Big Brother Spoilers – “You are on another level of paranoia, whats’s up with the Crazy eyes”

POV Holder: Cody POV Used No
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria


4:00pm THe new game .. toss a plastic lime into the bowl from “Behind the wall”

They seem to have trouble beating 2 for 10
4:11pm Caleb gets 3 for 10

BB16 2014-09-14 16-02-27-230

BB16 2014-09-14 16-02-25-730

At one point the location of Caleb is contested.. They joke about it.. Cody and Caleb are very competitive.
4:30pm Victoria and Frankie have joins them. Victoria is recording the “Dings” when they lime hits the lip of the bowl. Frankie is with the other three guys tossing the limes.

BB16 2014-09-14 16-37-53-913

4:37pm Derrick, Cody and Frankie trying to figure out what is going to happen this week in terms of competitions and shows.
They start talking about where int he house they can get a good sh1t. Derrick has to be in the HOH room. Frankie says he has violent sh1ts.

They think it was Zach that crossed out Zach’s name. Derrick mentions how Jocasta must have etched her name in there after she was evicted.

BB16 2014-09-14 16-44-01-943
4:41pm Bathroom Victoria has been mucking around with her tow nails she hears the guys in the living room talking about her.

BB16 2014-09-14 17-07-46-019

5:04pm Derrick and Caleb talking about someone trademarking “beast Mode Cowboy” Derrick thinks he has legal right to the name because he made it up and it’s documented says he’ll give it to Caleb. Derrick thinks that Beast Mode Cowboy has been trademarks by now by some “Jamoke”
Frankie cruises through tells them everything they say while in the Big Brother House is owned by CBS.

BB16 2014-09-14 17-19-44-556
5:18pm Victoria and Derrick Bathroom
(Vicotira is paranoid about everybody she’s asking Derrick if things are still good going into Wednesday)
Derrick says she’s on another level of paranoia “Even they are noticing it.. even Frankie said whats’s up with the Crazy eyes”
Derrick – do your’ makeups do something.. I’m nervous to .. you don’t want to be that person that gets so close and stumbles near the end”
Victoria – I’m trying to keep myself busy
Derrick says the only way sh’e getting to the end is if she wins a comp or someone takes her tell sher to relax.

BB16 2014-09-14 17-19-09-563

BB16 2014-09-14 17-47-25-104

5:39pm Caleb and Cody

Caleb relaying a conversation he had with Frankie last night. Says that Frankie told him that Derrick hasn’t been loyal to Caleb. Frankie told him that Cody has been loyal since he’s gotten close to him but he wasn’t close to Cody in the beginning.
Caleb says he knows it’s “Comin” Frankie is going to come to Cody saying Caleb said “something” week two. Cody will tell frankie “straight up” you do that you’ll lose my vote.
Derrick is there with them pacing around tossing in his 2 cents..
Cody – if he comes to me he’s getting a f***g judi and you are not having my vote
Caleb adds that Frankie was telling him that Derrick is trying to make them all think he’s hated by the jury but he really isn’t Derrick is liked by people, he’s got a family and lives in a tough neighborhood.
Caleb brings up telling Frankie the guys are more loyal to him than Frankie was.
Cody – I’ve never gone to someone and say put Caleb up (Lie)
They start talking about Zach Cody thinks if Zach won more comps he would have been more liked. (Maybe he means more liked by people in the house)

5:50pm Everyone in the backyard now Victoria says production told her they have to be fresh by 9am so she doesn’t think they are getting alcohol tonight.
Victoria – “He said they are going to give us some activities.. he said we need to be up for the feeds.”

BB16 2014-09-14 18-02-47-806

6:02pm Caleb talks about his truck “It’s a weekend slayer.. 8 miles to the gallon” (Nice)
Victoria says her insurance is 600 a month.

6:50pm After much asking they get a few beers and some wine.

