Naeha scrambles gets the target on the CHOP SHOP “now is the time to get rid of bobby”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH April 8th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Feeds will be down from the afternoon of April 2nd to the evening of April 5th

A lot happened within this house but essentially Zach and Jordan are siding with naeha and Johnny to take out Bobby. Twitter Spoilers say that Kevin did the nomination during taping he nominated Bobby and Naeha.

Naeha makes some pacts

1:21am Naeha, Sarah and Johnny (This is a difficult conversation to follow lots of people in and out. )
Naeha brings up if Kevin hadn’t won the POV he would have been sent home. Johnny agrees. She adds because of Sindys big mouth the guys thinks theres a girls alliance, “They have a cover now”
Sarah and Naeha start bombarding johnny with reason why Kevin has to join them and go after the guys.
Naeha – I’m a machine in every comp.. i’m out for blood.. its on its game on.. If I go you’re next”
johnny knows that
Naeha says if Kevin does this it will change the game, “They Canada love us.. I know they love us.. I think they love me.. i felt it”
Neaha and Sarah say they are playing Graig’s game and they call him a tyrant.
Zach and Jordan join them. Naeha goes on campaigning to them to get Kevin to go after Graig and Godfrey.
Now Kevin and Willow join them, They start talking about about Godfrey’s stories about the girl he dated. Chit chat…
Zach, Willow and Kevin leave.. Naeha, johnny and Sarah keep telling Jordan how they have to get one of the Guys out (Bobby, Graig or Godfrey)
Sarah – Bobby has to see the b@ckdoor
Naeha tells Jordan she needs his support when they go there to talk to Kevin. Jordan say he’s in. he adds he will be the mole. Naeha mention how her plans for HOH would have been Bobby and Bruno.
Naeha starts to count votes Jordan, Johnny, Sarah, Zach, Naeha, and Brittnee. She suggests that there is a four person alliance “100%” AShleigh, Willow, Pilar and Bobby.

Naeha – “This will change the game.. this will change the game”
Jordan – “As far as I’m concerned you got my vote”
Jordan says the key is Kevin because in the end it’s his HOH.

2:02am Kevin, Johnny, Naeha and Sarah

They tell Kevin he was not the pawn last week he was the target. She points out after he won the HOH those “Guys” (Bruno, Graig, bobby and Bruno) were pacing around the house scared. Naeha wants to form an alliance with Johnny, Jordan, Kevin, Sarah, Brittnee, Naeha and Zach.
Naeha promises kevin that those 4 guys are in an alliances (Bruno, Graig, bobby and Bruno).
She adds that Bobby is close to some of the other girls (Pilar, Ashleigh, Willow) and he can influence them.
Naeha tells them after the POV Willow came up to her and said “One of you girls are going up”
They bombard him with all the dirt they have for Bobby and Craig.

2:15am Jonny kevin one on one

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-01 23-20-10-722

2:20am Jordan and Zach

They agree it’s up to them what happens this week. “take a shot at the chop shop” jordan thinks they can do it take Bobby out. Zach points out that Naeha had figure out the entire chop shop the only thing she has wrong is Godfrey instead of him in it. Zach says the only problem with this is it gives Neaha and Johnny all the power. Jordan warns him the number one rule is never get cocky. Zach agrees. Says after bobby goes he’ll run back to the chop shop and tell them hey lets rally against the other side. They both Chuckle. They think if Naeha leaves the chop shop will break apart and start going after it’s own members making them potential targets. Keeping Naeha lets them continue riding the middle.
Jordan – “now is the time to get rid of bobby”
Jordan says they should get rid of the head of the dragon, Graig or Bobby. Not Godfrey he’s a idiot. Adds Bruno has the strongest social game he could go to.
Zach – I can pull in Ashleigh and Willow
Zach – I like the other side with kev better
Mentions how they are better players on kev’s side.

