Big Brother Spoilers – Jeff Made a Deal to be Safe this Week “If I win HOH deal off Dani’s getting backdoored”

8:11pm Purple room Jordan and Jeff Jordan talks about the POV and what it will be like. Jeff: “If I win HOH i’m putting her up (Dani) ..I’ll back door her.. the deals no good”. Jeff says if he goes up theres a chance he will go home if Jordan goes up theres no chance. Jeff: “If either of us go up against them (BR) we’ll stay”. Jordan is kinda pissed about her being the one to go up, She isn’t sure that she has the vote. Jeff says he’ll go tell Dani to put him up then. Jordan says nooooo. Rachel walks in “What a BLANK week” she leaves and goes into the havenots to cry with Brendon. Jordan starts farting under the covers says she’s got a dutch oven… Jeff: “Ohh man ”

Dani joins them.

Dani says her intentions are not to backdoor anyone she telling them that she wants either Brendon or rachel to go home and If POV is used she will pick a pawn that has no chance of leaving. She says that the majority of people in the house will use the POV to bring Brendon down and send Rachel home. She says that Jordan will be the replacement vote because there is no way she would go home up against brendon or rachel. Jordan is glad she’s being honest. Jeff and Jordan are trying to tell BR to calm down tonight. Compete in the POV then see if they need to cut a deal. Dani says that she doesn’t want to do anything sneaky to JJ. Dani: “I just want to make sure were at least a bit cool right now”. Jordan thanks her for coming to them and telling them her plan. Dani leaves. Jeff asks her to please leave the door open because of Jordans farts.

8:32pm HOH Lawon, Kalia, Dani Mostly chit chat. Dani is saying if she hadn’t won HOH and it was brendon it would of been Dani and Kalia up on the block. Dani cringes at the thought of Brendons nomination speech. She says she tried to be fair in her and just explain her reasons clearly. Lawon says he thought her speech was good and fair.

dani’s says that you have to record a short clip explaining their nominations , danis clip for rachel was I nominate Rachel you told me you didn’t like floaters but you are the ones that floated back to me after I won HOH.

Kalia asks lawon to take his glasses off. Dani “cmon we can’t see your eyes” Lawon tells them his eyes are closed he’s resting them (HAHAHAHA Team Lawon). Dani tells them she’s going to bed at 11:00pm becuase tomorrow is her first VETO competition. She excited to be able to start competing again. Production tells lawon to stop sleeping
Dani and Kalia start laughing becuase lawon has been talking and interacting even. Lawon: “What tha. I’m resting my eyes… I’m talking man”.

They start talking about Feeds and message boards. Dani says her brothers really into it. Kalia says she thinks her friends are probably going online but she doesn’t think they are going to watch the feeds. Dani “I think Survivor is harder to play but Big Brother is harder to win… the Powershift in Big Brother are extreme but in survivor you can pretty much blind side anybody”.. Dani adds that she could never play survivor she would get airlifted out.

They start talking about Janele and how she had a bikini roll in entourag. Kalia brings up how many people that are on Big Brother that want to “get into the business”.. Dani: “It’s crazy how many people keep trying out for this show”
Lawon: “I would say in my casting gcall 85% said they come every year”
Dani says Adam did it 3 times her father tried 5 times and both Dick and Dani both got into semi finals for season 6. She explains that theres certain rolls they have to fill and some years you’re not right for the show. Dani: “My dad would not of done well in another cast than 8… no way” Dani: “I know my dad would of gone off on Rachel made her cry and hide in her room” (Damn I wish dick was in the house right now) ..”he would of gone to war with Jeff and Brendon”. Kalia wonders what cassi would of been like if she was still here. Dani says Cassi had a horrible game play she had 3 different deals with her. Dani adds that cassi was a great person though and she’s sure they will be friends after the show.

They start talking about how much Porsche really liked Keith in the beginning but she always denies it. Kalia: “At least admit you liked him”. Kalia impersonates Porsche ohhh.. “I saw him once in the shower and I thought he looked good”

9:02pm Purple Room They start talking about the POV and some of the things Dani said earlier. They have to convince whoever has the POV to save Brendon they need him in the house. They both want rachel gone if given the choice. Jeff thinks there’s a better chance of them staying if they are up against rachel then brendon. Jeff says the Veto competition is going to be serious because they have been building it for awhile. Jordan wonders if it’s one of those were you shave your head or have to choose between trips and prizes. Jeff thinks it’s going to be something physical and mental. Jordan is speculating it’s going to be geared towards a guy. Jeff says Brendon will most likely win it and he’s going to use it to save rachel then he’s going home. Jeff will have to try and convince Brendon not to use it to save Rachel. They both agree that they can’t stand neing around her.

