Big Brother Spoilers – Boogie is going to offer Joe Help with a Cooking TV show for a vote

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations: Boogie And Jenn
Have Nots No Have Nots This Week
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

9:40pm HOH Cam 3-4 Danielle, Dan and Shane Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Talk is around Britney. They need to have a chat because she’s making them all nervous with how close she is with Frank and Ashley/Frank. Dan mentions that Britney is a Bit in a Ian situation right now both side probably won’t put them up. Shane and Dan both are worried that Britney may not be going for the HOH.

Danielle is a bit salty that Jenn is pissed with her not with Brit. Danielle asks if Jenn is ever going to let this go. Dan: “Some people never will… Frank always prides himself for being this awesome player when he tells to our face he’s coming after us”

Danielle tells them she was just downstairs and asked Jenn what she is drinking Jenn never answered and slammed the microwave door shut. Jenn then went outside.. Danielle is shocked by this. DAn: “How old is Jen? 37”

9:55pm Cam 3-4 Shane, Britney, Danielle, Dan

Britney and Danielle tell them that Ian got in sh!t from Frank and Boogie for playign Pool with Shane. Britney mentions that Ashley said she voting to evict Boogie. Britney told ashley that Boogie and Frank were saying that Ashley is voting to evict Jenn and they. They are using that to try and get BRitney’s vote. Britney adds AShley seemed very shocked that Boogie and Frank are saying that.

Shane thinks the tension has gotten higher in the house that is why he’s waiting until late to work out.

Joe comes in.. they ask him if he’s still alive ( no he’s a freaking zombie) . Joe tells them about his talk with Frank earlier today. (Hugely exaggerated what he said though)
Joe goes on about how Jenn is acting. Shane: “She’s 37 years old and she’s acting this way”. Joe starts joking “It’s so hard when 2 of our teammates on on the block.

Joe tells them earlier today Frank and AShley were on the hammock with their legs all wraped up. Joe: “When did this happen” Danielle: ‘HAHAHHAHA i told you i told you” Joe: “I guess it’s a vote.. I was like it’s just Monday” Danielle: “you wait until Wednesday”

Dan: “Thats the one thing that is great about being in this game they can’t physically touch you” Dan mentions about when he was in the living room after the POV ceremony and Boogie and Frank were venting about him. Joe was there says just laid there reading the bible. Dan: “In the real world I would have been punched in the face” They ask Dan some of the stuff Boogie was saying. Dan says boogie told him he hopes Britney gets cut final 4 like she did in season 12. Joe says they were saying Dan’s a liar and a Pu$$y because he won’t respond to them. Britney chimes in says she heard them saying Dan’s not saying anything because otherwise he would get trapped in his lies.
Dan: “They also said I would throw the final 4 so I didn’t have to put up danielle”

10:44pm Cam 1-2 Boogie, Frank and ?

? Tells them from here on in it’s kamikaze for her. Frank: “you know what we should have done.. last Monday.. Put them up”

Boogie says Julie is going to ask him if I regrets playing for the 10K she is also going to ask him if he regrets not putting Dan up last week. Boogie has no regrets he doesn’t play that way. Boogie: “I’m going to make more than the person who comes in thrid.. douces cool”

Jenn leaves to go inside. Frank says as soon as they get a good footing it feels like they are kicked down.

In the end tomorrow night.. Boogie is going tell Joe that he’s in the “Business” and he can help Joe out if Joe is wanting to produce a TV Cooking Show. Boogie will point out that the other players can’t help him out with that. Frank wants to talk to Joe first before they start pulling that out.

10:55pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Joe

Frank saying he wants Joe on his side.. Frank is the muscle, Ian is the brains and AShley has her social game with Joe they have a strong team. (Strong team if the comps are hauling bricks)
Joe: “If Jenn keeps up it’s not going to be good for your game..”
Frank: “She’s talking about blowing up”
Joe: “If she blows up she’s going home.. doesn’t she know she needs votes”
Frank pitches even if Boogie goes home he wants to work with Joe.
Joe: “If we did that are you comfortable for drawing a line.. I’m tired of bargaining”
Frank: “Of course.. that is what me and Mike are all about.. We were with the 6 and you see what they did to us”
Joe: “You will know a definite tomorrow”
Frank wants to bring back Team diversity says Joe was solid with him week one Frank wants to bring that back.

