Big Brother 14 Spoilers Nomination Results – Silent 6 No More

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

7:09pm Boogie and Frank Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Shane says he was misguided by someone in the house he got confused and didn’t know what to do. All he was hearing from everyone in the house was “You can’t trust frank you can’t trust boogie” Boogie asks if POV is played: “Are you up to stick with the plan or is this Disco Wars” Shane: “no we can talk” Boogie: “If I knew you were considering this I wouldn’t have gone for the 10 grand whats that after taxes”
Boogie says about Britney that she doesn’t give a f**k about Shane she’s going to use him she’s going to ride your back to the end” Shane says Britney put things in his mind and he still really trusts her because she his coach.
Frank and Boogie Nominated
(Frank is really pissed and he shows it.. Boogie is keep his cool.. Shane blames the nominations on Britney)

Shane thought this was going to be a lot worse he thanks them for being cool. Boogie reminds him that the thing about putting a duo up is one of them stays. Boogie isn’t mad he knows if they stay this week they still can work with Shane.

Shane: “I don’t want to blame… It’s ultimately my decision… I never watched this show before I have no idea about I’m doing”
Boogie really stresses that Britney is using Shane. Frank chimes in says Britney doesn’t care about him. Boogie tells him over and over that Britney is bad and is lying to him.

Frank assumes that Dan is also one of the people who is telling him to put them up.
Shane: “Dan did not come to me directly he could have influenced Britney’s decision though”

Shane: “all in all It was accumulation of things from people mostly Britney.. and in the end it was my decision to make”
Boogie: “She wants you to do all the dirty work”
Boogie says that he should have gone for the safety or HOH last night he would of won it. Frank explains why he thinks Britney went for the Safety “She wants you (shane) to take one of us out then she can play for the HOH next week and take the other one out” (thats the plan I think)
The entire time Shane just nods.. “Ya ya.. Ya ya.. oh ya.. thats it… thats it.. ya… ya… thats it.. sure OK… yeah”

Boogie and Frank tell Shane is not too late to turn things around he has a good chance to win the POV take one of the down. Boogie: “Joe has nothing to offer you”
Frank is now telling him he should pop britney up if the POV is played, “we have the votes we’ll send her home”. Shane: “Oh ya maybe.. it’s not in my benefit to keep her here she’s clouding my judgment”

Boogie now trying to use the brigade angle on him saying that the 3 of them can go to the end and take Britney out like during Big Brother 12.

7:41pm Cam 3-4 Shane and Britney

Briney: “Why are you upset?”
Shane: “I wanted to get to you before they did.. I didn’t entirely blame it on you but I told them you made me realize the best move for him”
Shane mentions that Frank is onto Dan they think he’s the one that influenced his nominations.
Shane: ‘I want to tell you exactly what they said incase its us and them in a room.. “ Shane rattles off a couple things that were discussed with Chilltown. They offered him a deal if he uses the POV.. they said Britney is using him.. if one of them go home the surviving player will be targeting him..
Britney: “Did you get any clues about what is going on”
Shane: “No:”

Shane says they want him to put Britney up if the Power of Veto gets played.
Britney: “You can’t put me up?”
Shane says they were all over him saying that Britney is using him, he’s going to do all Britney’s dirty work and he’s Britney’s meat shield she’s going to rid hip to the end.. “I’m sticking to my guns Brit”

Britney is getting pretty upset to find out Shane is insinuating that putting Boogie and Frank up was her idea. Britney: “For you to act like this was a little bit my fault.. and all I was ever trying to do was help you .. I don’t understand why you threw me under the bus.. you said I had a influence in your decision that makes me a HUGE target.. “
Shane: “I’m a much bigger target and so is Dan.. I told them I was the one who had the ultimate decision”
Britney says she 100% understands what he did.. the blood is on his hands and the blame looks like it’ on hers.. “I’m still upset but I understand”
Shane: “I’m going down there tomorrow telling them ‘game on’ all the blood is on my hands I’m going after them”
Britney: “Nooo”
Shane: ‘It’s like the boogie mist they make it sound like I should work with them.. my intentions are to go to the end with Dan, Danielle, Britney.. and if that means i’m the biggest target out of use then so be it”

Britney reminds him the Frank and Boogie will be nice until Veto then they will play the PISSED card. Britney says that Jenn is trying to get a all girls alliance put together so if Jenn ends up winning a HOH they can try and influence them.. Brintey says that all week now Boogie and Frank will be calling her names downstairs.

Britney tells him if Frank leaves this week then Boogie will probably give up but if Frank is the one that stays he’s going to try and rally people and come after them.

7:50pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Shane

Danielle asks him if everything is OK Shane explains that he told Boogs and frank a lot of people were in the house telling him that he’s the target and that Britney was a vocal proponent of that.

Shane knows that BRitney is a bit pissed but they all need to take some of the heat for these nominations because it’s helping them all out.

Danielle brings up the girls alliance that Jenn is pitching. Kenn wants to target Frank.

Shane tells her that Boogie and Dan are not after Danielle in any way he was able to keep their names out of it. Shane warns that Frank is very suspicious of Dan though.

Danielle mentions that the Veto is going to be huge they have been building it all day. Danielle smells food and they go down for dinner.

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196 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers Nomination Results – Silent 6 No More

    1. Actually Boogie paid the price for beeing too cocky and confident that he wont be up on the block and risking to lose his partner Frank for a 10 k , boogie just made it easier for shane to nominate him , and props to shane that was a BIG move

      1. you are never safe in BB house Boogie made huge error going for cash
        shane is a dumbass
        was hoping they would go thru with the silent six coulda been epic

      2. It is a good move. They talk about Britney wanting the blood on Shane’s hands.. What did Boogie do?
        Oh yeah, he went for the money. Shame on Shane. Wait til Britney finds out she’s been blamed. ugh~

        1. The Silent 6 was a joke. Boogie & Frank were entertaining the idea, especially Frank, of getting rid of Britney and Dan. The only reason they didn’t go through with it was because they knew Frank could not play HOH again and they were hoping that by showing they were “true” to their alliance they would not be put up. Production better not interfere again to save Frank because if they do I will never watch Big Brother again because its just a sham then. I’m glad Shane won HOH & I love how Frank & Boogie are telling Britney that Shane is her puppet. Seriously? Frank has been Boogies puppet since Day 1, with Frank gone or Boogie, Shanes chances of winning increase dramatically & Joe, Ashley, and Jenn are weak so getting rid of them would have been a mistake on his part. Frank and Boogie need to stop being bullies and crybabies and just except it was a smart move and just try for the POV.

