“I’m so freakin excited.. I was so hyped when I saw those balance beams.. I knew I got this”

HOH: Sarah Beth
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6:00 pmAzah and DF
Azah is crying
Df – there is no comp that can be beaten for me. Nothing for a fat dude can do. Why can’t we pick up heavy things that is not cool (lol)
DF – that last ledge was crooked.. that’s not even fair it’s not level..
Azah – we got to get out of her and solutions
Azah – I don’t know what homegirl is going t do she’s going to put me up, Hannah up Tiffany up.. we have to use the power this week.
DF says Sb will probably put him up because what she said to him “Ohh people might not want you to go home because like you are a pawn.. ”

X joins them
DF – I’m checked out now.. I’m so over Big Brother making these games for all you skinny b!tches..
DF – I’m over it.
DF – there’s nothing so far since we started that has anything with me being strong
DF – let me just lose all my weight and be a skinny bitch. What the f*** a balance beam?
X – it didn’t suit me either. Balance is not my strong suit
Azah – we should have done the longer route..
DF – I could have beat Claire’s time..
Azah – I probably will see the block this week but that’s ok

6:07 pm Sb and Ky
SB – I’m so freakin excited.. I was so hyped when I saw those balance beams.. I knew I got this..
Sb – what the heck do I do..
Ky – at this very second DX and Claire personally because of what happened this week. It’s your HOH whatever you do I’ll support.. (Boo)

6:19 pm Tiff and DX
Tiff is asking why does Kyland not know what Sb is going to do.
Tiff – I know what you will do, We know what Claire will do they’re so close. Why wouldn’t he already know what her plan is
Dx – I don’t know what Ky’s plan is
Tiff – she lied to me and Claire last night.. she slept out there so she could find out what we would do this week. I was like what would you do? She said the Jokers ain’t nobody wasting their HOH on the jokers
DX – she said to me the jokers
Tiff – I said what if Azah comes down
Tiff impersonates Sb “I mean I don’t want to do this but Hannah”
Tiff – I know Hannah means you or Hannah or me or Hannah
DX – I do think there’s value in being close to Ky this week
Tiff – They’re going to make you spend your money that is what you want
Dx says Ky is going to volunteer to be a have-not. Tiff should and DX will that way they can form a three in the have nots.
Tiff – what about Hannah
DX – you decide
Tiff – You and Kyland..

6:30 pm Tiff and Azah
Tiff still complaining that Kyland doesn’t know what SB is doing “We’re supposed to know what our person is doing.. Kyland it shouldn’t be no secret for you otherwise all that laying up and cuddling ”
Azah – he said he doesn’t know
Tiff – as far as I’m concerned it should be his HOH I know what Claire would do (Please god no)
Azah – I feel like he has her wrapped around his finger on the other hand she’s very unpredictable
Tiff – YES
Tiff – I’m going to be real with you if it wasn’t for the cookout I wouldn’t have a reason to not keep Britini no reason to not keep Brit.. I couldn’t give her one. You know how f**ing hard that was?
They talk about how good Brit’s points were
Azah – she came up with those herself

Claire joins them.
Tiff – I don’t know what she is capable of doing. I don’t know anything.. I did know this was coming so I’m not surprised..

6:41 pm Azah and Tiff
Azah – do you think she’ll look at DX
Tiff – Probably
Tiff – She ain’t looking at Alyssa she’s not looking at a KIng she’s not looking at Claire
Tiff thinks the order of targets for Sb is – DX, Hannah, Me, DF, you, X, Alyssa, Ky
They start to talk about the roulette competition. Tiff isn’t sure DF should go for it because it’s a balancing competition DF should save his money for the coin toss.

6:53 pm SB HOH I’ve seen one person celebrate with her.
Ky brings her some pizza
Sb – thank you
Kitchen areas talk about what her pictures will be, Mother, father, Brother, Shelly?
They can’t believe Big Brother shut the backyard down an extra day for the balance beam competition.
DF still complaining about the last balance beam not being stable
feeds flip to Tiff talking about Sb being like the fire avatar or some sh1t like that (She’s starting to spiral)

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Cue Tiffany going on a tangent about how dangerous SB is as soon as feeds are back (I couldn’t post this fast enough to beat it actually happening).

