Big Brother Spoilers – Double Eviction Aftermath Joe: “We definitely need beer tonight.. Like c’mon BB”

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley

10:09pm cam 3-4 Britney and Ian Livingroom

Britney to Ian :”you are going to have to go to bat for me”
Britney: “As long as we can get him to put up Dan or Joe we will be fine”
Ian: “I know.. I Know”
Britney: “You either have to Backstab Dan or Backstab Frank.. the guy who can’t play for HOH next.. I’m counting on you to have my back..”
Ian: “I have your back”
Britney:’You took a HUGE risk today… I know where you stand“
Ian: ”I went to bat for Dan once.. he went went to bat for me.. I went to bat for him he went for me a… “
Ian implies that he’s still down with the quack pack. Britney explains to him after what he did today she trusts him.
Britney: “What did you put on your chalkboard.. “
Ian:” I put 1000”
Britney: ‘I thought you were going to put 1”

Ian leaves Dan joins Britney..

Britney explains that Ian is going to push to have Dan and Joe up… Britney adds that she told Ian that he needs to vote for Dan.. this week. Britney thinks they can trust Ian.
Britney: ‘I think you can get Jenn’s vote”
Dan nods.
Dan is nervous about going up… Britney tells him that Ian is a bit rattled tonight she’s pretty sure he’s on board. Dan points out that if he goes up Ian is the deciding vote.
Dan: “that thing seems so much easier yesterday.. didn’t it” (the HOh competition)
Britney: “way easier..”
Frank and Joe join them.. talk turns to chit chat..
Joe to Frank: “They are going to run out of images and letters for you”
Joe: “We definitely need beer tonight. like cmon.. we’ve had a hell of a day.. C’mon BB“
Frank comments on how many competitions he won. Dan starts to really play up Franks competition wins.. pointing out how that is more than him when he won his season. Frank plays along mentions that during his interview he said he would win 4 HOH and 3 POV.

10:33 cam 1-2
Britney: “I’m so sad danielle”

10:35pm Cam 3-4 Powerhouse and Dan
Dan tells Powerhouse he’s certain he’s going to be nominated this week. Dan realizes that it was six versus one they all had a chance to play and Frank still won. Dan: ‘It all comes down to the power of veto’. Dan covertly asks Powerhouse if he and ian get nominated can he count of Powerhouse’s vote
Joe says yes he tells Dan his best chance to to get the votes is against Ian.. Joe leaves.. Dan left in the living room .. takes a nap (Image Link)

(hmm Can Dan survive this week?)

10:53pm Cam 3-4 Dan talking to the camera explaining his strategy

Dan goes into the Have Nots Room starts talking to the Camera “Gameplan time.. Heres whats going on,, ”

Dan: “Am I going to play possum one more time.. Go to Frank and say .. dude I understand you are putting me up I understand you are going to try and take me out.. I’m cool with that”
Dan: “Do I say If I survive this week by winning a veto .. and say I don’t care who you put me up against I’m going home.. However.. if I survive this week I am not necessarily coming after you cause I figure.. “I took my shot and missed you took your shot and missed.. we’re even.. Thats one Pitch.. ”

Dan: “The other pitch is I act completely defeated.. say I came here to do exactly what I set out to do.. I wanted to prove I was the best player in the house and knock Boogie out.. . you know it’s all good”

Dan: “what will Frank buy.. if i’m waving the white flag… Is Frank going to Buy that… . to I lose the veto and show him I’m waving the white flag.. “
Dan: “I just can’t go up against danielle.. joe I’m alive.. Jenn. .. they are not going to waste a nominee on Jenn… “
Dan: “What is it.. what will he believe”
Dan: “If someone wants your head on a pike.. do I sell out Ian?
Dan: “If I sell out Ian it will cause distress in my alliance .. Frank needs his ego needs his ego stroked You are the man you are better than me.. “
Dan: “I need to be with Joe.. Have to be attached to the Hip.. talk game and everything”

10:28pm Cam 1-4 Ian gets his HOH stuff

11:58pm Cam 1-4 Britney’s Birthday cake

12:05AM Cam 3-4 Ian and Dan bedroom
Dan wants to work on a plan with Ian so they can throw some Heat onto Joe. Ian has just been called into the Diary Room. Dan proposes they go into the arcade room when he comes out. (Very tough to her what the entire conversation was about) Dan: ‘See what i’m saying because If me and Joe come up to him with the same story he’s not going to trust Joe”
12:15Am Cam 3-4 Ian and Dan in the Have nots room
Dan wants Joe and Himself to tell Frank to put up the same people up. Dan is going to fight for Frank to put up Ian and he’s going to stick close to JOe. Dan says they have to get Joe to go up and tell Frank to put up Ian as well. Dan reminds him that when Frank tells him Dan and Joe are trying to get him put up Ian has to acted shocked and pissed off. Ian can do that, “F**** scmubag”
Dan: “Just so you know I’m not going to rat out the quack pack.. are we good”
Ian: ‘Ya we’re good”

12:17am Cam 3-4 Dan and Brit

Britney: “what’s going on”
Dan: ‘Just starting to work”
Dan: “I’m going to try and trick Frank into thinking me and Joe are working together”
Dan says he’s going to go upstairs and Throw Ian under the bus try and get him put up.. Joe is being instructed to do the same. .

