Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia says she peed in the Jacuzzi because she figured the chlorine was a higher content than the pool, so it would be fine..

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11:50pm Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan Dominic and Adam are in the kitchen. Brendon finds out that Dominic killed Franklin the tinfoil turtle. Brendon tells Dominic that he was thinking about keeping him but since he killed Franklin, he is going home.

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12:30am Jeff and Shelly are talking to Adam telling him that he is safe tomorrow. They tell Adam that the votes should be five to three. Meanwhile, Kalia is talking to Porsche. Kalia is trying to convince Porsche to vote to save Dominic instead of being in Rachel’s shadow. Kalia is trying hard to get Porsche to vote for Dominic to stay. Kalia says that Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel will never break. Kalia says that she didn’t come here to finish in fifth place. Kalia says that Brendon told her to shut the F up when they were outside. Kalia says that she can’t play with someone like that. Kalia says that Dani will hang there in the HOH comp tomorrow until they have to pull her dead body down. Kalia starts comparing Janelle to Porsche. Kalia says that Porsche is a strong girl like Janelle and that is what Porsche needs to do tomorrow. Kalia says that she’s been throwing competitions. Porsche says why didn’t we all stick together in the beginning like you’re wanting me to do now? Porsche tells Kalia that she didn’t include her before but now you want me to be true to the newbie alliance? Porsche turns out the light and Kalia leaves. Porsche tries to go to sleep. Shelly tells Porsche that she is not voting with the havenot crew tomorrow. Porsche says that no one wanted to talk to me and now all of a sudden in the last twenty four hours they are feeding me with all this information? They end their conversation.

12:50am Jeff, Adam Dominic and Kalia are in the kitchen. Kalia asks if any of them have masturbated in the house yet. The guys all say they haven’t. Then Dominic says that he was tempted once but didn’t. Jeff says that he hasn’t and that he didn’t last time either. They ask if anyone has peed in the pool and they all say no. Kalia says that she peed in the Jacuzzi once and says that she figured the chlorine in there is a higher content then the pool. Dominic asks her if anyone was in the Jacuzzi at the time and Kalia says that no one was around. Dominic asks but people must have been outside? Kalia says well yeah of course. The others are disgusted. Jeff asks Kalia about how she is voting for tomorrow. Jeff tells Kalia that if Dominic leaves tomorrow then she and Lawon better get their gloves on. Kalia tells Jeff that she would vote for Dominic to to stay to show he was her friend. Kalia says that she could be with Jeff and Jordan but not Brendon and Rachel. Jeff says you’re not with us! Jeff then heads up to the HOH with Rachel, Brendon and Jordan. Jeff tells them about the conversation he just had with Kalia. Brendon calls Dani’s newbie group Dani’s Army of Floaters. They all start making fun of Kalia. Jeff says that he is going to put Kalia up against Dani if he wins HOH this week. Jeff says that he thinks the numbers will be five to three tomorrow to send Dominic home. Brendon starts bashing Dani saying that she lives in her father’s shadow. Brendon says that out of the returning duo’s Dick and Dani are the most manipulative. Brendon and Rachel are tell Jeff and Jordan about during the All-Stars season the players made deals before entering the house. Jordan says she doesn’t believe Dick would have turned this early on the vets. Rachel agrees. Rachel says that Dick calls Dani a little bitch all the time! Brendon says that hearing him say that made him a little uncomfortable but now he gets why Dick said that. Jeff agrees. Jeff asks can you imagine dating that chick?!