11:07pm Cam 3-4 Joe and Britney
Joe says he had a panic attack and his blood pressure went through the roof. The DR gave him some meds and now he’s feeling better. Joe relaying most parts of the conversation he had with Frank. Britney remind him that Frank and Boogie were trying to get them to put Joe up this week. Joe adds that JEnn is about to go off on someone. Joe says that tomorrow frank and Boogie are going to flip because Joe i supposed to give them his answer. Frank offered him a deal with Ian and Ashley, “I wanted to say Too late buddy”

Britney tells him that yesterday Boogie and Frank were waiting for you outside they were going to start a fight with you and call you out on the lies. “That is why Ian had the popcorn.. everyone in the house knew about it.. I’m only telling you this is because 24 hours ago they were trying to get you on the block.. now they are pulling you aside with final 4 deals.

11:18pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Ashley
Ashley tells her he’s voting to keep Boogie. Ashley asks him if he’ll still vote even if Boogie has no chance. Ian says yes he’s voting to keep boogie regardless of the house vote. AShley points out that all they need is Joe then. Ian wishes he wins HOH so he can take Joe out. Ian tells Ashley that Joe is really tight with the upstairs crew.

11:35pm Cam 3-4 Joe and Britney Joe is joking around sayign yesterday Frank was all up in his face today he’s smiling and winking at him like he’s a girl .(LOL Joe is soon becoming the funniest character on the feeds)
Shane comes up.
Joe: “You know now that you want to get rid of me”
Shane: “what the”
Joe: “apparently you are the guy coming after me next week”
Joe is proposing that their knew super alliance stops going in back rooms with Frank and Boogie because they’ll just twist the conversation around.
Britney says she’s heading downstairs to put on her “Mask”
Shane is on board with that.. Starting now they will stop talking to Frank and boogie in private.
Joe fills Shane in on the conversation he had with Frank

11:43pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Britney

Ian says that he had a talk with ashley and told her he’s voting to keep Boogie. “What am I goign to say Yup Boogie is out” Ian thinks they should Get joe to vote to keep Boogie then he will vote to evict Boogie and they will blame it on JOe. This way Frank starts gunning for JOe. Britney tells him that won’t work because Joe is telling Boogie tomorrow he’s voting to keep Jenn. Ian: “Ohh … ok fair enough”

Ian about Ashley : “She’s following me around like stink on shit “
Brittney :’It’s freaking me out Ian.. she’s acting really strange”
Ashley Comes out and joins them..

11:56pm cam 3-4 Frank and Boogie Kitchen Frank sayign that RAH RAH team bullsh!t really works with JOe. They are both surprised that Ashley has thrown her support behind Boogie the way she has.
Frank: “Ian told me he wanted to make a truce with Dan and Shane and go after JOe… What the F***”
Boogie: “He’s a idiot”
Boogie: “They never planned on Ashley jumping to us so quickly”

Boogie tells Frank they need to keep Jenn Fired up. Frank: “Don’t poke the bear but rattle the cage a bit” Frank says that Joe mentioned people are getting pretty sick of Jenn’s attitude right now.

Boogie mentions that the Diary got a real kick out of his comment about going to Michigan to F*** Dan’s wife.

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Jenn going kamikazee is either something brought up byt the producers as a way to keep boogs… or she honestly have no idea how to play this game


That is funny because that is exactly what I was thinking. Why would Jenn act like this if she wanted to stay. Either it is a set up for Boogie to stay by her pissing everyone off or this nonentity just really wants to go home. She has a lot of nerve acting this way, considering she has not even played this game. We all joke about who is that person, but really she was never around or you saw her sleeping. She has been worthless in this game.

Boogie's Genital Wart

I’m the best BB house guest. Pandora’s Box will save me, just watch. TV ratings will take a nose dive without me. Chill Town 4L, yo.

Chilltown Member since 2001



I like Boogie. He is very good at this game, but his cockiness got in the way this week and now he’s going. He sort of deserved it, you can say.


