Brett “I kind of want to blow up a fight in front of Kaitlyn & Haleigh”

POV: FES Next POV: July 21st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: Sam Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: Kaitlyn and Haleigh Rockstar Have Nots Scottie, Rachel, Bayeligh, Kaycee

10:35pm Havenot room. Brett and Rachel. Brett – I kind of want to blow up a fight in front of Kaitlyn and Haleigh …And be Like oh Haleigh you didn’t tell me to vote Kaitlyn out five seconds ago!? Rachel laughs – are you going to do that?! Brett – I kind of what to. Rachel – please do it! I just wish Kaitllyn knew her entire alliance wanted to vote her out. Brett – I’d be like oh really did you not just tell me this. Rachel – can you please do that! Please! Brett – why doesn’t someone else do it. Rachel – because its funnier when you do it. Brett – why because I just get straightened out after… Rachel – you have the toughest skin to do that. You’ve already done it once so you might as well keep doing it because its hilarious. You’ve already started the trend, you might as well keep doing it. Brett – Its like the less I care the more mad they get. Rachel – no it really is. When would you say that comment? Tonight? Brett – or tomorrow. Rachel – do it for the big brother fans. Brett – true .. I mean I’m already a target. Rachel – do it. Brett – I’m trying to chill. Rachel – we have to win tomorrow .. if we don’t I will cry. Brett – step the f**k up and win. Rachel – you need to win something.. aren’t you a big burly man.

10:45pm Scottie and Fes climb the rock wall.

Havenot room. Kaycee, Brett JC and Rachel. JC – Kaitlyn told me today that if the chance thingy happens she is coming for whoever voted her out. Brett – which would be the entire house. JC – so we are good. We are doing the safest thing possible. Kaycee – Fes and Haleigh are for sure voting Kaitlyn out? JC – yes! At this point Haleigh is Fes’s puppet. After tomorrow’s eviction I am going to have Fes on my hands. (LOL like a puppet) Its going to be the first time in one month that these people are literally voting the person out and in part that’s thanks to me because I was the one that told them I got this. If it is the first time they vote someone out, they’re going to feel like they owe me. Its going to be so beneficial for us. Kaycee – they’re going to trust you like crazy. Rachel – going into this next HOH they need to feel safe.

11:35pm Lounge room. Rockstar and Haleigh. Rockstar – do you think we have enough? Haleigh – I think its going to be a tie. Rockstar – yeah. Haleigh – I think that’s what its honestly going to be. Rockstar – this f**king sucks!


12:19am Kailtyn and Tyler 

During this conversation Kailtyn says she see dead people and Tyler’s dad knows that “He doesn’t leave me alone” tells him his dead dad wants them both to be in the house and one of them will win HOH.


12:35am Haleigh and Fes. Haleigh – I don’t want you to feel like this is something you need to do to prove to me because number 1 on a game level you wanted to do it. And number 2 in your heart this is what you wanted to do. Fes – no what I said from now on, I wanted us to vote together. Haleigh – I SAID THAT. Fes – oh. Haleigh – anyway… either you just wanted me to make the decision for you. Fes – its a tough situation this week. I wanted you to feel comfortable .. I’m using the veto on you and you were still paranoid. Haleigh – that was the first thing you ever did like game move that showed me that I could trust you. Fes – I told you that was going to happen and I was going to save you. Not every week am I going to be like lets go with your sh*t. I’m not going to agree with you on everything but I want us to always be on the same page. It upsets me when I ask you where you head is at and you say I don’t know and walk out of the room. Haleigh – just because I don’t want you to feel like I am pressuring you to do anything. You weren’t giving me anything. You weren’t telling me where your head was at. Fes – because if I was thinking lets vote to evict Kaitlyn .. if you wanted to keep Kaitlyn.. so we could talk about that too. I was on the fence too about it. Haleigh – do you think we should keep her? Fes – keeping her so that she won’t put me up .. that’s a 1 in 10 people that won’t put me up…so! Haleigh – she’s not solid.

