Shane says Dan was the cancer that broke up the silent 6 and maybe we can grab Britney and keep it the silent 5..

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


1:05pm Boogie and Shane are up in the HOH room talking. Boogie tells Shane that clearly he is going to be talking to him about putting up Dan or at the very least Joe. The level of Joe’s a$$ kissing is insane. Boogie says that he understand how hard this decision is for Shane because you don’t know the game or Dan. If I was in here seeing Dan being nice, reading the bible, and being social I would think the same thing. Boogie says that Dan is doing the same thing this season that he did that season as he is now. Boogie explains how Dan is very social and gets to know people whereas others just want to talk about themselves. Boogie explains Dan and how he was during his season and how he is doing the same thing with Danielle this season. Boogie says that if I am on the jury I am not voting for someone like Jenn in the end, I am voting for someone that has made the most moves and has won competitions. Boogies says that he is not happy with Ian or Jenn and that he is telling them that they need to go to work for him. He says that Ian would not be here if it wasn’t for me. Boogie says that he wants to work with Shane and that if I am gone your exposure gets that much higher and you are the next target. The obvious target is getting out the two big targets, but where does that leave you, you are next. Boogie talks about what character traits he has and how Shane will always know where he is at. They talk about how un-athletic Dan is in the competitions and how they think he is throwing them. Shane talks about how it showed him a lot when they had that conversation between him, Frank, Boogie and Britney after the nominations. Shane says that Dan is a nice guy and he is using that to his advantage. Boogie brings up how he was invited to Dan’s wedding and bachelor party and he did this to me. Frank and I can be a lot more valuable to you.


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1:25pm Shane says that Dan was the cancer that broke up the silent 6 and maybe we can grab Britney and keep it the silent 5. Shane says that is where my head is at. Boogie says stay there, stay there, stay in that mindset. Boogie talks about a lot of people say that I don’t need this, but I have closed several restaurants in the last year and a half. So don’t discard me thinking I don’t need it. We don’t need to make a final 3, but let’s go a little further. There are several people that need to go before that, next week two people are leaving and we need to prepare for that. Boogie says even if you want to stay with Danielle we can make a deal to work with her as well, I don’t consider her a floater at all. Shane says yeah me, Frank and Danielle have won all the competitions. Boogie says yeah look at me I haven’t even won one yet. Boogie tells Frank that did everything he said he was going to do when he was in power so you know you can trust us. They end their conversation and Boogie heads down stairs.


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1:40am Boogie heads into the arcade room and tells Frank about the conversation he had with Shane. He says that it went really well and that he is thinking about it. Boogie says that Shane had talk about cutting out the cancer. Frank talks about going up in 45 minutes and bringing up some of the same things to push him over the edge. Boogie comments on how Shane was interjecting and bringing up moments from the other night when Dan was sitting there silent. Boogie continues to rehash his conversation with Shane and how he talked about how Dan was in his season. Frank says that Shane is so susceptible to these these types of conversations. Boogie says that he hit two keep points, Frank won’t dare put you up and that he knows Shane sees right through Joe being a kiss a$$. Frank says what he loves is that Dan is out there in the pool and he knows we are in here with Shane.

1:41pm – 1:50pm Boogie says that he is going to blow Franks mind with this and that he can’t believe he didn’t tell Shane this, Joe brought Ashley in the storage room and told Ashley that veto is going to be yours, Mike and Frank were cheating and that he then went into the diary room and told the producers. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Frank asks who did they tell they were going to bring the feeds up of? Big Brother cuts the feeds to the back yard. The feeds switch back and Boogie is talking about how much he hates Joe and wants to have a confrontation with him just so he doesn’t have to talk to him any more. Frank says or cook us any more food, shut that fu*k up! Frank says that Joe is trying to get me disqualified! Boogie says if that rift occurs then it also makes Britney and Shane more comfortable because now these guys have two more enemies. Boogie says that Frank doesn’t have to say where you heard it from because it would make sense that it would come up in the back. Frank says yeah. Boogie says that Ian is such a d*ck rider on Dan, like he will ever speak to him again. Frank says that he honestly thinks Ian has their back.

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Flashback: August 19th, 1:41pm Camera 1 & 2

FLASHBACK: August 18th, 12:06pm camera 3 & 4 Frank talks about putting his hand back in the POV bag and palming the chip.

