Big Brother Spoilers Zach – “I’m sweating bullets right now… it costs to be the boss”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 2nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 4th
HOH Winner 1: Donny HOH Winner 2: Nicole
Battle of the Block Winner  Caleb/Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB Aug 8/Aug 1
Original Nominations: Donny’s Noms (Victoria & Caleb) Nicole’s Noms (Zach & Jocasta)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-01 15-50-01-670

3:50pm FIREROOM Derrick and Victoria
Victoria doesn’t want to wear the eve bikini
Derrick can’t understand why she wears bikinis all the time
Victoria – I use to have a sick a$$ body now it’s nasty.. they have to let me wear a jacket or something
She’s dreading being chained to Caleb
Derrick says a lot of girls would love to be chained to Caleb for a couple days.
Frankie comes in says Caleb won’t stop talking “He’s worse than Brittany about kicking the ball”

BB16-2014-08-01 16-13-28-298

4:03pm Cody and Nicole HOH
Cody says if he wins the POV he’s going to keep the nominations the same he’s not going to want Nicole to have to pick a replacement nominee. He went through that before and sucked
Christine comes up says she can’t stand being downstairs.
Christine and Nicolle head to the bathroom
Nicole tells her she didn’t throw the HOH because she knew she was going to be nominated this week.
Victoria comes up they talk about her winning 2 out of 3 BOB competition. She also won a POV she’s a beast.
For POV players Nicole wants to pick someone who wouldn’t pull Zach off the block. They can’t figure out anyone that would. Christine says the only people that will use the POV are zach and Jocasta.
Nicole – what about Frankie
Christine – He won’t use it
Victoria – the person I hate the most i’m going to be attached to for 2 days
Christine – that is the worst punishment ever
Cody says Caleb wanted to play a game where they tell each other thing the don’t like each other.
Nicole wonders if he was itching to say something about Amber.
Christine – His mentality is childlike
Cody says he’s mature in some things but really immature in others. THey say it’s almost like he’s not fully developed mentally.
Christine says Zach and Caleb are going to have some tiffs this week. Zach already starting to say things to Caleb.

BB16-2014-08-01 16-18-46-321

4:17pm Rockrom Zach and Caleb
Zach say worst case is if Donny wins the POV and pulls Jocasta down. That means someone from their alliance has to go up. I’m sweating bullets right now”
Caleb says the sacrifices he made for winning the BOB, Shave his head eat slop for 2 weeks.
Being attaches to VIctoria isn’t that bad. Caleb says when he has to go to bed he’s going to bed, “SImple as that”
Zach says it’s going to suck when she wakes you up at night saying she has to go to the toilet
Zach what happens when you have to take a sh1t
Caleb says she’ll have to stay outside the toilet with the rope under the door.
Caleb teases when she tells him she has to poop he’ll say “No you gotta hold it”
Caleb says shaving his head bothers him he might even cry, “Honestly though my hair grows back really quick.. i’ll give it two weeks then i’ll fade it to look army”
Zach says At the finale Caleb’s hair is going to be “All jacked up”. They start laughing
Zach – “it costs to be the boss”

Derrick comes in
Zach tells him the worst case scenario where Donny wins POV and takes down JOcasta.
Derrick doesn’t think Donny will you
Derrick says few people are going to use the Veto. If they take Zach off the block she’ll put up another one of the guys. there’s no point they control the votes.
Zach – I’m staying on the block unless I win POV
Derrick adds if they find out she’s going to put Christine up then he might use the veto on Zach.

Zach hopes the 3 draws for POV are cody, Caleb Derrick… pretty much anybody but DOnny. Zach says if Jocasta wins POV they will convince Nicole to put up Donny. Caleb starts complaining about the slop and head shave. Derrick interrupts him says Caleb is safer than him this week. Derrick leaves.
Caleb tells Zach he’s going to tell the Diary room he’s got offensive tattoos on his head that the hair is hiding.

