“If Caleb would have known how to throw a competition this entire game would have been different”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

BB16-2014-08-31 18-05-38-488
6:00pm Backyard Derrick and Cody
Chatting about how poor they are and how much they need the money. Derrick needs 10 grand to transfer to a mortgage for his house. Cody has 800 a month in Student loan fees. Derrick goes on and on about his fake job. (Derrick explains this fake job with such detail it’s shocking) Cody goes on about being a soccer player in college.Says if he didn’t have such a big student loan he would be driving the “sickest car” he explains where the 800 a month goes. “The 800 a month goes towards interest, principal and something else,.,. um… “
Derrick – how much you needs to knock it out
Cody – 80
Derrick – HOLY you are 80 in debit (Cody owes 80k dollars for his business degree)
Cody says his first school was 35K a semester and he had 19 grand from scholarship He transferred out of that school. His second school “D1cked him around’ his schooling was only 25% paid for from soccer. He says for the kind of player he was he should have gotten more.
Every year they paid him or 25%, 40% 66% with his last year being fully paid.
Cody – I never went one semester without a scholarship.

BB16-2014-08-31 18-20-50-668
6:19pm Frankie and Derrick Poolside
Frankie saying that Nicole wants a different person other than victoria to go up but it’s not happening. “SHe would have to convince us that someone was coming after us “
Frankie says that Nicole is so good she could sway someone other than the three of them. Derrick says Frankie has to be stuck to Caleb for the remainder of the day.
Frankie – “That suit is better than he deserved” (Cody’s dino suit)

BB16-2014-08-31 18-24-49-602

6:24pm Bathroom Nicole and Victoria
Nicole tells her they are not changing their minds Victoria is probably going to be nominated and Nicole is going home. Nicole was talking
Cody and CHristine have each others back
Victoria – Cody I don’t know what his deal is with me.. I don’t understand it.
Victoria Says it’s obvious that COdy doesn’t like her he was bringing up putting Victoria on slop this week.
Nicole says Hayden cannot stand Cody because cody stabbed hayden in the back.
Victoria – “I do not trust COdy for my life”
They both agree COdy cannot be trusted. Nicole says he should be Victoria’s target. Victoria – oh trust me I know”

BB16-2014-08-31 18-32-40-349

6:31pm HOH COdy and Caleb
Caleb asks who will beat them and make a move Nicole or Frankie
Cody – Definitely Frankie he’ll make the move.. do you believe if he will make the move next week
Caleb says that is what he’s trying to figure out.
Caleb thinks that going into DOuble eviction if Frankie wins he might put up Cody and Caleb because he knows he won’t beat them in the end.
Caleb adds that Frankie has a much better chance to win the HOH
They see Christine walking towards the HOH door both of them curse wish she would leave them alone for a minute. Frankie isn’t far behind.. they start chit chatting. Doesn’t take long for the Victoria/Nicole bashing to start (Caleb is quiet) .. Frankie and Cody mock Nicole’s attempts in the game.
Christine calls Victoria a mess “she’s the worst”
Frankie – she’s the worst.
Cody – F*** Victoria
They chat about giving Victoria the Brittney speech when they tell her they’ve been in an alliance from the beginning called the bomb squad.
Christine starts laughing says it’s going to be awesome when they tell Victoria “Poor girl”
Chit chat.. Frankie says it was a good thing Donny was sent home because he would have gotten nicotine withdrawal.

BB16-2014-08-31 18-55-10-754

6:35pm FIREROOM Nicole and Victoria
Victoria – God Cody pisses me off so bad
Nicole says she wanted him to go home.
Nicole says she feels like the POV challenge was for her to win and it f***g sucks.
Nicole – Caleb is so manipulated..
Victoria – did you see hi letter put you man pants on
They agree his HOH letter was telling Caleb he’s being played
Nicole – Frankie hates me so much that’s why
Vic – How did you conversation go
Nicole – bad.. he hates me .. I can tell.. his smirks.. He’s going around telling..
Derrick comes, They are folding their laundry.
7:05pm Nicole says the entire house hangs out except for her.
Nicole – If Caleb would have known how to throw a competition this entire game would have been different.. and now they are best friends
Victoria- isn’t that funny.. thats the funny part.
Nicole tells her Victoria doesn’t have anything to worry about She’s going home this week and during double eviction they will take out one of the guys
Nicole says CHristine is working with Cody and Derrick kinda
Victoria – I have a very strong feeling especially since you left..
Victoria says it’s obvious Christine, Cody and CHristine are working together.
Nicole says Derrick is the only one trusts out of that group of three.. she adds that Caleb and Frankie are very close, Nicole was hoping CHristine , Cody and Derrick would be able to convince Caleb to put up Frankie but it’s not going to happen.
Derrick comes in says Everyone is in the HOH.

