Boogie says draw a line.. we dug a mother fu*****g trench! We are calling mother fu*****s out while they read the bible!

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie And Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand


12:15am Shane and Dan are up in the HOH room talking. Dan tells Shane that he wants to leave it to the last possible moment to decide between Ian and Joe as their fifth alliance member. Dan says that he doesn’t think Ian wants to work with the other side. Shane agrees but says that Ian doesn’t want to pull the trigger. Dan says that thinks Ian knows once the other side is gone, Ian will be the first to go. Dan says that he doesn’t know, because Ian is close with Britney. Shane asks if Ian is close with Dan. Dan says no, they play games but Ian admires Britney, not in a sexual way but Ian has said he would want to date a girl with Britney’s sense of humor. They also talked about how Britney, Ian, and Joe are golden. In that they are not being targeted by either side. The conversation turns to talking about Shane moving to LA to model.

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12:45am Boogie and Frank are sitting out on the backyard couch. Boogie says that he is glad everyone is going to bed so he doesn’t have to look at their faces. Frank complains that Joe is still up in the HOH room. Boogie says the Shane di*k rider! Boogie tells Frank that Shane and Dan need to go home first. Boogie tells Frank that if one of their side wins HOH, then he needs a Boogie tribute during the nomination ceremony. Boogie says that god I hope one of you win, I can’t stand these guys. Frank says have they not seen my fu*king track record? Boogie says that when you need it most, you win. Boogie says that you just got to knock out Shane and Dan, its reasonable. Frank says if he gets Shane out then Dan won’t have anyone physical to compete against, Dan will be screwed. Boogie says he is going to get to enjoy his summer but Dan will be stuck going to jury, the jokes on him. The conversation turns to talking about Jury. Boogie says that there is no control over you at Jury and says that Dr. Will paid some kid to use his cell phone while he was in Jury. Boogie tells Frank that it is so easy to taint the Jury. Boogie says that he wants to have the votes come down 4-3 if anything to send him home. He says that he hopes Ashley doesn’t vote with the house, just to vote with the house.


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Boogie says that he wants to go after Danielle and confront her about being a nurse. He says that he thinks he can convince her that he has some kind of special power. Boogie says that he is going to call her Nurse Murphree. He says that he will tell her he won’t tell anyone. He says that he wants to scare her into voting to keep him. Boogie says that he wants to tell Danielle that the people who vote against me will suffer the wrath of the power; I am a very special player Danielle. Boogie says that Danielle is always the first one to believe something so he could work that. Boogie says that he has nothing to lose; I just have to figure out the timing of it. Boogie says that he thinks he could rattle Britney’s cage as well if he implies he found something or has some kind of BB power. Boogie says that there is just no downside, if I just go for the gusto and roll the dice then it’s winner, winner chicken dinner! Boogie says that he will say please vote my way, it’s in your best interest Nurse Murphree. Boogie says that he will scare the sh*t out of her, speak in a creepy voice, and skull fu*k her eyes. Boogie says he will raise a ruckus up in this bit*h if I were to stay, I am due for a win. Boogie says that he hopes Jenn wakes up tomorrow just as fired up as she was tonight, it could work in our favor. Frank starts talking about Shane opening Pandora’s Box and how it could end up being something bad for him and good for us. Frank says that he wonders if there is some type of twist out there that could save us. Boogie says that he is bummed that he is going to miss a Double Eviction because the play really gets going then. He says that he would not be surprised if that happened Thursday. Boogie says that the other House guests are fu*king nuts! Boogie says that after BB is over then no one will care about you anymore. Boogie says that it will be a reality check for people like Danielle and Shane who think they are going to be famous after BB. Boogie says that Ian was useless, Jenn was useless, we didn’t realize how useful Ashley could be until it was too late. Frank says that he would love to back door Shane’s a$$ next week. Frank is called to the diary room.


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1:45am Boogie and Frank continue to talk in the backyard. Boogie says that he hates to admit it but the others are smart to get him out because if he stays he would fu*k things up! They talk about how it is a bad move for Shane though because now he will have the biggest target on his back. Boogie says sh*t if he had played nice, I would have gone after Dan and Danielle, he is a fu*king dumbass! Boogie says that he almost went on off on Ian today when he was asking him if he would vote to keep him and Ian was giving him magic 8 ball answers. Boogie says that they can just keep firing up Jenn about Dan. Jenn then joins them out in the backyard. Jenn asks Frank why Shane put her up on the block? Frank says that he didn’t have a reason. Jenn says that pi$$es me off! Frank says that when it comes to this game Shane is ignorant. Jenn says that Shane said he had a long list of reasons he put her up but then could only name two things. Boogie says that it is clear by the amount of time Joe spends up in the HOH that he is going to do whatever the HOH group want which is to vote for me to leave this week.


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2:20am Boogie, Frank and Jenn continue to talk in the backyard. Boogie laughs and says that one thing he hasn’t done yet is rag on Shane’s coral necklace in the diary room. Frank says that Shane looks like he is dressed like he is in a boy band. Frank says that when he saw Shane with that necklace he thought look at this motherfu*ker. Frank says you know what Shane is good at…. tanning! Boogie says oh man, I fu*king hate these people! Boogie says if Dan keeps ignoring him he will throw his bible over the wall. Boogie says that he will have his T-shirts in the pool, bad girls style. They all laugh. Frank asks if they can do that? Boogie asks what are they going to do? Frank heads inside to the kitchen to talk to Joe. Frank tells Joe that he needs him to saddle up with him. Joe says I do. Frank tells Joe that it would be better for him if he went into a HOH competition with 5 strong players over the other three. Frank tells him that that group (Dan, Shane, Britney and Danielle) are a tight group. Frank tells Joe they need to start up team diversity again. Frank tells Joe that he will have his back and his word is good. Joe says I feel you. Frank says you know the way I am when I have someone’s back! Joe says he knows Frank will be coming on strong come Thursday.



