Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff says that his farts are nothing… Brendon just farted and it almost made him throw up..

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12:45am Jeff, Rachel and Porsche are in the bathroom talking about acne and how to get rid of it. Rachel says that she has a bug bite or something on her cheek but says that it’s not going down. Porsche tells Rachel about a product that you can use to remove blackheads. Jeff asks Rachel if she sneezes when she pulls out eyebrow hairs. Rachel says that it happens to her all the time. Jeff says that he just sneezed from pulling some out. Adam questions it and Jeff says that it happens because the nose hairs are connected to the nose.

Rachel says yes that sometime it happens. Rachel asks Porsche if she wants to come with them and hang out in the HaveNot room. Jeff tells Brendon and Rachel that Rachel and Brendon are going to win the power of veto. Jeff says that then they can make a deal with Dani for a week to keep them all safe. Brendon says that Dani blames Brendon and Rachel for telling Jeff about Dani and the plan to back-door Jeff. Jeff and Rachel complain when Brendon farts. Brendon says that it was Jordan. They start talking about slop and how it makes you fart. Rachel says that it sucks in the HaveNot room because there isn’t any airflow. Jordan says that production asked her about how smelly her farts are… Jordan comes back from being in the diary room and says that America is going to think that she’s the most disgusting person ever. Jeff asks why? Jordan says that the diary room just asked her just how bad are your farts? ..Right then Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen.. When the live feeds come back, Jordan smells a fart and asks who did that? ..It wasn’t me! Jordan tells Brendon that between the two of them, they really stink the place up. Brendon and Rachel are now alone in the HaveNot room. They kiss and tell each other they love each other. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Jordan and Shelly are talking about Brendon saying that he wanted to go home if one of them had to go. They talk about how he wants to be the one to go so that he could go back to studying at school. They say that Brendon and Rachel also wanted Rachel to be the one to stay because she didn’t have a job to go to if she left. Jordan leaves the bathroom and head to the metal room where, Kalia, Lawon, Jeff and Adam are laying down and talking.

1:40am Shelly and Kalia are in the lounge room talking. Shelly tells Kalia that she can’t take things to personally in the house because they are all here to play a game and to win money. Shelly tells Kalia that people are noticing that Kalia is always running upstairs. Shelly says that some people think Kalia is riding Dani’s coattails. Shelly tells Kalia that people get angry at her when they are cooking and Kalia just jumps in and asks them to make her something too. Kalia starts to defend herself ..Right then Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the control room screen..

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When the live feeds come back, Kalia tells Shelly about being a black woman. Kalia says that she feels alone in the house because she is the only black woman. Shelly asks Kalia if she bonds with the women. Kalia tells Shelly that it is easier to bond over race than gender. Kalia says that is why her and Keith felt so betrayed by Lawon for throwing them under the bus. Kalia says that there is a way black women connect. Kalia says that there is a small difference but there is a difference. Kalia says that it feels like things come down ten times harder on her because she is a black girl. Kalia says it is easy to make her the BLANK. Kalia says that it was really eye opening to be up on the skis during the HOH competition and no one, not even Lawon, cheered for her. Kalia says that the only person that has had her back during this game is Dani. Kalia starts to cry. They talk about how they both feel that Jeff is a loyal player and that he is a very passionate and say that can work for him and against him. Kalia says and you would probably want to work with him. They talk about how Jeff was in here calming down Brendon earlier. Kalia says that she thinks if Rachel or Porsche were to win HOH she would be put up on the block. They talk about how they think Porsche is in a good spot because if and when Brendon leaves she will be able to pair up with Rachel. Kalia says she never thought she would be the focus of everyone’s dislike. Shelly tells Kalia that things will change in a few weeks, Kalia says that she know and says that she just needs to ride it out.

2:30am – 3:15am Kalia, Porsche and Jeff are in bed with lights out. Jeff asks Kalia to tell them a scary story. Kalia starts to tell him one and Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the feeds come back, the story is just finishing up. Kalia then tells another story about a summer camp. When the story finishes, Porsche says that her and her friends didn’t use to do scary things at sleepovers, they would just freeze each other bras. They start talking about sleepovers and scary movies. Kalia says that Dani freaked her out one night by flipping her hair over like the girl from the Ring. Jeff says BLANK that Ring movie. Jeff farts and Kalia asks him if that was real? Porsche tells Jeff that his farts sound wet. Kalia says that she has never been around so many farters. Jeff says that this is the house of farts. They joke around and say that it’s something in the water that makes them fart. Jeff says that he knows that the slop brings it on because since Jordan has been on slop she has had atomic farts. Jeff fart again. Porsche tells him that he belongs in the HaveNot room. They continue talking scary movies. Kalia says that Big Brother could really scare them if they wanted to. Jeff says that he would freak if he saw a glowing face in the mirrors.