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2pm Frank and Boogie head out into the backyard and start hating on Ian and Joe. They talk about how Ian won’t shut up, he is either rocking in the hammock or talking. Frank says that he would like to have a conversation with Dan and just get him to admit that he prematurely made the move to get me out. Frank says if Boogie goes out and then I do I am going to be in the jury making sure you don’t win. Frank says fu*king Joe I want to bust him out on throwing Ian under the bus and for trying to get me DQ’d (disqualified). Frank says yeah he is trying to end your dream. You could even tell him that he just moved up to number one on my list. Frank says yeah I will put him up every week until he goes out. Boogie says Shane won’t like that Joe did that either ya know. Boogie says you could just lean back and be like yeah right on… Big Brother switches the feeds to the pool.


2:05pm – 2:20pm Frank asks as a game perspective do you think you might have moved too fast. Dan says that there are a lot of assumptions that people have made but that is about all I am going to say about that. I like you as a friend though, this is just a game. Frank heads off to the bedrooms and tells Dan that he will have a hard time getting votes in the jury if he is in there. Dan yells back, yeah likewise! Frank comes back and asks you miss those days jamming out to Jenn night city. Frank heads out into the backyard, Mike asks what did you just do? Frank says that he was just busting Dan’s balls. Frank relays the conversation he just had with Dan in the kitchen. Frank says that he isn’t going to push it too hard, but that he wants Dan to feel some heat. Frank says that he isn’t worried about Dan tainting votes in the jury, what is he going to tell them, I did what I said I was going to do?! Boogie says he ain’t going to get there. Boogie says that he won’t even walk Dan to the door he will just sit in the other nomination chair with a big smile. Frank says that he will say I ain’t to worried about the jury now, deuces!

Britney and Danielle are in the bathroom talking. Danielle talks about how she was in the bathroom when Boogie came up to her and told her that if and when Dan goes up on the block that he isn’t coming after her and that he hopes they can work with her. Danielle says that he seems so sure Dan is going up. Britney says that is why she wants to go talk to Shane right now. Danielle says that Boogie and Frank are acting like they are going to stay.


2:35pm – 2:45pm Britney goes up to talk to Shane. Shane says that Boogie was just up here saying that his fate is in his hands. He says that Dan was the cancer in the final 6 and needs to go. Britney says what a joke. Shane says that he was then pushing to put up Joe if I won’t put up Dan. Shane rehashes his conversation with Boogie and how he tried to tells Shane about how Dan played before. Shane says but that fact is that Dan is with us. Britney says Dan is good at this game and he is a schemer but he is with us and that he has no option but to work with us. Britney says that she told Boogie that she didn’t want to talk about it and that she wouldn’t make her decision till later in the week. Shane says obviously you know what I am going to do and that there is no question about what I am going to do. Shane says that he is going to put up Jenn as the replacement nominee. Shane comments on how Ashley, Ian and Jenn haven’t come to talk to him and asks don’t they realize they could be put up. Britney tells Shane to tell Jenn that she is a vote for Boogie and he needs to secure the votes. Shane says no more duo diary room and sh*t like that! Shane talks about how Boogie even threw Ian and Jenn under the bus saying they are worthless to him and they haven’t done anything for him. Shane says Boogie said don’t think I don’t need the money because I am not as well off as people think I am. Britney says yeah you got rid of your Bentley because you had your kid not because you couldn’t afford the $7000 a month payment. Shane comments on how Joe is with us just because we are in power, and as soon as they are in power he will run to them. Shane says that he can’t wait to find out what Jenn has to offer.


2:50pm – 3pm Shane says that he tried to get Frank out before and he blew it. Britney says that he is going to win this game. Shane says that even if we put him up again he will just win the POV again. Britney says this is Frank’s house and we have no chance to win. Shane and Britney talk about Danielle still acting jealous with Shane. Shane says that if he brings up Danielle Donato, Danielle gives him a dirty look. He says that he doesn’t want Danielle spending the night up here either because he doesn’t want people thinking we are together. They talk about how they don’t want a floater to win this thing. Britney says that is what is going to happen if these two sides keep going at each other. Danielle and Dan come up. Dan talks about what Frank said to him in the kitchen about not getting jury votes. Dan says that he was disappointed in how he (Dan) responded and wished he just hadn’t said anything at all.
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any one think miss shane will put up dan


I really hope Boogie and Frank can pull this off. It will b epic. Perhaps production will try and influence shane in the dr to put up dan as that would make great television for a season with alarmingly low ratings. Hey if production is gonna influence the game mine as well factor that into your strategy. And for cbs its all about MONEY and RATINGS, so dont put it past production to use a pandoras box or just flat out influence shane in his dr interviews.


I’m hoping so.


