Jordan says I’m working Johnny pretty hard. He thinks there’s hope..

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

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Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-11 06-59-34-027

10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Pilar talks about the scrap on her back and Sarah comes over to look at it. Sarah tells her its healing. Pilar says she can touch it now without it hurting. They all wake up and start moving about the house. They wish Bruno a happy birthday. In the kitchen the house guests talk about cutting their hair today.

In the pantry – Sarah is cleaning her wound. Godfrey joins her and she takes a look at his scrape. She says its pretty deep. Jordan comes in and OH Godfrey you got a wicked one bud! Big Brother calls Godfrey to the diary room. Jordan says Johnny talked to Bruno last night. And then Zach talked to Bruno and he said he’s keeping it (nominations) the same. Jordan says I’m working Johnny pretty hard. He thinks there’s hope but there isn’t. Jordan says we just have to get through today and tomorrow.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-11 07-16-56-273

10:30am – 10:50am In the pantry – Jordan talks to Zach. He says that he talked to Johnny before bed. He suspects that there’s something going on between you, Kevin and Pilar. So Bruno knows now. Its crazy he’s on to that. We need to strike before they do. Meanwhile out in the hot tub. Bobby, Bruno and Willow talk. Bobby says I know JP is really close to Kevin. I saw them whispering. If Kevin wins we would need to step in a say something. Bruno says I just hope one of you guys gets it. Willow says it will be an A or B comp if its a Double Eviction. Bobby asks who do you think Sarah would put up? I think we would go up. Willow says the couples are taking some heat. The couples like showmances. Bruno says we just need to stick together. Bobby asks who could go up next to Kevin where they wouldn’t go home. Bruno says Zach or Godfrey. Kevin joins them and they start studying the past events in the house.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-11 08-07-06-673
11:10am Bruno says that Johnny came to me and I told him I am not using the veto. Don’t give up, but I can’t use it. Kevin says that Johnny already came to Pili for her vote. Bobby says he hasn’t come to me. I guess I’m a lost cause. Bruno says I told Johnny I knew if he won he would have put me up so I knew I had to put him up. Bruno asks do you think all the girls are working together? Bobby says I think Sarah and Brittnee are working together. Bruno says I think Johnny, Sarah and B are definitely working together. But do you think all 5 girls are working together. They all don’t think so after it got blown up. Bruno says next week, lets all just look out for one another. Bobby says we have to have each others backs. Bobby says I know Johnny is against me, I just want him out. Bobby asks what was your theory? Naeha’s a doctor? Kevin says yeah. Bruno says Johnny saved himself last week. Bobby says if he saves himself this week, he is going all the way. Bruno brings up how Johnny said he would give up every penny of the 100K to win the veto if it had been a how bad do you want it comp. Kevin says please no twist! They all agree Johnny going home is a lock.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-11 07-57-26-740

11:20am Out in the hot tub. Kevin tells Johnny I had to give it a day. You’re probably pretty mad at me. Johnny says no I’m not. I’m done, I know I was done.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-11 08-21-37-641

11:30am In the bathroom – Bobby comes up to Ashleigh and asks you remember that deal we made (final two deal) back before you got close to Zach? Ash says yeah. Bobby leaves and Ash shakes her head. Ash tells Zach that Bobby told me not to get too close to you and that you’re close to Willow. Don’t get intimidated. Remember the deal. Zach says he won’t be around for final 2.

11:45am In the kitchen – Bruno and Zach agree to warn each other if they hear someone is coming after them. Meanwhile out in the Hot Tub – Sarah, Johnny and Kevin are talking. Kevin says its possible the evicted house guests are sitting in sequester waiting to come back. Sarah says that if they are she misses and loves them. She says Naeha, we have one of your shirts. Sarah heads inside. Kevin and Johnny talk. Johnny says he would have done anything to win that veto. He says he will talk to Brittnee. Johnny says if it had been the how bad do you want it veto.. I would have given up everything to be here. Its about the experience for me. Kevin says if some thing is decided, I will let you know.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-11 09-11-48-041

12:10pm – 12:25pm In the bathroom – Willow, Pilar and Ashleigh talk about how Johnny knows he’s going home. Pilar says I don’t know who Johnny would go after. Willow says Bobby. Willow says you never know Bruno could change them. I try not think about it too much. Zach joins them and styles his hair.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-11 09-21-27-051

12:30pm In the living room – The house guests are talking about the group that hacked into the Pentagons computers.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-11 09-27-59-912

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Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Sounds like Big Brother is injuring all their House Guests


Yeah well from the looks of things,it’s going to be another unanimous vote.
#EasyWeek A.K.A #BoringWeek


Zach and Jordan are not as sly and sneaky as they think they are. Now the entire Chop Shop knows about them being close to Kevin, and that the two (Jordan and Zach) are extremely close. If they win HOH, there might be a chance that they go after Newport.

Ashleigh continues to prove that she cannot keep her mouth shut. Rule 1 in Big Brother is that you do not tell someone everything that could benefit you.

If only the loyal Choppers put down their pride, make a deal with Sarah and Britt to go after the Showmances+JP.


