Bruno “Tell him I’ll go for Kevin! You’ll be his puppy! You’ll play with his balls!”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-04 13-56-22-209

4:50pm – 5:30pm Hot Tub room – Bruno, Bobby Godfrey. Bruno says if I win this week and I put up Zach and Ashleigh … Taking out Sarah isn’t a bad move.. she is poison!! She is the one that holds the girls alliance together. Once she’s gone that breaks. I still want to take out the couples though. We’re in such a bad spot. The girls are sitting so pretty because no matter who wins they’re safe. Godfrey says I wouldn’t be surprised if Ash is staying with Zach just for protection. Bruno says oh of course. The best was when you told her to go talk to Zach .. you could tell she was so pissed about that and then she started trying to talk game. Godfrey tells Bobby to talk to Zach and find out if he is actually honest about getting the girls out. Bruno says let him know if the girls stay we’re all f**ked! Tell him straight up I will fight for you bud! I won’t come for you! I’ll go for Kevin and Pili! Tell him I didn’t think you had a part in it, I know it was Kevin’s plan. Let me stay and get him out. Tell him you’ll be his puppy! Tell him you’ll play with his balls. Tell him whatever you’ve got to tell him. Once you walk out that door you can’t walk back in. Brittnee and Willow join them and the conversation ends.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-04 13-58-02-220

5:35pm – 6:15pm Backyard – Godfrey, Zach, Ashleigh, Bobby Sarah and Brittnee. Brittnee talking to Zach about him coming to Calgary picking her up in his supra. Meanwhile up in the HOH Kevin and Pili are showering together. Kevin says I get to watch my movie tonight! Sarah says I’m thinking of cutting all my hair off. Britt asks like how much? Sarah says like chin length. Zach says he wants something new too. It’s very quiet in the house right now.
Meanwhile in the kitchen – Kevin and Pili are cooking dinner.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-04 15-43-14-145
6:30pm – 7:10pm All the house guests move into the kitchen. Willow and Brittnee show everyone their party trick. Willow then asks what else can I swallow. She tries to fit a cup in her mouth and then a water bottle. After she says I think I have lock jaw. Big Brother tells her to stop that!

7:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 16-16-31-228

7:17pm The haves get a meal
Have nots look on with envy.
They bring up the first blow ups in the house. They wonder if it was Godfrey and Sindy.
Ashleigh thinks it was Willow and Graig or Sarah and Graig.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-04 16-17-14-612

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What do you think the quote of the season is?
“Sarah is poison”
“Don’t want to get blood on my hands”
“Its too early”
“You know what I mean..”


Sweet jeebus, ‘You know what I mean’ is driving me NUTS. Y’know what I mean?


“Lets form a girl alliance”
“I am never voting out a girl”


“It’s too early” gets me every time. It happens every season, whether US or Canada. They claim to be super fans and have watched every season – yet “it’s too early”. *smh*


best “it’s to early” ever…. Helen lord that was terrible. hehehe


You forgot like, you know what I mean, like, I gotcha bro! Giggle giggle


100 percent (and it’s derivatives).


So who’s this girls alliance that Bruno keeps talking about? Brittnee and Sarah? Because Pili and Ash are in a whole different alliance and Willow is supposedly in his alliance, so the alliance he keeps stressing over are the two girls that can’t seem to win anything?? Seriously, he sounds so stupid when he talks about this non existent “girls alliance” and saying the girls are sitting back trying to take them out…well no shit, aren’t they all supposed to be trying to take eachother out? And isn’t it usually the biggest threats that go first, whether it’s male or female? Somebody needs to tell him to calm the fuk down, let Bobby go, and play his game from there (which, god forbid, might leave him having to work with women, ewww)


Well think Bruno see’s 2 girl alliances. 1st B/Willow/Sarah. This is basically true as Sarah has both separately. Second he sees the Ash/Pili possibility if Bruno can get Zack/Kev out. What he is really saying by extension is the girls are getting numbers. 5-4 after Bobby then the great triple could send 2 more boys home. That’s why the girls are sitting pretty. There is a huge possibility once the HG’s know 2 more getting evicted that B/G or diapers will target each other and 2 guys go home potentially.
Interesting scenario for the forum to consider. 9 left and say Diapers win HOH and 3 must be nominated. I realize we do not know the format yet.
Pawn Star plus GOD/Bruno. 3 diaper votes plus Willow and Sarah. Veto won and used the likely renom is Sarah IMO. If the HG has 1 vote to save rather than evict then 3 diapers can save anyone and thus evict the other 2 still on the block. GOD wins POV could be Bruno and Sarah evicted and B rocks the Pawn Star again.
This triple is a mess reguardless ty production. On the other hand 3 diapers go up likely 2 diapers go home. 2 of Zack/Ash/Kev would be my guess.


You’re kidding right? Bruno has been spot-on this entire season. He’d be in a great spot if he actually used the double veto.