If Boogie knew what he was doing, he would have kept his bro-mance with Frank a secret. It’s not wise to publicly latch onto anyone, let alone the biggest target/threat in the house. That’s one of the many idiotic moves that Boogie made.


Boogie’s all talk. All he is is an asshole, but other than that, I don’t see what a great player he is. I never saw All Stars, but he was out 4th in season 2. This week is double eviction, right? Seeing Boogie and Jenn go is no skin off my mind. Frank and Shane are going to just keep winning everything.

Dan's the man

Yeah Boogie is a horrible person; his implied rape comment about Dan’s wife was classless. There is nothing funny about that and if the DR really liked that comment then they are just as classless as Boogie


where do you idiots keep getting rape from i never heard that all i heard was f his wife that doesnt imply rape just that the elf king thinks he could get dans wife to cheat on him


Boogie isn’t one of their favorites thus they’ll exaggerate, twist, and fabricate his words to make him look worse. Most Big Brother fans are nuttier than the people inside the house.


Some of these people think women are incapable of cheating.


I don’t think women are incapable of cheating, however most women would be incapable of having consensual sex with Boogie. *shudders*


If CBS & Big Brother production really got a kick out of the fact that Boogie said he was going to Michigan to F*** Dan’s wife….then this is not a TV network nor a TV show that I am interested in watching or supporting in the future.

CBS & Big Brother Production you have a lot o ‘plaining to do and fast…..this is an issue that CBS & Big Brother Production needs to either support or deny promptly.

So what are you saying about this statment CBS & BigBrother Production??? Your fans want an answer ASAP!!!!!


So you will watch a show that rewards the best liar/manipulater but the line is drawn because someone jokingly says they are going to cheat with someones wife? Your outrage is amusing, take a nap! If he was one of your fav’s you wouldn’t even care. Every season including this one players say and do things just as ridiculous and the fanatics who don’t like them blow it out of proportion. So you are going to quit watching……yeah right! I.m sure we’ll see you back commenting for the rest of the season!


Dan the man Please he did not say or imply he was going to RAPE anyone. Your telling me outta that comment you got Rape. WTF get a life really


I despise boogie but I don’t think boogie was implying rape. I think he thinks he is so good that Dans wife would want him.


he was just joking! Holy crap you guys take everything so seriously. I doubt he said that in a straight face in the DR öh im going to mihcigan to f*** Dan’s wife if i go home!”. NO, i bet you he was joking thats why DR got a kick out of it.


They probably thought it was funny because it is so ridiculous. Why would anyone sleep with Boogie? Ewwww!


I totally agree! They told him they got a kick out of it because stupid comments like that will get ratings. That’s al they care about. That is the most disgusting thing anybody could ever say about another man’s wife. Dan’s playing the game and I don’t thing he deserves the way he’s being treated in the house.


Dan doesn’t deserve it, Why is it when boogie or anyone else lies, its a game, but when Dan lies they call him Judas, I’m really getting sick of it


Powerhouse is about ready to explode. Cant wait til tomorrow when he laughs in Boogers face and offers Booger a job on his cooking show after Booger is bankrupt from his lawsuit.


the lawsuit is over.

its kind of sad how many people like yourself actually get joy out of someone who is playing a GAME, to have total failure in real life. thats fun for you? why do you care how he looks, or how much money he has? you just want him to go broke?

class act.

VA Vet

Are you referring to Boogie’s comment about trying to blackball Joe, by saying on national TV, that his cooking tastes like crap?


Like CJ said earlier some of these fanatics are crazier than the players in the game.


Production should say “Daniele… stop eating!!”


And be responsible for her recurring bout w/anorexia???


OMG if BB turns to that chick again while she is eating her fruit loops I am gonna scream while throwing something at the tv. Didn’t her parents teach her some manners instead of chewing like a loud ass cow lol maybe she should buy that book that one of the real housewives of NY is hawking” Class With the Countess”


They’re wearing very sensitive microphones that pick up everything.



Pothead Ashley is in trouble! When she gets out of the house she will have to go to court to answer for an $820 thousand dollar lawsuit filed by her ex-boyfriend and his for profit corporation.

