Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Kalia tha hut won’t Shut Up …. “Do you think the simpsons are real humans” **updated**

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3:00-4:00pm Suntanning chit chat

4:07pm Shelly and rachel shelly is going on and on about how wonderful Jordan. She says she’s never heard Jordan say a bad word to anyone (ahhh shooting straight again ) Shelly thinks it’s such a nice thing to have someone in the house like Jordan that isn’t catty or jaded. Rachel listens keeps picking at her ingrown hairs on her leg (You can see it in the pic)

Shelly says she could make jordan a superstar, she would hire her in a second and toughen her up, but not too much because she wound’t want Jordan to lose what makes her special. Rachel is just agreeing. Shelly adds that there is so many people in this house that are wonderful, ‘You guys all have something special” rachel: “Ohh thanks”

Rachel starts talking about this place she worked in Vegas where she would always go to work 15 minutes early.. Shelly starts to explain how rachel should right down what she wants to do with her live and make a plan.. “things will happen you just need to work at it and stay positive”.

4:30pm Rachel talking about where she use to work (maybe school). She was at a place that did research in preventing gypsies moths. She goes on to explain that the repellent they use to use was killing all the honey bees so they started to use a female pheromones that would attract the males. The males would never be able to find the females so they eventually died off.. Shelly says it sounds cool.. .

4:40pm HOH Kalia and Dani Kalia is saying every time she goes to the DR she finds herself yelling at them for BLANK her over about the twist why are you telling her all these things” (Dani is talking about Kalia telling Shelly at one point that their plan was to evict Rachel but make Rachel think she’s staying)

Kalia tells her that Shelly give her so much information she starting to think she gives everyone else the same thing. Kalia thinks Shelly is covering her ass.. dani points out that Shelly seems to be very close to Rachel.

Porsche joins them with a bottle of wine and pizza.

Kalia says that Rachel and Shelly think this season has more drama than BB11.. Porsche Porsche disagrees. Dani tells her non of the drama involved Porsche but there was plenty of Drama that involved her.

4:55pm they briefly talk about Jeff and how quiet he’s been these last couple days. Dani says he’s just lying low until the HOH then he’ll start up again..

5:00pm Dani brings up that earlier in the season when they were all playing have you ever, someone mentioned have you every had it in the butt and Rachel was looking around all guilty. Dani adds that Brendon said out loud that they were saving that for their wedding night. Porsche says that she’s saving to have anal sex for her honey moon. Kalia says she heard horrible things about it. Porsche says she’s heard mixed reviews.

5:04pm Kalia is telling them that her and Shelly were in the backyard and Rachel started in on her missing Brendon so much and how Kalia and Shelly don’t know how it feels she hasn’t been apart from him for this long and he’s her fiancee. Dani says she can’t believe Rachel said that in front of Shelly.. She knows how it feels she has a husband of 10 years and a 8 year old daughter.

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It’s kind of funny how in the polls that Keith (who doesn’t have a chance in hell to be brought back in the house) has more votes for him to win than Lawon. 😉
Go Team JJR!


So if the fact that on Thrusday we are goinging to have the live shown, campaining, eviction, returning HG comp and HOH comp, leads me to believe Dani and Kalia might not have completely dropped the ball and the returning HG is automatically HOH or the returning HG and the current HOH (Kalia) are the only ones who get to compete in the new HOH comp


Why would big brother only allow two people out of eight eligible to compete for HOH? That doesn’t make any sense to me.


I’m pretty sure that kalia (as outgoing hoh) will not be eligible for the next hoh. If I’m remembering correctly it is unprecedented for that to happen except for the final 3 hoh comp.


no when jeff used the cou d ta or whatever everyone played in hoh even outgoing hoh chima


it doesn’t make any sense everyone will play in hoh but kalia like normal or they may let her play if her nominee comes back it’s prob just gonna be a vote like in season 9 to either bring jimmy or alex back in but they didnt know it was alex they will have to vote for either a mystery houseguest or bring back lawon/rachel this season is very similar to 9 so thats what will prob happen




idk why everyone is bashing shelly so much she doesn’t win competitions big deal she is playing socially the only person who doesn’t trust her is dani and she doesn’t trust anyone shelly’s gameplay is to not win hoh she acts like she wants to so bad to see her kid so no one will know she doesn’t really want to win and she knows she doesn’t need to because shes made final 3 deals with everyone everyone loves and trusts her cus shes like their mom some call it floating i call it smart gameplay if she doesnt win hoh she doesn’t make enemies most people who play all the sides of the house and lie it blows up in their face but then people like enzo and shelly do it well because their smart and shelly has a great shot to win this

The Masterpiece

Now are you goin to stop selling straight shitter shelly game moves

Midwest Fan

Is SSS President of the J/J Fan Club?

