Boogie: “You made the big moves sweetheart.. one of us is staying honey and guess who we’re coming after”

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

7:55pm cam 1-2 Britney and Boogie Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Britney telling him that she did hear Boogie and Frank are coming after her and Shane.

Boogie: “Who are you talking to britney.. you made the big moves sweetheart.. one of us are staying honey and guess who we’re coming after”
Frank: “Last week I could have put you up and I didn’t “
Britney” I did hear you were coming after me that is all.. I do not have some power of Shane.. I’m not sitting upstairs in my thrown controlling everyone”
Boogie: “Was Dan and Danielle in on this decision”
Britney says no.. This wasn’t my HOH I never put the keys in the box.

Britney looks at Boogie: “you didn’t say make a big move that you are not going to like to Boogie: “NO”
Britney: “C’mon”
Frank: “We thought about Dan but it was only a thought.. I thought last week’s HOH was proof enough for you.. Why not talk to us about it.. everything we’ve said we were going to do we’ve done”

Britney: “I heard from a very reliable source that Boogie wanted Britney and Shane up and Frank almost did it. Britney goes over and over that is all she said to Shane and now she’s getting all the blame. Britney laughs says she’s being grossly overestimated by them.. She’s not this big time Big Brother mastermind.
Britney: “Did you guys try to get Shane to put me on the block this week”
Boogie: “We mentioned it”
Frank: “That is when we thought you were behind it all”
Britney: “I’m safe this week”
Frank: “Ohh right we forgot about that”

8:22pm Cam 1-2 Britney, Boogie, Frank
Britney: “I’m not going to go down for this.. I’m not taking all the heat .. I’m not the only one in Shanes ear”

Boogie warns about Dan he’s starting to think that perhaps Dan is up to something in the house. Boogie adds that Dan has hands down the best social game in the house there is no way they are going to get the votes to take Dan out. Boogie thinks that Dan is going to do it again this year. Boogie: “Do you want to go after Dan with the castaways or with Frank and Boogie on your side”
Frank mentions how Dna is always talking about having a Memphis in this game.
Frank: “I told you last week about him.. we should have nominated him”
Boogie: “You’re right I should have listened to you.. My mistake.. Kudos”
Boogie: “One of us Three are going to win this thing.. unless it’s who can spray tan the fastest this Moth**F**** is ours” Boogie is hinting that Dan is a viable choice. Boogie reminds them that Dan is a dangerous mofo and he’s going to win it again.

Boogie is glad they found out about Dan now..

8:32pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Boogie
They are 100% unto Dan. Boogie is SUPER pissed about it Wishes he would have listened to Frank last week. Boogie doesn’t even know if he can bullshit with Dan anymore. Boogie points out that it was Dan that got them nominated not Britney not Shane.
Boogie: “I’m just going to act indifferent.. I am ready to go to war with him”.. Frank and Boogie both think they can swing Shane and Britney and get Dan Backdoored.. (I like their optimism) Frank says if they confront Dan they won’t get anything out of him that will make him look in a bad light. Boogie agrees says that everyone on that side does not like confrontations.

8:37pm Arcade Room Britney and Danielle
Britney is VEry upset with Shane

Britney explains to Danielle that Shane has totally screwed her in the game she just spent the last hour in a room with Frank and Boogie getting verbally beaten because Shane doesn’t have the balls to take the blame for his HOH.

Britney: “this is the second time he’s thrown me under the bus”
Britney: “I’m going to get evicted because Shane cannot handle the heat.. you know what he can’t evict me this week so way.. i’m done with it he can’t be a man and say this is my idea.. I’m done helping him out”

Danielle says when Janelle came after her during her HOH she said it was her decision to put janelle up none of it was Dan. You didn’t see her passing the blame on Britney or Dan.
Britney: “You know what we were saying last week that Shane was a liability”
Danielle: “Ya”
Britney: “I’m over it.. I quit my job left my husband for what because Shane can’t take the heat and stick up to boogie and frank

Danielle cannot believe Shane went and did that. Britney: “He can’t man up and take responsibility for it.. he doesn’t want the blood on his hands”
Danielle: ‘Then why didn’t he throw the HOH to me.. I would have put Boogie and Frank up with none of this Bullshit”

8:47pm Arcade Shane and Britney

Britney: “I’ll try and make it short and sweet shane.. YOu threw me under the bus so bad I am now 100% at fault for putting boogie and Frank up .. I just had a verbal beat down with 2 grown men”
Britney: “Why didn’t you say it was your decision”
Shane: ‘I’m not taking all the blame for this one”
Shane why is it always left for me to win the HOH’s and take these players out. Britney tells him that she the only person that has had his back since day one.. he has a guaranteed jury vote with her and what did he do throw her under the bus to Boogie and Frank 2 people who they are trying to get out this week. Shane apologizes says that he doesn’t know how to play the social game. He plans on confronting Frank and Boogie and tell them it was all his idea and that Britney had nothing to do with it. Britney doesn’t want him to do that, She feels like that will only make matters worse.

