Big Brother Spoilers – When should Kalia win a comp, Kalia: “I don’t know if it should be this week or next week”

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10:30pm Havenots Dani and Kalia Kalia is going to talk to Jeff and Jordan and tell them that she loves them and likes them a lot but she cannot play this game on the side of Brendon so that’s why shes on the other side. Kalia thinks she’ll do it after the next HOH. Dani says they are not targeting Kalia she’s siting pretty for at least 2 weeks. Kalia is worried if she wins wins a comp she shatters her whole week player image. dani tells her she needs to win at some point. Kalia: “Exactly I don’t know if it’s this week or next week” (Ohh shit Klalia at least try to win) Dani tells her to start trying tomorrow.. She adds that the first HOH comp this year was the first comp she’s every thrown. She hated having to throw a comp but she new people would look at her being a threat so she had to downplay it, “I can’t come trampling in her like these fools.. they’ve become the number 1 target”

Dani says Shelly talked to Porsche a little bit and Shelly is definitely teetering so they all have to work Porsche hard before the vote. Kalia mentions that she’ll stick to Porsche like glue because BRJJ will be all over her.

Kalia says that when she was talking to jeff and Brendon today Jeff said: “Get the fck out of here” kalia took offense to that doesn’t think he should use that language on her. Dani: “He called me a f-ing loser” Kalia points out how when you get into arguments with Jeff it’s like he has a 4th grade vocabulary.
Kalia: “I just don’t like people that bully .. brow beat”
Dani says it’s not only that it’s just their comments in arguments “Shut up”, “your f-ing dumb”. “Loser”
Kalia: “At least call me fat. or butterface.. no Actually I’m going say I only like having arguments with people that use words that have more than 5 letters”

Kalia and Dani totally thought Shelly was with the other group but now they are pretty sure she’s with them and is on board to save Dom (WTF Dani seriously you guys are in for a surprise thursday)

Dani says that her next DR she’s going to say something like: “Don’t you ever talk to my fiance (Brendon voice).. ohh i’m sorry that is your job”. kalia brings up how BR told her that Dani was only being friends with her now because she’s lied to everyone. Kalia: ‘Umm no sorry dani and I have been friends since day 3″ They talk about how Brendon is so smart book wise but socially he’s very slow. Dani explains he’s the type of person that actually believes in the shit says even if it makes no sense or is a flat out lie….

11:10pm Kitchen Rachel and Porsche Porsche says that shelly is working both sides she’s seen her run back and forth tell information. Rachel tells her not to worry about Shelly yet. Rachel: “are you going to be worried about Kalia, Lawon and f-ing dani.. dani’s days are numbered” POrsche says she’s not worried at all. She brings up Janelle and how they said she would be like Janelle if she made a big move in the game. rachel is shocked that they think Janelle would do something like that turn on her friends, “Janelle stayed true to her true to her friends” Porsche is really pissed off at dani for exposing her. Rachel says she wants to dump a whole bunch of fibre in Kalia and Dani’s breakfast so they’re all messed up for the comp.

11:25pm Purple room adam, Jordan and brendon. brendon is feeding Adam a bucket of bullshit about how Dani was the one that got them mad at Jordan for not picking Rachel in the luxury comp. Adam loves it goes in for seconds. Brendon says they really wanted to be friends with adam but Dani kept saying that you were with jeff and Jrodan and you were coming to get us if you won HOH. Adam says he saw on Brendon’s face that he wasn’t mad at the luxury comp. Brendon continues, says that Dani was trying to tell him to use the veto and take out Jeff. She was filling Brendon’s head with ideas saying he’s the strongest competitor and how he’s coming after Brendon and Rachel with a army of newbs. Brendon says that right now dani is campaigning to get Adam out of the house.

11:42pm Havenots Lawon, Kalia and dani trying to figure out was Kalia can convince Por to vote to keep Dom.. (we’ve hear all these reason a doz times) Kalia is really going to work on the angle that this is a chance for POrsche to make her mark in the game and get noticed.

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Jordan K.

It makes me so angry that Dom is leaving. THIS. SEASON. SUCKS.


Im on team dom too and team dani and cassie even shes gone but remember their going to be a twist on tomorrow live show hopefully it bring dom back so cross your fingers!

Jordan K.

I hope so!!!


I love this season!! hahah.


