5 Great moments on the Big Brother 13 Feeds

Here’s a collection of important or interesting moments during the Big Brother 13 feeds.. Did you miss anything on the Big Brother 13 feeds? chances are we caught it.. check out our Big Brother 13 Live feed Archives

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1) Shelly manipulates Kalia to make her think it’s in her best interest to put up Porsche. This is the moment things started going down hill for Kalia. Kalia original nominations were Jeff and rachel, Jeff won POV used it and Kalia ended up putting Lawon up. The seed was planted by Shelly but was not the sole contributing factor Kalia putting up a pawn in her own alliance against Rachel. What she should of done was put Jordan up. Kalia’s Stellar move resulted in her alliance losing a ally and the other side gaining back Brendon. Arguably one of the stupidest moments of Big Brother 13, it earned Kalia the dunce cap for 2 weeks.

2) Kali Vs Brendon and JEff, Dani Vs Rachel. House meeting get heated and turns into a fight. One of the bigger fights of the year, showed the big divide among DDK and JJBR. Also at this point Rachel and Dani started openly hating each other.

3) Dani’s attempts to get Brendon and Rachel to Backdoor Jeff Fail resulting in Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel going against Dani and Setting the pace for much of the BB13 Season. It was this moment that Brendon and Rachel decided not to side with Dani and Dom causing the JJBR Vs DDK split. At least 3/4 of the season was about Dani’s army fighting the rest of the vets .

4) Jeff Sschroeder Rant Against Dumbledore being gay and teaching children in the Harry potter novels. Many people agree with Jeff many people disagree, either way it is a sensitive topic that CBS made sure wasn’t aired.

5) Jordan Lloyd shaves her b!kini line in the backyard. And just to be fair Kalia shaves her B!kini line for Big Brother After Dark.

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Make Rachel No. 1 Great moment is winning 4 and final HOH competition. Which makes her no. 6 HOH wins.


wtf is wrong with jeff. how is sending little boys to a school with a gay teacher any different then sending little girls to a school with straight men?? i hate jeff, and i think it would have been easier for brenchel to get father if they stuck with dani and dom, but rachel won anyways so i guess it didnt matter


oh, jeez. people want to hear the negative all the time. he EXPLAINED in his extra interview that he meant that it was bad for the parents to just send their kids off in a magical land that’s obviously dangerous.


Bob – Jeff can spin it however he wants, what he said on tv was dangerous especially with his large fan base because so crazy and quite close to being extremists . He needs to carefully guard what he says from now on.


Simon where do you blog about Survivor?


Do you know of a good survivor blog?

BB King

Here are my five great moments in BB 13 history not mentioned in Simon’s Post, though I agree Simon did a great job and highlighted the best moments:

1. Porsche opens Pandora’s Box ruining the best chance the Newbies had to evict either Rach or Jordan. Without this mistake Rach may not have won BB 13.
2. For the first time in BB history a psychiatrist was called by production to help out a player.
3. Dom creates the dumbest alliance in BB history called the regulators, which was completely destroyed by the Vets like a genocide. (This one is namely for comic relief).
4. Brendon becomes only the second player in BB history to be evicted thrice (the first was Kaysar).
5. Lawon becomes the first player in BB history who chooses to self-evict (again comic relief).


and just where did you get your info on your number 2 comment … or maybe you had a pass into the DR … those who believed that crap needs to be evaluated themselves… geeeeeeeeeeeeez… lol

BB King

Agreed. I’m pretty sure there is a shrink around during every diary session. Just sayin’.. .

BB Fan

with the kind of game BB is I am sure they have a shrink around at all times because the game can get very emotinal and I am sure alot of the players need someone to talk to at times.


I specifically remember Dr. Will talking during the feeds during bb7 about how in his season Nicole went crazy and they were not only letting her talk to a doctor but also her husband.


BBKing . . . On your list of BB13’s best moments, your #4 statement that Brendon was only the second person ever voted out of BB twice was incorrect.
BB9’s James was voted out, then voted back in (Alex was in the box) and then after he had won a record 3 consecutive veto’s, was finally voted out a second time. He did win the $25K for America’s Favorite player.

BB King

Oh right that’s true. I wish I could correct my post but I can’t. Thank you btw.

