Brittany – “I never had a glass of wine.. oh never mind someone gave me the bottle”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-20 15-17-19-601

3:15pm Backyard Christine and Cody
Cody – “Keeping Caleb here risks my game the most.. now I have to put Donny up which pisses me off.. Donny will putt I Zach derrick or Caleb no time”
Cody says Brittany will not put him up she’ll put Derick and Zach up. Cody just sees what the alliance wants him to do only benefiting certain member of the alliance and hurts other members
Christine – You are in an alliance but you are also fighting for yourself.. this is your HOH no anyone elses.. the hardest part is convincing the 3 other guys.. If you put Caleb up I support you”
Cody is worried Caleb will blow up the alliances if he goes up.
Cody thinks Brittnay will work with AMber to come after people on their side but Caleb is too much of wildcard to have attached to his game. It’s too risky.
Christine says Amber will be crazy stronger if Caleb goes.
Cody says Donny wants Brittany to stay really bad. Donny told him that Brittany will come after the girls if she stays but that is not good for COdy’s game “If she turns on you and Nicole that’s not good for my game.. crap”
Cody thinks if Brittany wins HOH she’ll play it safe and put up a guy and a girl
Christine thinks she will put up two girls “From the way Amber was talking up”
Cody has had enough of Frankie and Zach sleeping in his HOH room he wants to enjoy it a bit for himself.Cody
Cody says Frankie is f***ign up his game.
Christine agrees.
Christine jokes they should convince Victoria not to use it
Cody Caleb did this week whatever that f** he wants Donny does what the house wants.
Cody – I feel I should just send her home and trust in the group
Christine – no matter what if caleb put you up you wouldn’t go home
Cody is worried he would be nominated with Hyden or Derrick.
Christine – that would suck
3:25pm Brittany 5 hours to go

BB16-2014-07-20 15-38-43-554

3:37pm @ 2100 Brittany takes a break to reattach her bandages.

BB16-2014-07-20 15-52-36-833

3:51pm Hayden give a Dan gosling motivational speech to Brittany
Brittnay .. You’ve been out of here since 8 o’clock last night.. and you have kicked almost 22 hundred goals.. Did anyone think you can do it. .. NO”
Donny – “NO”
Hayden – “Even you didn’t think you could do it”.. I had my doubts but you know what you are almost at 22 hundred”
Hayden – “I’m feeling like you can do this right now and I know you are feeling like you can do this right now.. You Are not missing a shot right now.. when you first started it was half and half now look at you EVERY SHOT IS GOING IN EVERY SINGLE SHOT”
Hayden “You know what you have until 8 o clock tonight but you don’t even need that time..”
Donny – Nope
Brittany – Nope
Hayden – You don’t need till 8 o’clock cause you are going to finish early you are a fighter you want this more than anyone else.. if anyone else had this challenge they would quit”
Donny – Quit”
Donny – You’re out here you haven’t gone inside.. you haven’t broken the rules AND YOU ARE STILL GOING .. and you know what you will be done before you know it you will be inside having a nice shower you ARE A WINNER CAUSE THAT”S WHAT YOU DO BRITTNAY YOU WIN AND NEVER GIVE UP

BB16-2014-07-20 16-02-55-852

4:10pm Backyard Brittany says she’s taken 7 advils

4:23pm Backyard A bunch of houseguests are reading the bible with Amber others are sitting around watching Brittany complete her task,
Christine says she thought she was being cast as the christian girl this year but that is not the case
Donny – “Perhaps they are making up for last year”
4:25pm Brittany 4 hours to go

BB16-2014-07-20 16-31-14-606

4:31pm Kitchen Nicole,Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Caleb
nicole tells the guys she got in trouble from production she has to have the stein and the sausage in her hands at all time unless she’s preparing food

BB16-2014-07-20 16-35-47-353

4:34pm Backyard Jocasta, Brittany and Amber
Reading the bible. Talking about having communion . Amber says they still have wine from last night. Jocasta doesn’t think so she should ask Brittany.
Brittany – “I never had a glass of wine.. oh never mind someone gave me the bottle”