          1. I agree with all you are saying. I get so mad when production changes things. Shane lost his whole HOH last time and now he has the chance at redemption. Boogie is nothing more then a big kid who is greedy and conceited, he thought he would never get voted out. He was stupid for not going for the safety or HOH.

      3. Agree, Boogie got too greedy and glad Shane nominated both of them as can’t stand either Frank or Boogie. They play dirty and just got caught in their own dirty little deeds. Hope Frank goes this week and Boogie next week unless Grodner rigs it for both of them to stay and then I am done watching BB forever.

    1. This is a perfect example of what happens when people become house guests who have no clue aabout the game, BUT the only thing he can do to redeem himself is to ignore Mike and Frank.

    2. Shane is such a pu$$y b*tch to blame Britney for his decision! Man up, dude! What an a$$ to put the target on Britney

  1. What a punk, putting all the blame on Britney! Man up Shane…

    All he had to say is that he put them both up b/c he heard Frank wanted to backdoor Dan..


      1. It’s all a part of the game. Britney is the one that put him in this position in the first place by going for safety instead of winning HOH herself.

        1. I agree and Britney and Danielle were the ones going around wanting Boogie and Frank to go up. It WAS their idea. They were trying to get Dan, Ian and Shane to do that and were getting pissy cause they thought none of the guys were going to do what they wanted. So the guys did what they wanted and were honest about whose idea it was and the girls want to get all pissy? I would have done the same thing!

          1. Britney and Danielle wanted Boogie and Frank to go up after they found out Frank was thinking about backdooring Dan last week. Then Britney REALLY wanted Boogie and Frank to go up because Ian told Britney that Boogie wanted her gone. They realized that the Silent Six wasn’t going to last, and they thought it was best to deliver the first strike before Frank and Boogie did. It’s hard to blame them for that. It makes perfect sense.

      1. At least he was being honest and real. If Frank had done this I’m pretty sure he would have told who said what. Maybe it’s Shane’s game to just be truthful about his game play.

        1. Why, it was Britney’s idea! She’s just mad, cause he ruined her chances of looking innocent and playing both sides like she had nothing to do with it or no idea.

      2. If Boogie and Frank convinces Shane to put up someone else after him or someone else uses the power of veto to save either one of them, AND THEN they vote out the newly nominated person, and as a result save BOTH of them – Shane will be the ultimate dumb*ss

    1. Never understood why people say “grow some balls” when balls are very sensitive and fragile……A vagina on the other hand can take a beating!

    1. I think it is better to get rid of Frank first. It is a double eviction week. Boogie has less of a chance to win HOH, than Frank. One threat will be gone. I think it is a very strategic move and it is the right time.

    1. Could be a smart play for later in the game when he will eventually have to severe ties with Britney. Though “smart” and Shane don’t really fit together so I dunno.

      Honestly, for how antagonistic and arrogant Boogie has been all season, Britney has been the more dangerous player. She is able to put up a cute face and has a great social game to make people like Shane do what she wants.

    2. My guess is now the quack pack is a power alliance in this game, my guess is that it always was, but with Shane throwing Brit under the bus like that he will be the odd man out. You have the obvious pair in Dan/Danille and now I think Brit will pair off with Ian.

      1. Brittney didn’t want to go to the end with Shane anyways. She has already voiced this many times that you can’t sit next to a guy at the end.
        Dan was also saying Shane needs to go. They were throwing him under the bus for a long time he just didn’t know it.

    3. Shane is just playing them. He was worried about the blow up. He is just letting hear what they want to say. They will still be screwed in the end

  2. Wow, putting up Frank and Boogie what a shocker! of course booger haters would say it’s a good move yet if Frank did that to Dan or Shane the boogie haters would complain about haha.. I just Britney would stop using her tactic in that she just hides behinds guys and let them do her dirty work. I would love for Ian to get her out of the house but that prob won’t happen

  3. Excellent nominations, if Frank wins POV and Boogie somehow prevents himself from getting evicted then he deserves to win Big Brother. I like both Shane and Frank and I know many people don’t like Frank, but I have to say if I was in the house I’d trust trust Frank more than Shane. This is the second time Shane’s ‘betraying’ Frank if you wanna call it that. But I have absolutely no problem with it since it’s the name of the game and Frank would have at some point taken out Shane.

    1. Shane, Brit, Dan & Danielle were all nervous last week that one of them would get back doored. They didn’t trust Frank & Boogie and rightly so because Frank actually wanted to back door Dan – but Boogie talked him out of it – so I think they’re all (BDDS) just nervous so they took the opportunity to take the first strike and get either Frank or Boogie out this week… Double eviction week so it’ll be interesting how it plays out…

  4. Shhhhhhhh……Crickets…..BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What a couple of idiots! Frank and Boogers thought they were SmarterThanYouVille….KARMA!!!! The “Quack Pack” will rule the roost!

  5. Bad move Shane, I told you don’t rock the boat & see what happen. You will end up going home on double eviction. You have to listen to Danielle. It’s your game, don’t make more mistakes.

    1. You DO know that they can’t hear you, right? I think it is the smart move to get out Boogie because he is trying to act like the wizard controlling the house when he is just trying to cruise to the end without actually doing anything. He’s said it many times. Plus, Boogie & Frank haven’t stayed loyal to the 6 because they were already talking about which one of them they were going to put up after this HOH. Boogie expected everyone else to have his back, so he did nothing but go for the money, once again, making everyone else do his dirty work. He didn’t even try in order to save Frank, who is his best bud. If he was truly smart, he would have understood that the alliance may be falling apart, especially since they themselves wanted to destroy it. It just so happens that everyone else is onto their game. Because of his giant ego, Boogie thought he had everything under control so he took the lazy way out and played for money he doesn’t need. It’s just so funny that he wanted to be the one to blow up the alliance and it actually blew up in his face.