Shane says he never blamed it on Britney that Boogie and Frank are exaggerating things. Britney doesn’t care what was really said the bottom line is Frank and Boogie are pissed at her because you said I influenced your decision to put them up. Britney: “You have done this to me before Shane.. I learnt last week that you were telling them I was the reason Frank went up as a replacement nominations”

Shane: “Why do I have to Win the competitions”
Britney: “Did I tell you to win that HOH.. apparently i’m in control of you influencing your every move”

Shane gets a bit defensive.. says he just did 100% what everyone wanted him to now the sh!t storm comes from his own team. Britney tells him that she’s not good at this game. Dan and Boogie have already won it why is everyone becoming threaten by her. This was all their decisions.

Britney says she’s done with talking with him.. She’s not giving anymore advice to Frank. She didn’t leave her life to thrown under the bus by her closest ally. Britney says that Shane is protecting Dan and Dan does not have his best interests in mind. Britney: ‘Look Shane Dan is taking Danielle to the end don’t think he wants to take you.. ”

8:50pm Danielle and Dan

Danielle telling him that Shane blamed the entire nomination on Britney and she’s pissed beyond belief.
Dan: “Did he mention us”
Danielle: “No he kept us out of it.. Shane has thrown Britney under the bus twice”
Dan: “That is not good for us”
Danielle: “I know”
Dan: “You think she threw us under the bus”
Danielle: “No.. she’s not like that”

Daneille leaves and Frank comes in.. Dan asks him if everythign is cool. Frank says it is they know someone is betraying them. Dan: “you know who it is?”
Frank: “No”
Dan: “You don’t think it’s me do you
Frank: “No”
Frank leaves..
Dan looks at the camera.. “Sucker”
9:00pm Dan and Danielle Bedroom
Dan reading the Bible: “Ian could get pinched now”
Danielle: “just because Shane cannot man up”
Dan: “They are going to cause a lot of trouble before they go.. we just gotta hold everyone together” (talking about Chilltown)
Danielle says she trusts Britney way more than Shane.. She points out that Shane will not stand up to people. She knows Britney says mean things that she doesn’t mean and is super negative but Danielle know in her heart that they can rely on Britney till the end.

Dan says what shane did was a bad game move for them but it pushed the bulls eye off his back So in essence it was a OK move for Shane. Dan: “He burnt a bridge between him and Britney that may never be repaired.. that the problem with what he did”

9:40pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Boogie

Going on 100% war with Dan. Frank is going to tell Danielle, Shane and Britney about Dan’s and their Final 3 deal. Boogie thinks they need to hold out for a bit and try other means of persuasion before they unleash the big guns. Boogie: “This guy has no idea who he’s dealing with” Boogie has had it with Dan they both call him the muppet say he talks like a used car salesman. Boogie points out that Dan’s big plan might be to get rid of Frank and pull Boogie in to work with. Boogie laughs says if that greasy muppet thinks I will work with him he’s got another thing coming.. Boogie will sabotage his game to get Dan out of the house. It’s not going to be easy to show the other players just what type of player Dan is. Frank: “wouldn’t be be the greatest if we can get get Dan Backdoored”

Frank points out how it was very noticeable that Britney was downplaying her involvement but she was also trying to protect Dan. Boogie thinks that Dan is the one behind most of this and Dan is hoping that Shane and Britney take out the big players so him and Danielle can take out the castaways later in the game.