3am – 3:40am Joe and Frank head back out into the yard to sit with Boogie. Joe asks them if it’s true that the last two weeks they have been gunning for him. Frank says that the others wanted to get rid of Joe this week. Boogie says that they wanted Wil out last week because they thought that maybe they could work with Joe and that’s why they kept him around. Joe says that realizes that the others have had an alliance for weeks so those 4 are tight! Joe tells Frank and Boogie that he is looking for a solid alliance and not a wishy washy one. Joe tells them that he needs to talk to Ashley before he makes a decision. Joe heads to bed. Boogie then tells Frank that this is possible; we have to get to Ashley early! Frank says that he has been trying to get Boogie pumped up all day to fight to stay. Boogie says draw a line in the sand.. we dug a mother fu*king trench! Boogie says we are calling mother fu*kers out while they are reading the bible! They talk about how they will coach Ashley before Joe gets a chance to talk to her. Boogie and Frank head inside to go to bed.
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6am All the house guests are still alseep..

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It might be a miracle, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Boogs/Frank gamed Joe and Brit for votes and pull a huge upset. Then, if Dani/Dan/Ian don’t win HoH, Ian’s little rat butt will either be outed by Brit or be an obedient little dog and vote to take out Dan/Shane.

Whatever happens, you can guarantee the house will be absolute torture with Boogie and Frank gone. Imagine all the deep and strategic conversations these jabronies will have with Dan being able to make every HoH holder do whatever he wants, all the way up to f4.

Maybe this season will prove how awful AG is and the continually fail casting that results in a buncha floaters in the f4 with nobody watching the finale. Maybe AG will show us how it’s done by throwing a Panda Box to Boogie and we all get another good week or 2 of scheming and backstabbing lmao


I agree James, I want Boogie to stay to keep the drama going. I can’t stand Danielle going further, nor Dan, nor Ian. Also Simon, the Next POV and POV Ceremony are on Thursday :D


Wishful thinking. Britney is solid with the Quack Pack. Joe is a Powerhouse that doesn’t want to be with wishy-washy people and if he isn’t just BSing Boogie and Frank will go down as the most wishy washy player in the house.


James we can only hope lol


Boogie needs to go. If something happens and he does stay it will show this game is scripted out and the producers do influence the house guests votes. If Boogie gets some type of “special power” that also will show its rigged since most powers given are voted by americas choice first and we have not had any voting for that yet.


People need to understand that it is a TV show FIRST, game SECOND. And for the record, I believe the producers do meddle in the game way too much, and I believe that the ratings would be better if they stop all of the BS.

But trying to put myself into the shoes of the producers. Boogie vs. Jenn. One is bringing the drama all day-every day, and the other one… well, most people forget that she is even ON the show. Lets face it, being on the block has given Jenn more face time this week than the rest of the season combined. That being said, I can totally see the producers messing with the outcome this week. Boogie obviously contributes more to the show than Jenn.


Steve were you saying that when Jeff ass was saved w/ a special power and he still lost the game

mr this season suck in b and f leave

boogir just said he want to make people he has a bb power that mean he got it. i hope he does cause these mother fers that will be left be bore you.


what? Captain? … Captain is that you? lol


(thumbs up) LIKE


boogie next move will have to be to work on Dan. it’s a long shot, but Dan is the only one in the other side that can calculate strategy in the game. Dan already knows Frank will be gunning for him if he wins HOH. Dan can deflect some of the heat and have Shane as frank’s #1 target. Dan will still have two major HATED targets in the house with frank and boogie and that can keep him in the game longer. if Dan don’t see this by thursday, he might as well pack his bags next.


I secong that!!

Fan of Dan

I’m not sure I understand why people are saying Dan manipulated everything. Sure, he makes a convenient scapegoat for Boogie (the 5 year old) and his henchman Frank, but didn’t Shane say right out of the gate after he won HOH that he was putting Boogie and Frank up. Dan didn’t exactly fight him on it, but it was Shane’s decision and the entire Quack Pack signed on. Not sure why the Dan pile on.


I’m sorry – I like her and all – but why oh why oh WHY does Britt keep feeling the left side of her face!? It’s a constant thing that’s getting on my nerves for no known reason!


She did it a lot in BB12 too :p


WTF is wrong with Jenn? Did she just think that she was just going to sit pretty all summer or something ?! She is never a have not and she has already gotten two prizes. She is in the BB house….its going to happen ! :p

Fan of Dan

Thought I’ll admin Dan is definitely trying to plant seeds of doubt in Shane about Britney here (and how close she and Ian have become).

boogie sucks

Dear Boogie you are a washed up idiot. Go away now you fool.


Like this


@BOOGIE SUCKS AlwayslovedJanelleNotNow says don’t like it.


I’m still wishing that Dan and Boogie are fooling everyone and somehow working together. THAT would make for the best entertainment! Maybe they worked it out beforehand, and maybe Dan somehow knows there’s a power that would save Boogie. Who knows- wishful thinking…

CJ Cool

That thought crossed my mind as well about Dan and Boogie secretly working together. Boogie keeps saying that he went to Dan’s wedding and bachelor party over and over. They could have plotted this well before if there was any thought of the coaches entering the game.
It might be wishful thinking but there is still a couple of days to drop a power in the game.


