of one of the Harry Potter Covers. He had an adjacent bathroom to his bedroom. He showed viewers his closet as he commented that his wardrobe was filled with Versace and Prada. He also said he won best dressed in school. He doesn’t need the money, he’s only on the show for the fame.

        1. Her mother’s company is something that their grandfather bought. Apparently they’re foremost in providing communications to the marines and navy. Military contracting is HUGE money. Considering they’re leaders in such an important field, and have been doing it for the 60’s, they have to be beyond loaded. I think over a billion would not be an unreasonable guess. Insanely rich though, whatever the amount is.

          1. Lol I wouldn’t say billions but as a result of the grandfathers business it has resulted in them becoming millionaires.

    1. that figure is incorrect another site said 500k net worth he told jeff in pre interviews he lives check to check im thinking its closer to check to check he makes almost nothing off the videos he makes 300 to 1200 a month and when he goes to Africa he goes with a group hes not paying the charity he goes with pays the cost this is what my research shows

      1. After seeing the way he acts on BB, I have to wonder if he goes there to really work or goes only for the FREE trip and publicity.

  4. Okay, I have to say it……..Fakie is the WORST BB player EVER!!!!!!! I never thought I would think that Andy would ever lose that title. But Fakie is absolutely disgusting!!!!!! The self proclaimed media mogul is in for a real shock when he checks out how people really view him. I guess he will ask for an allowance raise from his mommy and little sister so that he can buy some more twitter fans.

    1. Frankie thinks 90% of the WORLD hasn’t seen a person in drag…. this is one delusional – stupid human being.

      1. Let’s see the first Man in Drag I saw was Too Wong Foo Movie, then Australian Queen of the Desert Movie. I am just counting down to Frankies Full on FREAK out Mode where he drives everyone crazy and they back door him because they are sick of him.

      2. Not sure people even recognize Milton Berle without hearing the name from parents/grandparents, but let’s talk about someone recent, whose career Freaky Frankie probably wishes he had – RuPaul, as in RuPaul’s Drag Race. If you were around for the 70s, Flip Wilson had a character Geraldine.

        To claim he’s the first is completely laughable! Aren’t entertainers supposed to know their history of certain acts when they perform that style?

      3. … Rocky Horror Picture Show? Pink Flamingos? La Cage Aux Faux? Victor/Victoria? Tootsie? Dame Edna? Divine? Not to mention all the other great examples listed here. Sorry Frankie, the world is not as provincial as you seem to think it is.

    2. Frankie makes me ill. He’s soooooo delusional I can’t stand it. His stupid comment about 90% of the world saw drag for first time because of him!! Is he insane?? First maybe 2% of the US saw him (and were bored and disgusted). Second we all saw Mrs Doubtfire and Tootsie. Lol.

      1. Then later on, many saw Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, and John Leguizama in To Wong Foo. Then many saw Tom Hanks in the TV show Bosom Buddies. Then many saw Some Like it Hot, CLASSIC Marilyn Monroe/Tony Curtis/Jack Lemmon movie.

        In addition, he really thinks the entire world is watching BB? No offense, i’ve been watching it and BBCAn for 16 consecutive seasons, but by this time I know that the majority of even reality TV show fans don’t have a clue about BB. They know Survivor and Amazing race which are only on once a week, but fail to even have a passing knowledge about BB which is on 3 prime time shows each week, plus 2-3 hour After Darks 7 days a week. it just never gets any ET time, or entertainment news whatsoever, after all these years, nothing has really changed about that. It’s a fan show, for sure. :)

      1. I don’t remember Andy suggesting two guys double team another houseguest and rape her. Nope that was Frankie.

      2. Andy was an obnoxious whiner. He wasn’t, however, a terrible human being. As much as I disliked A, I find a comparison between him and Frankie to be wrong on so many levels and that it only comes down to your need to compare two gay men merely for the sake of their being gay.

  5. frankie is a piece of trash, trashing Donny the other nite, now Nicole, he knows his sisters minions cant get him americas fav player.

  6. I am just catching up on everything that’s happened on here. Sounds like Frankie is sabotaging his own game. Now that Zack isn’t around it’s obvious who the saboteur really is. It’s delicious that Frankie is getting all the hate he deserves.
    I don’t understand all the fascination with Derrick. He’s dominating the game but he’s bring really stupid in how he treats the other HGs. They are beginning to resent him a bit. He seems more bent on being in control at all times and when he loses even a
    little control over anyone, he just snaps. Not a way to win at Big Brother but it may work in his job where he is king. Donny sure is not a fan of him anymore and Cody is getting ready to make a move without Derrick.

    1. That would be hilarious. Victoria winning 500k. But after she wins, she gives the money to her daddy– Derrick. She really does think in her head that she’s family with Derrick. I wonder what she’ll feel like after watching the show, to see and hear what Derrick really thinks about her. She thinks after the show Derrick will still be friends with her. Lol. If she tries to get close, Darrick’s wife will chop off her hair….head.

      1. Derrick’s wife should show up finale night with a crow on her shoulder. Or at least walk by Victoria and go Caaaa Caaaa.

        1. If I was Derrick’s wife I would not blame or show disrespect to Victoria, I would go up to Derrick and show him divorce or legal separation papers. Our society has gotten to the point where if money is involved you’re forgiven, personally I don’t think so. Respect is Respect, but it’s ok to lose respect for your family and to lead a person on because of what – Oh, for the love of that ROOT called money.
          So, what’s your/his next excuse? Don’t Blame Victoria (she doesn’t have a clue) blame Derrick, who knows exactly what he’s doing, has a clue and having fun doing it (Mr. Crocodile Tears)

          1. Agree with you 100%, and every week Derrick tells his alliance that they can get rid of
            Victoria any time, well boys, we are almost to the finale, and she’s still there, they are
            all the most stupid players ever. No one is playing their own game except Derrick,
            don’t have respect for the way he has strung Victoria along, but gotta give him his
            props, he knows how to play the game!!!!

  7. On a positive note, it’s not long now till BB16 – “Kindergarten Cop” edition…… is all but an unpleasant distant memory.