9:27pm Bathroom Porsche, Porsche and Rachel Rachel is saying how much it sucks that her and Brendon are being broken up for the summer. Jordan says there’s still a lot of game plus there’s that twist everyone is talking about. Jordan leaves to go grab another pickle.

Rachel: “Dani is trying to take Brendon out because she thinks it’s a power move” Jordan: “Just hink about it a power move would be taking you out” Porsche: “As long as Jeff will take care of us we’ll be fine” Porsche explains that the 3 strongest girls in the house are Rachel, POrsche and Jordan (WTF why does porsche think she’s the strongest rachel yeah she’s a beast bit cmon POrsche). Rachel says she doesn’t think dani can beat her in the final 2 or in comps. Rachel talls Dani egotistical and self righteous.
POrsche really wants Rachel to stay over Brendon. Porsche: “I don’t think Brendon will turn his back on Shelly.. and she needs to go”
RAchel: “She needs to go .. I don’t trust her one bit”
Porsche says that she’ll have problem with Shelly down the road. She’s also worried about Lawon and Kalia. Jordan comes back and Shelly talk stops… Porsche starts making excuses of why she feel so early in the HOH comp.
Jordan leaves..

Rachel and POrsche go back to how they don’t trust Shelly.

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Porsche a strong player? she be on that crack man…

Rachel is a strong in comps, but weak socially. Jordon is strong, but only socially


and in comps that has her standing really long she does well in those

b ut the comps she won were either thrown to her or were pure luck


“Rachel calls Dani egotistical and self righteous”

Is this bitch serious? she’s a beast alright the Hypocritical Beast… She and Brenda could do no wrong in their little mind.


why you so jealous of rachel ????????? man get a life


I thought you were leaving the site and not coming back because all of your pro-Rachel comments were supposedly deleted by Simon.


Why you so mad most people don’t like Brenchel?

I don’t like her, I’m not jealous


don’t hate on her, she is a beast, and she works her ass off in these comp’s


Rachel is only good in quiz comps. The one endurance no one wanted to when because it was first HOH and Dick and Daniele made a deal with her


ugh i hate looking at how comfortable Kalia is upstairs in the HOH room. I know she is the only person Dani can trust right now but honestly, KALIA? she irritates me SOOO much. just hearing her complain about every little thing. and Brendon was right to make that comment about how she should clean her own dishes. she is a dirty dirty girl.

Whoa is Me

True story! I can’t stand Kalia! Like stfu already nd do something! Ugly beaver lookin fruit cake. Ughhhh! I’m lovin me some Adam though! He’s so funny!


Give Rachel a couple of bottles of wine as soon as her time on slop is done. Poor girl needs to get drunk.


We want to see Vegas


God every day I wish Evel Dick had stayed. Geo Metro is a joke, such a butt kisser.


Am I missing something? Why can’t Lawon sleep?


He’s a blood sucking vampire?


“Dani tells them she’s going to bed at 11:00pm becuase tomorrow is her first VETO competition. ”

That’s their cue to leave so she can go to bed, but what do they do? They stay. These two bottom-feeders do zilch to contribute to the house and take advantage any way they can. How do people like this get through life?

As for Kalia now stating she doesn’t have money problems, she said herself that a) her mother put her up in an apartment in LA and b) she has no place to go when she gets out.

The thought of these two losers making it to jury makes my stomach turn.


He is a have not and can only sleep in the have nots room


Damn Porsche and Rachel are Delusional, Kalia was going to share the wine with them but they had an attitude and not their acting it was Kaila ….. they need to be smacked, Brenda do your job


this comment is to “guy” a.k.a The Madd Brenchel Fan… about him being mad at me for not liking Brenchel

I wold never want to be in the BB house, but if I was I think would do a little better than Audrey II(Kalia) & Lawon, but I wouldn’t play a personal game like Brenchel I would actually play strategic, something Brenchel knows nothing about… Thank You

continue to be mad 😉


oh please better then kalia and lawon who are you trying to fool def not me seems that you got a high ego thinking that you could have done better then everyone Ill Will sit down and watch the show takes lesson thx for the name btw


See I made a joke, and you actually took it seriously HAHAHA


What is Rachel eating???


