Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jeff Figures out this weeks Twist, “Brendon’s coming back but First he’ll have to arm wrestle Lawon” **updated**

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8:59pm Backyard Jordan, Jeff and Jordan says she has no problem putting certain people in the house on slop

She’s going to make a super big meal right in front of them and say you can eat this. Jeff and Rachel say he’s not going to do that. jordan says she just
jokesing. Jeff adds that it doesn’t even feel like he’s on slop. He warns Shelly that she better not
get on slop next week because she’s losing too much weight , “Your shivering look at you”

9:10pm Rachel, Jeff and Jordan talking about how they need to get the power this week (actually at this rate the DKPL alliance’s biggest enemy is themselves if another one of them win HOH they’ll likely put their own up. )

Rachel tells them she promises them if she gets evicted this week she’s coming back. Jeff tells her she’s not going home this week. rachel comments about how stupid the other side is, Jeff: “For being GAME players they sure make all the wrong moves”

They all agree that they need to talk Porsche into thinking she’s safe with them so she doesn’t try for HOH. Jeff: “It’ll all of us Vs. Dani on Thursday”. They start bashing Porsche for putting Jeff and Shelly up last week in comp last week.

Jordan says Kalia will be all over her again if she wins HOH, “I’m going to work it to get everything I can out of her”. They all laugh.. Jordan: “I think Dani is going to be really hard to get out” rachel and Jeff agrees. Rachel: “Buut with this twist they’ll not do it again so we’ll just need to get her out once” Jordan wonders if the person that comes back will be given some power. Rachel: “No way that’s too much power”

They all start bouncing ideas off each other about the twist. Jeff now has completely figured out the twist and he explains that because production hasn’t brought up sequester house there all the past evicted houseguests may all compete with this weeks evicted houseguest
They start laughing about what would happen if BRendon comes back this week, Jeff: “Dude he would walk in be like I had to arm wrestle lawon”. Jordan: “If Brendon came back he would have to sit out in HOH”. rachel: “Ohh of course”. Rachel: “I wouold absolutely Die if Brendon comes back”. Jordan says it would it be funny if brendon was in sequester the whole time while Rachel was talkign to him on the cameras.

9:50pm random chit chat and games being played

10:38pm HOH Dani and Kalia Dani telling Kalia that she really needs to stop telling Shelly everything. Dani does not trust her. Kalia brings up how Shelly talks about how she doesn’t lie and is a straight shooter.. She finds it disgusting that Shelly would lie but make such a big deal about not lying. Dani tells her that Shelly is the biggest liar in the house and she talks to everyone so every time Kalia opens her (BLANK) mouth in front of Shelly it goes to Rachel, JJ, and Adam. Dani really needs Kalia to stop telling Shelly anything.

11:10pm Dani and Porsche Kitchen Porsche says that Rachel wants to talk to her tonight.. Dani knows that Shelly has told her everything. Dani saying that Shelly is talking to the entire house it’s completely obvious now. Porsche asks what did Kalia tell Shelly. Dani says Kalia told her the entire plan. Prosche: “I don’t know this was dumb” (basically their plan to put lawon up) Dani: “what you have to know is if we want to vote her out we can vote her out…. Seriously…” (where are you getting 3 votes from, lawon’s on the BLANK block.. ‘seriously’)

Dani says she cannot understand why Kalia did this. Adam comes in.. Dani and Porsche Agree they need to win HOH this week.

11:21pm HOH Rachel, dani and Kalia (This is pain to listen to)

they ask her where her head is at. Rachel says she has 2 votes for sure but she thinks she’s going home but because of the twist she’s coming back. rachel tells her she has no nobody in the house. They call Rachel out for going to Dani for a deal then going to Kalia the next day saying she’s going to target Dani. Dani says she’s thinking about making a huge change in the game and she wants to go out on a HUGE limb and not get screwed by Rachel in the end. Rachel tells them how screwed she is in the game since Brendon is gone she feels like she’s the target every week
Dani asks where does that leave Rachel if she gets the votes she needs. Rachel says it means I need to restructure my game and make some deals. Kalia says they have the votes to keep rachel we have the votes to evict or keep you. Kalia offers her the deal they will keep rachel safe this week if Rachel doesn’t come after Kalia and Dani next week, “I call a truce”
Dani says she had enough of the floater talk and no one in this room is a floater so if Rachel should follow through with everything she preaches and take out a real floater. rachel agrees says there is a lot of floaters to take out.
Rachel: “I’m going to target floaters I am not targeting you or Dani”
Kalia says if Rachel goes downstairs and tells anyone in the house the deal is off Rachel will go home.
Rachel asks Dani if she is coming after her now.. Dani says it’s up for negotiations she just needs to know she can trust Rachel.