4:44pm Everyone starting to collect outside as Brittany gets closer to the 2400 mark.
Frankie starts a song “Hit those blue balls into my net”

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BB16-2014-07-20 16-59-37-103

4:59pm Cody gets a penalty kick
He tells them it doesn’t hurt it’s just the annoyance of getting up and doing it.. As soon as he sits down he gets a second penalty kick,

BB16-2014-07-20 17-11-55-761

5:12pm Brittany completes the penalty

BB16-2014-07-20 17-12-28-206

Brittany jumps in the pool

Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Hope they give Brit at least some alcohol for completing that challenge. Probably one of the toughest penalties in BB history…


Yayyyyyyyy Britt!! Goooood girl!! The smile on her face in that pool was as genuine as you can get! And I’m truly pleased to see the other HGs forget the game for a moment and gather around her. This horrible punishment is probably the best thing for her game so far. Mad respect!


She needs to get in the hot tub asap, and also ice the foot (not at the same time!!). Also a doctor needs to check to see if her toe is broken.

It was a brutal and needless punishment, and could have been accomplished allowing her at least a steel toed shoe


Great job Brittany! You did it! You did this even though you know you are going home. I really hope you talk to Cody and make a deal so he puts of Caleb, but some how I doubt Derrick, “the Don” (thanks to who ever posted that) will allow this to happen.


I don`t know if I hate Cody or I just feel sorry for him. He wants Brittany to stay and Caleb gone. but he is so so scared Derrick and Zack will get mad at him. HE IS JUST FLOATER.

If Brittany goes home, I hope Caleb and Amber wins HOH next week, and Cody/Derrick vs Frankie/Zack goes on the block. Zack wins BOB… and CODY pu@@y goes packing


i can’t stand when an HOH has some options and opportunities to do something that would help their personal game, but they don’t do it. Those are the ones who find out at the end of the game the people they were ‘aligned’ with made them do stuff that didn’t, wouldn’t and couldn’t help them at all.


Congrats Britney!!! I’m amazed and impressed she finished the penalty. She is such a trooper! I hope they give her something a prize as the punishment was so hard.

Devin is not that bad

Nope! That would be too much like the right thing to do. lol

The only reward she will receive is bragging rights for being part of an epic punishment from Big Brother. This will go down in the history books next to the Watergate Scandal.


Let me tell yall the truth. Christine and nicole are jealous of amber and codys relationship. You can tell christine is jealous cuz she was rubbing cody alot last 2 weeks. Im very dissapointed with everyone except donny, jocasta, amber, and brittney. They are the only people and maybe caleb that are playing the game not personally. These other bitches talking about irons and shit. Amber is in the same position as candice. I am very disapointed in hayden and why are do you people like nicole so much? Just because she has a southern accent doesnt mean shes nice. She talks soo much shit about amber for no reason. Common guys. I am rooting for donny and amber for suuure


Southern accent? You aren’t that bright are you?


Southern accent??? More like Minnesota/Wisconsin sounding to my SoCal ears


Err… We don’t sound like that in Minnesota. And the way she says ‘but’ is really irritating.


Michigan nasal twang lol


Michiganders don’t have a twang! We do talk fast. Her voice does have a nasal sound to it, which is not the norm!

Caleb has poopy pants

Had to give you a thumbs down, maybe she’s from southern michigan?


Ubly is in the thumb of Michigan, not in the south!

Caleb has poopy pants

Well, I stand corrected. But, then again I’m from Texas and am more familiar with true southern accents.


I don`t and I will never like Amber. Because she was the one that destroyed this season. She was the one that told Caleb, Joey was trying to get a all girls alliance.

Derrick has a suspicion and told Caleb, then Caleb asked Amber and she told him everything.

And she changed her mind only because Bomb Squad turned on her and out her on the block.

Sorry, but is just too late.

TA Sucks

Congrats Brittany. Now go home.