BB16 2014-09-14 19-15-00-242

7:14pm (Cody doing his “Judi Chops”) Cody – I’m his (Caleb’s) apprentice but I’m better.. I literally just pulled my groin.. this is the saddest thing.
Frankie points out to Cody that the tacos he’s got in the oven are burning Tells him he’s was too busy “prancing around Judi chopping” and not watching the oven.

BB16 2014-09-14 19-16-26-246

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BB Fan

Tues is not a live eviction, however Wed is a live eviction. I have sat in the audience in the past for Big Brother and they have always told the audience not to boo, which is why I was so surprised Christine got boo’d. Go to On Camera Audience and check their calendar for tapings- Wed only this week.


Well since the show just aired and they said their would be an eviction on tuesday and this is sunday the hgs still don’t know then they are either taping it tomorrow or it is a live eviction the funny thing is the boys want to tell frankie on tuesday but they may not get the chance. Maybe they are doing things differently this year. OMG how cheap is car insurance in the states (i am in canada) 600 for car insurance is unheard of in Toronto lol


Hallie, real curious, are you talking about car insurance? The car insurance in Toronto is well over $600/mo?


Yes, I am talking about car insurance i am just shocked she only pays 600 a month for car insurance in T.O it is more like double that

Fuh Q

I have 4 boys, all on our insurance and it’s only $200 per month. I live in Missasagua, next to Tornoo. I’ll give you my insurance company name if you’re paying that much.

Fuh Q

Toronto, not Toronoo


Wow that is stupid high~I pay $113/mo & that’s everything under the sun (liability, comp, collision, uninsured/underinsured, roadside asst, car rental, AND $100k of renter’s insurance) w a $500 deductible). Guess I need to stfu complaining huh LOL.

Team Zach

In all fairness, it’s Victoria we’re talking about. I would be shocked if she doesn’t have a long list of incidents on her driving record. I would be horrified to be driving on the same street that she was on.


victoria’s is 600 each month, not yearly. not sure what you are saying.

BC with discounts, between 100-150 most of the time, per month.

re: Victoria’s name being X’d out, when i watched the show tonight during luxury comp: Christine gets eliminated and is called out. cameras go to her, she is exiting the bathroom stall, closing the door behind her while tucking something into the waistband of her pants.

re: victoria’s broken necklace, I’m guessing either it got messed because it wasn’t stored properly in victoria’s bag that nicole was rummaging thru, or it wasn’t packed away properly, and most likely Jocasta’s rampage caused the damage. Jocasta’s method was brutal compared to the rest of the houseguests,


I love that you were watching for the same things that I was. Christine was the one that was busy crossing out names in the stall….I noticed that as well 🙂 I despise her. Such a wench.

Jocasta was a little bit nasty…guess she’s just bitter cuz she sucked.


The way they talked behind her back during and after her stay was also brutal. With Christine in jury you can be sure she’s told Jacosta exactly what they’ve been saying about her (while leaving out her own horrible behaviour out of it of course). I don’t blame her one bit for getting bit of payback.


I did notice christine walking out of the stall and put something in her wasteband and she did have a look of being up to no good, but I didnt put it together that she was crossing out vic’s name. Thanks for pointing that out. That witchy b!tch. She’s so mean. I saw her brother has a blog where he defends christine for all the negative comments she gets on twitter. He should realize, she brought all the hatred that people have for her on herself. She’s the married woman who was all over a guy, she’s the one saying I hate Julie Chen and I hate everyone and everthing else. He shouldn’t bother defending her, she comes into the house one last time and I can understand the jurors rumaging through the house to look for the pucks, but, christine was the one pouring viniger and honey all over the clean dishes and brought a knife in to X out vic’s name. That was all pre-meditated. I mean she got boo’d like no other HG has ever gotten on BB and she still comes in doing vile things in the house on national TV. What a hateful, evil bitch.


You’ve got to be kidding me!?! More than 600/mo??? That cannot be true.


I live in Toronto and I pay $150/month.