BB King

Oh wait you are wrong, because I said Brendon was voted out thrice (meaning 3 times) not twice. I take back my thank you to you and I encourage you to correct your mistake. Brendon and Kaysar are the only ones voted out three times I believe.


I still maintain, if Shelly would of admitted her lying in the DR, with a sense of humor, she would never of had so much hate. Because she would never admit in the DR that she was lying, people thought she was a terrible person. I saw in a interview she owned up to her lying. I had wondered if maybe she was afraid to admit her lying, she was afraid the house would see her DR. sessions. Just wondering.

BB King

I saw Shelly admit she was lying numerous times in the DR. For instance, how did we find out that Shelly’s ring (the one she offered to Rachel) was fake? Because Shelly first admitted it in the DR session.


well i think ladybug meant when other people lied and played “dirty” she would go on a rant about honesty and integrity


That was later in the season when she started admitting the lying. In the beginning in the DR she did not admit to lying! (I think production had something with her admiting it because of the death threats. I don’t think they told her but they realized that that would help her image.)


Other top moments:

Rachel hides in the bushes as she cries that America doesn’t like her.

Adam’s antics in the studio after eviction. The audience actually laughed AT him for some of the stuff he said.

Big Jeff’s little clown shoe moment.

Jordan using the C word on Shelly.

Rachel practically falling face first into Big Jeff’s lap as she was running around the back yard.

Keith throwing the veto that was already being thrown by Porsche.

Brendan being allowed back in by Production, when with almost certainty you knew that either Dom or Cassi got more votes than Skyperbator.


haha i think when keith and porsche threw the veto they decided not to have team competitions anymore (other than have not) b/c the other person won’t stand a chance if there’s a deal on the table.


I was with you until the last one… I for one voted for Brendon to come back and know many that did just to loss dani off! I thought this whole production speculation was finally over! I would take Cassiopeia back in the house, but glad it wasn’t dom.

BB Fan

this whole rigged thing with Brendon coming back in is stupid. We all know Brendon won the right to come back in fair and square. Everyone I know voted for Brendon and also people, America loves Jeff and Jordan so not only did Brendon and Rachel fans vote him back in but so did Jeff and Jordan fans because he was in an alliance with them. This happened liked months ago and we are still going on about it being rigged?? Please, get over it. Dani didn’t win the game, move on.


I think what happened was that the majority of the votes were split between cassi and dom. If it was just cassi or just dom against brendon and keith, cassi or dom would have won.


I don’t think the Brendon poll was rigged. Even on this site, he had more votes than the others.


#1 should be Rachel putting deodorant on over her shirt.


I really liked this season but here is one good moment that I was GLUED to the feeds for:

When Shelly told Rachel about Jeff throwing the cornhole competition. I was watching the feeds all night to see if Rachel was actually going to flip. There was so much suspense there for me that I had no idea she wasn’t going to flip until she laughed during Dani’s speech. And then, her diary room session was the best for us pro Rachel/anti Dani fans:

“I vote to evict bad game play and backstabbers, see ya later Daniele!” (I loved this)

For the most part, I had a good idea about how the votes would fall, but this was one moment that held me in suspense until the episode aired.


I loved it when Rachel was laughing the whole time Daniele was making her eviction speech


I am NOT a Rachel fan (althought I thought she deserved to win) but I don’t get the Dani fans and their need to call anyone who doesn’t agree with them a cat person =)

BB Fan

It’s sad that big brother is over. I can’t wait until next season. Does anyone think next season will be an all-star season and does everyone think the next all-stars will be for seasons 1-13 or seasons 8-13 only, being there was already an all-stars for seasons 1-6. What is everyone’s thoughts?


No, they already put out the applications for next season. And probably 8-13


The best moment for me was when Jeff got evicted and Jordan was crying LOL


That was the worst for me. I hate it when people cry. I started crying too lol.


It was that awkward moment when Jordan realized she wasn’t in summer camp. Great episode!!

bbfan, lol

I would like to see next year they only allow comments from people that have somewhat of an education(beyond kindergarden in some cases) and dont just spew words randomly because they are trailer trash. Ok, lets say only classy cat ladies allowed,lol.


Nancy – we could be best friends. I watched that over and over and laughed so hard. No one deserved it more then Jeff




It wasn’t as much fun as seeing Dani’s face in the finale when they announced that Jeff won the $25,000.00. . . . .LOL. I’ll bet you and Nancy were crying like Jordan then huh.