Bruno’s B-day party, A bruised bum and the Young Guns alliance “But that would be cheesy”

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 19-32-19-648
10:20pm Bedroom Ashleigh, Willow and Zach
Willow – You talked to Bobby today.. he’s just so anxious
Zach – about what
Willow – everything ..
Willow says he wants Kevin out.
Zach – like he wants to do it this week.. tell him to chill we’ll take care of that next week

10:31pm Sarah and Kevin Hot Tub
Sarah complaining about Bobby
Kevin asks her if Bobby is going to try for the HOH. Sarah say yes adds she loves bobby as a person but in this game he annoys her.
She goes back to talking about Bobby’s speech..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 19-43-29-696

10:43pm Willow and Zach HOH
Willow says that kevin turned on Johnny fast. Adds that pilar will be with them if Kevin is gone.
Willow tells him she has his back. She asks him who he would put up if he won HOH
Zach – two floaters and backdoor Kev or Bobby
Willow – at some point gods going to have to go to
Willow says she might put up Brittnee and Godfrey or Sarah with the plan to backdoor kevin.
Willow is worried if Kevin wins HOH who does he put up thinks it might be her.
Willow asks him if he likes Ashleigh.
Ashleigh comes in

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 20-00-05-118
11:00pm HOH everyone waiting around to wish Godfrey a happy Birthday. Godfrey hides under some clothes

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-10 20-04-24-231

11:04pm Jordan and Ashleigh
Jordan asks him who they should take out if they win HOH
Aheigh says Godfrey and Willow and Back door Bobby Shew asks if Zach would be OK with Willow going up
Jordan thinks he’ll be fine asks her what she thinks of willow
Ashleigh says Willow scares her.
Jordan – I’m glad you caught on to her cause I have to.. she’s talking game with everyone.
Jordan says the plan is to keep their 5 safe and keep sarah and B around to win comps.
Ashleigh says Graig was the head of the Godfrey, Bobby, Graig alliance.
Ashleigh says she’s so scared when they leave she doesn’t know where to go wonders if there will be someone there to show her where to go
Jordan reminds her not to talk about production.
Ashleigh asks her if they have a name for their alliance (YES ANOHTER F***inG ALLIANCE) Jordan says Zach has been calling them the diaper alliance.
They agree to stick with that name.

11:19pm Brittnee emerges from the Have nots and makes her way up to the HOH

11:24am Bruno’s Birthday party

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-10 20-27-20-021

11:26pm HOH Bruno, Godfrey and Bobby
Godfrey asking them who is more dangerous johnny or Sarah
Bruno and bobby think johnny 100%
Bobby – Johnny first everyone knows Johnny first that is common knowledge

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 20-31-11-052

11:27pm Storage room Kevin, Zach and Jordan

Jordan tells Kevin to do some major damage control with JOhnny because he’s pissed you he went after him
Jordan – That was the right move 100% (Going after Johnny in the POV)
Zach – we need to get Bobby next week

Kevin asks why he has to do damage control if Johnny is leaving this week
Jordan – we don’t want him to sell us out with Bruno
Zach – Bruno and that little crew wants you out.

Bobby walks in on the three doesn’t stay long and leaves.
the guys go back to serious game talk

Zach – Bobby, Godfrey and Bruno think i’m 100% with them.. we have to be balls in and ready to rock

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-10 20-17-16-170

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 20-38-01-291

11:36pm Jordan and Kevin
Jordan says every conversation in the house one of them are in the house. Starts to coach Kevin in what he should say to Johnny to smooth things over.
Jordan says the triangle is so strong, “Tell Johnny you have my vote I’m working on Pilar.. I need you the alliance needs you to take out Bobby.. say that Sarah and B are scared to take a shot”
Kevin – We control so much here..
Jordan – what you did in the comp was perfect
Jordan – Willow is playing every side right now
Jordan brings up how Godfrey and Bruno were fighting hard to keep Graig last week. Jordan says Bruno has tunnel vision, Jordan wants to take Bruno out before Bobby. Jordan – Bobby is a idiot.
Jordan – If I win HOH I’ll go with Godfrey and Bruno and get rid of Bruno.. he’s scary in this game
Kevin – exactly
Jordan – what do you think
Kevin – Bruno Godfrey
Ashleigh joins them.
Jordan – we’re just talking about watching out for Kev those guys want his head
Jordan – Bobby is a little bitch
Ashleigh and Pilar joins them.. they don’t think Canada likes Johnny. Jordan disagrees.
Zach joins them..
Jordan forms another alliance the diaper alliance.
Zach says they want to take their five and take out the other side.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-10 20-58-57-288

Willow comes in says what is this an alliance..
Jordan says they were talking about getting out Johnny “Easy week”
Zach mentions they have to make sure johnny doesn’t know they are going going so he doesn’t stir sh1t
Willow says she’s going to tell Sarah to keep her mouth shut
Sarah joins them.