I also live in Canada. Calgary, Alberta. Which is an expensive city. Not as bad as Toronto, but my insurance on a 2008 car is 110 a month, and that is with full collision.


I live in Louisiana and pay $170/month for 2 vehicles. Victoria must have gotten a DUI and several accidents for her insurance to be that high. Lol.


I sat in the audience for Devin’s eviction what they told us was not to boo this time cause it was still way to early in the season to hate hate someone so we had to do polite applause however i think once it got to jury they prob egged the audience on to boo some more. Lets face it Aaryn getting booed last year was actually a highlight for that season and Christine getting booed as the most exciting part of this season of predictability. From the insider knowledge I have it may not be a live eviction but it will have an audience there so I do foresee Frankie getting booed as well.

Listen to what the man

Do they have a sign that lights up for “polite applause”?


Re: live audience for Frankie eviction. You swear? 🙂 You should come here more often! What do you think of the talk of ariana fans stuffing the Frankie for AFP balllot box? Could that happen? Is there anyway to counteract it?


i went to the CBS site earlier today, the voting for AFP it says it is closed now, and i don’t know when they closed it.


I do not think that the voting has even opened for America’s Favorite. I think you are getting it confused with Team America voting. Julie would have mentioned it on show and she has not yet.


Avp voting hasn’t even started yet. So it can’t be over? I double checked and think you were looking at the poll from last year.


Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Dan all appeared as guests this summer. #BB17AllStarsConfirmed

Perfect Situation

You don’t know crap so go away… but … oh wait you look like a fat ugly curly haired freak, you must be Allison Grodner!

Frankie Who?

Frankie is too late with his manipulation of Caleb. He can talk and talk, but Caleb wants to believe he will be better off with Derrick and Cody. Caleb and Frankie have ferocious egos and it will be the downfall of both of them.


I don’t get Frankie even if he could manipulate Caleb he has no power once Cody won the POV it was over for Frankie the boys are never going to give Caleb the power to save Frankie


Frankie still thinks he might have Derrick’s vote. He still doesn’t know that Derrick and Cody are as close as they are. If he did he would’ve tried to split them up when he was in power.

This is also why Derrick wants to keep Frankie in the dark as long as possible. He wants Frankie to think that the other two had to convince him (Derrick) to go along with voting Frankie out.


Great insightful comment!

derrick you boil my blood.piggy snout

derrick S-U-C-K-S


As much as I want to see Frankie go I can’t stand seeing Derprick get his way yet again. I’ve been watching BB for many years and I’ve never disliked a HG as much as I dislike Derrick. He makes my skin crawl!!! Anyone for the win besides Derprick!!!


“this is the most rigged summer ever!”


Nah, Season 13 was..


I’m wondering if it’s possible for the production to disclose the information, the game plans of some house guests to other house guests favored by production in order to ruin some people’s game and to help the game of others?If it is so, it’s terrible.


Hmmmm, it appears the beasts have begun to smell spilt blood. Frankie is gonna find out the plan. Then he will be able to put a bug in Caleb’s ear. Then next week Caleb is gonna really be beastial.


Here’s the meaning of Beast Mode Cowboy…..Ewwwwwwww beast mode cowboy
A state of mind that produces an energetic, outgoing, sexual attraction to farm animals.


I highly doubt Caleb made up “Beast Mode Cowboy”, buthe did make it popular, I just googled it and it’s all about Caleb.. He better trademark that joint before some rodeo cowboy does it…..


Frankie was right though everything they say on the show is actually owned by CBS when they were brought onto the show they signed a contract stating that CBS owns everything they say on the show.


and of coarse you have personally read the contract of coarse you haven’t you assume that


Poor Caleb will be devastated when he discovers that Beast Mode is trademarked by Marshawn Lynch of Seahawks. Lynch also has a clothing line called Beast Mode. Don’t know if Caleb would be infringing if he tried to trademark Beast Mode Cowboy.


