Boogie says don’t you think that was a little risky having that talk with the magic 8 ball?

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil / Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle


9:30am Frank wakes up and heads into the storage room to change his battery. Boogie wakes up and they both head out into the backyard. Boogie asks if everything is cool? Frank says that he wants to revisit the Dan situation. Boogie laughs. Frank says that we have the votes and we can get him out. Boogie says that it is just too early, and he isn’t coming after us. Frank says but when he does he will come after me, not you. Boogie comments on how he spoke with Dan yesterday and that Dan is hinting at wanting to get out Shane and Britney. I like how he is so close to Danielle too. Boogie says that Dan wanted to take out Shane first. I am thinking we should take out Britney first.
Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Pick the Day, Time and Camera View!


9:40am – 10:20am Frank thinks that if he goes up on the block, then Dan will make it look like he wanted to keep me but have me voted out. Boogie says that it is just such a boat rock, and if we did that we leave people in here that can band together. Boogie says that he really doesn’t think Dan win nominate us. Frank says yeah he may not nominate us but if someone else does he will get them to nominate us. Boogie says again that Dan wonders if it is too early to go after Shane. Frank says see that seems like he is lying just to cement his chances to not be nominated today. Boogie says that Wils can come after us too and he has 3 votes in the bank, and all he needs is 4 to get us out. Frank says he had a talk with Ian and he said he would vote Dan out. Boogie says don’t you think that was a little risky having that talk with the magic 8 ball? Frank says yeah a little but he said he will vote with us since we have been straight with him. Boogie says it’s not a good idea to tell Ian stuff like that because if he goes and tells Britney, and fu*k everything up! Boogie says that if we did go after Dan and they flip two people its game over. And that would be too big of a hole to climb out of. Boogie says if today we just keep it the same then it will earn Britney’s trust. Frank says I just hate that I have to earn their trust when they have done jack sh*t. Shane joins them and Boogie & Frank change the subject. Shane says that he had a dream about Kara last night where he was stuck in the playmate house with her room mates.


10:35am Frank and Shane are in the backyard talking alone. Frank comments on he is a little concerned about the people that have lied to him in the past. Shane says that he thinks for Danielle and him, their coaches influenced them on the decision they made earlier in the game. Shane says that he is on board with the alliance until the final 6 and then he says that he is going to target Dan before he comes after Frank or Boogie. Shane says that he is going to try and get Danielle as far as he can in the game. Frank tells Shane that he has nothing to worry about that he trusts him. Shane says that he will do 100% whatever Frank wants and he will vote how he wants. He says that Britney and Danielle will do the same too.


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10:50am – 11:05am Frank and Dan are talking in the backyard. Frank tells Wil and Ashley went to talk to me last night. Frank tells Dan that Wil tossed Dan’s name under the bus last night. Frank says that Wil wants me to backdoor you. Frank says that they told him it would be a big game move to backdoor someone. He tells Dan he isn’t about big moves. Dan asks if they said who they wanted to back doored. Frank says yeah, you specifically. Frank says at first they would not say a name but they eventually did. Boogie joins them outside and says Wil hinted to him as well that he wanted Dan gone. Frank says that Wil has a pretty good suspicion that we are all involved. Frank says that Janelle told him that he can trust Wil. Boogie joins them. Boogie talks about how Wil and Ashley told him that they are together. Boogie says well cool, even bigger reason to break you up. Dan asks Frank so they mouthed my name? Frank says yeah, they said he has won competition in his past season, and well it wasn’t hard to figure out they were talking about you. They talk about Shane and how he knows nothing about the game and is always saying oh yeah that’s right. Dan brings up how Shane threw Willie under the bus too.


11:20am Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA.. Mostly likely the Power of Veto Ceremony is happening right now.

