Bruno – I’m so surprised he curled up in a ball.. the last two days he just laid in bed”

POV Holder: Johnny Next POV April 10
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Brittnee Next HOH April 8th
Nominations: Kevin Bobby and Graig
Have Nots Ashleigh, Bobby, Zach, and Kevin
POV Players ?

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Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-07 20-22-01-744

11:16pm Hot Tub

Willow tells them about how small Nova Scotia is. Says she would go to the bar and see Emmett and Jillian. Mentions how they are like celebrities in Halifax. Brings up Kyle Shore from BBCAN2 says he’s not as popular because he only lasted 2 weeks. Gives them a rundown of the towns they are from. Jillian’s town is very small.

Willow brings up Andrew’s Twin (@AndrewsTwin) brother was at the audition she was 10 people behind him.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-07 20-53-38-244

11:48pm Brittnee, Sarah, Jordan and Johnny

Brittnee asks how long it will be before Zach will kiss her
Johnny says Zach is into AShleigh.
Brittnee – I’m bored with the guys in here
They both mention Willow was acting weird today. Johnny noticed Willow having a whisper conversation with Bobby on the couch. Brittnee is worried about Willow, So is Johnny.

Brittnee mentions how Willow isn’t sure about who to put up, she did mention Godfrey and Johnny.
Brittnee “She did say your name I’m 99.9% sure.. she won’t put up Bobby”

Brittnee says Willow put up Bruno and Zach the first night. Sarah corrects her says it was her and Cindy.
Sarah says Willow is not going to win the HOH. Jordan – She’s going to throw it
Sarah about Willow – Her job here is to stick close to Bobby.. Bobby is going ot take her to the end

Jordan adds Willow’s goal was to go to the end with Zach but now it’s Bobby.
Sarah thinks Willow is ruining her game by sticking close to Bobby.
Johnny is worried that the first time they are not in power he’s going b@lls to the walls to stay.

Sarah says Zach can manipulate Willow to put up Bruno and Godfrey, “She’s that kinda player”
Sarah points out Emmett and Jillian are Willow’s favorite players so that is the type of game she’s going to play, “That was her plan from day one and it’s failing miserably”
Sarah adds that Bobby’s favorite player is Emmett.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-07 20-59-35-216

12:00am Willow, Bruno and Bobby
Bruno brings up talking to Graig where he told him if there is a chance to come back Graig has to fight for it. Graig told bruno he’s done with this game. “Don’t give up fight your way back”
Bobby – we definitely need a CS meeting tomorrow”
They agree Kevin and Pilar are the wildcards.
Bobby – I know they are working with Johnny
Bruno – no doubt
They are scared about Kevin. Bruno says he’s going to try and boost Zach during the HOH.
Bruno about the HOH – One of us need it so bad this week man.
They comment on Ashleigh doesn’t talk game with anyone. Bobby wishes she would tell him he’s got her vote since he’s on the block.
Bruno says he still has total faith in their group. Bobby thinks they are losing a volatile player with Graig leaving.
Bruno – I’m so surprised he curled up in a ball.. the last two days he just laid in bed”
Willow- it really hit him
Bruno – he said it humbled him a little bit
Bruno says Graig was trying to make alliances using his name.
Willow suggests bruno go to Johnny and Brittnee and play down how close he was to Graig.
Bobby says they are “SO under the radar.. we’re so perfect”
Zach joins them.. asks them if they are going to tell Graig.
Bobby – he knows
Bruno – he knows..