  6. why is he a douche for throwing britney under the bus….i think its smart….shane knows britney is using him as a shield just like boogie said…hes not dumb…britney is not a good player….i mean she basically played her whole season in season 12 for an alliance she was not in….so i dont evenknow y she was a coach….because she got played in her season big time and she had no idea until close to the end

  7. Haha. Boogie should have played for safety. He is a great player, no doubt, but is a very scummy person. Frank’s best move here is to campaign hard against Boogie and say that all coaches should be out. Shane should win POV take out Frank and put Dan. Then this game might actually get interesting. Get the coaches out!

    Shane, Danielle, Frank, Ian and maybe Jenn/Ashley could run shit, especially because that group contains the only three people who have won anything.

  8. Good things don’t last for long in the Big Brother House…we should all expect now that production will either miraculously save Boogie and Frank again or make sure Shane/Britney goes home to appease Boogie.

  9. OMG Shane grow a pair and say that you have a mind of your own instead of blaming Brittney. and BTW Boogie if you were in Missouri, it would be $7100.00 after taxes, your self confidence was just deflated…keep throwing your Frank…there is always POV

  10. what’s worse is not him putting all the blame on brit but saving dan, and dani. he said they had nothing to do with his nom. but it’s going to all come out this week. everyone is going to be exposed because of shane blaming brit. but wait until boogie find out ian was in on it. boogie is going to be dumber than brit when the brigade blind sided her.

  11. He’s not throwing Brit under the bus. This is an acting job by Shane. Good on his part, he is making it sound believable. This is exactly what he should be doing. Telling Boogie and Frank exactly what they want to hear. See, Shane is not as bad a social player as you all think.

  12. Shane has BALLS? He’s a little bitch putting the blame on that moron Britney. He’s a pussy, get some BALLS and man up. I guarantee NEITHER Boogie or Frank will go home, you heard it here first.

  13. I’d put up a water bottle to my pants (pretending to piss) and splash some of it on Boogie, then say you ‘got got’.

  14. Booger and Carrott Top are tell Shane to us the POV to back door Britt….. Uhhhh retards Britt is Safe for the week!!! Idots

    1. LOL. They are scrambling headless chickens right now, give them a couple of days to remember that teensy eensy little tidbit. They are so blindsided right now, they don’t even kow what hit them. LMAO.

    2. Lmao, there such idiots. Even if the power of veto is used, they will have the votes to get either Frank or Boogie out. They have no chance.

    3. “Carrott Top” Yeah, that’s who I was thinking of…I was going with Willie Ames all this time! Once again SmarterThanYouVille Frank and Boogers want to back door Britt..the same Britt who won the ‘Safe this week’ temptations. Idiots! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  15. Not defending Shane because that is a little low and I love Brit but Brit has done her fair share of throwing people under the bus too….just saying!

  16. yea i like the fact that shane put up frank a boogie, but shane just cant play this game, why in the hell is he blaming the noms on brit? he should just say it was going around that they were planing to back door dan or shane if they got HOH. i mean throw brit under the bush is not cool.

  17. Boogie’s eyes were wide open and he was revved up when they turned on the feeds (when talking to Shane). This was a surprise. :)

  18. This is going to be a great week!! Buckle up, guys. Woo!!!
    I just can’t stop from grinning right now, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Take that, Mr. Egomaniaco.
    Looks like Boogs is getting served his leaving papers this week cause Frank is gonna jump off his sinking canoe in a heartbeat.

  19. Looks like Danielle is mad at Britney for saying something to her along the lines of stalking Shane? Does anyone know when this happened?

  20. Shane should not blame Brittney for the nominations. What a sign of weakness.
    He should just said it was because he was told that Boogie wanted to go against the
    Silent 6, and Frank was considering nominating Dan last week. It was too much to risk.

    I am so completely disappointed with him.

  21. blaming Britney is one way to get off the blood off your hands…but it ain’t gonna work because Shane has nominated Frank more times than one…so Shane better hope Frank goes or else….he is in DEEP TROUBLE!!!

  22. can’t wait for the pov. the only ones that are going to try and win it is ash, joe, jenn and the two noms. everyone else too scared out of fear they will get asked to take boogie or frank off the block

  23. I like Chilltown, I’d rather see Jenn or Dan go

    but I’m hoping Frank could win veto.. and somehow boogie is first one out.. alone in the jury house… bored… by himself.. alone.. no Franky, No Willy, No Brady..just Boogie!

  24. @Simon, what’s going on now? Is Shane just saying what they want to hear or is he drinking the Frank/Boogie kool-aid now?

      1. I believe Shane he is crafty ! Britney knows he is faking giving them no assurances

        that Boogie and Frank are history leaving Dan to wonder Hmm! maybe Shane isn’t as

        stupid as they think. Go Shane !

  25. I guess Britney fans may not like that Shane is throwing her under the bus, but from his perspective it’s not a bad strategy, especially if they’re dumb enough to buy it.

    1. It is a very bad strategy.

      Shane can not compete in the next HoH. He needs all hands on deck.

      Frank is going to loose it and call Brittney out now, in front of everyone.
      I know that look, Boogie will not be able to stop him. Of course that could
      Blow up in Frank and Boogies Face. Brittney is not a weak woman, but she
      is a tiny one. The sympathy back lash of a much taller man physically intimidating
      her, will not look good.
      Of course this could be Brittney’s plan to get rid of those two, really bad optics of Frank
      attacking petite Brittney.

      In a double eviction week. It is a split in skill set. One is Physical, the other would play
      to someone like Brittney or Ian’s skill set. Shane may have signed his own death warrant.
      Dan may decide to pick up the orphaned Frank, add Ian to the equation and take Danielle.
      He may decide to purge Shane as a way to cement Frank. Leaving Brittney, Joe and Ashley.

      The evil calculations are astounding.

      1. But you don’t seriously think Dan would take Frank over Shane do you? Especially not after Frank had to be talked out of backdooring him last week. Frank is going home this week and it’s the best thing for everyone – especially the fans.