1:20am Brendon tells Rachel, Jeff and Jordan the next time he shaves his head he is going to dump it on Kalia’s bed. Jeff says they are going to be up all night tomorrow night because of the endurance competition. Jordan says that she wishes she had a rain coat, they are thinking about making one out of a trash bag. Brendon says he will wrap himself in aluminum foil. Rachel tells him that would be hilarious! Brendon laughs that he’d come out there wrapped in foil and it would end up being a quiz! They start talking about possible endurance competitions. They think the competition might be where they have to be on a small swing. Brendon tries to give tips on how to keep the circulation going in your legs. Jordan tells them that when she was eating her hot dog today when she heard Big Brother banging outside setting up the competition and she heard what sounded like a big fan so she was wondering if wind has something to do with it. Jeff talks about trying to cut a fake deal with Dani during the competition. Brendon laughs and says he feels like a trail of fire should follow Dani wherever she goes. Jeff and Jordan tell Brendon and Rachel goodnight and leave the HOH room. Jeff and Shelly are in the kitchen whispering to Shelly. Shelly tells Jeff that Porsche is on their side. Jeff tells Shelly that Dominic, Dani, and Kalia are F-ing little snakes. Jeff and Shelly head into the bedroom. Shelly and Adam are whispering. Shelly tells him that the other side is trying to convince her to flip.

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2am In the havenot room Kalia, Dani, Dominic and Lawon are talking. Kalia is telling them about her conversation with Porsche. Kalia tells them that she was talking to Shelly and Porsche trying to convince them to come with them. Kalia says that she asked Shelly to tell her before the vote what she plans to do because Kalia doesn’t want to stick her neck out there and vote for Dominic if they aren’t going to have the votes to save him. Kalia tells Dominic she is sorry but she doesn’t want to screw herself. Dani says that she would never get back together with the vets alliance. Kalia asks Dominic who outside of the people in the room that he trusts. Dani says that she kind of trusts Shelly. Kalia says that Shelly is acting really nervous. Kalia says that she was telling Shelly and Porsche that they have a much better chance of winning the game or at least moving forward because they’ll never be able to break into the Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel foursome, and that they will be going out fifth or sixth. Dani says especially knowing that Jeff and Jordan will not turn on Brendon and Rachel. Kalia agrees. Dani asks Kalia if she is hesitating to vote for Dominic? Kalia admits that she is unsure. Dani says that when you are going to war you need the strongest people around you. Dominic says that they are going to war. Dominic says that he thinks they should get together as a group and talk. Dani says that he should go get Porsche now. Dom and Kalia say that she is in bed and Jeff and Jordan are in there too. Dani says that she doesn’t care they may have a hard time getting together tomorrow. Kalia gets up to go. Domininc thanks Kalia for talking to them. Dominic tells her that if he stays then it’ll be him and Dani as the targets. Kalia says she gets that but she isn’t far behind. Kalia says that going to war it sounds great but we have to make sure everyone is in. Kalia leaves the room to find out if Shelly or Porsche are still awake.

2:35am Dani, Dominic and Lawon are talking. Dani tells Lawon not to worry that they will have a chance tomorrow to get the group together to talk. Dani says they can do it, it’s been done before, she then covers her face and says that her brain hurts. Dominic asks them what he should say for his speech tomorrow. Dominic gives a couple possible speeches. Dani tells him he should tell Julie, no thank you and just sit back down, she says he is going to ruin everything. They start talking about Kalia. Dani says that she can’t stand how Kalia acts like she has so many options in the game. Dani says that the vets don’t want Kalia! Dominic says that it was Kalia that came to him and said that Dani, Dominic, her and Lawon needed to work together. Lawon says that Kalia came straight out and told him she doesn’t trust him in the game. Dani says that Kalia is just looking out for herself. Lawon says he knows but you have to trust people in this game if you’re going to go further. Dani says that Kalia trusts him ..just not 100%. Lawon wonders if Kalia trusts Dominic and Dani 100%? Dani says that she doesn’t think so. Dani says that Kalia has been working both sides and now she’s at a point in the game where she can’t do that anymore and so she’s mad about that. Lawon says that he thinks they have Shelly but that Kalia is making her question everything. Dani says she has to talk to everybody again tomorrow. Lawon says tomorrow is a different game and they’re all going to be playing.
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3am Dominic, Lawon and Dani continue to talk. Dominic says that Kalia said that Porsche will never vote against her if she were on the block because Kalia voted to keep her week one. Dani says that she doesn’t get why it’s okay for Kalia to run around making deals with everyone. Lawon says that he thinks it is weird that Jeff and Jordan never came to him to make a deal. Dani tells Lawon that it is because they don’t trust him. Dominic agrees. Lawon doesn’t understand why. Dominic says that he thinks the reason the vets turned on him was because when they asked Dominic who he trusted the most in this game and he said Lawon. Lawon says the only person he’ll really have if Dominic leaves is Dani. Dani says that Brendon apologized to her for giving her the finger. Dominic says look at the bright side guys… Dani asks what the bright side of it all is? Dominic says that he doesn’t know he was hoping one of them could tell him. Dominic says that Jeff told him that they would have liked to been able to keep Dominic around and work with him but he has the bus driver Dani as his partner. Dani says that they are such liars, they said that to a lot of people. Dominic asks Lawon if he will be best friends with Jeff after the game. Lawon says he has no social skills and that he wouldn’t want to hang out with him after. Dominic asks the same about Brendon and Lawon says Ohhh.. NO!! Dani says that Brendon told her that he doesn’t want to see her face around here every day. Domiinc and LaWon laugh. Dani says taht Brendon isn’t good with confrontation. Dominic says that Brendon is really immature. LaWon heads to bed so he can get up tomorrow. Dominic tells Dani that she should go to bed too. Dani says she is going to talk to Shelly tomorrow and tell her that she has not made a final two deal with Dom yet and that she will do what is best for her in the game. Dominic asks her if him and her have a final two deal. Dani says no. They both laugh. Dani says that she is ecstatic and can’t wait for Dominic to stay and to see their faces. Dani says that if she wins HOH she’s going to open up her bottle of wine drink it from the bottle and not offer it to anyone else…