(thumbs down) don’t like

backseat driver

Georgie………that’s whats been going through my head since day 1. Something fun to think about, huh?


The way Boogie is acting is very childish and vile. Hopefully production doesn’t find a way to keep him. I feel he sealed his own fate by the way he is acting. I liked boogie, but not really anymore. I feel he could have campaigned in a more respectable way, he’s just a crybaby and poor sport.


Who is giving who a massage and which two are cuddled up in the bed? I can’t tell and the feeds didn’t mention it? Is that dani and shame? He looks awfully comfy with his “stalker”.


yoyoyoyoyoyo the pimp is in da house! I was doing push ups with the tip of my nose, thats why its so big, yoyoyoyoyo, im still in da game, im gonna scum bag everyone so america can see how much class i really have, i got my favorite fuba shirt and trucker hat picked out for thurs, i dont care if im in my 40’s and look foolish, im a pimp, yoyoyoyoyo.

boogies lawsuit

YOYOYO! I am waiting for you when you get out of the house yoyoyo!!!


yoyoyoyo, why so we can meet up at joes restaurant, soul patch and grill?? yoyoyoyoyo


Frank will pull off the comeback of winning his 3rd HoH. Quack Pack won’t last very long. Bye Dan! You have your moment. Let the other had a chance of winning it.


Boogie is disgusting and Frank is stupid if he thinks that Boogie is good for his game. Boogie doesn’t care about Frank. He is playing personal and using his out of the house “connections” to bully Joe and Ashley into voting for him. He says to Frank’s face that he will make more if he goes out this week than the person that comes in third. He took money instead of working for the HOH when Frank was vulnerable. He is so arrogant that he thought everyone would bow down and let him walk to the finals, because they are all bad players, but when they make a good game move against him, he is pissed about being duped. If Boogie was such a great player, he would have seen it coming, but he was too busy telling us all what a great player he is and how everyone else doesn’t know how to play the game. Frank should be distancing himself from Boogie, but instead he has become Boogie’s douchy mini me. I heard him say that Shane is a pussy because he’s afraid to make a big move and put Dan up. WTF? Shane made a big move and put Boogie and Frank on the block! Putting Dan up would be a big stupid move. Shane and Danielle have made the big moves. Who has Frank put out of the game? Jo Jo and Wil. Wow. Huge moves, Frankie! Not! Frank and Boogie were going after Shane and Dan next week. If Frank hadn’t let Boogie influence him last week, he would have put Dan up, but Frank didn’t get the memo that the coach twist is over and he doesn’t have to work with Boogie. What was Shane supposed to do? Wait until they made the first move? Boogie is a sore loser and watching him this week, hating on everyone well beyond game play and whining like a spoiled child makes it more evident that he can’t play worth shit without Dr. Will at his side. Didn’t he mention Janelle hooking up with Will in his goodbye message to Janelle? Like he was really pissed that she would do that with a engaged man. But now he figures he will tell Dan that he’s going to have sex with Dan’s wife. What a joke. As if she would cheat on Dan with someone like Boogie. And as if Dan would blow up over it. Dan is smarter and more centred than that. Try it Boogie, and watch how Dan doesn’t take the bait. Watch and see how Boogie ends up looking even worse than he already does. I hope Jenn wakes up and realizes she is a pawn. She could really make herself the target if she doesn’t smarten up and lay low. I hope Ian and Joe are solid votes against Boogie, because Boogie is working them hard. And WTF with Ashley? I thought her and Jenn were tight! I guess Team Tits is a thing of the past.


I remember a few years ago a player that had the whole house against him. He would sit in the back yard. He would call people Fm and call them out about thing. His name is Jeff.


Yeah i remember one as well … his name was brian and he got the boot first week


Good work!! Boy it’s remarkable how invested we get in this show

Karen S

I agree Chloe! I’m wondering if in the BB house rules that Boogie can make that offer to Joe about a cooking show.
If so, then no house guest could win upon game play alone. Boogie went for the money… he didn’t even think about
being found out and protecting him and Frank. He believed he had them all snowed and keeps saying how stupid they all
are. I think Shane and the other’s know Boog’s doesn’t have a power or he’d be more smug instead of throwing baby fits.
IF ANYONE KNOWS about whether or not the HG’s can take bribes.. please let us know. thanks~

joe's teeth

i think it’s a real possiblity that boogie could get some kind of power before thursday…especially with the “cheating” scandal/POV competition talk….i think somebody in production tipped frank off somehow…

Boogie's Huge Forehead

This whole business about Mike outing Danielle as a nurse is only possible because the Diary Queen tipped him off about it. It’s so completely obvious. Mike isn’t particularly smart. He didn’t figure that out on his own. If Boogie doesn’t win this thing, it won’t be because BB didn’t try.

Kathie from Canada

I honestly can’t figure out why Boogie thinks this would be so relevant. Who cares??


Boogie thought she was nurse weeks ago, he’s just thinking of using it now.


If Jenn wants to be evicted, go right ahead. Let her be evicted, who cares about her. She can’t even win in anything. Good Luck in rock band. Will miss you.

BB fan

I can just see it, Thursday night when it’s time to vote out, Dan will hit up the diary room, hit on julie chen then give a shout out to janelle. “janelle this ones for you, I vote to evict boogie” it’s going to be the best episode by far this year. Mikes just on his period, and got played by Dan and a 21 year old kid


Uh oh, Shane’s spooning Danielle. In her mind, they’re engaged now.