Haleigh to Fes – did you tell Kaitlyn that you had feelings for her? Fes – f**K no! I will tell you what I said … she is leaving tomorrow. This girl looked me in the eyes on day 8 and was like I’ve never felt the way I feel about you. I’ve been dating someone for 5 years and then I met you and you’re my sole mate. And in my head I am not physically attracted to her at all. I am just being honest. I was like what the f**k! Haleigh – WOW! Fes – I didn’t know that was her strategy .. but she is obviously telling Tyler that too. Haleigh – and you failed to tell me this?! Fes – I told you that she had feelings for me. Haleigh – you didn’t tell me to this extent. Fes – basically when she was trying to get me to use the veto on her.. that’s why she reacted the way she did when she saw me with you. Haleigh – that’s why any time I am next to you she is a b***h to me. I cannot believe she said that. What was your response? Fes – I don’t know. Haleigh – you don’t know?! Fes – oh ok I was like I don’t want to be the one to come between a five year relationship. That’s what I told her. She said something like don’t be a coward. Haleigh – she needs to go!! She is saying the same thing to Tyler. Fes – JC wants to sit us down together. Haliegh – it has to happen. Fes – you’re jealous. Haleigh – I’m not jealous. It bothers me you didn’t tell me. Fes – how many Instagram followers do you have? Haleigh – 10K. Fes – yeah well I have more than that. Haleigh – how many do you have? Fes – I don’t know, a lot. Like 9 hundred thousand something.

1:15am Fes, Haleigh and Rachel. Rachel – everyone is thinking that she would be an easy target. Haleigh but she won’t be. Rachel – if she gets by this week, she would slip through the cracks. Haleigh – do you see how well she is integrating in with everyone right now? No one has even spoken to Rockstar. Rockstar is not someone we will ever have to worry about in this game. Rachel – I feel like we started out on opposites sides of the game (first competition they were on different teams). But I feel like there is a trust that will take us farther in the game. What would Scottie do if he wins HOH. Fes – I talk game with him but he doesn’t give me definite answers. Rachel – I just didn’t know if I could talk game with you. Haleigh – me too. I didn’t want to try and be rejected. Haleigh – if she (Kaitlyn). comes back in this house, we are going to send her right back out. Fes – she said we could come stay at her cousins house. .. she is using that as game play.

Rachel – did she say she wanted to do things with you? Is she trying to manipulate you too? Fes – if she has a boyfriend she is f**ked. One morning I was chilling in her HOH room. I was trying to smooth her back over. She goes up to lock the door. I told her not to lock the door. I don’t know what she was doing. Rachel – what happened? Haleigh – I guarantee he cut the story short. Rachel – That was a big build up for a sh*tty story. Rachel – do you have feelings for her? Fes – she is not attractive to me at ALL… she is not my cup of tea. Haleigh – what about Joe when she was in high school and… big brother switches the feeds.

2:50am All the house guests are sleeping.



9:38am they’re still sleeping 

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This back and forth is so annoying, since it’s probably not going to change anything.
If BB says “there’s a chance for the evicted HG to come back”, then it’s likely to make for bad TV if it ends up being “Sorry, you didn’t make it. You can go home now.”
So in the end, the only difference is (likely) going to be how much drama ensues from the evicted HG coming back.
And we all know that Kaitlyn would just knock the ball out of the park in that scenario.
Sadly, it seems like the girls (Angela/Kaycee, now even Rachel) seem to shift from L6 to the all girls alliance, and they’re ok with Brett and Tyler ending up on the block together. That whole talk about how JC will have “all the power” over the other side of the house if he gets his way (Kaitlyn out), and how that would benefit L6, is pure BS, and they all know it.
If “the other side” wins HOH, Brett, Tyler (and Sam) will be the nominees. Sad to see the girls are fine with that.


Eh.. Team Vixen FTW 😉



You’re not seeing yet, but team GAY WAY will be hard to beat. They ride the middle and each and every one of them can move effortlessly between the two sides of the house.
Team Gay Way: Kaycee, JC, Tyler and Scottie.