I 1st thought it was a fruit roll up, but then I realized she is still on slop. It’s Seaweed


Seaweed…dehydrated…they use the sheets to wrap sushi rolls


Rachel? rachel isn’t eating anything 😐 she’s putting on makeup. lol


She was eating…it looked like jerky but now I realize it was seaweed.




I don’t want a twist right now. I hope the twist doesn’t affect these nominations. Brenda needs to go home and Rachel needs to go back to her Vegas roots. It would be hilarious seeing her get wasted and disappointing Brenda. Then on finale night he can lay into her on national t.v. and tell the whole world how she needs him so she doesn’t act stupid and he can also show us his cure for cancer.


Jeff and Jordan are stupid they want brendon over Rachel brendon ain’t winning shit while Rachel wins every HOH If I was playin I definitely would keep Rachel around than Brenda because at least rachels winning shit 4 me


Haha. Kalia comparing herself to Boston Rob. Says she doesn’t understand why nobody likes her. ROFLMAO


Poor thing. No one likes Dani. Even when shes hoh. She’s so gone next week. Get that pov dani cause your screwed next week if you don’t! Bahahaha.


How many times a day does Rachel put on makeup? Does she actually wash her face before putting on more or does she just apply new on top of old? No wonder her face is broke out all the time


I literally can’t stand to hear Kalia talk anymore… I literally mute my tv

She’s the type of person that starts a sentence without knowing where it’s going. And rambles on, and on, and on!!

Dani’s ears might start to bleed



Well except kaila and lawon. Andthey ain’t winning nothing! P.S Lawon , wearing wigs and hoh robs isn’t gonna make you memorable. He was such a useless addition to the cast. People were dying for a chance on this show and this dude continues to prove that he doesn’t deserve to be there.


^^^Seaweed! Sardines is the other have not food!
Pinto really think shes gonna get a cooking show with all this ghetto gourmet food she’s making? CHILL!


Poor Lawon, his cry for attention is being ignored…


He trying to be a bad comedian, he got a few corny videos on Funny Or Die


I think Brendan leaving bye bye bredan . Rachel is gonna do what bredan did last season jeff and Jordan already got money thus they should NOT win out of tge veterans I think its danis turn again or Rachel Rachel a super competitor so my vote goes to Rachel and dani in veterans and shelly or kalia in the newbs they need to bring pt back though then it’s dani completely dani is by far the smartest and a good competitor.


Punctuation is your friend


last comment for now i just found a name for ill will his actually the “BIGGEST CRAZY FAN” of “MAD RACHEL FAN”


Why is Lawon wearing that ridiculous fro wig/bathrobe? It makes me so angry that BR/JJ feel they are so entitled to be in the house! You
Only see others as you see yourselves! Why did they have to bring these ridiculous people back? It’s not right! Someone needs to knock them ALL down a couple notches! Poor Dani, she just has Kalia to talk with! They’re all being assholes!


BRJJ only plays their game, and if it doesn’t go well for them they act like the world is going to end.

Rachel and Brenda needs to be focused on that crazy marriage they’re about to get in to and not worried about Big Brother BS. They came back to the BB house acted the same way they did last season and is suffering the consequences of their actions. Like Brendon said they came back only for the money they get to play they don’t really expect to win it all, they are not stupid.


why does everyone think it’s only brjj that act like they are entitled to stay. dani behaves the same way. i understand you’re a dani fan, but it seems people who are a fan of someone (doesn’t matter who you’re a fan of) seem to think that only the other houseguests behave that way. i am a fan of jeff, jordin, and sorta brendon. def not rachel. but i can still see them for how they’re behaving. dani, rachel and brendon are the ones who act like they are entitled to be there the most. and i don’t think it should matter if a vet wins or not, they are all in there playing. whether a newb or vet wins depends on the game they play. and if jordin wins again food for her. she came back to compete and try to win again. and why is everyone saying that it isn’t right if a vet wins then in the same sentence saying i hope dani wins. just because she isn’t alligned with the mainly vet side anymore doesn’t mean she isn’t a vet. she did play this game before, so all the people saying the vets shouldn’t win because they had their chance in previous seasons and then saying dani should win are being completely hypocritical. and i don’t understand why everyone is saying shelly shouldn’t win cause she’s a snake, or a floater shouldn’t win because they didn’t pick a side is silliness. you may not like how they play the game, but they are both still a type of strategy, whether you agree with it or not. never could understand why rachel hates floaters. it’s just another strategy type


any of ya’ll watch Shamless, Dexter or Weeeds?