I would really like to see boogie stay. I don’t like the way Dan plays the game, its not very fun to watch either.


But watching a 40 year man, who by the way is a Father, bully all of the other HG is … fun??? I don’t know where you’re from but where I come from that is NOT entertainment and it really shouldn’t be tolerated in the BB house!! Which is what one of the HG said to Willie when Willie was in power. Now which one was it….oh yeah FRANK!!!!

Frank has never voted

Finally Joe is thinking. He has no chance with DDBS, those 4 will never scumbag each other. If only Ian would realize the same thing. I use to think that Ian was in the best position, but its really embarrassing the way he runs over to DDBS to tell them everything that Froogie (yes they’re a showmance) tell him. Dan is even talking about scum-bagging already, with Frank still in the house.

Im not a fan of any of the coaches, but imagine how funny it would if Froogie actually pulled this off.

Anyway, Im gonna have to change my name after Thursday. Any suggestions??


Don’t be so sure! DDBS will fall apart. Thanks to Frank! Dan will be the next to go in fast forward.


(thumbs down) I DON’T like ALL your comments!


@ALWAYSLOVEDJANELLENOTNOW, (Thumps up)=AlwayslovedJanelleNotNow says I love that comment. DDBS will fall thanks to Frank.


Frank finally voted!


Shane in bed with Dani. She wants him to spoon her, he says-
“Your butt engulphs my crotch, I can’t stand it, It makes me feel impotent and very small.
It makes my crotch disappear, You have a large butt, it makes me feel inferior to your large rectum….
it engulphs my crotch…..could you tone down the “assness”.

He may be dumb, he may talk when he shouldn’t, he may be scared of conflict, and he may look like an “international male” model,
He is priceless!

And how can this woman hear these things and not get it? She thinks he is joking, which he is, but she has to know that the jokes have truth in them.


I think he needs to cut back on his “assness.”


did Shane really say that or are you kidding?


Yes he did really say that, lol.
It was early this morning they were in HOH bed in the dark.
He was making it jokey, and she was giggling, but still…..I was dying!


I think it’s all for the cameras, the producers are in on it!! no ones THAT CRUEL, I hope!!

Team 10K

It ain’t over yet folks…Boogie not going to just roll over and die…It would be great entertainment to see Shane and Dan’s faces if Boogie stayed…Mike would turn that place into a shit storm if he pulled the upset and stayed…I’m sure production is aware that it would be entertaining…


Joe, Jenn and Ashley final three., go team Tits!!! Ashley has played the house as good as PAV on Survivor. If it happens, I’ll laugh and yes Willie was proved correct in what he told Frank.


what do you mean willie was proved correct?

Janelle's worn out lip

Ironically, t*ts are composed of mostly fat, generally need support and they float.
Just sayin.


Man production must have told boogie and frank to amp it since the rating are so bad. i mean every one is taking what ever there doing and taking it to the extreme. britney was a HUGE bitch when she talked about jenn, jenn is over acting and looking foolish since they want her to look delusional, Dan is acting as if he some robot, boogie is making threats that make no sense as if he had some power in the outside world, then frank being a mimic and acting just like boogie but in a lousy way. Man they are all over acting.


True, but sad part is nothing they do will help ratings, even if booger was given some power ala another bogus pandora’s box, to stay, the ratings would stay the same, if ratings were going to be high they would have with both Booger and Janelle on the show. hem leaving won’t hurt ratings, that wasn’t there in the 1st place. BB is getting boring as fuck with the bullshit twists, recycled comps and the constant need to bring back has-beens.

Big Brother needs a serious overhaul of change if it wasn’t to get back to where it was a few years back. They should start calling it Little Brother, because that’s all we see every year. Starting to think AG don’t give a fuck about the fans, because she constantly doing the wrong things for the show. “coach twist might’ve had a chance if she didn’t decide to bring them into the game, so obvious that wasn’t planned , at least not this early, I’m guessing they would’ve come back in when it was only 2 left, but all 4? they did that to try and boost ratings, but they made it worst.


13 Thursday, August 9 4.0/6(Households) 1.8/5(18-49) 5.03(Viewers)
14 Sunday, August 12 3.5/6 2.0/6 5.36
15 Wednesday, August 15 3.7/7 2.1/7 5.96
16 Thursday, August 16 4.0/7 2.2/7 6.13
17 Sunday, August 19 3.9/7 2.3/7 6.50

Looks like it’s going up. People love to see that Froogie are gone.

Janelle's worn out lip

People love drama. The true indication will be what the ratings are after Thursday.



I still cant believe that everyone is crawling back and bowing down to the DDBS.

It has been said that Frank is a threat, so much that it is ingrained in their heads to the point where they believe nothing else.

They need to realize that Frank/Boogie is their only chance to get further in the game. Do any of the stragglers really think that Frank or Boogie would be coming after them if they stayed?

Hell no. They would be going after the stronger targets, thus keeping the floaters in the game for longer.

Whereas DDBSI are going to be trying to get rid of anyone that isn’t in their Final 5, which includes ass kissing Joe, ditsy Ashley & non existant Jenn.

These have to be the stupidest people ever.

Team 10K

Joe might be clueless most of the time, but I think he’s going to relealize that DDBS is just way too tight of an alliance…His best chance is to work with Frank/Mike…Ian needs to come to his senses as well…I still think there is a small path for Mike to get the 4 votes…


I think that if Mike was to make the point that I made, he would have a good chance at getting the votes.

I do hope they all come to their senses because DDBS will run this season of BB if they don’t.


Stupid is stupider and stupider is as stupidest gets.