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-07 21-14-50-498

12:15am Storage room Brittnee and Sarah
talking about Bobby not playing it cool with Ashleigh making it obvious he likes her. Brittnee says Ashleigh is into Zach. Willow comes in. Brittnee tells her about asking Zach about making out with Ashleigh while bobby was around. bobby didn’t know.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-07 21-21-41-690

12:21am Bruno, Zach, Jordan and Kevin
talking about Console games..

wall twerking

12:34am Ashleigh, Pilar, Willow and Sarah twerking off the walls
Ashleigh does it off the wall.
Sarah – Its all in the arch of the back.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-07 21-47-10-732

12:46am Willow and Ashleigh bathroom
Willow tells her Bobby and Bruno are worried about Johnny and Kevin.
Ashleigh says she fears Johnny more than Kevin
Willow would hate to send Kevin home because of Pilar.
Ashleigh it’s going to get cut throat.
Willow says Pilar told her she likes Kevin, She told Willow “Once i fall for a guy I really like them”
Ashleigh – its going to get cut throat
Willow mentions how Kevin always say “we’re just having fun”
Willow – Poor Peels (pilar)
Willow – right now we’re non targets .. but we still could be pawns..
Ashleigh – that is what i’m scared about.. I don’t think I can sleep tonight so much anxiety for tomorrow.

1:08am Sarah and Brittnee HOH

Sarah says Jordan has the dates and competition history down 100% if he doesn’t win it he’s throwing it.
Cam switches to storage room where Zach and Johnny are talking. johnny is worried if he goes up on the block he’ll go home, “I’m in a pickle I know I’m in a pickle now.. I’m fighting for my life now”
Zach – we’re going to fight
Johnny – I can’t go home I’ve fought way too much to be here
Zach – Not now you’re not going home.
Cam switches again to the HOH room where Brittnee and Sarah are talking about relationships.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-07 22-14-23-402

1:14am Bobby and Ashleigh in the Have nots

Bobby is telling her the most dangerous person in his mind is Kevin he’s going to have to be b@ckdoored.
Bobby – the best thing we’re so under the radar it’s perfect.. we got rid of our volatile crazy guy
Ashleigh – I knew that had to happened
Bobby – for sure.
They start chatting about their families. Ashleigh has a lot of siblings

1:21am Storage room Zach and Kevin
Talking about continuing to play the centre.
Kevin – I have better relationships with Sarah and Johnny
Zach says he’s the same closer with Sarah and Brittnee’s side he thinks that’s the side he’s going to roll with.
Zach says its clear Bruno’s side is focused on getting rid of the people that took out Graig.
Zach – Its super important I throw this one (HOH) it’s worst case scenario you me or JP win the HOH
Zach says Willow is really close with the three guys, Bruno, Bobby and Godfrey. Adds she told Brintweee she would put up Johnny and now Johnny is super pissed at her.
Zach – we’re all over the map right now we have the whole floor covered.
Zach thinks Willow will put up Johnny and he can convince her to put up Godfrey, “She’s the wildcard right now”
Zach – whats up with pilar and Ashleigh what do you want to do with them
Kevin – operation double date.
Zach wants to start picking them off before it gets too late. Brittnee, johnny and Sarah are going to start noticing they are close to the Ashleigh and Pilar.


1:35am Have nots
Pilar is spending the night with them to snuggle Kevin.
2:00am Notice Pilar has gone back to her regular bed.

Fan Feed leak.. watching the maintenance guy work on the Hot Tub

notice he says “F*ck” when he sees the hole in the top cover

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This is so boring! I thought that Graig might flip out, but it’s actually the tamest week. Come on Big brother


He’s too stupid to do that. Hopefully next week will have a lot of gameplay


He’s too stupid to do that


he’s going to help godfrey’s game before he leaves the house
so he might blow up the chop shop!!!!!


Twistos twist: the maintenance guy is a secret house guest.

sunny dee

I am thrilled to know that maintenance does actually add the necessary chemicals for keeping the hot tub (and pool i guess) bacteria free 🙂

It’s interesting that Z & K suggest that Ash and Pili need to go soonish. I’d think keeping them ensures voting numbers, getting rid of them too soon, not such a good idea for that. I like (if it is true) them leaning towards Sarah & B and Johnny (jordan is in everyone’s alliance, if i dont mention his name, he is still part of this too lol)

I think B putting out Bobby & Graig is a bit of a taking the chopsohard dudes back a step. but also W & Ash & Pili, maybe doubt that they have all the angles covered too.