Boogie doesn’t like Dan’s game he thinks it’s slimy and not very elegant. Boogie is ready to draw a line in the sand right now. Boogie: ‘There is a 90% chance one of us 3 will win the POV.. it’s not over yet”

Frank gets up to leave.. opens the door Blows a Giant Fart…Frank says tonight when he’s sleeping with Dan he’s going to point his butt near him and fart all night. Boogie laughs. asks what they are all doing outside in the kitchen. Frank: ‘It’s the worst thing in the world.. Joe’s cooking show… oh and Dan is right up there all excited” Boogie: ‘Last night he was slamming joe’s cooking” Frank: “Sneaky of a bitch”

Mike lays out a plan for them.. Frank needs to work Ashley hard. Once the POV results are in they will go to Shane and launch their plan with him. Up until then they should keep their cool with Dan no need to have him work overtime right now.

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I may dislike Dani as a person with a passion, but I gotta give her credit right now.. she is loyal and Dan coached her well …She isnt giving anything up to Frank and Boogie!

Karen S

Brit played it pretty cool eh Simon? She didn’t react or put anyone down.. just plead her case before Shane. Which was an ass move to make.. but now they (mike and frank) think it was ultimately Dan. snickers.. ah well. Doesn’t matter, one of them is going home.. or to jury. The odds are against either one of them winning the POV What’s left..? Frank and Boogie turning on each other.. and letting all the kitties out of the bag.
What a night… in the BB house. Maybe floater is the way to go. Let them bitches fight it out.. and we’ll use our vote to gain favor with them every week. errrrrrrrrrrrrrg!


it’s funny how joe is doing his cooking show and bad is showing frank and boogie instead.


Even funnier when no one would tatse it.


Finally..things seem to be heating up


Dan is the GOAT

He will get out of this no problem

I lost all my respect for Brittney tonight though …


LOVE DAN and want him to win again. Cannot stand Mike and Frank and want them gone this week. They are both such poor whiny sports and so is Britney.


Are you kidding me?? She was on FIRE! Ive lost all respect for that Pu$$y of a man called Shane.You must be one of those cocky dudes with a receeding hairline.She would turn you into ash!


I totally agree with you , I kinda lost respect for Shane , even Danielle handled things better when she nominated Janelle and people still made fun of her. Oh well captain america is not so smart anymore is he ?


Love it!!!!!!


I agree!!!


I completely agree. Feel sorry for her. No one REALLY has her back–definitely not Shane now. And just when I was really liking him. Brit is always having to stand on her own two feet. I think she and Ian should team up. I appreciate her standing up for herself. If Danielle were smart she would listen more to Brit and not Dan.


shane DID punk out but hearing Brit whine and whine about how she is no threat, she never wanted to play this game as a player (even though she DID hit the reset button), how she just floated on her season and was carried/then backstabbed by the brigade yet everyone thinks she is some master strategist. Forget the pity party and evict yourself Brit


Me too! I don’t know why everyone feels so sorry for Brit. She’s nothing but a cry baby. Wah Wah, Shane’s blaming me, wah wah!!

The Better Erin

I really do hope Britney comes out on top through all of this. Frank, Boogie, Shane, and Dan all come off as way too cocky to me, and Danielle is so far up Shane’s anal cavity that I fear she’ll never redeem herself this season. The others are just worthless and will need a big turn around. So yeah, team Britney at this point, and ONLY Britney.


Amen–go Brit!


Team Britney all of the way. I like Ian too.
Shane blew it big, Boogie is a douche and when he says sweetheart and honey I would have slapped him,
Frank is a whiner.


What??? I think Brit is the whinnnnner!

Karen S



Oh please! I hated Brit her season but I kind of liked her this time around , but she’s now gettting on my nerves big time!


Ahahahahaha, the Boogie/Frank rage is delicious. Dan the man, lets get both these tools out on Thursday.

my name is not kelly

I would not could not be on BB because I can be the most vindictive witch ever! I would plot all kinds of sabotage against people I did not like. For example, in this instance I would try to put some of Shane’s nice hair removal cream into shampoo. How about hot sauce in other people’s food or slop. Hide the toilet paper. Saranwrap on the toilet bowl. I am more creative when I am pi$$ed off.

What mean nasty acts of sabotage would you perform in the BB house?


I would want to be on the production team, and I would spend a solid week trying to make that house seem haunted, but very subtly.
Strange noises (barely audible), make things move of their own validtion, maybe quickly project some creepy images in the mirrors (scary faces, etc.). I would slowly step it up over the week until everyone was doubting themselves.
Probably wouldn’t work very well because those people would all think it was production, but if you did it in a really subtle way it would still be freaky enough to give them some good scares!


What a creep!