People keep saying Cody should man up and put Caleb up, he’s too chicken, afraid blah blah blah. As much as I would LOVE if he nominated him, not nominating him does not mean he doesn’t have balls. The move is a huge gamble and Cody is thinking it through. Look at Devin, he put up Zach and was himself out the door the very next week.

Cody cannot possibly know what is going to happen. First question of course is, what if the move actually works? That would be good. But then what if Caleb doesn’t go home and then wins HOH? What if Cody loses the trust of his alliance and is ousted as a result like Devin was. (Of course Devin was ousted for more than just the Zach situation), but what if?
I’m pretty sure those are things he’s considering.

Us viewers can say he should make this move or that but do we really know the outcome? To give an example….Amber. Everyone, me included, were saying she should wisen up and look for other options instead of trusting the defunct bomb squad. Well she DID wisen up and talked to Nicole and Christine about potentially changing the game, but what happened next? That snitch Christine ran upstairs and told the boys EVERYTHING. I’m still pi$$ed about that.
Amber’s game was ruined when she was with the boys and it was even more ruined when she tried to look for other options. Because you just never know how the other players will react. Kudos to her though for at least realizing the boys need to be taken out.

So Cody is not afraid, he’s just asking himself if it’s worth the risk. He wants his shot at Caleb to hit the mark, otherwise he could be in trouble.


I get why Cody wouldn’t put Caleb up. I think maybe some the issue is with watching is that some of them come off like cowards and really allow people to control their HOH. And it’s interesting to see someone like Derrick influence votes which are more his choice than maybe Cody’s. The same with Zach.

As for Amber she’s done a lot with messing up her own game because of the way she views the social dynamics and how she fits in them. She’s become uncormfortable for me to even watch. She doesn’t get it. She has never realized that she’s also an outsider and it didn’t dawn on her that the boys formed an allaince and she was an afterthought. And not only that she talks too much and doesn’t give herself down time.I was cringing when I saw her vent to Christine last night and than Christine went and turned it around against her. But she hasn’t noticed that Christine only tells her so much or maybe agrees.And I would have to question why she would think Christine and Nicole would want to work with her unless she considers them better or stronger than the other women game wise. And the way she lays around with some of the guys getting too comfortable with the massages, cuddling, and all that is very childish just like Victoria. She’s been her worse enemy so far and seems to simply not get it and she is not a fiery enough girl to get it until it’s too late due to her not being realistic and socially smart.


The true is Cody has no problem with Brittany and has no reason to want her gone. Derrick and Zack are the ones that wants Brittany gone because she is coming after them.

and Cody knows that, he even said that.

And he said he does not trust Caleb, he does not know what he is up to.

So…why would you keep someone that you don`t trust? and send home someone you trust??

Cody only put Brittany up because Derrick made him do that…

Cody is a chicken …. That is the true


If he don’t want to put up Donny. Then do what others have done say, putting up Donny will hurt my game since Caleb went up for the team any volunteer ? Derrick Zach ? Christine whst you say? I don’t want to put Donny up, it’s a sure thing that Britt going home right, it’s just show for the team. You guys give me more options. Cause this move will hurt my game.

I’m sure Know it all Derrick will come up with something. But Cody should say it when they all in the Hoh together. He don’t know how to play the game don’t let them think you are talking with someone else but them at this point. Let there true colors come out. How do he know that Caleb my say yea I will go up. It work for Derrick.


Good for Brittany, she’s gained a fan out of me! Now let’s see what BB comes up with as a reward.


The only reason cody wanted caleb out is becuase cody liked amber and didnt want to deal with caleb in the house but now that the whole house is making amber look like a bitch and snake cody aint interested in taking out caleb. Amber does not deserve the hate shes getting


Yeah Amber wants a girls alliance and wants to get all the guys out, right??

But at week 1. Joey tried a all girls alliance, and Amber said NO. And she told everybody about that.
That is why Joey was sent home, and we got this male dominance.

If Amber kept her mouth SHUT. Donny would be the first one gone. And then we would have had a all girls alliance.

Amber is just pissed she found that the guys just used and now dumped her.