12:19Am Cam 3-4 Dan and Joe in the Arcade

Dan saying that the only chance to keep the headhunters alive is to get Ian nominated. Dan says that he’s going up regardless but if Ian is up beside him he has the votes to stay.
Joe is going to say that Ian is Wishy Washy.. He’s going to go up tomorrow and hit Frank with the news.

12:26AM Dan talking to the Cameras in the Have Nots Room

Dan plans to appeal to Frank ego makes him think he’s the smartest player in the game.
Dan: “I Love playing this game with people that hate me.. they want my head on a stick.. thats renegade style”
Dan: “If i’m put up against Shane, Brit or Danielle i’m cooked i’ll have to win veto.. just got to get through that curly bozo wig and I got a shot..”

Dan: “Do I have one more puppet dance …JOe to dance right here and Frank to dance over here.. “
Dan: “These people are so gullible thinking Ian isn’t working with the Quack Pack”

12:34pm Daneille and Brintey Bathroom
Britney: “We need to make sure Dan is nominated beside Joe”

1:04AM Frank gets his HOH room
Dan leaves early

1:11AM HOh Frank, Brit, Danielle and Jenn
Frank talks about being on Big Brother and how it was his passion.. his dream.. and his struggle to get on show everyone how much he wants it. (Drink.. Drink… Drink x2… Drink.. and Drink.. )

1:23AM Frank and Britney HOh Cam 1-2 (Image Link)

Frank: “I think we’re still good.. I do trust you Brit.. I’m going to put Dan and Danielle up. I just want you to vote Dan out”

Britney: “Says if Frank puts Dan and Danielle up her vote is going to be to Danielle because she trusts Danielle up 100%.. I know you won’t trust me anymore and I don’t really trust Dan myself”
Frank: “You are 100% though”
Britney: ”Yes”
Frank :”I’m not going to put Joe up.. If I can’t get Dan out i’m going to take out his closest ally”

Frank: “Dan isn’t as honest as you think.. he’s been in Ian’s head”
Britney: “I’ve been trying to be there for Ian.. he’s been crying because of Boogie.. I don’t want you to yell at Ian”

Frank: “Ian had to feel the heat “
Frank now claims that Frank and Boogie never said anything mean or nasty about Ian..

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I am not a fan of Frank but I have to say this guy is a BEAST , he went solo on everyone , I mean 6 vs 1 and they couldnt pull it off , props for frank 6 competitions and still going ..


I agree, like him or not, he’s a force to be reckoned with.


As much as it pains me to say this… I agree. Frank is like a cockroach that has been stepped on, sprayed with raid then flushed down a toilet only to find him crawling back out of the toilet bowl against the current. He deserves credit for never giving up and escaping from his own demise. The sQuad and the Quack Pack has failed in their attempts to completely crush his dream (drink). The alliance is going to have to face the fact that their side will lose a player or two before they are finally able to stab and dissect this insect. I’m fine with Frank taking out Danielle, Shane or Britney as long as Frank is the one who exits afterward.


The votes were there and Frank was set to walk out the door the night of the reset. Any claim to greatest player he can make will forever be tainted by the fact that he is a walking evictee. He was gone and production saved him. That is the bottom line.


frank is a beast and it amazes me because he REALLY wanted to wotk with a group and they constantly turned on him and he constantly came out on top
Frank will be bacl in the next ALL STARS for sure

GO Frank GO


Frank is annoying. Team Brit yo!

mr this season suck in b and f leave

and brit not

Team Frankie

Brit is annoying…


Brittney is super annoying. She acts so confident and throws her humor and big mouth around. but …a little bit ago I watched her curled up in a ball, askikng Ian,” please, please you have to help me… make sure Frank doens’t put me up!!” what a cry baby. she sits and picks at her face like a nervous wreck then she has all these nasty things to say to people behind their backs. Really rude and ignorant she is..
I want Frank to put up Shane and Dan but it looks as though he’s leaning towards putting up Dan and Danielle, If one of them get off the block then he should put of Shane. I don’t think he will put up Brittney (wish he could see her for what she is) but he
“believes her” Gosh I wish I could chrip in his ear tonight and tell him the entire HOUSE IS WANTING YOU OUT. TAKE OUT DAN .
Dan is a whoosie. I can’t stand him and his krinkly whimpy voice and his bugged out eyes.

Team Frankie

Love him or hate him, but BBAD is dead at the moment without Mike Boogie…

MU Tigers

Yeah, because watching Boogie sleep during BBAD was riveting stuff.

Team Frankie

^This tells me you didn’t watch BBAD…Make had the most intellectual game talk in those hours…

Team Frankie

Boogie woogie* lol


Brit is just a little pussy who’s always trying to hide behind people and never says anything to any1s face but only to the DR


my thoughts exactly


But her DR comments are crazy funny!!!


You’ve described her PERFECTLY!!! I don”t know why so many people like her. She’s nothing but a spoiled, whiny brat! I hated her when she was on before and I hate her now. I wish Frank would get her out somehow!

