Britini “If I stay, we control the next 4 weeks of voting Claire!”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire Britini and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Alyssa (OTEV winner), Kyland (High Roller winner)
Power of Veto Ceremony: Kyland used the veto on Claire. Britini nominated in her place.

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Big Brother SPOILERS Britini is being evicted. I don’t see this changing. 7-1 or 8-0
Brit and DF have been doing their one on ones campaigning.

8:06pm The feeds return from being block. It sounds like they had a half way party. They have a cake with all their pictures on it. Most of the house guests are cleaning the house for tomorrows live eviction.

Azah and Britini head into the back bedroom. Britini starts talking about her one on ones with X and Alyssa. X was playing the devils advocate. He asked me nothing about Christian. Alyssa did. Azah – which is understandable. Brit – X asked me the devils advocate questions which I gave him answers.. but also I don’t know where Alyssa and X are sitting. So that is really going to be a decision maker for me.. because X thinks he is going to make his decision with her.. that’s fine, that’s fair. He did find my points very valid. His question was why would the HOH waste getting out Big D. Alyssa agreed 100% with my points. She thought everyone of them were extremely valid. She had a good point about how Christian had a similar point to mine .. and she asked why is it more valid for me than for him. I said it is not more valid. I said I think for you it is more immediate. My argument is a game changer for you starting next week. There is not a difference in validity. She then said last week I think everyone was bullsh*ting me except for you and Tiff. I said that Christian is seen as a much bigger threat than I ever will be. I said the bottom line is, this is my most honest self.

8:22pm Storage room. SB and Big D.
Sarah – I think as of right now I just kind of have to go with my gut and trust who I think I can trust. And as far as I see it, I am pretty sure you’re going to be staying. Big D – thank you! Sarah – and its nothing against Brit because I love her, but I think at this moment keeping you is better for my game. Big D – yeah its the truth like I know you’re scared to be next to me… but I don’t think you need to be scared to be next to me. I think you have to look at it as you can always beat me, if you need to be. I mean its the truth, I am not going to lie. Sarah – its less than that.. I just feel like I can still work with you. Big D – trust me I know its a hard decision.

8:43pm Bathroom. Big D and Xavier
Xavier – I’m making sure you stay. I’m talking with people. Big D – Alyssa goes did X give you an answer? And I said to be honest I didn’t really get an answer so I don’t know. She said oh if he goes.. we go with the same. I’m like okay. I guess I am staying then. Xavier – no, three votes are a lock right now. Me, Alyssa and Azah.. and Hannah is four. Big D – Tiff wants to vote for Britini to stay. Xavier – Tiff does?! In what world!? Why!? Big D – that’s what Hannah was saying. Xavier – why? Big D – I don’t know, it makes no sense. Xavier – I know that Claire and DX were going back and forth on it. Big D – no and that is fine. They can do whatever they want. Xavier – that’s what kind of frustrates me is because the reason why this plan works is because everyone is supposed to keep their person in check. Big D – I started the cookout.. Xavier – you don’t think I was right there with you? I came up with the name. Big D – okay we’ll take credit 50/50. Can’t I just take credit for one thing?!! You won comps.. Ummm what did you do this season .. I ahhh cooked and cleaned and made everyone laugh. What about the cookout? Oh that is all Xavier! I didn’t do that. The thing that kills me is if one of us are in trouble.. Xavier – you do what you have to do. At some point people are going to find out about the cookout.

8:55pm Bedroom. Britini and Claire.
Brit – I shield everyone that voted for me because how in the world am I the backdoor. So if I get 5, I shield everyone that voted for me. And in the real case you actually look good because why would they not vote with the majority.. so that actually takes the shield off of all of our backs. If I stay, we control the next 4 weeks of voting Claire! If one of us is HOH and one of us in on the block we still have the numbers to control. Four votes next week.. so even if someone is on the block they’re not going home. There is no way! So no matter what happens we control the votes for the next four weeks at least! Claire – yeah, that’s true. Brit – which is insane! I told Tiff that and she was like SH*T! Claire – oh my god that is true. Brit – I told Tiff put me up against any one of them and I am staying every time.. and we’re sending them out the door because we have the votes to keep me every time. It would almost be our tactic.. why not sit me next to each one of them and send them home. Claire – this is interesting. Brit – we have the numbers.. we guarantee ourselves final six. They go and tell Derek X the same information. Derek – you bring up some good ideas Britini..