Yes cody! Listen to your gut, are you playong a game for you or for someone else? Its YOUR HOH. the other guys should be listening to YOU, if the cards were turned, they wouldn’t give a shit about your game.

Kudos to brittany man. That’s rough!!


Yes……Way to go Brittany!!! I told you, you never give up.


I loved coder. Soo sad cody cant see the lies about amber


What i mean lies about amber i mean the lies people are telling cody about amber

andy 2.0

way to go brittany! she deserves to stay.. it would be heartless if i would send her home

smd nicole

i can’t wait for brittany to go…. this episode tonight has only proven how she doesn’t deserve to be in the house and she has zero gameplay at all. she is a hypocrite and i know u all love her for some reason and will disagree with me but she really should not be in the house she has no respect for big brother. why can’t we just have a season where the woman are all fans of the show! the guy recruits are normally good and play the game but the girl recruits just sit around and do nothing #herecomesthedislikes

Caleb has poopy pants

I told you before, we don’t love Britney. You can not like someone and still respect their accomplishments. And she hung in there and overcame a difficult challenge. I know it’s not the cure for cancer, but it’s reality tv, what can we really expect.
By the way, you have never made clear: Why do you like Nicole so much? Are you her mom?

I Don't Liken Derrick

Because women are dumbasses when it comes to men. Sorry, but that’s just the truth. Inside and outside the house, women let men influence them like dumbasses.

You are kidding right?!?!

We are watching the same show,
where there actually is a Dumb Ass dude named Caleb right??
just checkin….


Maybe Britney deserves to be there because they put her there for one. She’s no less deserving than any one else. It would prefer people at least know the game dynamics and have watched because why wouldn’t you if it’s there to look at. But some of the “superfans” on the show are superduds. It doesn’t mean they have the game down pat or know how to socially naviagate through the house. They were still watching it in their own little worlds and towns and not applying it until they get in the siuation. And Nicole isn’t any better as a non-recruit other than speaking in a monotone, laying around with Hayden in this little nauseatuing showmance that I wish they would take to MTV, and allowing the men to carry her around and make decisions for her while acting like she’s innocent when really she’s negative and whiny like someone owes her something and she twists thingsto make herself seem like she was attacked which makes her a sly little manipulator lin her position in the mob.


Brittany is a hypocrite? What about Nicole?!? Seriously. Nicole b*tches about Brittany complaining yet that’s all I hear Nicole do. Ridiculous.


Just wondering what superfans, Nicole and Christine have done? The edit they are giving Nicole on the show are ridicoulous. She is a whiney and nasty. All she does is talk about other people and Christine is just jealous of the other girls.


A season with all girl fans of the show??

Nicole and Cristiane are super fans. Do they have any game plan? are they even playing?

Thank God we Got Brittany that saved this season for the girls


So this American team challenge was misinformed or what

Victoria's Secret

At the risk of sounding heartless; why is everybody so overjoyed about Brittany completing the task she had to complete? Part of the game; yes it was brutal but she wasn’t exactly playing and was doing a lot of whining and expecting others to do her campaigning. Just sayin…


people aren’t necessarily cheering her on for her gameplay. they’re giving her credit where credit is due: she knew she was going home this week, but still persevered and completed a difficult task she knew she was getting no reward by finishing. mad props to britney!


Is this what Big Brother has come down too.
Kicking a ball to entertain us. Please I’m really getting tired of this show. A jail house episode with Derrick as the crooked guard, Frankie the jail house sweetie, would be better. The rest of them just throw them in the hole.


After tonight’s episode, could not agree more. The show is way too scripted for a REALITY show. The DR sessions are no more than poor scripts, over-acting and in Frankie’s case, poor dancing, too much prancing. If he wants to be Peter Pan he needs to go back east to way off Broadway. I wonder how many “takes” are needed in each episode to get the desired amount of nastiness or cattiness? BB needs a major overhaul.


Production is pissed that there`s no showmance this season.

And the Episodes are really horrible edit. I don`t know what is going on. Did they change staff?

After Aryan last season, They are trying to keep a ” Lovely, Sweet, Darling ” show this season, with Nicole, Cody and Hayden.