        1. Yes I do, here are my reasons.
          1) It would cement his alliance with Ian
          2) He is not 100% happy with Danielle’s connection with Shane.
          3) This is the trickiest point, he needs to separate Danielle and Brittney.
          This may get wonky, because Danielle could go all, Jesse Pack and bond
          even more with Brittney, over her loss, but, in another weird way, Danielle does not
          really like Brittney. She has talked about that with Dan.
          4) This would not be the first time Dan had screwed over the stronger competitor
          for a better alliance, just ask Jesse.
          5) He has to start looking at people he can beat, this is where Dan the competitor comes out,
          Shane has won HoH’s and PoV’s more than any other player. Where Frank has won HoH, but,
          Dan through all of those. He can beat Frank, he just needs to do it once.
          6) Brittney is Shane’s brain, Boogie was Frank’s brain. Frank will need a leader,
          Frank is so mad at Brittney and Shane, he may be easy to absorb with Ian’s help. He will be in
          desperate need of an alliance. Lets face it Frank has kept his word better than Shane.

          So Yes Dan would Purge Shane to get Frank, in a heartbeat. He is one of the most ruthless players in Big Brother History.

  26. Shane doesnt care because next week one will be going home and Britney is safe in nomination and pov replacements lol Frank hope POV is physical

  27. NOT cool of Shane to throw Brit under the bus. He isn’t good at being confrontational, obviously. So so glad he put those 2 up. Yay Shane!!

    Shane/Brit FTW

    I despise Boogie. I hope one of them goes home. I hope neither Shane, Boogie nor Frank wins POV.

  28. I have no problem with him throwing Brit under the bus. Maybe this means she will have to play the game now as opposed to standing behind Shane all the time. Same exact strategy as her previous season. I actually like her as a person and think she is pretty funny but I just don’t like her game play…

    1. I think Britney has played a great social game so far and she is capable of winning competitions. She could have won 2 HOHs, but she’s the type of person that would give up power for a promise of safety.

  29. He is playing the Game just like Dan, Britney and Boogie! Yeah ! for Shane because next week is double eviction

    and by throwing them up then one goes home then the other one is going next week!

    Then Quack Attack does what the do best get ride of the boogie! Then get rid of Joe, Ashley, Dan, Britney ,Danielle

    then there is Ian , Finally Shane and Ian and then Shane wins 500 and Ian 100

  30. I was really hoping they would get rid of Joe, Ashley, and Jenn before starting at each other. Can’t blame anyone for wanting to get strong players out but I have no interest in watching any of those three. Their chances of making it far have gone up a good bit now….

  31. “What’s that after taxes??” Sounds like you want the BIG money greedy Booger…..Are you both listening Frank and Shane? Especially you Frank, Booger ran around saying actions speak louder than words….well what are his actions saying to you now??? Because you really should be listening to them. Dan and Boogs are in it for themselves. Well everyone is but they already won it, dont give it to them again!! Brittany wants it too, but I havent seen her throwing comps like Dan and Boogs is so greedy he straight up sounds entitled, at least she went for the no nom pass. I dont know maybe I would see Brittany a little differently if Shane hadnt thrown her under the bus, ran her over, backed the bus over her, and then ran her over again. Ok and Frank, maybe if you werent throwing your pity party instead of playing the game the same way everyone else had to when you won HOH you wouldnt have been thrown up on the block with Boogs maybe it would have been someone else next to old Ebenezar Scrooge = Boogs

  32. Great job Shane. How sweet would it be to dump both Boogie and Frank in this double eviction week? Put Chilltown on ice.

  33. while this move should make for some very good television lets face it shane is done in this game hes shown once again that his word is sh*t and not only will the survivor of the block be after him but so will all the floaters and his own alliance cause he is the most expendable to everyone in the house i would bet everything i have that shane will be the one to leave on the second eviction thursday ala dumb ass jeff who couldnt see he threw the clown shoe to much bangin jordan the dumb must have rub off on him just like brits dumb is rubbin off on shane

  34. in shelly’s voice boyah coy lol boogie always tooting his own horn . damn frank needs to leave before boogie because boogie cant win shit only cash never a hoh ….. damn i cant wait to watch after dark tonight……..

  35. Shane was prob going home at the end of the double eviction anyways. BIG move one of the best i’ve seen so far. Now all he has to do is make sure frank or boogie doesn’t win POV and send home Frank then get boogie or joe out.

    Shane is way to big of a threat to win this game. He’s already an allstar so now I think he’s just making big movies and getting Sh!t done!

  36. Ok i’ve been for Shane from the jump, but i am now sqarely in Boogie’s camp. Even if Shane was saying what B&F wanted to hear, he just showed clearly that he isn’t in the same game universe as Boogie. Frank is still a useless tool sitting there with his mouth open while boogie was in full-on calm damage control.

    Boogie may have run out of lives, but i have way more respect for his kung fu. Shane’s game is over unless he wins out.

  37. @Simon

    did Frank find something like eggs something and participate in a secret competition?
    did he win something?
    if it’s diamond veto i’ll literally vomit in AG’S face

  38. Why the fuck would shane blame it on britney, he is one of those stupid people that if he says a lie for too long he will believe it.

  39. Shane blaming Britney will do more harm than good coz in the event that Brit makes it to the end with him ( a hypothetical of course), it will look like she was the mastermind behind him throughout the game.

  40. How do you guys predict that Jenn will get evicted, if ever? Will someone wake up one day and realize that there is one more person in the house that they had originally thought? Or maybe, she will start to try to get a big move happening and it’ll get to her head.

  41. Shane is such a major loser! Man up! This act of deflecting to Brittany just moved Shane to my least favorite house guest this season.

  42. if frank doesnt win pov he’s going home there’s no way dan will allow boogie to leave before frank because dan wants to work with boogie without frank….. i think boogie is going to blame dan for this because earlier last week when frank wanted to nominate dan boogie told him dont rock the boat frank said dan would want me out so he can work with u ……. when the dust settles dan and brittney will be blame for this mostly dan ……….

  43. boogie and frank are angry at britt and accusing her of controlling Shane because they wanted to control Shane and couldn’t.

    1. they’re a couple of tools, theyre mad because brit and shane fired the first shot when they should have last week and now it’s too late.