Unless you are talking about Jenn, then inane would
be appropriate, also, ignorant, dimwit, obtuse, shallow,
dense, thick, mentally deficient, simpleton, slow,
dumb and dumber!


@HELLO Not going to happen! DDBSI will fall the apart thanks to Frank win his 3rd HoH.


DDBSI is falling apart as we speak!


This is purely speculation, but I was wondering if you heard anything about this. I read it on a blog.
It stated that Boogie complained to production about money. (I guess covering himself if he is leaving.) He told them that it was not fair because he did not push the button to go into the game. They agreed to give him the 100,000.00 coaches fee to appease him because he was making an issue out of it.
This is of course speculation, but I wanted to have your take on the blog.


I haven’t heard of any of that. Boogie is talking a lot of crap right now.


Thank you, Simon! I know rumors are rampant, so I was just wondering. I just want to thank you guys for all of your hard work and keeping us up to date on the latest news. You are both phenomenal.


Patty, that is a bunch of baloney, Aspie Ian would be the

only one that could think of such a thing. Boogie doesn’t

have the mental capacity to think like that!


Since people are signing in as BB players body parts, why doesn’t
someone sign in as Britney’s left side of her face, or someone
else someone else as Aspie Ian’s man-boobs, or as Jenn’s third
leg, or as Frank’s wincing eyes?

Does anyone else have other suggestions about players’ body
parts that would make good sign-ins?


Highly doubt that, since it’s not set in stone that Frank was going to win, and that would be the only way for a coach to get the 100k.

Team 10K

I doubt it, but didn’t Mike start cussing about production after the POV ceremoney and his DR session?


Booger is rivaling Rachel with his pathetic whining, and she was just emotional this dude, is just mad he didn’t get the chance to put people up next time they get power, when they could have a better chance at getting votes. Give it up already booger you did what you came back for, you got Janelle out, now GO, Dr Will not their to save you, you didn’t have a chance anyways, Frank can’t carry you forever…


Did you guys no that BBAD is somewhat scripted? Yes it is!
BBAD is not actually live, it is on a time delay. When you hear
conversations cut off that switch to fishes or to another part of
the house and another conversation that is all planned.

When conversations such as Frank cheating are cut off
in the middle, and we start talking about them, that’s
because BB producers planned it that way. Very little
happens by accident. Most of it is pre-planned.

Due to BBAD being on a time delay rather than actually
being a true live show, conversations such as Pandora’s
box already come into action and Shane opening it are
completely deleted because BB would want that to be
kept a secret until the show actually airs on tue, wed or


So the clocks in the house are actually set ahead, so when they say what time it is it coincides with the actual time? That’s genius! And I’m sure that people who live in the same area and who hear the overhead planes at the same time as they are on the show are probably hearing fake ones on the television. CBS has plane schedules and inserts the sounds of overhead jets to coincide with actual ones. I’m impressed that you’ve seen through CBS’s manipulative schemes!


Boogie, you want to talk to Dan, but you’re not going to let Ian hang out with the other team members. WTF?

Janelle's worn out lip

Um, Boogie is on the block.


Remember how in earlier BB shows (1 thru 13), the producers would
immediately tell players to cut it out when any of them started mentioning
diary room sessions and if they continued to talk about them, they would
immediately get called into the diary room?

Now BB producers is allowing much more talk about diary room sessions
to get out, because that is pre-planned. It excites BB watchers into letting
them think that they were just made privy to inside information and keeps
them as loyal customers.

BB monitors what does and doesn’t get leaked about diary room sessions.
You bet your bottom dollar that if BB doesn’t want something to get out
about a specific diary room session, nothing will be leaked out. We are spoon
fed only what BB wants us to know.



Sorry for the caps Simon, only did it this time cause I felt like shouting it
from the mountaintop. LOL




Hey Simon/Dawg – y’all need a LIKE button for comments. :-). It would make for easy opinion sharing, less comment screening time AND show a clearer status of people’s favorites. For example, when I say I hate Booger and Frank, I would get 200 likes. LOL

OR an agree/disagree button.

Just a suggestion ;-)

LOVED this site for years!!


No comment Dawg?? :(

Carol & Steve

thanks for keeping up with the house & not all our comments. :) Can’t imagine how ya’ll can watch us all to begin with! hoping that one day soon you’ll win a poll. perhaps we need one where the only coices are Dawg, Dawg, or Dawg!


I was thinking same thing but captainwidget or voices of whoever head getting annoyed 10000 times. Voices of whoever head stfu!

Have some class....

Go out with class..Boogie, you scum bag M*ther F**ker. I used to like you and now you act like a low life
bottom feeder. Production need to get this sh*t face out NOW!



Boogie is STAYING

Suck it, haters. You should be honored by Team Froogie’s greatness. Their swag is singlehandedly keeping this season afloat.

FRANK: Winner
BOOGIE: Second place


This post was not originally meant as a reply.
Since people are signing in as BB players body parts, why doesn’t
someone sign in as Britney’s left side of her face, or someone
else someone else as Aspie Ian’s man-boobs, or as Jenn’s third
leg, or as Frank’s wincing eyes?

Does anyone else have other suggestions about players’ body
parts that would make good sign-ins?

This post was not originally meant as a reply.

Janelle's worn out lip

I considered changing my posting name to “Britney’s Lazy Eye” :)

Caren in Canada

can change mine to Danellles alter personality ‘stop making fun of my fat self” or “thats not thunder I just walked to the kitchen” is hard there are so many in there to choose from!


this show is becoming so sleazy with boogie’s language. its sickening reading about it


Boogie is just pissed because he and Frank got played for the third time. He needs to go and I would like to see a 4-3 vote with Ian telling him he got played now go home.