9:04pm Derek X, Claire and Tiffany.
Tiffany – I haven’t even had a conversation with DF. Derek – don’t. Claire – its not worth it. Derek – he literally gives a 30 second.. like its not even.. Tiff – SB stopped me and said that me, you and Claire need to get together. She said it is a definite no from me and a definite no from X. And its a no from Chaddha.

9:40pm Living room. The house guests are sitting around the living room chatting.

10:23pm The house guests start another episode of The Big Blue Couch.

11:20pm Bedroom – Claire is talking to the live feeders about Britini. I think that it could work because lines are already being drawn and I’ve wanted Britini to stay since the beginning of the week. So if she stays .. good for my game. Big D doesn’t do anything for my game. I’ve wanted Big D out for two weeks. Now the question becomes do we tell Ky!? Or the really good question is what does Chaddha do? If Chaddha lays low what good does that do? It makes the best sense to keep Britini. And if Chaddha gives the okay, then lets do it. And the fewer guys we could have in here the better. I would really like to keep Britini. Britini benefits my game / Big D doesn’t.

12:25pm Living room. Improv time..

12:45am HOH bathroom. Hannah and Tiffany.
Hannah – so I’ve been talking to DX and Claire pretty much all day. DX is on the fence, he is like 50/50. Tiffany – no, he is more than that. He just don’t want to tell you that. Tiff says that she talked to him and he commented on how Brit’s reasoning was good. Hannah – Claire pulled me aside right before BBC and said we have to keep her. Tiff – I know, that’s what they think. They feel like you’re the vote that makes the difference. If they even think that they’ve got a yes from you .. then they are going to do it. Hannah – okay so what should my reasons be for why not? Tiff – I don’t know. We in the Cookout. Hannah – can you say no as well? Can you say no as well? Tiff – I’m gonna have to I guess. She just presents a really good argument. Hannah – I know. I know and for you and I it would make more sense to keep Britini. Sarah joins them and the conversation ends.

12:50am Bedroom. Derek X and Hannah.
Hannah – Claire really wants to keep Brit. Derek – I am going to vote how you vote. Hannah – Okay, I want us to vote together. Derek – with Alyssa and X or you and I? Hannah – you and I. To be on the same page we have to vote together. Britini being in this house would be a shied for me.. so she would benefit my personal game. However I am much more concerned about your game. Your safety is more up in the air than mine. So lets think about how Brit elects your personal game. Derek – I believe her that she woudldn’t come for me. Derek – I also believe keeping her allows me to go up on the block with someone that is not you. She betrayed Alyssa and Alyssa would come after her.. so why would Alyssa leave someone like that in the game. For X he doesn’t want it to be 7 – 3. And for me Big D is the only one I would be able to beat in every competition. Ky joins them. Ky says that he is being neutral on the vote. Derek – I told you yesterday that I am 60/40 for keeping Britini. Now after talking with everyone I am indifferent. I think for your game it would be better for Britini to go… So I told you I am with you and down to get rid of Britini.

1:20am – 1:50pm Storage room – Big D and Tiffany.
Big D and Tiffany talk about the fight they had when Tiff wanted to talk to Britini and Big D and Azah followed them. Big D – you know how when I say things I can come off very strong and aggressive at times. When you came in .. we don’t have our own person so when you were talking to Britini I was like alright I get where Tiff is coming from but it was coming off very like .. You need to do this! And I was like why is she coming sideways?! And when you said that to Azah I was like that is the wrong time to be saying that. And Brit doesn’t even know about this. Tiff – and that don’t got nothing to do with that. That wasn’t a secret to Brit.. that was a secret to you. Tiff – so if you want to talk to Claire and Brit and I roll up .. that’s okay!? Big D – there was no rolling up. I was there. No one was trying to roll up on you. Tiff – you never came to me and asked me why. I wasn’t livid then, I am livid now. Big D – the tone that you were giving was very demanding. Big D – I apologize as a man if you felt like I rolled up on you. I did not mean to roll up on you. Tiff – Don’t ever in your life .. let that happen again!!! You come at me a whole different way or we won’t have nothing! Big D – okay I respect that. Okay so when you do have your tones .. what is the appropriate way to do it? I said it before and you ran off. Tiff – My tone was never directed to you.. When you want to decide that you want to jump into my business.. I can’t tell you how to come at me because if I was you I wouldn’t jump in it. Big D – I respect you as a mother and as a person. Am I to roll up on you .. what am I do to beat your a$$.. I can’t beat your a$$ you ain’t a f**king dude! You’re a woman! So I can’t roll up on you and I don’t want it to come off like I am going to beat your a$$ because that’s not the case. I wanted to be there for her (Brit), just like you would be there for Claire. At the end of the day hopefully we can just move forward. Tiff – we can move forward. Big D – I respect that. Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.