Rachel: “I do not go back in deals but if you evict me deal is off”
Dani asks her who she will put up if she wins HOH next week
Rachel: “I’ll tell you on Thursday when I have the HOH”
Rachel: “you are saying you have Porsche, Adam and Shelly’s vote”
dani: “Noooo all we’re saying is we have enough votes to keep you”
Rachel: “What if Lawon comes back in the house what are you going to do”
Kalia: “I dunno nothing… ”

Rachel: “Umm Dani do you still want people to think we hate each other”
Dani: “I think we’ve been cordial.. lets just keep it the same”
Dani: “I swear to you anything you do say i am not going to tell any one outside this room”
Rachel agrees 100%, “It’s very difficult to do anything in this game with the people playing it”
Rachel: “I want to talk to you guys on Thursday after I win HOH” (hahaha to tell DK they are going up) Rachel says she really wants to win the HOH and prove to them that she honour her deals.

Rachel asks them if anyone else in the house knows this.. Kalia: “Nope it’s 100% only in this room” Dani: “you look like you think we’re lying” Rachel asks them what should she say when she goes downstairs.. they tell her to just say you were trying to convince Kalia to save you.

Rachel leaves
dani scolds her for talking to shelly..

12:00Am Rachel talking to Jordan about the conversation upstairs. She leaves one thing out.. She doesn’t mention the deal. Jordan asks her if there was any deal offered. Rachel: “No.. all they told me was they control the votes this week” Jordan tell her they don’t Rachel is safe this week. Rachel: “But Why would Shelly say they are trying to make a deal with me” Shelly comes in and rachel asks her what she was telling Kalia. Shelly says that Kalia told her they were going to team up with you get you to swear on Brendon. Rachel: “that is so weird they never told me that.. Ohh i’m so confused”
Shelly: “Kalia tells me everything.. dani probably told
Jordan keeps asking Rachel if they offered Rachel a deal (Jordan’s asked her 3 times now) Rachel keeps telling them they were mean to her. Shelly says they are playing rachel.. Jordan: “they haven’t offered you a deal they have just showed you they don’t want you here”. Rachel keeps saying they haven’t mentioned anything about a deal. Jordan: “Stop talking to them.. just say your going home don’t bother talking to them”. Shelly you have the votes just ignore them.. “They are trying to make you go crazy.. every time you go up there it’s making me nervous” Jordan: “Yeah i get nervous to”. Both Shelly and Jordan tell her they want her to win HOH next week and put them up get the revenge..

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223 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jeff Figures out this weeks Twist, “Brendon’s coming back but First he’ll have to arm wrestle Lawon” **updated**

  1. OMGGG! jeff figured it out! people should give jeff more credit! i doubt that brendon will be coming back because dominic is americas fave, i think. and if lawon is evicted, dom’s in the house but if rachels evicted, its hard to say which one will be back….and jordan also had it right…brendons sequestered so he didnt see rachels messages. LOL

            1. I’m always a tv junkie and on every bandwagon there is but I don’t understand the Jeff love. why? How did this happen?

          1. This.

            If it is at all rigged, it is rigged to cause the most drama in the house. The people who think the game is rigged for certain people are just sore losers about their favorite players losing.

      1. AMEN TO THAT! I have been screaming “Production Aggro” for days now. I just wish Production would let us know which one of these wannabe/hasbeens they want to win. That way I can root for them without giving a rats @$$ about the whole process. I stopped watching it on TV about 7 episodes ago. Live Feeds and updates are good enough for me.

      2. If it wasn’t for this twist… Rachel would be long gone this week and there would be no more Brendon and Rachel left. Now not only does Rachel have an amazing shot at getting all the votes but Brendon might be coming back. BR’s side of the house is going to be stacked! DK will be dunzo.

        1. It’s rigged for all their superstars so that they stick around longer and create entertainment for us At the end day the real winners are the CBS execs sipping martinis on their yachts.

        2. i don’t know what you people are talking about…if kalia got rachel out, she would have been coming right back in the house and gunning straight for Kalia….at least now Kalia has somewhat of a chance to make a deal to save herself if Rachel wins HOH and honors the deal (and she might bc she knows her own JJ alliance is super shady)

    1. Actually it was Rachel who figured out the twist. Jeff was right there with her and ran with it giving the arm wrestle example. I just hope JJR don’t share their speculation with the others since it could affect the votes as they stand right now. I love how straight shooter Shelly called out Lawon for starring at everyone as she pretends to be asleep in the hammock watching everyone herself…I usually enjoy Shelly but lately she is annoying – always so sure she knows something about everything. Kind of like Annie Oakley walking encyclopedia….

        1. and also Dani figured it out like a week ago when Kalia first won HOH…she actually said “what if one of the already evicted houseguests gets to competed against the newly evicted houseguest to come back into the house” but i guess no one (including Dani herself) gave it much mind and went on to other ideas

      1. The more of Shelly I see the more I dilike shes a straight lieing bullshitter I hope she gets figured out iI want to see her cry

    2. If Team Dani’s ship totally sinks, I’m jumping ship over to Team JJ and I hope JJ completety dust B(R) in the coming weeks.

