Big Brother Spoilers – When Rachel wins HOH she’s putting DK up, She’ll say “It’s nothing Personal its game”

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5:15pm Rachel, Jeff and Jordan main bathroom talking about what Twists Big Brother will have this year. Rachel wonders if they will have America getting a vote as a jury member. Rachel is feeling like they’re will be a viewer vote because on season BB11 Chima left and there was one and this season Evel Dick left. They all think it’s odd that production hasn’t told them they all made it into Jury…

5:55pm Rachel and Jordan Jordan is yanking at her hair telling Rachel that they are telling Porsche how good of a position she is that nobody is coming after her. They want her to have a false sense of security. Rachel thinks it’s time for them to really start talking it up with Kalia telling her she’s safe she’s in a great spot, “Once the power shifts we’ll watch their floater army sink” Jordan thinks it’s funny that the other side are so sure they have the votes, “On thursday when the vote flips they wll be all in a panic” rachel is glad they’ll be so busy trying to figure out who to trust won’t be the HOH winner.

Jordan says she’s so bitchy this year.. rachel thinks its good, makes her look tough and in command. Jordan: “But I rip on everybody in the DR” Rachel: “good they deserve that”

Jordan says if Dani is gone then Kalia will join them. Jordan thinks that if they their side become the HOH winner they can put up Dani and Kalia then if Dani is the POV winner they’ll send Kalia home and Dani will be lost. Rachel doesn’t think so she’s sure Dani will attach to Porsche and Adam. Jordan doesn’t see her trusting Porsche or working with her, Jordan thinks Dani will try and cut a deal with them. Rachel: “even with Dani out of this game I’m still a huge target”. Rachel goes on and one about how it sucks because Brendon is gone. she hates being in the position their in. Jordan says if they get all the power then Jeff and Rachel are going up then once they are gone Jordan will go.

Rachel says she’s going to be the HOH winner this week and put both kalia and Dani up and say “It’s nothing Personal”

5:50pm HOH ROOM Kalia, Porsche and Adam They are talking about Rachel and how in Dani’s face she was after the nominations. Adam says it was very uncomfortable. Kalia thinks if Dani said the right thing Rachel would of punched her and then got evicted. Dani thinks she could of said something to Rachel during the whole shelly blog but she’s not that type of person in her regular life she doesn’t confront people like that she walks away.

6:24pm Shelly, Jordan and Adam Jordan tells them that Kalia mentioned to Rachel that they have the votes to evict rachel. Shelly says of course they think that, we convince them otherwise they would not of put Lawon up. Shelly laughs. Jordan telling them that things are going to get ugly on Thursday because everyone will know what side they are on. (JJRSA(B) VS DKP(D))
Adam says that dani and Kalia will get mad at him because they think he’s with them. Jordan tells them this time they have to choose a side. Adam: “Going into this HOH it’s 5 vs 2” Shelly says that Prosche doesn’t deserve to be here. Adam thinks Porsche is a decent competitor, Shelly disagrees. Shelly: “I appreciate you finding the good in the sloth”

They start thinking about team names, Shelly says Beauty and the beasts. Adam: “Jeff and I will be the beauties” (I miss the brigade the backyard needs a grenade)

6:30pm The 3rd wheel of the JJSAR super alliance

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123 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – When Rachel wins HOH she’s putting DK up, She’ll say “It’s nothing Personal its game”

  1. Shelly is not really playing the backstab backstab lie game like so many of you think. She has made it perfectly obvious she is 100% loyal to JJ and even Adam I think. so shes completely loyal to 1 group while lying to everyone else. This isnt a bad game move its an awesome game move. Too much hate for Shelly. winning comps puts a target on your back anyway.. thats the main reason Brendon and Dom are gone

    1. Shelly has been backstabbing from the beginning, starting with Keith, then her “friend” and partner, Cassi, and the entire “newbies” alliance. She continues to lie and backstab (with her cutting and caddy comments about most HGs). I look forward to her getting called out in front of the entire house, for the slimy, immoral snake that she is.

      1. Hilarious. This isn’t Disney fairy princess land. If you care more about how people perceive you in a game show than bringing more financial security to your family thats pretty sad.