12pm Still TRIVIA..
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OHH man frank wanting to Backdoor Dan.. Do they have the votes though

Let say they take Joe off the block
Joe evicts Dan
Boogie evicts Dan
Jenn evicts Dan
Ashley evicts Dan
britney evicts Wil
Shane evicts Wil
Danielle evicts Wil
Ian evicts Wil/Dan
Frank is the tie and Dan goes home

Lets say Wil is off the block
Wil evicts Dan
Boogie evicts Dan
AShley evicts Dan
Jenn evicts Dan (slim chance she might keep dan)
britney evicts Joe
Shane evicts Joe
Danielle evicts Joe
Ian evicts Joe/Dan
Frank is the tie and Dan goes home

Dpoesn’t look good for dan.. of course there is a Pandora’s box coming up that may change it.


This could possibly get very interesting, huh?


frank might be good now…but next week he ll be srewed. more than half of the house will be gunning for him for weeks to come. brit, danielle, wil, even shane would. and all frank have for sure on his side is boogie. you cant win against this numbers.

frank should keep it the same. after wil is gone they take out joe. THEN its the question who strikes first and who is with tem on board.


That is not true in season 2 of bb Dr. Will was the most hated player in the game after they got rid of chill town he was the next to go and everyone in the house wanted him gone and he somehow managed to not only get off the block and convince the house to go after someone else he also managed to win bb2


True. You are forgetting one important detail. Frank is no Dr. Will


Yup!! I don’t think Frank or Boogie have half the chance they think they do at this point. They’re only two of the silent six, plus Ian. So many things can happen in such a short amount of time, huh?


Boogie is right for once! Frank needs to go the backdoor situation is no and who ever is left will go home.

The quack party will pick frank again and boogie wont be there to stop him. It will be Britney , Danielle, Wil /Joe, Jenn

Ian , Shane and Dan will be after Frank and the numbers don’t lie. Go Shane !


This could get very interesting. If Frank puts up Dan then Boogie has some decisions to make. 1. Does he stick with Frank and try to right a sinking ship. Because next week Frank will have a huge target on his back. 2. Go to Silent 6 tell them Frank did this on his own, he told Frank not to put up Dan but Frank didn’t listen. And that he (Boogie) would still vote along with the alliance. Then Boogie has to try his best to make sure the vote is a tie so the blood is still on Franks hands.


I think you need to consider the chance that Boogie decides to dump Frank in this instance. He has made it clear that he doesn’t want Dan up on the block. Frank even told Ian that he overheard Boogie & Frank make final 2 deal (don’t know if that is real or a lie). Boogie knows that if Dan goes up and is evicted, regardless of what he says, Brit, Danielle and Shane will believe that he was behind it. Boogie also knows that his only real protection in the house once Dan is gone would be Frank. No one else could be counted on to defend him.


I agree–this will backfire against Frank for sure if he goes against Boogie’s wishes. I mean seriously Boogie just saved his a$$ last week and now Frank thinks he is some great BB player that can avoid eviction all by himself 3 times because of his skillz. Listen to your coach Frank–he kinda knows what he is talkin about a lot more than you!


I don’t think it is about keeping dan in the house i think boogie is thinking it is to early to betray the trust of the allience. Frank isn’t looking long term if he back doors dan he more then likely doesn’t have the votes and made an enemy. If he does get him out he still made enemies and there is no one left in the house who they can gain there trust because he would have burnt all the bridges he swore last week he wouldn’t. There is too many people left in the game for him to make a move like this and get to the end of the game and to be honest if you are going to make a move like this he should take out danielle or shane as much as i like dan he isn’t really a huge threat compared to otherss. Franks big mistake is him believing that danielle didn’t put him on the block because she wanted to.


I agree with Boogie here ( and not just because I love Dan) you aren’t going to have anyone to work with (that is worth working with) and if Shane,Dani or Brit wins HOH, its all over for one of you. If i really wanted to backdoor someone, it would be shane. Brit would get over it, Shane backdoored frank so frank does have justifcation for it and Shane is a big threat – especiallyt considering his ability to win HOH and POV, not to mention his allies in the house (Dan will be cool – he rolls with the punches.)

Also a 4 V. 4 tie won’t happen. Dan will work his Dan magic and he will be fine – then you are in trouble.