  8. Nicole really needs to get into Victoria’s head just in case she wins the veto. They will tell Victoria Derrick will be evicted if she uses the veto.

    That would make good tv. I hope that happens.

    1. Fakie just did that. They were up in the HOH watching Nic and Vic and Fakie says if Vic wins tell her if she uses it you’ll put up Derprick. OMG!! You should have seen Derprick’s face!! Caleb sort of looked around and said yeah yeah. Derprick was like that’s okay then Ratine goes home. But that just showed Derprick/Crazed/NoBalls that Fakie will be going after Derprick. If veto is played Derprick may be able to use this to get Crazed to put up Fakie and send him home.

      1. Actually that was Christine’s idea to tell Caleb that, But of course, Frankie ran to the
        HOH room and took the credit

    2. If they threaten Victoria with putting Derrick up should she win the Veto and take Nicole off the block, she should just smile and say do what you have to do. Victoria and Nicole know Cody won’t vote Derrick off and so she and Nicole would control who goes or stays. They are both going home soon so why not enjoy some control in the house for once.

  9. I hope Julie Chen’s “Overwhelming NO” comment is a sign that production recognize how unpopular Frankie is and that they won’t try to railroad him to victory.

    Exactly how much of his winnings do you think he will use to build schools in Africa? I’m guessing no more than $2.50

    1. Production hates Frankie just as much as the rest of us. That’s why he was chosen to answer the apple pie question, to make him uncomfortable having the cameras on him when he learned that his play failed miserably. And Julie really rubbed it in with the ‘overwhelming’ comment. They wouldn’t be doing that to a HG that they liked.

    2. I believe I read somewhere earlier post, some weeks ago where Frankie was talking to Derrick that he wasn’t really using the money(500k) if he wins it , for the african schools. I believe he said he would use the TA money for the schools and spend the 500k for himself. After reading that, I knew he wasn’t even going to use TA money for any African school. After all his family is rich. If he really had it in mind to build the african schools, he wouldn’t need the BB money to do that. He should have done that before the show. Besides what kind of school does he plan on building? I think it’s all lies. Just a way to get America’s vote for America’s favorite.

      1. I remember that, him saying he was going to use the TA money. Frankie at no time has said that he is using all the money from BB for the schools. With the attitude he has shown lately I won’t be surprised if comes up with an excuse not to use any of the money for charity.

  10. I can not take Frankie or Sankie anymore, he b@@@hs all the time, about everything, and WHY is he allowed to sleep in the HOH when he is not HOH, I hope he is backdoored and would love to see his face, PRICELESS. He trash talks everyone and he believes that its the Frankie show not BB show, yet they are playing like it too. Victoria (which is my daughters name) is just a waste of time and space, she believes that she is still there because of her game playing WHAT. Christine is a ugly person on the inside more than on the outside. Cody is the little puppet that is sitting on Derricks knee. Celeb is a creepy stalker. I miss Donny but he is getting the last laugh on them all.

    1. Be careful what you ask for… We all know that Frankie would just LOVE to be BACKDOORED by any one of the remaining guys!!!! Lol!!!

      Hopefully, he’ll go out during the double eviction, bc he’s a real pain to watch. Wishful thinking…

    2. I am still here because of my game play. I know how to keep my mouth shut and not make waves. As long as I do what Derrick says, I’ll win $50,000.

      1. you are right, If Derrick is in the finale, he will take Victoria to the end, that’s been his plan
        all along, who would you vote for, someone who has played like a pro, or someone
        without a clue, consolation for being so dumb–$50,000!!!!

  11. Ohhhh boo hoo, Frankie doesnt get to play. I never thought I would be in a position to root for Vivian, but go girl! I now would not mind if she got the 500k. It would serve Big Brother right, for casting these vacant, vacuous, vapid, nitwits from hell. BB AUS
    Sept 8!

    1. How does one watch BB AUS in Canada? This season of US has been so disappointing, and I have never watched the Australian version. I would really like to watch!!

      1. I watch on you tube. Although I have read on their website that there will be delays this year. That North America and Europe will have a large time delay.

      2. I watch it on youtube. It is perhaps 2 days behind but that is no biggie. You will really enjoy it. So different and more entertaining than BB US version.

  12. 1. Cannot believe none of the house guests have talked about Cody’s sucking his snot.and 2. That they haven’t gotten Frankie out, a while ago, because he doesn’t need the money.

    1. The winner shouldn’t be about who needs the money, or who is the most popular. It should be about who played the best game.

      1. But you fail to consider that being popular and playing on other peoples’ sympathies IS part of the game. It is a social experiment and these are all factors that will ultimately be considered when deciding the final outcome.

        1. You are absolutely right. You have to play a good social game to win. And luck is a big part of winning. You need to win the right comps at the right time. The best players don’t always win. Look at last year. Final three. Spencer, Gina Marie and Andy. That was worse than this season. Unless Frankie wins.

        1. Yes, that sucks when that happens. Actually, in my opinion the best player rarely wins. All I really meant was that who needs the money shouldn’t be a factor. I didn’t phrase it correctly. I was just disagreeing with the comment that Frankie should be voted out because he doesn’t need the money. He should be voted out because he is a vile, disloyal weasel. And I don’t know how they can tolerate him. He has won some comps, but I just don’t think he is a good player. Just my opinion.

    2. Thank you for finally calling out the snot sucking! I want to heave when he is on the live feeds because every minute it sounds like he internalizes half a pound of snot. Maybe he’s having an allergic response to his beard Crustine, but dude, expectorate don’t swallow that crap, that’s just nasty. But I guess if you’re good looking you can get away with such gross personal behaviors on live tv…

  13. I hope Frankie does tell Caleb that he should tell Vic that if she uses a Veto he’ll put up Derrick. Caleb will tell Derrick, but he’ll get it all confused, and end up telling Derrick and Cody that Frankie wants Vic to use the veto and Frankie wants Caleb to put up Derrick ar a replacement. Goodbye Frankie

    1. the cool of Derrick is he doesn’t get paranode so easly, he is very confident. he wouldn’t buy it even if beast mode cow boy told him. he obersives people and profile them correctly.

      that is how he running the house!