      1. Will even told everyone he was throwing the comps and told people to put him up, there’s a reason everyone still knows who he is after all these years….. He was the first to float through and have everyone else get thier hands dirty

    2. winning comps will put a target on shelHE’s back? oh please (you mean the ultimate floater who runs her(his) mouth more than the marathon man) shelHE has not even tried to win. (if there was a talking shit contest or macho man contest) s()he’d win hands down.

    1. Next All Stars –

      Dani, Holly (BB5), Annie (bb12), Ivette (bb6), Kalia (bb13), Lydia (bb11), Michelle (bb11), lane (bb12), jesse (bb10/bb11), zach (bb8), jase (bb5), nick (bb8), ollie (bb10), Dom (bb13)

      It will be called: Dani’s Carpet Munchers.

      Then Dani can be Evel Dani and make power moves and get what she wants. It’ll be ok because everybody in the house will just wantt o munch on her hoh carpet until the end.

      It will be like Tila Tequila meets Big Brother.

      By the way, are Dani and Annie really hooking up?

  2. I wish Russel was the one coming into the house. His ourtrages were funny. He would definitely stir up some shit. I really hope Brendon is not coming back. I hate the Brendon and Rachel show thing.

    1. Russel would unload on Rachel and then Brendon would try to step up. Russel them would beat Brendons goofy ass.

    1. Yes petal… because then it’s 4,4…. And Kalia gets to tie break…. But I’m so confused now what she would do if that happens? It’s been a really confusing week

        1. In the highly unlikely event that three votes go to evict Lawon and three go to evict Rachel, Kalia will serve as the tie-breaking vote. That’s why the commenter said Kalia will vote against Lawon.

  3. Shelly calling someone a sloth? The most strenuous thing I’ve seen her do was stand on her head for 3 minutes in the backyard last night. I can’t wait until she gets stung by the J/J/R crew.

  4. Oh man, the only way this week would perfectly be complete is if Brendon comes back, kicks Lawon’s butt, one of JJBRSA win HOH, and to see the look on Kalia and Dani’s faces.

    1. Don’t see production letting it go down like that.

      If it does, the show is pretty much over. One side will have all the power, too much power.

      1. But why would they care if one side has all the power? Eventually they have to turn on each other, and THAT would bring in the ratings.

  5. Is it weird that production let them hide all that stuff? I remember one season they didn’t let them move anything.

    1. It is more than likely going to be a competion. It was one year, I think it was name the items missing from the house.

  6. I wish Adam would flip and make this interesting again.
    He claimed he didn’t want a vet in the final 2, now would be a good time to make his stand.
    But he won’t =(

    1. Ok interesting was the wrong term…it is interesting but in a way that makes me cringe at the constant stupidity.

  7. Thank God, Thursday is almost at our doorstep. This HOH has been a hellish one: Rachel’s turning stalker, Kalia getting a lobotomy (by production?), Jordan becoming Rachel’s long time lost Siamese sister, Lawon’s questionable sanity, Jeff being Jeff, Shelly evolving into of one of the best SS spy…

  8. Rachel thinks she is not smart…but why did she only got 9th place last season?
    and why her man only got a 10th place this season..

    F **k them…

    Dani is the best and she is the one wining it all…
    and if she does get evicted, who care? because everyone will stop watching the show

    1. I’m for TEAM DANI however, she (along with K & her moronic bungling of her HoH power this week) has not been making the best moves this week. DK have been saying all along that S is playing both sides and yet, they fell, hook line & sinker, for all the bullshit that she fed them this week. Come the eviction on Thurs., hopefully D will wise up and go all out to win HoH. It may be her only hope of redeeming herself and staying in the game.

        1. Team Keith – LoL! Sorry Simon, that ship has sailed. My real worry is that instead of Dom getting AV, it’ll be Brendumb. B & R reunited in the house = the return of mind-numbing headaches.

        2. LMAO. It would be so funny if there was some kind of switch and the evicted HG with the LEAST amount of votes got the chance to return (and got back in). The HGs would be like “WTF? Keith? For real? Wow…”

    2. Good call fabio…only it’s not true at all. Not everyone is riding dani’s jock, if she gets evicted she deserves it for her poor game play. Alot of people are hopping off the dani bandwagon

  9. Anyone would have been better then JJ. Russell Brittney Anyone………..JJ is here because CBS thought they were still Americas sweethearts. WRONG can’t stand them this season and there is no romance between them, good friends that’s it.