4:25am – 5am Dani and Kalia are talking. Dani tells Kalia that during her season she didn’t trust her instincts that everyone was against her and when she looked back she knew her instinct was right. Kalia says that while she was lying in bed she was running through all the possibilities in her head. Kalia tells Dani that she doesn’t want to see Dani up on the block. Dani says that she knows she can win the veto and save herself. Kalia says that she thinks if they come after Dani they will backdoor her. Dani says she isn’t afraid of that. Dani says that if they didn’t put her up then she could still play in the veto and win and possibly pull Kalia off the block if she were up. Kalia says she is scared. Dani says you have to go into each competition knowing that you can win. Dani says that your life in the game depends on it ..its just mind over matter. Dani says that if you are in an endurance competition you can’t think about the pain ..that is when you fall off …you have to think about how in six hours you won’t be in pain anymore and then you’re safe. Kalia says that she is worried that Porsche won’t vote with them. Kalia says that they need to talk to Shelly, she saw Shelly in the kitchen talking to Jeff. Dani says that Shelly isn’t stupid and knows what is up, she plans on working on her tomorrow. Dani says that she wants to talk to her right before the live show starts and lay it out for her. Kalia says the thing she hates about the house is that it brings up all your insecurities. Dani says that people need therapy after being on Big Brother. Dani says that there were a few people from her season that went to therapy for a year after leaving the Big Brother house. Dani says that the house makes you crazy, you run through all kinds of different emotions. Dominic says that the thing that bugs him is that everyone judges everything you do. Dani says that when her dad won HOH he would sleep downstairs to stay in the game. Dominic says that is a really good move. Dani says that she really hopes Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan will be have-nots this week… Dani, Dominic and Kalia decide to go to sleep …

7am All the houseguests are still sleeping…

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anytime they talk about floaters,I always get pissed off. Its a strategy. Anyone who is stupid enough to draw a line in the sand and not ‘float’ is usually voted off pretty quickly. In the Big Brother game there is always an element of subversion,playing alliances against each other and when an alliance needs a swing vote,that person usually walks away gaining more power in the house. The idea that ‘they aren’t playing the game’ is asinine — they are in the house! They are playing the game! it might not be as clumsy and black and white as your game (Rachel) but they are playing the game…and probably don’t have as big of a target as you do. What do you all think?


Agreed! floating is a strategy. Especially in the first few weeks.


That is so gross Kalia peed in the jacquzi. On another note, she could possibly pull Porsche in if she continues to harp that she voted to keep her.


Kalia peeing in the jacuzzi is totally disgusting she is so nasty I cring when I look at her . Her parents have got to be a shame to have her as a daughter EEW!!!She should be kicked out of the game for that that is unsanitary big time. All the black girls come on here and act so like they do not know what manners are.