I hope somehow Dani/Dom team pull off the miracle. I’m bored with Jeff & Brendon.


Dani thinks she’s the ultimate big brother player and the problem Is that there are other previous players in the house to and she can’t deal with it. She has a problem with how Jeff and Brendon talk? How about how her father talked to everyone man and women during their season and she sat back and laughed. She’s mad bc she over played and she knows it. She was in a great position all he had to do was wait a week or two then make a move. I really do think she made one of the biggest mistakes.


^^^That actually is a good thought! I forgot how amused Dani was with all the trash her father did!


Evel Dick rules!!!!!


Pinto narc’ing on Shelly and playing game with Adam… Pinto got mad game, yo!


hahahah!!! I wish some of the BB fanatics in the house would take up the YO banner. Pinto’s lining up for an Oscar with the Mad game she’s playing, yo. And Audrey 2 is Pathetic. Dani wake the hell up, YO your team sucks!! get out there and play the social thing. Dom is out there fighting, YO and almost making people feel bad for taking him out. Need more Yo’s in this crib.


to funny

Karen S

That’s sarcasm right Simon? I don’t know if you all watch BBAD too.. but there was an announcement for those you who don’t have the feeds that BBAD was going to be extended a couple of hours tomorrow night. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean they are going to cut the feeds until after the comp. As some of you know, I only have showtime for this particular show.. That’s why I quit getting the live feeds is because of crap like that. Should be an interesting show tomorrow.. Now that there is actually some real game play, I’m interested again. Thanks for all you do Simon and Dawg.. no matter what or who you all are rooting for… Hugs~


It’s not going to e extended, it’s coming on an hour later, at least thats what my DVR picked up. Instead of midnight (EDT) it will come on at 1am. No doubt anticipating a long HOH comp.


The resurrecting the dead (bringing back previous players) is way too obvious of a move. BB is running out of creativity if thats what the twist is. Last year we had Rachel for a day,which was lame. Then Jesse,again lame.

Bring some shock and awe with something totally original and unexpected.

B sleazy

It’s a game and I like dani but she is a complete hypocrite. The things her father said were unbelievable and demeaning as I’ve ever heard a human speak to another individual. When it was transpiring she was laughing the whole time. Problem is she got a crush and revealed her cards and the hand she played was a poor one. Unless the twist changes the game up big she is a goner.


They’re all hypocrites. I mean Shelly claims she’s a “straight shooter”….ya sure she’ll shoot you straight in the back!


I totally agree. They are ALL hypocrites. Evil Dick rules and wish he stayed.

Not Meg

Hell by the looks of Shelly I’m surprised she claims to be “straight “


This is a HEAD GAME, people! Shelly is playing it perfectly…so far. She knows exactly what she is doing and why–her head is IN THE GAME. If everyone else would check their emotional meltdowns at the door, they’d be a lot better off. GO Shelly


Is It me or is Jeff a total Asshole this season ugh


Anonymous’s *I hate Jeff* Post #1 for the day.


It’s not just you, he’s a complete prick. Those who just watch the TV show will never know.


Yes, it’s you


Truth is — I’m really gonna miss Dom. I guess Ferrari is my new favorite newbie.


I’m gonna miss him too 🙁

I think tomorrows episode will either make or break the season for me. It’s been so onesided and boring for the most part.


Agreed. And all of the strong competitors are dropping like flies while the floaters just sit back and do nothing. It’s so frustrating to lose great players like Cassi, Dick and Dom while Taxi Cab and Kalia get a free ride.


Your on the money Captain.


Me too. I love PT. He’s the only newbie willing to actually compete. But one dumb cost him his stay in the house. Dom should have never thrown the veto. No matter what anyone told him. If you’re on the block you have to play your ass off for the veto. So although I don’t want to see him go, he brought it on himself. He should have kept his mouth shut and fought for the veto.


Dom actually made two big mistakes, one is what you mentioned about throwing the veto. That was just plain dumb. That being said, Dani should have went to him as soon as Rachel told her he was throwing the veto and urged him to make an effort, not to trust Brenchel……The other huge mistake was telling Shelly about his plans.


Dom completes? He’s thrown every competition!!!


A 9 letter word is not throwing the veto.


Wouldn’t it be a great move on BB for them to bring Nick back into the game. Dani used him before, with Dom gone she is going to need a strong male to do her dirty work. Piggy and Lawon are not the ones for that job.
Nick would bring a new prospective to the show.