BB16-2014-08-31 19-16-29-259
7:18pm HOH Frankie, Christine, Cody and Caleb
Frankie hugging Caleb but Caleb’s not giving anything back. Frankie says he’s making fish every night so they better all get use to it. Tuna tonight, Salmon tomorrow and White fish on Wednesday
Frankie – when you look up American man it should show him (Caleb)
Frankie – he’s the most American man I have ever seen in my life
Caleb leaves to the Fire room
Christine says she feel sorry for Victoria she doesn’t know where she is.
Frankie can’t believe that Caleb thinks he’s won so many competitions Frankie thinks it’s so funny. They count his competition wins it’s 3 HOH’s and 1 BOB if you don’t count the BOB with Frankie.
Frankie says the HOH ‘s Claeb won were very impressive.
Christine says she was really close to Caleb in the math decathlon HOH.
Christine says the picture of Claeb with his mom is a very attractive picture of Caleb. Christine never thought Caleb was hot but in that picture WOW.
Frankie – I think Caleb is HOT.. I don;t know if I would survive hunting with Caleb’s family
Christine – I would cry and throw up
Cody says he would never be able to see a animal slaughter.. call me city all you want i’m not stabbing a animal
Christine says Caleb’s story’s make her really sad

BB16-2014-08-31 19-32-24-576

7:32pm FIRE ROOM Nicole and Victoria
Nicole – ahh man I hate being backed into a corner.. I usually get myself outta crap to be honest in real life I’m very dedicated
Victoria- me to

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BB16-2014-08-31 19-37-59-628
7:33pm Pool table Caleb and Derrick
Caleb complaining that he talked to Cody for two minutes before Christine and Frankie were all over them.
Derrick says Christine is the worst she’s always up Cody’s a$$.
Caleb is going to sleep by himself tonight he’s not sure how Frankie is going to take it.
Caleb says Cody knows Frankie will be harder to beat going into Comps, Frankie won’t take them to the end and Frankie is hard to trust.
Caleb says Cody thinks they should take out Frankie
Derrick is a bit worried about a Cody, Nicole, Christine thing happening.
Caleb – if we send him home we do it after Nicole is gone
Derrick – I agree.. I don’t think Frankie is putting you up he might pout up Cody but not you you’re his bread and butter.

Derrick doesn’t want Frankie goes this week and suggest against it. Caleb agree with Derrick.
Caleb hopes that whoever wins that next Double evict
Derrick – I a perfect world it’s me you cody and Victoria final 4
TRhey start goign over dates.. Derrick says Cody knows them the best he’s a “Whizz kid”
7:39:40 Someone with a megaphone can’t hear what they said I heard Frankie.
Derrick – They are talking sh1t about all of us
(so once again Derrick removes any hope of Drama happening)

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Eure ka!

Is there anyway to keep Nicole and vote out Nicole’s Diary Room voice?


That’s pretty funny.


What type of deviants has BB put on this show this season. Last season was bad but for a 31 year old sub human like Frankie to talk about gang raping a passed out Victoria and for Christine to laugh and say that would be so funny and for Caleb, Cody and Derrick to laugh about it just sickens me. I mean the comments Frankie makes like hurting Nicole and gang raping Victoria and even back to saying he wanted to kill JOcasta these are not jokes or game play these are actual threats of violence. Is BB just going to sit back and do nothing until Victoria is actually raped or Nicole actually has been hit by Frankie? If he was in the outside world, Frankie would be sitting in a jail right now for communicating threats so why is BB doing NOTHING? He is communicating threats so get his ugly depraved mind and butt out of there asap!

Reply Flies

Thumbs up on the above if you are either clueless or delusional enough to believe any of that would happen!

Pink haired turdlet

A 31 year old mysoginist “man” who dyes his hair pink, calls himself “Frankie”. Someone should remind this first class douche that he wouldn’t EXIST if it wasn’t for a woman.