Boogie and Frank are telling Ian that they know it wasn’t Brit, it was Dan.
Ian is gonna run right back to the Quack and tell them….oh hell it’s gonna get wild.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give them triple the booze!


Hope Frank is kicked to the curb on Thursday and Mike is the other one to go in double eviction. They are both such utter douche bags!!! Also, lost all respect for Britney as she is such a whiny baby!!! Hoping for Ian and Dan to be in final two and want Ian to win but if not Ian then Dan!!!


@Noname.I don’t know about Ian,he comes off as a little wishy washy when it comes to Dan.But I hope your right and Ian tells Dan tonight what Boogie&Frank said.Dan needs a heads up.


Boogie, the arrogant ass, thinks he can swing Britney and Shane. And I’m sure Danielle and Ian and Ash and Joe and Everybody. LOL. He has no f’ing clue that B/F don’t have anybody but themselves. Wow. I think Dr. Will is sitting there somewhere laughing his ass off at how Boogie is taken for a ride right now.


No Dan your the Sucker! Dude you are screwed.


I wish Dan would tell Boogie the truth about Ian … Boogie will realize he’s telling the truth because they tell Ian everything


Your an idiot Shane Dumb…. You could have been smart and backdoored one of them but he is an idiot :/ not happy I guess the only thing left is the quack pack :/


Good for dumbass Britney, get her annoying ass out of there next week! I never liked that bitch, not on Big Brother 12 and not now! I swear to God she looks like an ugly, overrated porn star.


@ A.says, Watch what you say about people. If u dont like Britany fine, but to call her a washed out porn star is Outragous!!! Why don’t you post your picture so we can comment what you look like!!!! Personally you sound like an Ass!!! TEAM BRITANY


How mean.


I love Dan…but he’s in some serious trouble…big time…he had better figure it out or become better buddies with Shane quick because he is on his way out if he really thinks Frank and Boogie aren’t on to him.


Maybe I’m just over thinking this but I truly am starting to think the only way Boogie and Frank don’t convince Shane to BD Dan is if Dan wins POV or Brit self destructs and throw doubt into the minds of Boogie and Frank and make them think she really was behind this. Liven by these feeds Simon thanks for the updates, please correct me if I’m way off base here with my line of thinking but just interpretting what I’m reading here Dan is in trouble.


Only people in trouble are Boogie and Frank. No one is buying their BS.


If Shane deserts his alliance he is out the door. One, the alliance can secure the votes to evict whomever they want – they don’t need Shane or Dan to vote – they need 4 votes – no problem. Second, he would only have Frank/Mike to rely on (whichever is left).


Shane’s not leaving his alliance. Why would he. Boogie and Frank are on their own. They just don’t realize it, which I find really amusing. They don’t even have Ian or Jenn or Ash anymore. The joke’s on them, specifically Boogie, really.



I truly want to agree with you, I just haven’t seen the feeds and judging by this Frank and Boogie may be on the right track, Shane makes decisions at the last second, I am worried Brit put seeds of doubt about Dan with Shane, and if Boogie and Frank expand on that doubt Dan seems so over confident right now I’m worried he won’t have enough time work in his slow methodical on Shane and Boogie and Frank may put enough doubt about Dan to get him BD’d if that makes any sense. Am I just barking up the wrong tree here? Shane seems very impressionable to me and I worry he may see Boogie and Franks logic espically if he feels like his closest ally Brit has abandended him.


Dan doesn’t need to do any work on Shane. They’re all in getting Boogie or Frank out (preferably Boogie, I think) – Dan, Shane, Brit, Danielle, and Ian. I think Ash and Jenn and maybe even Joe are all excited to do it from what I’m seeing as well. There is nothing else to do, other than minimize Boogie’s fury before he goes.

I suppose it is true that Boogie may talk someone into doing something stupid, but it is not going to be Shane or Brit or Danielle… I mean, honestly, there is about a 1% chance that Boogie gets out of this alive at this point (unless he wins the veto, but then Frank goes). I don’t even know why they’re talking with him. I’d tell him to shut the F up and wouldn’t talk to him. I’d turn the old bastard into ‘isolated’ Jerry.



Excellent, really a big fan of Dan, usually I try to pick one or two HGs to follow and hope they go far and I followed Dan from his first week, so I’m basically about as biased as you can get toward him. Pretty high on Shane as well, mad respect for him doing the dirty work others were cautious to. Even if it means costing him his coach, I am really hoping Dan can reel in Shane and ride him ala Memphis then take a weak player to the finals. I am so excited to see these updates and see how this plays out. Thanks for the perspective Goofy.