        1. You know what I think you are completely right. I never thought of that but her mood did change like a light switch going on. For somebody in Rachel’s emotional state that would never happen on its own. She knows that Brendon is coming back that is why she has been so happy lately. Gees I guess we can all be prepared for her straddling him and crotch rubbing him inappropriately on live TV.

      1. Mike your so full of it. My brother inlaw works at cbs and there’s know one there that even knows who has the votes. So stop making crap up.

        1. that’s funny because my brother’s friend’s cousin actually works for cbs and he says you’re both full of crap

            1. i know someone who dated a girl who has a brother who is friends with this one guy that dates this woman who’s dad works as a janitor at abc and is married to someone at fox, who is having an affair with the production assistant on big brother and he said keith is in the lead for america’s vote

    3. Sorry but dom is not america’s favorite to come back. I better not hear about production rigging if Brendon wins the vote because I believe he would get the most votes. Regardless of how people feel about him, America loves drama so I totally think they’d vote to bring Brendon back. I’m actually hoping for it and then they can stick it to dani!

      1. I’m all for them sticking it to Dani – or better yet Kalia because she is a dunce – but I don’t think I’m up for what will happen when Brendon comes back. Rachel will be queen bitch again and Jeff and Brendon will feed off each other’s testosterone to create the bully pulpit that we had before except it will be worse. They will be yelling and saying that are going to punch people in the face if they don’t throw competitions and vote their way.

    4. Dom maybe americas fav of already evicted HG’s but I think alot of people may vote for Brendon because it would help J & J. Besides if Dom comes back whose to say he would team up with an allince that includes Kalia and Porshe since those are the two that turned on him in week one.

    1. What does “needing the money” have to do with the game? It’s not a charity event. Maybe CBS should make a rule to eliminate talking about your financial situation in the house. I would think that at the end of the day nobody in the house really “needs” the money since most people in need wouldn’t take the summer off to spend it on a game show.

      1. Q: How much do the contestants get for being on Big Brother? —Sue, Oregon

        A: The houseguests receive a stipend for each week they’re in the house, and also for the time they spend sequestered as part of the jury. Thus, the houseguests tend to be anxious to make it least to sequester; there, they get paid to just relax, not play a game or eat oatmeal “slop.” If they’re evicted earlier, they don’t get that additional jury-duty pay.

        This season, Jen confirmed that the stipend was $750 per week when she was considering refusing to go to the sequester house, and that’s been the standard stipend for nearly every season (for last year’s all-star season, the stipend was reported to have increased to $4,000 per week).

        A jury member for “Big Brother 8” would be in the house for 81 days as of Tuesday, the live finale. That’s 11.5 weeks, not including the time they spent sequestered before the series began. So, jury members would receive somewhere around $9,000 for their work, plus any prizes. America’s Player, Eric, earned $40,000 performing his tasks, for example, while Dustin took $5,000 during a competition. And, of course, there are the prizes: $500,000 for the winner, Dick, and $50,000 for the runner-up, Daniele. —A

      2. This is my opinion… BB created a mess this season. First if they wanted the vets to come back they should had created a show for just that. The vets automaticly joined forces and the newbies was suppose to do the same. Immediately the newbies jumpes ship because they were afraid to go against Evel Dick. If only the newbies wasn’t intimidated by the vets and played hard for the HOH they had the numbers to strike first. Porshe was quick to line up and kiss ass with the vets. Everyone else were sitting ducks. I applaud Daniel for drawing first blood. Shelly is a good player and I hope she makes it to the end. The games consist of lies and what if she doing just that. Anyone that wins HOH has blood on their hands. The object of the game is to be the last man standing. It’s entertaiment for me. It will not make of break me. The name calling and making prejudice comments are just a sign that you haven’t changed and you get angry when Black people call you out on it. You put on your KKK robes at home behind the computer..make those statement out in the public if you are proud to write them!

        1. Wow, strong words! And I agree. Also, I’m pretty sure they could all use the money. Or most of them. Dani for example is a college student, same with Dom who still lives with his parents (no judgement, as I think that’s fine). Jordan, without taking her prize into account, is a student and a receptionist. Jeff seems to have given up his day job for random reality shows that don’t even air on tv. What does lawon do? Rachel hasn’t had a job for a year (she says). Brendon is a student – forgive me, a PhD student. Although I do agree with Shelly. She seems well off enough. Also, just as a side note, I hate that they had vets vs newbies this season. Horribly unbalanced and biased. But still, go Dani. And I hope Dom returns. Out.

        2. Shelly is doing a wicked job in the BB house, she just isn’t likeable. This is why she doesn’t have as many fans as she should.

  2. Brendon has the lead in the “back in the house” poll on this website and I guarantee that he’ll be back on Thursday. Continue voting for Brendon back in the BB house. :)

    1. At other points, Dom has led in the poll as has Cassi. The poll shows that people change their minds daily. How very shocking.