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BB16-2014-08-01 16-50-39-131

HOH is populated by Derrick, Cody, Chrsitne, and Caleb.
Derrick mentions that Caleb can’t even eat America’s food choice it’s all slop.
Kitchen cleaning up is Nicole., Jocasta, HAyden, Donny, Frankie

BB16-2014-08-01 16-58-34-073

4:58pm Donny, Jocasta, Hayden and Frankie
hanging out in the kitchen while everyone up upstairs.
Hayden – I can’t believe the nominations were just this morning
Donny feels like yesterday

BB16-2014-08-01 17-10-49-246

5:10pm ROCKROOM Zach and Frankie
Zach is going to try and convince Nicole top put Donny on the block. They conclude that unless Zach or Jocasta win the POV it will not be used.
Zach says there’s no f***ing way he’s going home this week. they count the votes, Christine, Hayden, Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Derrick.
Frankie mention Jocasta’s speech last night where she was saying she’s be trustworthy and loyal to everyone in the house.
Frankie – Bitch you haven’t said a single promise to anyone to be loyal against
Victoria comes by Frankie mentions how Caleb is making such a fuss about his hair but wasn’t he in the army for so many years.
Victoria – I know he can’t stand me more than I can stand him
VIctoria says Caleb just talks way too much about himself. Victoria is worried about Caleb she’s heard he was targeting her.
Frankie says Caleb has been vocal about not liking her but he doesn’t think he wants her gone.
Frankie – You’re the new Amber he’s like I’ll do anything for you princess

BB16-2014-08-01 17-24-32-422

5:25pm The guys are painting their nails in the HOH

BB16-2014-08-01 17-26-23-585

5:26pm FIREROOM Victoria and Frankie
Talking about all her COmpetitions wins. 2 BOB and 1 POV

Caleb joins them says he has a Discriminatory tattoo on the top of his head. Frankie inspects can’t find it. Caleb says he had it done when he was young ad stupid. Clabe doesn’t want to shave his entire head. Caleb says the tattoo is really small you can’t see it when he has hair. . (See image below)

BB16-2014-08-01 17-35-23-650

Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
bottomfeeders = Derrick and Nicole

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Truth sayer

Do you guys see it yet? It’s either Jocasta or Donny going home … See it yet? Frankie is safe .. Zach is safe .. Don’t down vote cause you like Donny and can’t stand the truth .. It’s obvious … The nominations were telling .. The people not in the detonators don’t get it .. They need to combine forces .. Instead they play the detonators game, truth


If the non detonators were savy they would have seen that they neeeeed to make a bold move … Put up 4 guys. Do not give them ANY wiggle room. Instead Nicole and Donny played right into their hand and have them tons of wiggle room .. Jocasta and Victoria have proven that they are not good competitors .. This is a great week for the detonators to take out Donny or say bye to the weak player that is Jocasta.


Its not about getting out the detonators right now. Its about getting out Fakie then stripping away Derpricks votes. This way they take away his power. By getting out Fakie now they make that first move and Donny can play for the HOH in the DE. And Zach is going to lose it this week so they may have to take him out to save their game.


Agree. Zach can get the votes, he already has 4 for sure.

I wish people here would strictly talk about game play and what might actually happen. Vs. Making irrational statements about what should/will happen because they hate someone.

Is there another BB forum or blog with people that talk actual real game play and strategy? Rather than pure hate.


I can’t count how many times I’ve expressed similar sentiment…


You two go on and surf one out. We’ll wait here.


Oh Nick, we just wish we were as smart as you!! Give us some wisdom, please??


Wow, hope the plan to back door Frankie goes through. Can’t wait to see his reaction to being put on the block.


Now Christine & Victoria are below Dawg in the poll. Gotta love it 🙂 Even though Victoria’s my boo 🙂 lol

Dawg for the win

I always vote dawg .. But how awesome would it be if simon and/or dawg was actually in the bb house … I would miss the updates but hopefully they would find suitable replacements .. But man .. That would be super awesome to watch .. If anyone is a super fan it’s simon and dawg 🙂


i need to see him up with Zach. That will make great tv, they need to arrange the POV comp to make that work. 🙂


Frankie has said he love getting back doored….just not in this game!! haha


There is no way Nicole is putting up Donny. I think she’ll def put up Frankie! Everything always comes down to the veto so it’s def a waiting game.


I agree. If production wants Frankie to win, he will take Zach down for sure. That’s all in the life of BB


Oh it is on like Donkey Kong.