Ashley was living in New York City and this guy who runs an S&M bondage vault, (S&M=sexual pleasure and torture), coaxed her to star in a porn movie. Ashley shot several scenes and became the guy’s girlfriend. But she got antsy feet and flew off to California, (must’ve been the salvia).

Her ex was left with a few scenes of Ashley in action, an incomplete movie and having to answer to his investor(s). The major one who had invested $700,000 in the film pulled his money. The ex was left in a tough spot and now he has filed a lawsuit against Ashley Iocco. Poor Ashley will probably end up losing her mobile spray tanning booth.

Can you imagine Ashley wearing a black boustiere, black G-string, black fishnet tights, black 10 inch stilletos, and putting a six foot horse whip to naked Aspie Ians back while he is chained up in some dungeon in NYC???!!!

That would be hilarious!


LMFAO we knew this 2nd week, so much for your “breaking news” LOL


Just started with this site, I like it a lot, one of the best for BB. Thanks for the info.


well I didn’t know it about Ashley……… thanks for the info………not everyone has come on board here from week two or before………..


Hey Dr. Will you paying attention to the season as a fan or just because your buddy boogie is in it?


sounds like you should be pitching this idea to VH1. The Ashley and Ian S&M reality TV show.


OMG dont want the visual


Is that really true about Ashley?


Can any of these players get a backbone?

Why are they acting afraid of Boogie/Frank?

Everything that’s said to them, they run and tell everyone else.

I mean damn, Frank could tell Joe ‘Good Morning’ and the damn guy will run & make sure to tell the Quack Pack about it.

Everything is not that serious to where you have to have a conversation about another conversation you had.

Life must be boring in the BB house.


exactly. Ian + Joe + Ashley + Britney + Danielle + Shane + Dan = IDIOTS. they are running to each other and giving each other accurate pinpoint conversation details about their meetings with Boogie and Frank. in the meantime, they’re not even calculating any moves to see how they can benefit from having boogie or frank still in the game. every other season, you at least have one or two players from opposite ends take a chance in the game. there’s absolutely no game with this class of BB14 BABOONS.


Exactly. I’ve never seen a season of BB where it’s just one huge alliance, where absolutely NO ONE is trying to make side deals.

They’re not doing anything at all.

It sucks to see.

This season is full of duds. It’s just going to be this huge alliance knocking people out, with the stragglers voting with the alliance because they have no balls.

None of them have an ounce of game play, which is what happens when BB scouts people that know absolutely nothing about the game.

Shane & Danielle are still thinking as if they have coaches. Dan & Brit are their brains.

I’m tired of watching these five already. Pandora’s Box, emerge so we can get the freaking show started.


Sorry guys, but when every time you are alone with Boogie and Frank and have a conversation with them and it eventually gets back to you all twisted, you get to the point that you go and tell your allies what you said before the gossip comes and bites you on the a$$. Look what happened to Britney, look what is happening to Dan.

You guys are just upset that your guys are getting got and got by the likes of Ian.


This is a case of Joe being the biggest idiot in the game. Him thinking he has a place in an alliance other than pawn is hillarious!


Danielle needs to stop worry about how ? (Jenn) feels about her. ? (Jenn) looks like she’s about to break into a lesbian rage mode. would be great to see ? (Jenn) pick up Danielle and throw her through the kitchen door window. that will keep boogie in the house.


You better watch what you say, some of Jenn’s butch friends are looking tor anyone and everyone that talks ill of Jenn and put the cursed label of “homophobic” on them. LOL


There Booger goes with his bullshit….. he doesn’t play like that, then what does he call helpin gettin Janelle out? what a poor loser. He’s goin to help Joe with what cookin show, the ” The Germ Cooking Hour with Joe?” I’m sure Booger would back that. his Bitch boy talkin bout they should’ve put them up, like they had the votes? Umm that’s why they didn’t attempt to get them out, they weren’t being “loyal” like all the to the shhhhhhh 6 Boogerette’s wanna believe, if they had the votes they would’ve put up shane and whoever attempting to get him out, so cut the bullshit..

Booger, can’t you see?, you can’t do shit with Dr Will to carry you, with his unmatched social game, you’re nothing without him, you came back solely because Janelle came back, and you being the egotistical prick you are wanted to get her out for the 3rd time… You did that, now get to steppin right out the door. Bitch Boy will be following you if he doesn’t win HOH


Thanks for the compliment.