      1. Brenden started winning the polls on this site when it became obvious that Rachel was going to be staying in the house this week. Everyone wants to see the look on DK’s face when Brenden walks back in the house and they realize that both of their HOHs were pointless

      1. The past doesn’t matter – this is an on-going history / tally and the only true thing that matters is how the vote is at the end / on Thursday. Vote to bring Brendon back into the house!!! :) :)

        1. Bots don’t work on their site…. any vote that was cast by a bot is null… My sons a cnt and I asked him about bots and he stated that since you have to type words in on the bottom b4 casting he said bots won’t do that..

  3. Friggin’ hilarious: Jeff, Jordan and Rachel hold committee, brainstorm together (and alone — no Shelly or Adam) — and solve the ‘twist’ in about 30 seconds.

    Cue Adam, from the Kitchen:

    “Of course, every scenario we come up with is completely wrong.”

    They may have stopped talking about it at that point, but Jordan and Rachel both seemed to know: One of the four existing evictees is coming back, and — assuming an ACCURATE edit on tomorrow’s primetime episode, showing exactly how hard Shelley OWNED Kalia this week — it’s likely to be Brendon.

    1. How do you know the power would shift to one side of the house if Brendon comes back? He could come back and they may finally make a truce with Dani and it could be team BRDP vs JJAS. I’m not sure which side Kalia would be on and I’m not quite sure about Adam so I put him with JJ, but this is just one possible scenario. But to be honest, I have no clue what would happen if Brendon comes back, or if anyone comes back for that matter. I’m just wondering how everyone else knows exactly what’s going to happen? Is Big Brother scripted or something?

    2. Everyone says oh production doesn’t want brendon to come back cuz the power goes to one side. This makes sense to me cuz it is only dani and kalia so America can root for these 2 underground retards and worst case it is only 2 weeks and then everyone turns on one another which is much more entertaining than ppl that have a clear line in sand drawn. Wake up white people.

    3. This post contradicts itself. Bringing Dom back would make DK stronger, and they have been in power the past two weeks.

      And yes, CBS would want Brendon back over Dom or Cassie. Brendon coming back would cause sooooooooooo much more drama than Dom would, and would make for much better TV

  4. I like your poll asking when Kalia-the-hut will figure out she messed up, I have to say I am definitely looking forward to seeing Damni and Kalia’s faces when Julie announces Lawon is evicted from the house….thanks for this site and keeping all us BB fans updated on the goings on in the house, you guys are awesome!!

    1. At this point, Kalia and Dani that believe they are orchestrating Lawon leaving in order to facilitate their “deal” with Rachel so Kalia and Dani may never figure it out. And sadly, I’ll bet that Rachel does join them in light of the fact that she won’t admit to Jordon that they have offered her a deal. She is so lame.

  5. Just a note to everyone: My username does not show a rooting interest towards Jeff & Jordan. I use it for so many various forums that it just hit me that my username is the same as Jeff & Jordan’s nickname. Pretty stupid, but I’ve used it for so long, I didn’t think twice.

    By the way at certain points I have rooted for Jeff & Jordan for various reasons.

    1. Yea didnt you see that Dani had a supporting role in the new Planet of the Apes movie. She was the one that was picking fleas off the alpha male in the sanctuary

    2. No, she definately looks like a monkey. Or an alien with the most annoying nasally voice on the planet. My ears bleed when I hear her voice. Then my eyes beg me to gouge them out at the horrific site of her alien shaped monkey face with 70 year old smokers skin.

  6. Oh, come on CBS, do we have to go thru another melt down if Brendon comes back and gets voted off again? Rachel will crack again! Crying rivers and where is the psychiatrist? We have gotten her through it once, not again!

    1. Did you pick a favorite yet? I like Dani, Rachel, and Shelly (so far I think the best mind play out of all those people). I keep getting pissed at Dani for her stupid play, but can’t help but like her. If Brendon comes back, I’m team Brendon. After all that BR have been to, I wouldn’t mind one of them winning. Frankly, most of these people suck.

        1. c’mon they haven’t been through that much and they’re lives are not all that bad. it’s just 6 weeks that they are supposedly going to be a part. boo hoo.

          1. They supposedly live in a tiny apartament and can barely pay their bills. They were talking about their money issues with Shelly one day. But I’m sure most people there need money. I do think they got a hell of a treatment last seaosn though, whether some of it was deserved or not.

            Still, I think most people will root for whoever they like best and I personally don’t think Rachel is as big a bitch as other feel. Somewhat crazy, yes, so maybe she could use some of the profits on a psychiatrist.

      1. Goofy, I’m for Dani this week. We’ll see next week. Sweetie, I don’t think I can ever be Team Brendon. He just doesn’t make me want to cheer for him. But, I don’t begrudge you for going there.