When POV isn’t used. Zach has 4 locked votes, Cody, Derrick, Caleb, Frankie. They just need one more. If Christine doesn’t side with them, she will have a HUGE target on herself. Cody could flip Victoria.

Zach actually has a good chance at staying. Why not keep a big target in the house, he won’t be going after anyone voting. His target is now Nicole.


Exactly what I was thinking last night.


I want Frankie to blindsided and put up on the block I can’t wait to see his rat face where it belongs
That was incredibly rude of Frankie to call Jo a bitch she performed a ceremony for your grandfather you asshole


I seriously wonder how the votes would go if Frankie ended up on the block.


Hopefully Caleb has an antisemitic tattoo on his head since he’ll be chained to Victoria.


Zach was questioning Derrick about Vic and him always talking saying why is she so obsessed with you?
We all know you wish she was obsessed with Zach 😉


Caleb is worse than a spoiled brat! He’s a big pu$$y! It’s hair and will grow back, get over it!

Caleb's left boob

His (or is that her) hair will grow back but right now it’s just about his time of the month (which is why I’ll be swollen soon) and you know how emotional we girls can get when it’s our time. Sometimes when it’s our time of the month we don’t feel pretty or desirable. He’s giving manis to he best GFs and I think he may be syncing with Nicole. Give the poor girl a break.

Give me a break

Wow, way to insult women there. The fact of the matter is Caleb (and many other guys) are just whiny, self-absorbed wimps. Comparing his attitude to the physical hormonal changes in women is pretty ignorant. Calling him a girl or pussy, or whatever as an insult is also pretty ignorant. It’s sad if the women in your life are as weak and emotional as you imply. Regardless, I can’t imagine you get laid a lot with that view on women. You sound as immature as Caleb.

not our #WILDCARD!!!!

well…he is definitely awesome. cmon Zach, somehow survive this week that seems like it will lead to production rigging it so Frankie stays….ahhhhh


It’s got to suck to be Zach right now knowing no one will use the POV to take him off the block. If he doesn’t win POV, he’s stuck on the block. I can’t wait to see who wins POV and what happens.


OK, Caleb has to be attached to the horny Victoria, and he’s not going to take advantage of that? Did anyone tell him that Amber doesn’t like him? I’m sure the poor girl is getting a restraining order drawn up for when he gets out the house… Vitoria is annoying as hell, but I’d hit it if I’m locked up with her…

Not A PHD Student

If Frankie wins POV Nicole’s BIG move (as if she ever made one) is going to blow up in her face.

Does anyone else think Caleb is trying really hard to be liked? He literally talks a big game about himself, but one wonders if he has many friends. Really this beast mode cowboy wearing bunny slippers and a onesies, This is stardand everyday wear for him?


I wonder if the tattoo Caleb has..if it’s even real, has anything to do with the dumb shit he said in that video TMZ leaked when the season first started.
Anyways…best case scenario for me would be for Frankie, Zack or Caleb to be sent home during next weeks double eviction. I’m hoping Frankie doesn’t win the POV, just so he can get a taste of what he did to Amber. I also want the stupid dual HoH and BOB crap to end. Time for someone in the house to grow a pair and make some big moves, these people are all talk so far.


Zach, you’re a moron!!!! Donny will never go up. He ain’t going anywhere. The only will be replacement is Frankie!!! Zankie will be on the block. Bye Bye Zack!!!!


When did the hoh room become everybodies but the hoh’s hang out. Seems the last few seasons its list its exclusivity


It pisses me off when Victoria and other people talk about Victoria like she is strong at competitions! Victoria has been carried through every BOB that she has played in, and also, she didn’t really win that veto, Caleb gave it to her by taking the money. She didn’t earn that. She also keeps saying that she pulls herself off of the block… Victoria, Hayden pulled you off the block and you did with a veto that was handed to you. You need to prove that you can win a competition without anyone’s help. You are still weak in my opinion.


Victoria for POV..


Why is zack keep throwing Donny under the bus? I thought he liked Donny. I hope zack goes home this week.


Zach’s hot for the beard and Donny won’t give it to him.


I can just see it now… Nicole will puss out on any back door plan and everyone will see zach is a threat and he’ll go home. Ugh!!