  44. Shane just said “the diary room said are you sure you really want to do this?” then the feeds IMMEDIATELY cut.. anyone else notice that?

  45. Boogie is such an arrogant ass. He’s blaming a 5 foot nothing girl, rather than himself for why this happened. He still thinks people are buying his motivational speeches.

  46. why is boogie mad at brit? it’s called KARMA! janelle didn’t get all crazy on him when he was behind putting her up. even if they weren’t working together boogie still lied to get janelle out

  47. i guess frank isn’t as smart as some people thought, hey let’s put brit up after the pov hey dumba$$ she has safety this week and boogie talking about joining up with shane and being the new brigade and taking her out like they did, funny how everybody seems to give her shit about that, i watched that entire season and guess what she wasn’t the only one they played they played everybody because nobody knew about them, she just gets picked on the most about it because she was the last one left and boogie wants to laugh at her about that the joke is gonna be on him when he finds out how ian played him like a classic violin, i can’t wait to see the look on his face if they show it whether it’s while he’s still in the house or at the finale, also shane didn’t have to blame brit he could have just said i’m not as dumb as you guys think i am i can’t play in the next hoh and it’s gonna be double eviction and i know whether you guys admit it or not you’re coming after me plain and simple instead he took the easy way out, to each his own.

  48. Shane should have only put up either Frank or Mike – not both Frank and Mike. One will stay, probably win HOH, and nominate Shane. I’ve heard Brit talk about the right time to get rid of Shane – so, I don’t think Brit encouraged Shane to put up both Frank and Mike with Shane’s best intentions in mind. In other words, this move is what is best for Brit’s game – not Shane’s.

    Brit’s conversation with Frank and Mike “Shane just told me that he told you guys that I influenced him to nominate the two of you – this is not true!” is silly!

    Frank and Mike should have spent more time with Shane before the noms – obviously Frank and Mike trusted The Silent Six. Now, this trust is over.

    It seems as though it was too soon to do this for Shane to still win – last year when Jeff was betrayed by Shelly it did not work out well for Shelly.

  49. So happy Shane won the HOH and Britney the safety.

    Boogie winning 10k is I guess nice for him when he goes home since he also won 5k earlier however for his game play time it is horrible!

    He really should have tried to go for safety. I mean if I didn’t want to be HOH that week I’d have gone for safety over money..

    Now Shane or someone else like Britney, Danielle, Dan need to win Veto to keep the nominations the same so that they can get out Frank.

    Even if Frank or Boogie survives they should still have the votes to take out the remaining member on the block [against Jenn?].

    I mean Dan, Britney, Danielle, Joe, and Ashley should for sure vote the way HOH Shane would want.

    I can also see Ian doing that if he is really loyal to the Quack Pack but I feel like he may not so if the Veto is used on Frank or Boogie I can see the remaining member being voted out 5-2.

    I just really want Frank out since it is NO secret Production loves him.. He really should have been evicted Shane’s first time as HOH……….

  50. tsk tsk tsk Shane.
    While I’m sort of glad someone is playing the game here is the situation. Shane should have waited one more week and let one of his teammates go after Boogie or Frank after he got out Joe to secure the number of votes. With them on the block Boogie is going to be working extra on keeping them safe and after seeing him turn everyone on Janelle he can do it. If Boogie/Frank wins POV takes himself down Shane has to replace him with someone. That someone would have to be Joe or Jenn according to the deals he’s made. Then Boogie and Frank start working explaining to Ashley, Jenn or Joe that it’s important to keep Frank/Boogie due to the fact that they will be gunning for the other side now S/B/D/D keeping them safe for several weeks to come because the target remains huge on FrankBoogie. If they’re smart they’ll listen to him and vote opposite of Frank out. That means it’ll be D/D/B for Frank out while it’ll be Boogie/Ash/Joe or Jenn voting for him to stay. Ian is the deciding vote. Boogie will explain he’s the odd man out on the other side, he’s the first expendable out of that alliance. He votes Frank/Boogie to stay and bam Shane get screwed for listening to someone who got played by the worst alliance if BB history. I think production in order to raise the drama works their ass off to influence for them to stay. It’ll add so much to the game if they stay and start gunning for the quack pack. I don’t care about Boogie and Frank staying personally I just think for the show as a whole the game would be raised a notch if they do stay. Just my 2 cents. While a long shot since they have to win POV even if Boogie or Frank go, I believe that one of them win the HOH next week and Brittany or Shane go home with a double eviction

    1. The rocking is normal for him.
      It’s because he has Aspergers Syndrome (AS) which is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
      Look it up and you’ll know a lot more.

  51. @Simon.I think three people have asked this question,but you haven’t responded yet.So,here’s hoping you’ll answer on the fourth try.Lol.Did Frank find a secret power?What did he put in his pockets before the nominations?

  52. Jmo but I think Shane is just testing
    the waters to see how much he can really trust frank after hearing how they wanted to boot out Britney. I think Shane planned on going up w/ frank in the end but if he’s gonna back door Shane then he needs to come up w/plan b. gotta love it!!

  53. Ok so obviously Frank and Boogie are done. If both are not gone back to back, they will eventually. Shane will follow them not too soon after. He can’t win every comp. after all. Brit has now shown that she is simply a control freak. I don’t expect to see her stay too long either. Eagle Eye will be gone around there sometime too. That leaves us with Ashley, Ian, Jenn, Danielle, and Dan. I’ll tell ya folks, I am really liking Dan’s chances to be the first BB contestant ever to win the show twice. This is perfect for him right now.

  54. Sure, Frank and Boogie are aware that eventually they will want to get rid of everyone else, and they have talked about it. But the reason they didn’t see this coming is because they were still planning to be loyal themselves, at this time, which is a stark contrast with Britney/Dan whose word isn’t worth anything, even for a few minutes.

    Who will make it to the end is still up in the air… Frank is a good shield for Boogie. On the other hand, Frank may go on a winning streak at the very end and there may be no chance to get him out.

    Britney was really not very wise to nag Shane into nominating Frank and Boogie. It sounds like there is already talk among the newbies about focusing on getting the coaches out. Britney should have just chilled until. they were down to 3 newbies or less before even thinking of nominating a coach.