Relax peeps

I see so few posts on here about her… I’m guessing she is just such an after thought, and so unimportant that people forget about her. But that is scary, because I think she is actually smart enough to plan it that way… Be funny, and intersting enough to catch people’s attention, but not so much that people remember you… Isn’t that theory from oceans 11? She is doing it well… Pulling triggers, and dodging bullets.


That’s right, that’s how she plays. Britney is pretty smart. She may be slightly annoying to the other guests, but she knows how to play different roles. She can be the “bff” when needed and knows how to bust out the “power of cuteness” when she has to. Then she is someone who the guys intuitively treat like their little sister or the annoying little girl who lived on their block growing up. They won’t be mean to her really, nor will they take her very seriously. She’s funny too. Actually, she’s a pretty decent player I think. I don’t think she can win the show though, if she has such a hard time winning comps. Hi Simon, good job.


You got that backwards, Bratney is ANNOYING!! GO FRANK!!!

Danielle's Eyeliner

You ALL got it wrong…team ALPHA OMEGA BYE FTW yo….go Brit..keep playing..I’m liking you way better this season.

Dark Horse

Brit FTW!


Agreed and couldn’t have said it any better. Everyone out that dislikes Frank you have to realize he knows the game, plays hard and wins competitions. I hope Joe, Jenn and Ian crawl back to him. We will see….Just sucks Boogie and Ashley had to take one for the team.


It really is pathetic that Frank can kick everyone’s arse all by himself. I think if he can somehow manage to survive until the end, then he deserves to win.

I hope he doesn’t listen to those fools this week. Get Dan out of the house! Once that is accomplished, Frank can manipulate these puppets and take home the money!


Well, now he probably gets a PB to keep him safe for at least 2 weeks, so if he is as good as he thinks he is at his social / manipulation game, he will win.


Titanium Power of Veto will come into play. It has the power of 4 Diamond Power of Vetos.

But that’s nothing once TPH4L earns the Acme Brick PoV!


Hahaha LOL, I gotta say, that cracked me up.

King Silva


Frank will be given 2 or those most likely..


*looks for the Acme Anvil to fall*


without a doubt….Frank has to nominate Dan and Shane. it will be an intense POV, because Frank will also be competing to keep the nominations the same. if either Dan or Shane wins POV, Frank throws up Britney. that’s the way I would go. don’t even care how anyone in there tries to campaign and negotiate, Frank should already know everyone left in that side of the house don’t have anything to show for when it comes to trusting them. Frank has been up 4 times on the block, and they’re responsible for all 4 times Frank has been on the block. this is why Ian betraying boogie was stupid. yeah, they got boogie out, but Ian wins HOH and puts up Frank and Ashley. Ian acts all arrogant and villainous in being responsible for taking boogie out, but he wasted his HOH in taking out probably the weakest player of them all Ashley. good job Ian…you idiot.


I agree with everything you just said. And if Dan stays on the block it should–should–be an easy sell to get rid of him, especially to Britney. Frank knows he needs a minor miracle to stay next week, so if Brit/Dani/Shane have any common sense (which is wholly debatable), they’ll vote out Dan, and if Frank goes next week, Britney has the inside track for sure. You know she doesn’t want to sit next to Dan in the end.


Yes! Please let Frank put up Shane and Dan and if one wins then put up Brit. I really hope Frank isn’t going to be
his naive self and get sucked into the lies…. I want him to think really hard about what is the best move .. Take out one of the Four.
and don’t trust Ian. Mike said on his way out “Don’t trust Ian” so what does Frank do…… gets sucked back into Ian’s lies.


nah, Frank is not falling for Ian’s BS. Frank is playing a socially correct game with everybody right now. the best thing for frank’s game right now while he’s HOH is, he should tell every single person privately who everyone wants him to nominate for eviction. for example, if Dan comes up to Frank and says Frank should nominate Joe and Ian, I would go to Britney and Shane and say Dan wanted them nominated for eviction. if Britney comes to Frank and say she wants Frank to nomiate Dan and Joe nominated, I would go to Shane and Danielle and tell them Britney ask him to nominate them, and so on and so forth. Frank has to try something out of ordinary to split of the other side of the house. he’s playing alone, and he has to think of something creative to end the BS they’re trying to feed him.


Do you think really that Frank is not falling for Ian’s BS. I think he might be falling only because he was so willing to accept Ian’s “Oh I just got weird or crazy and didn’t know what to do when I was HOH” or whatever he said was something along those lines. Frank really seemed to buy it was all Dan’s influence. I don’t know. iT really makes me nervous that has TO put 2 of the 4 up (shane, Brit, Dan, Daniel) and cut that forsome off. He has to ….
I hope he sleeps well in the HOH room tonight. I hope Mike can send him some mental telepathy and give him the right direction to go.
DAN AND BRIT are the masterminds behind, Shane, Daniel and Ian…. Of course Ian thinks he is his own
MASTERMIND. I have a feeling in two weeks Frank will walk out the door but before he does I want him to KNOCK OFF ONE OF THE FOUR.

I get sick of watching Brittany pick at her face all the time….. what’s up with that?