  14. I HATE how Frankie always gets to host these damn competitions! Such an annoying camera whore that hams it up extra for the cameras. Does BB think that America likes him & finds him to be amusing?!? I’m so tired of seeing him stare directly into the camera while doing his ‘hosting’ duties.

  15. Houseguests get smart gor a hot minute and pull Nicole down from block, no matter who wins veto, and they put up Frankie. They talk **it all the time about putting them up. Realize the threat and get Frankie the F*ck Face out!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wow Skankie, you manage to find a way to make everything about you. Most of your sentences start with “I”. Someone could be on fire in that house and you would still be talking about yourself. And if you aren’t talking about yourself, you’re talking shit about someone. I don’t know how someone in that house hasn’t told him off or punched him in the face yet.

  17. as much as i would love for Vic to win the veto and use it on Nicole so that the rest of the house has to turn on each other, there is NO WAY that Derrick will allow Vic to use the veto. and yes, allow, because they do everything he tells them. Nicole has a really good shot since Frankie isn’t playing. this could be a fabulous week. Christine thinks that she will have no problem staying up on the block against Vic and i think that Derrick will keep Vic over her.


    1. Fakie just said in front of all the guys if VapidVic wins tell her if she uses it Derprick is going up. That stopped everyone. They brushed it off but Fakie has just shown his hand. Derprick has been talking with Caleb about a F2 and when to take out Fakie. NoBalls wanted Fakie out last week. This could be the beginning of the battle of Derprick/Fakie.

      1. yeah, I think that Derrick is probably planning Frankie’s imminent departure, hope so. It’s really sad that for the second year in a row, there is an assholic gay guy on there. I realize that there are stereotypical slots to fill on BB, but this is bordering on gay bashing.

  18. Eight Steps to a better Big Brother.
    1. End unanimous House voting.
    Julie should NOT tell the HGs the eviction voting results. Just say who is evicted. This would allow houseguests freedom to vote as they want without fearing reprisal.
    2. BB show some balls.
    Strictly enforce BB’s major game rules like the renom rule or outgoing HOH not helping others during an HOH comp. Give punishments for lessor infractions like singing, jumping in the pool, showing BB disrespect.
    3. Change up competitions.
    HGs should never have any idea what the next comp will be or be able to fix outcomes. Punish those who throw a comp.
    4. HOH Room.
    NO ONE sleeps, bathes, craps or pisses in the HOH room except the HOH.
    5. Special Powers.
    Never have America vote for a special power until a few weeks in.
    6. Cameras.
    Once four+ people are in the Jury, put one cam on the jury house for a few hours a day.
    7. Slop.
    Keep slop but BB decides each week who goes on it and changes up the reason. Always use as a punishment if someone broke a rule. Maybe one week first few out of an HOH comp, next week America votes, then the biggest slobs, then the laziest, then those who swore the most, etc. And, only Have Nots can eat have not food.
    7. Fame.
    No celebrities or family of celebrities as house guests.
    8. Downtime.
    Do simple stuff in the long lag time between POV and eviction. Add a character that has HGs play pranks like Marsha the Moose or Surly the Blowfish. Make them do group activities that if done to BBs satisfaction, the house gets a reward. Make them earn their food.

      1. Gret rules, I would like to see house guests not allowed in HOH room. If the HOH wants to use it he does it alone. I agree on all your suggestions.

    1. Agree with your list but you forgot the most important one.

      FIRE the current production team. they are tired and out of ideas. this is the laziest production EVER of BB!!!!

    2. I really like your number 1, it would make for a more interesting game, if people didn’t know who voted for who. Lots of paranoia, distrust, and people who have to work really hard with their social game.

      It feels like season 12, 15 and 16 utilized the unanimous vote thing, every other season had a major split in the house.This also makes sense considering their were huge alliances in each of those three seasons. You had the brigade in season 12, lots of floaters last year who latched onto whoever had the most power in BB15, and now the bomb squad/detonators/derrick’s alliance.

    3. Love the ideas! I was actually thinking that CBS should have some kind of contest, where viewers send in some ideas, and if they use them, you get some sort of prize, or maybe even get to be a houseguest?? I actually mentioned before I would like to vote for the most hated player, and when Frankie gets picked for that, he loses everything he has won in the house!!

  19. And can we talk about the Hoola punishment? How is having “Holla!” to the whole house considered a punishment for Derrick?

    1. It is a lame punishment, but it could have had some teeth by annoying other HGs to the point of making the money winner a target. That’s not going to happen of course b/c of the single minded loyal alliance this year.

    2. If the other HGs weren’t so dense, it would be a constant reminder that Derrick took the $$$ instead of bothering to try to win HOH… but they are dense… so you’re correct – it isn’t a punishment.

      1. You are so right, Derrick knew he didnt need to win HOH, so he greedily went for the money , that kind of shows his hand….but do you think that registered with anyone?

      2. Derrick played it smart though. He was doing so horrible going after the HOH, and then didn’t go after the 5K until he was pretty much outta the competition.

        Watching him in that competition confirms what I’ve always suspected; he’s been throwing comps this entire time. We haven’t seen the real Derrick in comps yet (except for when he made a great shot to win HOH alongside Nicole), but it’s coming soon and it’s gonna be a big surprise.

        Note that I’m in no way a Derrick fan. But it is obvious that he’s way more of a physical threat than he has shown and has all the HG’s fooled.

        1. I agree Derrick hasnt’ been trying but knowing this group they may not believe him if he puts that in his final speech. That would require them to admit that their own wins were not as great as they thought they were.

        2. Hey Michael from Canada.
          So, enough with the troll stuff already. Just admit it instead of trying to play the rest of us on this board like you can outsmart us. We are not the present houseguests who are easily fooled.
          Nobody is buying it.