2:35am Naeha and Johnny

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-01 23-36-20-737

2:35am Storage room Kevin, Jordan and Zach
Zach – do you pick that side or do you pick that side.. either way we’re with you buddy
Jordan says they are three rational people they should stay in the middle “We can go very deep”
Kevin says he’s down with it.
They want to decide on a name, Jordan – How about the Bromuda triangle
Johnny joins them chit chat.. Johnny leaves.
Zach goes back to talking about the plans for the Bromuda Triangle.
Zach promises Kevin he can regroup the chop chop on other people like Naeha they won’t go after kevin seeking revenge.
Zach – “G (Graig) is a wild card and when he goes up he’s going to be scary”
kevin – He’s going to kill me
Zach warns them that after this they have to get rid of Naeha she is so smart. Kevin asks if the plan is to back Door Bobby.
Zach – Yes take him out and blow up his crew
Jordan – we got your back 100%


2:56am The fortress meets
Jordan – we’re at the core
Kevin – That’s the tentative plan to b@ck door Bobby that’s good for the fortress”
Jordan says they have Pilar and Ashleigh that’s 5 when the time is right they turn Naeha and Johnny.
Kevin asks what he should they tell Graig and “Those guys”
Jordan says if he puts up Graig he’ll go insane and blow up his game that’s good for them. he adds he puting up Godfrey and Graig and telling them he’s heard they have a 2 person alliance could work. If POV is used Bobby goes home if POV isn’t one of the other three do.
Jordan warns it’s going to get crazy in the house kevin is going to take a lot of heat.

They do their fortress symbol.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-02 00-11-33-717

After Kevin leaves Jordan talks to the camera says hi to his parents and tells the people watching it’s going to be a crazy week. (Too bad the feeds will be down.)

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The dream alliance finally Nae, Jonny,Sarah,Kevin,Jp and Zach
Ash and Willow better wake up the Flop Shop is dying
Got to give props Nae


Godfrey is an idiot ”We have to keep us 3 on the DL” Everyone knows you morons are working together your always with each other LMAO can’t wait for them to be blindslided

another name

how does Jordan know the feeds will be down?
I can understand kevin being told because he is hoh and has to nominate. and if jordan knows it’s instant eviction (as a superfan) why not tell kevin not to do a backdoor but go straight on for his targets?


Jordan doesn’t know it is an instant eviction…or that Kevin already nominated. All Jordan said to the camera is that it is going to be an exciting week. Simon was the one saying that it is too bad the feeds will be down and we won’t see it…not Jordon.

Kevin keeps trying to nonchalantly sell a back-door Bobby plan, because he knows he has already (rumored) to have nominated Naeha and Bobby. (Which was smart for him to do on the spur of the moment…nominate biggest threat on both sides and let the house decide.)

He can’t tell anyone, though…so if his alliance agrees to go with Naeha’s side, then he has to sell a backdoor Bobby plan with that side of the house…so they aren’t too surprised when the instant eviction comes up and they vote for the right person without having a chance to discuss it. Also, it covers his ass when he tells chop shop that he was told Bobby/Graig were coming after him and the house wanted Bobby one. The other side won’t be able to deny that they wanted Bobby backdoored…because Kevin is making sure that was the plan.


If that is actually how Kevin is planning this then he is absolutely brilliant.


Found some folks with BB game. I couldn’t be more happy. Zack and Jordan are definitely not the shield. These guys got some game. “Riding the middle” early in a divided house perfect strategy and they’re talking mid game strategy that makes sense. Love these 2 so far.
Naeha is terrific. Not a huge fan only because I can see her owning the season. Undeniable BB player with a lot of smarts, BB smarts, and self confidence.
Kevin not sure if his game is pure BB or a lot of poker player 101 and a little BB game. Don’t actually care he’s entertaining and he’s making really good moves. If the noms are as rumoured then the insta evict is perfect. Bobby getting backdoored as a plan could never happen. So many “players” compared to the 1st 2 seasons.
Johnny and few others to can ball. A couple of the chop Shop members can play BB to. Fact is the “cool kids” with the big alliance get obnoxious alone in the HOH room early on with power. Huge social game every where and only a couple real floaters and they’re more BB lazy than floaters. Floating can be real game Pili has no game for example.