WHY must everything be about RACE? Kalia is nasty because she is nasty, not because she is a black woman. Some of you people need to get past this racist bs. It’s ridiculous. There are plenty nasty people on this show who were white. Does anybody remember Matt from last season constantly digging in his pants? Or last season when all the players left were nothing but white men (Brigade) and how nasty the BB House was?

I didn’t see one condemnation of all white men then. Possibly because each of them represents ONE person and not an entire ethnicity. All other people should be afforded the same respect!


Maybe your ignorant and if you watched BB you would know that just about every black girl on this show was morally and socially bankrupt and were poor exzamples for their race stupid ass and if you seen older shows you would understand what i meant you liberal idiot and your race card give me a break I CALL THEM LIKE I SEE THEM


No logic whatsoever in your comments. I won’t argue with an obvious fool.

Big Sister

How can you justify that comment when Rachel is in the picture? Race has absolutely nothing to do with it.


Oh I seriously hope all this shit dom has to go through finally pays off for him whether it be twist or porsche turning for some reason.. & dani I love you but we’ve already established that skelly CANNOT BE TRUSTED!! Stop telling her all this shit so that Jeff & Brendon can twist the words just a little and fool everyone, while still staying on topic.. so sick of this


I hope all this shit dom has to go throug pays off whether it be by a twist tomorrow or through porsche changing her mind somehow.. & Dani I love you but what are you thinking girl skelly is already established as a flipping snake, don’t trust or fall for her turkey neck or neanderthaal eyebrows.. Get with it


like i said before oprah is disgusting,disgusting,disgusting. anyone want to know why? then you haven’t read the above.


Oh my God – Kalia (the new Omarosa) is so lazy she couldn’t get out of the whirlpool to go to the bathroom? Is she five? Or handicapped? What a bottom-feeder. There isn’t anything about her that isn’t completely disgusting.


Sometime yesterday Dani kept saying it smells like pee around here. Kaplunk was standing next to her saying,”No, I said I gotta go pee”. Mystery solved: kaplunk hasn’t bathed sinced she saturated herself in a jacuzzi of pee, and it has soaked into her skin, thus smelling like Pigpen. I can’t stand Kaplunk!!!! She actually believes she has game?!??!?! Her only gameplay is eating all the food so the other house guests are hungry…


Peeing in the pool or jacuzzi is just plan LAZY and NASTY!

But we all know Kalia is lazy since she doesn’t clean or cook, so why should we be suprised? Her confession to Danielle that it was her strategy to be a useless person in the house/games, um, shocking, no suprises there. She’s not acting and that’s not strategy if it’s just who you are. I think that was an easy path for her. For some maybe like Adam it seems he actually has to work at flying under the radar. That is game play. Didn’t Kalia say she hated Adam early on? Probably because he’s better at playing it low key than she is. I say take Kalia to final 2 and anyone is guaranteed the win. I bet that’s Dani’s plan.


I meant to add I have new respect for Porsche for telling them straight up that they didn’t talk to her before, why start now?


I completely agree….she’s started gaining some respect from me. I’m very interested in seeing what she does if she wins HOH.


Kalia has the decency to admit she peed in the jacuzzi lmao. Then there she is crying herself out because nobody wants to talk to her or be HER FRIEND. LOL! Keep crying! Now you just give them a reason to not even go near you.


Guess now we know what Bacon man was talking about when he said “Where is the Pee in the pool”…..

I can see a guy peeing in the pool, it’s the same enjoyment we get when we pee in the snow on in the street it’s a guy thing I can’t explain it,but it’s is unladylike to fart or pee in the pool.


I can assure you Kalia is no lady


Neither is Rachel, but we still caller her a lady?


Why they keep trusting Shelly is beyond my comprehension.

The Jeff/Dom back and forth last night was hilarious and it seems like they’d get along real well outside the house. Why Jeff continues to harp on Dominic being a snake when it’s guaranteed Dom is pretty much gone is beyond me. And why is he getting so stirred up about Dom trying to stay in the house? If roles were reversed, he’d be doing the same thing.