Not a chance in hell. Unless Mike & Frank can pull a rabbit out of their butts and somehow convince Shane that Dan is truly working against him, then it’ll be Jenn who goes up in Franks place.


they are just stupid enough to put have mike influence them.


Boogie sleeps all the time and only talks to Frank. He has no alliances and has no influence in the house at all. He ony thinks that he masterminded Janelle’s eviction because he doesn’t understand the dynamics. He is horrible at this game and will be leaving the house on a 6-1 vote.

The Better Erin

Maybe it’s because the majority of players are so dumb this year and he looks that much better in comparison, or maybe so much time under Will’s wing has finally shone through, but Boogie, despite how much I dislike him, is really good at this game….and I almost kind of want him to stay now :X Still Team Britney for the win though.


Boogie and Frank started talking about the alleged cheating yesterday when they picked veto players and we got fish. From what I heard, Boogie says that Joe told Ashley something about them cheating. Something obviously went down or they wouldn’t be talking about it, and production wouldn’t be so fish happy.


Boogie has a point


they didnt cheat dear lord.
Boogie picket house guest choice and chose Ian to plan then frank ended up picking ians name so they made him redraw and he got house guest choice as well ppl need to chillax already


Boogie is working his magic with Shane, will it work? Will Shane put up Dan as the replacement nominee? That would only be half the work for Boogie, he would then have to lobby for votes to oust Dan. Can he do it? He did it with Janelle.


guess you can’t blame him for trying. beats a week of nothing. but I dont see them making the move

even though if you were to again ask, who do you get rid of “dan or boogie”? you get rid of dan. period.

they are making a mistake voting out a man who would get max 2 jury votes.


if Boogie saves himself this week, he’ll go down as the #2 best player in history behind Dr. Will. I don’t think Shane goes through with the backdoor, but the drama will hit the roof on Thursday, if Dan and Shane gets evicted and Boogie and Frank stays in the house.


Thanks for the compliment, I would’ve won the 2nd BB except for Janelle’s lip voting me off. At least my tutelage paid off that season.


I think that Boogie might pull this one off. Shane is very easily influenced and Froogie are hammering him. Pack your bags Dan, you might be going back to your soccer team sooner than you thought. You overplayed the game.


BBKing why do you say Dan overplayed his game. When really Dan had nothing to do w/ it Ian is the one being the double agent Dan is just keeping his mouth shut and not calling Ian out, Boogie and Frank are the only one that do not realize it was Ian that sold them out lol


If Shane does this he can pretty much sign over the check, I don’t know what he expected Dan to do start getting into a fight with Boogie and Frank to show that he wasn’t lying. If they don’t get Boogie out they’re all stupid and shouldn’t be allowed to be in BB. He’s so trusting of everyone that says someone else is lying to him when they are clearing lying to his face.


i hope shane does not fall for boogies and franks tricks…………….if he thinks right he will make the right move and get the 2 time winner at this game out since they got janelle out and said she is the big target boogie is the bigger target and no one is seeing that he is making people fall for his tricks…..and where does ian stand idk if he is still in the quack pack or what???

Dirty hands

Who’s a 2 time winner? There hasn’t been a 2 time winner


Right there has not……until this year go Dan!!!!


srry :/ my bad what i meant to say was a guy who won all stars …….guess i should of done my research huhhhhhh

shane is a punk

shane for bein so muscular and dominant , he sure is low on the totem pole…maybe he is gay… hes sayin dan is the reason he made the noms….no how about the quack pack agreed thats what was best for the game…now u r renigging on it….shane needs to do whats best for his game…and getting rid of dan isnt it….boogie will con his way to the final two with frank….i hope shane isnt as dumb as he looks and sounds and puts dan up…..shane is such a little punk….


Ashley will get POV!


I hope BB really give it to Ashley. Does she dare to use it? but that’s not going to happen anyway.

shane is a punk

whats funny about it is boogie even said himself shane is so easy to manipulate….i would love to buy a house off shane u could probly get it for dirt cheap because he is so easily manipulated

DDBS for the win

Anyone know what Frank and Booogie did to cheat and if it is true? On another subject, Shane is crazy to back door Dan, That would do nothing but destroy his original alliance, and instead of having 4 other people to protect him, all he will have is himself and he can’t play for the first hoh thursday, so most likely he would be going out the door behind dan.