Wait a minute. Are you sure Tyler is gay? Just because of one comment.


Above is the link to Tyler’s instagram. He seems to be “best friends” with a lot of cute girls and hangs out often with one or two obviously gay looking dudes. He seems to have male friends everywhere… Canada, Australia, Bali, etc.

The comment that kind of gives it away for me is on a March 4 pic of Tyler and a girl:

rumbles96 You two are super cute
tylercrispen2 @ rumbles96 not as cute as you and @andrewfitzpatrickk but maybe someday.
(Tyler’s friend ChrisRumbles has a private account…but you see the pic of Rumbles and his boyfriend). Now most straight surfer dudes are not super close with effeminate gay guys and do not refer to their gay couple friends as the cutest couple out there. LOL

Team Gay Way is just too psychologically sophisticated. They will let the two sides of the house pick each other off (the strongest on both sides will be evicted first). Then Team Gay Way will take out the weak players left on both sides.

Team Gay Way: Kaycee, JC, Tyler and Scottie have to be the favorites.


LOL he was Prom King..

Monica Hernandez

What comment? I was wondering about Tyler too?


I think it’s more because it’s hypothetical at this point. Plus they know they’ll have to take them out eventually so you need to be prepared mentally for it. The girls are seeing just how much pull Tyler has.

I like the back and forth, no one is ready to fully commit because the game keeps shifting and because Sam’s power is activated they don’t want to burn a bridge. Tyler especially wants an non unanimous vote so he can still ride the middle. This is so much better than the vote being settled on Saturday before the veto is even played.


My guess is it’s gonna be a Cody vs Paul scenario from last season during the battle back. I feel like whoever is evicted will face off with a person voted on by the house and if the evictee wins they get back in


I want the movement and people to change ups! Watching one alliance just take everyone else out one by one is BORING! I want people scrambling and playing! This is by far one of the better seasons!

Gimmie a break

There won’t be a battle back with last 3 evicted houseguests since they are all home & on social media. Swaggy C was doing a live chat n also reaching out to evil dick…

***speculation for power app evicted 4 week house guest is cld be katlin or rockstar has to battle current HOH [Sam] in a competition to get back in the house if evicted house guest looses they leave for good, if they beat them they come back in… Of course its all speculation but that wld be interesting twist…

Linda Olson

I think it will be something like ” kick the soccer ball into the net 1000x in 24 hours” and you can come back in. One of those harder challenges.


It’ll be quick so they can get to the HoH comp.


If that was the case they wouldn’t be able to compete in the HOH. Would they be available for nomination?

BB Fanatic

I think whoever gets evicted will get a chance to participate in the HOH competition with the other guests and will have to win to come back


I like that idea! However, I think production will find a way for Kait to stay. She is crazy, unpredictable and TV gold.
They don’t care about the damage this reality show is doing to her real life. Her 5 year boyfriend has already bailed on her. Her ‘life coaching’ client list probably ran away after seeing her on this. I feel sorry for her, almost. She thinks she is America’s Sweetheart. I fear it will be a very rude awakening for her.


More likely it’s a solo puzzle like game.

double D

It sounds like Swaggy C better start making those shirts in infant size.


Best comment of the day!




I only now realized after watching this show since Season 14, that this show is actually a psychological experiment and these are actually real people and not actors…lol! Production, BTS, the constant surveillance, “The doctor” all not controlling the outcome but manipulating them. This season is crazy and erratic but I love it. We all think we would know what to do outside looking in but holy sh1t it’s really hard to tell who is being real and who is being fake to each other, they all seem to get along , they’re all manipulative, they all flip flop minute to minute. Time spent with just each other and no home comforts, feels like way more time than normal.

That being said I think this cast is the most hard to pin down because we live in the age of everybody recording themselves and having an Instagram and they’re used to that feeling of the camera being on them. Even further than that thought they’re used to portraying who they want to be on camera.