Insecure Teenagers

Thank you for not criticising us. With out your comment about Frank being Boogie’s bitch or about Boogie being an egotistical jerk half of us would not be here today!

Big thanks again – Insecure Teenagers


I have to agree. I actually liked Frank and “thought” he had game for a long time. I have despised Booger since Season II and can’t believe I have to look at him again, he makes me want to vomit. At first I thought, “poor Frank” for being tarnished with the likes of Coach Booger, thinking once the Coaches illegally entered the game (America never voted them in) thought here’s Franks chance to play for himself. So what does he do, he becomes Mini Me, Booger’s Bitch Boy. When he failed to nominate Dan for eviction, I knew right then his days were numbered. Hell, even Dan said he should have put him up.


Wow. As soon as Ashley came over, Ian was Capt. D-Bag towards her. Even Ashley was surprised and called Ian cocky. It’s almost the nerd that become a millionaire and his old crush wants to hang out and the nerd acts like a total piece of sh-t towards her.

And then he does it while swing back and forth, back and forth, back and damn forth on the hammock. I wish the thing would snap and burn into dust.

Aqua Bernie

Be a little easy on Ian he has aspergers. It’s not so simple being him, I’m proud of him.


I kinda don’t care. His condition has nothing to do with how he is acting towards Ashley.

Production…please take away the hammock!


the guy had been involved in a flirty relationship with her and now he notices how she is towards Frank. He is Hurt, and he is going to act in kind…. whats he supposed to do say ” oh ashley its ok, you can be a slut and i will be there for you as a fall back … FUck that Noise….. she treated him like shit first by playing with his emotions…. he is showing disrespect with disrespect


Any sane person could see that Ashley had no intentions on doing anything with Ian. Its one of those things where there’s a nerdy guy & you say things because his reaction is “cute” because he’s so socially awkward with girls and has never heard it before. I’ve seen girls do it all the time.


That’s nonsense. What disrespect has Ashley shown toward Ian? She’s done the stupid “dates” with him and has talked to him this entire time in the house. She enjoys his company. You are pretty much trashing Ashley just because she isn’t into him like he would like for her to be. That is nowhere being fair. Just because she didn’t choose to side with his alliance? She doesn’t deserve the attitude Ian threw at her last night. Nor should Ian act like Luke Perry in his prime.

What logic are some of you working with?


Just like the attitude that Ashley is throwing at Shane and Dan? Like the attitude that Frank, Boogie and ? are throwing at just about everyone? (OK that one makes more sense)

Ian can cop an attitude with Ashley if he wants. His prerogative.


People need to stop cutting Ian slack because of his condition.

He was rude to her & the fact that he’s talking about her is rude considering the fact that he was obsessed with the girl not too long ago.

He’s only acting this way because he’s in with the alliance ( of which he’s lowest on the totem pole ).

The kid thinks he’s cool. Let’s see how long he lasts.


I am not dismissing his mannerisms due to his condition … I am just saying that the chick played with his head…. and emotions. So of course he is going to be a little upset and treat her the way she has been treating him (making out with frank after starting a “flirtmance” with him


No different than Shane with Danielle but since he is a favorite we’ll just ignore it.


Ian’s a little bitch, Frank is a real man, deal with it.


Ian’s annoying me not only because he’s a member of Dan’s cult but because he’s acting like one of those nerdy guys that get in with the cool kids & start acting just like them: Jerks.

‘She’s following me around like stink on shit’

Um, a couple of days ago you were begging for the girl’s attention, taking her out on dates & now because you’re talking to trash-talking Britney, Ashley’s following you now. O. Okay.


hearing Ian on the feeds saying it is even more embarrassing. Ian sounded like he grew a vagina in the house. Ian is becoming the diva of the show since Janelle left.


I thought I was the only one who thought that.

The boy is trying hard to latch onto this “villain” thing & milk it to the end.

It’s not even fun to watch though. It looks pathetic.


no he is acting like that towards her because he knows that she is now going after frank .. he is hurt… he is going to act like that to her because that is how she made him feel going after frank


He knew she started liking Frank once she asks the man to go on a date.