If shane puts Dan or joe up and he gives mike another life line then this is the dumbest BB cast ever. I’ve never seen people change there mind so much as much as these idiots. Why is shave such a p***y. Just tell mike straight up I don’t want to hear your bulls**t. Don’t come up here with any threats about frank coming after me because there’s still Dan Brit and Danielle who have my back. Not to mention Ian and joe now. It’s rediculous how they fall for frank and mikes garbage. If Dan or joe goes up then write the checks for frank and mike.


If Shane put up Dan he will be as dumb as Howie from BB6


Do you really think Frank cheated? Why would they cut the feeds while they were talking about that?


I don’t mind people play the game with lying and manipulating, but I can’t stand the arrogant pricks who think they are better than anybody.
Uhhhh…. boogie.. just STFU


I don’t get it how did frank cheat?


Boogie can create something out of nothing. You can never count him out until he’s home. Then you have to worry he didn’t convince production to send him back in the game. Their only safe when BB 14 is over. Then they have to hope Boogie don’t turn back time and go back in the game. This guy is like all the Chuck Norris jokes combined.


I have really disliked frank all along but now feel sorry for him he is such a lost, lost person….and doesn’t know it…it’s getting sad to watch…I have to turn him off sometimes.

cant believe it

britney is dumb too….she is so scared she would fall for boogie and frank too….britt and shane wont be happy until frank puts them on the block together….and thats what will happen


Right now i just want Monday to come so we can see if boogie can pull this off. Even if he does leave this week he played a hell of a game considering the huge target on his back from season 7. Before anyone calls me a fanboy I just want to point out that I respect gameplay and can care less if the person is kind in the dairy room (this is television people). Right now I love the game ian is playing…just saying if mike pulls this off he deserves respect


Will someone please tell me why they are saying Frank and Boogie cheated? Don’t have live fee


I’m sorry but how can one person be this stupid? Really, BB should just stick to letting people audition instead of selecting people that have no idea how the game works.


Shane is doing the exact same thing to Dan that he did to Brit after noms. He just can’t stand on his own two feet and so he deflects blame to an easy target. Since Dan said he would take the fall, he is just pouring it on more. He is a Yes man that avoids confrontation (hence why Dani still thinks she has a chance) and just tells people what they like to hear. I really don’t see him nominating Dan where I did see Dani doing it with Jani before.

On a side note, I am glad that Joe is standing up to F/B if he thinks they really were cheating…even if nothing comes of it. Tired of people bowing down to those two losers. Boogie makes this show seem outdated and not current so him leaving the show would do it a world of good. I can’t stand to hear Frank talk, walk, eat, or do anything really, but I can see why having Frank on the show keeps a story line going because there has to be two sides going to war. Ash, joe, and jen wouldn’t put up any kind of a fight.


Well if shane falls for this he is an idiot but some of shanes conversation didn’t make sense when he was talking about dan being the reason for the break up of the silence 6 when it was Ian and shane knows that so I am really confused as to what shane is up to. Boogie was trying to point out that dan and boogie are friends outside this house and if he could do it to him then he could do it to you the problem with this is first Ian is the one who stab them in the back and secondly dan didn’t make shane nominate them this was all shane so i am really confused at this conversation unless shane decided to let boogie believe what he wants. I find it hard to believe shane would put dan up especially since shane knows regardless of what boogie says he will be coming after him. If he puts up dan or joe then we know the fix is in and bb production is trying to fix the game


Personally, I don’t like Boogie, but he is working it and it seems like he will convince Shane to put up Dan as a replacement. Then Boogie and Frank will stay and fireworks will fly during DE week.

Like it or not, Froogie are working it, and they’ll probably save themselves for another week. Frank has more than 9 lives.


Frankenbooger are such douchebags. They are on the block. They need votes. They are sure they have Ian and Jenn and Ashley (I don’t think they do), and they sit there just out of earshot slamming them all and making jokes at their expense. They haven’t said a half nice thing about anyone all day. At least Brit makes it funny, and doesn’t take it too seriously! They keep saying they are great players and the others don’t know how to play, but they are the ones on the block, so the others must be doing something right. I really hate their arrogance and I will be very disappointed if Boogie doesn’t leave. Frank’s biggest mistake in the game was not distancing himself from Boogie as soon as the coaches entered the game. Now he has the Boogie stank and it will last after Boogie leaves, because the douchiness has rubbed off on him. I just hope Shane doesn’t botch this and put up Joe or Ashley. Jenn is the only logical option. It prevents her from voting with Frankenbooger and makes Ian the swing vote, because I wouldn’t trust Ashley or Joe to vote Boogie out. If Ian is solid, Boogie will be going home and Ian would be the one that tossed the winner of allstars out before jury. Boogie’s gonna be so embarrassed!


frank has the boogie stank and his very own stank that he brought with him…that’s why it is so hard to listen to him talk or look at him. these two will go down in bb history as the ugliest pair inside and outside…..ugly ugly ugly!


shane will not put Dan up..first of all he doesn’t want to and second he would destroy his relat with Brit and dani…don’t know why people on here think that there is even a remote possibility that b/f plan will work. I guess it is just their wishfully thinking.