    1. On one of the Dick at Nite shows, Evel said when he left the house he asked production what was the deal with the returning couples. He was told they wanted MOST Hated ( Brenchel) MOST Loved (JJ) and MOST Feared (DD)…

            1. I thought you were telling us something about yourself with your “dick at night” comment! :-) Had Evel Dick’s website already …. was just mess’n with ya. ;-)

  10. It won’t be 5 vs 2 in the HOH comp if it is endurance. If it is endurance it will be a SR vs D(D) showdown.

    If its trivia, you can count out Jeff and Jordan’s dumbasses.

  11. Has Kalia been a have-not? She is so obsessed with talking about poop, all the while unabashedly belching & farting & burping & eating loudly with her mouth open. Once she’s on slop and Everything is smelly the BBAD will be unbearable. I can hear Kahlia interview herself on BBAD: “Does anyone else notice how much I smell up the house even more now???” “Did I take my fiber pill???” When she asks herself questions where she controls the content just to hear herself talk is nauseating. For having apparently decent family upbringing her manners are atrocious! Who talks about that besides Dr. Oz?!!

  12. Should be more like Beauties & Shelly.. I doubt this “alliance” will hold up after whoever comes back Thursday. They do have a good ring-leader though (Skelly)

  13. I know this is not appropriate but what the heck is going on in the hoh room? Is Kalua finally having her hoh orgy?

    1. Completely! K however, compounded the problem (of Productions’ meddling re: America’s Vote) by not putting up Jordan against R. K is so worried about JJ not liking her, that she forgot she entered a game to win 500K, not a popularity contest. K made one mistake after another this week, which may very well be the demise of DK.

  14. Just out of curiosity why does the world hate Dani??? What has she personally done to you?? Oh wait let me guess Dani haters are JJ lovers who are obsessed with the so called sweethearts of America. Give me a break. They are just as bad as her. Every single person in that house talks trash about each other, lies about each other, whines, and pouts. So nobody in that house is any better than anybody and if you believe that then maybe you are just like them. They are playing a game. You can’t form an opinion about someone based off of how they are on a GAME SHOW. I can understand having favorites, but seriously going to the extent to calling people a b***h is a little absurd if you ask me. It’s a show for crying a lot and I believe Dani makes it exciting because she truly plays the game. I don’t believe all her moves were smart, but she made some pretty big moves. Anyways, I hope Dani goes all the way just to annoy half of America. :)

    1. I agree. People get so mad when people actually play the game as it was intended…Dani and shelly are the only two who get the whole deceive/ manipulate aspect of the game.

      1. Completely agree! People get really personal on here. I mean none of us know what’s going to happen we just give our opinions on what we think will happen. And it’s kind of annoying when someone calls you an idiot because you like a certain player or don’t have a biased opinion about other players. I love Dani and also Dom if he comes back, but I try to stay neutral because this game is so unpredictable.

    2. I don’t comment normally. But, geez, I do not have to like Daniele just because she is Daniele. I happen to like Jeff/Jordan. But your comment made no sense at all. Daniele played a stupid game. Just like she did in her other season. The only reason she came in 2nd is because her Dad pulled her along with him. She is a snooty, arrogant little girl. She is not fun to watch at all.

  15. Once D finds out at the eviction that SJJA voted out L, and that she & K were lied to by S & A, in particular, she will definitely be going all out to win HoH. Question is, can she pull it off?

    1. Ok, so Dani stays if she can win pov but Kalia will go. If Brendon comes back in there is no way Dani will beat Brendon and Rachel in an hoh unless it is for people with short feet and lots of muffin tops again. Given how bb12 had 2 such competitions, who knows how many bb13 will have.

    2. If Brendon comes back in there is no way Dani will beat Brendon and Rachel in an hoh unless it is for people with short feet and lots of muffin tops again.

    1. Exactly!! Shelly is a JJ ass kisser …. and that’s the nicest thing I can say about her game playing skills. I’m waiting with baited breath for the moment when she gets called out for the hypocritical snake she really is and, in front of the entire house & all TV (and Live Feed) viewers.