After that, he STILL asked her to go on a date with him.

This is one of those things where you have to step back and look at it realistically. She just was not that into him & he, of all people, had to know that.

It, however, is no reason to act like a jerk.

He’s treating her that way because he has it in his mind that he wants to be a villain (said it numerous time) & because he’s in with the cool kids for the first time ever & they haven’t outed him yet.


Does Ian own Ashley or something? She can go after whomever she wants to. And is anyone surprised that she isn’t going for the loser that looks like a 12 year old boy and has no game at all.

Also, it doesn’t make a diff to me but had Ian actually said he has aspergers? I just have not heard that and got the impression there were a bunch of mothers/faux-doctors passing their childs diagnosis on to Ian.


Ashley never disrespected Ian this entire time. Stop the bullcrap.

production rigged it

why was my comment about ashley not posted simon i posted mine first was it because of the link i gave or what?

quack-pack fan

PLEASE! Watching Joe and Shane discuss BB game on after dark tonight is like watching Dumb and Dumber revisited!!!

Frank is working so hard for Boogie – I hope he at least gets hooked up after the show. Mike has been using his VIP status and offering gigs for votes.

Jen needs to read the BB manual and figure out that she is a pawn who is ticking off everyone right now.

Joe wants to make an announcement tomorrow about who is on what team and Britney is wondering how did he become lord of the manor!

Ashley seems to be on team Boogie but is all about peace and love

The house is in turnoil! yay :)


I guess boogie will be staying then, since he is a huge star


im out. at least til thursday. cant watch boogie and frank anymore. if production steps in an saves boogie or boogie and frank get ians and joes vote i m completly out. not watchable any more. these guys are acting like…well i will not write it.

Dan's the Man

Hi Simon you guys should put on each update on who the house is leaning on voting out. I’m curious to see how often the house flips.

On a side note; Ian is in the best position; reminds me of Dan in season 10 being in the middle. I just worry about his fear of Frank and nomance with Ashley making him turn on the quack pack


does frank know boogie likes old men? lol,


its actually not true. the lawsuit got returned with one of their own and the initial one against boogie was dropped.

so someone went out of their way to destroy his name, and people like you believe it instead of seeing that the lawsuit had zero merit or proof.

boogie has been on the show 3 times. has legendary amount of hooking up with erika, proposed to a girl in bb2….I mean cmon


Boogie no favorite. Boogie bad man. Will tell half truths to make Boogie look bad. *grunt*


just watching after dark right now. Is Jenn annoying the hell out of anyone else? Like I wish Evel dick was on the show and went up to her and said STFU put ur head down your a pawn and a joke.


Can white trash Frank say something other than “the lines have been crossed” Dumb a$$ hick. ANYONE but frank or Boogie winning is fine by me.

MU Tigers

Well he does drop an alarming number of F bombs when talking. Not sure the word to F-bomb ratio, but it’s high.


“boogie’s all talk”…ok…yes, at this point that is all he can do. what else can he do? punch someone? throw food?

joe is so dumb. he should work with frank. they just dont get it. they dont see it.

boogie will leave. thats fine.

but joe….how do you ever think you are anywhere above 6th or 7th on the big alliance list? I cant believe he tells brit the entire convo with frank

its just frustrating to see so many morons on the other side of the house who should be banding together to some extent. instead, they go tattle on each other to the freaking power alliance.

and dan, stop being such a hypocrit, your power alliance is the epitome of bullying, not responding and hiding behind faith = epitome of BS. thats not game, thats total crap. thats shielding with something that isnt in the game.

dan, danielle, brit final 3. its a guarentee right now. and its pathetic beyond belief that none of them see this.


Like Powerhouse said: “Joe is joking around sayign yesterday Frank was all up in his face today he’s smiling and winking at him like he’s a girl” he knows there only trying to get their vote.



I still cant believe that everyone is crawling back and bowing down to the DDBS.

It has been said that Frank is a target, so much that it is ingrained in their heads to the point where they believe nothing else.

They need to realize that Frank/Boogie is their only chance to get further in the game. Do any of the stragglers really think that Frank or Boogie would be coming after them if they stayed?