Finally somebody that realizes what is going on…Shane just makes it seem like it is possible because he is soooo very weak socially, anti confrontational, and unable to take any heat. But no way in hell will he drop Dan onot the block at this point and not only screw Dan but also Dani and Brit. Shane is dumb but not THAT dumb.

C. J.

Correct me if I am wrong but, I thought the 4 of them agreed on this strategy. Yes Froogie to death, and surprise them with Jenn or Ashley. Dan even made a comment to Shane to say at the POV ceremony; “say, Dan, you are not the replacement nominee” then he said; no don’t do that.


Frank was always a douche he just found his douchemate in Boogie. He will be all alone and wondering why no one wants to work with him. Can’t these guys get a clue that NO ONE likes or respects them in any way? Funny how they are calling everyone else stupid and not putting the blame solely on Boogie, who threw the HOH in favor of his wallet. Boogie cares about nothing but money and his ego. If it would benefit him, he would throw Frank under the bus in a heartbeat. Oh, wait, he already did – during the HOH. This makes FRANK the stupidest (is that a word?) person in the house for not calling him out on HIS betrayal.


I don’t understand why Dan isn’t glued to Shane,until Boogie and Frank gets evicted?He already knows that Shane is on the slow side/short yellow bus,when it comes to playing this game.Dan should constantly tell Shane why Boogie and then Frank have to be evicted.So do all of you think Shane will put up Dan or anyone in order to keep Boogie in the game.Oh,and I don’t have the feeds.Where is Dan?I like how he keeps cool,but why isn’t he with Shane?

cant believe it

elle u r right…he does avoid confrontation….we will see on bbad tonight if he is really up to it…im getting sick of danielle always somehow finds a way to be in the room alone with shane at the end of the night…have u noticed that…like last night when she realized she wasnt goin to cuddle with shane she went downstairs…because he kept saying make room for me…which meant dont come near me and dont touch me….and she stuck her butt in his face….number one ur butt is nasty…number two he does not like u…get the hint lol….i cant stand her…sorry

cant believe it

hallie is right…shane might be just blowing smoke up his butt…because he knows dan didnt destroy the silent six…he is just blaming dan….who knows until monday


Dan goes next, then Brit and Shane get nominated, Shane gets POV and Brit goes home.

Throw me under the bus

What i find funny is how Frank the tank and Leprechaun Boogie always wanna call out people….And just one time i would love for someone to find a set of nuts and just tell Frank and Boogie to shut the hell up stop your whining and bitching. Now i know why Frank and his dad dont talk much,The master and ruler of the universe Sid Vicious knows his son is a lil

cant believe it

i cant wait until birtt goes home…cant stand her


Dan is going next and Brit will follow. Dan was a good strategist but he overplayed and replayed (same as his last BB). As for Brit, she won’t be missed!


I’m team Brit and I know I’m not the only one, so I have to respectfully disagree with your statement, Doc.


The thing I don’t like about Brit is that she wants NO blood on her hands whatsoever. She is going so far as to say she had nothing to do with nominations (totally untrue) or with the replacement nominee (another lie). She will say anything to get herself out of any hot water and even throw her own alliance members under the bus if Boogie looks at her cross-eyed. I don’t know why she is so afraid of him. I don’t know why ANYONE is afraid of him because they all know that, unless he has a strong alliance member, he can’t get anywhere. I am totally wishing that someone would call him out, even if it starts WWIII in the house. He needs to be taken down a peg or 3. The funny thing is, Boogie seems to think he is well liked.


Team Brit is the best thing this show has going. There is a reason she was one of only four to come back. She is gorgeous and funny. She says some ugly stuff, but to me, it is almost as if she is halfway joking most of the time. I really don’t sense that she is this wicked mean girl. And she is an underrated player. Maybe not super strong, but still pretty savvy.


None of that is going to happen IMO.


There’s no way Frank cheated. He won PoV fair & square. Joe needs to take your meds.


Were you there? Did you watch the comp? No. I didn’t think so. Do I think he cheated? Probablly not, but that was one of the rumors going aroung yesterday.