He absolutely HAS to put up Shane and Dan…. that way, the only thing that would screw him would be brit winning POV and pulling either off….

since he wont control the votes they will kick out replacement…. (which if its a worse case scenario- would be Ian- if Frank can see hru the bullshit) but I think brit is a long shot for POV….

If shane pulls out a POV, he will still be golden with brit and dan on the block…. this would be beautiful…. he could rip the quackpack in half….

COME ON FRANK…… !!!!!!! BB ALL STAR baby!!!

this guy is an absolute BEAST without him the only satisfaction in watching BB14 would be to see the look on Ian and Joe’s stupid faces when they realize joining a inpenetrable 4 person alliance is STUPID……..

Karen S

Frank has new friends… lol Surprise, Surprise… Surprise!!!!
Watch out Dan and Ian! And Britney.. you better play for this POV girl..
or your ass is going up too. I forgot about Danielle.. lol and ?
Oh wait… Shane and Dan will go up. Joe, Ian, Brit, Danielle, Jenn will vote to keep ????
Shane/Dan??? hmmm Could be split unless one of them wins the veto.
Poor Dan.. I think he’ll go.


Janelle said it the first time she seen him working out. She said, “who does sit ups like that”? “He’s gotta go.”

Has Britney and Danielle worked at all since Janelle left? Or, have they just been eating and getting soft?


Well, went back and watched the veto comp again – Ian threw the competition. Hoping Dan publicly outs him before nominations. What a weasel. After all the heat Dan, Brit and Shane took last week to cover his ass, he has Frank right where the alliance needed him and he throws the comp. No wonder he teared up when he read his Mom’s letter. He should be ashamed of himself. He has no honor. He made a point that his handshake was golden. Just a lying, backstabbing, punk.


Just because he didn’t find the second one, he automatically threw the comp? C’mon. If he’s going to throw it, there’s no point in him even finding the first one that quickly. For all the heat DDBS took for Ian, they couldn’t out him last week even if they wanted to on the off chance that Frank and Boogie stayed. To paint them to be some altruistic alliance looking out for Ian when they’ve been discussing keeping Joe over him as recently as Tuesday is ridiculous.

Face it, at this point in the game, you can call Ian anything you want to but it doesn’t benefit his game to have the DDBS alliance together when he’s the fifth wheel at best. He knows Frank could hold Boogie’s eviction against him but he also knows that Frank has his sights set higher on the totem pole.

BTW, I mentioned it once before and I’ll mention it again…

Ian divulges the right information at the right time and lets others do the dirty work without getting blood on his hands until he absolutely has to? Just because he’s not carrying the Bible around and sweet talking everyone doesn’t mean his game isn’t similar to Dan’s from Season 10.


go back and watch him. He actually slows down and stops looking completely.

Dark Horse

I hate to agree with this but its truth…

I knew he would win the HOH…after having his legs cut off last night…


This is getting intense! The 1st 2 weeks of this game were crazy good and then the season kind of went into a lull. Tonight’s episode really made this season exciting again.


This is several posts late but the PowerHouse +1 post with Joe and Shane was one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen on this site.

Roisin Dubh

Yeah dude that powerhouse graphic makes me laugh so hard. You’re a knucklehead and I mean that as a compliment.

Roisin Dubh

When are they gonna call out Britt? She makes all these plans for people to be pawns and get blood on thier hands and she can’t win a thing. What does she do flash the guys everyday to get her to do her bidding? I just don’t get it.


wait what when did Frank win HOH? so the HOH comp already happened?


As long as Frank nominates someone from the Quack Pack alongside a floater (Joe or Jenn) then the Quack Pack controls the votes. So if it’s Dan vs Joe, Britney-Danielle-Shane will vote to keep Dan. If Frank is smart, though, he’ll nominate two from the Quack Pack core (DDBS). If it’s Dan vs Shane then it splits the Quack Pack votes. Even if Britney-Danielle vote together to save Dan, Ian will be the deciding vote (no one can count on Joe or Jenn for sh!t in this game lol they’ll follow the power).


Annette…Frank is stupid. He’s mind is already made up. Dan/Dani. He knows if he put Dan up against a floater. Dan is staying.


So Frank is poised to do the smartest thing for him… but he’s stupid?

Danny Boy

it kinda sucks how everyone is suckin up to frank, so ya know they will trash dan behind his back


Simon, is Boogie sequestered? DO you think he can come back via Pandora’s box?

Carol & Steve

Nothing too exciting going on so I’m gonna go sleep/watch the rest & catch up later! Thanks for a fun evening everyone!! Nighty Night!! Sweet dreams! :)


I’m so tired of Frank! This game must be rigged.

Carolina Girl

This whole game has been about pussy boy Frankenstein- Sick of him

Ice Princess

I agree!


What was the Comp had to have been another physical or skill I assume. Hat off to the guy he wins when he needs to don’t know if he will be here after next week he is a bigger target now.


Danielle must be making a protein cake.


Frank is this season’s Rachel. Both are strong competitors and have bold personalities. They have had the whole house against them, but still managed to escape eviction time after time. Rachel also had the producer’s shield going on. And what ended up happening to Rachel? She got $500,000.