    2. It’s not about winning comps it’s about floating to whoever is in power. And since DK or any of the newbies for that matter haven’t called her out she’s not seen as a floater. Which is why she’s in the best position.

  16. dani and her jailhouse tats are not gonna do anything in this game, she is trying to impress the newbies that she has all the knowledge, she has done nothing to impress me at all.

  17. Brendon is definitely coming back; it’s 100% certain. Dom(b) is one of the worst BB players in history (even worse than Kallua).

    1. I really like for you to legitimately explain how Dom is the worst player in BB history? Don’t worry I’ll wait…

      1. Dom managed to have three of his four person alliance voted out in the first four weeks and was dumb enough to take a bullet for Dani when it was her stupid idea to pit JJ against BR…’nuf said. Dom is totally overrated at a BB player…his play was piss poor period.

        1. Your first claim is false. Dom’s alliance has themselves to blame for being voted out. And D did not take a bullet for Dani. He was going home no matter what. His only mistake was throwing the power of veto. If that makes him the worst BB player ever clearly you haven’t been watching BB that long.

        2. Your first claim is false. Dom’s alliance has themselves to blame for being voted out. And Dom did not take a bullet for Dani. He was going home no matter what. His only mistake was throwing the power of veto. If that makes him the worst BB player ever clearly you haven’t been watching BB that long.

      2. All Dom did was REGULATE. It was a sick obsession or something as if he wanted to be better than Enzo. Well take a lesson from the Jun bb4 book. Jun didn’t make a secret alliance within her alliance until at least a few weeks.

        That was mistake 1

        Mistake 2. Dom cannot reshuffle. He always wanted to regulate even after they got exposed. Lesson 2: reshuffle. Jun was constantly reshuffling when each of her asinine secret alliances got caught.

        1. I’ve been watching long enough to see that Dom thought he was some mastermind but all he mastered was how to get voted him and his alliances out very fast. Poor judge of character…Keith never knew when to keep his mouth shut…Cassi was a liar from the start considering she didn’t want to fess up about being a model…and then Dom thought he could flirt with Dani and make an alliance when he was really a puppet…he couldn’t strategize himself out of a paper bag. I’ll wait for your defense of Dom’s virtues in this game.

          1. I’m still trying to figure out how Dom got his alliance voted out? I don’t get that point. It was inevitable that Keith and Cassi would get voted out because their partners were working with the vets. And as far as being a mastermind all he did was regroup and put his trust in Dani and made a dumb move by throwing the POV. Which in the end cost him, and he was evicted. But I will say Dominic got cocky in the beginning and put his trust in the wrong people. Also, not really sure what Dom’s virtues have to do with the game, but I can’t think of anything Dom did that was morally wrong. Can’t say the same for other HG’s.

            1. Your words…not mine…he made “dumb moves” (thanks for agreeing with me – I knew you would eventually see the light)…his “dumb moves” were aligning himself with weak players and making himself a big target which ultimately got him voted out quickly. He certainly didn’t help his partner (he turned his back on Adam) and didn’t help his alliance when they were making stupid moves (he could have given Keith or Cassi some advice but he turned his back on them / let them remain isolated and he voted them out). His pride and ego about being a self-proclaimed good player was his undoing (certainly not a good morale quality…and actually it was very arrogant of him).

              1. Yes, I can agree with some of what your saying. I just don’t agree that Dom is the worst BB player ever. I think he made several stupid choices in the game, but nothing that would add him to the worst BB players list.

                1. If he only had enough time in the BB house, then he could proven (without a doubt) that he was the worst BB player ever…with more time he might have volunteered to put himself up as a “pawn” (like Lawson…the last person of his original alliance…which is another example of the poor strategic choices / alliance partners that Dom made)…being a really bad player in BB most likely means your exit will be sooner than later so the window of opportunity to make boneheaded moves is relatively short. I cannot think of a single strategic decision that Dom made in his short time in BB that was any good.