  20. Aww Frankie mad Production didn’t make sure he was in the POV? I’m actually glad they didn’t, as vile a person that he’s proven to be, he’s a comp beast.. Production clearly, isn’t backing him anymore, they could’ve easily made it so they made the 5k, because since season 11, “America’s Vote” never meant shit, unless it’s choosing what the Have Nots get to eat… They made damn sure, Frnakie knew he wasn’t as loved as he likes to claim…

  21. Someone said earlier that the HGs must provide a note from their doctor vouching that they are in good health. Then a CBS doctor gives them the once over. After this year they should consider some actual physical testing for strength and stamina. It’s like Valerie? Veronica? Vera? whatever, was picked from a slush fund. Not only does she count herself out in competitions, but she is a huge handicap to anyone who gets paired with her. While their at it, perhaps a quick IQ test thrown in the mix. It might not help, but It wouldn’t hurt IMO.

  22. If there is anyone with a brain in production……they will, by now, realize that the Frankie show they wanted to put on has “bombed” as badly as Frankie’s “play”. Hopefully they realize letting him get to the end will give them as much backlash as last years racist show. I don’t think they’ll let him make it.
    Sooooooooooo glad he didn’t get picked for the veto! Watch him scramble to convince others not to use it on Nicole (if she doesn’t win it….boy, I hope she does!)
    If she comes off the block………! Derrick will convince the lemmings to go after Frankie or Christine.

  23. I know the majority of us will vote for Donny as America’s favorite. Try to spread the word to your social media friends. We can’t allow Ariana’s fans to have Frankie win over Donny. Donny needs the money sooooo much more than Frankie. Also, Donny deserves themoney over Frankie. Donny could have stabbed Nicole in the back by telling Derrick n Cody that the second day Nicole came back into the house, she said her two targets were Derrick and Cody, but he didn’t want to betray Nicole like that. That shows how much of a good person he is. Frankie would throw any body under the bus in a heart beat.

    1. This is exactly what I referenced in a previous post. The voting is CLOSED. Three weeks to finale and we cannot vote. Why? What is the reason for this? Are they trying to sabotage Donny?
      Simon/Dawg, your thoughts please.

        1. Thanks JMT. Was having a very bad blonde moment plus the fact that after many years, I quit smoking last Monday. I am calm now but if Skankie should cross my path, look out. No court would find me guilty. Mitigating circumstances would be nicotine withdrawal. Perhaps I should continue to smoke until finale night.

          1. You’re welcome Taylor, Hang in there with the quitting smoking, I just quit 8 weeks ago. Sucking on hard candiesn when I want a cigarette has been a real help to me. Good Luck.

  24. Frankie pouting about not being picked for POV competition? I think Derrick said it best last night… “Life is tough! Get a helmet!”

  25. Do you all really think Frankie is the worst player ever? I don’t like him, but come on, he doesn’t come close to Chima, Shelly, Chelsia, Justin, Allison… This has been a pretty tame season actually. Sure they’re talking about each other, but it’s not nearly as personal (vile, hateful, spiteful, mean) as it has been on almost every other season of the show. People are just p!ssed about Donny.

    I get why people liked Donny (I liked him too), but likability only wins America’s heart, not the game. You can’t honestly think you can get to the end without an alliance. He made the choice to go to bed everyday at the same time, to not engage in any game talk and not ‘play’. Half the game is social, the other half comps. If he would have focused a bit more on the former, he might have lasted a bit longer.

    1. And admit it. if you were in the house, you would have gotten him out too. Everyone likes Donny – you can’t take that player to the end.

  26. If anyone is physically sick,like me, watching these pitiful people bullying : go to UTube and watch the best of BB 12, the brigade, you will laugh, watch Britney making fun of Rachel, hilarious,not malicious, Matt, great got voted off too early! That is what BB is supposed to be!

  27. I haven’t heard that Vanessa is reporting any of her conversations with Nicole back to Derrick so perhaps she has found some courage to do something unexpected if she by some humongous miracle wins POV and takes down Nicole. Frankie goes up and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  28. I’m so disgusted with the houseguests table manners, that I almost want Cody to win, simply becayuse he chews with his mouth closed. That’s how pathetic this season is….UGGHHHHH

  29. I don’t understand why they don’t Backdoor Frankie! They need to make a big move before Frankie makes a big move on them. I HATE how they are all playing it “safe”. Snoozefest!!!!!

  30. if not NIC or ( hate to say it ) VIC …then by unanimous vote to CHARITY – and I don’t mean to feed DerPRICK’s child. Doesn’t look like his wife is missing ANY meals.

    1. Your first sentence was fine. Your second sentence make me think you are a lonely looser who spends all your time on your computer.

  31. “Cody says the only reason why Victoria is close to Nicole is because she’s the only girl in the house.”

    So Nicole and Voctora are the only girls left in the house? OK, that makes sense Crustine is just mascarading as a female..

  32. Hopefully Nicole wins the Veto and Caleb can stop being a sissy and put Frankie up. Once Frankie’s gone, Christine wont be as powerful and smart…Frankie has manipulated every HoH and saying lies to get them all fired up. Ugh!!!

  33. cody and cleab think they winning America favorite LOL
    even derrick know they not winning it
    I got to give it to derrick he playing with the right people to get
    the 500 thousand dollors nobody whould put him up
    that’s why he went for the 5 thousand if any body else did it
    they be like put him up I don’t get it why you their if you want somebody eles
    win the game that’s why big brother should give the power too America let us put people on the block
    in send them home I want Christina and cody out
    then cleab derrick
    then Frankie
    Nicole Victoria final 2 Nicole wins

  34. “They think the competition will be early or late”….I guess that’s the only way these morons can be right. Damn what a bunch of idiots. Also keeping true to form…there’s no risk in that assessment.

  35. It’s good to know that if I ever want to be perceived as a genius, that I just need to throw out the word “osmosis. ” Didn’t Derrick say the same about Donny? Lol

    1. I think it was Frankie who said Donny used the word osmosis. Guess Derrick thought these yokels were dumb enough to not notice and he was right. Too funny.

      1. YES! I was thinking the same thing. Frankie said that about Donny! That since Donny used the word “osmosis” he couldn’t really be a groundkeeper. – Now Derrick is saying Frankie is really smart because HE used the word osmosis? WTH? Did none of them finish Jr High?