If Rockwall gets evicted her chance is slim to none if its a HOH comp. Plus honestly she doesn’t make for a great teammate nor good tv.

If KaitJin gets evicted I think her chance is pretty decent, only because she makes me think she’ll be fired up enough and focused enough to win (and maybe they skew it for her, i dunno j/k) and she might actually be obsessed with Fes and Tyler. I am really liking this idea Brett just came up with, it’s incredible and Fessy’s idea of blaming someone for Bay’s power app.


But you’re laying out a massive contradiction: You acknowledge the deprivation experiment with real people….and yet you grant production this all powerful ability to shift them as they please.

The best example to disprove that power is yesterday with Haleigh telling Kaitlyn that JC is telling everybody her boyfriend is fake. EVERYTHING we know and seen of Kaitlyn says she’d blow that up into melodrama…instead she just shrugged it off.

Production has a huge mandate every week in putting together narratives for each show. That’s a ton of time pressure. They have to draw out quotes in the DR. Now because of the deprivation, each HG’s mind will go in any number of directions. Just look how based on nothing, people think it’s a battle back tonight. Sam clearly said that only the person picked with her power can maybe return…but minds play tricks and now people are convinced it’s a battle back.

Say for instance, there’s a small rift between Angela and Rachel, a minor annoyance that is going to be part of the show. Production will as questions to draw out usable quotes. “Are you really sure you can rely on Rachel?, Can you really trust her in the game?, etc” and that gets Angela to say stuff to support the story. But then the deprivation makes her read into those questions and blow up nothing into something…you’re just a fan, no deprivation and you do it too!!!! You think production is giving them hints and of course you’d think they’re on your side (we’re all the hero of our own story), so if you played, you’d be easily manipulated…by your own mind.


Wait! I didn’t say anything about production giving them hints or being all powerful, but those questions for the narrative are a form of manipulation and the Kaitlyn thing is me just thinking if she comes back it will be a coincidence and good tv, my first post was me trying to explain that I don’t think it’s as fake as I used to basically. I even said “not controlling but manipulating”. The deprivation thing is spot on, a total aspect I lacked to mention and think about.


I don’t think any sort of deprivation plays into any of those scenarios. Quite a few of the hgs have no clue what Big Brother is or how to play. That’s the biggest problem.

another name

How many times has someone in this season said “they will owe me” for doing something that the person wanted to do anyway? As far as social game goes, extortion seems like a poor tactical choice. Look how well ‘they owe me’ worked for crazypants. Given that JC isn’t a member of either alliance core, I doubt anyone is actually going to feel too encumbered by pangs of loyalty toward him.
Given Fes’ game, and Fes and Jc’s conversations, JC is willfully ignorant to the fact that Fes’ entire game is predicated on the zipper in his pants.
I get the feeling, given the number of game conversations and maneuvers he’s actually involved in… Scottie could probably climb that wall right out of the house to go to a comicon for the weekend, and wouldn’t be missed. There’s under the radar, and then there’s nobody really cares about your input for days at a time.
While it’s possible that the return chance could be a dud (looking right at season 18’s secret room salvation ticket fiasco), I’m thinking no. In that case, a practical if not in name non-eviction week has potentially blown a few too many people’s games… and why? Because the choice this week is drink this bottle of slow acting lethal poison or i will shoot you. The vote has flipped so many times in the last 36 hours that i don’t think i’ll ever eat another waffle again. I still don’t care who is evicted, or whether or not anyone returns this week. Both ‘bachelorette: asylum edition’ and ‘chenbot charity telethon’ can go.