Hell no. They would be going after the stronger targets, thus keeping the floaters in the game for longer.

Whereas DDBSI are going to be trying to get rid of anyone that isn’t in their Final 5, which includes ass kissing Joe, ditsy Ashley & non existant Jenn.

These have to be the stupidest people ever.


i meant to type *threat* not target.


Boogie keeps calling Ian an idiot, it’s like he calls himself an idiot. So funny :)

Dan's the Man

Who else thinks Boogie’s implied rape comment about Dan’s wife is classless?

MU Tigers

I feel that way as well. I also find it sad that production also got a kick out of it according to Boogie.


What is he thinking? What’s wrong with this guy? Boogie is a father now. If his son hears his comments about Dan’s wife when he grows up, he will never feel proud of himself. So disgusting!

Dirty hands

You are a moron. Are you trying to incite something? It wasn’t implied that he was going to rape her! So if someone says that they are going to f**k someone that’s implying that they are going to rape them? You are trying to make apples out of oranges for your own enjoyment.


No, Julie is going to ask you “Are you sure Dan is the one who sold you out?”
B – “?!?!?!?!”
she is also going to tell you “It was Ian.”
B – “………………………………..right now I want to move out to different country.”


The only people who implied rape from it are the twisted people of Big Brother fandom. You should all be so proud.


He did not imply Rape!! are you a special ed yellow bus rider give it a rest now Rape is a strong word and not to be taking lightly and should not be thrown out there all willie nellie


Ashley has been on Ian all night and his anxiety about is clearly becoming worse! When Brittany was talikng to him alone for those very few seconds at the hammock he was calm and then here comes Ashley and he got worse and worse in a matter og just 2 minutes with his rocking and his sounds and with what he needs to do to calm himself. I was so uncomfortable for him just watching. It must be torture for him!

DDBS for the win

I think ddbs need to be keeping closer contact with ian, Joe may not actually vote out Boogie, and if they quit showing a lot of attention to Ian he may actually see that being number 3 to frank and boogie is better than being 5th to them, or 6th if joe jumps over him in status and vote out Jenn instead of boogie and then they are screwed..

Carol & Steve

I think I liked the rocker chick when she was playing hide & seek – LOL!!


HOH% Faces? Moves Ahead Brains IQ Street IQ Luck/Prod
Dan sleeping 4 9 40 (can’t lose all) 40 3
Danielle 100% try, 15% chance 2 2 50 (can’t follow) 50 4
Shane 45% 2 2 40 (can’t follow) 45 5
Brit 5% try, 15% chance 6 11 60 (remembers future) 60 4
Ashley 0%, hopeless 2 1 35 (Cosmic IQ) 20 3
Ian 0%, spineless 5.0 5 50 (can’t remember now) 40 3
Boogie 0%, checking couch for cents 15 4 25 (doesn’t know) 30 4
Frank 45% 3 3 20 (don’t follow/know) 30 7
Joe 0%, Hoping 4 cooking comp 0 2 30 (normal BB IQ) 20 5
Jenn 0%, Hoping 4 shout-outs 0 0 25 (no BB IQ) 10 3

* Faces… Boogie has more faces than there are house-guests even if we included audience…
* Moves ahead… Brit has out faced everyone and been in good with _EVERYONE_… from her team, to Quick to S6 to GirlsOnly… she’s had more faces than _anyone_ but Ian had that .0 because he’s had such precision.
* Brains IQ… normal human is 100, but these are apes in zoo..
* Lucks/Prod… should be split… or actually Luck should be removed leaving only Production…

There are other columns…


My “table” didn’t post…
Imagine the columns with the headers…
“HOH%” ………………..”Faces?” ………………..”Moves Ahead” ………”Brains IQ” …………..”Street IQ” …………”Luck/Prod”