        1. I was Team Dani all this time, but I’m really not liking her game, starting with latching onto Dominic and spending most day flirting with him. What the hell. If Dick were here, he would have had a word with her on that. I’m having a really difficult time with Dani. Seems like she had it going early on and screwed it all up. I just don’t think she deserves the money right now based on her game.

    2. BBGrandma – thank you! Someone else who remembers the horror of B&R together (& then separated)! Only a masochist would want to have these two whack jobs reunited in the BB house.

      1. I wish evil dick could get voted back in.. I’m sure his personal problems are over and he would really shake shit up..

    3. Yeah but this time if he comes back, and either her or Brendon gets evicted, they will at least be in the jury house together.

  7. Everyone I know is voting to bring Brendon back to make it a more exciting game on Kailia and Dani so If you want a better game vote Brendon. All Dom is good for is laying around with Dani they do not even play the game at least with Brendon there is drama and Cassi is very beautiful but she did nothing in the game either. So lets play and have a good game with these hamsters…..Lol

      1. Yeah, sorry, but Brendon is a bully and his gameplay is crap (evidenced by his bragging that he outsmarted Dani the week he was evicted….immediately cut to Dani laughing about how he did EXACTLY what she wanted him to). I mean yeah was it sweet of him to save rachel? totally, but to go as far as to think it was a great game move that bested Dani is arrogant and rather stupid. Bring back Dom. He had the guts to go after the big dogs from the start. He’s going to come back and get Dani and Kalia to screw their heads back on straight (or just get Dani to cut Kalia loose before they all go down in flames with her).

  8. Kalia’s stupidity is actually making me go INSANE. Like WTF was she thinking!! She had it set in stone, put adam up as a pawn, and rachel is set to GO! FML thinking of it makes me wanna jump off a cliff! How could someone be so dumb. To think i was beginning to root for her. TOO BAD I ACTUALLY LIKED DANIELLE AND NOW SHE’S GOING UP NEXT WEEK :( I really hope DOM comes back and wins HOH or maybe Dani can win it..o wait i forgot, she’s planning to throw it..FAKKKKKKK

  9. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the images on the right side of the page – HILARIOUS!

    Especially Shelly compared to David Spade (so accurate it’s ridiculous)

    Well played.

  10. I am crazy about big brother!!!!! I absolutely live JJR, Rachel is very annoying and a baby but plays the game good and has stuck to her loyalties this entire game, and Jeff and Jordan are adorable!!!!! I hope brenden comes back and they make final 4!!!!! Dani is a traitor and a lier, Dominic is out of this game bc he told shelly they were going after Jeff then brenden, so dani it’s ur fault for blowing ur chance for Dom to stay, and USAF it’s not personal??? Haha

    1. It actually wasn’t dani’s fault. Yeah, it was her plan but i guess she assumed it would stay between her, him , and BR for the time being, but he went and got all excited and started telling STRAIGHT-SHOOTER everything and making another alliance between him, shelly, and dani that backstabbed BRENCHEL. Although i really liked him and voted for him to come back x10, his stupidity is what got him kicked out of the house…and did you realize that he didn’t figure out who told the JJ alliance? ( or did he just assume Brenchel did?)

    2. If Dom comes back I hope that he shuns Damni, and plays with the vets…it would be a nice slap in the face to Damni for her stupid game play. He has had time to think about it that she gave him bad advice, and she wasnt being straight with everyone. Damni was playing all sides of the house, same thing she is saying Shelly is doing; guess that is why she hasnt called her out on it because she is playing the same game. Although if Cassie came back in the house it would present an interesting dynamic, would the vets welcome her into their alliance out of spite to Damni and Kalia or would they feel confident they dont need her to get further in the game..I kinda dont want to see Brendan back because he is a neanderthal, and I find the relationship between him and Rachel to be immature and co-dependant. With all that said this week has been very interesting to follow for sure!

    1. After an hour and half of backyard chit chat.. they just moved into the house with the camera’s…. REALLY BBAD?
      I was just going to turn it off.. Were they all sleeping is why they’ve only shown the backyard all night?
      Everyone seems to be obstructing their mikes tonight.. and now they’re talking under the covers! this is really sucking!

    2. No LITERALLY, toss a live grenade into the yard, then make a comp and whoever dodges the most tossed grenades wins HOH for 2 weeks, and if you happen to throw Rachel in front of one, you get HOH for 3 weeks.

  11. WTF’s with the votes and comments from people wanting Brendumb back in the game? Shit! Have we been watching the same show? Let me refresh people’s memory regarding B & R together in the BB house:

    – R’s altar ego, “Sybil” (google this movie & you’ll know what I mean) will resurface (R’s an even bigger nut job when B’s around)
    – R&B are bigger arrogant pigs when together
    – RB = tears, “I love you, no I love you, no I love you, etc.), codependent & narcissistic whack jobs
    – sex in the house (cameras people! HELLO!!) & then they share this fact with their fellow HGs and …… THE VIEWING WORLD!
    – BR = an increase in alcoholic & pain relief medication consumption for otherwise well-balanced and rational thinking BB viewers …. the world over!
    (I’m sure I’ve missed other reasons for not voting Brendumb back, such as ….)