Rigged Game

Fes game is not predicated on the zipper in his pants. Its predicated on what he takes out of that zipper. Haleigh’s game is predicated on getting into that zipper. Lets be clear….

another name

well, i was trying to allude without being that clear when it comes to fes’ game. i actually don’t think haleigh’s game is getting into that zipper. she just wants to let him believe she’d do so. her game is to flirt with the guys not just one guy, but whichever guy best suits her game at that moment. She’s not as obnoxiously forward about it as crazypants… but that’s her game. She spent how many days flirting with fes until he got attached, then with tyler until the veto was over and there was no chance she or one of her friends would be replacement, then with brett after being told he’d named her a target, then back to fes so his jealousy wouldn’t make her a target, then on to scottie until his hoh was over then back to fes when a woman was hoh. There is a clear pattern. set up a doofus wrapped around your finger, then flirt with the male hoh until the end of the week, then back to the meat shield. Tbh, I’m not slut shaming here: it’s a social strategy. But she IS employing that strategy. all the tears in the diary room aren’t going to change that.


I haven’t seen them getting down and bumping uglies like Bayleigh and Swaggy at least.


Crazy season!
I think kaitlin is staying again.

And.. sam. a gay man already won in season 15.
And why does it matter to have gay/black/etc..
It needs to be the best player.


I think what she was saying was everyone should win based on merit/gameplay, not because you are this or that.

Smitten by Haleigh

America felt sorry for Sam (the cry baby robot) only to find out that she an hypocrite, jealous, spiteful and just mean . She just lost many of B.B. fans rooting for her. Her accusations were just ridiculous and over the top. She was all over Fes herself. I hope that Kaitlyn stays or either Haleigh takes her out the game now. She has to GO!!!!!!


Right on!


She wasn’t “all over Fes”. He was all over her, and as soon as she could she sat up. He literally jumped on top of her.
Now as for her nomination speech, that was a little over the top.

Haleigh's Melanoma

To be fair, those 2 girls have been using Fes like a used condom. And he’s only too willing to oblige.


i have feeds. agres with you 100%. sam told tyler and kaycee scottie has a crush on her. then when scottow was hoh, she walked in the room and saw scottie with hayleigh. kaitlyn, bret and rachel deserved that speech, not hayleigh. but sam walks around like the morality police. she is jealous. soon as fessy gave her attention she was beaming. she has a crush on fessy. its not the first time. with Kaitlyn gone she has tyler and fessy all to herself. sam is 27 but acts and looks 45. she is jealous


“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” – Sir Walter Scott

Much like Sam’s pet spiders, Kaitlyn has spun a web (of lies). I do believe Kaitlyn should be the one to go based on her plays/actions, but my oh my, she makes a wonderful shield. So, the vote (as of now) has flipped again, and we have Rockstar heading out.


In rewatching the feeds, I will add that I still can’t really determine how these votes will go tonight. It’s either going to be a unanimous vote to evict Kaitlyn (or almost unanimous) or a 7-4 vote to evict Rockstar.

Also, I hated the conversation about “Indian givers”. Ugh!

The Beef

When it’s all said and done, here’s how I think the vote’s will break down tonight:

To evict Kaitlyn: Haleigh, Scottie, JC, Faysal (on Haleigh’s orders) – 4
To evict Codlock: Tyler, kaycee, Angela, Rachel, Brett – 5
Undetermined: Bayleigh – 1

So Bayleigh will decide if she wants to force a tie, thus making Sam cast the final vote to evict Kaitlyn, or “go with the house” and make it 6-4 (and possibly 7-3 if she brings Scottie with her) to evict RockStar

IMHO, I would say this one is still very much up in the air. L6 must sway JC (highly unlikely) or Bayleigh to avoid the tie, and it would seem Sam’s tie breaking ejection of Kaitlyn. Looks like it may be an exciting night ahead!


I’m sure Bayleigh will vote with L6…..whatever that vote may be. LOL

I’m predicting a 7-3 vote is more likely than a unanimous vote. I don’t see these HGs agreeing to a tie, but “expect the unexpected”.

(For those watching the feeds right now, JC’s fight with the BB cameras on Cam 1 BBTime 11:01 is hilarious.)


Someone needs to tell Rockstar that everyone is there for the betterment of their lives, not just her. They all have a good reason to want the money. So quit whining! I really hope she goes home this week. I realize that both nominees are crazy. But at least Kaitlyns crazy is a little entertaining.