Not Meg

How about sloppy jaloppy?


I hope Dom and Dani both go. If they bring one back it should be cassie


Well I hope Shelly and Porsche leave soon!!!


The Twist…Most predictios about the twist tomorrow is that the 4 golden key holders wil get an edge like being the only ones that can compete etc. etc. I think it will be the opposite. Lets face it, although some of the golden key peps have been complaining how much it sucks to not be able to compete, i call bullshit on that, the golden key is a huge advantage and they all know it, no stress of being sent home, no slop, no pressure whatsoever, so although i am not sure what the twist will be i think it will work against the golden key holders. They have had it too easy, its time to pay the price


Ya know, I like that idea. It would especially serve Shelly and Porsche right. It’s a shame for Dani since she never asked to have the key, but I still like that idea.


Nope wouldnt happen. Dani wouldn’t let it because she was given a key when she wasn’t supposed to so sh’ed claim that wouldn’t be fair so she is 100 percent playing. having just two players like porshe or shelly would be kind of stupid and pointless for that matter. What if they were like only newbies could compete and golden key holders? lmao! now that would be some shit!


I’m all 4 Jeff & Jordan but seriously Jeff needs 2 mellow out.. Watching BBAD he pretty much had a cussing word in every sentence he said..


Lol. Its been a rough week. Heck, it’s been a rough month!


you guys know Big Brother is KILLIN IT!!! in the ratings!! so whatever has been going on since the season premiere, the producers are probably telling the houseguests to keep it up for staying on that ratings gold

Not Meg

Maybe on CBS, but BBAD sucks it is sooooo boring. This season is the worst for After Dark.

Rpz mcnugent

Dom doesn’t deserve to be in the house. He made poor moves and aligned himself with overeaching players. Cassi should get to come back…Rachel would be pissed and she would get a fair shake.


I am so dissapointed with season 13. Jeff and Jordan look like they are bored out of their minds. Brendan is a bigger asshole than ever and Rachel is still crazy as hell. Her voice annoys the hell out of me. They should have brought back Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Janelle or Danielle at least they were interesting and had personalities. Jordan is sweet but this season is sooo predictable and boring. I am so sorry to see Dom leave, I really wanted to see what Adam had to offer because he seems interesting as well. oh well.. Thanks for ruining my summer CBS…LOL


I liked Dom but can’t stand dani she is super arrogant I can wait till she walks out the house next week when they vote her ass out! I’m not a huge fan of BR but if it gets JJ further in the game I’m happy.


Dom & Dani are very immature together, that sh*t would get on my nerves! Just f*ck allready!!


Like Julie said the Golden Keys are a gift and a curse, the four gold key holder will have four doors to choose from,
Dani having been the first to receive a key would pick first and so on. One of the doors is the HOH, another door has a prize, third door has slop for a week,
and the fourth door sends one of them home. The remaining HGs’ get a free pass this week for making through the pairings part of the game.


i think that would be awesome!
maybe you should apply as BB staff 🙂
quick, before 7pm! lol


Good idea!!!


Well with this season being all about duos, wouldn’t it be nice if the twist was that America gets to vote not 1 but 2 houseguests back in? And say Dom and Cassi both get voted back in. The look on BRJJ & Shelley’s faces would be priceless.


I hope that Dom goes home.
He failed totally on taking all the others for shit and do his “moonwalking”. He got keith because it was a man that looked like to be adored by the girls, cassi because she was a beauty and he cold try to bang her in the house and lawon because he was the clown that was going with the flow.
Dom biggest mistake was not to talk with his partner… that destroyed his “regulators” and got him into trouble. Right after doing the same, cassi thought that she was good because the other 2 were helping her and that she could get all the votes to kick shelly out, when she found out that Rachel wanted here out and that porshe was protecting shelly, cassi lost it. Strangely everybody vote her out… even that i was dom and that i knew that cassi was gone, i would vote to let her stay. When dom voted to get cassi out, he showed that he was playing her all the way.
Now Dani got a college crush on the “quarterback” of the house and is moving around his bed waiting for the right moment to get into it. And that destroyed her game. Instead of letting the crush get to her, she should stayed on the same play since it´s too soon to make big waves. The game just began…


I like Dani but when it comes to ego I don’t think She’s any different from Jeff and Brendon. Well, except she don’t have a mouth like Jeff. LOL. Jeff is Jeff and he is never that boy who tries to be goody goody boy ever since. I like him the way he is. If Dani wins HOH, would be good for her since she thinks she’s the greatest player. lol.