Sarah asks Bobby what everyone is doing. He says in the backyard whispering. He then says he’s joking. (that is exactly what they are doing see above)

12:03am Zach and Jordan Bathroom talking about Johnnys conversation

12:12am Jordan and Ashleigh
Jordan says they could call themselves the young guns and do a gun signal adds that signals sucks and people with symbols leave early
Ashleigh laughs says true that.
(The girl that does the chop shop symbol all the time)

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-10 21-29-52-171

12:29am Jordan talking to the camera telling us how he’s with newport 100% and trust Zach.
He says for now it’s him kevin and Zach.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-10 22-11-16-372

1:13am a kiss before lights out

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-10 22-23-04-020

Everyone sleeping

2:26am Feeds have been down for awhile…. I assume everyone is sleeping and BBCAN is trying to safe on bandwidth
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Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Is it bad that I would love for Johnny to spill the beans to Bruno, have the veto this week be the double replacement one, and Bruno end up nominating both JP and Zack? I know the chances are slim, but those two need to get off their high-horses and feel the heat! I hope it happens so bad haha I want one of them gone.
And it frustrates me to no end that entertaining, hard-core fans like Naeha get eliminated and people like Pilar, who I don’t even get why she’s there because she adds nothing to the show, are gonna get all the way to jury just because? It’s so frustrating. Naeha better win that comp, come back into the house and stir shiat up!


We are all hoping for this Finn, much like the City of New York hoped you would chainsaw all those sharks during the Sharknado


I absolutely despise Jordan. That nerd just plays up to the camera. I bet when it comes down to it, he still won’t be able to win a competition. He’s all talk just like Peter.

I wish Bruno, Godfrey, Willow, Bobby, Johnny would form an alliance and take out Jordan Zach Kevin and the other girls will follow suit. If only Johnny can spill the beans…
Also, how can anyone not figure out that Zach Kevin and Jordan are working together, I mean they are ALWAYS talking in the storage room…lol

JP the Frogboy

LOL agreed! Jordan is another fake fanboy frogface who believes that he is this season’s special snowflake…. JP, wake up and stop spewing ribbbittt (frog noises) to the feeds. Bruno is on to Newport and soon he will tell others…. You arent playing the middle FrogFace, you are playing yourself. This Frogfaced freak wont make it to jury but like Peter the salad puke breath, he will still think he is the best player and keep ribbbittting to Canada on the feeds about his false sense of greatness.

I say I am great, therefore I am great…. That logic may work when hopping lilly pads and slinging back flies in the swamp with your amphibian pals but its not fooling me.


I feel like Zach and Jordan are feeling way to confident right now. Yes they are playing very well, but I think the moment you get to cocky is when you will make mistakes. Perhaps a reality check is needed. I think it would be amazing tv if those 2 got put on the block next to each other, preferably by Kevin! ^-^ idk all I know is this season has been great so far.


I’m also quite curious as to the returning player comp. If nominations stay the same I think if Risha comes back she would just go right back out the door. With Sindy I was actually surprised by how good she was in comps and because of that I think she would head right back out to unless she wins. With Naeha there could be some real potential for long term gain especially if Sarah stays this week. Craig could end up staying for a bit if Bruno and the other guys win comps. If Johnny goes this week and comes back, I could see him coming back with a vengeance. If Sarah goes and comes back, I could see her going farther as well because I think by that point people will think there are bigger targets.

I personally hope its Naeha, and that Sarah is still here next week. I would love for Naeha to come back and just wreck house, it would make for good tv


I’m really hoping if Naeha goes back into the house, she wins hoh right away or else her alliances that she made will turn their backs against her like how they did to johnny.