@goofy. I hope your right.From what I’ve read Shane&Britney have already showed Boogie&Frank that they’re weak.We have Shane throwing Britney under the bus to them.Then Britney bascially begging them to not attack her and explaining her self to them.Huh?Neither of them need to sale their alliance members out.They have the numbers.Im getting tired of Boogie&Frank blaming everything on Dan.When Shane nominated Frank the first time.Boogie&Frank blamed Dan and now they are doing it again.I wonder what’s taking Ian so long to tell Dan that Boogie&Frank are blaming him and targeting him?If Ian was really with Dan,he shouldv’e ran and told him what they said about Dan.


And it is all happening because Boogie/Frank think they have everyone figured out and wrapped around their finger. They have no clue that they have no one but themselves and that everyone is lying the them. That’s what’s so funny. They’re looking for a scapegoat. First Shane, then Brit, now Dan. But it is all because how could this possibly be. Everyone is stupid, according to them (when they talk alone). It doesn’t even enter their minds that they’ve been played.

I just hope none of the more emotional people break, which I admit is always a possibilty, just not very likely at this point.


Love you Goofy. You are totally correct and saying the same as I have been saying. The biggest insult of all would be Boogie not going to jury. I know he said he didn’t want to be on jury and want to see his kid, but it will hurt his tiny little feelings if he isn’t control of anything. He can’t even get back at Dan/Shane/Brit or whoever else they pin it on. So far, they really have no clue as to who is behind it (i.e. everyone), so they are going from person to person and trashing them, hoping to get more information. Boogie & Frank are out on a limb by themselves and that limb is about to be cut off. Last week, they were they were the only ones with any brains and the only ones ruling the house (in their own minds, of course) and I am glad that they are now getting their comeuppance. Talk about a baby — Boogie is boo hooing all over the house.


*wants to see his kid


They also don’t relise that shane nominated them because he wanted to and that no one forced him he is just to chickened to say it.


IDK why people have lost respect for Brit, she rock u guys suck!




Hahaa I love how Joe is telling Shane he will do whatever to protect him…uhh joe you’ve won nothing.


Why does Boogie&Frank always blam Dan?They blamed him the time when Shane was HOH.Everyone lied to them,but they only focused on the fact that Dan lied to them.Now,Shane is HOH again and he nominated both of them(Boogie&Frank)and they still are blaming Dan.They aren’t only blaming Dan.They’re only mad at him and they only want to go to war with him.Huh?Shane has won 5 competitions and he put Frank on the block twice.Yet they want Dan out.I don’t get it.


Major plotting going on and the feeds are FISH, but Showtime hasn’t missed a beat. What’s the point of hiding all this on the feeds?


I think POV will be geared towards Ian so if he is picked for/wins veto it’ll be realllly interesting to see if he uses it or not


fish for a long time!!! Is there a Fight or is someone self evicting???? This is awesome!!! Super Major drama on the feeds tonite….makes up for all last week….which was super boring!!!!


britney needs to stop crying, shane is somewhat right….he has won the most comps….dan throws all the comps…and brittany never wins she just comes in second, danielle won one HOH and the only reason she won because she had the power of all the stalkers on her back witht he obsession with shane….the sad thing about all of this is, shane had a for sure jury vote with brittany…and he might have ruined it…but shane is right to some degree…he is the only one that wins….other people should have to take the heat…does brittany think shane is just going to win all of this and put up who she wants the whole game….i mean cmon….and danielle u didnt stand up to janelle u just lied and said ur sorry u didnt know u wish u could change it back…brittany knows danielle is a lunatic….i think brittany will get over it and her and shane will be ok….once she realizes that shane is her best bet she cant rely on wishy washy danielle….because danielle can be manipulated too easiily and britt knows that


Im soooo glad Brit slammed his a$$!!! He is such a little B!tch for doing that to her! Man up dude! Im so proud of her for going up to the,so called “men” and confronting them.She really is awesome!And I’m glad they are looking towards Dan now.I cannot Stand that dude! Absolutely worthless.

shane ftw

How is shane worthless if he wasn’t there quack pack would be garbage he is the only one who’s won a hoh besides Danielle and that’s b cause britney threw it to


Finally Shane flips the house and puts the 2 that would put him up on the block. Boogie was so comfortable that he went for money instead of protecting his allience. He deserves to be there for only thinking about himself. hahahah

This week...