CBS executives hoping Shelley takes J/J off of their hands.
The $howmance is over.


When is someone gonna call Porshe out as an alcoholic? She hides the booze, and makes a big deal about it every night. Most of the houseguests drink some nights and other nights they do not, but Porshe is the constant. Always worried about the wine, and the beer, and who gets it and who has had what all the while stealing it out of the storage room, like a wino.


i would stick it in porches bum


Production is the DEVIL


Or God if you are on the receiving end of their help.


Meh… just chit chat… BORING! lol.


Can I get a What What in the Butt. Kalia may look like an Oprah mini-me but she sure as hell don’t have her brains.


“Dani brings up that earlier in the season when they were all playing have you ever, someone mentioned have you every had it in the butt and Rachel was looking around all guilty. Dani adds that Brendon said out loud that they were saving that for their wedding night.”

Awww how romantically trashy to have the most vial and disgusting sexual position(straight) on such a special night… I’m not surprised

Why not throw in a donkey punch, and a dirty sanchez while your at it?


They must be really bored because I can’t believe how someone can reveal so many intimate details to:
1. people you barely know
2. on TV


rachell has probably had it up da butt, in the mouth and up the front and 1 in each hand. plus a line waiting their turns.all at the same time (picture that) she is after all “vegas”


Is that really Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly in a swim suit? That picture should come with a Graphic Image Warning…I’m so glad I already ate dinner.

And what was her purpose of praising single IQ Jordan to Rachel? Was it to just get Rachel mad or Shelly is so full of bull that she doesn’t know when to shut it off?


lololololololol 🙂


“Do you think the simpsons are real humans”

Something tells me Jordan said that……


jordumb also said that she put on some weight last year so jeff bought her a scale for her birthday. she then said that for his birthday she is going to buy him a measuring tape 🙂


When man buys his women a scale, that’s a BAD THING


Yikes – buying scales as a bday gift? Now that is beyond messed up. I can’t imagine a man with any class being that shallow and insensitive. I like Jeff even less.


i REALLY hope that this is not true…jeff keeps getting more and more abusive….only a girl as dumb as jordan would put up with emotional and verbal abuse, an oppressive, domineering boyfriend who doesn’t even like you and NOW HE THINKS YOUR FAT TOO….too much, if Jordan wins again i hope she buys some brain cells and some damn common sense


Haha..Jordan strikes me as the type that would be looking under mushrooms for Smurfs. The Simpsons are too complicated for her.


Reasons shelHE should change her name to shitHE
1. she’s a shit stain on the panties of life
2. her ass is jealous of her mouth cause it shoots more shit out.
3. she has diarrhea mouth
4. her mouth is a potty and she loves to put cig BUTTS in it.’


idk why everyone is bashing shelly so much she doesn’t win competitions big deal she is playing socially the only person who doesn’t trust her is dani and she doesn’t trust anyone shelly’s gameplay is to not win hoh she acts like she wants to so bad to see her kid so no one will know she doesn’t really want to win and she knows she doesn’t need to because shes made final 3 deals with everyone everyone loves and trusts her cus shes like their mom some call it floating i call it smart gameplay if she doesnt win hoh she doesn’t make enemies most people who play all the sides of the house and lie it blows up in their face but then people like enzo and shelly do it well because their smart and shelly has a great shot to win this


shelHE is like their mom? are you friggin kidding me? you can’t be serious. (s)he could be someones mom on the jerry springer show.
the reason I don’t like i shelHE is cause (s)he lies, back stabs and is 2 faced. I don’t like people like that in my life why would I like it on show. (s)he could play a clean game. Jordan did and she won.


Isnt that part of the game to lie and backstab? That’s what Dani did trying to Backdoor Jeff!


maybe but she has no power (and never has) at least dani was HOH and sides Jordan won without resorting to that.


jordan and jeff backstabbed russel they were in a final 4 with him and michelle then cut him loose to keep natalie and kevin becuase they were weaker and would of done the same to brendon and rachel lieng is a part of the game every one in the house is lieng about something you can’t just go out there and tell everyone your strategy shelly may not be playing a nice game but she’s playing an effective game she’s never been nominated and isn’t anyones number one target and would win against most people in final two she just needs to hope she can pull out a win in final four or if he lies catch up to her


you trying to convince yourself. cause I’m not buying any of it. and it’s spelled lying not lieing 🙂


Simon – Kalia the HUT, that’s spot on. I was thinking that exact same thing watching BBAD the other night, when she sits in that bed with the blankets over her legs.