I watch them all, awesome shows especially Dexter

Ms Jaxon

I watch them all, BLAH!! For those of you who have nott seen the 1st season of “Shameless”, you are totally missing out!! The Galligher family makes me believe that my family is normal!! LOL I LOVE IT!!


I can’t wait till this week is over. I will see kalia & dani pee in their pants. Kalia u weezle! Dani u hater. Brendon & Rachel is the only reason I’m watching BB!


ALIKA886 I Agree100% with you


I only going check out the feeds this week. No BB after dark, & BB CBS 4 me this week. I can’t stand dani! U dodo girl! Hater! Hater!


hey which big brother season should i watch 9 or 10


season 10 couples BBAD had alot of naked going on!! But I’d watch 9( my girl Keesha, OH YEAH) over 10.


I believe that was season 9, I know season 10 that’s when I started watching BB and there was no naked’s in BBAD LOL


I agree Keesha was the best looking and classiest woman ever on Big Brother.


I’m looking at rachel right now , and come next week you can tell she’s going to kill dani. She’s going to kill for that hoh and the good thing is she’ll have no competion either considering dani cant compete. Next week is going to be the best yet. I see an all out blow out next week where Dani will claim the first seat on jury just as brendon re enters the game. Karma is such a bitch 😉


I’m looking at Rachel too, and I see a nervous breakdown coming when Brendon walks out the door, she can’t think straight when she’s upset, that’s the sad part. Brendon is not coming back, he is not needed Rachel can play better by herself if she can stop acting psycho .


I know everyone would like to see Dom come back but I wouldn’t mind your scenerio. I was truly hoping to see the vets stick together until the final 5, so we could actually see them turn on each other and compete.


Kieth would have a better chance of being voted back in than Brenda.
America Hates Brachel.


I wish Porsche would’ve received the elf costume so viewers could see her in something other than the 2 sweatsuits she wears everyday ALL DAY!

Ms Jaxon

Sorry TJV, it’s 3 jogging suits…lavender, green, and grey!! Get it straight! The follower needs a new wardrobe, maybe that’s why she came on BB in the first place. I’m just saying!


Rachel is easily influenced by her emotions, by production, by other people, etc. When she’s nervous she does not play as well. JJ would be smart to team up with Dani and take BR out then have a free for all. They can take any of the newbies and probably still win.

Kalia is a major moocher, not just in the game it seems. Just a random observation.

What THREE deals did Dani have with Cassie, or is she just blowing smoke?


what?! is Cassi back in the house or something? lol… btw, thoughts on what the twist will be next thursday?


Oh okay. Gotcha. Not having the feeds, I miss a lot. Thanks Simon.


I didnt see any deals between Cassi and Dani. Rachel and Dani keep saying Cassi had to go because she had bad game play but really Dani wanted Dom to herself and dom was all over Cassi when she was there(cant blame him) and Rachel just doesnt like anyone that is hotter then she is…cassi’s leaving was all about cattiness and very little about her game play…


Another random thought: Porsche and Brendon looked pretty good together cooking in the kitchen. Like a real couple.

Rachel to Jordan: “Do you think Jeff will mind cooking for me if Brendon is voted out?” Damn! Way to think ahead! Lol!


when is that fortune teller machine going to do something and how funny would it be if britney hosted the veto comp


Rachel is riding her emotional rollercoaster right now on BBAD; one minute she’s on the verge of crying & telling Brendan to come give her another kiss, then she’s looking stressed and hoovering down the food, next she’s down again and Brendan (or Shelley … butt kisser) are rallying Adam to dance his elf dance to cheer her up, then Porcha (butt kisser) is whipping up slop recipes to feed to her to make her feel good, yet again she’s down and wearing her sour puss pouty face ………… and so on ….. and so on …. and so on. Cameras are really focusing in on and capturing her mood changes. Oh Sybil!!! She and Brendan are going to make this a volatile and interesting week.