Yeah because if its on youtube you know it’s true.


I’m not a Boogie fan …..BUT if he can pull this off and remain in the game DAMN …he deserves some respect!

VA Vet

Or perhaps the rest of the house-guests are a bunch of idiots.

The easiest way to look brilliant is to surround yourself with a bunch of dummies.


This is pissing me off so much for some reason haha. Can I just go in the house for 5 minutes?!?

VA Vet

Will take more than five minutes to straighten out that crowd.


The problem with shane is he doesn’t take responsiblity for his own actions he likes to blame other people but shane also didn’t lie to boogie and dan asside there is no real good reason that would benifit shane to keep boogie. Shane knows that they were targeting him it is hard to say what is going on because we have only seen feeds with boogie in it so we will have to wait and see shane with dan or brit to get a better understanding but i highly doubt he will put him up and nothing has seem to happen and shane is still covering for ian. Boogie is going to feel really dumb when he see’s that it was really ian and if frank was listening to dan he would have thought about what he said


I don’t see Shane going rogue and making a move by himself. He’s solid with the 4. (dan, brit, dani, himself) If they put up Jenn as a replacement, Boogie would have to pull out some major Criss Angel mind freak magic to get the votes. Shane’s biggest threat is Frank, but Frank chokes sometimes. He needs his cheerleader (boogie). With Boogie gone, Frank will be weakened.

So anyone Frank goes to try and work with has to know by now what a good bullshitter he is. He should be alone after Boogie leaves, but there’s some real useless floaters in the house that will no doubt side with him cos they need a strong competitor and they’ll bond over getting Dan out.


Shane would do well to align with someone else who can win comps. Brit and Dan have been riding on Shane’s wins (and Danielle’s to the lesser extent), while really contributing nothing themselves. Shane-Dani-Frank alliance could result in the comp winners being victorious in the game.

It wouldn’t hurt Shane’s game to bring Boogie along as the fourth wheel- would he get any jury votes? On the other hand, Dan and Brit have “created” relationships with the everyone and that would take away votes from Shane.

Unfortunately, Shane is a scarecrow. If he only had a brain…he would think ahead about such things


It would be, cos they could go back and forth winning and pluck some people out, but the “relationship” factor is a large part of this game. Shane is thick in the mist. (Dan)

And you’re right, Shane’s not the brightest bulb, but he thinks he’s covered with the brains in his alliance. (dan, dani, brit)


Let’s assume that Shane and Frank make it to the end and Dan is evicted 1st this week. Who would be in the Jury and their votes?

Britney – Shane Boogie – Frank Ashley- Frank Jenn – Frank
Those are pretty much for sure.
Joe – Shane if he keeps his word (60%) Frank if he doesn’t (40%)
Ian -Shane if he votes comps and his alliance ( 60%) Frank if he votes total game play (40%)
Danielle -Shane if she is still in love with him (90%) Frank if she feels spurred by him (90%) [Yes I know that the numbers on Danielle don’t add up, but neither does she]

So he would have about a 50 – 50 chance running with Frank and Boogie. What would be his chances with Dan instead of Boogie:

Dan – Shane Britney – Shane Danielle – Shane (Dan would keep her on track) Ashley – Shane (because Boogie isn’t in her ear) Jenn – Frank
Joe – Shane if he keeps his word (60%) Frank if he doesn’t (40%)
Ian -Shane if he votes comps and his alliance ( 60%) Frank if he votes total game play (40%)

So he would have a win and not even need Joe or Ian.

Shane would be better off with Dan in the house and at Jury. Especially if he goes with Frank.


it seems the only one with balls in the house are mike and frank. Man up that you want these guys gone dan, britney, shane are such cowards take the heat. Every one is trashim boogie who btw i don’t like but at least he calls people out and confronts when are the rest of these cowards going to give it back. Like i have said over and over final 3 should have been frank, shane and danielle since all the heat and blood and comp wins are on them. Every one else is a waste of space and tv time.


No, Dan is the man.


It takes a real man to keep his emotions in check. If you think being a bully is “having balls” then your family must live in fear of you.


i cant stand when they rig the show. i was so excited for rachel to win last season, but then they threw in an unecessary twist to save jordan.. i hated that so much ;[


if Shane was smart, he would put up Joe as the replacement nominee just to keep Boogie and Frank happy til Thursday. that will make Boogie and Frank think Joe is the target. Shane then goes talk to the rest of the house and remind them that Boogie is still the main target for eviction. only way Boogie and Frank can mentally get to Shane is, reminding Shane if Boogie is evicted and Frank wins next HOH, Shane and Dan are Frank’s nominations for eviction. Boogie and Frank have to constantly warn Shane with the scenario of who would the house vote for eviction, if it’s him and Dan sitting in the chair on a Thursday. that scenario should scare Shane a little, because even Shane himself would see that the house will vote him off instead of Dan. Dan has quietly taken over that side of the house with his social game.