3:30am Jeff, Kalia and Porsche are now talking about the wrap party the night of the finale. Kalia asks if they had a half way party the year he was on. Jeff says that he thinks they did. Jeff says that he thinks they at least got them a pizza or something. Jeff says congratulations’s a pizza. Jeff gets up and farts and leaves to go to the bathroom. Brendon leaves right after too and goes to the bathroom. Brendon and Jeff are in the bathroom talking. Jeff asks Brendon if he just farted? Brendon says no. Jeff is really grossed out and leaves the bathroom. Jeff goes back to bed and farts again. They complain about him farting. Jeff says that his farts are nothing… Brendon just farted and it almost made him throw up.. Kalia tells them that she has only passed gas twice in the house. Jeff asks what?! Jeff says that there’s got to be something in the water. Jeff says that there is no way I’m ripping farts like this. Brendon comes back to the havenot room and the houseguests say goodnight and go to sleep…
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6:15am All the houseguests are still sleeping…

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Good morning everyone.. Today is a big BB day we have have the POV comp


Who won the pov

I LOVE Kalia

Kalia will win it!! She’s gonna show she’s the next Janelle.

Tyler Kent

Enough on the farting thing, eh? This is beginning to remind me of flippin kindergarten… and for me that was nearly 40 years ago!


you haven’t farted since kindergarten? Have a little sense of humor, your talking about people isolated in a house, what do you expect?


Farts are awesome. What is wrong with yah?


Talking about farting is just plain gross. Farts are not funny. They stink and are absolutely disgusting.


Of course she’s gonna play the race card. People disliking her has nothing to do with the fact that she’s lazy, annoying, never stops talking….it’s because she’s black! Well that’s fine, now we can add profusely ignorant to the list of Kalia’s negative traits.


I don’t understand why Daniele didn’t give the HOH to Kalia. By doing that Daniele would be safe & able to play for HOH next week. Dumb move Daniele!


Kalia would have used the hoh powers to make Danielle do a crazy annie on her.


Does anyone know what slop is made of? Whatever it is, I bet its nasty lol


That muscle milk + the slop is the culprit of all the gas… They drink that muscle milk like it’s water. SMH

Man Kalia just pulled the race card? Really? No nobody like you because you’re a fat slob who talks out of her ass 99% of the time.
Black people, white people, brown people WE ALL HATE YOU!!


it’s interesting how she says that it is easier to bond over race and that keith and she were SO OFFENDED AND HURT that lawon threw them under the bus when she herself VOTED KEITH OUT….this woman needs serious psychological help…in the BB house of all places there are no external influences and everyone is really out for themselves so bringing race into it is ridiculous and particularly egregious when people use it as an excuse in places/situations that it doesn’t exist because it damages the credibility of those who actually do experience it – so I don’t see how Kalia is looking out for or trying to bond with members of her race at all

and what the hell does race have to do with eating too much, being dirty, and imposing on people


Atleast they’re not walking away from the scene or denying it lol


I’m kinda wondering if Rachel will be the one evicted this week if they don’t win the pov. Cause they have the votes to send whoever home. And jeff clearly would rather have Brendon there than rachel. Id rather see Brendon get evicted, but rachel going home would be nice to. Also Rachel was a bitch on BBAD last night. She eats that seaweed like a cow.


i thought she looked nervous, distracted and even scared the entire time, like you could read her thoughts through her face….it would help her to not be so transparent when she’s on the block, imo


How many times is Kalia going to say I feel so alone in this house, I have no one?

I LOVE Kalia

Kalia would have had Chima, Jesse, and Natalie if she were on BB11. Poor Kalia 🙁 She’s totally going to win more HOH with her strategy of using her fat and peeing on her cast.




Brendon, then Rachel, deserve to get the boot. Rachel cries, sulks & whines when she & Brendon aren’t controlling every move and everybody in the house. While Brendon goes around half cocked and telling others what they have to do once his sorry ass is booted out, and talking trash people, making threats to Dani & whomever he & R don’t have in their pocket. Take Jeff’s advice and suck it up you big juvenile bully. Good riddens BR. The sooner they’re out the better. Once they’re out, I hope Dani & JJ team up to get rid of the floaters, starting with Porcha (Rachel’s sidekick).




