Brendon Sketching Out, Jeff: “The best thing to do now is be cordial we played the f*ck you.. your mothers a wh*re card and that did nothing for us” **Updated**

10:03pm HOH Dani and Kalia They talk about Lawon siting around them always starting at them. Dani says Lawon came up to her and said he really wants to play for POV and win it he wants to prove himself to the alliance. They laugh, Dani: “He said The Alliance”
Kalia says that she never thought that she would be the hated girl in the house, “I’m actual more hated than you” Dani :”Hey wait” they start to laugh.
Kalia starts hating on rachel a bit “you’re such a little whiny BLANK.. it’s really easy to play this game when all the shit is in your favor.. but once it’s not your a wreck”
Jeff gets called into the DR
Kalia: “I swear if Jeff some weird power and uses it i’ll go insane”
Dani: “in a period of 6 hours he’s been in the DR 8 times”
Kalia: “he must be really good in the DR”
Dani: “I think he’ll have a lot to talk about seeing all went on this week”
They go over what the house will be like after the POV.
Brendon and Racehl will cry and be BLANKy
Jrodan and JEff will be cuddle buddies and just lie low
Lawon is going to be creeping around us
ADam will be the joker
Porsche will just be with Rachel comforting her.

Kalia isn’t sure about the selection of the cast, she wonders why nobody stick ups for themselves it’s like they are all scared to go against the power couples.. Dani thinks the player all have strong personalities.. Dani: “In less than a week they’ll have a 1/2 way party”. At the 1/2 way mark things start to change and everyone starts to play.. “Seriously that’s when it gets going.. Some people get super douchebags”

Kalia is getting pissed about everyone downstairs being sad for rachel because of all the moaning and BLANKing she’s been doing, “Ohh poor Rachel my fiancee is getting evicted from the house”
Dani tells her she needs to calm down about rachel it’s going to affect her game. Kalia says it’s not, dani thinks if it’s doing this to her then it is affecting her. Dani: “Rachel is going to get much much worse”
Kalia: “nobody feels sorry for me”
Dani: “well obviously you peed in the Jacuzzi ”
Kalia says she never peed in the Jacuzzi it was just a joke..
Kalia asks if she feels this will be a up hill battle because they are really 2 against many. Dani says this entire game is a uphill battle it’ll never be easy. Dani says there’s a lot of people out there that think they know this game but they don’t… the Adams and Ronnies never do well in here.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Image Gallery

10:33pm Kitchen Everyone milling around making food Lawon is wear some awesomeness and is being ignored by the other houseguests. Shelly is really cracking the jokes lef tand right, “If it looks like a duck and it sounds like a duck it’s jeff farting”. Shelly has really changed.. she’s out shining Lawon is his get up and Adam dressed as a elf.

10:47pm LIving Room Jeff, Jordan and Kalia talking about their teeth.. Jeff and Jordan starts singing a tooth brush song from the movie grease.

11:09pm Kitchen Rachel and Porsche Por is advising that rachel should start campaigning on Shelly incase she wins the POV. rachel doesn’t think it’s a good idea because even if the POV is used then neither Brendon or rachel can beat Jeff or Jordan, “None of those people are going to vote for us to stay”.


11:15pm Purple Room Brendon and Rachel Brendon says dani thinks she’s the girl who knows the most about big brother and she’s “Made the stupidest move in Big Brother History” (Last time I checked she was the HOH and you’re nominated)
Rachel: “I Thinks Porsche is a strong competitor” (WHY?) Brendon: “Good stick with her”. Rachel is worried that JJ are going to turn their backs on Rachel because they have Lawon and Shelly. rachel:”Maybe I can get Adam” Brendon: “If Jeff and JOrdan turn their backs on you thats BLANKed up” Brendon says he’s going to talk to Jordan after the veto make sure he stick with the plan of RJJ to the end.