HOH comp – if Baby D hadn’t tried to go across the smaller bean he would’ve easily beat SB.

How much control does Ky have over SB?:

Kyland will once again be under the microscope b/c (see Another Name post on previous page) he called out Tiff saying her/Hannah had to get a better grip on their “plus ones” (Baby D & Claire).

Will gaining power be the boost SB needs to find the fire that was evidenced very early in the show? OR… will Kyland come in & perform his Svengali control over her?

SB’s HOH could be very interesting:

SB has served up different scenarios of who would go up if she became HOH. Initially, she definitively said Big D & Azah. From the jump her target was Hannah (like sees like). Both ladies knew each other was smart, capable of playing down their abilities & were intent on using males to help shield them.

The last time we saw SB’s true fire was during Christian’s HOH when she aggressively tried to push her agenda of making Hannah the target over Whitney.

There is also the concern of Baby D who she’s jealous of b/c of the time he spends with Ky not to mention SB is someone who is envious of strong game play.

Like almost everyone in the house SB has assorted alliances that she has to navigate. Clearly Ky is safe but she has:

  • A bond with her former team The Kings
  • Not sure if it was cemented as a F4 but a deal with X/Ally/Ky
  • “The Flop” F3 with Ky/Baby D
  • Several times this past week SB spoke to Claire/Tiff to reinforce their Jackpot alliance (the one she squealed on to Ky – so he’s well aware it exists).

Expect Ky to try to talk her out of Big D/Azah noms focusing her on Claire or Baby D (check — he’s already said it). We know Ky has her wrapped but if the Sarah Beth who started this game returns with a pinch of HOHitis can we see her put her own vested interest ahead of his?

Remember it was only two weeks ago when we witnessed a TV segment of her singing — “row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, win the Veto, earn your safety & betray your team” then looked into the camera with a stare reminiscent of a Stephen King character.

Safest: Ky, Xavier, Alyssa
Most in Danger: Baby D, Hannah, Big D, Azah (Claire if she listens to Ky)
Middle ground:, Tiff – she’s not necessarily on SB’s radar but if Ky has his way SB may initially nominate Claire/Tiff — but that won’t bode well for her b/c of the Jackpot alliance even though Tiff has been screaming for two weeks SB has to go.

I could see SB either putting Baby D & Hannah up from the jump or try to partially appease Ky with Claire up but Hannah beside her.

It seems likely Baby D will play Roulette sensing the danger he’s in (will Big D or X also play in an attempt to stop him from winning?). If he wins Hannah would take precedence to take down over either Claire or Tiff but if the latter two are up would he automatically remove Tiff (I presume so).

SB can go one of a few directions with her initial nominations – upset the fewest people (at least overtly) with Big D/Azah initial noms, come out firing & put up Hannah/Baby D, ride the middle putting up either Claire/Hannah or Claire/Tiff and possibly pull a surprising move putting up one of Big D/Azah (likely Big D) and Claire.

Fans of DX & Claire should hope for the latter b/c then Baby D can play roulette & remove Claire. In that scenario you know I’ll be hoping for the random renom to be Ky.


Azah & Tiff are doing their version of “Mean Girls”

Hopeful for a Good Season


Miss Impression

So will this be a continuation Of Ky’s HOH?If DX can save himself this week could get interesting.


SB is not controlled by Ky. I don’t always agree with her logic but I am glad a woman finally won HOH. We knew SB or DX would of been the target. Now Ky will be her sounding board. Hopefully she will go after DX. Though I’m not sure this pair knows about his BB bucks.