Roisin Dubh

Rach didn’t have a producer’s shield. If you saw the live feeds last year she suckered Dani, outed Shelly, busted up the J/J stranglehold all in one night. If anything she was Jordan’s shield. I’m not her fan but I have to give props where it applies. She outsmarted everybody.


So getting Brendon back into the house to buy her an extra week when she would have been the biggest target wasn’t a “producer’s shield?” Seriously, can we just stop the conspiracy theories? If we all nitpick enough, we’ll all find something fishy about every little thing.

floaters better grab a life boat

I was thinking the same thing. And just like last season all of the floaters sucked up to the group that had the majority of the house instead of making their own group and not being at the bottom of the totem pole.


Rachel wasn’t alone she had Jordan too. Also the Pandora’s Box that brought back the duos twist saved her, just like production deciding to cancel the eviction a few weeks ago saved Frank. I see it more like Brendon in Season 12. At this point last year Jeff was still there with Rachel as well. Brendon was alone though and lasted a few weeks, but couldn’t make it in the end. That’s what I see happening to Frank.

Relax peeps

Sparty as in mi state sparty?

King Silva

Rachel > Frank..

She didn’t have nearly as much help as Frank.

Sure she had that questionable Veto win that saved her and Jordan [she’d have been safe regardless it just helped her that week a lot] but still that is nothing compared to Frank’s restart LIFE SAVER!


To bad Frank won HOH, but you have to give him credit for surviving and now he calls the shots. Dan and Shane will be up. Britney will be in the wings if one of them wins veto. And another week where Joe and Jenn just float by being as useful as wallpaper.


what’s with these people putting all their eggs in one basket?! i miss the days of yore, when everyone had some secretive side-alliance. who knows. maybe frank can get to the final 2. everyone hated rachel and she eventually won by winning neccessary comps.


I didn’t want Frank to win….I do think he got a break w/the no eviction when the coaches came in the game….I do think that was a ploy of BB. But that being said, he has worked his butt off and the others have no excuse other than they themselves were not good enough to beat him. I can’t stand Danielle, as a person, nor do I like Britney who chums up to whoever to have an alliance w/everyone yet can’t win a competition to save herself. Dan may be smart, but I don’t like his gameplay. I agree w/Frank…..losing competitions on purpose and having your alliance do the dirty work is not palatable for my taste. I say Frank and Ian for F2……I would say Shane as he is a competitor, but can’t stand his mousy, weak convos w/everyone…..his wins have helped Britney and Danielle stay in longer than they probably would have. I’m not happy w/Frank and some of his antics, but I do think he is the most deserving at this point to win BB…..the rest are stupid to have voted out Janelle, an alliance, instead of Frank….for that dumb move of Dumielle and her alliance, they should all lose. I think they all have regretted that move as soon as Janelle was gone. Danielle will never admit to it….her insecurities always get the best of her.


Seriously, 6 on 1! You guys didn’t get the job done. Frank is the John Cena of Big Brother. Hustle,Loyalty & Respect. Chilltown in the House Bitches.


Amen to that! Team Frank all the way!


Id just like to say ive been behind frank since day one as anyone who reads my posts knows,and all the cry babys out there who keep sayin its rigged it is only dan,britney and janelles greed that have kept frank in this game like i said b4 cant wait till brit and dan are in jury wishing they had stayed coaches


If it’s Joe vs Dan, and Ian is the swing vote, think about it…

The Quack Pack is dead. Ian would have the blood on his hands from sending Boogie and Dan out of the game. His Big Brother Lore (if there even is such a thing) would be off the charts.

TPH4L would still be hauling bricks though!!!!!!


If it’s Joe against Dan, Ian is not a swing vote. Brit, Shane, and Danielle would vote to evict Joe and that would be that. Only 5 voters this week. Try to keep up.


What Frank should do now is either put up Dan and Shane straight up, and if one pulls himself off then throw up either Brit or Danielle. If he puts up Jenn or Joe for whatever reason then he is an idiot. Putting up Shane and Dan will pull their alliance apart. They will see where everyone stands in the end if they remain on the block all week. He better not put up Joe and Dan or he should just self evict out of stupidity.


Danielle would be a better bet than Britney. Britney still hasn’t won anything.


Exactly this!


Go, Frank, go!! This guy is an absolute animal. One step closer to $500k.


Britney is such a bitch.

Ian — WAKE UP !!!

He has got to give up crushing on the babysitter.


One hell of a babysitter to have a crush on.


Haha try Hi-Def, she is nothing special haha


You’re also assuming I’m looking at anything above her neck.


Also, I’ll take the word of the guys in the house from both her seasons over high definition. She’s had more than just a couple of guys having small talk about how hot she is and they see her up close everyday.


I think it’ s time for Powerhouse to start putting something in Frank’s turkey burgers. Nothing too deadly, just a little something to slow him down, give him the runs. Something from the Mad Love secret home recipe file.


With Frank as HOH we will see pandoras box this week!

Relax peeps

Frank is the only person that can’t be manipulated by Brit… I hope… Stay strong frank!

Nicole N.

I love Dan! So scared he’s going home. I think if Frank puts him up he can convince people to vote him out. So scared! Frank is doing what he always does everytime he wins he’s super nice and excited and when he doesn’t he’s a jerk to everyone. He plays a great physical game but does he not realize half the game is social if you are constantly insulting and are mean and rude to the other players u won’t win in the end. You don’t even have to be diary room nice just when he talks to people.

