Bruno “We all want Naeha up on the block. The best would be Naeha & Sarah nominated”

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POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH April 8th
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Feeds will be down from the afternoon of April 2nd to the evening of April 5th

A lot happened within this house but essentially Zach and Jordan are siding with naeha and Johnny to take out Bobby.


Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-02 05-50-55-893

8:30am – 9:10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Bobby passes out the new batteries and then takes a shower. Sarah tells him they should eat soon and as much as possible. (They’re assuming the have / havenot competition will be this morning.) Johnny and Sarah are in the pantry and comment on the havenot competition happening soon. She tells him to eat as much as possible. Johnny tells Graig in the kitchen that he thinks it will be the HOH room reveal and then they’ll have the have / havenot competition right after. Graig starts making bacon and eggs. Kevin joins. Graig comments that they (big brother) is out in the backyard but it doesn’t sound like they’re doing much. They aren’t sure what’s happening because the TV screen doesn’t say have / havenot competition.

In the living room – Bobby, Kevin, Sarah and Naeha are in the living room talking about easter weekend. Sarah brings up how last season in the house the house guests had an easter egg hunt that was a competition. Sarah says the funniest thing was Neda won it and said that she doesn’t even celebrate easter and still beat all of the others.

Naeha tells Sarah that Bobby asked everyone but her if they want coffee. She says you say you can separate game and personal. Sarah says if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, its a duck. Sarah says I miss Cindy already. Naeha says she does too. Zach didn’t open his mouth. Sarah says the modesty thing, because even Zach was like that. Like when someone tells you you’re good looking, you’re supposed to say thank you and suck their d**k. Instead of like I know. I think its about a girl who has been bullied her whole life and sick of people telling her she is beautiful or not. So she believes that she knows it. That’s a woman thing. We should be like Oh thank you. Who gives a f**k! That’s not what modesty is. She was a thoughtful person. She didn’t leave her sh*t around for others to pick up.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-02 06-37-29-270

9:50am Willow says she convinces herself to workout hard at the gym by thinking about how the hunger games could be real. I think in 100 years there will be a hunger games. Big Brother is like hunger games.. except we’re not killing each other.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-02 06-59-17-068
10:10am Bruno and Zach are talking. Bruno says we all want Naeha up on the block. The best best would be Naeha and Sarah nominated. The only problem with that is if if Johnny gets picked to play and wins he would take her off but that would make himself a huge target. She is gunning for us. Kevin is in the middle now but I think he’s with us especially after hearing the girls banding together. Bruno talks about how in the HOH competition Naeha’s first picks were Graig and Godfrey and then her next pick was Godfrey and Bruno. She’s not with us. They agree today will be a full day of talking to Kevin. Bruno says I think Kevin is on board with us. Zach says I don’t get the same feeling as with the other guys. Bruno says either way we have the numbers. Naeha has to go. I could see it from the start. Zach asks Noms will be tomorrow right? Bruno says yeah. Today will be HOH reveal and havenots. Zach says if he takes a swing at us. Bruno says I don’t think he will. Zach says we don’t have the power to put someone up this week. Bruno thinks Graig could get in his ear. Zach says we need to be the last one in his ear before noms.

10:25am In the bathroom – Zach talks to Naeha and she tells him what she is going to pitch to Kevin about who Kevin should nominate. Zach says its going to get rank! We have to figure out who its going to be. I would do Godfrey and Bruno and tell them they’re both pawns. I wouldn’t give a sh*t if either of them won. The goal should be to get rid of Bobby. Zach says I want to play in the veto too. Just to use it for the backdoor. Naeha says that would be glory!

In the bedroom – Jordan, Graig and Bruno are talking. Bruno about Naeha – “She has to disappear this week!” Graig “What are you a f**king hitman?!” Graig says she’s the new neda! Bruno says the hardest part of this week is going to be havenot. Graig says for sure.

10:50am – 11am Zach talks to Ashleigh about how he needs to have a talk with Willow. Zach’s worried he needs to talk to her before her feelings get too strong. He says he likes her and thinks shes a cool chick. Ash says you guys just clicked and got along and then she started talking about marriage. That was all just joking but still. Zach says he thought he could lay in bed with her and cuddle but I can’t do that with her.