I am so close to bailing on team Dani…but not yet. Finally she is talking about not trusting shelly again!!

At this point I dont care who comes back into the house just PLEASE let it NOT be Brendon!!!! I cant handle the Brenchel show another minute!

I would love to join team shelly but there are 3 things I cant get passed. The “im playing with truth and integrity” and “im a straight shooter”…Most importantly is she isnt playing the game for herself…shes playing for JJ and with they way they act (bitter when things arent going their way, and arrogant when they are in power. If her plan is to coast to the final 3 or 4 and then ramp up to take them out so she gets to the final 2 then i call FAIL…she hasnt done well in any competition so even the straight shooter has to see that isnt going to work when her life depends on it!

Kalia earned her dunce cap and ruined her HOH. JJR will not keep any promises or deals and for that I cant stand their game play. Dani should have controlled her, or at least told her that it doesnt matter what the other side thinks because Dani wasnt really controlling her and she shouldnt care about what they think….

Porshe could get interesting if she really has jumped the JJR Ship…if she floats back then I am officially done with her! She needs to figure out what side she is on…Im sure well find out next week!

UGH….I hope Dani wins the next HOH!


Erm…bitter when things don’t go their way and arrogant when they win. Pretty sure dani and kalia are just as bad dude! Everyone does that.


I hope Cassi or Dominic come back. Rachel would be more unbalanced. Jordan is acting innocent & naive, if she really is, she needs to go to college and grow up. I can’t believe anyone is that stupid. Backstabbing is part of the game, I don’t look negatively on anyone in the house who lies.


So disappointed in Dani and Kalia. What are they doing?????


Once Team Dani gets sufficiently screwed with this Lawon eviction and Rachel winning the next HOH, then the DR will start planting stronger hints that they should be on the lookout for Shelly. That’s when the fireworks will begin. By then it’s too late. Her lies will have benefitted the vets anyway and they will keep her around.


Ok, I know many of you will think this is a really stupid question, but here goes: I have seen a lot of references in comments that suggest production gives the contestants ideas, etc. Is that true? Does anyone really know this, or is it all speculation? What kinds of things do you think production says?


Thanks for the response! I had NO CLUE about any of that until I found your wonderful site this year- you guys are AWESOME, by the way. I certainly have my favorites (I know I’ll get slayed for it, but I think Jeff is hilarious and a total smart a**), but I wish the show would just let them survive or drown on their own accord based on what the people themselves know or think they know. The show should just ask questions for the DR, etc. and then shut up.


I’m not sure if u guys heard this but a few nights ago or maybe last week Dani was saying she is friends with some of the production people. In fact she said she hangs out with one of them in particular. That has me thinking she has the advantage.


they won’t admit it cause it would kill the credibility of the show but come on jordon had to of been fed that david hasslehoff question ( probably in diary room) I mean how could you get baywatch (which is not a soap) from looking at a bar of soap and opera glasses. ( then say must be david hassehoff) and she said it on the first guess.


What about Kalia’s first HOH question, she answered when Julie said “Which houseguest said”. Lucky guess or DR fed her the answer?


I agree with you 100%, I couldn’t figured out how Kahlia got Dom on the first question. I also remember when Jordan was playing the first time, she made the statement that they were helping her practice in the DR. It was when she was battling Kevin and Natalie for the finals, I believe. Look whether you like it or not some of the comps are geared towards certain people.


A sure example is from last season when Pandora’s box was opened and “Released something horrible upon the house” quote from Ragan to Roachel 🙂 the DR told her she could write a message in pretzels to Brendon… When Matt found out (uber BB fan) he was pissed b/c dr confirmed it


You should watch the Dick at Night show episode 4. Past HG’s like James Rhine (BB6 & All Stars) and Jun Song (winner of BB4) answer your question.


Just starting to watch it…. great, yet another Big Brother offshoot for me to get hooked on. 🙂 I already read your website daily and watch BBAD.


Yep productions meddles in the game, they dd it this week with Kalia, having her change up the plan of getting Rachel out… When Dom walks through the door it will be proved right.


Rachel is way better player without Brendon in the game. I really hope he doesn’t come back because honestly I think Brendon is detrimental to her game.