11:25pm Purple Room Brendon is telling Shelly and Jeff that he wants them all to take out Dani when he’s gone. HE’s worried that she’s talking to people right now getting in their heads and cutting deals. Brendon: “All Dani wants to do is to split up Rachel and me … she’s biter because We sent out Dom.. it’s her nasty way to get back to us”.. “If I win POV i’m taking Rachel off the block”
Jeff: “Then I go up beside you bro.. we gotta relax right now and just focus on the POV tomorrow once that is over then we take about options”
Shelly doesn’t want Brendon to make a decision based on emotions she thinks he should make a logical decision. she asks him who he thinks will be able to win the 1/2 mil.. Brendon thinks thay have equal chances.
Jeff: “I don’t want to talk about it until after the POV because if one of you 2 win I go up.. So right now we have to deal with what is at hand”. Brendon does not want Dani to get into anyones head he’s worried that Rachel will be left alone and he doesn’t think that is fair. Jeff: “The best thing to do now is be cordial we played the BLANK you.. your mothers a BLANK card and that did nothing for us”
Jeff explains to him he needs to cool down theres no reason for him to run around causing a ruckus Jeff can’t deal with it anymore these last 2 days have been hell for him he dreams about BB he can’t sleep. Jeff: “I would rather just accept my fate and fight when I have to fight and not sit here and go bananas”.(This is the old jeff coming back.. One thing i’ll say about Jeff is when he’s down on his luck he takes it. On the other hand when Jeff is winning he’s a dbag) Brendon: “Her nominations were personal not strategic just peronsal… it was stupid” Jeff: “What did you think about big Jeff getting backdoored” Brendon: “thats why we stood up for you”. Jeff: “I know I’m just saying”. Brendion: “She’s gotta go anyone who thinks she’s to stay is going to get backstabbed. Jeff: “You gotta stick around and lead the charge man” (Jeff and shelly want Brendon to stay and Rachel to go) Brnedon: “I want to stay and run through these people and kick Kalia out the door”. Jeff leaves.. Brendon begs Shelly to protect Rachel. Brendon doesn’t think Jeff will honor their alliance and stick with rachel to take out Dani. He’s getting a bit pissed about it. Him and rachel went to bat for JJ and now he feels that hey are turning their backs on them. Shelly says she’s she’ll help rachel as best she can.

Jeff comes back

brendon says that he doesn’t like seeing people being nice to Dani and comfortable around her becuase he knows what kind of person she is and she’s getting in their heads. Jeff tells him to relax they know what happened and they know the number there not “BOZO BUCKETS ”

11:49pm Living room Kalia, Lawon, Dani and Jordan Their talking about booze. Jordan: “I don’t drink dark liquor cause I get MEAN”
(dani is “getting” into everyone’s head yo Brendon watch out .. lol )


Jordan leaves… Kalia tells Dani and Lawon that Jeff, BRendon and Shelly were in the Purple room making a deal that when Brendon is gone they will stick together.

12:08pm Living room Kalia, Lawon and dani

kalia and Dani are discussing if Shelly would use the POV. Dani doesn’t think so because that will make Jeff and Jordan pissed at her. Lawon asks them if he gets picked should he win POV, dani: “Ummm Ya”
Kalia says that JJ are doing a good job of mingling around with people. Dani agrees that they are she says that’s JJ’s strength compared to BR who linger around and be angry. Kalia is wondering if maybe they should talk to Shelly see if she’s going to try for the veto. Dani doesn’t want to talk game With Shelly right now she doesn’t trust her. kalia: “As soon as the nomination ceremony is done she’s super duper chatting it up.. I have my eye on her” Dani: “Oh for sure… ”

Team Bacon entertains them in his elf costume.

12:25AM LAwon and Kalia, Dani (Lawon is kinda there but not he just gazes into space close enough that he can hear what dani and Kalia are saying bit far enough away so he doesn’t appear “with them” it’s pretty funny Kalia and Dani hate it) Dani tells Kalia that she really needs to work Porsche this week. She tried to talk to her early today but production was yelling at her to go in for nominations.