I forgot about that someone did say earlier in the season when Caleb, claimed he said it 1st…

diane says

“Beast Mode” is a trademark for Marshawn Lynch of the
Seattle Sea Hawks!

Alex Trebek

Below is the Urban Dictionary’s definition of “Beast Mode Cowboy”:

beast mode cowboy
A state of mind that produces an energetic, outgoing, sexual attraction to farm animals.

Sean Connery

Suck it Trebek!


Just researched and Beast Mode Cowboy, BeastMode Cowboy and BeastModeCowboy are available for TM – $159.00 each.. We should take up a collection and buy so he has to purchase from us… LOL! Also or .net are taken… only available are .me (sounds like Caleb!! $9.99) .mobi ($6.99) or .biz ($7.99) all domains searched through GoDaddy.. TM’s researched through LegalForce.


Victoria will spend her money on her business and spend it on a shopping spree

derrick will spend his money on his daughters college fund and pay off his bills and mortgage and use it on some grocery.

Cody will pay off his student loan and help his family financially

Frankie will spend his money on make up, clothes, shoes, spa, hair dye,etc

Caleb will just waste all his money


If Caleb wins, I have a bridge for sale here in Kentucky.


He’ll have special lanes for limos and diesel trucks

fool a fool

I own the trademark to the name beastmode cowboy. I will sell it for $500,000.


It doesn’t matter what Caleb wants or thinks. His only chance of survival will be to win the veto on Wednesday as he cannot play for HOH on Tuesday. I hope he follows Skankie out the door, and realizes he is not America’s favorite.


I can’t remember if in the final 4 the HOH gets to play in the following HOH because i think Calebe might get to play


I hope that if Caleb wins Veto, Derrick can convince him no to use it and send him to jury. If Derrick does that man he would be the best player to ever played Big Brother, period.


No it just means this is the dumbest cast ever…period.


Angela – is the bar set that low? 🙂 Derrick manipulating Lenny really isn’t some great feat. Now if Victoria (who is a woman) convinced him now that would be another story.

Eure ka!

Derrick: [talking about their dream] We’re gonna get a little place.
Caleb: Okay, yeah, we’re gonna get a little place and we’re gonna…
Derrick: We’re gonna…
Caleb: …have…
Derrick: [Caleb mouths what he says] We’re gonna have a cow, and some pigs, and we’re gonna have, maybe, maybe, a chicken. Down in the flat, we’ll have a little field of…
Caleb: Field of alfalfa for the rabbits.
Derrick: …for the rabbits.
Caleb: And I get to tend the rabbits.
[Derrick shoots Caleb in the head, Caleb dies; Derrick looks at Caleb sadly, sighs and walks to Caleb, leans down to him; scene cuts to Derrick sitting on train at night again; scene cuts to Derrick remembering his and Caleb’s final happy memory as they both toss a bag of flour onto a horse wagon, both look at each other, and walk away happily]


Don’t know why the thumbs down…I guess people don’t see the analogy of Derrick and Caleb as George and Lennie from “Of Mice and Men”. Ignorance…sigh.


Me too and not because I like the other players . But for being so mind boggling idiotic. He’s not even endearing or funny with his stupidity because his ego is so massive. You couldn’t tell him anything that might help his game because he refused to weigh the validity of it or he acts like a messenger pigeon and goes and shares it with the “guys” who don’t seem to really even like him . But tolerated him so they could use him.


Caleb on the broadcast yelling at Jocasta “and you’re a reverend?” LOL


Caleb is now the most entertaining. He lives in that crazy mind of his and it’s hysterical. I LOL when he said “it’s time for the Dag-Gum Nomination ceremony”!!

His delusions are entertaining and fantasy filled….Frankie’s are sad.


OMG! Why do most of the girls voices like nails on a chalkboard? Victoria is the absolute worst!


She reminds me of Rachel so much. I can’t stand her.


Please tell me that is a typo. What type of accidents has Victoria or her family been in that she pays $600 a month.

State Farm Rep......