Do you think Caleb was lying about the tattoo?


yep! hes sooo lying. ay first he said his religion was against him shaving his hair….
the fact of the matter is, Caleb opting to take that punishment cost the other team the game.
Production needs to tell him to suck it up or else he is back on the block. simple as that


Yup, as usual he’s lying. I read on his twitter account (his friends are running it for him while he’s in the house) that it’s not true. This is what they tweeted “Just an FYI Caleb does not have a tattoo on his head! My guess is he will say anything to not have to cut it!! Bad day at the finale lol.” If I were a family member or friend of Caleb’s, I would be so embarrassed of his behaviour and pathological lying.

GrandMomma Cheryl

They are gonna try and get Donny nominated! I don’t think Nicole would do it I sure hope not! Those dirty dogs- Fiendish Frankie & Zach Attack! Go Donny!!!


Wow… Caleb really needs help!!! He is a habitual liar. Everyday he seems to tell an outlandish story & when someone calls him out, he drops the story & starts a new one the following day.

Now he is claiming to have an offensive tattoo which could be another lie to avoid shaving his head HOWEVER he is so pathetic, I wouldn’t put it past him to have a Swastika tattooed on his head.

Let’s hope Frankie is backdoored followed by Christine or Victoria. All 3 of them are school on Saturday NO CLASS!!!

Christine's crazy eye

Soo, you think we should help him make up stories about his fascinate life ?
Ooh. I know! How about the time he saved that bus load of orphans, puppies, and kittens? You know when it was careening out of control down the side of that mountain. And he literally went beast mode, and frankly grabed a vine and at the end of the day, he tide the rope to the undercarriage of the orphan kiddy,puppy,kitten bus and stood Tall and Strong, and single handed lay stopped that bus from going over the cliff.
Is that what you meant? Cause I can totally do that.

Butters Mom

Didnt they say that Caleb kept Ambers make up bag when she left… if his tattoo on his head is that small … he can put some make up on it… big lying baby.

Tough Noogs

He can slap a bandaid on it just like the kids at mcd’s have to do.


I’m praying this tattoo Caleb is so worried about is not a swastika. Could be a real cluster f**k for him if it is.


He can wear one of his scarves


OMG this is getting so exciting. I hope they pull Zach off the block and puts up Frankie

Roisen Dubh

Derrick thinks he still has the numbers? No you don’t skippy, if Zach, Cody or Frankie gets put up, Nicole is the deciding vote, one of them goes. Is he not smart enough to feel the flip coming? Hayden and Donny know this a make or break week and Hayden will work his mojo on Nicole. That’s 3. Caleb has 2 brain cells and they’re both fighting for control, so he could bounce to the other side. If Jocasta gets taken off, game over chief. The real twist this week is who’s gonna drive the other beyond bat shit crazy-Caleb or Victoria? Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up falling in love with each other. This week splits the house, no matter how you slice it.


Hoping that the veto will be used and Frankie will go home. It will be great if it’s frankie vs. zack. Bye bye zankie

Christine's crazy eye

Victim, er Victoria, and Caleb’s conversation :
V- once I was picked up by a crow
C- once I was almost picked by the Colts
V-I am soooo pretty, don’t you think?
C- I have literally millions of women lined up waiting for me
At least they will have something to talk about while being tied together.


“They say it’s almost like he’s not fully developed mentally.”

I died.


Donny will never be backdoored!!!


Is Zach going home if nominations stay the same?