Danielle's Pathetic

GO FRANK GO!!!!! Get those sorry ass worthless good-for-nothing-back-stabbing-hypocrits outta this house!!!!!!!!

FRANK FTW!!! You’d be proud Boogie! THIS IS Big Brother sheep-ple!!!! (rhymes with “people” for all you ingrates) Not some pansy-ass game you’d all like it to be!!!!!!


Frank, HOH noooooooo!! UGH

This week will suck. I am so bummed I think I will stay away from the feeds and this site until Thurs because I am not in the mood for Frank. I’m ready for next Thurs to come so Frank’s target can go home and then watch again when Frank is not HOH. Ok, so maybe I will still read this site this week but that’s it until next week. Smug Frank wears me out.

I’m sure I’ll be missed on here. NOT!! LOL


Frank is not going anywhere. He will keep fighting for his last breath! This one is for chilltown. Quack Pack dies!


I have read this blog all season, and have reviewed many “opinions.” Lets get down to it. Opinions are something like Brad Pitt is the best actor. Personally, he is OK. But best? Anyway, you get my drift. Then there is (what I call) opinion/fact. An example would be, “My favorite color is blue. While that is a fact, it is also (kind of) an opinion. Blue IS my favorite. But is it the best color? Who decides? That would be an opinion. Then there is fact. Perhaps the most common is fact is 2 + 2 = 4. OK. With this in mind, let me bring up a few facts about BB14. #1 Frank is very good at comps. (FACT!) #2. Frank has curly hair and often wears baseball style hats. (FACT!) #3. Frank is a complete and total douchebag. (FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Love the post and that’s a fact. LOL


Those are factual opinions.

Relax peeps

I was so excited that someone was going to post something fact based and logical…. Guess not


Facts and logic on this board come down to “Frank and Boogie bad, everything else good.”


Nah….Boogie is OK most of the time. Sometimes annoying, but often funny. He just “lost his cool” this season. I wish that eviction had been the reverse.


To clarify….. I wanted one gone, but I was hoping it would have been Frank.


2 + 2 = 4 is not the most common or concrete fact, and here is why:

#1: 2 + 2 = 4 is NOT a fact!!!……1st equation

#2: 3 + 1 = 4 ! That is a fact……2nd equation

Don’t say they are the same because they’re not,
and I’ll show you why:

1. You have totally different numbers as addends in both equations.

2. In the 1st equation both addends are the same, in the 2nd one they are different

3. The addends of the 1st are both even, whereas the addends of the 2nd are both odd.

4. The first equation has 2 addends that are prime, whereas the 2nd has only one. (1 is a non-prime number)

5. Whereas in the 1st equation, if you turn the addends into factors, the product will be the same as the addition problem,
but if you turn the addends of the 2nd equation into factors, the product will not be the same as the addition problem.

6. If you take the 2nd addend of the first equation and subtract it from the first addend and add the sum, you have the same sum as the 1st equation!
but not if you do the same with the 2nd equation, you’re new sum will be: 6.

7. The square root of the sum of 4 is 2 which is found in both addends of the 1st equation,
however, neither addend of the 2nd equation is the square root of 4.

And there’s 7 reasons why 2 + 2 = 4 is not a common or concrete fact!!!


During a a recent vacation I has some good fortune. I won (almost) $1600. A few days ago a co-worker asked me “How was your vacation? What did you do?” I told him the following: “I drove to Vegas for a few days. It was very relaxing. The casino (I stayed in) had a free prize drawing. My number was drawn, and I won $100 in free slot play. About half way through (using it), I hit for $1600. For the rest of my stay, I broke about even. I had a great time. I drank some beer, ate great food, saw a show, and came home (almost) $1600 to the good. That doesn’t happen too often. It was terrific.”……………. The first thing my co- worker said was “You DROVE? ……………… I think my co-worker might be related to you.


Frank is the only good person left in the game. Britney hasn’t done anything. She just hides behind people like she did in BB12. I say nominate her and Dan. If dan wins pov, then put up shane.


In the great words of Daniele Danoto “apparently this season the twist is we have a zombie in the house, who keep trying to kill but just won’t die” like are you freaking kidding me quack pack it’s 4 on 1 and you still couldn’t pull it off? whatever crazy night (best goodbye message from Britney


In the week 7 to 9 will evict 5 person?
because in the final week it only has 3 person still in the game
so it will have double eviction twice @@?