Perseverance is so attractive

Derricks Pig Snout

If only Brit had done some research before entering the BB house, she woulda been a real contender. She has spirit and determination which is more than anyone can say for the mean girls in that house.

what the hell?

Watching tonights episode of the BOB comp, everyone can watch Jocasta do a spot on Popeye imitation. Oh my she’s too Jesus emotional to be on this show.

Eric CA

I was hoping that Brittany got a Mr Wizard power out of this.
I hope Cody grows a set and nominates Caleb… better yet Zach or Frankie.

The thing with numbers is that it goes than more way… You have to have the votes to evict who you want but in this Season you have to have the votes to keep the ones you want and evict the ones you don’t
with the 2 HoH’s you have a much smaller disposable pool is even smaller… Donny is due an HoH It makes Jocasta safe…. Caleb wins Amber is safe.. Cody is on the block.
That leaves Victoria if you get rid of Brittany.
Then there is the BoB… two of you could be on the block and Victoria might be safe.

Numbers are tricky things… you need balance.
Yeah boys ponder that for a second… y’all are in trouble… screwed.
Have fun kids.


I have a lot of respect for Britney after enduring that veto consequence. I hope she can pull off a miracle and stay for another week.


Oddly I’m now rooting for Amber to shake things up in the house. Too bad some of the girls (i.e. Nicole & Christine) are too catty to ever even consider work together.




Just keep in mind Amber was the first one to turn down the all girls alliance


Derrick is the long lost brother to Arnold Ziffle (from the old tv shoe Green Acres).Its an uncanny resembelance I must say.Get some more cheese for the rat pack (Frankie the irratant and hyena Christine) and buy a pair of testicles for Cody!!!!

Holy Cow

Arnold Ziffle was a pig! He is probably offended from this remark LOL.


Ugh! Please people…stop talking and telling things to Christine! She is definitely the female version of Andy this season…aka The Rat!


No, don’t stop telling Christine stuff. They need to strategically tell her stuff. Tell her stuff that will ruin her gane if she spreads it. What? I don’t know, but the HGs have a lot of time to think about something. Or tell only her something and if it comes back it would confirm that she is a rat and confront her. Problem is, the number of folks that don’t know she is a rat is getting smaller and smaller.


nicole is becoming a spoiled brat

Detroit Girl

Becoming a brat? She just kept it hidden.


Geez, tonight’s episode was pretty embarrassing! They all look like a bunch of nut buckets. Between Caleb’s obsession (shown for the 2nd episode in a row), Flaming Frankie (so sick of him & can’t wait for him to leave, he seems like he’s forcing the act way too much. very annoying!), Derrick with his OCD hand movements when he talks & Jocasta’s spaz attack…what the hell was she doing when she realized they were winning BOB? That was so weird!!!! Anyway, I am going to have to join other posters in wondering about the mental screening they are doing on these people?


Kicking 2400 goals would have made me delirius, but Brit fought threw the physical and mental struggle even knowing shes probably going home and even with out sleeping at all Friday night and having very little sleep last night. Love You Brittany!!!! You deserve to stay way more than lazy ass nicole n ratine who you never see helping out with cleaning that rediculously messy kitchen n bath. Cant wait for the lazy bitches to be have nots next week due ro their laziness. The gonzo twins suck!!!!


What did I watch on the CBS show tonight?
It was Ghastly, From the editing to Frankie’s cringe inducing
diary room sessions. It looked like a neon bikini shop
had exploded in my television set. Are they catering
to Ariana Grande’s JR High School teeny boppers mindset?
This show has gone downhill big time!


Caleb calls President Obama a Muslim Monkey prior to coming on the show. How ironic that he is head of heels for part black Amber. He will lose his mind once he realizes this fact, he may even lose his Trailer Park Street Cred if he continues stalking her.

say what now

I think he knows she’s half black. lol Sometimes there’s a thin line between love and hate. He might like some brown sugar. lol


He already knows she’s half black


That punishment was brutal. Brittany defiantly deserves a prize for it (Diamond veto maybe…wishful thinking) Funny how Cody was advocating getting Caleb out last week but now that he has the trigger in his hand he’s to coward to pull it.