Geez louise

I hate Frankie as much as anyone, and I think what he said was in poor taste. But I think you and all the folks giving you thumbs up are reading waaaay too much into it. Frankie was joking. Period. Bad jokes, yes, but joking nonetheless. Neither he nor anyone in that house really want to gang rape Victoria (or would find it funny if that happened) or want Jocasta to actually kill herself.


lol…you really think Frankie would go to jail for saying someone should kill themselves or someone should be gang raped? Do you know the law at all?


Can we evict the HoH and get a new one? This HoH is too afraid to go against Frankie because he wants to be famous; anyone who doesn’t see that is blind. It’s so annoying!! He will not backdoor Frankie, instead, he will endure Frankie CLINGING PHYSICALLY to him, until Caleb’s eviction. So annoying!!!

Reply Flies

Replying to a comment without referencing any of the original comments content so as to have a higher post in the comments queue…So annoying!!!

Evict Frankie!

7:39 PM – Cam 1: Outside someone yelling, “Frankie is destroying you in the DR, especially you Derrick and Caleb!”

Caleb is now adamant to send Frankie home! Please, please, make it so!


I hope America still has a part in voting. I would be satisfied to vote no to a mission.


Team America vote –
For me an easy choice – BBBBBBBBBB
For Frankie to say on live TV – who cares what team america thinks – this is what they have.
NO hopefully we can end it now and let Frankie know there won’t be any more missions
Please BB – Give us this vote and let us decide their fate


not live TV Just TV sorry err


I want next cast to be pulled completely random from people who actually sign up for the show- no recruits. No interviews, no nothing beforehand. Just a background check and if it’s clear, they’re good to go. Everyone gets to know them when they’re in the house. Guaranteed, it would end up being the best cast ever. Lol


Sounds good in theory and I really HATE having “recruits” on the show….but BB would be SO BORING if it were just normal people. There would be little to no drama. Everyone would get along and be cordial. Plans would be executed smoothly with no last minute upsets. The ratings would tank.


OMG Nicole Caleb is your only hope. SHUT UP!

Capt Obvious

Hence the reason she never should of came back in the house. She is absolutely CLUELESS with a capital DUMBASS. She has sucked at comps since coming back and has ZERO social game. If she would just talk to Caleb for 10 seconds she would know there’s a chance of survival.
I know we want to cheer for her because she isn’t part of the BS, but Hayden would have done 1000 times better.

Michael from Canada

That’s why it’s funny when people say “how can this person be a super-fan?”, or so and so is a super fan so they should be awesome at this. Like how everyone was shocked that Allison in BBCAN2 was terrible at the game, and they questioned if she really was the fan she claimed to be.

You can be a super-fan and still be a super moron. It doesn’t automatically make someone a good player. It’s not gonna give someone the balls to make a big move, or the brains to know what the best move is. Hayden had both those things, and was thus the one returnee that really could have made a difference.

That said though, if Hayden was a bigger fan and had seen more seasons, he definitely would have been a better player. It’s a valuable asset, but doesn’t make or break a player.


I so agree with you. What is a super fan? someone like me…I’ve watched every season…including season one when I didn’t even have a computer, it was the only season I didn’t have the feeds. I’ve watched the feeds every single year. that’s a super fan…a super fan isn’t one that watches it on CBS it’s someone who has watched the feeds every single season including the time of the writer’s strike (horrible). These people are clueless, they haven’t mentioned Kaysar even once, they don’t know about Nicole and the toe job scene, they are clueless how Nakomis coined the phrase backdoor, they don’t know about Danielle and Jason, they don’t know about Jun and Jee’s hair cutting scenes, Allison hiding in a vase, really 1/2 of the people here don’t really remember these things…Nicole wasn’t even allowed to stay up to see eviction night at some point. they need true fans of this show these recruited kids who seek fame and fortune are ridiculous. Get someone in there who will say…my vote is my vote, and I’m not shunning people b/c they are going home. I long for the days when we could laugh at them instead of be sad at their vile nature.


God I just want to take a dump into Derrick’s nostrils… he’s just full of it!


Nice move Derrick. Frankie won’t go after Caleb or Derrick. Frankie will go after double evict.