    2. Derrick also tells them that Frankie scares him “He might have more secrets he hasn’t told us”. That on top of Cody and Christine discussing that the apple pie question made to Frankie seeming strange and the “Frankie is the saboteur” yelled over the wall ought to get them to start questioning Frankie. Just planting seeds with this group is hard, Derrick might need to spell it out for them if they want them to be suspicious of Frankie.

  36. First man in drag my ass!!!! Ed Sullivan, Tony Randall, Tony Curtiss, Robin Williams, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Rupaul, and many many more. You didn’t fail because you were in drag. You failed because you suck!!!!!

  37. I feel we ( viewers) have been in a constant state of torture watching the trainwreck known as the ” Frankie Grande Show”….Please let Nicole win, have Caleb put up that self absorbed, elitist piece of sh!t and watch him implode. I can’t stomach another week of the bully gang against Nicole. Please REVENGE

  38. Frankie and Christine are so dumb. Threatening to put Derrick up does nothing but piss off Derrick, bc Vic, Nic, and Cody would never vote him out. I wish they’d get rid of Frankie but they won’t bc afraid of 3 girls against 3 guys. So hopefully Christine goes home this week and Frankie next.

  39. I hope they do the trivia questions from the morning announcements that Donny was teaching Nicole. That’d be a great moment in the jury house if he saw a clip of her winning that and knowing that he helped.

  40. ok, so Nicole and Christine are on the block, lets hope she (Nicole) wins the POV, and Caleb throws Frankie on the thrown, Frankie gets voted out (get him out NOW since the HG consider him smart and a good comp player and NOW is the best time) easy! then next week goes Christine (the boys can make that happen I am sure), then the following eviction (hate to say it but if she can’t save herself ) Nicole, after that of course Victoria, so now we have the three, Derdick, Kotex, and the least male cowboy, Now it’s a show!!! Production make sure we get close ups and full volume on Frankie and Christine’s reactions when they are told to gather their belongings and join her and the studio audience. Can anyone tell me if there has ever been a time the evicted house guest ever got booed or a very few applauses? I am sure not because it wouldn’t look good for CBS

    1. Aaryn and Amanda were both booed. The sound mixers turn the volume down on the booing, and up on the cheering (maybe fake applause) to drown it out, but you can still hear it. It was faint, yet intense, which shows that it’s louder than production is showing. You can also tell by their faces and their comments afterward that they were not well received.

      1. just thinking says, thank you tons for your follow up on my question, your a good person for taking the time to answer my gustation

  41. It’s amazing how much Skankie has fallen out of reality. he’s still harping on the TA fail. his delusion that it only failed because he wore make-up and not because it was a horrible train wreck of an idea and execution. lmao
    he’s calling 90% of America stupid and ignorant because we have never seen a man I drag before his display. Guess he’s not aware that it’s a running gag or use of disguise that men don on sitcoms and dramas on tv since the beginning of time. Plus what about the movies? Remember Patrick Swayze. Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo in full drag in Too Wong Foo? There was no public out roar or cry to burn the queens on a stake.

    Get with the program Fakie!!!!! WE DON’T LIKE YOU!!!! Your actions in the house showcased what a sad piece of crap you are. Your delusions of grandeur is all you. we ain’t buying.

  42. Okay for those of us who thought last there couldn’t be HGs worse than last season:
    2:21 BBT:
    Christine asks them to not make love to Victoria because she will be feisty they will be drunk.
    Frankie: I think you should both double team her. I think you should take all of her virginities in one night. All of them!
    Cody: Oh no, that’s so foul.
    Caleb: we would ruin her. There would be blood everywhere.
    Der: her father is watching, literally cringing. I don’t even know what I would do. I would definitely break the computer.
    They are getting as bad as BB15!

    1. They are not GETTING as bad as last year…. they have BEEN as bad as last year. Last year it was racism… this year its misogynist…. equally disgusting!

    2. Christine is just as disgusting as those guys. Her family is probably really hoping she is booted out soon so they do not have to endure any more embarrassment from her foul mouth and actions. They look like a good family. Such a shame she could not have behaved in a manner that would have made them proud.

    3. That is HORRID!!! Just when I thought I couldn’t hate her more. Only Derrick had a halfway acceptable response, Cody’s and Caleb’s weren’t. Someone needs to slap the (B or W)_ itch.

    4. Ok. if this doesn’t top the cake for anyone … seriously society is in serious trouble. They are now talking about ‘RAPE’ of a house guest and they think it’s alright and funny. This is not acceptable behavior on any level. Victoria may not be a great player in the game but does not warrant having this kind of crap being said about her. in her shoes if I heard this I would feel threatened. They should be evicted for saying this aloud. NO woman wants to be ganged rape. How is this funny to them? Chief Wiggum … you have a daughter and you’re a cop!!! Would you sacrifice your daughter like this for $500K?

      These 5 are beyond deplorable, reprehensible and vilest bunch of people to have entered the BB house. they are not playing a game. their every action and words spewed from their mouths are vile and personal. how is this game play? What has Nicole, Victoria and the other evicted HGs done that warrants this kind of malicious mob and mean girl behavior?

      CBS … if this is not enough crap for you to stop the game …. what does this say about you????

      1. What they sad was terrible, but they weren’t talking about raping her. They were calling her extremely easy, but they didn’t say anything that implied rape.

        1. Watch it again! The message is beyond clear. Do you honestly think a virgin’s first time is to be double teamed? is that what you think is every young woman’s dream for their first intimate experience? Victoria would not consent or even conceive such an act.

          The reality of this “joke” is beyond any woman’s nightmare. Double teaming without consent is gang rape whether or not alcohol is involved or not.


      1. i totally agree. CBS should do something. They did not say rape explicitly BUT what else do you call two guys double teaming a girl just because she is drunk … Frankie is beyond disgusting. What is shocking to me though is that production will reprimand the cast for singing for example but they don’t see any need to to the same for making vulgar and offensive comments. SHAME ON YOU!