    1. Sounds like someone is crying about Brendon (and the 100% certainty that he’ll be back in the house)…and I certainly don’t mean that “crying” person is Rachel. Go Team Rocket! Vote Brandon back in the house – he’s the only choice to make the house more interesting! :)

      1. Joan, clearly have a different opinion as to what constitutes an “interesting” house! Regardless, I’m loading my gun now in case he does come back. (sound Cdn. laws be damned)

  12. Adam was the one who figured it out first but Jeff didn’t believe him. So adam should get the credit. Vote dom! makes rachel go crazy because america doesnt love her brendon and jeff will go crazy from rachel’s whining

        1. Its the new suburban slang, Bote: To boot someone out of the BB house by means of a vote. :)
          Used in a Sentence; ” It would be absolutely lovely if on thursday Adam gave Rachel the bote.”

  13. Okay I get dont get why Jordan has two face for her icon?? I will admit its been a long day and my brain is mush…but someone please explain to me :). I do get the other ones…spot on guys!

    1. 2-faced miss perfect for sure…….she and STR8 SHOOTER were talking earlier about alligator hunting and it is done by baiting line with chicken then the gator is shot in the head…….Jordo got all excited and said how much she wants to go hunting and kill something and S said she can arrange a boar hunt or whatever with one of her neighbors who has that kind of business…..and just a little while ago, R was trying to save another insect, a moth, after feeding that bee few weeks ago, trying to nurse it back to health…….how ironic, that they have their on-screen personas reversed LOL

  14. We need one of those planes to flyover the backyard and say ” The Straight Shooter is a Liar and a Snake” . We love Dani…Go Dani!!!

  15. Jordan face is for TWO FACES (which everyone is!!!), Unsure about the rainbow next. If it is insinuating that he is gay, that’s so ridiculous. He has never acted interested in man, never made comments and he is ALL MAN!!!!

  16. You forgot an alt pic for Lawon.
    The rainbow one would have worked for him, but you could also use Curly from the 3 Stooges.

  17. YES DANI, YOU TELL KALIA HOW SILLY SHE WAS. She’s on to Shelly and she realizes that Shelly has been telling JJ, Rachel, and Adam…she’s super close to seeing how screwed she is because of Kalia’s nomination of Lawon.
    Team Dani + Porsche + hopefully Dom! Dani will need Kalia for a few more weeks, but she’s not going to be as close anymore. Hopefully Dani wins HOH next week (She’ll fight now, knowing she can’t trust Shelly.), and puts up Jeff and Jordan. It would be great, though maybe not too possible, for her and Rachel to have a secret alliance. I’m not a huge Rachel fan, but I think they could go far as a secret alliance.

  18. So Dani knows 2 things for certain

    Shelly Shoot Straight every time she opens her mouth
    Shelly tells everything to JJ

    Dani also thinks shelly has a final 3 we everyone in the house.

    They still grossly under estimate the amount that straight shooters been shooting them straight.

  19. Enough about how cute Jeff & Jordan are! That’s not what this game is about! Jordan was the biggest floater in her game & what has she done in this game…not much riding Jeff’s shirt tail again. If they don’t make it to the finals (not that i want them t) then I hope CBS gives up on them & moves on with new faces after all they’ve had the advantage coming in. There game play sucks!

      1. Thank you!!!!!

        Yay, Bookie is in the lead now….I hope he comes back! <3 Even if Brendon does get evicted again I hope he can take down Dani and Jeff.

  20. I’ve increased our filters for comments sometimes they may take longer to be approved.

    There has been a few comments today about people having to wait until they see them live on the site. We’re working on tweaking it.

  21. It really doesn’t make sense for DK to be this stupid. Do they even deserve Dom? Right now I agree with Dick I don’t even care who comes back now because DK don’t have any common sense WHAT-SO-EVER.

    1. They’ve been saying this for the past week. None of them have actually acted upon that knowledge though as they actually still tell her everything.

  22. Kalia, Dani, and Rachel are talking now and it is so funny to watch Kalia think she has control over this situation. If I was Rachel I would be dying inside…

    1. Rachel basically told them….she said I knew I had the votes as soon as you put up Lawon…these dum dums are crazy!!!

        1. I don’t think so…Rachel is too confused. I think she is going to sit back and be quiet because she isn’t sure about Adam. But if she wins HOH on Thurs everything will come out. Shelly will be exposed everything!!

          1. Yeah I agree. I can’t wait for Shelly to be exposed. If anyone is even brave enough to do it. But then again if Rachel comes back and Brendon or Dom comes back their would be no need to expose anything because at that point the numbers would either be even or 6 against 2.