Lastly, Is it just me or do you hate it when they call Boogie ‘ Boogs’ – Boogie is ALREADY A NICKNAME! why does he need a double nickname (and a stupid one at that)

Eric CA

Judging by Boogies attitude about this I think backdooring Dan, might not only be a smart move for Frank, but an illuminating one.
I think the votes might look like this.

Joe and Dan

Brittney: Evict Joe
Shane: Evict Joe
Danielle: Evict Joe
Wil: Evict Dan
Jen Evict Dan
Ashley: Evict Dan

Now is gets interesting, alliance are exposed.
Ian: Evict Joe

Wil and Dan
Brittney: Evict Wil
Shane: Evict Wil
Danielle: Evict Wil
Ashley: Evict Dan
Jen: Evict Dan
Joe :Evict Wil
Ian: Evict Wil

Dan stays either way. The coaches already sacrificed Janelle, they can not survive without an alliance of Coaches and their Pawns

I think Frank is going to have to count heads: realize two things. The coaches and their pawns voted to save Dan. Frank might have to ask himself if he really wants to be a pawn. It would also be good to remember Boogie is against nominating Dan “Coach”, but not nominating Shane “Pawn”. I wonder if this might cause the noobs to finally put two and two together. I think Frank is starting to realize he is just another expendable pawn. Turn this game into the Coaches vs the Pawns


Can pandora’s box bring back janelle??

Or has that ship sunk.

Eric CA

Are you sure. I can only find CBS and Blogger interviews. NO local press or outside interviews.
Could Janelle be in some bizarre BB sequester? Does AG dislike Boogie that much?

I have heard about BB DR leaks into the house. Who was leaked? If it was Boogie, Dan and Frank, BB production did it on purpose.
Probably trying to give the rest of them a wake up call, in order to make things more interesting. Unfortunately these people hate to wake up.


Janelle is twittering. I didn’t read them but unless someone is sending out in her name, she can’t come back to the game to play if she is talking about the game outside the house.

Eric CA

Twitter does not prove it. There are people who tweet claiming to be the celebrity, in fact they are not. This may be the case.
I have checked all of the papers in Minnesota that I know of, no news or interviews I could find. I will call my cousins in Minnesota
later see if they have read anything. Janelle is sort of a local celebrity, she is what my cousin refers to as the Minnesota Pin-Up.

Can you imagine there are people with pin-up tattoos of Janelle? Answer: There are. I am a big fan, but I can not imagine getting a Jeff, Russel or Lane tattoo.
If there is anyone in Minnesota, have you read any Janelle interviews? Or is it the Janelle was elected off of Big Brother/ Blogger stuff.


Janelle tweeted she was back in MN with hubby and baby. Also, she tweeted pic of her and Porsche after lunch on Friday I think it was in front of In N Out. Porsche also tweeted this. I doubt she will come back before finale night. It is more likely that they will bring back Jesse once again as a punishment.


Haven’t read anything here in Mn, but she’s supposed to be on Evel Dick’s show soon.


I thought of that too. Janelle would wreck sooo much havoc. Kind of hope it happens.


True, but unlike Rachel, bring Janelle back for 24rs or period would be a waste of time she’s boring …. Rachel that 24hrs was the best of season 12


Boogie will not vote Dan out.

votes to evict Wil/Joe

Votes to evict Dan

Backdoor attempt ends in utter failure.

Eric CA

Not epic fail. Just a wake up call. Frank is operating on the concept that Boogie has his back. Not True if Boogie votes to keep Dan.

If Frank can wake up Shane the house dynamic may change too.

Wil/ Joe

Two strong comp players


With Danielle confused dose she want the father figure or the hot guy she is stalking.


TH results are in Boogie does not vote for Dan


Wil /Joe


Frank is up for nominations and Goes home next week

Because who ever stays goes after Frank then he pissed off so many people he goes home BYE BYE FRANK

Red Lampshade

“Shane says that he had a dream about Kara last night where he was stuck in the playmate house with her room mates…” While Danielle watched from the window and screamed bloody murder at the fact that Shane could even LOOK at someone else, because why wouldn’t Shane want to be with her? Danielle then realized that is was probably because she was too fat (even though she’s in perfectly good shape) and angrily left the playmate house to cry to Britney before turning her sights back on to Trey (poor guy).