    And, speaking of coaches, and players in general, it would be great if they were more evenly matched in the future. If there are going to be people who have never watched the game before, then all the players should have that same lack of experience.

    Britney competing against more successful players such as Boogie and Dan is unfair at best. But, if Shane breaks free of Britney and actually teams up with Boogie and Frank, they really could “Brigade” it right to the end!

    It seems that most of the newbies are trying to blend into the background, (or maybe they just don’t know what to do) and they will probably vote according to what Shane wants just to be sure they are safe themselves, and they would be happy to vote for Britney if that is who everyone else is voting for (for the most part).

  55. Oh Crap, Dawg, Simon, if they do a double elimination fast forward.

    Is Brittney still safe from elimination if this all goes down, Thursday night.
    Boogie goes home, they do the Double elimination like what happened with Jordan’s HoH
    immediate nomination
    then PoV
    Then Eviction
    all Thursday Night

    They tell them Brittney is safe, because her Safety was for THE WEEK, her safety does not end tell Friday

    That would really tick off a lot of people, unless she won HoH
    That could send Dan or Shane home

  56. Omg I am so sick of frank and boogie and there threatening tactics. Frank said he hated Willie and janelle because they were bullies well so far the only bullies have been frank and boogie. When frank was on the block against joe he told Dan of frank goes home and they go in the game then boogie is gunning for Dan. Now there saying that if one of them go home then there gunning for Shane. If I was Shane I would just say listen one of you are going home accept it. Then get rid of frank. The quack pack control the votes and there are 4 of them against boogie. Not to mention Ashly, joe and jenn would want boogie out as well. And with frank gone boogie will pout the rest of the season and hopefully just walk out the door.

  57. these people need to learn to shut up and play dumb. now brit is explaining herself to frank and boog. WHY? she has the numbers on her side and she’s safe this week. why is everyone so afraid of boog?

    1. It seems like the reason Britney is attempting to come up with an explanation is because she knows she’s a lying phony, and that Boogie and Frank were still being faithful, so at some level she probably feels like a scumbag (and rightly so).

  58. this should be interesting

    A. does production save team boogie?
    B. Does boogie get himself tossed before frank in order to skip the jury house?
    C. will frank and boogie turn on each other after the veto if neither win?
    D. Would boogie still be a threat if you remove frank. my issue comes down to that group of 4 being too solid, dan needs to make some waves at some point

  59. shane blames brit and brit lets boog and frank think it’s dan. i can’t wait until they figure out it was really IAN

  60. I love that he threw Britt under the bus very nice move. Now he needs to tell Frank Tha Stank he is safe this week because Boogie will win in the end if hes around. He needs to tell Booger he is safe because Shane wants him to team up with Dan so they can have a final 3 deal.

  61. Hold up a sec. Boogie is now telling Brit that Dan is behind this all. Boogie telling her that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, saying “That right there is scary” (talking about Dan). Brit says that she feels like only 3 people have a shot at winning this game, Frank, Dan, or Danielle. Boog tells her somebody has to put him up cuz this routine is not working. Boogie then tells Frank that he is sorry and says that he was right about Dan. Boog says that we can either give it away and let them know Dan was in on it or play dumb. They’re both saying that they think they can sway Shane and Brit. Looks like this is what Chilltown will be pitching for this week. Please Dan, win the veto.

    1. WOOHOO Adios Dan! He has seemed very shady this season and lies by misleading (rather than outright lying). Regardless, glad to see him go!!!!!!

  62. Britney is also saying to Danielle that she is done with Shane. She says why cant he be a man and instead he blames the noms. on her. She’s saying that Shane threw her under the bus for a second time. This is getting interesting! Just what we needed for this season. Some drama!

  63. Why does Shane listen to Brittney to begin with? She isn’t helping his game at all. I’m sorry but Boogie is absolutely right about her. She is floating on Shane to get through this game. Brittney doesn’t ever want to get blood on her hands, yet she always has alot to say about who needs to go up on the block and then tries to justify her reasons by throwing everyone under the bus. Frank is hardly a huge target. Shane is the one who keeps winning most of the competitions. I think Boogie and Frank showed there loyalty to Shane last week, and in return, its get Frank out, he is a HUGE THREAT. Umm I don’t see it. Frank only keeps winning HOH because everyone else keeps either throwing the competitions, or just could careless. Brittney wouldn’t even try for HOH. She tries for SAFETY? what the hell was that all about?. She keeps saying, she comes in 2nd, well second isn’t good enough. She whines about how she can’t win this or can’t win that, she has no endurance strength. I’m so sick of her picking her hair and her face. I’ve had enough of her bashing everyone. Oh and she can take her precious Danielle with her. All Danielle talks about is how Shane is so mean to her but she can’t take her hands off of him, let alone stop talking about him for 2 mins. Is she so stupid that she doesn’t understand when a man is NOT interested in her? How many times can Shane tell her, NO Showmance. Not interested. Oh and how she is in the Miss America Pageant? umm, yea sure. Shane, get rid of Brittney and Danielle,

    1. Wow. I truly couldn’t agree more.

      Brit does nothing in the game in terms of comps. All she has done so far is hide behind her players & somehow find a way to blame them when things went wrong. I can’t even take her anymore.

      She has all this game to talk but does nothing herself.

      I’m absolutely done with the stupid Quack Pack.

  64. It’s a good thing Britney knows that Frank needs to leave over Boogie,and she wants him out this Thursday.The reasons she gave for getting Frank out this week,are completely on point.I already know that Dan is all over the idea of getting rid of Frank.Dan will try his best to keep Boogie safe,because he thinks he can beat Boogie in the final 2(so do I).I won’t allow myself to get that happy about Frank being nominated until,the veto ceromony is over and Frank&Boogie are still on the block.Then I’ll feel more comfortable about Frank actually being evicted.I hope production doesn’t make the veto competition in favor of Frank.Enough is enough production needs to stop saving him.Let the game play out.

  65. Pandora’s box is going to be something that Shane can’t pass up and the twist is going to take Frank off of the block….then I will stop watching…they can’t take both of them off of the because as previously mentioned, there is too many people in the house as it is…so there has to be an eviction.