11:15am Kevin and Pilar are flirtmancing on the couch. He jokely asks her if he can put her up? She asks am I your target? Kevin says no, I wouldn’t put you up. Willow gets called to the diary room. She goes nuts and asks if Big Brother is ready for their date? “I’m going to date you so hard!” I’m going to win this diamond power of veto!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-02 08-11-58-731
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-02 08-30-09-511
11:35am In the kitchen – Kevin says that one day he might be around a guy and he might act on it and have s*x with him. Johnny says Kevin you can’t say that! You are driving every gay man out there crazy. You are driving me crazy! Kevin says maybe we’re playing on the wrong team and we just don’t know it yet. Kevin asks Ash if she might make out with a girl one day. Ash says she wouldn’t. Kevin asks how she knows, maybe one day you’ll meet a girl you’re attracted to. Ash doesn’t see that happening. Johnny tells Kevin if you ever change your mind one day let me know. I want first dibs.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-02 08-32-54-620

In the bedroom – Kevin and Willow are talking in the bedroom. Kevin comments I don’t think anyone has had a faster start to a season. Willow says Tom (BBcan1). Kevin says obviously I have relationships with people that I want to keep that way. Like you. Willow says thank you. Willow tells him to take this opportunity to sit up there and listen to people. You’re a really good listener. Willow tells him to get info because next week you can’t compete and that’s when you can use it. Kevin tells her that she’s such a sweetheart. You put me in a good place. Thank you so much. I feel good every time we talk.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-02 08-52-15-848
11:50am – 12pm Sarah and Naeha are talking. Sarah says that Brittnee came up to me and said to me that we need to look out for Naeha. Naeha says are you f**king kidding me?!!? Sarah says because of the comp. Naeha says after what I’ve done for her. Sarah then corrects and says no meaning we need to look out for you. Have your back. Naeha says oh okay. Sarah comments on how its just now that Brittnee thinks that. Johnny joins them. I have an idea for noms and it will be gold. (She wants Bruno and Godfrey up with Bobby as the backdoor plan) Naeha suggests that Johnny sleep in the HOH room. Naeha and Johnny leave. Kevin joins Sarah. She tells him thank you so much for trusting us after what happened (over hearing the Cindy girl power conversation). Kevin tells Sarah that she’s good. Kevin gets called to the diary room. The girls start screaming. Kevin goes into the diary room.

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Hurricane Naeha

Naeha’s eviction train has left the station. She isn’t as clever as she th?nks she is and could have had a chance with a subtler strategy approach. When will these so called fans (Naeha and Godfrey) get it – letting pride and ego rule you amounts to BBDEATH!! Good riddance to this Kadashian wannabe and her gruesome eyebrows!!!! Good lord girl, get those things fixed!


She was the target from the start you muppet. Her back is in the wall and she had to put her game mode on. She’s doing good so far so Kudos to Naeha


Jenny, maybe Neaha being a target has something to do with that stank face she wears all the time?


Bwahahah!!! Great insight, Hurricane Neaha! Can’t wait to see the most overrated loser of the season go bye-bye!


Any of you genius count votes. Or did you not read the previous thread. Because Zach and Jordan are taking Bobby out. They also have Brit Sarah and Johnny. Pili likely votes how Kevin wants. That’s 6 and all U need. If the noms are as rumoured Bobby and Naeha then 11 votes 6 sends you out the door.
I see this as 5 versus 4 and Godfrey and Pili the swing votes. As long as Kev doesn’t change “the bobby must go” plan and he can get Pili to vote his way then Bobby is in big trouble. Graig and Bruno are reliable votes and I think Ash and Willow are as well. They need 2 more to save Bobby.
Hope Naeha doesn’t blow up when nominated and pull a Sindy with an S moment and spew and get over heard. I’d love to see the convo where Kev tells her she’s going up. It’s my biggest concern she’ll talk her way out the door when It looks like Bobby is in a tough spot. Like the vote counting I put the odds 6 to 5 Bobby next to be evicted. But man Sunday’s show is gonna be good.


I still think Naeha will go home, though I do not want her to. All this means is that the Chop Shop will crumble sooner than later.


Looking forward to the demise of the chop shop!!! Boo, Team Deluded, go home!!!


This is just ridiculous, if Naeha and bobby are already nominated the swing vote falls to the very smart and very active Pilar.

Votes to evict Naeha = Willow, Ashleigh, Graig, Godfrey, Bruno
Votes to evict Bobby = Sarah, Britanny, Johhny, Jordan, Zach

Hopefully, Zach manages to talk to Ash and Willow to swing against Bobby before the eviction to save Naeha and will not be spooked by this instant eviction. This twist can definitely screw Kevin’s game. It is so frustrating that he nominated before talking to the house.


Zach did talk to Ash before Arisa came on tv to tell them to come downstairs, he told her the sh*# is about to go down, he told her bobby was going up and she knows Zach wants him gone. So Naeha is staying no matter what all the haters want


Just my 2 cents since so much happened last night..

I have a feeling Zach and Jordan are playing this “in the Middle” game a bit too hard. Not getting rid of naeha is going to come back to haunt them. She’s figured out most of the alliances in the house by just laying around looking grumpy now think of what she’s going to figure out with people talking to her from both sides. Still early but newport may have made a critical error.