cross road moment……………

Christine knows the house dynamic. My guess is she would be happy to see Zach gone. Nicotine has a play if POV is used. So that requires Nicole or Donny or Jacosta to win POV. Jaco goes down and a second Detonator goes up. Cody, Derrick or Frankie but I think Frankie is the likely renom. Donny would favour Frankie being evicted but Zach is a loose cannon in the house. Here AT may enter into it for Donny as well.
Maybe Marcilous all over again…:P. Zack wins POV and convinced not to use it anything’s possible! The whole week starts with how Nicole sees her position in the house. If she is comfy with the guys she may not use veto, Donny will IMO, Jaco same. Other POV winner could muddy the water. Guys target Jaco but could flip on Zack and the outsiders may even consider Frankie if there is a renom.
Left….. Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Zack(nom) versus Haydn, Nicole, Victoria, Jaco(nom), Donny and the most gullible guy in BB history Caleb!
See I don’t think Christine wants to blow up the detonators just yet. But thinning the herd would benefit her. Nicole and 2 noms do not vote. 8 votes left and that’s key as Nicole breaks a tie. Jaco gets removed and a detonator goes up. Nicole is not putting up Hayden that’s for sure. Say not Christine which seems obvious. Guys have 2 votes plus Caleb who still thinks he is in there alliance. Now if 2 are up the bad news they need 5. Christine could be 4 then Nicole decides Zack or lets say Frankie. Would Derrick and Cody prefer Frankie or Zack to stay? No idea myself. If they need to rally 2 they’d count Christine then likely go for Hayden to get 5. 1st they’d work on getting Donny up to begin with. POV not used boring week Jaco goes home. POV used could get interesting.
This is gotta be our double before Jury don’t you think. Could be a great show next Thursday. Think the detonators back in charge in the 2nd 1/2 of the double. Targets Caleb, Donny or Victoria presuming Jaco 1st out the door Thursday! Guessing beast mode cowboy misses jury.


hmmmm, does caleb’s tattoo have 3 K’s in it?

Christine's crazy eye

You must be referring to that infamous group. The Kind Kitty Kissers.


I really hope that Nicole still plans to backdoor Frankie. That would be the best move of the game. I can’t wait to see his face if this plan is still in action.


Would change the game completely if Frankie goes home this week Derek next week. No key strategists to run the game. Zack would have no one to key off of either! Cody sure wont do anything to rock the boat. Back to any ones game from then on

Sigh Donny Fanatics

I will give you that if derrick goes home it becomes anyones game but you widely underestimate how much trust derrick has in this house and outside of someone completely outing him which even that could be covered up if zach or frankie says it cause they are not really trustworthy in the house right now so people would not believe it. So without that derrick still has the house i guess theres always a chance big brother makes subtle hint that someone in the house is an undercover cop to possibly screw around with derricks pretty tight game but i think people would think that donny was the undercover cop anyways.
TLDR: Derrick going home next week is a nice dream but he is way to trustworthy right now for that to happen.


Cody became a whiny bitch

new to BB 14

Derrick said he is going to talk to Nicole to try and get her to backdoor Donny

Wouldn’t it be awesome if she tells Derrick I will if someone use the veto to pull Zach off then Nicole does a flipflop and puts Derprick on the block booooyaaa


Derprick told Zach that but last night he told NoB@llsCody they had to get to KnowNothing Nic before Fakie did. And Derprick and Hayden then discussed backdooring Fakie. It’s going to be an interesting week.

Roisen Dubh

The biggest disappointment with these people is that they have to BD everybody. No balls to make a decision and own it if they get called on it. Watch when the ring leaders get put up, they’ll make a big stink about everyone else being a coward about them getting BD.This season is by far the biggest bunch of cowards and the hipocracy (however you spell it) is waaaay off the charts.


If Nicole chickens out on nominating Frankie, I’ll be so disappointed.

Best case scenario, Zach wins POV so that Frankie will be up with Jocasta, guaranteeing Fr’s eviction. If it’s Zach vs. Frankie, I’d like to hope that Hayden/Donny/Jocasta/Derrick/Cody would save him, but who knows what Frankie will try to say. He has the LTA dirt on Zach, although I don’t know if Derrick and Cody would care at that point because they don’t trust Frankie at all.


Why doesn’t someone correct Victoria when she claims to be a comp beast and tell her ‘No Faketoria, you’re just a beast’?
I used to have a sick-ass body – yeah, but the face still wasn’t pretty.
I hope Caleb or Zach drives her to tears and tells her the harsh truth about who she is and how she is perceived by the rest of the house?
Too harsh – not considering her bitchy eviction statements with the other women and Devin.

Roisen Dubh

I’d hit it from the back, and beauty is just a light switch away my friend. The thirst is real.


So the idea to backdoor Frankie is already out the window? Lame.

Christine's crazy eye

Totally off subject, but did any of you watch a British series that came out a few years ago, about a zombie apocalypse centered around Big Brother? Idk why it came to mind,other than I love to see a zombie Frankie munching on Derricks liver while zombie Zach wears Victorias head as a hat.