  23. I find it so hilarious that Kalia still thinks she has power with her HOH. Telling Rachel she can DECIDE to keep her this week. KALIA YOU HAVE NO OPTIONS! Rachel is staying this week and it’s out of your hands bc you’re an idiot and put up a member of your own freaking alliance. They’re so clueless! Every time I think Dani is beginning to piece it together, she goes and follows suit with Kalia’s idiot theories. Kalia has made all of her decisions of HOH with the intention of making JJ like her, instead of focusing on the Money. I’m so ready for Thursday I can’t take The torture that is Kalia any longer!

    1. Hmmm, my son rides the short bus. Please fo not categorize him with these grown ass idiots. His 8 year old autistic self would have smacked all of them by now lol (he has aggression issues).

  24. Simon, just for the record, I fell that your behavior is much better and you’re not just hating on the Black People anymore, Good news your back on the list of people I want to bang!

    Top 5 :-)

    1. Wow, i love this game, but if Rachel flips she will get caught by the straight shooter and then JJSA will just vote her out….

    2. Rachel is lying to Jordan and Shelly, too. The girl can’t help but shoot herself in the foot. If they find out about it before Thursday, she’s screwed.

      1. umm yes and no. they decided that Rachel will know that DK’s will honour the deal if Rachel stays on thrusday and Rachel will let them know she’s holding up her end when she wins HOH.. so they both are aware of the deal and they both hav laid out conditions that if met means the deal is on.

  25. Wow…I think Rachel took the deal! I’m shocked. I thought she was going to go downstairs and tell JJ about the deal, but I guess not.

  26. I don’t even understand why Rachel is playing this game with them. She knows she has the votes.

    She should tell D/K to F’ off on any deals.

    I’m staying either with the votes or as the returning HG.

    She should ask them……..why do you even want to make a deal. What are they scared of


    So why should Rachel even play along with giving them a deal.

  27. Tori and all the rest of the haters! You weren’t calling Khali and idiot when she was saved Danis ass from going up….so typical, your all ungrateful and hating on the women for one stupid choice, and yet when Dani broke her alliance early due to her infatuation with Dom’s virgin penis, that was not an epic DUMB game move??????????????

    Oh yeah, that’s called cleaver

  28. Wow — Rachel has shown that she is dumber than I ever thought. She is lying to her own alliance that has her back to trust the people that just put her up on the block & do not have her back & will put her up in a heart beat. I swear that I am going to go crazy on this girl. She is going to mess this whole thing up & it could be so easy. But no, the bi-polar girl can’t believe that people truly have her back. She has to question it and then make a deal with the enemy then lie to her alliance about it.

    1. Um an hour ago her “alliance” was just talking mad shit about her and saying how they will get rid of her next week SO technically she has nothing to lose!

    2. But Elie, earlier tonight Jordon and Shelly were talking about Rachel. They were talking about maybe her going. I don’t think Rachel is too safe there either. Heck, they might still vote or bote her out.

    3. Now, for the first time I hope brendon comes back. Then, when Rachel says “baby, look what I did!” He can tell her what an idiot she is.

    4. I wouldn’t share anything with them either. She doesn’t trust Shelly, she knows Shelly is obsessed with Jordon and that Adam and SSS are really straight together so why would R go out on a limb. Speak as little as possible and listen, listen, listen. Loose lips sink ships.

    5. Looks like JJ only person they can really trust is Shelly. (I think?)

      If Brendon comes back he will kick Rachel back in to shape and make her work with only JJ.

    1. Kalia very well may wind up looking the genious if things were to play out that way (unlikely), but she’ll never be a genius. The past week has made that embarrassingly clear. Spelman weeps.

  29. Rachel is driving me crazy and makes me extremely angry!!! She is going to mess this whole thing up. I said it yesterday…J/J/S/A are not dumb and they will know she is lying. Why would you make a deal with the enemy when your main alliance is NOT going to nominate you and is working to keep you safe? Rachel has a serious psychological issue of not being able to accept that people are there for her or are supporting her. Shelly & Jordan & Jeff have told her a DOZEN times that they are the ones choosing whether she stays or goes and yet she still doesn’t get it.

  30. I think that if Big Brother doesnt want to look bad in terms of rigging the comp

    they will say its the two highest vote getters who get a chance

    then its brenden for sure, and prob dom.

    then worst case lawon somehow wins, but most likely they substitute one of the two for lawon, a win win for all of us no matter which way it goes.

  31. Rachel didn’t actually take the deal. I think that she is confused and stated such to Jordan and Shelly. But I didn’t hear her agree to protect K&D – just that they would talk Wednesday,

  32. On the house feeds on BB, it said ALL the houseguests are coming back to challenge the evicted houseguest . Has the twist changed?

  33. I personally don’t think Rachel is as dumb as she seems by not telling J/J about the “deal” that was offered to her.

    I think Rachel knows that if she tells anyone what was said, that they will go and tell Dani and Kalia.. and even though she may not need their votes to stay, she’s probably paranoid because she knows she can’t trust Shelly.. and my guess is she thinks Shelly is working with Dani and Kalia since she knew the deal they were going to offer her, before they’d offered it.