Let Frankie take out Cody for Derrick, so he still has Cody’s jury vote.


Day 75?! And you two are just figuring out that Christine and Cody are working together.

BB16 is the worst season ever

Derrick doesn’t want Frankie to go this week and suggest against it. Caleb agree with Derrick

How can this idiot call Himself Beastmode It should be Leastmode He finally gets a clue that Nicole should not be the target. That Pervboy Frankie is the threat and within seconds Derrick the Dumbazz derails the whole thought

Simon?Dawg Thanks so much for the site Guys My only solace this season is coming tyo the site and reading the posts Keep up the great work !

Media Mogul Skier

What he ^ said.


Caleb has not played a smart game but he is in power now and the real waste of his HOH would be listening to Derrick and not getting Frankie out. Derrick has protected Frankie and his perceived honest game has caused people to listen. It’s time to play your own game and the best move is Get rid of Frankie.. Derrick is blowing his game by trying to play all sides . Trust can be fleeting in the BB house.

Zing Sting

Come on a Caleb. Use your brain. You’re almost there…

Media Mogul Skier

Caleb is using Derrick’s brain…his doesn’t work for “thinking”.


On BBAD Caleb and Cody want Frankie up, Derrick doesn’t. Watch Derrick tell Nicole it was his idea to put up Frankie and he had to work hard to convince them.


Can someone put a sock
In derricks mouth

Nera's Mommy

God, these people are odious! Derrick’s about as interesting as a block of government issued cheese. WTF is it with Frankie and the damn fish? Do those people a favor and throw a bunch of ribeye steaks in there – Frankie can make fish for himself. And please Caleb, for the love of God and man, start thinking about getting Frankie and Crusty out of there. Be a Jedi Master, a ninja assassin, a Hobbit for all I care, but do something BIG.


I remember you guys replacing evicted HGs’ pictures with avatars that represented them. Aw, I miss that. 🙁


Hell Yeah, I did most of those images for OBB.. GOOD TIMES!!

Wish we could do that again…


Oh, I didn’t know that! It was always fun seeing what pic each HG got, so thanks for being a part of it. One of the reasons why I liked visiting this site, besides Simon & Dawg! Holla!


I hope these house guests watch all this footage after they get out and realize that they are all dumb as a bag of pucks.


Don’t you know Cody, Derrick and Caleb said they’re getting agents and are going to be superstars. People that dumb will watch the season and think they’re the best that ever played.

Frankie's a skankie

Caleb’s almost there! He wants to put Frankie up, but doesn’t have a mind of his own so he’s listening to derrpig. I really hope derrpig gets evicted at the double eviction just so he can go sit with everyone he had a hand in sending home.


Screamers said Frankie is destroying you in the DR, especially Derrick and Caleb.


Derrick, you frekin blow. Getting Frankie out NOW is the best idea you greedy bastard! Screw team America! 500k>5k. I try soo hard to like Derrick, but every single time he pulls the string on something. “Whoops, that’s too exciting, nope, let’s do something boring and predictable instead” fuck you. It’s soo boring seeing one cocky asshole pulling all the strings and no one catching on. I hope he gets 3rd just to see his face, but that won’t happen. At least Frankie won’t win, espicially since CBS is finally giving the public an accurate portrayal of that smug cum dumpster.


bet not getting Frankie out cost him 500k


If BB would tell them TA is over before the veto meeting, Frankie would be going up. Derrick is just trying to save Frankie for the TA challenges and the extra $5k. I hope Frankie wins HOH and puts up Derrick and Caleb, lol.

Brittany for the win

I don’t think the overwhelming majority of the contributors to this site would like to see Frankie win the HOH. But you are dead right. It would be great to see Derrick mastermind his way right into the seat next to Julie on Thursday night.

Michael from Canada

I think Derrick wants to take Frankie out himself. He knows that a lot of other HG’s aren’t aware of his gameplay and he needs something big on his resume at this point.

I bet he goes 110% at the next HOH and goes after Frankie.


I agree 100% with Micheal! The only reason Derrick is against it is because he wants to evict Frankie himself and say he made the BIGGEST MOVE. If Caleb doesn’t do it and Cody didn’t do it all hail puppet master Derrick he took out the real beast! Well that’s what Derrick is hoping for. There is no way that Derrick doesn’t think of how good Frankie is at comps. He just wants the fame for it he knows America hates Frankie he’s hoping to gain Jury votes and fans for it. Which he will, but I’m praying beast mode duh duh does something for his own game finally.