12:28AM ElF man all CAMS YO

12:35pm Pranks on rachel giving her a scare

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Rachel & Brendon is BB! They make U want 2 watch. Twist please save them!


wow please no

if there is some sort of twist to help the vets this week i would seriously never watch BB again


I’m with you Sierra. BR = nails on a chalkboard ….. unnecessary & annoying as hell!


uhhhh to be honest Rachel saved BB12, most jokes and drama was all around HER!


i know eveyrone hates BR but just think….even with all the drama that has gone on this past week, this has been the MOST BORING season of BB out of the past three (11, 12, 13)…just imagine how even more boring it will be without the crazy that BR bring…if i want to watch boring people like adam and jordan i can go to work to do that….dani, kalia and lawon hanging out now?? wow, that just shows you the direction this is heading in


I wouldn’t be surprised if they did do something BB does in fact RIG the game when they want to…. I won’t stop watching Bb lost all credibility in the Realism department we know it’s controlled


Expect the unexpected = A rigging


yes say BR!

Kentucky wildcats

I hate brenchel….the two of them should just die!

Well it’s been fun but if CBS does not have something LIKE a TWIST then I’m out & it will be fun 2 see the ratings DROP……..Dani I hope that you win the $$ because you will still be a really Bad Person! You can’t even get someone 2 write you a letter! Sad Sad Sad But Evil Dick we get it now!


I do enjoy watching R and B…they are a trainwreck, and therefore awesome. I do want to see them both get out in a few weeks, not now though. really we need to just lose lawon. hes so useless at this point. If there could just be a do-over HOH where no one fights for HOH and lawon just goes home, thats the best twist ever


BB type question for you though. Would you still feel the same way and want to keep BR around if you were in the house with them?


i would they are at least trying to compete and i would be the same way i would rather loss to a athlectic competitor than someone that throws comps all the time!


good question…i would be very threatened by them bc they are so good at the comps (seriously, I think Simon or Dawg said it, Rachel is a beast at comps) but personally, i think i would get along with Rachel just fine, Brendon might get on my nerves…but Lawon, Shelly, and worst of all Kalia would drive me insane


Interesting. BR with their “we run the house and do as we say or suffer the verbal abuse we will dish out” I could calmly ignore (driving Brendan crazy to the point where he’d blow) but, of it persisted I would verbally retaliate, especially if BR were bashing others.

Question: who would you get along best with in the house (including those that have left)?


I’d want them to leave ASAP. Rachel is really good at competition,so I’d want her to leave. And both Brendon and Rachel are annoying and obnoxious,so that’s another reason to send them home.


I’m hoping and praying for a twist to save Rachel and Brenden!!!! Please America vote to save Brenden. They NEED to stay IN THE HOUSE!!! They make the show!!!


No! Bring back Cassi!


This is why Brendon, then Rachel, deserve to get the boot. Rachel cries, sulks & whines when she & Brendon aren’t controlling every move and everybody in the house & is on the block. While Brendon goes around half cocked and telling others what they have to do once his sorry ass is booted out and talking trash people, making threats to Dani & whomever he & R don’t have in their pocket. Take Jeff’s advice and suck it up you big juvenile bully. Good riddens BR. The sooner they’re out the better.


Gloaters grab a life vest.


I want all the floaters out! BR & JJ battle @ the end! Twist or golden save B&R! Chee Huu!

Tyler Kent

Why isn’t Brenda a “floater?” He hasn’t done jack shit. What has Jeffrey really accomplished? This talk of “floaters” is annoying. Keep the pressure on, Dani. Break up BB! It’ll be a great start to making things interesting.


two POVs???? But then again I guess that isn’t anything…


OMG! I actually want OLD VEGAS RACHEL BACK! “Floaters get a life vest…” She was someone you’d love to hate. Rachel, I can’t believe I’m saying it, but we need your drama so go out there and be psycho again!


Brendon & Rachel win games! All those @$$ kissing floaters get by only by kissing @$$! Twist save brenchel!


True…..way too many floaters this season! Dom even said so! Ugh dude I really hate floaters…. I actually agree with Brechel….please twist save Brechel!


Once Brendon and Rachel are gone, those floaters will have to complete, so I’d rather have Brenchel gone!