Jeff has turned into a real ass. It is a game about lying or whatever it takes to get to the end and get the cash. He could have stayed home if he just wanted to make friends. Bringing past guest against new guests was a bad idea.


Agreed. Either do one or the other. Mixing the two up was a terrible idea.


Shelly is playing an aggressive game for a newbie. Nothing wrong with that. Plenty of people have played BB that way in the past and made it far. She has an alliance and she’s been loyal to it so far. Even if she flips, it’s a game and it’s part of it. And at least she’s playing. Porsche and Adam have their own methods as well. The pairs have thrown a monkey wrench into everyones plans, but looking at them individually, they are managing the chaos well. 

Reading the feed posts the last couple days, Danielle’s confession, the house meeting etc. I’m beginning to wonder if by some chance that Danielle took ED leaving the show as a personal F-You and that’s why she made the move so fast. She felt compelled to push the game forward in her favor because she felt that she had an unfair advantage of not having a partner and being shut out of comps by no fault of her own. Danielle seems to me to play the victim to her advantage quite well. She did constantly complain that she was an outsider and did not have a partner. I think she targeted Jeff because she knew she would never have Jeff’s vote in Jury and why not screw JJ over like she had been and keep them apart for the summer. Afterall this in direct conflict with her core values of how the game should be played. (Jeff should have never have revealed that to anyone. It’s now his Achilles) 

Danielle is a bit twisted people. That’s probably why I love and hate her. Lol! It really didn’t make sense to break up the alliance if indeed she was in one, unless she felt slighted at a very deep level (that no one in the house was responsible for) and no one except her could really understand.  

Probably overthinking on my part, but read a lot of her posts and that move was definitely all about Danielle. Anyone that thinks they would be playing WITH Danielle is crazy. Ultimately Danielle plays for herself.  Gotta respect that though.


Hmm the vets are thinking of making a jacket out of a trash bag, ummm do they have good memory Natalie from BB10 tried this, BB did not let her wear it, so they won’t be able to make an aluminum whatever neither, you can’t cheat idiots, and by them saying some shit like that shows their fear.


I’m really surprised the producers didn’t throw a shitfit when Shelly was sneaking peeks outside and relaying to the vets what type of contraption was being set up and what type of comp it looks like it’s going to be.

But then again, when you’re rigging the competition for the vets, I guess it doesn’t matter.


Damn for real? BB would notice that and say something to them so I guess this will be rigged for the vets


Just hope the vet that wins is Dani, so she can shake up the house and knock the vets off their high horse set up by production


Shelly wasn’t really sneaking a peek…. pretty sure it was a joke! That’s why she was making the funny gestures while she was telling them..


Does Kalia drink from the toilet too?


Simon and dawg….I LOVE!!!!! all the pics of jeff you post. his face is always stupid looking. HAHAH


Yeah, nothing like alienating people who don’t hate Jeff. Great job! Way to go!!!


kalia is a pig, she complains about all her hair phobias then turns around and does something disgusting like that, she should be kicked out just for that, and being dumb.


Dom is going home folks. Even if Porsche changed her vote, Shelly isn’t going to and they need both of them to switch. I will greatly miss the adorable witty, smitten Domi! Too bad he got caught up in Dani’s web.


But she has integrity and she’s a straight shooter! She would never lie to move forward in this game because she wants to keep her dignity! She wants to be a positive rolemodel for her daughter and has done nothing to compromise that!

If you don’t believe me, ask her. She’ll be more than happy to tell you.


Shelly would sell her daughter to a Chinese businessman if is meant she could spend another day in the BB house with Jeff and Jordan.


I’m convinced her job consists of selling black market Chinese cigarettes.


I forgot about her hair phobia. I changed my mind about the food. I think the cooks should make her a plate and then dump a handful of hair on it.

I’m just watching BBAD from last night and see Lawon sitting at the kitchen counter while Porsche and Adam do all the work. When they look like they’ve got a good start on things he says, “Maybe I will have something to eat – that looks good.”