Caleb was on steroids

Kind of explains the fact that he looks so different now then when he started in the house (since he is no longer on them), his anger, problems with estrogen in his chest, mood swings ….. He is probably going through some kind of withdrawal or something…..however I am so done with Frankie after watching Big Brother after Dark……and Derrick …I can’t decide which likes to hear themselves talk (about themselves) more……. I would rather see one of them go then Caleb ….. I know never thought I’d say it either!!


I can’t stand monk face, why doesn’t she volunteer to go on the block against Brit, instead of suggesting they convince Vic not to use on “HERSELF” which only a fool would do. Just finished watching tonight’s BB epi. I don’t know what kind of crap was coming out of Jocasta’s mouth but she needs to self check, immediately.


LOL It’s been done before. I can’t remember the guy’s name but I think it was something like Lawon.


i’m still holding out for a caleb eviction, followed by a brittany hoh. fireworks!


Couldn’t agree with you more. At least then it would be entertaining.


That would be great. Just like Danielle Donato. I see Brittany could be just like her.

The thing is. Brittany needs to swear to Derrick she is not coming after him and Cody. But Brittany seams to be so disgusted with all these people. That would prefer to go home to her kids, than to spend 2 months with these crap people like, Zack, Frankie, Christiane, Cody, Derrick, Nicole and Hayden.


Cody looks a lot like Wally Cleaver from “Leave it to Beaver”

I Don't Liken Derrick

Leave Jocasta alone. She’s an emotional person. SO WHAT!! Everyone has little things about them. Most things are either just accepted, or it’s hidden. You never know a person’s circumstances or what they been through to make them the way they are.


I’m disappointed in the “Team America” challenge. I fully agree that Amber is the strongest physical, female player in the house, but I think they should have aimed for a male nominee. There are a few of the guys that I do enjoy watching but I’m already becoming bored with the male alliance running the house. Joey annoyed me but I think these girls should be kicking themselves for not taking her up on a “all female” alliance offer. I predict a male winner this season.


No one in their right mind watching the show tonight can say that Jocasta is in her right mind. That girl is gone!

For the record, my faves are Brit, Donny, Amber (and to lesser degree) Cody because they’re the only ones who actually think for themselves. Cody is just trapped in that alliance of his that will obviously turn on him if he thinks too much outside of that box.

Devin's daughter

I am really hoping Cody takes advantage of getting Caleb out this week. He will be gone, if he does. Then, next week, BB will throw a Twist to the game that will really shake the house up. I think if any girl wins HOH, they will wise up and figure out it will be best to put guys up, and together will form some kind of alliance. I just hope Brittany doesn’t make any deals, considering Caleb goes up and gets sent home. If she ended up HOH, look out! Brittany has always been my 3rd favorite, but now I cannot decide between her and Donny. Nicole has taken a big nosedive on my list.


Christiane and Nicole can not win. They will just go after Brittany, Victoria and Amber.

Brittany really needs to stay.

But if she goes.
I just hope Caleb wins HOH and send Cody home.


Jocasta’s behaviour tonight on the Show was awful to witness. Was she speaking in tongues? Sounded more like some Voodoo woman from the Ghetto. I can’t stand her period and after tonight, I wish I didn’t have to see her ugly face again. I wish they could evict her instead of Brittany. Low class bible thumping moron who had the nerve to declare that “we” won. Hey Jocasta, Amber won, not you!

what happened

The past few seasons of big brother have got me asking myself one question…..why did i wait so long to get into Survivor?! Been watching big brother since season 2 and completely ignored survivor(which i now regret)untill 3 seasons ago….BB16 has now completely made me think Survivor is the better show both production and game wise….id love an survivor all stars big brother and a big brother all stars survivor though

Detroit Girl

“Christine says she thought she was being cast as the christian girl this year but that is not the case”

Props to Brit for completing the task


I wish someone would figure out Derrick. He’s on my nerves and I started off rooting for him.