JJ Fan 4ever

Just Random Thoughts:

Just curious, if the twist is that they will bring another person back, does that mean that the others are in sequester of some sort? Does anyone know if any of the evicted house guests are back at their regular jobs? –like Keith and Cassi?

I think that the reason why there’s no clear favorite right now –like Jeff or Dan during their seasons is because of their “underdog” status. This season, there was a lot of underdog –the newbs but they clearly suck (even though I think that they are pretty cool people)

First, I don’t like Rachel either but just a note, I think that Branden is really sweet. He’s willing to go just for his fiance. I don’t think Rachel deserves him. But then again, they seem to make each other happy.

I think that eventually the fans will definitely be rooting for a specific person. I’m rooting for Jeff and Jordan but if not, I hope that Adam wins. Shelley, she’s nice but sneaky –same with Dani. Lawon and Kalia are just awkward. I thought that they would stick together? Why does it seem like they’re not as close?And Porshe –I think that she’ll be happy just with the Jury House –wasn’t her main goal to use BB13 as an acting stepping stone?

One last thing, if Jeff and Brandon didn’t have their girlfriends with them, do you think that there might have been a good chance that they might teamed up?

Tyler Kent

Brendan isn’t sweet… he’s a controlling dick, a hothead, a bad sport and a braggart who is nowhere near as intelligent as he claims he is. What are YOU watching?


I’m in TOTAL agreeance with Tyler on this one, word for


OMG – seriously? You think Brendon is sweet? Wow – do you actually listen to what he says? I’ve never liked Rachel, but she needs to get out of that relationship ASAP. He’s totally controlling and a hothead – he has signs of being an abusive partner.

As for the possibility of a returning houseguest, I believe they ARE being sequestered for the simple fact that they haven’t been spotted anywhere and they haven’t done any in-person interviews. They’ve only done written interviews with questions approved by BB – none of those questions have involved giving out any secrets. Also, I noticed BB edited Shelly’s goodbye message to Cassi and didn’t show her that Shelly voted Keith out. Which is pretty much pointless because if Cassi comes back in the house, I’m sure Shelly is going to assume she knows and out herself anyway. Shelly won’t know they edited that part out.


I agree with everything you said 100%


Best twist ever…Evel Dick gets back into the house:)


Brenchel – even though I don’t like them they make the show a lot better. To think that Lawon and Kalia will make it farther in this game than Brendan is an absolute joke


Jordon might not have won if jeff and brendon didn’t give it to her. I agree with you on everything. The only problem is that the competitors are taking other competitors out and we are going to be left with jeff, dani, brendon, or rachel with all these lame people and they are eventually going to take them out. Its just a race now to who can be the last competitor left to be taken out be the leftovers. None of the competitors realize that they have to work together till the end.


Rachel might not have won the first HoH had Dani and Dick not given it to her.


I agree w/Jen.

IMO, I HIGHLY doubt Rachel would’ve won simply because there were two people on one – and BOTH of those people can last in endurance comps.


It really irks me when people say that Jordan was handed her HOH. First of all, she was REALLY close to the best spot possible (she got #3, the best was #1) – anyone trying beat her most likely would’ve overshot it and it would’ve went in the water. MAYBE Jeff could’ve beaten her, but I don’t believe for one second Brendon would’ve beaten her. I was watching them practice and he sucked.


Why do these feeds suck so much tonight? All the cameras on the same thing and the constant cutting away to the be right back screen?


Exactly what I mean. you represent the malevolent masses that make up the world. dont even comment on how much of a douche the HGs are. your much more…


This format has intellectually, competivly, and otherwise screwd the newbies. I’ve always thought qaz was a liitle quack with all the AG jokes but I really doblame her. At a rodeo when a horse or bull fails to buck they always get a reride. BB13 newbies definitely deserve one too.


ok guys…I was on a bb chat and someone said something awesome! Kalia’s name should be 7/11 because her mouth is open 24/7…7/11, I love it : ).