I know Bruno wont do this as he’s too busy trying to be everyone’s friend while not focusing on what’s all around him. When he gets info he doesnt investigate it further to counteract. To sit and listen to him say that he doesnt know where his alliance members heads are at it mind boggling at this point in the game. I like you Bruno – I really do but come on man! Doesnt that tell you that you all need to have a secret alliance chat – you know – compare notes, convos, warnings or even your next target???

Regardless of how the veto vote results he may as well use Sarah since she said she would pick a side. Why not bring her aside before the veto ceremony and promise to take her off if she can convince Britt to reform into a stronger alliance. Otherwise they will all be picked off one by one. Even if Naeha gets back in she will go to Zach’s alliance which will screw her over for the second and final time.


I find this week extremely unfortunate (or sad, depending on how you look at it). First BBCan gives us the false hope that a big shake-up can occur and I assume the majority of people vote for the double POV. Then they allow a horde of people to help Bruno win the HOH which is fine I guess, but follow that up with the style of POV that is geared to make sure everyone takes down the 2 nominees first. Listening to the description it sounds like they took turns shooting balls at each of the players (face plates I assume) and everyone ganged up on Johnny.

Last week when Graig complained he had no chance it ticked me off b/c he did have a chance to fix things with Britt/Sarah prior to nominations. Naeha literally had no chance. She spoke to Kevin in what most would assume was the night prior to nominations and her successful strategy actually had Newport and Kevin all on board to take out Bobby via a back door. What screwed her was not getting a chance to fight for her life at all. NO POV, no chance to work out a strategy to stay, NOTHING.

And now Johnny will leave having been given a chance but one that involved an entire house ganging up against him first in the HOH and then in the POV. What’s worse is the guy he saved (Kevin) happily joined the others in the attack. Don’t tell me he couldn’t have spoken to Bruno and said can I go after Sarah? He did take me off the block! Sorry I liked Kevin, but the fact he is so willing to toss aside a loyal alliance member proves he doesn’t deserve to stay longer than the people he did choose to align with.

Sure Risha left immediately based on first impressions, but she had a chance to win POV and to campaign. Sindy didn’t get to win POV as a replacement, but she got to fight for HOH and campaign and then hung herself b/c she was too mouthy and didn’t do the right damage control. Ditto for Graig.

Perhaps its my BB fan of the underdog and real players shining through but I feel both Naeha and Johnny got the short end of the stick. I also think had Naeha stayed in the game (without that twist) she would have figured out Newport by now and shifted things to work with Bruno and probably pulled Kevin to her side. It’s doubtful she’ll be able to do the same damage returning but hey, I’m up for it just to see a true strategist back in the game who wants to work with people and be loyal as a team.

I keep hoping b/c of the mix up BBCan will recognize the error of their ways saying they mis-lead people regarding the POV and how it worked so they are making the 2 person POV dump as mandatory NOT A CHOICE. That way Bruno will likely put up Kevin and Pilar or if he’s given time will talk to Johnny/Sarah who will finally spill the beans to Britt and Bruno. I’d love to see Zach and JP on the block just to see them squirm and because I wonder if they would really sell each other down the river. Who would turn on who first? Would Zach tell Kevin about Newport to instill distrust in Kev? Would JP go to Bruno and spill the beans about the other alliances on Zach?

At least if one of them left and Naeha still won over that person to get back in, there would be enough mistrust to have everyone running in circles except Sarah, Britt, Naeha and Johnny who would then have the most solid foundation and could easily pull in Kevin with the recognition of his poor judgement and/or Bruno.

Then they could target Bobby (ewwww I just can’t, as well as whoever remained from Newport) and make a pact with Bruno to take out the floaters: Pilar, Ashleigh, Godfrey and Willow prior to coming after each other. Though I kind of like how Godfrey has managed to slide a bit into the distance quietly, yet remains in tune to the activities in the house. I guess you could call him my sleeper.

I think I’d enjoy seeing a full on strategic war between Naeha/Johnny/Sarah vs Kevin/Bruno/Britt (those pairings make logical sense to me) or pairings of Johnny/Kevin vs Naeha/Britt (Sarah) vs Bruno/Godfrey once they got out the others instead of this testosterone back patting Newport crew. Now THAT would be an interesting BB worth while watching.

P.S. I’m saving an inordinate amount of time this year doing other things (usually just come here for the highlights) because the inane conversations of Zach, Willow, Ash, Pilar, Bobby that are non game related aren’t worth watching/listening to feeds for.


I’ve come to the point where I can’t stand to hear Jordan’s voice. He’s so much of a know-it-all. He’s constantly explaining why Big Brother “probably” did this or that. And his explanations are never short. And right now, he’s telling everyone about his “nocturnal emission” last night and… you get the picture. Who does that? These people have absolutely no boundaries.

another name

so, i’m thinking most of the people in the house are oblivious. in the past couple of weeks there have been multiple times z and j or z/j/k have had their heads together in the pantry, and someone walks in. and not one person has found it shady. even the people that have walked in more than once on separate days to find them huddled hasn’t bothered to even raise an eyebrow. has bb been calling them into the d/r to say these are not the droids you’re looking for? or is it just natural foolhardiness?


Ashleigh should really consider Bobby taking her to the final 2. The houseguests get along with her but seem to look down on Bobby, so she could possibly win if that were the case. Unfortunately, she spilled the beans, and those beans could have been her key to victory.