If I was Frank, I will leave the way it was and don’t rock the boat. It’s too early to backdoor Dan,Shane,Britney, or even Danielle. It would be best of get rid of Joe or Wil because they don’t end up in the jury. Let other silent 6 alliance members to take out Wil.


I agree I think Frank should leave the nominations the same coz it’s really a bit too early to turn on the alliance coz it could backfire on him (think Dani Donato turning on the vets, good idea bad timing). I know there’s people that think Frank is an idiot for not putting up big threats it’s all timing. Everyone knows Frank’s with Boogie, Shane with Danielle, Dan with Danielle etc and that at some point these pairs should all be broken up, it’s just a matter of when.
What if Frank backdoors Dan? Then he pisses off the rest of his alliance and will only rely on Boogie to win the next HOH to keep him safe coz if Shane/ Britney/ Danielle win he’s definetely out the game. On the other hand the move could benefit him, he takes out Dan, Team Tits win HOH and leave him alone for the week as thanks for backdooring Dan…..anything can happen, but I really believe it’s too early to take Dan out.


I smell trouble in paradise for the bromance of Frank and Mike over this.

Janelle's worn out lip

I think he should put up Shane. Shane was the one who put him up and he can just say shane is a pawn because the house thinks they are working together. Plus…Shane is more likely to win the next HOH and put Frank up. Dan will likely continue to throw comps…Shane will try to win them.


Dude I would be so angry if Dan is back doored, honestly though If I’m Frank I keep the bigger targets in the house just because it would keep him safer….have to agree with Boogie this is to early to make a move like this…


I watched the live feeds last night. Frank is screwed eIther way. He has nothing to lose making this move. Brit and Dan had a convo earlier in the night, before all this happened. Brit and Dan are ready to go back on the silent 6 alliance next week. Boogie and frank would be the targets.


The real wild card is Ian…he went and told Brit and Danielle the convo last night he had with it’s obvious he is more aligned with them at the moment..BUT if it came to actually showing his hand and casting a vote to save Dan..he’d be enemy number one to Frank and Boogs. Not sure if Ian is brave enough to draw that line in the sand and face the wrath of Boogie.


wow this really sucks for Dan

Mike (not Boogie)

Did these people not watch last season when Danielle made her big moves way too early in the game? Puts a huge target on you with way too many people from the other side left in the game.


I don;t think the problem is if he can get dan out because he probably can but he would break the trust of the allience and if any of them win especially brit they are going up which is what boogie is concerned about


Boat has been rocked already. Ian spilled the beans last night to Brit and Dani.

Frank has nothing to lose.

Team GB

It is not at all too early to get Dan out. Boogi has a secret alliance with Dan that’s why he is protecting Dan. Frank should get Shane on board with the plan and negotiate protection for next week in case Shane wins HOH. I don’t think Shane will miss Dan. Dan is throwing competitions now to avoid getting blood in his hands. He is manipulating his alliances’ HOH to do his dirty jobs. Frank should just follow his heart.


I think it’s time for Booger to fill Dan in on what Frank is thinking. Thay way Dan can mesmerize him with his eloquent voice.


Exactly I think Shane is more likely to flip them people think.


I agree with boogie it’s better 2 keep dan because they have the #’s and britney,shane,ian od daniele would be coming after them and i’m not sure but if frank does do this then boogie would most likely turn against frank and if he wins HoH frank is going up the only 1’s that would really keep frank safe is joe or T!TS


It is too late. Ian already told Brit and Dani.

Frank now has to make the move. No turning back now.


@WHATUTALKINABOUTWILLIS “Boat has been rocked already. Ian spilled the beans last night to Brit and Dani.

Frank has nothing to lose. ” So,Frank knows that Ian told Britney&Danielle about their(Frank&Ian’s)conversation to back door Dan?