Have you seen Victweezia…..?
Now imagine her behind the wheel of a car…… South Florida…….in traffic…….
Have you observed her behavior regarding mirrors?
$600 a month is fair estimate of the risk of insuring her.
And we wrote a special tweezing rider especially for her policy.


She has said she’s had quite a few. Beware driving in South Florida once the show is over VapidVic will be behind the wheel doing her make up.


probably young and driving a bmw

Something Catchy

I’m genuinely fearful of her now. This is coming from someone in the central Florida area. However, Miami is about six hours south and it would only take her ONE time to get lost and not think, “Geeze, did the trip take this long last time? ” for her to end up in my area.

Having said that, I think that there may be a misunderstanding with the car insurance thing. Especially since Canada is different from the US in cash value. If she can pay $600.00 a month for a car, she can pay my rent each month as well. Talk about not needing the money. Perhaps, maybe that’s why she needs it?

Re: I laughed so hard at Caleb getting ticked off about his mousetrap being set off, along with his yell about Jacosta being a Rev. Though I dislike Frankie, his reaction to Caleb saying they should get a tattoo, was priceless. Then came Celebs gave and his being ticked about his catch phrase. They may not be the best cast but one of them at some time or another has made me laugh. At the very least they made me smile and shake my head. Donny saying he was just going to get something to eat, though he was out of the game? One of those moments.

Derrick FTW.

Fuh Q

Ridiculous. Anyone that pays that much is an idiot. Or accident prone.


Jocasta is so ghetto


on a cold and gray Chicago mornin’,
another little baby child is born
In the ghetto

Anonymous #2



Is she ghetto cause her skin is possibly darker than yours? Did you think powpow or Joey were ghetto? I doubt it!


So it was production that caused the trashing of the house by creating that game. Lol. There was no way the house wasn’t going to get trashed.


I think it was an apology from BB to the fans for this hot mess of a season.

Marshawn Lynch......

“Beast Mode” is already a registered trademark of mine.


Beast Mode COWBOY is not.

diane says

But you can’t use the words Beast Mode!


caleb could use it only if marshawn lynch of the seahawks gives him permission its like seattle using the 12th man that has been trademarked by texas a@m for a long time a@m agreed to let seattle use it as long as seattle post at the stadium a@m has the trademark oh yeah and a small percentage of anything they make


Eh I’m ready for season 17…I wanna tryout.


Me too ! And I am a distant relative to Clyde Beatty.


I’m actually related to a semi-famous actress I’m definitely gonna name drop.


Thats not true… What Frankie said about CBS owning everything they say in the house. Simon or Dawg correct me if I’m wrong but I remember reading that Dr. Will owns the rights (trademarked) the term Showmance

Eure ka!

So the mystery of the “Great Bathroom Door Scratch-out” remains unsolved…FOR NOW…


was walking out of the bathroom stall when they called out that she was out of the game. Looks like she put something in her pants. Think maybe it was her?


When Christine was eliminated from the luxury comp and came out of the bathroom, she had something small and stuck it in her waistband.

Zapruder film

Back and to the left…


What she used to cross out Victoria’s name.

Eure ka!

6:50pm After much asking they get a few beers and some wine.
Production, just give them the beer. They already have plenty of WHINE.


Good job Jocasta for dumping out Frankie meds. He can pick up his medicine but, can’t take back the vile things he said about you after you performed that service for his grandpa. I don’t know why the house was so suprised about the trashing of the house, hell that’s how nasty they were and they talked trash about evicted houseguests.
Love seeing Donny,Zach,Nicole ,Hayden and Jocasta trash the house.


That was the highlight of the season.


That luxury comp was the best 6 min of BB16 this season. I laughed so much! And I loved watching the house trashed…HGs were all sanctimonious about the jury members…please!!