I am tired of the “Aspy Ian” comments. What if someone close to you or worse, your child, potentially has something wrong with them? YOU WANT EVERYONE TO MAKE FUN OF THEM????

(sorry for CAPS but I can’t stand those comments).

All other names, etc. are just part of this site. Like ASSHOLE, arrogant Boogie and stinky, carrot top, Frank. For example!!!!

Janelle's worn out lip

My nephew has Asperger’s.

While there definitely are some down sides, mostly socially related, there are huge upsides to this disorder.
My nephew is the smartest kid I have ever known. He is socially awkward, but adults are very understanding and sympathetic to this, unlike school children.
I have no idea what he will be when he grows up, but I do know he will be the best at it. The power of focus these people have is incredible. They develop an interest in something and they know absolutely everything there is to know about it.

Many extremely successful people have, or are suspected to have Asperger’s. Google it and you will be surprised.

Here is something I grabbed off the web.

Speculated to have Asperger’s Syndrome
Abraham Lincoln,1809-1865, US Politician
Alan Turing, 1912-1954, English mathematician, computer scientist and cryptographer
Albert Einstein, 1879-1955, German/American theoretical physicist
Alexander Graham Bell, 1847-1922, Scottish/Canadian/American inventor of the telephone
Anton Bruckner , 1824-1896, Austrian composer
Bela Bartok, 1881-1945, Hungarian composer
Benjamin Franklin,1706-1790, US polictician/writer
Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970, British logician
Bobby Fischer, 1943-2008, World Chess Champion
Carl Jung, 1875-1961, Swiss psychoanalyst
Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1868-1928, Scottish architect and designer
Emily Dickinson, 1830-1886, US poet
Erik Satie, 1866-1925 – Composer
Franz Kafka, 1883-1924, Czech writer
Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900, German philosopher
George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950, Irish playwright, writer of Pygmalion, critic and Socialist
George Washington, 1732-1799, US Politician
Gustav Mahler, 1860-1911, Czech/Austrian composer
Marilyn Monroe, 1926-1962, US actress
H P Lovecraft, 1890-1937, US writer
Henry Cavendish, 1731-1810, English/French scientist, discovered the composition of air and water
Henry Ford, 1863-1947, US industrialist
Henry Thoreau, 1817-1862, US writer
Isaac Newton, 1642-1727, English mathematician and physicist
Jane Austen, 1775-1817, English novelist, author of Pride and Prejudice
Kaspar Hauser, c1812-1833, German foundling, portrayed in a film by Werner Herzog
Ludwig II, 1845-1886, King of Bavaria
Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1889-1951, Viennese/English logician and philosopher
Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770-1827, German/Viennese composer
Mark Twain, 1835-1910, US humorist
Michelangelo, 1475 1564 – Italian Renissance artist
Nikola Tesla, 1856-1943, Serbian/American scientist, engineer, inventor of electric motors
Oliver Heaviside, 1850-1925, English physicist
Richard Strauss, 1864-1949, German composer
Seth Engstrom, 1987-Present, Magician and World Champion
Thomas Edison, 1847-1931, US inventor
Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826, US politician
Vincent Van Gogh, 1853-1890, Dutch painter
Virginia Woolf, 1882-1941, English Writer
Wasily Kandinsky, 1866-1944, Russian/French painter
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756-1791, Austrian composer


I totally agree, it’s ridiculous, same as using the word “retarded” to describe a kid with downs syndrom, I can’t believe people are using that to describe Ian, grow the fuk up


This comment is also aimed at “Patty”:

You are such a turd! “Aspie” is not deragory, it is a “nickname” that
those with Asperger’s Syndrome use to identify themselves!

Asperger’s is a form of Autism, on the Autism spectrum, those who have
it are highly functional as opposed to the lower end of the Autism spectrum

And, yes someone in my immediate family has Asperger’s and they and
their other friend’s with same conditions refer to themselves as Aspies.

You two are as bad as Jenn’s friend who came in here trying to throw
around the “sexual orientation card” based on wicked lies, just to
garner sympathy for Jenn.

You two need to get a life, you are so uptight that someone couldn’t pound
a nanoparticle up your butt cheeks with a sledgehammer.

Get a life and educate yourselves before you come on here with your
holier than thou attitude, IT VERY TRANSPARENT!

Janelle's worn out lip

Frank was the first one to discover the balls in the arcade room.
Nobody has figured out the significance of the balls yet but there was a clear box with a “?” on it.
Boogie should start planting the seed that he believes Frank has the Coup d’etat.
That means Frank could put up two players of his choosing right before eviction.

They should have done this before the replacement noms to bluff Shane into putting Dan up, but it could still work now.
Had they played it right (and Boogie is a poker player, so I am surprised he didn’t think about this), Boogie could have told Shane if he put Dan up, Frank wouldn’t put Shane up.

I can’t remember how the reveal works, but if Frank really did have the CDT would we have already been told on the show?


Did Dani rape shane last night??


They (Shane and Dan) “also talked about how Britney, Ian, and Joe are golden. In that they are not being targeted by either side. The conversation turns to talking about Shane moving to LA to model.”

This is why Shane doesn’t have a chance to win: Shane
couldn’t figure out that it was more important to continue
talking (or at least thinking) about why Shane is not golden,
and how the only way for Shane to actually be golden would
be to keep Boogie and send Jenn.

This would reverse the house as far as who the “golden people”
are. But, Nooooo, Shane thinks it’s more important to think
and talk about Shane’s modeling career.