It is way to early to go back on their alliance. He would have most of the house after him if he back doored Dan. Of course, I like Dan so I think he should stay lol. I think they should have gotten rid of Frank and/or Mike when they had the chance. I’m kind of hoping Ashley or one of those guys wins the HOH next week and they put up Mike and Frank. One of them are going to win if they are kept in much longer.


It has been a boring weekend. I hope Frank does use the veto. Half these players have resigned the big prize already, they just want to secure their stipend into the jury house, (bb’s version of welfare I guess).


In a seperate convo with Dan last night, Brit threw Shane under the bus. Telling Dani Shane needs to go sooner rather than later. Brit is scared of the strong males, from her experience with her brigade season.

Dannie Boy Rocks

Please do not backdoor Dan.


Jenn, Ash, Wil and Joe are SO convinced they are brilliant and worked magic on Frank last night.
I can’t wait for the feeds to come back after POV, to see the crushed looks on their faces. The smug looks and little giggles now about how they have pulled this off are really grating on my nerves.
I usually love a good backdoor on this show, but if 3 people who are essentially useless are the architects of it (and who think so highly of themselves) it will drive me crazy.
It would be different if any of them actually had any game play prior to last night. Jenn especially, I want her to go back to being quiet, her mouth opened and all of the sudden she is a “BB mastermind”.


I might add I am usually all about the underdog. Not sure what it is that makes me want to see them gone this time.
I think I was swayed by Ian last night, he said let the game get down to 7-8 pretty good players as opposed to 2-3 good ones and a bunch of floaters.
I agree with him, rather see just top dogs left… THEN watch all the backstabbing and alpha dogging run wild!


Can totally see what you’re saying:) Gotta ask… how much of a kick are you getting out of Simon’s Joe ‘Powerhouse’ photos?


Hell the way things are going I might end up being Team PowerHouse!
Seriously, for about 5 minutes last night I was like “Hmmmm, I want Joe to win”. 5 Minutes later I was all “Where the hell did that come from?!?”
(They were talking religion early this morning, around 3 am, some of views were on board with mine, he is pretty open minded. Amazingly).

Anyway, to answer the original question, Simons Team Powerhouse pics are priceless!




I know alot of people hate this season, but I’ve found it refreshing in that, at least in my opinion, most everyone is playing serious enough game to the point that pretty much anything could happen, and it’s still pretty much anyone’s game to win. Granted, this season has its dead weight, like Joe and Jenn, but it’s just nice to see pretty much everyone else having enough game and fight in them to not make this season as predictable as some of the more recent past seasons. I think this will be the first season I’ve ever watched where I can say that whoever wins will be someone who legitmately deserves it. I think I like watching ‘the game’ this season more than rooting for specific players.


.What time is the veto ceremony?Is everyone on board with back dooring Dan?


Frank could win this whole thing ( not that I want him to) but if he back doors Dan, he seals his fate of not making it past another two weeks tops. I don’t think he realizes how well Dan plays this game. Even if Dan left, he will have people doing what he has taught them and they will go straight for Frank.


ok, you are mike boogie, you just took out janelle, if you have the ego of mike boogie, you want to remove all coaches, ESPECIALLY an ex winner

I hate to go here, but I will….I personally believe that production told boogie “NO” when it came to getting a vet out this quickly. he just took out janelle, if he removed dan this week, we are a double eviction away from then losing brit or boogie

boogie has NO chance. ian sealed his fate by being such a little rjhhijrhjiredkjhrk. that kid pisses me off. you DONT tell brit and danielle what frank said, you ride it out….ian, was once my fav, now has just become a token dorky floater.

frank and boogie have had his back, he hasnt had their’s. they need to figure this out

I hope frank goes through with it, but I do agree w/ boogie, if you backdoor dan, you either dont get him out the door, or you leave yourself with zero allies.


Pleaseeeeeeeee NO Pandora’s box while Frank is HOH.