Kathie from Canada

But they left out Victrola’s hissy fit about her damaged necklace. Frankie didn’t get a golden edit tonight but a more honest one. He came across as an arrogant, egotistical fool! Loved it! Derrick was just the usual Derrick in his DR clips giving us a tutorial on his strategies.


cody cheering on nicole was awesome


Cody and Caleb were HILARIOUS! Jury FTW though. Zach is #1, who else would dance like that?! I think Hayden is adorable for what he was definitely going to do but Nicole is a G for stopping him and not beating around the bush, she really wanted him to keep the money for himself even though she was going hard for it!


Contrary to what a lot of people think. BB isn’t rigged in the sense you all think it is. It’s rigged to cause drama but not to get a certain winner to the end. A lot of folks were first saying how the RESET body was a gift to save frankie then a gift to save victoria no it was simply a gift to the fans to bust up the monotony of the predictability of the season. You do know Production reads the message boards across the internet. TThere are teams of people reading “This is boring” “this is predictable” “no real gameplay” “no big moves” So yeah the reset button was late as hell and I do think it was a plow to get these houseguests to do something more and just wait for the end.


Production, is that you?

Another Anonymous

Then whoever is doing the reading should be fired. Fans wanted to see something happen when Nicole and Donny were still in the house and the season could still have been salvaged. The 5 that are left now are not nice people. I don’t want any of them to win.

Frankie Who?

I think the point they were trying to make is that production might manipulate things for dramatic effect, but won’t take any steps to keep or lose a house guest. As long as it is happening before any real money comes Frankie’s way, then I am okay with it taking this long.


Funny but If BMC comes to his senses then I truly feel after Frankie leaves all three of those guys will take Victoria to the end. If Derrick is in the position to chose He will definitely pic Victoria, Cody may not be the smartest but he isn’t stupid. A sure thing against Vic is much less of a risk against a split vote against Derrick so we know both of them will take her. BMC is on this loyalty kick and wanting it to be a battle in the end but truly against Derrick he will lose against Cody he has a shot but against Vic it’s unanimous. So lets what as the blow smoke up each other’s asses some more about Bro’s before ho’s but still take Vic to the end.


What people don’t seem to understand is that BMC doesn’t care if he is F2 or not, because he firmly believes if he is not F2 after being F3, he will absolutely get AFP, and that title is far more important to him than winning the whole thing, I am serious. If he could figure a way to get AFP and win BB, i’m sure he’d be all over that idea, but he just seems matter of fact, hey, if I am not F2, i’ll still get AFP, yup, you betcha.


Bless his heart, caleb is just so ig’nunt. Caleb, you thought your brothers beat you up when you were a kid? Just wait until you get home. I’m soooo glad stankie is going to be gone, don’t get me wrong, long overdue, the guy makes my skin crawl!!! What a cosmic dbag, I can’t believe none of his teeth have been knocked yet, wtf, beyond a pervert!! Like they have to invent a new word todefine the level of perversion he reaches! If I was a guy I woulda done a standing judi dropkick on his throat a long time ago. BUT from a gameplay standpoint, he had caleb’s back. Caleb, you’re going to get the a$$ kickin of a life time when you get home. Just D-U-M-B dumb.

Frankie Who?

I think Frankie is loyal to no one. He is for Frankie. All Frankie, all the time. He considers himself above everyone, so it would be nearly impossible for him to be loyal. He loved Zack, and Zack had Frankie’s back, but Frankie let him go, and not kindly.
Now he is demanding this respect when he has given none. To anyone. I think he will have a tantrum and spew things that very well may be true, but it won’t matter because he showed his true diva self, and the rest of the house guests are over it.


I can only address your comment by asking how sad of a predicament are you in when stankie is your only lifeline? But this is BB! Or at least it used to be. Julie should introduce the show by saying “welcome to BB, season of suck it.” But it’s the end of the line, no way cody/derrick/valkyrie are going to pick caleb. Sad to say,frankenho was his only lifeline. If caleb doesn’t win veto he is fish food.


Wtf is a “Judi chop”…. Is this a judo chop in heels?


Martial arts move performed by adherents of Judi-ism.