The house guest have potential. The problem is the producers seem more interested in twist distractions. Rather than allowing the viewer time to get an idea of the participants social game in a normal BB atmosphere.
Also the show has online contests and games. Late night on slice. ..24hour feeds. A hour Saturday show on Global with host Cox and former house guests. And not sure about the half hour show, like last year, after the one hour regular show on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. They`ve turned this into the BB Olympics lol. I just watch the regular shows and like to visit here.

another name

so. pretend you are kevin. you have aligned yourself with two people that are throwing comps. you have already been named a target by a number of people that are still in the house. one of your allies says you should throw the next comp. as well. is anything clicking in your head?
sure graig is being boring. it’s hit him that he’s being evicted as the guy that was a juvenile hothead. now he goes home… and works as a mentor for people’s children. considering he was supposed to be on bbcan2 (replaced by jon),it would be another hit to his ego. and the guy does have a raging ego. i’m not sympathetic really, he chose his behaviour, hasn’t apologized for it, and instead is rolled in a ball playing victim.


Hold shiz, it’s scary to think he could have been there instead of Jon…


Anyone else a little creeped out by Zach’s part during the opening theme song of the show? I don’t know what it is, he’s like intensely staring at me for a prolonged amount of time in this weird way.


Dawg, please add maintenance guy to the list of favorites, because he just became one of mine.


LOL I should add him, although I’m worried he would beat me in the poll.


i can’t believe i watch all 11 mins of that vid and i LMAO… you could almost read his mind


I watched the whole thing too and lmao!! After he seen the hole then stood back… bet he was thinkin, I need some heavy duty chems after all the spit swapping that went on in here before I touch anything!
I think BB should throw some (joke undies) in there and keep him appearing on the feeds. I think we could all make “prank the maintenance guy” suggestions. In all honesty….. this is the first thing I’ve seen that made me lol.
I soooo needed that, these house-guest are so dang boring and their conversations are even worse!!
Bring back the maintenance guy!! : )


TMG for the win 🙂


I think it would be nice to see Godfrey or Willow win the next HOH so we find out if they really have any BB knowledge. They would need to start working with some people other than the flop shop whicj could be interesting. These 2 dont appear to be a superfan /a BB professor, more like a pair of deer in the headlights.

Motorboat Risha

Willow is all talk and Godfrey is no action – both are floaters


Operation Double Date? Get the hell out of here. People will see through that shit. That plan was 9 years ago, and it was only a half success.


These people are so shallow. They care more about the celebrity status of past players and their unbridled passions than they do anything else. And it’s insane how much they talk about Risha. She was basically there for a few hours. They’re so caught up with being ON Big Brother than they are about PLAYING the game. (Clearly, being a “super fan” is NOT an advantage in any way.) They have the following juvenile and amateurish mentality:

“I really wanted in the Big Brother house (although they say they “fought” to get in there, which is ridiculous) and I made it, so I don’t deserve to go home. I’m in an alliance with a “cool” name and hand gesture and I partied and made out with people, so I’m doing everything right. Other people are really annoying so they should just go home. Who do they think they are to want me out?”

Those who DON’T think that way need to have their arrogance taken down a peg or twelve. “I can get so-and-so to do whatever I want.” “I’m good. I’m golden.” “All I have to do is keep flirting because they all want me.” “Canada loves me when I talk to them through the cameras.” “My game rocks.” “I’m the TV Gold this season!” “I can’t wait to be friends with all the past, best players of BB.”

And how is it that no one has noticed or discussed that Zach and Jordan have never won a competition, or called them useless? Or that they never talk about the other one to anyone else? (Game-wise or negatively, that is.) How can people NOT suspect them? (Because they’re summer camp amateurs, no doubt.)

Dull, boring season with great twists that are wasted on these kids. And the steampunk theme is starting to get to me. It’s too busy and crowded to look at all the time. It would drive me nuts to live in it.