Bruno is the only player out of the “Guys” (Godfrey, Bruno, Graig and Bobby) that has a strong non-physical game.

They need to penalize Jordan for his constant talk about production because it’s starting to affect strategy.

Rumor has it that Kevin had to place his nominations during the taping yesterday and he picked Naeha/Bobby. This seems like a logical choice for him given no time to think. If this is true nobody knows he’s made these noms, nobody knows it is instant eviction this week and they don;t know the feeds are out.

So many of the players this year are trying too hard on their “BB” image. Making up alliance names/hand gestures, throwing out shoutouts, talking about BB personalities and pseudo celebrities working on their twitter fan base.. that sort of stuff.

With all this happening I’m getting the feeling that the season really starts on Sunday and all this last week was just a warm up.


“So many of the players this year are trying too hard on their “BB” image. Making up alliance names/hand gestures, throwing out shoutouts, talking about BB personalities and pseudo celebrities working on their twitter fan base.. that sort of stuff.”

I can’t stand this. I read one person say that Canada loves the “Chop Shop”…oh puhleeese! I wish they would ban creating alliance names etc from the game. So annoying.


Everybody in that damn game is getting on my nerves, but Neaha’s stank face drives me off the wall!
Boo, grumpy!!! Go home!!! LOL


i think that by keeping naeha, zach/jordan would be better able to keep playing middle man. if kevin and them were to go with “the boys” and get rid of naeha, there would essentially be no more “girls side”. everyone would be voting with graig/chop shop against the girls and they would have control every week. zach/jordan do not want this, they want to play middle man, so keeping naeha is smart this week. especially since it’s an instant eviction and there will be confusion with the votes (example, they could easily lie and say willow, ash, or pilar voted to keep naeha – i think zach is already working on ash), i think they could get away with this.


oh no…. I disagree with Simon. 🙁
D I think your pretty spot on Jordon, Zack(J/Z) realize there is no middle if Naeha goes this early. But in the last thread when talking alone they were clear Naeha has to go soon as she is so smart ect.
Simon I like everything else you pointed out. But as I mentioned on a response in the previous thread I think we have a far number of real BB players this season so J/Z need to play hard now for mid season position. They have a decent inside/outside game going and whittling both side down is very good strategy if you get the right HOH combos.
Can’t wait for the reshuffle of the house if Bobby goes. There will be a whole lot less chopping and a lot more desperation next HOH comp. We will soon be hearing everyone say I just want to make the jury house. Oh boy can’t wait!
PS Bobby getting evicted is way better for the season. Bobby getting back in may also make for a way better season. I really find BB Can 3 so far much more entertaining than BB16 as just 1 example.


Great points Stan, Bobby leaving is better for the show for sure the reshuffle is going to be fun to watch.

IMO BB16 was one of if not the most boring season.


Not knowing it is an instant eviction, neither Zach nor Jordan would work on Ashley or Willow pre-noms for fear of exposing themselves to early. It is probable that Ashley and Willow would side with the chop shop in this instant eviction.

sunny dee

if he was asked to pick then he must know there is no POV and it is an instant eviction. the talk was about backdooring bobby, not giving him playing in POV as an option, but that is risky anyway. If Kevin did really put him up now he must suspect or have been told it is instant, and no POV being played. at this point, why put up Naeha as well tho, other than fence sitting because neither one is a for sure thing.

is there an eviction where just the HOH gets to decide who goes? that would be a fun one.

Viva simon and dwn

Thank you simon thats realy how i felt

They not even playing the game i think the only reason they cm is to be famous. I hate their constant talking about the privouse


Pilar is a less entertaining Talla. I can’t even think of someone as useless in BB history. Maybe Kathy from BB12. But at least she was a sheriff lol


is there any way to watch previous days on the live feeds? Like how they have the flashback option for bbusa, I looked but it would let me go back further than a few hours


no flashback 🙁 the best we can do are the videos we post..


Okay, Thank you for doing this 🙂


Well, now that it looks like the feeds are down for a few days…I am going to says a few things. First, I am a little annoyed at how much BB downplayed the awkwardness of the attack on Sindy in the HOH and didn’t even show how Graig was involved in that tag-team ambush. I am surprised that Sarah wasn’t on a secret mission…considering how much she overreacted to cameragate. They all must feel a little foolish.

I am digging the Newport alliance and how they have positioned themselves in the game. I am glad that they aren’t afraid to sway Kevin into making this big move and back Naeha up with the votes (hopefully) to make a dent in Chop Shop. It will be so boring if a big alliance dominates the whole game and leaves no room for parlaying, comebacks or underdogs to get a chance.