Surely Dan knows he (Dan) isn’t golden either… but Dan can’t
strategize with Shane about it, because Shane isn’t smart
enough to realize that, in order for Shane to win, Shane must
demote Britney and band with the guys.

Janelle's worn out lip

I have been noticing that Ian has been going through all the phases of high school on this show.

First, he went through puberty and can now actually talk to women.
Then, he became a member of the popular crowd (or so he thinks).
Then, as usually happens, it went to his head and now he thinks he is the sh*t and he is bullying others.

The last phase that almost always happens is when the new popular kid is outed for what he really is/was and he loses all popularity and becomes ostracized by both the popular kids and those he screwed along the way (his original friends) in order to become popular.

Looking forward to Ian’s downward spiral. My money says he will cry on camera before this is all over. :)

Reminds me a lot of Ronnie.


That’s exactly who he reminds me of.

I have a feeling that it will all come crumbling down & I can’t wait to see it lol.

The only thing is that Ian is still viewed as a little boy by the others so I truly cannot imagine anyone yelling at him like they did Ronnie, but if it happens, I wouldn’t be mad.

Boogie is STAYING

Boring-ass floaters like Jenn, Ashley, Danielle, Ian, and Joe need to leave. Don’t hate on #TeamFroogie because they play the game.


Booge think he Needs Joe’s vote … but he NEEDS Joe AND Ian’s Vote! – he Won’t get them!


Why is anyone getting bent out of shape about the Aspie-Ian comments. You’re getting worked up over something that Ian may or may not have.

Ian’s not going to be exempt from criticism because of his condition ( if he even has one ).

People here have made fun of Danielle ( who may or may not have issues stemming from her past )

People have made fun of Shane possibly being gay.

There are so many other things here that have been said but people laugh at them and then get worked up when Ian is targeted.

Get over it. The kid is a jerk regaress of whether or not he has the condition.


regardless *

Ugh, having a typo when you’re trying to prove a point <<<<


Thanks, as these hypocritical idiots don’t realize,
I am not critizing Ian for having Aspergers, I am
critizing him for being Ian, not a good game player.

And I am using a term not in a mocking way, but
it is a term that “Aspies” use on themselves and
are not offended by it.

Not an Ian fan

So what’s up with the box with question mark on it? Does Frank still have it, it has to mean something…any ideas when we will find out what it means?

Flipping Fishie

If its in franks possession, they will probably only reveal what it means when frank is on the block again, to save himself, to give him auto HOH, or give him the chance to save boogie this week. Terrible.


You religious nuts who worship the “politically correct” idol

can go back and view the original posting that got your britches

in a knot against your crack, it’s #23.2 on the last page, I was

actually making a positive comment about Ian there.

But you re-turds can’t see the forest because the trees are in the way.

I’m double spacing so you can understand this, if I was speaking

face to face with ya’ll, I’d spead slowly. LOL LOL LOL


Am I missing something? Won’t they still need Ians vote? Or will Ian vote to keep Boogie?


Yeah I knew that, but I thought Ian might slip Boogie a vote to keep the target off of him. Once there is no info to get, Ian will be useless and be left to his own devices. I agree with others. I think Boogie does make things more interesting like him or hate him. If anything I feel productions always saves the people that are strong. Janelle in All Stars, Rachel last year, Will and Mike, they kinda have too or really none of us would watch. Production loves you if the viewers don’t because it makes people tune in. Which is honestly ok with me.


Nah it would be boring. Shanes the only person outside of Frank who has earned the money. Everyone else has let those two do all the work. Dan will get caught, Ian will get caught, Danielle may go to the final two because Shanes stupid, Frank will fight unless he get’s caught in the Double Eviction, Joe, Jenn, and Ashley are coat hangers. And Britney hides in the HOH and complains how no one does anything while she…..does nothing. If Franks leaves Danielle and Shane run through everyone and it’ll get lame. Big Brother needs to bring back twist theme’s like the X Factor and the DNA thing. This whole bring back old people is going to hurt the show. Bring back real people trying to figure it out as they go and put a ton of twist in it that no one expects. The game has gotten pretty predictable.


To those with uptight butt cheeks, this is worth repeating:

You are such a turd! “Aspie” is not deragory, it is a “nickname” that
those with Asperger’s Syndrome use to identify themselves!

Asperger’s is a form of Autism, on the Autism spectrum, those who have
it are highly functional as opposed to the lower end of the Autism spectrum

And, yes someone in my immediate family has Asperger’s and they and
their other friend’s with same conditions refer to themselves as Aspies.

You two are as bad as Jenn’s friend who came in here trying to throw
around the “sexual orientation card” based on wicked lies, just to
garner sympathy for Jenn.

You need to get a life, you are so uptight that someone couldn’t pound
a nanoparticle up your butt cheeks with a sledgehammer.

Get a life and educate yourselves before you come on here with your
holier than thou attitude, IT VERY TRANSPARENT!

Go back and read my original comment, I was actually praising Aspie Ian
by implying that he was much smarter than Boogie.

I criticize Aspie Ian not because of his condition but because of who he is,
a lousy game player and a jerk!


I vote for Simon and Dawg: the best reality website around!!!