  43. Did you all like how Derrick asked what he should do if he wins veto ? Cody & Caleb said take Christine off the block. So Derrick says he was worried about Caleb making an enemy. Ahh, that’s so sweet of you Derrick. Concerned for a fellow hg’s future welfare in the game. Kinda got me misty……..Oh wait, whoaaaa, it maybe wasn’t to protect Victoria was it??

  44. One of Frankie’s relatives wrote that he is just playing a character on Big Brother. The relative has blinders on because he is a relative. Frankie is not a good enough actor to remain in character 24/7. Besides, even the very best actors always play themselves. Bette Davis was always Bette Davis. Henry Fonda was always Henry Fonda. Their stage names varied. That’s it. (I love Bette Davis and Henry Fonda.)

  45. You people need to stop! Your just mad because Donny got voted out he wasn’t going to win anyway because he had no alliance with anyone and talked no game with anyone which if he did he would probably still be in the house now. It is a game why hate Derrick? He has played a great game so far! He has alliances with everyone which is why he hasn’t been put up. I hope Derrick wins he deserves it. Hate the game not the player! But i do agree Frankie has to go! :)

    1. I think you are right that Derrick is playing a good game, probably the best game at this point. Unfortunately I think a lot of people find it hard to like him because he really is playing with the dimmest house guests ever. If there was someone, just one person, with some cojones AND a brain it would be a whole different story. Also, his profession gives him an unfair advantage. He’s a trained undercover cop. Halla!! C’mom! That just is not an even playing field. Finally, the way he talks to “America” all the time lying and trying to manipulate us, is just insulting. So, given those exceptions, yes he is playing the best game and I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t win.

      1. There have been many professions in the house and just because he is a cop that is an unfair advantage? No, it is because he says what needs to be said, doesn’t over do it and just because the rest of them trust him doesn’t make it his fault. Obviously, he is good at what he does and it shows and I’ve seen the live feeds and again I say it is a game and you have to adapt in order to stay and play. Does that make it right? No,but if anyone of us was in that house and you were playing would you play the same way to win?

    1. DE both Christine and Frankie this week. We can only hope they both go soon so we don’t have to put up with any more cr-p from either one of them.

    2. I want Frankie gone NOW! Christine is self destructing… she is humiliating herself so I see no problem letting her fester a a little longer…

  46. Derrick has some strange power over them. Again, they’re playing right into his plan. Keep Victoria. Geesh. Why don’t they make a fake alliance with her themselves?

  47. “I hate every single one of you” – Zack Attack. No but on a serious note you people need to stop! Why do you hate Derrick!? Because he got Donny voted out? Or is it because he’s going to win? Donny had no gameplay and honnestly he needed to go it was in the best interest of everyones game. IT WASN’T PERSONAL IT IS A GAME! What part of GAME do you not understand. I’m glad Donny got voted out because he made everyone in the house look like dickheads because he was always like “well my feelings was hurt” and “I’m alone in this game” and “everyone wants ole’ Donny boy out” like OMG Donny can you make them look anymore like a bunch of assholes!!! And all that was Donnys own fault! Derrick did what he had to do to keep his game from being messed up! So stop hating on Derrick and keep hating on Frankie!

    1. Thank you to the person who liked my comment! You are awesome and understand what i mean! To the two who disliked it must be Donny fans and all I have to say to you is… Ole’ Donny boy is gone and he isn’t coming back!

      1. Team Derrick lives on. I think you need to really read. I am a Donny fan as many are but I really didn’t think that Donny should win this game. I would have liked to have seen him go further than Frankie, Christine and Victoria but I don’t think he should have won. Hands Down I believe Derrick should win and it would be a travesty if he screwed up at this point and didn’t get to the end. I wasn’t liking him until I saw his Diary rooms explaining how he needed to stoop down to their level, I wasn’t thrilled with it but it softened me on him. Until 2:20 PM today, Team Derrick? 3 people were involved in this rape conversation, Derrick was one of them and he was laughing hysterically after he started the thrusting movements. It’s things like this that turn people off about Derrick. This one incident will haunt him more than anything else he’s done this season. Do I still think he should win? Yes, but and I’m sure many will agree with me….he’s an officer of the law, I for one hold him to a higher standard. He just violated every oath he ever took, joke or not, it was inappropriate for everyone but b/c of who he’s supposed to be it was more wrong for him.

    2. I can speak only for myself as to why I dislike Derrick so much. I understand the game is about deceit and manipulation. But use it on the players. Stop trying to tell me what you did or are doing via DR and cameras. I know what I have seen and heard and resent him trying to con me. He never tried to save Donny, yet insisted that he did. GREEDY pig is trying to cover all his bases and get AFP in the event he doesn’t make it to the end. I hate being treated as though I am stupid.

      1. I understand what you mean but i rly do believe that he tryed to save Donny. I really dnt think that Derrick is manipulating America. It is a game he is doing what he thinks is right for his game!

        1. Derrick didn’t try to save Donny; he just made it look like he did. At the end of it, Frankie and Caleb were on board, Cody said he would do what the alliance wants, and then Derrick said no. It was 100% his call to send Donny packing.

          People don’t like him because he’s a fake. Lying to America all the time, like we can’t see what he’s really doing.

          And also because he’s a psycho; talking about breaking Zach’s jaw or knocking his teeth out. He’s said some very disturbing things for a police officer. And then there’s all the disparaging remarks he’s made about Brittany. These are all things that aren’t game related and are the real reasons why no one likes Derrick.

        2. Derrick is a loser! He’s your typical jerkwad cop that thinks he’s smarter and better than everyone else. It’s one thing to manipulate the players, but I have the feeds (until September 6th, since I just cancelled them after Zach got evicted), and I’ve seen how Derrick hams it up for the cameras, thinking we the audience are dumb enough to feed the crap he’s throwing us. Do you not remember when Donny first rejected a Team America mission as too risky, and Derrick blamed it all on him to the cameras, despite recognizing in conversation with Frankie that Donny was indeed correct? I wasn’t even a Donny fan, but Derrick’s manipulation of the audience, and his desire to ostracize Donny from the rest of the house has made him a very unlikeable person. Add to that his creepy lack of boundaries with Victoria, his entitled, “you all are taking food out of my daughter’s mouth” attitude, and his mediocre, unengaged, rat-game play style, and you get one of the most repulsive personalities to ever play the game.