What? What the heck Is chuuuch?


Gotta it! Thnx! (my urban lingo isn’t as developed as yours …. actually had to google it)

I LOVE Kalia

I hardly hear a thing about Kalia. I must assume that everybody is in love with Kalia like I am. Best BB cast member EVER! So smart to use her fat and urine to help he almost win a head of household. Nobody has ever thought of that strategy before!! I’m sure she’s going to win a bunch of future HOHs with that strategy. And hopefully she gets the Jesse pandora’s box so she can finally get some. I’m sure they’d have a good time together. He wanted Lydia and Natalie after all.


I think it’s more sad that she wasn’t on BB12. She and Matty would have done it “all day all night” or is it “all day baby all day”


LOL Pacer got pimples or is that some wonder PS work?


Where is Jordon in all of this? Did she go off to sleep by herself somewhere?


I think Rachel should go and leave Brendon to sleep with Porche….someone needs to get between “me and my man” to show him whats up doc about that girl


and he would too, it;s obvious he is attracted to her, and him and Boy George’s so-called love is just for the cameras and TV fame it’s not real.

I LOVE Kalia

Um…Kalia wanted to get between her and her man. And even her man and the sun. Her hoh basket is going to be incredibly kinky. Too bad Dom isn’t still there so she can devirginize him and show him how it’s done in SoCal.


They know that every time they start being psycho the cameras go on them. I wouldn’t be surprise if they were actors planted on the show t o cause Drama, then all that BS that comes outta their mouths would make sense.


I think part of the reason she’s flipping out so much is that if Brendon goes home and she’s stuck on BB for the rest of the season, she’s afraid Brendon may start sending pictures of his privates to online girls again. I totally forgot about that. Someone reminded me and I watched his apology video again… hilarious.


lololol i keep thinking that if rachel weren’t there brendon would be all over dani, and if jordan weren’t there jeff would be all over dani….trust me on this i am never wrong about these things


I know farting is a guy thing but there are females in the house,drop it on their heads BOOOOOM LOL

Jordan says that the diary room just asked her just how bad are your farts?



Well, what do they expect. They give them sardines and seaweed to eat, lol. Man, those have got to be nasty…


Adam in that Elf costume reminds me of that Hilarious game Elf Bowling


Oh shit I knew the real reason Rachel was famous, she’s the actor who played the physical Darth Vader


lets keep it real for a second dani knows she can beat brendon in endurance competitions thats why she wants brendon to stay she knows rachel will give her a hard time she knows rachel will win quiz etc…. thats why she wants rachel gone but if rachel or brendon wins the veto i’ll be glad . team br all the way dani start packing your bags .

kailia your a asshole not the racecard wow , we just dont like u kailia and yes thats coming from a black woman jackass glad shelly letting her know what time it is she’s a annoying begs and is worthless


I can stomach Jeff bc he knows when to shut down the bully work and play the social game. He wanted to intimidate as long as he had the newb’s in awe.
Brendan though is so self centered and antisocial bc he feels awkward and his defense mechanism is I am smarter than anyone and here is proof, blah blah
You can see it in Brendan’s eyes when he talks. Brendan has to go. Rachel on the other hand has an okay heart but her competitive brain overwhelms her personality. I like Rachel in the house for only one reason, her willingness to get the HG’s to be active and play party games, talk crap and have some fun.
Do I want to see her win? No, because she’s still annoying to listen to and my head would explode if I had to listen to her go nuts from winning.
At this point, I dont see a clear favorite to win but I sure dont want the winner to be Lawon, Porshe or Kalia. These 3 are poorly cast for this show. IMO

Let’s see the Twist and who survives the next two power shifts. We are still early in the season folks. We have a lot more gifts, vetos and Production manipulations to get through before we make any presumptions. Thanks Simon and Dawg for hard work.


did Kalia really just play the race card -_- omg she needs to go.


People didn’t get the gist of what Kalia was trying to articulate. It’s so easy for people to get offended and shut down whenever anybody tries to have an open discussion about race.Most non minorities do not comprehend how difficult it is to be in a situation where you don’t see people who look like you or share a cultural connection. It just makes it harder, though not impossible, to create a bond. She was merely lamenting that fact,and nothing else. She was not ‘playing the race card’ as people are so quick to accuse her of.

Ligthen up people. Sheesh!