Crap! I didn’t mean to make this comment a reply. Sorry.


your an idiot rachel never was nor ever will be a good player in this game ….brenden or no brenden shes nuts and will never make final 2


I thought the Twist was the person being evicted will battle the returning house guest to determine who will return to the game. Sorry Lawon you lose before we even know who will be your slayer!


That is how I heard it, too.


I checked some popularity poles and Cassie actually has a good chance to be chosen to try and ean her way back in the house……that would be interesting if she walks back in…..if not her …im hoping Dom reenters…no way lawon will beat any evicted hous guests in a comp…bye bye lowan ..terrible move Kalia ..what were you thinking?

Ms Jaxon

I was hoping for LaWon to make it to the final 3, but since he has done the dumbest thing I have seen on BB in a looong time (since Ollie and April), I will be happy to see him go on Thursday and wait for the drama to begin again!

Joan Allen

Brendon is coming back and it will wipe that smug look off Dani’s face


Nope it’s Dom, production meddling in Kalia’s HOH plan to get Rachel out……

If Rachel was till getting voted out then I would believe Brendon was indeed coming back


I’m 50/50 with you on this one. I still think Production wants to work that season of love angle, so I wouldn’t be surprised if hammertoe Brendon showed back up in the house.


I hope ur right

Joan Allen

Brendon is definitely coming back; it’s 100% certain. Dom(b) is one of the worst BB players in history (even worse than Kallua).


what year were they all obsessed with the rule book?

Kathy :-)

I think it would be absolutely HILARIOUS if Dom came back in the house and gave Dani a big “F You” and became Team JJ! She IS the reason he got voted out! OMG, we thought we saw Rachel flip out….Dani would be damn near psychotic!!!!


I seriously doubt that would happen. Jeff said some really messed up stuff to Dom the week before he left and Dom never really trusted JJ anyway. Plus Jeff tried to get him evicted 2 weeks in a row and succeeded the 2nd week.

Dis Ain't Rocket Science Yo

Hai Guise wut if Brendan caim bak and teamed up whith Dani nsted of Rachel HAHAHA

Hardy Har Har Har

Kindly STFU!


umm Rachel was psychotic… Dani would not act like that even if Dom came back and said that,


simon thanks for link to dicks show. am watching ep 4 now ( while on here) he said he’s gonna be on tomorrow’s show. is that to host? (only watched 5 mins of his show so far)


too funny dick does not hold back and obviously he does not like Brenchel 🙂 I don’t care for Ronnie I did not like his game on his season. but Lorenzo’s cool. don’t know the survivor guy ( or don’t member him)


So since the dr influences the houseguests sometimes what happens if they don’t listen to what dr say and just do their own thing? If production just makes a suggestion that doesn’t mean the hg has to listen to what they are saying right?


Here’s hoping we see a fist fight !!!!!
BB night in North America !


I agree, actually. And I find it funny that she doesn’t get called out for anything, when kalia was even one of the first to be suspicious of her…and now Kalia is taking her advice.


Kalia is a terrible player why would she listen to shelly….she said earlier this week .she didnt want to put shelly up because she didnt want shelly to be pissed at her….who the F cares she sux at comps and if you have hoh shes kissing your ass…shely is playing the whole house and is going where the power is except she never has any…and as much as I hate rachel…..she noticed it and Dani noticed it….the whole house is fooled by shelly…..BB13 get that hebeast shehe on the block …please !!!!


One thing for sure, that hoh room is smellin like fritos and ass. Hg might not want hoh for that reason alone.

A Nono Moose

Love it that these ladies are making plans for anal… f’n hilarious! theres a technique where it can be enjoyed but usually its wasted on too much alcohol. thats understandable because its totally a parts mismatch. just saying butt sex sounds funny.

Floata Hata

I wonder if candidates for the show take aptitude tests for different types of skills at any time during the selection process to help BB direct comp outcomes


where is lawon, is in hiding now that he realizes he will go home? I wonder what outfit he will sport on Thursday. Maybe he will wear the HOH robe since he will never get one of his own.


as soon as shelly is exposed as the rat that she is …she will be out……playing both sides never works out…shelly sux ..i hope somone calls her out on her sneakyness in front of the whole house..catch her in the act…kalia is obviously a dummy but dani is trying to tell her not to trust shelly…hope kalia listens!!!!


Simpsons are based on real people. Hopefully this disastrous HoH week isn’t followed by another.


Simpsons real of course you know we all ae yellow walking down the street just yellow and when you tan you know you turn gold.


That would be 101% lol

I’m Just Sayin… 🙂