You give him too much credit. Derrick has been playing it “safe” this entire season and that is all he is doing right now. Why make a big move when they still have fish in the barrel. He finds Nicole to be a threat only because she is the only one that is not securely under his thumb right now.


Isn’t Team America over now that Donny is out? They lost a member…seems like in past seasons when one of them was voted out it ended didn’t it?

Get him out

Get fakie out, Caleb do it and you will be my 5th favorite this season if you get him iut

Despise Frankie!!!

Please Backdoor Frankie!

Another Anonymous

It would be great if the DR gave a $5k bonus for the TA team member who lasts the longest in the game. Derrick would dump Frankie in a heartbeat.


I want to ask Joan Grande what went wrong with the raising of Frankie Grande. Obviously someone messed him up, because no normal human is so vile, malicious, hyper sexual, hateful etc. I feel like she gave him the world and didn’t teach him ANY responsibility to himself or others. Also, as a child of divorced parents, I have nothing against divorcing/remarriage but this woman has been married 4 times. I would think that would be rather unstable for a child.

Butters Mom

He said he was raised mostly by his grandparents.


He is a little child who has refused to grow up and act like an adult. He’s still so pissed (throwing a temper tantrum) about the “overwhelmingly NO” – that he’s acting out even more than before in reaction. I think his attitude is that the viewers hate him (which is why they voted no) so he might as well act like a person who people will hate. It’s a child’s behavior. I wonder if he was ever punished as a child for his temper tantrums, his lying or mocking of other people – because I believe he acted that way as a child. That’s the point of punishment – to teach a child that there are consequences for bad behavior.


Hence why Frankie acts like a little shit head most of the time.


Go on lockdown until POV please.

Meow meow

I cannot figure Derrick out. He is ruining the season! Why wouldn’t he want Freakie Frankie out? I thought he is loyal to Victoria and Cody? Iisy have issued something! Any word from CBS on the very inappropriate talk about Vic last night?


Watch feeds and you will understand. Frankies number target is Christine, then Cody. If Frankie can evict Cody, then that is no blood on Derricks hands. And a locked Jury vote for Derrick.


I wonder if Derrick doesn’t want to get rid of Frankie yet because he thinks there will still be a TA mission? If it no longer applies, they should let them both know so at least Derrick can work on getting Frankie out. I think if Caleb got the okay and knew they would back him, he would backd**r Frankie.


And 10 min later Derrick is in the storage room telling Nicole not to act like she’s going home bc he’s working on something. Really Derrick? Now your going to try to act like it was all your idea?

Canadian DJ

I think Derrick should be called “narcolepsy” to honor his job & his putting this season to sleep.


“Christine starts laughing says it’s going to be awesome when they tell Victoria “Poor girl”

Too bad you won’t be there to see it, you’ll be in Jury, thinking “Damn, I spent all season rubbing Cody, wishing it was his d**k, instead of playing the game for myself”

Michael from Canada

Derrick: “Christine, this whole time we’ve been working in an alliance, called the Bomb Squad.”

Christine: “I know, I’m part of the Bomb Squad too!”

Derrick: “No… no you’re not.”


Backyard megaphone.
7:39 cam 1- ” Frankie is destroying you in the DR, especially you Derrick and Caleb.”

Production has a sense of humor

Cody’s taking a shower – decides to start singing…again. “This is how we roll…”
Production: Cody, I recognize that English is a difficult language to comprehend but Stop still means Stop. Stop that.
Cody: “All right! I get it! I can speak perfect English!”
Caleb: “Boy you got told. I ain’t never heard anybody get told like that!”


Production haven’t done anythging funny over the mic since, they joined in with the HGs with the “That’s What She said” jokes…


After last night’s disgusting behavior by Frankie, Cody, Christine, Derrick and Caleb, production could have been advised to get tougher on them in the house. Those imbeciles are capable of anything at this point. Cody usually talks back the most. They are probably fed up with him and are going to let him know he is not funny.


Do you people think that anyone in the “Bomb Squad” realizes that the current 4 in the jury and Nicole will decide who will win BB16? I don’t think so.