A “judi” chop is a judo chop if you live in the South lol.

They're all gonna laugh at y'all

No, for realsies though? What they are saying is actually is less “I’m a kinda funny badass” and more “I’m kinda reaaaaallly dumb.”


I think you may be correct, Rose…at least for FRANKIE


Frankie knows it’s bye-bye.

$600 a month for auto insurance is cr@zy @rss high!!!

I pay $488 every 6 months (paid in full to get this discount) for comprehensive insurance on my pt cruiser.

This is after the 21% snapshot discount n with a very clean record: no accident, speeding violations, etc (touch wood!)

She MUST have done something to get sucha steep insurance rate. Period.

*Bravo to Fr!cken Fr@nk’s impending eviction!!!!*

Victoria's Insurance Policy

It’s not car insurance, it’s crow insurance


Diemon Dave Ninja School… Look it up on YouTube


Cody will be making a $500, 000 mistake if he wins the final HOH and takes Derrick to final 2. Can you imagine? That would be the stupidest move ever made in the history of Big Brother.

Kathie from Canada

I thought the most important win is the final POV, not the HOH. The POV winner chooses who to take to final 2. Yes no??


No the winner of the final HOH choose who to sit next to.If Cody wins the final HOH and takes Derrick he’s an idiot. Also, this pov is very important because the pov winner decides who goes home.


Not really. When they get to Final 4, the HOH winner automatically punches his/her ticket to the Final 3. At this point, the POV becomes hugely important. The winner of the Final 4 POV has all the power for the week and casts the sole vote to evict. In essence, it doesn’t matter who gets nominated, the POV is what matters. There is no POV when there are only 3 people left. There is just a 3-part HOH. The winner of the first part automatically goes to the third part. The two who didn’t win the first part square off in the second competition. The winner goes to the third part against the person who won the first competition. Whoever survives is the HOH and decides who they are taking to the Final 2.


I will be so happy not to see Frankie’s fake faces anymore!!!!


I will be so happy when Frankie is a distant memory. His “flirting” has degenerated to the point where it’s just plain old sexual harassment. His comments about the female HG’s in particular and women in general have been vicious and completely unnecessary. His mocking of Cher and calling Chaz Bono a he – she heshe was ignorant beyond belief. He is every horrible gay stereotype all wrapped up in a narcissistic, self absorbed package.


I have searched long and hard, high and low, near and far, from now on my name shall be…Dame Judi Chop!

Dame Judi Chop

Poor poor Caleb, he thinks he is the king of the castle, little does he know, he’s the chamber pot boy. Poor poor Frankie, no longer Caleb’s queen, now he is just the lady in waiting to leave.


Frankie was his only way to F2
Too bad he didn’t see that
Caleb your next !


I guess Dumbleb will be the next one to go. I have the feeling that he won’t give a crap as they seem to be ok will Derprick winning the money.

Frankie Who?

Frankie will at least have one last chance to “perform” for the cameras on eviction night. He will bounce around for Julie, and she will ask questions. He will bounce some more, twirl a bit and talk about how loyal he has been and how he was betrayed. Bounce on out to the jury house Junior. The play is over for you.

Like my mama always

Notice how the guys recoil and look away when Franki fawns on them ….

Ariana Grande stinks

You have to give it to Derrick. He’s absolutely brilliant at playing this game. He must be one of the best players ever. Just watch the last 5-6 episodes and he really is pulling ALL the strings by himself.


Nothing happens in the house that he doesn’t find out about, and not one move is made without his approval.

Derrick’s performance alone has been reason enough to keep watching this season.


Yawn, Derrick is only appears to be great to insecure women and male strippers. Which one are you?