I don’t think Kalia has to worry about WHEN to win a comp – I think it will be when Hell freezes over. That girl really bugs me!


She could win a complaining competition!!


I thought first that something was going to happen with the golden keys, but I thought about what Julie said. The good is they are safe the bad losing their partner. I think that is the theme of this season when there is good bad comes also. And if the golden key holders only compete Dani is for sure going to win and that would suck.


kalia drives me NUTS I think it’s hilarious that she’s going to “wait” to win HOH until the week of her choosing. BWWAHHHAHAHAHHAH
I kinda feel sorry for Dani that she’s had to sink this low to buy into BS like that from a BB dummy.

I know this is petty- but when Kalia attempts to dance and looks at herself in the mirror and proclaims how much better and healthy she looks, it really makes me want to choke her to death.
just sayin.


This is how much the non-vets count to CBS. Scroll down and check all the photos:

This isn’t the first error on their website. The webmaster needs to be replaced, methinks.

Not Meg

Did you see that night she and Dani were drinking wine in the bathroom and she kept checking herself out and changing her posture to try and look sexy. There’s not enough wine in the world to make her look sexy through wine/beer goggles. Yuck


Not even tequila goggles can make her look good, I mean with a ton of makeup she look average, If i was BB i wouldn’t let her come from out under the covers without makeup she don’t even look female without makeup a “man with fake titties”

I know Drones this is not a beauty contest, but you should tell that to Big Brother who tells the females to put on makeup before they come into the DR or walking around the house at night, they want their females looking like FEMALES.


LOL!! Kalia you are NOT a butterface! Your face is terrible too!


That was hilarious!!!! She must no t know what butterface means =)


All the females in that house are butterfaces except Cassi and Dani


Rachel says she wants to dump a whole bunch of fibre in Kalia and Dani’s breakfast so they’re all messed up for the comp.

cheating thoughts again? Not surprised. they are all pathetically desperate they know they can’t beat anyone who actually tries in a comp HAHA that’s a known fact.


DANI- She really needs to go home next week, she bugs me so much. She says she knows soo much about the game but right now she’s being a bigger idiot than Porcshe. She’s not making any sense. Why would Porcshe go to their side, the side that tried to get her out as soon as she was nominated and ditch the side that fought for her to have the golden key (BRJJ)? Why would Shelly go to the side that just tried to call her out for voting to evict Keith? If she knows so much about the game as she claims she knows she should understand that the whole Lawon-Kalia-Dani alliance is crap. They don’t have the numbers and none of them have won any comps (granted Dani couldn’t compete, and Kalia is “faking” LOL). She’s just a big fool blinded by desperation.

DOM- I used to like him, but obviously he’s a hypocrite too. He sold out Cassi behind her back when talking to BRJJ yet told her to “fight to stay” in her face (just as shelly did…but shelly is the snake, smh). Then, he gets with DANI. Are you really that stupid? The whole reason why BRJJ tried to get Dom out, then Cassi is because they were too close and acting like a couple, thus taking away the advantage of the veterans. You turn around and do THE SAME THING with Dani and you’re surprised you’re being sent home?

BRJJ- as much as I dislike, I mean really dislike, BR they’re gameplay has been very good this week. Dani and Dom would have been unstoppable if they hadn’t outed Dani. As for JJ, they have every right to be mad abt Dani trying to backdoor Jeff. Even if he was thinking about doing the same thing to BR, they didn’t actually try to execute it. Where in this case Dani not only had tried to execute it, she had talked to the newbs abt it and thought it was going to work.

TWIST- I think the twist will be bringing someone back. hopefully Cassi. I’m surprised everyone thinks she will side with the newbs. Remember, she got evicted 9-0. These same newbs that were supposed to be her friends voted for her to go. Also, rememeber she really likes JJ and Shelly. If BR can work it out with Cassi, I think it’s very likely she’ll be on the veterans side and later be an accessoory to backdoring BR.