POV hasn’t even been played and Tachel is talking and acting like Brendon’s already gone. For that reason, I’d like to see her go. I was sorta hoping she’d stay purely for entertainment value, but now I take back the tiny bit of sympathy she’s been squeezing outta me. Sigh.


A normal conversation goes on and then Kalia walks in and dominates the whole thing


Ah, man, I know what you mean! I can’t stand that pointless, rambling Valley Girl blithering. I just mute the freakin’ TV when she speaks.


And I’m so tired of her singing every other thing that she says or having to fill the silence with “ummm…”


Yes Dani is bitter, but umm so is BRJJ and i quote “If You take any of us out, we’re not voting for you” They took Dom out and she gonna take one of them out . like Brenda says “it;s not rocket science” It’s BIG BROTHER


Rachel & Brendon makes BB exciting 2 watch. I want the twist 2 B Brendon & Rachel get safe some how. All floaters B gone!


Brenda looks like he is about to cry like a bitch. he should be happy he is going home he did not want to come back to the big brother house he did it for Rachel, and now she will be able to play without him treating her like shit. He will go home and skype.


dani made the best move to stir the pot in the BB house. I want her to win.


Brendon and Jeff are such trash the way that they talk, it’s horrible. Jeff said he wanted to snap her neck and choke a bitch, I don’t understand what’s so hard for them to believe that they lost the HOH competition, it’s time for them to move on!


Jordan is the best social game, they need to take a f**king hint from her.


Can some1 plzzz fill me in on what happened w/ Brendon & skype,,, I’ve seen it mentioned afew times but not sure what he did,,, Was he w/ crybaby at the time??? Tnkssss =))


Ohhhh,,,, Ewwwwwwwwwwwww lolol,,,, Tnks Simon =)),,, Great job w/ the site hun,,, I just luvvvvv it =))

JJ Fan 4ever

Well, the thing is that Dani made the first move and because of that, its now open season for backdooring Dani. But I kinda hope that he gets rid of Kalia first. Lawon is not really playing the game so he’ll be easy to pick off. And by doing that for a week, he might have secured a vote in the jury by keeping his word for at least a week.


jeff and jordin would rather keep brendon around then rachel for a couple of reasons. brendon would be more likely to keep his word to them with any deals they made then rachel would. rachel would start wanting them out not for strategy, but because she is jealous that they still have each other and she doesn’t have brendon. and in my personal opinion i think they would rather keep brendon because they don’t seem to really like being around rachel, she is a loose cannon and they seem to be able to tolerate brendon better, because even though he’s a little mental himself, he’s seems to be able to stay calm when rachel isn’t there

Ms Jaxon

To my Wonderful BB13 Sucks:

I couldn’t have said it any better!! I would add though that Kalia looks like Fiona and the Grinch had a baby, Rachel should chew her food more than 3 x’s b4 she swallows (so annoying), Porsuck is the biggest ASS Kisser I have ever seen, Shelly is getting her “Woman Card” revoked for hearing Jeff call Dani a B*tch and laughing along as if it was o.k. AND…If I hear the oh so educated Brenchal say “Brenden and I” or Rachel and I” one more time incorrectly (I instead of me) I will scream!!

Luv Ya!!


every year people get on these websites to say the most horrible and nasty comments about people on a game show that they know nothing about. That is what is so sad. I, like a lot of the viewers who watch have an opinion and I think about some of the people and the way they play and wonder why they would do this or that, but I realize that this is only a game show on tv and has nothing to do with me personally, and I have no right to criticize and belittle these brave people who are living their dream of doing this, (however they do it). All of the negative comments made, the name calling, is such a waste of your life. While you are exerting so much of your energy into this show and hating on these people, think about what you could be doing with your time on this earth.. Life is short. Why are you all spending it this way?


Hope Dani aligns with Adam and one other strong player. I know Adam is not the strongest, but since he is a fan of Dick, I figure he might turn out to be trustworthy.

Not liking it that Dom went home…I love those Asian boys 🙁

B&R are entertaining when they are dealing with other people in the house, but I can’t stand to see Brendon turn into such an emotional wreck when they are fighting. It would be interesting to see Rachel and Jeff be in the finals because I like it when they fight!

I don’t particularly like Kahlia, but I really can’t stand Shelly at all!!! I hope that Adam (or someone who needs the money) ends up winning it!


I know this goes back to last week but…. did anyone catch what cd Dani got in her HOH basket? I’ve heard all the others but didn’t catch hers on After Dark.