Oh my gosh, I hope Britney can survive the double eviction!! THIS IS CRAZY


BTW …..been watchin season 7 all stars all week and this is exactly how chilltown played then too…..they got season 6 all mad at each other and then they voted each other out one by one!!! What’s the game boogie plays……divide and conquer! haha!


Can I say it again shane is a bitch


How does Dan always end up getting the blame for what Shane does? Do they really think Shane is that big of a puppet? Dan whispers and Shane obeys…


I don’t think Boogie is stupid, but he has totally lost touch with reality. How does he think he’s running the house? He only talks to Frank.


Brittany is such crybaby bitch!! I don’t understand how people like her negative ass!!


Brit for the win. Get frank OUT, Brittany HOH in DE and get rid of Boogie. Brit’s social game will carry her after that until the end. It’s official Shane is a competition winning a$$.

I thought Shane was trying to be a good guy not hooking up with Danielle just to get some. I know now it is because he is a wus!!

Thank goodness Brit is safe else Shane’s dumb a$$ would probably back door her if he could. UGH


To top it all off it really was Britney who was planting these seeds to some of the quack pack, so Shane wasn’t really lying. If I was Dan it would be point at Shane and remind of all the times hes nominated Frank. Is it 3 times now?




Not big Dan fan but after he said “sucker” to the camera he gained some brownie points.


Frank was lying to Dan…Frank knows that Dan is the puppermaster. Dan is Frank’s biggest enemy in the house.


Luckily Shane is such a pussy, otherwise this was going to be epically boring. Whoo-boy. Blaming Britney for the whole thing? That’s gold right there. Unfortunately for Frank and boogie is that they are going to trust Ian, when he’s just as far up Dan’s ass as Danielle. I don’t know why these guys want to throw the game to Dan. Maybe this will begin the idea to get the coaches out. Take out Boogie this week, then Dan at the double.


. Why have you lost all respect for brittney? She never gave Dans name or anyone’s name. Shane is the baby who is afraid to just say yea it was me. Danielle is right. Even though it wasn’t really her decision. She owned up to putting up janelle. Shane punked out.


Dan needs to feel some heat.
I think Frank has packed every week – either for possible eviction, or up to HOH!
Shane has lost any respect I had for him, which wasn’t much.
Brittany reminded me of those girls that talk tough, until they are confronted, and fold like a cheap suit.
Not sure if Ian is really brilliant, or really dumb…
Interested to see Boogie really start playing.
Danielle scares the hell out of me, and the others aren’t worth mentioning right now.

On an unrelated note, what is the average donation amount that people make to this site – want to donate, but not sure what amount!


$100,000 lol jk I want to know too. I’d love to keep this site going strong!

production rigged it

what a couple of big babies they are bitching and whining so much it’s pathetic, they’re just mad that they got beat to the punch because they were going to do the same thing to shane and brit next week grow up and quit acting like a couple of cry babies, they got janelle backdoored and were laughing and going on like it was the greatest thing in the world, hell at least they got put straight up and all they’re doing is pissing and moaning grow up and deal with it like a couple of real men, oh sorry i forgot you two don’t know what that is.


And people were making fun of Danielle, well at least she didnt screw dan over when she nominated Janelle .


SIMON, Just sent you a TWEET via @EOnline about CBS dropping the lawsuit against ABC for the GLASSHOUSE


As far as I know nothing has been said about a renewal. The ratings are horrible, so I doubt if it gets renewed


.Please,fill me in if Ian tells Dan that Boogie&Frank are targeting him.


Listen it all comes down to this the silent six could have ran through the house and then took a run at each other, it didn’t have to be this way. It was a douche bag thing to do, Frank was the bigger man and didn’t douche them. It kills me that they were all like you can’t trust Boogie and Frank but the reality is you can’t trust Shane, Britney, Dan and Danielle. Boogie and Frank have been nothing but straight up, how does that make them douches.


Right on! This is EXACTLY right..


The only reason they were straight after considering betraying the alliance was because Frank couldn’t play for HOH & they thought this would benefit Frank. However, the other players want to win which is why they need to get rid of the threats. The fact that they were all worried about being backdoored tells you how fragile and bad the silent 6 alliance was.