Ariana Grande stinks

What are you talking about? Baseless hatred is a form of disease…

Shakespeare on BB

Frankie’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage only to be heard no more. It is a tale told by a Caleb, full of Cody, signifying Victoria.

another name

cry me a river. they had to clean the house. twice in three months. horrible.
would have preferred if the luxury was for jury only, vengeance and a cash reward. that would have been more fulfilling.
Frankie’s revisionist history and delusional belief of his own social import…. not even viable in the twilight zone. five players left, and he’s trying to get the guy with no vote on his side. how could that not work?
the possiblility of bieber/grande fans changing the outcome of the afp vote. I wonder…. is the American fan system on cbs the same as the Canadian fanbase system? the more interaction with the game means the stronger the vote (someone that uses the site thoroughly and obsessively being given 1000 or more votes for every time they vote for example). if that’s the case, the number of one time visitor votes could be negated by the votes of season long site users. hopefully that’s the case to negate rigging. wouldn’t know myself, cbs says I’m out of area.


That voting system is a good idea.

Calebs Piehole

You know how you’re doin’ some dadgummit judee chops and both yer dadgummit feet go to sleep and you fall flat on yer dadgummit face? I love it.

Linda C

I don’t know why I keep hearing out much people don’t like Derrick…he and Frankie seem to be the only ones actually playing the game! I can’t stand Frankie and can’t wait for him to go, but at least he was making strategic moves…it’s his arrogance and dramatic behavior that I can’t stand. Derrick has been playing from day 1, but not in a vindictive way…making it all the way through without being put on the block…that’s amazing…go DERRICK!!!


Frankie Grande in the Big Brother Broadway We are all really waiting for.
(to Pappa Can you Hear Me, from Yentl)
Production can you see me…
Production can you hear me…..
You did that gold button and screwed my ga-aaa-aaaame.
I am alone in thi—i—s ga–aaaa—ame
Caleb nominated my na-aaaa-aaaa–ame.
Cody won the veto and didn’t say my naaa–aaaa-aaaa-ame.
Production can you hear me
(To Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, from Evita)
Don’t Cry for me Big Brother
I was supposed to be Americas favorite
not much to ask for…. but they are giving it to Donny.
I got out Christine….. they are keeping Victoria
So don’t cry for me Big Brother

(To Memories, from Cats)
Tuesday Night alone with Julie.
The audience is filled with CBS people
So I just won’t get booed.
Alone with the memories of fondling Calebs junk.
If they touched me they would learn what Happy Endings is.
but they evicted me
So off to jury I go.
Alone with the memories

Production can you hear meeeee
Production can you see me
Watch meeee cryyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Drs wife

So….Frankie is 31 yrs old per his bio and yet he tells Derrick that he’s only 29. Good thing his makeup covers those age spots, lines and wrinkles! Feel kinda’ sad for him…he’s just an old wanna be Peter Pan queen about to get a real dose of reality.


I think it is worse coverup that Derrick is an undercover cop. I could care less about Frankies coverup of his age spots. Lets’ focus on the game.


I just saw that Justin bieber tweeted vote for Frankie for AVP to his millions of stupid young followers, that is so not fair!! I bet his fans don’t even watch the show. :/


Derrick has mind fudged all of these fudged minds,it really is laughable watching him play around with all these kids who wanna play the game, but don’t know how to play!BMC running round acting like he invented bb,Cody hanging from D’s nuts, and Frankie and Victoria seeing who can show the most camel toe.Its like when your much older brother only plays basketball, when you and your friends are playing.Cause he likes his odds,bigger stronger faster and more experience than anyone else playing.I still enjoy the fact Derrick a police Sgt.was so threatened by the lawnmower man.I mean thank god it wasn’t billy bob Thornton he would have self evicted,he would been like the gig is up he’s onto me?Billy bob knows way to much about a slingblade he must be a surgeon?


i dont think grande and bieber fans are watching bb to vote for frankie, pretty sure Donny is americas favorite.
come on, cant wait for beastmode to see Amber again..and chirstines husband runs into cody, wait, even better, when caleb is not in final 2 and not americas favorite. anyway caleb says he s doing survivor and amazing race anyway,, hey caleb, what about the Bachelor……