Last observation…. this is “angry old man” time BB style usually. You see the house about to get steam rolled. Instead OMW it’s “game on”. I’m a very happy BB fan ATM

sunny dee

i am getting fond of Kevin. I like a player who can win comps and earn their place, rather than float to the end. I like that he is not part of a huge alliance, i think we all disliked the Bomb Squad (wtf 6 plus 2 = 8 people in an alliance), or even BBCan’s 5 person one. Formed too big too soon. Later you discover hey Ashleigh or Willow or whoever in the ‘team’ is a tagalong not able to actually compete, win or play. the idea is having people who can always win, you control the house if you win, all the time everything. simple.

but it takes time to figure out who those people are. naeha is only dangerous if you don’t have her on your side, in other words.

I hope Bobby goes in this eviction. Not that i don’t think he earns being there, but because it makes a more interesting game if this big alliance loses members.

another name

oh. I just re-read the last two sentances of the update… that’s not a quotation. really sorry. my bad.

another name

not your bad simon. It was clearly two sentences and not structured the way convos are structured with jordans name dash his comment. late night misinterpretation on my part. lol. my apologies.

King Silva

Wow this is an awesome revelation!

I hope they can get Bobby or Graig out with this instant eviction although I do think it is pretty unfair and way overpowered..

I wish the feeds were not going down tomorrow because there should be so much drama in the time they are down!


Will the instant eviction take place today or tomorrow?

If Naeha manages to pull this off, I will give her massive props. I am glad that the others realize that Bobby will outlast the others in the alliance, but I do think that when they hear of the instant eviction, everyone might panic.

I am hoping for the best (Bobby/Graig/Godfrey leaving), but expecting the worst (Naeha leaving) to happen. Don’t want to psych ourselves out.


i’m thinking Thurs. after the feeds go off, then that will give prodution time to set up for all the comps


yessss so glad Naeha turned this around on the chop shop (dumb name) i was getting sick of them just sitting around acting like they’re the best players ever… when thats all they’ve been doing is sitting on their asses, i think Kevin will find out its a instant eviction tomorrow in the safe, i just hope BB doesn’t Topaz him, then i hope he noms Graig for sure and i would rather see Godfry go up rather than Bobby because those two are the worst players this season. i LMAO watching Wed. show when they were showing off their “pick up” moves… that’s not even high school that’s junior high


Oh, I sure hope they pull this off and back door Bobby! Time for a shake up in this house. Too many comfortable people in this house think they are running it even though they haven’t done anything to justify it.


Nah i hope they backdoor arrogant fuckface Graig.


Several people are using the term backdoor. An instant eviction means no POV just straight up nom 2 and then vote for either to go home. Likely they’ll nom rumoured to have happened then the next day POV comp meeting to choose HG’s when Arisa will tell them it’s insta evict and off to the diary room they go.


well all is said and done I jst want Graig to walk out that door (and never come back)!!


Why are people here so hateful, cruel and vicious with their comments? It’s so hypocritical to the name calling you’re doing to the house guests. You’re being ten times worse yourselves. It’s a game show. These are real people with families. These are the kinds of comments that, if the news got hold of, the general public would hate you for because it’s no different than the online bullying that children get in trouble for and humiliate their families by doing. You should be ashamed and embarrassed.


Love how Naeha is already working to shake up the vote — she might just pull this off!


Aww poor Kevin with him not knowing about his fake alliance with Jordan 🙁


Bro-muda alliance!!! Now we all know what ‘Bro’ is, but the funny
part is ‘Muda’…in Serbian it means ‘Balls’…way to go guys Bro-Balls