Yep, that is what I did. I put all my votes to DX

another name

I’m actually laughing.
Mostly because of the absurdity.
The cookout is all flustered because they don’t know what SB will do this week because Ky never told them what SB would do this week because Ky hadn’t decided what he wanted her to do since he figured there was no chance she’d be HOH… she’s just a girl and not in the cookout after all.
Most to least in danger:
Dx (jealousy she stated having because he spends time with Ky, he’s on Ky’s list to her).
Tiff (in charge of the near flip while SB was on the block).
Claire (she’s on Ky’s list, she tried to do a flip on Ky’s HOH)
Hannah (she doesn’t like her)
(SPOTS 2-4 might be interchangeable)
Couch (considered waste of an HOH)
Azah (even bigger waste of an HOH)
Alyssa (jealous of her but thinks Alyssa likes her… cough… wrong)
X(master and commander… she could never)
Ky (snookums???? perish the thought)




DX winning it all is the saving grace to this season

No fave yet

He already told her DX and Claire. BOO


But I don’t think that she will necessarily do that. Of the 2 Derek X is most in danger. Hence giving all of my votes to him


Maybe next year they could have six Native Americans.

Zachary Chenault

Lmao you so hell for this comment ? I am interested to see what they will do next year after the cookout dominates this season like never seen before.

another name

Dropping my 16 people are playing BB this year hat for just a second.
Why haven’t they had more First nation inclusion?
I have wondered this before.
I’ll shut up and stop asking questions now.

murray fedorchuk

I would have reservations about that

The Beef

OMFG, you should BUUUUURN for this comment, but I couldn’t help but LOL at it!


We love diversity. Most of us are a bunch of mutts, mixed all up, now that we have DNA testing we know it for a fact. That being said, all my votes went to DX again, since we like diversity so much and he is playing very smart. My pick from day 1 And I was a big big fan of Kaysar, and I just love love love his cousin and friend the fabulous Oday! Thats diversity too. We all are diverse.


And six Texas cowboys…

Big Brother 23 Fan

I hope the roulette wheel puts Tiff and Ky on the block. 😉


Grodner Edits (how it might affect casual fans voting):

In Brit’s retell of “the deal” she say -KY OFFERED her safety in exchange for 2 weeks of safety (LIE) – she offered it. However – they do show Ky seemingly agreeing to the deal.

Tiff initial DR speaks of protecting Claire – shown convincing Ky he doesn’t have to worry about her. But also is shown warning X about DX/Claire starting to catch onto the CO (plus see Brit exit interview note).

Xavier edit — most likely to take a hit b/c he is shown in above convo with Tiff implying he’ll take out one of Claire/DX. More egregious is the HOHR talk with Ky where they plot to make DX feel safe only to blindside him via the back door — followed by a DR of him essentially saying if DX doesn’t win HOH he’s gone. Don’t be surprised if X drops to $50 this week.

Claire & DX are shown trying to rally Tiff/Hannah to evict Big D. DX is a lock to get $100 – while Claire could rise like a Phoenix to the top tier. (similarly goodbye message will help her cause).

The question is whether Big D also gets the $100 — that eviction speech was BAD. His pitch was to keep him for cooking/cleaning & entertainment plus makes sure to promote his podcast (I assume) The Regular Degular Show. If that’s reason to give someone $100 then umm -yeah.

OMG – DF’s face when Julie said “By a vote of 7 to 1 Big D you are safe” he looked like he was about to have a cardiac attack.

Azah, X, Claire & Big D goodbye messages shown – & Brit calls out Ky as a liar while also saying she felt betrayed with Tiff & Claire (Tiff more so) Will that plus above notes drop Tiff to $50?.

Brit delusions: “NO ONE in this house could beat me in F2” Okay Brit (rolls eyes).


Big D probably made a little doody in his pants…Julie should have dragged it out longer! He really needs to go…but it would not surprise me to find that TPTB have promised him to be the winner this season. They will make it so that he gets dragged into the final two against a non-POC and all of the CO in jury will give him the win. If that happens, they might as well cancel the show for me. I’ve been a diehard fan from the beginning, but this season is too much!


If sb is smart girl, she should nominated cookout member, she don’t know all black contestant still in the show?

Miss Impression

She wears rose colored glasses.