    She probably is just trying to keep the peace in the house, and then waiting to see what happens on Thursday.. which to me, isn’t dumb.

    I think the ONLY one she can actually trust telling the “deal” to, without saying ANYTHING, to ANYONE, is Jeff. Jordan would be running right to Shelly if she said anything to her.. and we all know where Shelly would be running.. HOH room!! So ya, if Rachel wants to stay in the game another week, it was smart for her.. but she should tell Jeff before Eviction because he might get paranoid like she cut a deal with them and that she’ll go after J/J next, and then he might get everyone else to switch their votes.. which would lead to her being evicted and then having to battle “America’s Choice”.

    This should be an interesting next 2 days lol

  34. Ya’all seem to be missing the bold print. Rachel is not saying anything regarding proposed deal talk in hoh too
    With KD and R. When R came back down she didn’t say anything to JJ or S. I think R waiting til Thursday to choose a side waiting to see who comes back.

  35. LOL, Rachel didn’t tell JJ about the deal DK offered.

    JJ better not let Dani or Porsche win HOH Thurs, or one of them is probably going home.

    If Dom comes back, JJ might be screwed. Brendon coming back would lock in this season for JJ. Brendon won’t let Rachel cut deals with enemies.

  36. In the conversation with Kalia, Rachel and Dani, Kalia stated: “I dunno nothing… ”

    No truer words have been spoken.

  37. simon I’m confused… Dani turned 21 in her last season but that year they did it in the winter time. How is she turning 25 in the summer?

  38. I don’t think who needs the money really matters but if I remember correctly Jordan’s family doesn’t jabe money. She used her winnings to buy her mom a house because her mom wasn’t doing well (i THINK her father skipped out?) Rachel’s family i think are upset about how she came across last year. Actually, I don’t even think they signed the waiver. Kaloa comes from money, especially if her family is psrt of jack and jill, and she might want to support herself but I have read a few of her blogs and there were 0 comments so she apparently doesn’t have a following. Bremdon is still a student so his ass is broke. Jeff probably has a decent life to go back to. Porsche will be fine, she will probably end up in Vegas being the next Rachel. Shelly seems to have it going on in the business world. Adam could probably have some need for the money. Lawan probably wants it to promote his business. No idea about Dani.

    Still, who needs the money doesnt matter cause if it did, I have a really sad story so I could go on and they could just write me the check day one lol

  39. JJ and Shelly have done a lot for Rachel and Dani got Brendon out of the house now Rachel basically has a deal with the devil to put up Jordan and Adam/Shelly if she wins HOH…. I mean wow. If she wasn’t thinking about it then she wouldve told Jordan about the deal

  40. Team Dani should vote for KEITH. He is the only one 100% who wants to play with Porsche, Kalia, and Dani.

    Keith’s Angels 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Keith. He is sooooo sexy. Best big brother player ever. Go regulators!

  41. Ok, you guys do know that CBS could get in a lot of trouble by the FCC with penalties for A LOT of money if they were to rig this competition right????…Im tired of all of you thinking that CBS has a hand on this, if you do a vote by text, sometimes the carrier for your cell will charge you a fee to vote, granted the website vote is free for people that cannot text but every vote is monitored by an independent company that CBS has to have from a list given by the FCC and then once all the votes are all tallied by the independent company they are given to FCC to review by an electronic machine that can tallied millions and millions of votes from actual telephone #’s and ip#’s from computer in a matter of minutes and then give the results to CBS….so please stop thinking that this is fixed by CBS and just enjoy the game, this is getting good and is all legit!!

  42. This game is not rigged. Don’t get annoyed just because you’re favorite isn’t doing what you want. Don’t be stupid.

  43. Has anyone noticed that the Life Feeds Flashbacks don’t line up with After Dark? I was just trying to see what happened right after After Dark ended and I feel like I’m missing a whole lot. It doesn’t make sense.

  44. How about this…

    Lawon is voted out… he battles Brandon… Brandon wins and goes back into the house.

    JJBR celebrate.. here comes the HOH comp… Dani wins… BR are back on the block… Dani wins POV and noms stay… Brandon leaves again lol

  45. Yeah, Porshe has been on to Shelly since the day when Shelly asked her who’d she put up if she were HOH, and she didn’t IMMEDIATELY say; not you Shelly. Since then Shelly’s been talking BLANK about her to JJR. Porshe clued Dani in, and Dani has been sitting back; observing Shelly. Good luck to Dani in reining in the idiot Kalia. At the meeting lasy night, Kalia talked too much, as always. If Rachel keeps her mouth shut about the deal, I think she’d be smart to team up with Porshe and Dani. She certainly has a better chance at final two with them.

  46. I think America has lost their minds due to the economic down turn. In the past America always had it right. Always gave advantages to the “good guys”.
    This year Jeff, Jordan and Adam are clearly the good guys and Dani and Kalia are evil.

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