Finally, has it been mentioned yet that the alarm sensor in have Have-Not room must have something to do with that secret podium/keypad that they showed stashed in the floor during the premier? That alarm must go off whenever someone is standing on the secret hatch. I wonder who will be the first to figure out that there is more to that alarm than just annoying them and messing with their sleeping arrangements…


Yeah I mentioned the alarm a couple posts ago! I think it’s a really interesting twist done by big brother this season. Especially the placement of it being IN the have-not -room.


As much as I want the live feeds to come on so I can watch the aftermath of this all, I’ happy they’re down until Sunday night because I have 2 papers I need to finish this weekend. It’s clear I would not be able to finish them otherwise. lol


I’m not super sad about the break either.. I’m coming down with another cold and will apreciate a couple days of rest.


Ash is an absolute babe btw

another name

still getting the feeling that naeha will be evicted. totally agree with carlos on the vote breakdown with pilar as swing vote. unless they think to swing pilar early, in order to cushion the vote, the underdogs are not going to get their way. given naeha doesn’t gel with pilar (convo with sarah in bathroom yesterday), I doubt they’d consider it.
but this does feel familiar. it feels like the whole do the gremlins vote for adel or arlie situation. the change in atmosphere with no real change in outcome / do they do what’s smart or do they sign their death warrant.
given edit: the chop shop is getting extreme gold edit, especially graig. he is the tom/Andrew of the season, and episode only people don’t even know it.
Zach and Jordan are being overhyped. is there anything they haven’t taken credit for? I wouldn’t be surprised if naeha’s whole attempt to change the game is edited as a Newport idea. which is a little better than the shrug and eyeroll I had thinking now we know why naeha was in d/r for so long yesterday, they had to amp her up to go for it today. but not much.


You are both missing the most important relationship effecting Pilli’s vote. She having a little “fun” with Kevin…. no? It’s Kevin’s noms and HOH. I can’t see her voting any other way than Kevin wants. He wants Bobby gone that’s what’s going to happen.
On the edits I agree chop shop has got the golden ticket so far. On J/Z think your dead wrong. They take credit only between themselves basically. There game is under wraps real good. We see what the HG’s do not.

another name

hey stan, good to see you on here, I enjoy your opinions (agree or disagree).
I wasn’t saying j/z were taking credit in front of the house, i was saying that they take credit for every decision and every play in the game to each other and by extension to the viewers. as example: they say they are going to work bobby to get him to nominate jonny and godfrey (mar.25). after bobby nominates his original choices britt and kevin they converse to each other as if it was all according to plan, and how to spin it. I think prod. editing has been playing up the mastermind angle. yes, they are playing undercover VERY well, but imo the edit has been laying it on too thick.
my only concern in regard to pilar: she has answered every person that asked in regard to scindy or game play, “i will vote with the house.” naeha has been a pretty public target. unless kevin gives her a clue in his speech she will vote the way she thinks the house will vote. I don’t know if the instant eviction vote happens immediately after nominations or if there is a timelag for the nominees and hg’s to all plot and plan. so depending on his speech she could vote naeha thinking kevin and house want naeha gone, bobby’s a pawn. so all depends on speech.


Another Name, I agree with your take on this. Bobby gained confidence in his original plan for names following a conversation between Willow and him in the HOH room. Willow presented the suggestion to nominate Kevin and Britt with similar reasons as Bobby’s thoughts. This could suggest that Willow is closer to Bobby than others believe, except Naeha who believes there is an alliance between Bobby, Willow, Ashleigh and Pillar. Some of the feeds suggest this to be true.

Bobby’s nominating speech is of critical importance here. If the rumours of the nominees are true, then Kevin must clearly indicate who his target is. I am uncertain Pillar is in enough game talks to pick up on any subtle speech. He can not dance around and try to be coy. It seems he is capable of this, Not sure Pillar is.


Hi nice to see you and your writing too. Think your Pili point is very valid. Messing around may not mean game talk. She could be a lost lamb and vote Neaha. .Kevin has to be smart enough to tell her he’s thinking bobby should go. he can do that without revealing his noms done all the time on BB. Dang it’s razor thin 1 vote by the look of things. at 6-5 either way.
As to your point earlier about production heavy and them taking credit likely at productions request that’s very possible.

another name

I did have an ‘oi vey’ moment considering the vote. not sure if it will transpire.
Zach and Jordan hear the noms, realize they don’t have pilar or willow or Ashleigh in their pocket. decide screw this underdog alliance it gives us too much heat so we better vote neaha.
if the underdogs try to reveal Jordan and Zach, they can play it one of two ways: we told you we were going to try to get in with them to play double agent… or they’re lying to make us break apart and go after each other. to the underdogs they can say, when kevin revealed the noms we saw we didn’t have numbers so we had to stay the course. lets try again once the heat dies down.
this is the scenario I would most dislike seeing happen. but when considering the vote… it’s a possibility.