She is hardly the first hamster to talk about this.


I’ve never been a fan of the pitty parties. I don’t remember anyone making it to the finale by being Debbie Downer. (I could be wrong. If so, I blame my lapse in memory on old age. ????) Who wants to live with the person who is trying to make you feel guilty and selfish for trying to win money?

I’m also not a fan of hamsters that profess to be there because God wants them there and they deserve to win over others because, well … God! I’m not against anyone practicing their religion but believing you should win because God has ordained seems a bit pious to me.

Since I’m on a roll with my rant —- This is a game and yes, the prize is big. I want a jury that will base their vote on who played the best game not bitterness.


IMHO….this roller coaster ride with the vote is soooo much better than voting with the house where you know whose going home as soon as the veto is played. I am really enjoying this season.

Regarding Sam…….looks like “house mom” has decided it’s time to play the game. When she did what she accused Crazy Kat & Hayleigh of doing (laying all over Fezzie), I knew that wasn’t the real reason she nominated them. I think she wanted to unnerve them so that they wouldn’t win the power competition to return. And she was getting revenge on them for mocking her during the game they were playing. I think revenge is a perfectly valid reason to nominate someone but I completely disagree with making it such a personal reason. Especially when you are guilty of it yourself. Standing up to Tyler is a gutsy move, but I think it’s too early in the game for that move. She’s made a few mistakes this week soooo……

Tyler’s still my #1….but Kaycee has moved up to #2 for me. Sam has moved down to #3 after this week & unless she does something to redeem herself she’s on the down escalator.

It amazes me that no one has figured out that if Crazy Kat is evicted (Box o Rocks won’t win any comp) & wins the comp to get back in, then either Crazy Kat or Box o Rocks will be in jury! Why aren’t they talking about this???? I certainly wouldn’t want either of them in jury & the best way to be sure of this is to vote out Box o Rocks this week & Crazy Kat next week (when she can’t come back).

Great season!


I detest few things in life more than phony self-righteous.

Sam’s attack was brutal – and well out of bounds.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Funny, but I couldn’t even see Sam when she “was all over Fessie”. Fessie’s 240 lb body was in the way.


LOL! So true!


Fester laying on Sam and what the others are doing is so not the same thing, Its an idiotic argument.

Houka Inumuta

A week from today. I’m hosting the Tyler eviction party. After Tyler is evicted next week we are going to watch Scooby Doo and laugh our heads off. We put post-macone up load speakers with a huge banner I TOLD YOU SO. Out before Jury.

double D

You do know he has a power don’t you?

And he’s not on many lips right now.


His power has to be used BEFORE the nomination ceremony. If Bayleigh uses her power and it’s not announced I don’t think Tyler will see it coming unless she wins HoH. Tyler has a lot of coverage to protect him right now even if he makes it to the block.


He would probably get the veto then. Or the votes
(He will beat brett /sam on the block)
If kaytlin stays she will.prob be on the block with him and evicted
Or giving him a a vote


Don’t spend too much on snacks. I don’t think many will be attending.


If you don’t have the feeds this year, you are missing out. There is SO MUCH going on that can’t be relayed on the edited show or AD, and we all know BB edits footage to make the show as high-drama as possible. They often mislead the audience to think a certain way in particular circumstances. Get the feeds and you’ll see what I mean….you will have a truer idea of exactly what these HGs are like. Form your opinions based on what YOU observe, yourself.

BB always focuses on the HOH and POV for the Wednesday shows. I have to agree that Sam’s reasons for nominating the girls were delivered in such an acrid way. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but Sam’s approach was offensive and hurtful. I can at least appreciate that Sam told them to their face rather than gossipping behind their backs. Sam has admitted that she shouldn’t have publicly stated her opinions the way she did. I would never have done that, myself. Sam has slipped in my order of favorites for the way she has handled her HOH. I thought she was smarter than that.