Watching Brittney act like she is innocent and is kissing Franks ass is making me sick, I can;t stand how phony she is. She is the first one to always throw Franks name up for eviction and then wants everyone to protect her from him? Shane needs to separate from the bitch and team up with Frank. Without Shane, Brittney wouldn’t have had a chance to get this far. She is floating by untouched and hasn’t been on the block, I think she needs a taste of her own medicine. Frank should put up Dan and Brittney, Forget Joe for now. Brittney is already throwing Dan under the bus. It’s been what, a whole hot minute since Frank won HOH?, She needs to get her hair picking, face picking, nasty ass out of there. Now, Ian..I can’t stand watching him another second. He is getting on my last nerve. He screwed his entire game listening to the stupid quack pack. He should have never turned on Boogie. Ian is suppose to be so smart, but yet is so stupid. He put up poor Ashley, what a piece of shit. Ok, so Ashley may have been floating through, but so is Jenn, Joe and Brittney. He couldn’t have put one of them up. I hope Frank wins, He has proved he deserves to win, He has saved himself so many times. He is a fierce competitor. i wasn’t a huge Frank fan in the beginning, but he has fought his way through some tough weeks and managed to still be there. Nothing is rigged, he just is only 1 of 2 people in that house that actually cares about winning this game and not floating through it.


this guy knows whats good ^ britney is a bitch

Relax peeps

Someone else gets it! Thank you! Ian knew he couldn’t win the whole game, so he had to try go make his mark early (he knows he will be out soon, so i guess it was somewhat a smart move, as it seems his only priority is to be brought back for a future season down the road) when will Brit stop touching her face? Is that a nervous tick? She is a floater, but no one seems to see it because she pushes other people to make moves. They think she os so opinionated…. No, she only has opinions when someone else has to make a move. I want to see her take action…

I will give her props for not jumping in when insecure Danielle was trying to get her to talk about people.


Guess I could have predicted Frank would win. OH well, we will see what happens… it will all depend on Ian and he can’t screw over the quack pack yet. Gotta hand it to Frank, I don’t really like him personally but he seems to get it done at crunch time. Hopefully Dan can survive the week. I think he needs to make a final 2 or final 3 deal with Ian. The way I see it, there is no way Frank puts up Joe and Dan. Frank will put up Shane and Dan, if he is smart (hopefully he is not). If he puts up Joe and Dan, Shane can still play in the veto and take Dan off and can’t be nominated. If he puts up Shane and Dan and either of them win, he can still put up Brit and make them force someone out.

The way the votes look on paper at this point. You put up Joe, Joe goes home and pretty much everything stays intact. Would be a dumb move for him, lets hope he does it. The only person I see truly see floating over to Frank this week is maybe Jenn.

I’d like to see Dan and Ian in the final 2… with Ian winning b/c there is no way anyone will give Dan $$$ again. Sure looks like its going to be Frank though.


Gavin my man, again agree with you haha this is to funny.

What I hate is the Ass kissing thats going on. Not to mention I do hate when Frank wins HOH he is nice when he speaks to people, but when he is not in power he is really bitter. But I guess who can blame him. How many times he has been up on the block? 4 times 5 times now?

I am thinking Dan and Shane up

And one of the Quack Pack going home

But if somehow Joe goes up and noms stay same I think Joe will go home. Frank is not dumb tho, we shall see tho!

Team Frankie

The legacy of BB chilltown lives for another week, not so much liking Frank…I still feel Frank is a lost puppy without Mike in this game…


We’ll find out during this week. He already seems a lot more calm without Boogie in the house.

Team Frankie

Looks like Ian and Powerhouse are in panic mode, they need some of Ashley’s DR weed…


i think it’s a little post pov/hoh comp win boost in the poll.

once he starts showing his ego towards the hg while they’re campaigning, we’ll probably see the numbers drop quickly…


I don’t think they have the feeds. They’ve come out in droves. It’s like Night of the Living Dead with these Frank fans. Where have they all been? Obviously I recognize some Frank/chilltown fans names from the beginning, but I think the CBS show brought forth many zombies.

JJ (A new fan of Frank)

Good for Frank! Knew he’d win HOH. He’s so badass. He’s gotta be one of the best players eva.

I mean if the eviction wasn’t cancelled he still would have survived. You know why? Cuz he’s Frank the impenetrable tank!

And did you hear the audience cheer for him. They love him. You wanta know why? He is an honest mothaf*cker! He had no thoughts, at all, of getting out the Silent Six, yet they turned their back on him. Shame on them!

Oh and the people that said he cheated… If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying. And knowing the great player he is – And people don’t think of this – he probably seduced AG into getting strategies for the comps, and making her staff forget to put two shamrocks in each one. Nobody said the game play doesn’t extend to the DR! And, honestly he’s not bringing it in the house, so he must be bringing it in the DR.


“He had no thoughts, at all, of getting out the Silent Six”… Yeah, no thoughts at all… except when Boogie had to convince him not to backdoor Dan… but thats not a thought, Right?


I think the original post was done tongue firmly in cheek.

JJ (A new fan of Frank)

CJ… What are you talking about? It was NOT tongue in cheek. Frank IS the best player eva. He said it himself earlier today. Sure, he has not won the game yet, sure he escaped eviction because AG felt like he should stay,sure he ruffled feathers, sure he got mad at someone for lying even though they did not, sure he is being helped tremendously in this game by production, and okay, I got it, he is arrogant, but he deserved it to be because he is Frank the tank!

JJ (A new fan of Frank)

That’s sooooooooooooo different. When he was doing it, it was just a game move. When the other members of the Silent Six tried getting him out, it was personal because they were jealous of him, with his curly hair, toned body, and aaamaaaaazing personality.


I get ya now


Na Na Na Na Na Hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye! Bye Bye Quack Pack!