I can’t get over people who sit on their behinds expecting others to wait on them. Who do they think they are????!!!


I saw that too! I was like okay dude, at least offer to help! Porsche was like okay now I need to find a bigger pot now that everyone wants to eat some. I’ve never seen Lawon or Kalia cook. I Don’t think they know how. That would be my guess with Kalia. If you are a true vegetarian, you don’t FLIP, just because you’re in the BBH. It’s a lifestyle. But is loyalty really one of Kalia’s strong suits?

Not Meg

I cannot stand Shelly’s sun visor. I don’t see a tennis court, a poker table, or even the sun. Would someone please burn that thing.


Hey now..she’s not old…she’s near my age!! Why the hate on Shelly? Cause she’s playing the game?


Simon, if we make a large enough donation to the site, would you and Dawg stop posting pictures of Kalia and leave her out of any updates? I can’t stand her anymore. Anytime I see her on BBAD now I have to change the channel because my mute button doesn’t work and her voice makes me want to punch autistic babies. Shes disgusting and if the HOH competition tonight is who can sit in slience the longest, she’d be out in the first 10 seconds because she can’t keep her fat ass mouth shut to save her life.

Name your price Simon lol


I love the vets…ALL EXCEPT BR…..They alone make me wanna root for the newbies…


Hi Apples2Apples,

I too would like to see them in the final 4 just to see them go at it. I still love JJ, BR to me this year are not as bad as last season. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight with the HOH.


BB Twist bring back Jesse! LOL


WTF is wrong with you? Two seasons of that over-hyped loser isn’t enough? Didn’t understand why they brought him back a second time. Yeah, on second thought, CBS bring him back and that would be enough to ensure I don’t watch another episode of this season.


Wasn’t Kalia with the vets alliance? Now that she figured out that she is screwed with them she goes running to Dani, Shelly and Porsche did the same thing but at least they stuck with them


I like JJ and Dom/Dani so it sucks that they can’t co-exist. I hate Shelly even more then I hated Natalie…I can’t even believe it was possible. Now everything from her skinny legs to butch smile pisses me off. She is living off the legacy of Kathy, everyone just assumes she’s as out of the loop at Adam.

B sleazy

I never thought I could have more of a disdain for a Human than RATchel but kahlia takes the cake literally. How that disgusting pig made it on BB I really have no clue.


I would rather watch paint dry. Do I want to see those two couples take each other out, yes. Will I wait till its only those 4 left, Hell NO. I will have written this season off for what it is, the worst and most boring season in a decade. I would say ever, but the first season was brutally boring.


God this Shelly character is a real shady person. You tell her anything and she’ll go running to tell her new daughter Jordan and her b/f Jeff. I bet if Dani starts winning competitions and gets more power in the house, she’ll start running to Dani and start playing the mommy card with her.


Why do the newbies keep saying they never had a chance? Get off your ass. Win an HOH. Then you could have determined who went on the block. Quit throwing competitions. The vets deserve to win.


I Love the vets and I hope they they wipe the floor with the” Danloaters”. Dani is so trying to be her father. She can make some snide comments to peoples face, then turn some word around behind their backs to make them seem a whole lot worse than they are.
Why does she hate Jeff? He has won nothing, but be America’s favorite in his season. Yet she feels he is the biggest threat. Maybe she thinks Jordan is so dumb that she can bring her to the dark side.
Allison G. said in the new TV Guide that Dani will win BB13, so expect the unexpected….fixed competitions to benefit Dani and company.


Wow! She said that!!! I’m shocked…I bet it is a hanging competition then. Dani is a little monkey – she could have beat BR in the first HOH if her dad didn’t cut a deal to drop


Correction: fixed competitions to protect the Vets, get it right. It’s going to be Brendon and Rachel Vs Jeff and Jordon in the finals 4.. they have been rigging every comp that way.




Nope. At this point I wouldn’t mind seeing Jeff Brendon Dani and Rachel battle it out if the games aren’t rigged.


Top 5 HG’s I hate at this point: 1. Shelly
2. Kalia
3. Jeff
4. Brendumb
5. Porsche

Wow I can’t believe Rachel didn’t make my list!