I love the underdog…but find myself wishing big brother would go in and say

“Houseguests, America has voted and 4 of your are going home right now….music plays…..”
“ashley, jenn, wil, joe….you have been evicted from the big brother house”

seriously. its just WRONG that we will see janelle AND mike boogie HOME before those 4. its a crime.

it sucks we cant do a fast forward without losing boogie. I think we need his DR sessions for another couple weeks. if ANYONE takes out boogie, id like it to be dan, AFTER they take out brit

brit will ride this to f4, and it makes me sick. she sucks, she makes no big moves, she just sits around talking about people. and saying how everyone is scared to make moves, says the girl who has NEVER made moves


I don’t get why Frank wouldn’t just work with the newbies and get rid of the coaches, he’s playing the coaches game and in the end they’ll get him out the door…at least against Jenn, Wil, Ian, Shane, Danielle, and Joe he has a chance of winning, not so sure if he’s up against the vets. Dan and Boogie already won the game, and last year a vet won, I don’t understand why it’s not a priority to get rid of the vets, geez Frank, go with your gut and backdoor Dan!


Actually, Frank! Keep the nomination a same. Don’t rock the boat.


Did frank tell boogie about wil/Ashley pitch last night? That is what got the ball rolling.


who is your favorite HG???


i agree about brit…she does nothing big at all….in fact i don’t even know how they can call her a coach…..and has anybody noticed that shane is as dumb as a brick wall…no offense to the brick wall…..he is just getting on my nerves…..frank and boogie are going to get shane out….shane needs to make a move if he wins hoh….he needs to get frank out….lets face it…boogie isnt goin to win a comp…hes washed up….


I don’t think Boogie would vote to evict Dan even if Frank did put him up. Going up against Dan in the final two is Boogies only hope of winning the money again and I think he knows that. If the two of them were really smart, they would make a final two deal.


Worse thing for boogie would be going up against Dan.

In fact he said that last night on live feeds. He knows he would never win against Dan.


I think Dan and Boogie already have a final two deal.


Frank do it none of them are thinking about u. Everybody knows so let Dan or Shane or whoever run around looking for votes like u did for half the game. The alliance is already plotting against them so he mines well strike first. They are gunning for frank regardless.


Exactly, frank is already a marked man. Brit/Dan already inluded to that last night.


Please Frank! Don’t rock the boat. Silent 6 alliance will vote out Wil or Joe!


how is ian a floater….hes in a good position…he has an alliance with the quack pack and boogie and frank….if it wasnt for dan and britney shane and danielle would be gone probly already….its not fair they get to go far just because of their coaches….britney didn’t do much but her alliance with dan saved her until fourth pl;ace

Eric CA

All of this talk about who is in the jury. I want (blank) to go home so they will not be in the jury house.
Lets get honest get a player in the jury house, all of that other stuff flies out the door. Because they are getting paid to lie around a beach, in a luxury resort atmosphere and they are with people they like or tolerate. They just watch the edit CBS gives them and none of the Bull you said about them.
At this point in the game, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO GOES TO JURY. You should have three criteria for keeping people.

1) Votes to keep you, and evict someone else. Those Castaways, poor little pumpkins are just waiting to have a strong competition person say “you are worthy, to vote the way I want. You are special.”

2) Who can I beat in a competition.

3) Who can I trust. Frank your address has been the block, for most of the game. You can not trust them. You owe more of your saves to Wil, Ashley and Joe, than you owe Shane, Danielle, Dan and Brittney. You have observed Danielle and Shane week to week be the hand puppets for their coaches. Of course you may not have noticed that because you would then have to admit you are Boogies, hand puppet of choice.

Nominate Dan, Dan will stay and maybe Shane and You can wake up. Count heads and notice you have more power as the bosses than you do as the Pawns.


There is no way Mike will get rid of Dan. I think that the only way for a coach and former winner to win the 500 K is if there are two coaches in final two. Newbies won’t vote for someone who has already won if a newbie is sitting as final two. I think Dan and Mike want to be final two because they realize this. That is why Boogie is fighting Frank on back dooring Dan.


i just mad up my mind, i hate dan, always trying to put digs in at shane to boogie and frank. asshole dan be a man and make your on moves stop hiding behind power coward.