What was Shane thinking really?


brit had safety, so in shane’s feeble mind, she is the logical choice to throw under the bus, so he can protect dan. he should have stuck by her, but he doesn’t know any better.

the double eviction will get things going next week, after 6 days of frank and mike drama. hope they are smart enough to take out dan during the double eviction if he isn’t gone as the renom this week.

the first hoh will be questions for sure (true/false, a/b), with a “crap shoot” veto, followed by what i hope is the next endurance comp! finally, something to watch the next two weeks or so…


@CV. Boogie and frank were going to do the same thing next week. They even said last week it was too soon to turn on them. They said it was good they won last week so then the following week they would have both players playing for HOH and then turn. The silent 6 were never a real alliance. I said it from the start. Frank and boogie would have never taken out Ashley or jenn if Shane took out joe this week. Shane did the right thing. Believe me I love alliances but the silent 6 were not a real alliance. If boogie won HOH this week they would have done the same thing and put Shane and Brit up


yea shane was stupid for saying brit was influenceing his vote, but i think brit is taking this alittle to far. She needs to chill the fuck out. Frank a boogie dont give a rats ass about her. Im starting to hate Dan and Danielle fat ass.



I don’t know what your policy is on YouTube links…so please delete this if it’s forbidden…but Will’s exit chat with Jeff was really good. If you allow them, it’s at


This was awesome. Thanx for the link


Has Ian told Dan that Boogie&Frank are blaming Dan?


Good for Shane! I don’t blame him. He has all the blood on his hands. The move helps Brit and Dan, but it’s bad for him. Dan keeps throwing competitions. Danielle is the only one that would protect him and try to win. She’s the only other one that has won anything, or done damage. Boogie, Dan and Brit didn’t even try to win the HOH, because they want to let their newbs do the dirty work so they can get rid of them later go to the end together. I’m glad he threw Brit under the bus, but he should have thrown Dan under while he was at it. Shane is just a bad social player. He doesn’t know how to lie and deceive and he isn’t strategic. But he is a beast in competitions. Danielle Frank and Shane have carried their ex coaches, put themselves in danger and protected their coaches. When will they do something to protect their ex players? At least Shane sees it, Danielle and Frank still worship Dan and Boogie. Frank should be pissed but he is obsessed with Boogie, and he is turning douchy too.


I absolutely agree Chloe.

Was Frank not pissed that Boogie didnt try for HoH? If so, then thats just dumb. I wouldve been fuming because we all know that if the roles were reversed, Boogie would’ve been absolutely pissed that Frank didnt go for HoH.

These coaches are riding on the coat tails of their star players of their previous teams (Dan-Danielle, Britney-Shane, Boogie-Frank) and the newbies are too stupid to realize it.

The newbies are doing the dirty work while MB&D are sitting back and relaxing.


I would also like to know if Frank was p’od that Boogie went for the 10 grand instead of trying for HOH but so far I havn’t heard a word about what Frank is thinking. Also, imo I think Frank would be much more likeable if he hadn’t hooked up with Boogie.


Yeah, I don’t get why Frank is mad at everyone else when he should be mad at Boogie. He is his only true ally and he didn’t even try to keep Frank safe, assuming he was the mastermind behind everything. Boy, has he been proved wrong and it shows that Boogie couldn’t care less about anyone but himself.

I also didn’t realize that Shane had not ever watched the show. That probably plays a big part in not knowing how to be strategic and how to work the social game. They must be hurting for cast members if they can’t find people who are familiar with the show. This also puts them at an additional disadvantage against people who not only watch, but who have played the game before. On top of that, the vets got a free pass for a couple of weeks. If they don’t fix the casting and the producer manipulations, there won’t be a show anymore.


I hope B/F call Dan out. He has deals with everyone. Plays this innocent act. Gets everyone else to do the dirty work. I’m convinced he would sell out his own mama to further himself. PLEASE dont let him win. Brit is a whinny manipulative b**ch. Acts like shes soo innocent and doesnt do anything wrong. She is the biggest lier in the house. Hate it that Jenn Ashly IAN and somewhat Joe are getting a free ride. They dont have to do anything.


it’s kinda funny that frank and mike got played…again! family, money and 15 minutes of fame has softened mike up a lot. mike just doesn’t care enough to win the game, no fire or desire, other than greed.

frank made the mistake of pairing with him, thinking he would be running with the bb player mike of so many seasons ago. oh, well…let’s hope frank is smart enough to regroup before the double…