For starters, Britt/Willow/Sarah are together. The same way the diapers and Bobby/Bruno/Godfrey are together. It’s pretty apparent Sarah is the only female who is playing the game and her goal has been to get the guys to go after each other, which they have been. If Zach and Kevin left after Bobby, which is what everyone but the diapers want, what would you think would happen? Do you really think that Ash and Pilar would join with Godfrey and Bruno over the three girls? Bruno is actually thinking more than one or two steps ahead, which seems to be a rarity this season.


He is quite right about the possible girl’s alliance but his chances of saving Bobby has just been squashed by Sarah. The only chances now of Bobby staying if Zach manages to persuade Ashleigh about saving Bobby which I don’t think she will because of the information that Sarah gave to Kevin this morning. Bruno has been spot on with how Sarah’s mind operates but is unaware of how the other players are thinking. He’s also unaware that Sarah already has a semi-working relationships with almost everyone in the house apart from Zach and most likely would keep her over Britannee.


Bruno is an idiot….he is such a misogynist it is ridiculous


He’s a misogynist? Get real! Do you even know what that means? So because he actually knows exactly how this game is going to transpire and can read through Sarah’s BS, that makes him a misogynist. I would suggest you only use words that you actually comprehend before calling other people “idiots”


I smell troll.


If Bruno doesn’t fabricate another threat then he and his group are toe to toe with the diapers. Each being the other’s target.


where did willow go
like she hasn’t been on any of the feeds for at least two or three hours


She was in the pantry a second ago.


self evicted I hope….I mute her voice every time she speaks, which is too often


One can only wish she self evicted, but she’s there : /

another name

you don’t need to mute her. when she whispers she’s inaudible anyway.


“I’ve got you, bro! I trust you! 100%! This is it (including anyone who’s in that room at the time)” (Bruno)
“I have noone. I’ve only got you!” (Willow, to anyone and everyone)
“I want to win HOH sooo bad!!” (Q: oh yeah? who would you put up?) “oh… I haven’t thought about that. Why, what do you think?” (Willow)
“This is awkward” (Willow, barging in a room, AndyBB15-style)
“Something… is up!” (Willow)
“#Ginga Ninja, #604,…” (Graig)
“Yo, Bro, Yo.” (Godfrey)
“I’m Sindywithanesse.” (Sindy)


Can’t blame Bruno pushing hard for Bobby to stay. If Bobby goes and then Zach and Kevin leave in the triple eviction it leaves Ashleigh and Pilar to join up with the other girls. That is the girls alliance that he is worried about. It is almost a smart move for Bruno to keep Zach around for a bit.


you’re right. you can’t blame bruno for fighting for bobby to stay
but try to do it without throwing the entire house under the bus
what happened to “being patient” when you told sindy last week
there’s obviously better things he could’ve done
like sarah and willow were considering in keeping bobby
until they heard from kevin that bruno through brittnee, sarah, and willow under the bus
and BOOM
bobby’s going home because of your bad gameplay bruno


Some of what Bruno is doing is about trying to keep Bobby to stay. However it seems that he is mostly trying to get off Zach’s radar by having Zach become paranoid of Sarah, Brittnee and Willow. Bruno is fully aware that there is a strong chance that Zach could win the next HOH.
Bruno is still looking at each eviction as a single and has no way of knowing it could be a double, even though other HG’s suggest the possibility of it happening.
Bruno has played the last couple days wrong and he knows it (possibly burning some bridges with non-diapers). And Bruno has revealed he is easy to rattle…something you don’t want others to know.


bruno is so desperate in trying to save bobby
no matter what, i don’t see him winning anymore, even if he makes it to the end
because people will see his desperation and bad gameplay because of it
he didn’t stay calm and collected
and remember last week, he told sindy something about: “i don’t want to talk too early. it’s all about patience”
LOL easier said than done bruno
also, i thought he was kind of like derrick
now… not so much lol
derrick was a lot sneakier and calm


Can’t see why people compare Bruno to Derrick. Their game play is completely different.


Bruno is becoming annoying… He constantly calls Sarah poison just because she’s playing for herself and not for him… Get over yourself… Sarah is actually more honest then you.


Sarah is a whiney loser. Bruno is correct in saving Bobby because she’s playing right into Zach and Kevin’s hands. Sarah is going to be a prime target now with Bobby gone.


bruno is just annoying


sarah is SOOOO good at being fake

another name

six people form an alliance out of necessity. not choice.
they say they have to make the other alliance think they aren’t together.
they go around throwing each other under the bus.
If they were together out of choice not necessity this would be a great strategic move.
since they don’t trust each other on a basic level: they’re completely blowing their own games. apparently none of them can actually prioritize. have an alliance meeting and find a common enemy. destroy your common enemy. then turn on each other.


Well said. May I add… untrustworthy people are incapable of trusting others. Only trustworthy people are capable of trusting others. How we describe others says more about ourselves.

Zach's crappy flower hat

Has anyone noticed that when Zach is in the diary room his eyes don’t blink in unison?


If i were Bobby, in a last ditch attempt I would ask Zach, Ash and Willow: Is Chop Shop already dead? Since when did we start to evict each other ? With Bruno and maybe Godfrey he might stay.


Umm…since Graig