Well they ought to – since Nicole has mentioned going back to jury and campaigning for Derrick to win. I think she has some sort of PTSD from leaving the awful BB house and then getting to (having to) go back in. Since Donny has gone, she’s really slipping.


I thought the same thing. Nicole should never have told Derrick she is going to campaign for him to win. That is more incentive for Derrick to send her to jury. She should keep quiet and hint that before she left jury, there was lots of conversation about who should win and NOT name anyone. They would keep her around another week out of curiosity to drill her on what she knows.

Roisen Dubh

And people thumb me down when I call Nicole a dingbat.

BB16 blows

I should have applied for big brother…….associates degree in sport management and unemployment but I would have backstabbed a huge threat by now instead of the predictable every single week


Derrick is getting on my nerves. Why does he want to keep Frankie? I wish caleb would grow a pair and start making his own decisions instead of others making the decision for him. Caleb has grown on me but his downfall is that he can’t think for himself.

Its simple

Derrick doesn’t want to backdoor Frankie for 2 reasons. #1: Frankie will never go after Derrick
#2 Derrick knows he is guaranteed to win against Frankie in F2

That said, Derrick has his F5 figured out(and has for some time), Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria.
He knows he can get Cody and Frankie to take each other out, just depends on who is HoH that particular week. The next week, he gets Caleb to nominate whichever 1 of Cody/Frankie alongside of Vic and Derrick casts the vote to send them to jury and keep Vic. Then Caleb wins part 1 of final HoH, Derrick obviously beats Victoria in part 2, and Derrick beats Caleb in part 3. Then he takes Vic to F2 and when the jury members ask him why they should vote for him, he simply points at Vic and says “Do you see who I’m sitting next to? Why would you even consider NOT voting for me???” Then he wins with a 6-3 vote because Hayden and Nicole will have been persuaded by Frankie and Cody to vote for Derrick no matter who he sits next to.

Frankie is essential to Derrick winning. That’s why he wont allow any1 to backdoor Frankie, and why he immediately puts a stop to any possibility of the idea festering in others minds.


Derrick has played the long con with these people. I’m sure in his spare time he is going over his jury speeches with any of these interchangeable goats sitting beside him. For Derrick it’s all about the cash. I can’t believe that these fools don’t get pissed over that “holla” shit, so his kool-aid is that strong. I guess the one saving grace about this season is, it ain’t the crew from last BB. People bitch about them, but I really think that after last year, this franchise was in danger of ending. This season, there were a few folks who had redeeming qualities, and did’nt think they were gonna become the next Jeff-LOL. I fully expect to see Derrick/Donny again, hopefully AR, which they may be pretty good in.

Roisen Dubh

Derrick has control issues. He just as bad if not worse than Helen. Both ruined everybody’s game. Cody needs to man up and tell him to STFU.


Tonight’s edit of Big Brother was not kind to Mr. Frankie. He’s definitely going to lose some fans tonight. He is truly one vile man. And gosh darn how dumb is Caleb? All I can hope is that if he is too dumb to get Frankie out this week; he should go up on the block during the double eviction.

pants on fire

I thought Frankie got too GOOD of an edit on the have nots fiasco…they should have shown Christine more clearly pointing at Frankie with his 1 time as a HN and then him throwing a hissy fit about Christine having the balls to point at him and saying I’m not going to apologize for nothing and going on and on about his medical conditions!!

Androgynous Crustine

Yes! Finally an edit that was true to form for Grande. Loved the Crusty Cackle tribute as well. I would go stir crazy being in that house and having to listen to that sh!t.


I’m sick of Derrick!!! He wants to remove the thought of backdooring Frankie from Caleb’s mind… Frankie will end up winning HOH next week …. I hope he nominates Derrick, maybe then he’ll realize it would have been a good idea to backdoor Frankie!!


Watch the feeds and you will know Frankie has absolutely zero intentions of nominating Derrick.

Derrick did what was best for his game. Sorry it doesn’t work with your hatred towards Frankie.

Roisen Dubh

No way, Frankie is setting him up for the fall. If he wins HOH Derrick is gone.


I agree Derrick should go along with the idea of backdooring Frankie, he needs to go Now.


YES, backdoor Frankie!. Derrick seems to be on board now to backdoor Frankie!!!