Frank is NOT the best player in the game. I may like him without Boogie around but that remains to be seen.

This is for entertainment people!

Everyone is talking about ddbs… Really? It’s Dan and Britt, and their puppets Shane and Danielle. If it wasn’t for their handlers, those two would be lost… The credit goes to Dan and britt, both Shane and Danielle could be likened to a box of rocks (in reference to the game only of course.) they are lucky the coaches kept them,.. Although it is hindering their game. Dan obviously knew this as he admitted that he wanted to work with boogie, but was not capable of making the transition because boogs wouldn’t sell out.

Really people, you know Danielle is a nurse. Would you want her administering your meds, taking your blood or hooking you up to an iv??


Wont frank get pandoras box this week?


You can bet on him getting it for sure, I bet he gets the Coup d’état, the diamond power of Veto, and a golden key for 2 weeks


First of all frank must be delusional because the crowd was not cheering for him. They were gasping and then groaning as he was about to win. This guy thinks he’s loved by America and he’s not. I will say he’s good at these comps. Brit is the funniest person on this show. Hopefully she can get to the final 2 and atleast come in 2nd. It’s funny how people think Shane or dan back stabbed frank and mike. First of all mike and frank were going to use Ian to do it first. 2nd it was Ian who did the backstabbing. Dan is the most stand up guy on this show. He’s willing to get voted out just to save Ian. If boogie is a man he will apologize to Dan on the finale and do will frank once he finds out


Quack Pack Failure
Week 1:Take out Frank by Willie-Fail
Week 3:Backdoor Frank by Shane-Fail (Reset)
Week 4:Take out Frank by Danielle-Fail
Week 6:Take out Frank by Shane-Fail (PoV winner)
Week 6 (Fast Forward):Take out by Ian-Fail (PoV winner)
Still the quack pack didn’t get the job done.

Dr. J

I think Joe and Britt deserve each other as teamies. Britt was eating boogers and no one called her on it. So, do we now call her Booger Jr.? LOL Dirty hands on both of them so they deserve each other. Quit hating on Frank as he deserves to be in the winners circle because he is a WINNER. Get over the fixed game folks. He’s a beast at comps is all it is. When Janell won all she did were people saying it was rigged. Hell no because she used to be beautiful and she used to be good at comps. She’s over the hill on both counts now so get over her too and let’s put Frank in the position he deserves just AWESOME. Go Frank take the house down.


I love this season!!! I can’t believe when I read some of you hate it or are going to stop watching. Nothing is set in stone. I think the best move to be made right now is this… Ian just read the letter from his Mom. It said to be good and true to yourself, etc. If he humbles himself to Frank and explains himself, Frank will bite because he’s got NOBODY. Joe is already lying to DDBS about knowing Frank’s intentions. Frank told Joe point blank: I want Dan and you’re not going up. If JJIF goes head to head with DDBS, DDBS will lose one person this week giving them a really good fighting chance to get to the finals. I’m probably delusional about Ian flipping from the QP, but it would be another awesome move by Ian!!! He’s the villain this season ya’ know LOL
I love this game, love OnlineBigBrother (thanks Simon & Dawg) and would never stop watching.


white trash is safe for this week. If he puts up 2 members from the quack pack, he knocks out one. Then NEXT week his white trash ass will be put up, no doubt about that. Roll the dice and see if production lets him win POV. The quack pack have the numbers in the jury house so at BEST he will be 2nd place. Just dont give frank anything sharp because he would stab a player just like his loser Dad did to Arn Anderson. CAN UUUUUUUUUUUU DIG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LMAO @ Dan and Britney all nervous now. I’m enjoying every sec of this. hey Dan, since you’re a dedicated bible reader, do you member the saying in the bible that goes, “you reap what you sow”?

production rigged it

ok what the hell are brit and dan talking about, they’re saying if dan and joe go up they think dan can get jenn’s vote and ian will be the deciding vote, there’s only 5 people voting this week and dan would have brit, shane and danielle’s vote so he doesn’t need jenn or ian’s.

King Silva

Wow Frank wins 2 competitions and he gets a BIG boost in the favorite poll that is on the pages.

BTW Happy B-Day Britney!

Dr. J

If Frank is smart (and I know he is) he’ll put up Dan and Britt or Dan and Shane. Then poor little Ian the Innocent will be forced to vote against the slack pack. That’s all the ducks have been doing… Slack, Slack, Slack!

Karen S

Ps… Yes I posted to FB.
But I just wanted to say, that my quack pack that I was rooting for is severely sucking
with the odds in their favor. And losing a bet to my husband.. I am pissed.
Another shot of something please.. I will sleep better lol
K.. gonna go watch Brit and Ians’ goodbyes to the Boog’s.. (I absolutely hated him every season)

Ni Ni…


I liked Britney’s good-bye message too, But Ian was great because you could see the shock factor in Boogie that he was played by this little man. Classic! Best two good bye messages I’ve seen in a long time.


And to Boogie’s credit, he took it like a champ.


I one hundred percent agree with you. I was impressed that when he was over the shock, he laughed and admitted that he was played. Nothing like listening to someone give kudos where kudos is due.

Fred Flintstone

Frank, what did Dan do? Steal your Fruity Pebbles?