Just had to get that out 🙂


Oh and Cassi doesn’t like Kalia (remember she called her a fat oprah) and doesn’t trust Lawon (she said he disgusts her)


What bugs me about Dani right now is that she refuses to admit/see how badly she f-ed up her game and regroup accordingly. Her and Dom were sitting pretty and she made a bonehead play to try to get Jeff out. Once she realized that move was not going to go down she should have immedialty flipped on the ass-kissing switch and lied through her teeth to BRJJ about how sorry she was and lets mend fences and move on. This would have at least got her off BRJJ radar for a few weeks and then when she got the power she could have made the game-chaging moves she so badly wants to make. Instead she gets super defensive and heated when they give her a chance to admit her mistake and complety solidifies BRJJ hatred for her and loyalty to each other. Then in the house meeting she goes on the attack and complety burns all bridges she had built up with B & R.

I’m taking all my like/dislike for the players out of this, I’m simply analyzing gameplay. The saying is keep your friends close and your enemys closer and I think Dani just missed a golden opportunity to do just that. She is always complaining about how stupid everyone is in the house esp BRJJ so it should have been child’s play for her to lie and manipulate her way back into BRJJ good graces and then burn them when they least expect it.

But instead Dani is so hell bent on making the moves she wants to make that she is still (unwisely) trying to rally votes to keep Dom, which is/was never going to happen. So instead of sliding back off the radar she is BRJJ’s #1 target and will remain #1.

It really made sense to me after watching yesterday Dani telling Dom in the Have Not room about her season and how the reason she lost was her social game was bad and she couldn’t help but be mean and rude to people she didn’t like in the house, she couldnt’ hide her true feelings. Then she says someone on Jury (not sure who she never said name and I dont remember BB8 that well) asked her a jury question about having a BF before coming in the house and then hooking up with Nick and basically attacked her character outside the house. Dani didn’t react well to this question and told the asker to give her vote to Dick if its based on bs like that (paraphrasing). So she didn’t handle the questions well and basically sank herself. She then tells Dom “what are we even doing here if people play like that” I have two major problems with Dani’s take:

#1 In her opinion her poor social game cost her the win in BB8, yet she is playing the exact same way again especially after getting into arguments with her original alliance. She acknowledged her social game needed improvement and yet she is going the same route as last time.
#2 Dani knows that there will always be players on the Jury who vote based on emotion. While I agree this is a stupid way to vote for a winner it doesnt change the fact that it is going to happen. So Dani should use that knowledge to her benefit, but instead she just complains about how unfair it is.

So ready for this endurance comp tonight, and finding out the twist


I totally agree. She just CAN’T admit she did something wrong. She believes that it’s nevver her fault. Grow up.


You’re missing the point, which is the hypocrisy of whining that someone said something mean to her face, when she’s honestly the biggest bitch in the house. She doesn’t get a pass just because she says it behind someone’s back or laughs after making her ignorant remarks.

When does Jeff whine about those things? Dani just thinks she’s better than everyone else and should be treated better.


Dani is just as mean as we think Rachel is or even worse. She just try do it with a little bit of class BUT not really. It’s for tv this time.


Cassie sunk her own ship. I’m tired of all the BR want her out cuase she is pretty crap. They wanted her out cause she was the co-leader of the newbies and told it to Rachel’s face. “Porshe’s is on the other team”. FAIL!


I HATE that they even consider bringing people back into the game it’s stupid and defeats the whole purpose of the game! I don’t know why everyone is so hung up on cassi, she really didn’t do much while in the house.

IMO – you get voted out your game is OVER! shouldn’t get second chances.

However they could bring in someone new!


…if you bring in someone new they’d already have an unfair advantage because they’ve sat at home and watched the confessionals and seen everyone’s true strategy so that wouldn’t make sense.

And, at least for me, I’m hung up for Cassi because she was voted out for all of the wrong reasons. Let’s face it, Dani only voted out Cassi because she wanted to get to Dom. Rachel voted out Cassi because she was jealous and stuck on the whole mean girls thing with dani and kalia and porsche (they all said if you remember,”you and PT are totally going to be together and be a showmance once cassi is out” (or something like that).

Plus, her leaving like that makes me feel really bitter because she basically got bullied out of the house.


The thing about cassi is that she is REALLLYY pretty. But, she’s also pretty on the inside. What i like is that she is ACTUALLY honest and mature. Not to mention she’s smart and really laid back. She’s just a breath of fresh air compared to all those other girls – except Jordan 🙂