Ian. Stop bein a panzy
Brit I love what ur doin stayin away from the hoh crew, i know u r getting sick of danielles self seeking approval
Ashley, who do u think u r? u dont even try to win comps, but yet u think u have a say so
Shane=i would be very careful if i were you, dan is the daddy, and he plays danielle better than u do
Frank-take a shower dude, face realiuty, your boy is gone
Joe-don’t fall for their bullshit man, stick with shane
Danielle–u ate 3000 calories within 30 minutes last night, that is not attractive,

Flipping Fishie

If Froogie leaves the house would be anything but boring, the 4 would probably split and turn against each other. I would put money on it that Brit has made or wants to make a final 2 with ian. But thats besides the point that will never happen because frank will never leave the house. BBs gonna continue to save frank and most probably boogie too this week with either pandoras box or a coup de tat. Because oh they just love to interfere. Franks Def got in good somewhere in production. Its seriously disgusting how he keeps getting off the block. So stop boo-hooing all you Froogie lovers. Remarkable BB decided to pull off two double evict weeks just so they could save precious Frank.

Shane choosing to align himself with certain people and making choices to save himself isn’t someone under mind control, though i would beg to differ if he would’ve put up Dan or Joe. Do people not see boogie and frank manipulate more than anyone else in the house? they did it when they got janelle out they did it last week and they are doing it now! .. But when someone else gets one up on them it its just horrible and even though he didnt do it himself or even talk to shane, Dan is back to being Judas. (Watch the feeds people.) Who did ousting janelle benefit more? danielle and dan or boogie and frank? – boogie and frank… hmm.. and whos HOH was it? –danielles… oh?
also um last week who left? wil? who did that benefit more? danielle or frank? oh.. but it was franks HOH.. i see… my mistake. They can play to benefit themselves but no one else can.

Boogie and frank were going to turn on shane and dan next week because thats what they would have had to do for their game. Shanes best move was to put frank and boogie up this week. If not, he wouldn’t have had a chance. If Froogie would have done a little more game play and went over scenarios they would’ve seen best thing for their game would’ve been to backdoor Dan or Shane last week. Me personally, I’m so happy they didn’t.

Boogie and Franks heads have been just so high up their a$$es they thought they had their game set, thought they could coast by this week winning prizes thinking they would be saved while planning on backdooring or scum-bagging Dan or Shane next week. They really thought SDDB werent going to worry about their own best interest? That Shane would just put up some waste of space or whoever Froogie wanted him to paving the way for any one of the Quack Pack to go down by Froogies hand? Na ah. Any idiot could predict what the numbers were gonna show. But Boogie and Frank were just too excited planning their big moment turning on the Silent 6, heads got a little too big.

When Frank and Boogie dont get there way they cry and bitch and pout. Its pathetic. Its a friggin game. That boogie has already won. Greedy bastard. They call people names and personally attack people. Why should Ian want to help them boogie makes him feel worthless and makes fun of him and calls him an idiot all the time. Why should Joe want to help boogie when he was talking about threatening to ruin his career as a chef by saying his food tastes like shit when he walks out the house. Why should anyone who acts like that get or expect any help from anyone. Its shocking how he even has the nerve after the way he treats these people.

Boogie is just showing how little of a human being he is and I love it hope more people start to see his true colors and I cant wait til these people get out of the house and see all what he has had to say about all of them.


Nah it would be boring. Shanes the only person outside of Frank who has earned the money. Everyone else has let those two do all the work. Dan will get caught, Ian will get caught, Danielle may go to the final two because Shanes stupid, Frank will fight unless he get’s caught in the Double Eviction, Joe, Jenn, and Ashley are coat hangers. And Britney hides in the HOH and complains how no one does anything while she…..does nothing. If Franks leaves Danielle and Shane run through everyone and it’ll get lame. Big Brother needs to bring back twist theme’s like the X Factor and the DNA thing. This whole bring back old people is going to hurt the show. Bring back real people trying to figure it out as they go and put a ton of twist in it that no one expects. The game has gotten pretty predictable.

Flipping Fishie

I don’t know, Frank and Shane are good at competitions but I think that’s pretty much all they’ve got. If they would’ve teamed up instead of being with their coaches and made a big move, maybe id agree. But I’m not seeing that anyone has earned it right now. Dan and Brit started off in the shittiest position, that kind of makes me favor them. Frank was resting pretty with team boogie for a while. I don’t see Dan having anything to get caught with atm? Hes a big target right now. If Ian gets caught it really wont matter because the only piss off 4 people and that would leave ashley and joe in trouble hangin with the troublemakers of the house. And jury votes seem pretty fair and not about holding grudges. I think if shane were smart he would take danielle. She is the only one that he could win the 500,000 against in his current alliance. He might lose to Brit or Dan. They would all lose to Ian. Danielle would lose to any of them. (Seeing as they stay together) But he wouldn’t take her for any reason other than his odds of winning. He doesnt like her. And definately doesnt want to make her feel special by bringing her to final two. I guess he has to figure out if 500,000 is worth having a stalker. But he may really like the attention. He always seemed to me like the really creepy athletic guy you see playing basketball by himself.

I agree though about not having previous house guests. Or at least not having prev winners. I liked the sleeping with the enemy one. =]

Power of veto corleone

Lt. Dan is a big puusy. I have to ff BBAD whenever his face comes on. Glad the creep lost his Suzy Chapstick headband.
The whole cast is lame but Dan makes me I’ll.


THIS is the perfect example of why I can’t stand stupid, immature Mike as a human being. He is vile and a sorry excuse for a man – I’m sad that he has a little boy to bring up like himself. Saying that he’s going to Michigan to “f” Dan’s wife. Who talks like that? Who thinks like that? Again, nothing to do with game – just a sorry excuse for a human being. To me, that does NOT make this show more interesting. Glorifying someone like him makes me disgusted and not want to support such a show.