No, the QP need Joe for the next double eviction week in case he might win the HOH.


@ERICMOONLESS, You still don’t get it. No outgoing HoH survive the double eviction. Joe will stay but Ian or Shane will be next to leave. That’s why Frank will win HoH!


Just because it hasn’t happened before does not mean it can never happen.

First he as to be nominated.
The only ones would put him up are Frank and Jenn and Frank is the only one that might win HOH. (Sorry, but your idol Boogie will not survive the week.) If Frank puts him up against Dan then Dan will go home. (Dan would have – Danielle and Ian. Shane would have – Britney, Jenn, Ashley, Joe). Shane Breaks the curse. Also I think that Frank would actually put up Dan and Danielle instead.

Let’s agree that Jenn, Joe and Ashley have a very low chance of getting HOH, so we won’t look at who they would put up.

Ian would nominate Joe and Frank; replacement Jenn
Britney would nominate Joe and Frank; replacement Jenn
Danielle would nominate Ashley and Frank; replacement Jenn (could be Jenn/Frank nom and Ash replace)
Dan would nominate Jenn and Frank; replacement Ashley (or possiblly Joe)

So, any way you slice it, Shane will break the curse.


@WW Are you kidding me? Shane can’t even break the curse. It’s like re-live of Jeff being evicted. There’s no way shane can’t break the curse. If he does he the only survivor of Big Brother avoid double eviction. Right now, he has no chance to fight it.



Please stop assuming what you think to be fact AS fact. You are a fan and what you think is GREAT but not fact. You are a fan and nothing more.,

Right now, as it stands, Boogie is in a tight spot. Shane MAY BE weak enough to be swayed by Boogie’s argument, but the feeds show that as NOT being the case thus far. Sooooo, it stands to reason that Boogie is gone. Can Shane withstand the next HoH (double-eviction)? That remains to be seen. I think Joe stands as much chance at going, or more, than Shane.

Bottomline, STOP acting like you are in the house and the MIND of BB14.

You are becoming annoying.


@ITALLSUCKS, What are you talking about? I’m not annoying. The only annoying is Beyonce Fan or even sisemenhcraegidewniatpac! There much annoyed than I am. I’m telling a truth! Boogie is not going anywhere!


People, no use arguing with this person as he thinks he is GOD and from his mouth to God’s ear it will happen. “He know the facts.” I have a feeling he doesn’t know what “facts” really are. So far, all of his “facts” have been wrong so maybe that’s his definition — facts = 100% wrong in his dictionary. He has an ego as big as Boogie’s and it will get him just as far.


I so LOVE it when annoying people say they are not annoying. Again, he knows better than all of us, no point in arguing. Funny how annoying people always point to other “annoying” people to PROVE they are not annoying. Just writing this is annoying me!


Frank said he wants Dan to feel the heat and yesterday he said he wants Dan to cry.Sorry,smelly Frank Dan isn’t scared of you.They(Boogie&Frank)just don’t get it.Dan is able to control his emotions.It makes Frank&Boogie mad that Dan doesn’t seemed worried or scared of them,and I love it.Keep your cool Dan.The only thing that I think Dan is doing wrong, has to do with him not staying glued to the two people in his alliance that play this game like they ride the short yellow bus(and Danielle isn’t one of them).Dan should stick by Shane&Britney side until they kick out Boogie&Frank.The way Britney&Shane handled this week was wrong on so many different levels.People can pick on Danielle all they want,but that girl has Dan’s back.I doubt Danielle wouldv’e ran to Boogie,like Britney did and basically didn’t want Boogie&Frank mad at her.How about Britney&Shane should have a screw you attitude to those two bullys(Boogie&Frank).And I doubt Danielle wouldv’e thrown Dan under the bus,like Shane did Britney.


I couldn’t agree with you more!
Froogie are rats. Don’t mind them. a bit NOT scared of them, but not comfortable with them.


this is what i dont understand about shanes reasoning thus far dan has proven time and again that he is not a trust worhty person and while in past seasons boogie hasnt been either this year is different him and frank have stuck to their word through the whole game and in my opinion that is how you get to the end with people who when they give you their word keep it then you stab them in the back later


Dan is that snake from the old testament that swiveled it’s way to Adam and Eve, and convinced them to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree.