    1. Dan seems to be the biggest all time floater… floats around agreeing with everyone about everything, except to manipulatively plant seeds of discord.

    2. Jen really isn’t a floater. A floater goes to the current HoH, kisses some butt and stays so lodged up the current HoH’s posterior you would think the HoH
      would need something lanced. She really does not talk game, except with a very small group.

      Jenn isn’t a floater, she is the invisible woman.
      She will probably go very far in the game, because she is like that anonymous person in a Disaster of Science Fiction movie that is one of the survivors at the end of the movie, you do not know her or anything about her story, she is just standing there in the end of the movie.

  66. Brit is now arguing with Shane. ‘I left my husband and quit my job to be here. and you threw me under the bus so hard.” He’s saying he did not want all the blood on his hands. (She is really upset with him. Im not sure why she is so upset, she is safe this week anyway.) She is on the verge of tears and starting to yell. Shane is saying don’t do this to me right now.

    1. She is very upset with Shane, because, it is Lane and the Brigade all over again.
      She feels betrayed by Shane. She is sassy, steely but Shane has killed her trust,
      besides I do not think it was even her idea to put Frank and Boogie on the block. It was Danielle
      and Shane’s idea. Ian told them about Dan and Shane, not Brittney, she just shared information.

      He should have just manned up.

  67. People need to understand, Boogie doesn’t care about playing Big Brother again. He’s done it twice before, showed he’s one of the best (if not the best player in history). Basically he’s been forced to play, it wasn’t his intention. It’s a lot harder to win Big Brother the second time around, or the third. Other players know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Boogie knows this (its why he didn’t want to go back into the game when he was a coach), his purpose is to get Frank farther in the game and I wouldn’t be surprised if Boogie tries to get himself sent home if it comes between himself and Frank. Boogie would rather go home, keep running his multi-million dollar business, while raking in another Big Brother cheque for doing pretty much nothing. Big Brother screwed this season up big time.

    1. I actually agree. I don’t think he wants to win at all. He has really taken a liking to Frank.

      The thing is, no matter which way you put it, he was dumb for not going for HoH.

  68. these people are chicken. they all wanted boog and frank nominated but now all of them are afraid to own up to it. and where is ian? you always see him when something goes down. now he’s MIA

  69. Boogie wants to be in the end with Dan. I get the feeling Dan is in on that too. It is the only way they think they can win. Frank is just a casualty to Boogie and it doesn’t really hurt his game if he leaves. Boogie can play the” poor me I didn’t want to go into the game it wasn’t my choice” if and when he gets booted. On a side note there was a TV show a while ago with Boogie going to see Dr Will about his gross wart on his hootle. It was a few years ago and it was super disgusting that he put that on national tv. I wish I could remember the show details. crazy Dani ftw

  70. Britney is being irrational. Too much drama over nothing. One of B/F is going home, the other one should go next unless he wins the HOH but then they can just put up Joe or Jenn with a POV (chances of B or F winning both are slim). Also, Shane did say Britney and many others told him B/F were going after Shane and did take responsibilty himself. It was Boogie who focused on Britney. Sorry, but Brit is too emotional for her own good right now.

  71. Shane is a dumbass, playing like he still has a coach. Does he not realize Britney will ride on his coat tails all the way to the end?
    The girl isn’t old at comps and she isn’t winning anything anytime soon.

    What Shane needs to do is grow some balls.

    I’m fine w Boogie, but Frank?

  72. I couldn’t stand Britney back in her season and I can’t stand her now!! What a b*otch!!! If Shane were smart, (which he isn’t), he’d take her out and then next week they need to get Shane out. He’s the biggest threat, he wins all the physical comps! The players are so stupid this season and it’s the most boring one. GO DAN OR IAN!!!

  73. This is going to tear the houseguests apart! This will give Eagle Eye the opportunity to haul bricks to the end. PowerHouse 4 Lyfe YO.

  74. What they don’t realize is that Boogie isn’t a threat to any of them. Sitting against boogie in the final 2 is the best way to win the money.

    I don’t exactly like him at the moment, but is true.

    Janelle really did get to them; she said it so much that these people actually believe its true.

    Anywho, I’m absolutely over the Quack Pack.

    I’m at the point to where I’m hoping Joe pulls out a win ( Yea, it’s that sad )

    Ian is the most annoying to me, running back to Britney like a b*tch. This boy is at the bottom of the totem pole.
    Britney follows.

  75. The whole thing about Frank and Boogie being honorable and not backdooring anyone last week is bs. The very fact that they considered doing it, shared those thoughts with others means that it is on the table. If Shane, et al had waited for them to pull the trigger it would have been too late. The gun was already loaded with the intent of using it at a time of their chosing. It is the “woe is me” card – how can you do this to us – we were straight up with you…….They are just pissed that the other side pulled the trigger first and lined them up so that, unless they can get Shane to have a change of heart – one of them is definitely going home.

    Shane was wrong to even allude to Brit’s involvement in his decision making. He should have said that he heard from numerous sources about their plans and that no, he would not name names. Shane seems to forget that FIVE people sat in that room and said the very same thing about the threat that Boogie and Frank posed to them. Brit did not have to push the issue. Dani did not have to push the issue. Shane wanted to do this, but was afraid. Once he made the decision, he cannot take responsibility for his action. Perhaps that is why he has not gotten very far in life.

  76. What seems like what will happen this week is either Frank or Boogie will try to win veto and if they do they will try to get Shane to put up Dan. I don’t see this happening, therefore one of them will be gone. If Frank stays, he will be gunning for Dan. If Boogie stays, he will go far because EVERYONE wants to sit next to him in the Final 2. This really might be Boogie’s strategy as crazy as it sounds. But I think Brit and Shane are done, thus them each becoming a target. Dan will be fine as long as Frank doesn’t stay or win, and the floaters (especially Ian) are looking good right now because of this. My Final Four is Dan, Danielle, Boogie, and Ian. This will be an entertaining couple of weeks.

  77. Wow, so now everyone is mad at Shane for doing what they wanted (putting up Boogs and Frank). Britney is having a meltdown, she’s “going to lose because of someone else” (Shane saying it was her idea). Do Boogs and Frank have THAT much emotional control over these folks? Now I hope Power House Dan wins.