Tiff about to have a tiff


I hate the way the black houseguests act like the non-black houseguests are idiots for not noticing who is left while at the same time saying “they won’t say it out loud.” It just doesn’t seem right they can do blatantly be discriminatory and say they are being that way while gloating that no one can call them on it. It’s just so obvious the other houseguests don’t see color as they don’t even suspect an all black alliance.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

We ain’t allowed to talk about the obvious, including on this site. I come here to see my predictions of July 10 to come true. Only Claire and Sarah need to get their POWC arses out the door then production will need to decide which two need to be pleading for jury votes with 6 POC/ mix on the jury. BET Channel here we come …Too funny really.

another name

The problem with Ky’s lying right now?
It flies smack in the face of what he was going on about to the cookout earlier: Control your person. He’s writing cheques I’m not sure if he can cash in his talks to others considering he’s telling them something TOTALLY different than what he told SB he wanted.

Oh look, he’s jokingly (not jokingly) ushered Hannah out of the room so he can start to Stepfording.

SO, Sb is saying she wants to make sure roulette gets played. that should mean the people with not enough money shouldn’t be noms. Shouldn’t it? Just a speculation that probably means nothing.
Ky doens’t have enough money. Clair doesn’t have enough money. SB doesn’t have enough money. Even with 100 this week they are short.
Tiff would have to get 100 to play, she’s at 25. it is 125 isn’t it?
Should that not remove them from the running immediately?
Ky wants to make sure nobody has the money to play for the coup d’etat? How they plan to engineer that? everyone but Clair SB an KY could technically get enough, couldn’t they? (real question, i don’t remember how much week 3 costs 250?).
Ky has told SB about the deal between Ky X and Dx. then added oh and our partners. SB was nonplus after hearing that. Better call Aunt Lydia… Ofkyland was not buying that line.

The way I’m seeing it, SB’s one on ones are going to take forever, what with Ky jumping in every time she finishes a one on one so that he can re-educate her to the proper way of being Ofkyland. Just don’t use candy, because that was the issue with Kyland’s HOH, people didn’t like the candy. She doesn’t want to do them. Oh. Ooookay. Either she’s already processed her orders, or she is having independent thought….

Nobody was really celebrating with SB during the multiple scurryings. Though Claire did offer SB a dress for HOH reveal and is currently planning her outfit. Hannah was just geting into the social schmooze. Ky kaboshed that.

I think SB said something about a girls only party in the HOH… oh…. that ought to be some……thing…… Kylanna will make her debut.
I figure by Sunday, Couch will have completely forgotten SB’s name, and just outwardly start calling her bitch around the house. You know I’m not kidding.

Seriously. Someone call the ministry… I’m starting to get independent thought vibes from Stepford model 12.2, yes, the Ofkyland model. Send a tech, quick.

another name

In SB’s opinion, she should keep the Jackpot off the block?
Losing control of SB two hours into her HOH?
Snicker snicker guffaw…… oops.

SB is interested in finding out what was going on re voteflip when She and Christian were on the block. Here is what I remember. X and Tiff decided to try. X went to Al/Chris while Tiff went to Claire. So it really depends on who is asked.


Before the re-nom was made Ally/Chris went to DX to say they would vote out SB (thinking DF was going OTB).

Then Tiff spoke to X & they decided to try — with Tiff going to Claire & X going to Ally/Chris – leading to Chris trying to get Brit to go talk to Tiff/Claire.

Sooooooo even if X tries to blame it on Tiff I’m not sure SB will buy that. Besides Ally already tried to throw Tiff UTB saying she wasn’t happy about DX losing HOH to SB but Baby D dutifully buried that.

Where Ally F’d up was saying she felt Tiff/Claire were the reason Christian went OTB via the back door. Since we know SB was IN on that plan – she’s only going to read that as Tiff/Claire trying to get a bigger target OTB to ensure her safety so even if X tells her the truth I’m not sure she’ll believe him now.