He really doesn't know how much he is despised

I used to live in NYC. Greatest place to live, BUT even there with all the just about anything and anyone is tolerated, this piece of human sh*t will come home and be treated as a pariah.

I refuse to even say his name, he sickens me so


Last week, Cody wanted to get rid of Frankie–Derrick said no. This week, Caleb wants to send home Frankie–Derrick said no. What is the point of keeping him…the point is to win $500,000 not $5000 here and there with TA missions (that they suck at by the way). Never thought I woukd rather see Cody win this game than Derrick but I’m sick of him! I hope the BB house spontaneously combusts.

P.S. I agree with Eure Ka and can’t stand Nicole’s DR voice either, it sounds like she ends every sentence in a question.


Derrick can say anything he wants, he can tell them whatever to do, but it is ultimately Caleb and Cody’s fault for not following their own instincts and playing Derrick’s game instead of their own. It is not Derrick’s fault these two have no backbone and cannot do anything on their own. He is using their weakness for his own game which is brilliant, not likeable, but brilliant if it works for him.

Valentina Corleone

Maybe Production is going to use the bullhorn messages to their advantage to convince Caleb and the rest of the boys that Frankie has to go. If he goes out through an eviction, it saves themfrom a potentially messy situation of rremoving him due to the hammering they’re getting over the Victoria situation.

Loss of Appetite

I notice that Frankie does a lot of the cooking at dinner time.

I wouldn’t eat a f#cking thing after it touched his filthy hands.


Production wants Frankie out. That TMZ and Huff Post article about the “rape” joke was the final straw. They have clearly been pumping Caleb up in the DR. Hopefully Nicole doesn’t say anything stupid to ruin her chances.


This season has been so depressing. I usually try to find some good in everyone – cause we all have good & bad qualities. I tried so hard to think of Derrick as just a hard working cop who had a rough childhood & was just doing all this stuff to make a better life for his family. I wanted to root for him to win because he has been the only one really playing the game. But his behavior last night with Frankie & Caleb talking about “ganging up” on Victoria & taking ALL of her virginities truly made me sick to my heart. It makes me so sad that there are such vile people in this world – let alone have them on national t.v. with a chance to win money. And Frankie, really wanted to believe that he was like some of the kind, generous, fun-loving gays that I know. But he is quite simply a monster. I truly hope that these people do not represent the majority of people in the world. I have always been an idealist – but this cast has turned this “pollyanna” into a cynic. The only redeeming grace is Donny – and I am so thankful he was on this show. His kind & genuine heart is in such contrast to the harsh cruelness of Frankie, Christine, Cody & Derrick. The only think I can root for now is for Donny to please win America’s Favorite. Love you Donny, thank God you have proven there are still some truly good people in the world.

Butters Mom

Next year they should just fill the house with a bunch of homeless people. They would definitely be more interested in winning the prize at the end than becoming famous in the process and making friends. You wouldnt have to hear about famous sisters, or building schools in Africa… have nots wouldnt be such a punishment after all… and guaranteed they could find some very deserving homeless people to feed and house all summer rather than these self absorbed spoiled brats they have cast this year and last year.

Roisen Dubh

Bib Brother Bum Fights. I love it.


ok…now this is interesting………cody & caleb working themselves up to putting frankie up when christine pulls herself off the block. really serious about it. derrick comes in & tries to quash the idea.
caleb standing up to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can Only Hope

The talk is now to backdoor Frankie, Caleb has thought long and hard about this and despite what Derick wants, he is ready to MAKE A MOVE, thank you, thank you, thank you, finally someone has BALLS in this game!!!!

Bowel Movement Cowboy

Finale night
Julie: Before we get to the final results, we’d like to take some audience questions for the houseguests. Ma’am you in the back. You have a question?
BMC: Um, yes Julie, thanks. Love the new hairdo. I would like to address this to everyone but Donny and Hayden. How does it feel to have wasted three months of your life, time in which you could have earned money, grown professionally and strengthened relationships, kowtowing to a man that anyone with a third grade education would have recognized as a total charlatan? And a follow up: mad props Donny. I hear there is a golf course in Augusta Georgia that could use a head groundskeeper.

9.17pm Chr!$t!ne maj0r GR0$$ act!0n

She used her fingers to pick her ear, dug out some ear wax, smelled it, then flicked it outta the way.