          1. Nick, do you remember Eddie Haskell from the old Leave It To Beaver show? Derrick reminds me a lot of him. He is fake nice to the camera (i.e. America) when he tries to ham it up and make us think he is such a great guy. He is ruthless and uncaring in reality. He wanted Donny out because he knew Donny could see right through him and he probably feared it was just a matter of time until Donny share that information with others. It’s like watching the Eddie Haskell version of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

            1. Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskel) grew up to be a LAPD officier, until he was medically retired from injuries he obtained in a shooting by a supect

      2. Why is he a Pig! You are just as bad as the houseguests calling names…I just don’t get it…if you were playing the game would you not do what you have to do…of course you would…that doesn’t make you a bad person…NO! Derrick is playing a game to win money…that makes him smart and if you remember he was torn what to do about Donny and just because he voted him out to keep his game on track and not to put suspicion himself again doesn’t make him a horrible person…HATE ON FRANKIE! He is just horrible

  48. Cody is Gay!!

    Cody says the only reason why Victoria is close to Nicole is because she’s the only girl in the house.

    That explains why hes always cuddling with Christine Cody thinks Christine is a dude ergo Cody is Gay!!

    Or am I the only one that caught this statement?

    1. It shows what Cody really thinks of Christine. He thinks she acts like a guy. Christine is going to regret playing house with him. Cody is an A$$ – plain and simple. And, even after he says that kind of comment, she will cuddle up to him and play right into his plan – a vote from the jury and a little hanky panky on the side. He wins – she loses – he does NOT care.

      1. I’ve never seen a more textbook definition of a douche bag than Cody. Right down to the Papa Roach CD, which made me laugh my ass off. They were a douchey band to listen to when they were famous; let alone ten years later. I’m willing to bet the guy can’t leave his house without spraying himself down in Axe spray first.

  49. Omg I just read the comments from 2:21 pm that were added. Frankie is one angry, sick little fuck and Caleb is Very disturbed…very wrong that BB will let this kind of talk slide.

    1. Disgusting how Skankie talks about Victoria. This is beyond game. It is vile to talk that way. Complete lack of respect towards others. I cannot believe the other freaks tolerate this and never call him out. I would love to see some kind of major argument between the Skank and say Cody or Derrick. But they have not balls to stand up to him. It will up to the fans to attack the Skank once he gets out to teach him some humility and respect. Also, their is a GoFund page for Donny to help him out if anyone is interested.

  50. I hope Victoria’s father and a few goons are waiting for that pink haired, disgusting little queen on female’s night.

  51. I just voted Victoria as one of my favorites (along with Nicole). Lol

    Nicole: grow some balls! You are likely on your way out! Do some damage! Why haven’t you (or anyone) thrown Derrick under the bus?

    This isn’t “hating” on Derrick– I am aware and have accepted that he will likely win— now that doesn’t mean I have to like him. As a matter if fact, I greatly despise him.

    Just my opinion!!

  52. So the feeds cut to Jeff for the POV, Didn’t one of the HG have a dream Jeff would be in this POV? That is SO freaky!!

    I don’t want to get hate for this but I don’t get why everyone HATES Derrick. He is lying but that is part of the game. Other than that he seems like a nice person. He hasn’t been attacking the house guests on a personal level like Frankie does…. Am I wrong? I have been only reading this page for the past 2 weeks.

  53. As most have already seen/heard, the 2:21 conversation has social media in a frenzy. There are those that say it was just a joke and those that want heads on a platter.

    I don’t mean to take things in a more serious direction, but is there any wonder that the boys in the Steubenville rape case (one being the girl’s boyfriend) did not even fathom the reality that what they were doing was wrong? … not just the two that were found guilty, but all those that witnessed and/or joked about it did not consider any of the actions that night to be wrong.

    Frankie is over thirty and not a high school student. This is not the only comment he has made (especially in the last 48 hours) that has crossed the line.

  54. I have heard clueless and delusional come out a Persons mouth on Big Brother before… but….

    Frankie “I’m the first man in drag that 90% of the world has ever seen because of me doing it on this show”

    Wow, the boy is insane and stupid. He is even completely uneducated on LGBTQ History and global realities.

    Drag, exists in many cultures around the world. It is also not just a gay thing around the would. Wodaabe or Bororo do it as part of a courtship ritual.
    Native Americans have what is called two spirits
    Kabuki and European Plays are performed in Drag
    Chinese Operas have men in drag
    Every culture has some form of Drag and it is not necessarily gay men.

    Milton Berle, Flip Wilson, Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry
    Ru Paul, Lady Bunny, Vala Jean Merman, CoCo Peru and Dame Edna to name a few.
    A bearded Frag Queen won Eurovission this year

    This kid is full of himself… Crazy… Sorry kid you are no trail blazer… you drag just sucked.

  55. At 2:21 timeline—leave it to the QUEER that has humped everyone in the house but the sweet virgin girl to suggest that they rape her(while she’s drunk) I would die if I ever heard my son speak like that about a child(she is so innocent). What a sense of pride Frankie must be for his family! And Caleb is no better. SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!!

    1. Wait a minute… Frankie actually said to rape Christine or Victoria when she is drunk? You are kidding me.
      Well there goes Ariana Grandes career out the window.
      I kinda think he would take advantage of a drunk Caleb or Cody. It disturbs me that he fondles them so overtly and no one in production refers to it as sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior. If is was a heterosexual houseguest he would be evicted for a sexual assault on a houseguest.
      Those guys must be straight, because a gay man would have said something if he tried to hump them and it would not be at all delicate and most I know that have watched the feeds would have filed a complaint with production. Hell, I want to file a complaint to production and CBS for those poor boys. It would not be homophobic to file a complaint, I can tell from the Jeff interview with Zach he did not feel comfortable with it all of the time and I have heard all of them complain when Frankie is not in the room about it.