  78. Now we all know what kind of a man Shane really is- in the game and in life He gave his word to keep the Silent Six alliance, so apparently his word is no good. Then he would not man up and take responsibility for his own decision! Like her, hate her, at least Brit had Shane’s back.

    Before you all jump on me and say this is a game, etc. In the game and in life, all you have is your word. When you give your word, that’s it. If you are not sure or if you are not sincere, then don’t give your word! At least Boogie means it when he gives his word. He makes agreements that he can keep, he’ll stab you in the front and he’ll warn you about it beforehand.

    I hope the POV results in a change of noms and in the end Frank and Boogies stay because it will be full on war and everyone will know it. Iy will be honest and honestly much more fun to watch instead a bunch of cows waiting for whatever happens next!

  79. Is Britney actually saying she had no hand in any of shane’s decisions???? Are you kidding me??? She has practically forced him to do everything he has done! Damn right he’s throwing u under the bus, Britney!!! U wanna run around and tell him what to do but not win anything and not get any blood on your hands?? No frikkin way…..Im callin her out on that!!! She didn’t win one frikkin coaches comp to keep shane or any of her players safe. Then shane had to work his ass off to take himself off the block and not go home…..OOooooHH this pisses me off! And how many times miss britney have you been on the block??? Thats right ….Zero…..cuz why….youve been hiding behind everyone!!! Never mind that she’s safe this week…..and either frank or boogie is gonna go home and that’s what she wanted…..NO one is coming after poor little britney, don’t worry….they will come after shane. Oh and Dan is just as bad….Ok Im gonna step down from my soap box now…

    1. First of all, how did Brit ‘force” him to do anything? All she did was share information which is what you’re supposed to do when you’re in an “alliance”. Secondly, she’s not denying anything. She’s pissed because he mentioned her by name thereby putting a target on her back. I liked him, but now he’s just an a$$hole.

  80. Damn! Boogie’s got that Jedi trick down. ‘That is not the side you want to be working on’. Weak ass BB players.

    Psst, Ian – pot lowers testosterone levels which can cause moobs. Bummers, right?

  81. Why are Boogie&Frank mad at Dan?Shane nominated them.Is Britney going to tell Dan that Boogie&Frank are trying to get his alliance againts him?Someone please answer these questions.

    1. I didn’t catch the whole thing, but Boogie was explaining to Ian that he knows Dan is behind the nominations because he told someone (a female, not Brit) something (I’m assuming Frank’s thoughts to put up Dan last week). And I think Brit said something to them about it which Boogie figured out means this person said something . I think it was Danielle. So, Brit had nothing to do with the fact that they’ve turned on Dan now.

  82. If they pull what they did last season with the stupid Duo Veto pandora box twist, I will be done with BB14, Frank has been practically gone 2 times, and if it hadn’t been for Willie being a lunatic and production he would evicted by now, it’s time for Boogie or Frank to be gone, and if somehow they are both saved this week. I AM DONE!!!!

  83. the moral of the story regarding Shane is that you can’t trust a weak man! I don’t just mean women can’t trust a weak man no one can!!! bottom line!! a weak man (yes Shane we are talking about you) can’t even trust himself ….which is probably the worst part of it!

  84. Frank did it to himself he told people he was going to put up dan or shane last week and the fact he didn’t was irelevent the damage was done and the allience no longer trusted them and throwing brit under the bus wasn’t going to help. Did boogie think usuing the same tack he used on danelle to get Janelle out going to work again boogie is predictiable

  85. so sick of these coaches having the newbies do the dirty work. seriously britney was very vocal yesterday on getting frank out so let it be known so sick of her crying and bs. The newbies are morons danielle, frank and shane should have taken each other to final 3 since there the ones doing all the work bunch of idiots. Production should have stressed to these coaches that once in the game they needed to play. so sick of hide this and hide that weren’t they all talking crap about janelle being a liar and coasting by so what are britney, dan and boogie doing?

    1. Monica, have you ever watched previous seasons? That’s how the game is played – bring the least attention to yourself until you have to.

  86. If you watch the live feeds it was Danielle leading the “you have to put up Frank & Boogie” cheer! It was her more than any of the other quack packers! Ian, Britney, & Dan all agreed to the plan EQUALLY.

  87. If I were Ian, I would be very careful about Mike and Frank. They will think that Ian told Brit about wanting to backdoor Dan or Shane. Ian is tight with Brit so they will be up his behind trying to see if he is a rat.

    If Brit gets questioned by Frank or Mike about Ian being a rat, Brit should say that that’s b.s. and that Ian has been telling her that Dan needs to go, and that he thinks that Dan plays the game too well. Ian doesn’t talk about what Mike and Frank say to him, so she was not about to go backdoor Dan or Shane. This will make Ian golden in Frank and Mike’s eyes, and they will trust Ian more.

    Then Ian can stab Frank or Mike in the back next week, because either of them will be depending on Ian if they survive.

    Go team IAN !!!

  88. Comments on here are asking why Shane keeps nominating Frank when Frank has kept his word. Well Frank was the HOH that nominated Shane to go up after Wilie left. As Rambo would say, “he drew first blood”.

  89. Shane made the right move I feel. But when confronted by boogie and frank, he should not have brought anyone elses name into it. That is a douche move big time. If I were Brit I would be super pissed.

  90. WOW!!! Shane is a wimp….he just rolled over for Boogie & Frank & threw Brit & really himself, Dan & Danielee under the bus!!!!

    Danielle stay as far away from him as possible…any women needs to stay away from him….he would not be a friend of mine outside of the Big Brother house….put his back against the wall and he feels some pressure & he sings like a birdie & blames everyone else. Grow some balls Shane!!!!!

    Get Frank out immediately….then Boogie only has Jenn to try to control…..the others will all be against Boogie…Bye Frank!!!!!

    From the previous reports Boogie is showing his true self–he has Narcissistic personality disorder ….his morning talks to the world reek of it….Boogie returned only to have the opportunity to control others…because he has no one in his life to control & those that he does try to control get out of his life immediately!!!!!

  91. Shane should regret that listen to Britney & Danielle is a biggest mistake. Now Frank has to win the PoV so he can keep it safe.

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