Zashleigh <3


Too young to be here stick to the Twilight Movies

Other Doug

Simon you’ve gotta make sure Pool Maintenance Guy gets into next week’s “Favorite Houseguest” poll. At least he’s not having an Easy Week.


when is the POV ceremony


This season could of been a lot better if Risha, Sindy, Naeha, and Graig not been the first 4 boots they all had drama potential, it’s just the bad boot order that’s dulling the season.

another name

you know, in a way I agree. the problem is those four people walked into the house drawing a target on their themselves in week one. risha’s most expensive assets were her immediate liability (nobody’s going to buy the big sister strategy from someone whose cleavage is so obviously competing for attention). scindy should have said the with an s once. not to each person and then in the introduction circle. unless she changes her last name to withanesse, she should never say it again. naeha sat back obviously studying everyone. too obviously. she was dr. jane goodall, but she told the gorillas her conclusions. and graig, well graig should have maybe been more Namaste then nasty when he spoke.


Also why do they themselves the Diaper Alliance? Because they’re full of shit?


Let’s do a drinking game

Take a shot every time you hear the words: “easy week”


Well I do not agree that Kevin is a drone. He won a hoh and won the veto. Has been on the block and was taken of so maybe luck but he has played! Pilar and Ashleigh on the other hand I have no heard talk about gameplay and it seems they are more interested in how they look. Especially Pilar but Zach was just lucky that Jordan picked him. I think otherwise he would have just followed his little willy.


Well I do not agree that Kevin is a drone. He won a hoh and won the veto. Has been on the block and was taken of so maybe luck but he has played! Pilar and Ashleigh on the other hand I have no heard talk about gameplay and it seems they are more interested in how they look. Especially Pilar but Zach was just lucky that Jordan picked him. I think otherwise he would have just followed his little willy. (Hope I am not posting this twice but cannot find the first post.


it’s such a juvenile cast this year. Graig was actually right in the google hangout interview. It’s a summer camp, a high school dance. Am i totally wrong? i might be biased because i’m not in my 20s but seriously, the live feed convos are painful and the diary room personas cringey. Bring in/back some older people…

The Truth

I think the best seasons had cast that included a fair amount of 30 ish year olds. The twenty year olds are too concerned with being popular and fitting in. They’re entitled and think they are invincible. The diary rooms get more and more rehearsed. Back in the day contestants would get upset when production interfered. (ie. James, Chima, even Judd from season BB15.) I also believe that as much as I like the BB Canada house it’s too big for the game. It does not allow the contestants to spy on each other. In BB USA the contestants practically live on top of each other which makes them uncomfortable and creates a hostile environment giving way to the much needed drama we are all hoping for.

To the curb

I can’t take much more of this season…booooorrrrrrrrinnnnng. i am waiting for them to break out singing kumbai….., A few observations ..Brittnay .. that sweater i can’t believe she is a model..she doesn’t act or look the part at all..she is a gorgeous girl but please the sweater has to go. Personality wise ..she is playing with who is in power i for one cannot believe she came out and came in second in the veto and her main target was Johnny and her sucking up to the guys the curb brit to the curb.

Kevin..leave pilar alone. play the game kev your being bluffed big time and your real low on chips put your poker face on and take them out you would have had the numbers if you attempted to take johnny off. he must fold quite a bit in poker can’t see him being a professional week when you go home you will know you counted your money at the table.

Zac a player in life a player in the game…with too many game moves
JP… burn and crash
Sara..a typical stoner. but too chatty…if only she could team up with a true alliance
Bruno..great guy needs an alliance..saraaaaaaaaaa
Bobby. he would get on any ones nerves ..full of himself..i wonder why he had only pics of girl friends ..a telling sign him but he just couldn’t find the right alliance
Godfrey love my god you can see that he is a good person
Willow…can someone throw away the key to the wind up doll…
Ashliegh..Blonde boring Rachel
pilar..nothing a smiling zombie nothing in her brain …bb paying for a live laugh track within the house.

they really need to pick an older crowd for bb this young crowd brings nothing to the table they really have no hunger they if they had known a hard day, rejection, etc.. most still live with their parents..should be 30 and up and a few below 30 ..ratings would be great guranteed.


I think Risha’s blunt personality and Naeha’s spicy side would be the best options to get things exciting in the house and toss things up. Hope one of them gets back in.


I see you Jordan…your hoping for Canada’s favourite player/favour and tv vote. Not happening on my end you swine. I can only hope his private “Arlieisms” are the foreshadowing to his downfall. Arlie did it in a comically psychotic way but JD is such a wannabe I just can’t stomach him anymore