Thanks Simon for all your efforts!! Love this site!


agree 1000% percent…this cast is weak and bad and ugly and boring…i think CBS chose them so they wouldn’t outshine or outlast the vets, choosing this group probably had A LOT to do with dick being there…and when he left, messed everything up

have you ever seen a cast who knows so little about the actual game. Lawon didn’t even know that there were live feeds. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? and kalia seems like she is learning as she goes. cassi admitted she never watched it and clearly had no idea. and if adam didn’t say he was such a fan, seriously, i would never know it. not everyone has to be a fan, but to have this many unschooled players?? come on. i mean Cassi is pretty but they knew she would be a weak player and Dom was cute but not in that physically imposing way that Jeff/Brendon are – i don’t think this is a coincedence that they were chosen…..


Kalia is a fat skank, dani is the skinny skank, boy george is the stupid skank,




If anyone gets voted back in the house (ie. Evel Dick and Dom) ,then there will be no eviction this week. Remember there still has to he be a double eviction later I’m the game. There would be no double eviction, of a house gets voted back in and eviction takes place this week. Whatever the twist is this week, there wont be an eviction. It’s likely that Brenden and Rachel will not be leaving the house this week !!!


First, Evel Dick is NOT an option as a returning houseguest as he has not been sequestered and has been watching the show, the feeds, and learning things from ppl through Twitter and other sites.

Second, your comment isn’t really accurate. If they DON’T bring someone back, there won’t be a double eviction. They have to bring someone back in order for the double eviction to take place; otherwise the show would need to end a week early.


when rachel wins her next hoh she will cry and say brendon this is for u lol , i can hear her saying floaters grab a life vest .


When i first started watching bb there was not any of this “im voting w/ the house” crap. I think dom had it right that the majority of these ppl are spineless and it makes for a lame season.
Regardless, whether its intentional or not, i think jeff is playing really smart. Hes sitting back fairly cool and letting b/r self destruct. As long as he keeps it up im pretty sure that even if he is backdoored he will stay over brendon or rachel – porshe would probably be the only one to go against him and maybe adam.


If Rachel does come off the block via POV, I think Dani’s best move would be to put Jordan up. That would insure Brendon goes home and Dani can spin it that way – how else could she insure Jeff would vote out Brendon? If she put up Jeff, it is possible Jeff could go home instead of Brendon so once again Dani saved J&J because the odds of Jordan going home at this stage would be almost zero.


The game of BB is simple – make it to the end AND get the people who got voted out to choose you as the winner. Being a super competitor normally puts a huge target on your back (as with B&R), especially in the beginning. Unlike Survivor, BB makes it so you can’t win every week so you have to use your social game to stay safe. B&R made the same mistake this year as they did last year – they relied solely on being strong competitors while alienating everyone socially. They deserve to be up on the block.


For those who think Dani made her move too soon, she has stated that she came to BB to win. If she went to final five with the vets, it is obvious she would be out before final two no matter how well she did in competitions. If she does make it to the final two, and the other four vets are in the jury, she won’t get the votes. I am sure Jeff would love to go all the way with B&R because no one would vote for them to win in the end.


Wow in that pick for the 1st time, in BB history Jordon does not look adorable, thought it was impossible


Kalia says she never peed in the Jacuzzi it was just a joke..

Yea I think it could be a joke too, I’m positive BB puts that special chlorine that turns urine blue and she would be caught and sent packing. BUT she is still nasty.


Go Rachel and Brendon!!! Daniele’s days are numbered, thank god!.


Kalia is still going on about Lawon? Her gameplay is horribad. She plays week to week, thats why she voted out Keith the first week, when they still had the numbers. Horrible season.


omg Lawon is SOOOO creepy. he just sit’s and stares at people all the time.


This Rachel and Brendon bull never seems to end. I can’t believe either of them actually played a team sport, they are worst team mates anybody could have. They whine and cry and sulk like babies when they don’t get their way. They should take a lesson from Dom, who they royally screwed over by demanding he throw the POV (stupid move on his part) and STILL didn’t take him off the block. Even though his fate was sealed, he still managed to be social.

Good character is being even-tempered under duress and Brendon/Rachel certainly missed that gene.