Tiff was soooooooooo sure she’d be the target so when SB brings up wanting the Jackpot to lock in (her face —LMFAO). Credit to Tiff though – she recognized the value early of working with specific people & in truth that only changed b/c Ky outed he knew about the Jackpot alliance & that SB was his spy. Prior to that Tiff didn’t have issues with SB but Ky made her feel duped. Meanwhile X, Chris, & Ally treated SB like the disposable adopted child of the Kings.

One thing we have to remember about SB is she HOLDS GRUDGES – and in her mind the people who’ve done her the most wrong are Big D (making jokes about her/Ky being in a relationship), X/Ally not making her feel like a full teammate (or that her voice mattered when she wanted to target Hannah instead of Whit) & her spoken jealousy of Ally (to Ky in hammock).

I got caught up in Svengali stating “I took on SB as my responsibility. “If SB is looking at two members of the six, I can have her put me up. That’s what I’m willing to do. That’s what taking responsibility means for my person. I’m willing to bet my game on my ability to control this person” and even though I wondered if the Savage SB was still lurking I bought his rhetoric. Instead – we’re getting the Row- Row-Row SB.

Back to the question she asked Baby D he said he wants to check with who told him (if it was okay to say) so now he’ll go to Tiff & they’ll construct some plan. That was a bit off b/c now they can’t blame Brit. Now, Tiff/DX will sense SB isn’t trusting Ally/X (holding a grudge from that week). So watch them place a target elsewhere.

Kontrolling KY

If that doesn’t open SB’s eye to the cookout alliance “KY saying to her put him on the block instead of 2 from the cookout” Nothing will.


Lol I hope KY irritates SB to the point that she puts him up.


Love the Ofkyland joking… too funny!


The worst thing (to date) has happened: SB won HOH. Aside from her being lazy, whiny, and selfish, this is basically Ky’s HOH, take 3.
I am not a fan of the Cookout. At all. I understand the premise, but at some point, all will have to turn on each other; only one can win. I realize this is BB and lying, manipulation, etc. are part of the game; however, noncommittal answers and amending verbal agreements after the fact are not good jury management tactics.
I am also not a fan of Derek F, but he’s personable enough and I can see everyone wanting to take him to F2 because unless he suddenly becomes a comp beast or a mental mastermind … they’ll win against him because he has absolutely zero on his resume.
Right now, my two faves are Derek X and Claire: they’re smart and strategic but unfortunately do not have enough of a social game to garner votes to stay if they’re ever on the block. And I can see them both there Sunday night if Ky has his way. (Personally would love to see Azah and Alyssa in the seats)

Game fan

claire and DX social game is amazing . they could of won any other season.
they wont get votes to stay cause they are not it the cookout . not because their games


I think the Big Brother producers are intentionally steering this competition so a minority will win. Get woke, go broke, CBS. Just let people play.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

You think? Bro, week 1 it was as obvious as a skinny jeans BLM flame thrower.

Trenton Makes

Your tears taste like Caramel PecanBons from Cinnabons. Delicious!

G of 303

Idk what it is but I CAN NOT stand SB’s whispery voice, It makes me irritated!

All 10 votes for DX, I’m ready to see some actual game playing.


Thank you. That is what annoys and irritates me, too! That and her scary moments where she seems to act like a little sociopath. Like when she singing Row Row Row Your Boat?? And then looked dead eyed in the camera, someone on the board here called it a Stephen King! LOL


SB has been HOH for 2 hours and Ky has been talking the entire time.

Balance beam of Destiny

This could possibly be the one chance for two cookout members to wind up on the block after the veto ceremony Monday afternoon. Ky will be in her ear pushing DerekX or Claire, but with the roulette twist and SB being unpredictable, I could see her making her own move. And in the end, I won’t be surprised if it’s BigD and Hannah on the block when it’s all said and done, and then we’ll have a really fun week of feeds!

Fraggle Rock Bottom

You are so adorable with your naivety.


OMGosh, now we get to hear her voice all week. Kill me know.
Someone steal those heart glasses or accidentally “break” them.