The live feeds are available to me yet I can’t be bothered. Boring. Instead I would rather come here and get a concise wrap-up of what takes place over a 24 hr period. I notice the comment section on the live feeds is practically non-existant as well. Nobody has much to say cuz there just isn’t much to say about this years BB.


great post Fred.
This is why I would love a season filled with 30 year olds (and even older). This little kids showing their abs and bikini bodies is nice eye candy (I get it) but can be boring (sheep).


Just a thought but doesn’t Bruno remind you of Scott Patterson the actor/baseball player?


Hi Simon and Dawg I just binge watched the last two weeks to get caught up and wow lots has happened in the BB house. So glad to be back to your awesome site. the best I have come across. Very face paced start to the season. Fred comment makes alot of sense and I believe the shallowness he observes is simple immaturity as Big Brother constantly cast young pretty people who are all caught up in being on TV. I believe the show would really benefit from an more age diverse group of people who weren’t caught up in how hot or good looking they are. That being said I am really liking this cast so far (lots of hot boys this year. lol)

So far I am really liking Kevin just think he has to be careful he doesn’t get too cocky and I would like to see him align with someone for a final two as he seems to be floating around a bit and we all know that doesn’t work well as a strategy. At least not for long.

Simon and Dawg when I log onto your site on my mobile device the site is a couple days behind. I love being able to catch up whenever I get a few minutes on my phone but am currently unable to do so. Any luck wioth the app you guys had…it was great when it first came out. Thanks for the time and effort you guys put into this. I will donate soon. Love the comments too so a shout out to everyone who contributes to your site as well .


Thanks Simon your are correct I wasn’t scrolling down far enough, Scallywag says sheepishly. LOL


I love when the girls are getting along and just trying to entertain themselves. That’s way more entertaining than JP’s monotonous “podcasts”.
But I think people are confused about the Zach and Kevin chat in the storage room. They weren’t talking about picking off Pilar and Ash, they were talking about picking off Johnny/Sarah/Britt before they realized that both Zach and Kevin had a side piece to help protect them. Both those guys would love to take their showmances to the final 5/4, and why wouldn’t they?


BB eviction so lets try what’s happening next…. 🙂 I’m terrible at guessing again this season.
Still an HG; trying HOH or throwing it(god help us if Pili wins) You think it’s boring now OMW not Pili
Brit- no comp
Sarah- yes HOH
Johnny- yes HOH
Pili- clueless fool
Kevin- He’ll try as he feels threatened like Johnny
Jordan- tanking
Zach- tanking
Ash- and Willow a pair that think they’re safe. I don’t think they want to win really.
Bobby- Trying for HOH big time
Bruno- good social he’ll drop late if the numbers for chop shop are good.
Godfrey- all talk no action.
Basically J/Z aren’t trying. Bobby versus Johnny for HOH with Kevin dropping if he’s heads up with Johnny. Kev realizes he looks like a comp beast but he’s far from safe. Not sure what Bruno can be good at in comps. Looks rather middle of the pack. It’s Bobby and the 2 girls for chop shop. I would guess an athletic challenge with or without puzzle. Bobby, Kev or Johnny and I’ll guess Bobby wins HOH. This week coming looks like a backdoor strategy IMO. Brit(pawn) and Johnny or less likely Kevin up. Just going with the idea that Bobby would love to have Kev not play POV then backdoor him.
The real fun is an Ash win OMW. Zack’s handy buddy loyal to chop shop or him and what about the “hard wood”(ash & willow). She and willow clearly playing together. Ash is really at the center of a lot of possibilities this week. Add in the “girls alliance” she would be in a tough spot if she won HOH. Who gets the invites to the HOH room beside Zack. The whole thing would be a hot mess. Oh boy I wish. Ash or Willow HOH would be fun. Bobby and a classic week of talking backdoor strategy about Bobby’s target which I’ll guess is Kev.