  56. Hey Team Derrick Lives On. I get where you’re coming from. I’m just ragging on him through frustration. Many of us have lost faves to jury through his house dominance. But hey, you’re right. It’s not his fault he won the lottery & got to play with about 10 imbeciles. What’s he going to do, not try to win a half mil? In a way I view it as a wasted season because we are used to many seasons of a rollercoaster ride with different factions being in power & truly twist & turns occur. A perfect scenario would have a cast of 4 or 5 Derrick types fighting for power. But truly sometimes his misting techniques could be seen by a blind person or a 10 year old but these morons that can’t spell their names follow him around like the zombies on Walking Dead! Yikes! And I get that sex sells. Can we not find some attractive, intelligent, feisty women that can match the men blow by blow in a power struggle? I get no satisfaction watching the likes of Victoria. Feel bad for her when she returns home.

  57. After reading what the boys said about doing to Victoria, they’ve just went WAY over the line, basically saying they would “rape” her… I hope her family does something… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    1. Have been off computer for a few hours. And so now read Frankie suggested they rape Victoria. When I was on site before I mentioned that I thought I read or heard Frankie say ‘F–k whoever if it will help you win’. ( he said something like that) and now he makes even worse comments. BB may be experiencing huge lawsuit, they really should call him out on his language. He really is scum for suggesting such things. And I must say if he were my son I would be dying from embarrasement and wonder what I did wrong in his upbringing that he could be so vile and distasteful.
      And if Caleb laughed at that then I lost respect for him. I had been thinking Caleb was a nice young man who simply had one huge crush on Amber.
      This is really turning into a train wreck, isn’t it. Going now to try to find the clip of Frankie making this last gross statement. Just think, when/if Victoria hears of this she will be scared to stay there. And her family as well.

      1. If I were Derricks family, i would be so mad at him riight now. That was disugsting how he joined in and joked with the frat boys about Nichole. Of all of them, he should have known better. Mabye it secretly turned him on cause he has kind of got that creepy older man vibe going with Victoria anyway. EWWWWWW, he disugsts me.

    1. You must be new to Big Brother. They can’t sing b/c the songs are copyrighted, they’d have to pay for their usage. It’s the same reason why they are woken up to by songs but the feeds are blocked. They can’t even sing happy birthday.

    2. I think it may have to do with the rights to have the song played in the house and CBS may have to pay? Like singing Happy Birthday on radio, you have to pay disney 5000 if you do

  58. Last Season’s theme was “Racism”/”Homophobia”, this season “Misogyny”, any one wanna take guesses on what’s gonna be next season’s theme is gonna be for CBS to exploit??

    I’m guessing Murder/Genocide.. Its anybody’s guess really…

  59. I didn’t read through all the above comments here, but the conversation @ 2:21…can Frankie get anymore depraved? There was no call for that suggestion and Production should put a stop to that. Joke about her competition prowess, fine, but that comment crossed the line. I feel so sorry for Victoria’s family having to hear this sort of thing about their daughter. Game or not, so not called for. Maybe I’m getting too old to watch this show. Can’t handle the disrespect some of these house guests exhibit anymore.

  60. Nice of Frankie to volunteer Derrick if Vic wins. Wake up Derrick what do think he’s trying to pull. Once he gets you up their your gone. Forget about the girls and get Frankie out before you look foolish.

  61. What get’s me about Frankie is the fact that most people come on this show and lie cheat and steal because they desperately need the money for family, school, loans etc. Frankie and his family already have loads of money, which means he lies, cheats and steals because he purely likes doing so. The money is not a factor, e is just naturally this evil.

  62. It is really difficult to listen to this group talk about basically ” raping” someone and then laughing about it . Derrick saves face again with his ” If I’m her father I’m cringing” but he is still laughing at the supposed scenario. In many aspects this cast is “more” disturbing than last year. The mean factor is worse this year; ostracizing Donny especially and then continually dogging on him even after he’s evicted . Now the mean /vitriol is directed at Nicole. They can try and defend themselves all they want after the show citing that ” it was gameplay” but you cannot play a role 24/7 . These people are vile, lack remorse and are self absorbed especially one name “Grande” I felt sorry for Crustine’s family because you could tell her mom was hurt and mentioned ” she was raised better than this.” I say most of them will be shocked and pissed at public reaction when they get out and of course, not accept responsibility.

  63. Christine was only talking to Cody when she told him to not get drunk and make love to Victoria because she gets feisty when she drinks. She could give two $hit$ if anybody else is with Vic. Who the hell does she think she is—she’s now acting as if she and Cody are a legit couple and she can tell him what he’s allowed to do. She has truly fallen for Cody and thinks she owns his ball$ now too. The way that she follows Cody around and won’t let him out of her sight is far worse than Caleb was. I can’t stand Cody, but I think he will need to go into hiding when they are out of the house. She’s going to be stalking him and any girls that he is seen talking to will one by one start disappearing. She is by far the most unstable person and that constant cackle is worse than the hollas that Derrick is getting. Somebody needs to speak up and get her back to reality. It’s getting less disgusting watching her behavior and turning into just plain scary.

    1. Tim will be in the hotel room with the rat he married following the party. Anyone care to bet she calls him Cody at some point during the night?

  64. that’s why I don’t go for them Im just rooting for Nicole an Victoria
    that why I don’t get why derrick an Frankie was on team America
    I do belive if it was Donny Nicole and zack Donny will sill be in the house im 100 percent sure of that
    that who I think it should of being

  65. Production should take down Nicole from the block and replace her with Frankie to teach him a lesson. It is NEVER funny to suggest “gang rape”. He crossed a line. Karma is a b*tch and I hope it bites these scumbags in the…

  66. And don’t forget Milton Berle, arguably the best drag queen portrayer of them all. Way back in the conservative era, he was a hit. Frankie probably has no idea who that is. For an intelligent person, Frankie has absolutely no culture at all. He lives for junk pop culture.

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