If Jacosta, Zach, Nicole, Hayden, Victoria, Donny(?) or Cody(?) win POV, Frankie could be replacement.
Those odds aren’t too bad. Will depend on who ends up playing, obviously.


Here’s how it shakes out. Being a super fan myself, I have studied this game vigorously. The move of the game is happening right in front of our faces. Right now the detonators are screwed and the game is taking a turn. Zach’s only move is to win pov, but even if he does Frankie gets put up, votes would split and Frankie is backdoored. The only possible way they can save the squad is if Donny goes up (highly unlikely). If I’m Nicole, I’m working Victoria and Jaco hard to ensure Zach is gone. Christine is more loyal to Nicole than anyone and I believe she sees the flip coming. BB possibly doing a quick flip of sides for the double elimination. Derricks overthinking this and it’s possibly going to cost him 2 detonators. He needs Donny more than ever. Caleb is swing vote to get rid of Zach. This week starts draws the lines in the sand.

Roisen Dubh

Agree 100 and the crazy part is that it all comes down to Nicole.


I laughed when I read the votes will be split…not in THIS house! Has to be a consensus or someone could stand out, get blood on their hands and at the end of the day, go home!


Nichole is my favorite girl in the house, but she’s proven herself not to make big moves when given the opportunity. Don’t forget, this is the girl who won HoH “for the pictures”, not to make hard decisions. She was more than happy to hand her power over to Cody last time. The only way she’s making a big move is if someone else convinces her to do it…and the two people who are most likely to do so are Derrick or Frankie…both of whom would be happy to see Donny out the door. Neither of whom want Zach evicted. Zach is safe, and short of Donny winning veto tomorrow, Jocasta or Donny is going home. Guaranteed.

Team Amber:)

I’m still upset Amber left the house last night.. I am waiting for the backdoor Frankie the rat idea:) come on Nicole don’t let us down..


Oh great! Now Caleb and Victoria can have a staring contest with each other instead of just staring off into space!


Victoria will try to see her reflection in Calebs crown…and Caleb, at the end of the day,will bask in his reflection from her vacant staring eyes!


thats not Derricks liver its his pickle!


POV not used, Zach stays. Boys come to their senses, it’s Bros befo’ Hos. Jocasta goes.

It's About Time

Pros and Cons of this week if Nicole is able to follow through with backdooring Frankie:
Pro: Donny, Nicole, and America can actually succeed in getting a legitimate threat out of the game
Con: Derrick and Cody will continue to think they are the shit because they will think they manipulated Nicole into doing what they wanted
Pro: Nicole can let them believe they manipulated her, thus continue to fly under the radar, while actually getting her agenda done.
Con: Christine is still in the house making everyone uncomfortable with her desparation
Con: Victoria is still in the house looking vacantly out into space on “stand by mode” until someome finds the key to stick in her back to wind her up again.
Conclusion: Even though Nicole’s not one of my favorites (she’s slowly growing on me. I’ll def like her more if she’s successful this week), this could be a good week for her.


Did I hear that zach admitted to being gay?


also admitted to being Amanda’s cousin. He says sh!t all the time just to get a reaction.

Detroit Girl

“VIctoria says Caleb just talks way too much about himself. ”
– Pot meet kettle. The montage should be hilarious.
I’d take a backd**r of Frankie or Derrick


Some thoughts . . .

-What a waste of a golden opportunity for Donny & Nicole to get one of the guys out. I’m guessing that Jocasta goes home on a 5-3 vote (Christine being THE key vote against Jocasta). This is exactly why you do NOT put up a potential vote to get a Detonator out. Donny & Nicole blew it this week.
-Zach probably isn’t leaving, but if it turns out that he does next Thursday and Donny follows him as the second evictee, then I’m offcially done with the season. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
-I’m really hoping to see a single HOH process for the second eviction and the rest of the season. The HG’s would have to go to warp speed to get through the recent 2 HOH process in the span of an hour.
-“Twist after twisted twist this summer”? . . . what a crock of BS! Alison Grodner is lazy and incompetent. I guess all that work of coming up with two HOH’s and the BOTB just took way too much out of her.