:: RePuL$ive to no ends!!! ::

*they are all losing it, I can nails popping outs of wood planks on a daily basis*


Derrick has lost his focus. Either that or he has a final two with Frankie. He has put a wrench into getting rid of Frankie for a reason and that reason has to be helping his game. Caleb needs to back door Frankie NOW!!!!! If not he is on the jury wishing he took a risk in this game that protected his game. Nicole isn’t going to do anything but Frankie will…………..GET FRANKIE OUT NOW !

Stop with the rape talk

God, I hate having to defend Frankie but nowhere in his rant did he say anything about taking Victoria against her will. Like most everything he says, it was foul and over the top but, again, the specific discussion included nothing about doing so without her consent. Finally, the entire discussion was a group of people sitting around bullsh*ting, obviously none of it had any sincerity behind it, any more than all the earlier hg discussions on beatings or shootings (where all those eviction petitions?).


“Joking” about “ganging up” & taking a girl’s virginity (All of them) doesn’t make it any less offensive. And they were talking about doing it when she was drunk – which certainly doesn’t make it “consentual”!


To Stop with the rape talk: Frankie was talking about “double teaming or gang raping” Victoria who was passed out. What do you not get that taking a passed out woman who is not capable of giving consent to sex and having sex with her is RAPE and the way Frankie described double teaming her it is GANG RAPING A PASSED OUT DRUNK woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So to answer your question NO we will not stop with the rape talk because that is what Frankie suggested and even implied with his actions of sex! Frankie has a depraved mind and I guess heart also since he also talked about hitting Nicole in the mouth. RAPE is not about sex it is a violent act and Frankie comes across as a very violent sociopath!

Michael from Canada

What Frankie said was revolting, and even worse when you watch it. But I don’t see any implication that they were talking about rape.

Nothing was said about Victoria being passed out. I don’t know where viewers are coming up with that, but it wasn’t implied at all. Just that she was drunk.

And to the person saying a drunk person can’t give consent; also not true at all. Drunk people have sex all the time but it isn’t automatically rape.

I’m not trying to whitewash Frankie’s comments but I’m also not gonna see something that isn’t there.

Stop with the rape talk

Sharon, I suggest you (and others) re-listen to the conversation, as I just did. First, it began with Christine talking about “making love,” which implies consent, right? (The conversation was all hypothetical from there on, as obviously nobody was going to be having sex with Victoria).
Frankie then says “double team” which means group sex, not rape. Many people are into 3-ways, 4-ways or more ways; like it or not this is a real thing and it doesn’t mean rape. Further, he did not say “gang rape” as you claim.
You don’t like Frankie, that’s obvious. I don’t much care for him either and I hope Caleb is smart enough to put him on the block. But Frankie’s conversation was nothing more than a crass, juvenile rant against someone not in the room, he did not tell Cody and Caleb that they should go rape a sleeping Victoria.


Frankie starts doing the sexual “props” zingbot hand motions from the “double team and take her virginities” discussion again. Of course this time he does it in the kitchen – with Christine and Cody watching and laughing – and behind Nicole and Victoria’s backs. So they had no idea what he was actually doing. He thinks his rude, disgusting, violent comments are still a joke.

Roisen Dubh

Production showed everyone that they hate everybody in that house when they gave them booze last night. They gave them Coors for the first round and Tecate for the second. Lord knows the wine couldn’t have been more than 99 cents a bottle. Who the hell still drinks OG Coors and is under the age of 50? Derrick is gonna think himself out of the house. Getting rid of Frankie is a great idea, but do you think they’ll stop once that floodgate is opened? Cody was trying so hard last night to get Caleb to sign on for a F2, but Caleb insisted on a final 3 and shut it down. Cody is ready to dump Derrick. Dingbat Nicole might survive this week. Grabass won’t make it past DE.


Say what you want about Derrick… he’s annoying (yep), he’s maniuplating everyone (yep), he’s sucking the life/drama out of this season (yep), but I have to give him credit. He’s GOOD & these idiots take his word as gospel.

Help Please

Can someone tell me if at the finals the jury will know about Team America, and will the jury know that Derrick is a cop before they vote?


Considering the fact that the only reason Frankie is still there and Zach is gone is b/c Caleb royally f**cked up throwing the BOB comp a few wks ago, backdooring Frankie is the ONLY possible option in order to redeem himself.