                  1. I hear that Dom is sequestered…at his mommy’s house and that his mom is making him slop sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

  18. Does anyone think Dani has learned her lesson yet? If Dom comes back in the house, she’ll totally go back to her old ways and hole up whim somewhere. Kaplunk will be crying in a corner by herself b/c Dani dumped her so fast– I can see Dani making excuses to ditch Kaka just to hang w Dom… Thus alienating herself once again. Dani won’t see it this way, of course. She’ll think her and Dom are the strongest people in the house– but will have caused her alliance of newbies to turn against her. Just a prediction…

    1. Dani will never learn – she’s faker than Rachel’s boobs. Kalluia & Dani will be eating a large slice of “humble pie” on Thursday when BRENDON comes back and beats Lawson…I cannot wait :)

    2. I don’t think so. Dani needs all the numbers she can get. And I don’t think she’ll go back to alienating herself because she has to really play to stay in the game. Whereas before she was sitting on a golden key and nobody could touch her.

  19. Kelly- Dani had no one else to team up with. She was alone and is alone. She fought for Dom but Dom did not fight for her.

  20. Jordon is contemplating Jeff’s dimples and wonders aloud which one is cuter. No wonder America loves those two crazy kids

    1. ..that boat has sailed. There’s nothing to indicate that these two are even a couple. There is no romance there at all. I’m thinking that their ‘relationship status’ is strictly to get them further during there 15 minutes of fame. They are better and more marketable as a duo than as individuals.

      They act like two good friends who have known each other for a long time, who may occassionally kiss.

      I also don’t think America is as enamored with them as CBS would like to force us..and believe.

  21. Simon- Is there any scoop on which houseguest is leading the CBS polls for the chance to compete against the evicted houseguest???

  22. Does anyone think this will be the last and only twist of the game? I don’t one single bit. Like I do most reality shows I look at the ratings score of that week. Big brother ratings are stagnant but still keep an edge over every other major network. Pandora, coup deta

  23. I also don’t get all of the Daniel bashing. Everyone says ratings ratings ratings. I honestly don’t see Brendon coming back being good TV. Ok you’ll get your wish Daniel will be gone. You jj lovers will have your “America’s sweethearts”. The rest will have their brenchel show.. how predictable.

    1. For once I can’t predict what CBS wants this season.. Team Dani FTW, DomX10 , Rock the house Vote Keith, Cure Cancer vote anyone but Brendon

  24. I have a question. Does anyone know this: Who does JJ plan on sticking with later down the road? If, for example, Brendan came back, and then hypothetically Dani/Kalia/Porsche all get evicted one by one, then there would only be JJBRSA left. If JJ get HoH at that point, who would they put up? BR? Or SA? Who do they wanna go to the f3/f4 with? Thanks.

    1. if on thursday night we see this
      JJBRSA (HOH) Vs. DKP 2 people from the DKP alliance goes up and if POV is played you will probably see a realignment of the house alliances. There is no way we’ll have 3 weeks of the super alliance JJBRSA taking out DKP at most it’ll last 1 week and even then I doubt it.

      But if it did happen that way and we do have to suffer 3 weeks of that JJ would take Shelly and Adam with them because in the end game they will not be able to beat BR in comps and they know it.

  25. what happens if they vote back keith and he wins hoh then makes his move on dani and they take it to final two then keith wins… GRENADE

  26. Everybody will be gunning for Jordan eventually because they know they cannot win against her in the final two and they will have no problem voting her out because she has won before…the good question is whether or not she’ll be voted out before or after Jeff…I think she’ll be out before Jeff and the women will have a field day messing with him. Vote Brendon back into the game and that will mess up the entire house!!!

  27. Yeah, Rachel. If you come back. Take out every floater and especially Dani. Backstabbing B*$$itch. You deserve to be a officially head floater. Bye Bye Dani. Jeff and Jordan final 2. This willl be a remake of BB11 and now BB13. Jordan vs Jeff. Final 2.

  28. What if bb prod decided on Keith’c come back? Now that would be real unpredictable ! Think about it, He wouldn’t align with team Dany since Dani is a vet and wouldn’t align with team JJRSA since they were his enemies frim the start. He would start a new alliance, with Porshe ! lol !! Ok I admit it’s way far fetched but it would be the most ” expect the unexcpeted” BB could come up with !

  29. does anyone know who is leading the pack to come back and face evicted house guest. last i heard it was cassie. would rather it be dominic. hope cassie has learned from before when she was in house

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