Tyler is still holding strong. How? Well, he’s been rather tactical with his plays. It’s fun to watch. His game hinges on how he handles Kaitlyn from here. Everyone is on to him, so he must tread lightly.

Bayleigh has stepped up! She realizes that being flexible at this stage in the game is paramount.
JC won’t budge. The HGs either vote with him or (in his mind) against him. That will come back on him later in the season.
Angela and Kaycee are really thinking through their votes and weighing ALL the pros and cons.
Rachel is dizzy with all the vote spinning, but she has agreed to vote with the majority.
Scottie, Haleigh, and Faysal want Kaitlyn out. NOW
Brett is the one who changes his mind on this vote the most.

While evicting Rockstar is what’s best for Tyler’s game, keeping Kaitlyn as a shield is too huge a risk for everyone else. Rockstar is also a shield, which leaves the “shield” justification dead in the water, IMHO.

Evicting Kaitlyn is what I would do (it would have to be a unanimous vote to protect the rest of the house in the event she returns). Kait’s loyalty is with Tyler, and Tyler alone. I just wouldn’t be able to trust her at a level to want to keep her in the game (can’t risk her as HOH again). If she were to stay, it would make for exciting tv. She would go after Faysal and Sam.

Rockstar and Kaitlyn will remain the targets until they are both evicted. I’m really excited for the live show!


This isn’t following any of the conversation threads here but I was thinking about Bayleigh’s power and if she could hold on and not be evicted in the next couple of weeks, the best time to use her power (if the other side wins) would be during the double eviction. There would be so much chaos and not enough time to rally the troops to find out what was going on. Double eviction already does that but oh the chaos brought about by having nominations changed with no time to convince the people on the block that they didn’t put them up. I would pay to see that.


I don’t know why, but I’m rooting for crazy Kaitlyn! I feel badly that no one is being honest with her. I don’t like that she’s telling Tyler she is speaking to his dead father! That’s messed up. For some reason, I still want her to stay. Fes has strung her along. I realize it’s game play, but it still is hard to watch. Kaitlyn is going to have a break down when she gets evicted and finds out the truth. Her boyfriend dumping her on top of it all. I guess I’m a sucker, but I want her to stay. RS drives me nuts, as does JC.

Gimmie a break

***Looks like evicted houseguest goes into a room prob power app room n completes a puzzle to get back in the house, so im pretty sure Katlin/Rockstar will be coming right back in… Gonna be a good feeds night!!! This is turning out to be a great season! Looking fw to the look on their faces when prob Katlin gets evicted n comes right back in… ?

Rigged Game

Kaitlyn needs to up her Krazy factor to 11 to stay in the game. Production loves drama and will do anything to keep a drama queen in the game. Rock Jock has got the whole pot banging Brett thing going on. Kaitlyn needs to respond. And it would not hurt is she broke out a g string bikini. These idiots are not playing hard enough.


Why would Kait say she “threw the veto”? Can the girl not add….He was one point ahead of her at the last question….even IF she got it correct, she would have still lost by one point!! Goodness, I hope she leaves so she can invest in some flash cards!


She claims to have intentionally missed it because had she got it right and fessie wrong they would have tied. Now I don’t know if she threw it or not but I’m leaning towards yes. Her only other miss was early on when her and fessie had two I think. The question was which happened more slap or chop and crazy kaitlin picked donk. So I know she intentionally missed that one.


Omg I dunno who Kaitlyn thinks she is. I can’t believe she was pulling that “Tyler, I see your dead father” shit with him. Swaggy didn’t care about swearing on his dead father to manipulate people into believing him but Tyler has made it clear he’s not about that and then Kaitlyn brings it up again to try and sway him to keeping her. That girl is a disgusting human. At first I was hesitant to believe what everyone was saying about her telling Fessy and Tyler she had feelings for them but I now believe 100% she said all that. I mean Fessy just told Hayleigh everything, what would he have to gain from that.


I agree with you. what was Tylers reaction to her Kaitlyn saying she speaks to his dad?