………HOH% ……………………..Faces? …Moves Ahead …Brains IQ …………..Street IQ .Luck/Prod
Dan …..sleeping ………………….4 ……..9 ………….40 (can’t lose all) ….40 ……….3
Dani ….100% try, 15% chance ……….2 ……..2 ………….50 (can’t follow) ……50 ……….4
Shane …45% ………………………2 ……..2 ………….40 (can’t follow) ……45 ……….5
Brit ….5% try, 15% chance …………6 ……..11………….60 (remembers future) ..60 ……….4
Ashley…0%, hopeless ………………2 ……..1 ………….35 (Cosmic IQ) ………20 ……….3
Ian …..0%, spineless ……………..5.0 ……5 ………….50 (can’t remember now) 40 ……….3
Boogie…0%, checking couch for cents ..15 …….4 ………….25 (doesn’t know) ……30 ……….4
Frank….45% ………………………3 ……..3 ………….20 (don’t follow/know) .30 ……….7
Joe……0%, Hoping 4 cooking comp …..0 ……..2 ………….30 (normal BB IQ) ……20 ……….5
Jenn…..0%, Hoping 4 shout-outs …….0 ……..0 ………….25 (no BB IQ) ……….10 ……….3


Boogie ain’t nothing in this game without DR.Will! He only won all stars because Will set him up for the win before he got evicted! Both he and Frank are the biggest douchebags in the game! Dan rocks at this game!


Ashley’s not very smart, if she chooses to play with Boogie and Frank they will eventually vote her out because they want to be in the final 2 together. The same thing if she join the others but first off shes not good at the game and neither is Jenn. The both of them are floaters but you know they watched BB before so they are pretty knowledgeable about how this game works. But I digress, they think they are so important in the game but they’re not they’re just votes in this game, the only thing Ashley can is maybe a endurance if Danielle doesn’t break a leg or something and no one even knew Jenn was in the game until they put her up on the block. Boogie does need to go I really hate the whole being pissed off because they aren’t making him look good on t.v…… he’s so special. LOL


so danielle is jealous of shane mentioning dani donato? lol….wow she really thinks in her head that her and shane are a couple…..


jenn has to get a clue….JENN YOU ARE A PAWN……dont flatter urself..u r not a target


i wuldnt be surprised if jenn start campaigning for votes for boogie


Jenn is an idiot


Boogie is a disgusting pig, no wonder him and Frank get along so well….


I love how some of you exaggerate Boogie’s comments by calling it a “rape” comment?. All of you who are calling this a “rape” comment, please make sure to elaborate as how this could be perceived as rape. As far as I’m concerned, Boogie’s blowing off steam and his comments are really irrelevant and not as bad as some of you are making this out to be.

I find Britney’s comments about Joe’s kid we’re 10 times worse than Boogie’s little “im gonna f*** his wife” comment. A lot of the Boogie haters’ judgement is clouded by their pure disgust of him.


Exactly. I wasn’t a Boogie fan before this season – I felt he just along for the ride on the Dr. Will Express – but now I feel like rallying behind him because most fans who dislike him just really, really overblow or twist things to make him look worse than he actually is. I’ve really never seen anything quite like it.


I did like boogie at the start of this season but, he is so full of himself i don’t like him anymore. I wonder if when BB is over do they check this site out? Thats the only reason I vent here!

joe's teeth

i’m thinking…what if the question mark in the arcade room/ball machine is just supposed to be an indicator for the double evict on thurs? it’s driving me nuts, i wish something would happen with that thing!!


Who has actual confirmation that Ian has Aspergers Syndrome? Like actual evidence, not “I watch Parenthood and read about it on Wikipedia.” He could just be a stoner tweaking out. Jesus…I don’t know what’s worse: all the assumed behavioral psychologists out there or all the people feeling “sorry” for Ian because of his “condition.” You calling it a “condition” shows you have no understanding of any Autism Spectrum Disorder whatsoever. Let me be perfectly clear: if Ian is, in fact, an Aspie, he is HIGHLY evolved as to sit and actually calculate plans to manipulate and backstab. Aspie’s aren’t capable of those abstract thoughts….


Shane hs no idea that it double eviction that Frank will his 3rd HOH so he will put up him & Dan on the block! Bye Shane or Dan!


Hey Simon & Dawg when are the avis coming ?


OMG I am so sick of Boogie! I can’t wait till Thur and no more Boogie! Its a game people and Boogie had it finaly done to him, hows it feal MF***er. He thought he was the sh*t i love it. He can’t take it but, he sure can dish it out.