Does anyone know what Frank meant by “you still miss those days of jamming out to Jenn night city”?
Im not sure why that’s an insult


There ya go–Shane told Brit he is 100% putting up Jenn and Shane is allin with the original group of 4…GAME OVER BOOGIE!

Count Boogula

Dan getting sloppy? Are Boogie and Frank getting to him a little?


I demand BB to give Ashley the POV, Frank looks like guilty!


He shouldn’t trust boogie because he isn’t trust worthy the only allience that boogie will honour is to frank it wasn’t more then five minutes after janelle walked out that he wanted to go after shane and brit and the only reason he didn’t is he thought it was to soon the problem here is shane knows all the scemes he has been doing because of Ian. For shane to survive he needs to nutralize frank/boogie allience. To be honest they are right dan is good at this game but i think he is alot less dangerous then boogie and dan is on there side everything he had done so far is to help them so it should be a no brainer get boogie out


its obviously over for boogie, I just question why the group seems to think they wont break and that boogie = take out frank and the game ends, and we all party.


there are 10 people left, goodness. what a bunch of fools, dan deserves to win because people like shane continue to let brit control their game. frank is pretty screwed and at best can win the next HOH and FINALLY put dan in a place where he cant just sit back all comfortable behind danielle shane and brit.


Boogie is playing this game with a vengeance. He is so in love with Frank. I think it is interesting how Shane listens to Boogie’s rants against Dan and even adds his own commentary, even though he knows fully that the “cancer,” if any in the Silent Six is Ian. From the outsider perspective, Dan is almost heroic in his willingness to quietly take the heat for Ian’s double agent work.

I only hope that Shane can hold it together, i.e., hold that thought long enough to evict a very desperate Boogie. I think Boogie’s ego is taking such a beating that his love for Frank is even taking a back seat to his need to ensure that Dan doesn’t do well in the game. He is more worried about taking down Dan than anything. Boogie behaves like an “entitled” bully, but, in truth, he is afraid of Dan. He made reference to a Diary Room in which he said his goal is to, “make Dan cry.” Is he delusional?? Dan loves this game, but it is not his life. He is not living in anyone’s shadow.


@Talker.I agree with your comments about Boogie wanting to make sure Dan doesn’t do well in the game.Your right that Dan isn’t living in anyone’s shadow.Unlike Boogie who is known as Dr.Will’s side kick.Lol.It doesn’t matter how many times production save/cheat for Boogie&Frank.They both were out played by Dan.I still say Dan needs to stay glued to Britney&Shane until Boogie&Frank(hopefully they can out smart production and kick Frank’s smelly butt out of the game)are evicted.Those two seem like they can be swayed to drop Dan.


I only hope Dan isn’t overestimating Shane and Brit’s ability to focus on the end goal, i.e., getting rid of Boogie. You may have a point about him sticking close to the cast of the Short Term Memory Theatre Company.


Conversation between Frank and Boogie earlier

12:06 PM BBT – Frank describes to Boogie what sounds like manipulation of the token draw for Veto player selection. Frank says he had to put the chips back in, but held on to the “HG Choice” and drew it out again. Boogie is very excited and says “amazing, amazing!” We get Fish for a moment then Boogie tells Frank to never mention that part again. Hmm


Why did feeds go down for 6 and half hours yesterday I think BB producers where informed what happened with pov draw and was wondering what to do last night boogie and frank kept mention it in arcade and they said that productions loves us Now Joe tell Ashley she might POV because Frank Cheated during the comp leaning back in the chair (probably) getting answer from Boogie) I wouldnt put it past these 2 to turn to cheat funny we come back 6 and half hours later and they have been resting for 2 hours BB we know its fixed did they give Boogies anwers from Production about quantity and when he was out of POV he relayed them to Frank I think it should be brought to the attention of America so we can decide what to do about it and that it could be before the double eviction because if they cheated which is very probable they bothe need to go on Thursday


If they cheated they need to be removed from the game. (My Opinion)

What would happen (if anythng) is they would disqualify Frank and give Ashley the POV and then she could use it or not. OR they just remove the POV altogether this week.


Damn, it’s pathetic that production is not going to punish them. This show is going down the tube because of their constant protection of certain players and letting them do whatever they want… keep sayin it’s not rigged, we see the truth

The Rose

Yea, I agree. Put Joe up so Boogie has to deal with losing against him. haha