Hannah, Claire, Brit, Derek X eavesdropping..

4:11 am

5:00 am Ky working out..

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Who do we want to win HOH tonight?




I’m going to say SB just to watch Tiffany and Hannah squirm.


That would be fun hadn’t considered that aspect.


me too and finds out about the co this week

No fave yet

Anyone who won’t do exactly what Ky and X says to do……

‘Hannah {Chaddah, worse than Nakomas} looks like Gimme from US of Tara

Big D……quit sticking your hand down your pants.



DJ in FL

Alyssa or Derek X

another name

deadpan stare and every ounce or sarcasm in me: Brit.

Game fan

claire or dx. dx would be amazing i just need alysa not to be targeted

Game fan

sb as hoh would be funny as hell . problem is she prob gonna do tiff and claire

Big Brother 23 Fan

Derek X!




Claire is my top preference. Other options (circumstances) that could offer drama…

Tiff HOH – noms SB & Ky but between BB Bucks & HOH comp SB gets enough money to play Roulette & wins with the arbitrary renom being Xavier. Then Claire wins POV and keeps noms the same – – just for the entertainment value

Xavier HOH noms Tiff & Claire — Baby D plays Roulette – wins & removes Claire – X is forced to put up SB. (remember X promised Tiff she wouldn’t be OTB on eviction night). SB selects Ky to play in POV but he is forced to throw b/c he can’t remove SB w/o looking like SB is his priority to CO. DX wins removes Tiff – X is forced to either put up Ally or another CO member!

SB HOH – Ky pushes her to put up Tiff-Claire — DX wins Roulette removes Claire – again Ky pushes his agenda for Ally to go up but SB pushes back & noms Big D. I imagine Big D would have a very different eviction pitch if he was sitting OTB beside Tiff (lol).

Essentially – I’m looking for any scenario of HOH that forces the CO to implode.

Miss Impression

I never would have thought after week 1 that Frenchie is now my favorite joker.

Hopeful for a Good Season

I do miss Frenchie. He made it interesting while in the house

Just Sayin'

Isn’t it wild to think of how different this season might have been with Frenchie? It’s also crazy that this is the first season that I actually like most of the houseguests, and it’s a season that is completely no fun 🙁

Remember the season with foutte? Every one of those people was terrible and every week was so much fun watching them get blindsided and confused. I guess maybe I’m a hate watcher haha but I like my BB with some drama


I loved that season too!


I’m nominating my own alliance so I can get to the truth! Wait, how did my alliance member get voted out?


Claire’s top is giving me Dawson’s Creek vibes.

another name

There’s a few scheduling oddities coming up.
The Finale is listed as WE SE 29 (2 hours).
On WE SE22 the show is at 10pm.
There is no Sunday episode on SU SE 19.
There is a two hour episode listed on TH SE 16.
Just to keep everyone on track.

So, that would mean if they are doing a double/triple/whatever, they are doing it on September 16 to take them from the top 7 to the top 5? Just a guess.

After Azah and Ky talked, i think he looked at the camera and said Azah is going to go after me or Tiff for sure. either go after or nominate?

Claire still thinks there is hope for a vote flip because Claire has put too much faith in Tiff and Hannah even though Claire has heard and seen waaaay too much odd stuff. At one point Tiff told Claire she couldn’t vote out one of the cookout members (don’t remember which one it was it might have been Couch on week 3) because it would look bad to vote out a black person. If that didn’t set off an alarm for Claire, what would? The strange meetings she kept seeing between X and cookout members when he was HOH? Strange enough that she remarked on them more than once?
The only real game we’ve seen from Claire has been taking personal safety to jury knowing the other 2 Queens were protected by the Royal Flush during Christian’s HOH, and this week’s attempt to flip the vote. Both have made her more of a target… but at least she was actually doing something, not just sitting there playing Tiff’s gangly backup dancer.
If she doesn’t win HOH, I highly see her being evicted next week, but figuring out the real house dynamic miraculously Wednesday night too late to save herself (Oh, I still say she knows, and is playing the production authorized version… too many looks up at the camera with a deadpan face).

So, this week I contend that Ky was doing everything in his power to screw over the cookout. Now that they’ve reached jury, he very much wants to exaggerate existing fissures. He just thought he’d be able to vaguetalk his way around any actual blowback on himself. Why? He and Tiff said weeks ago, once we get to jury we did our job. Neither wanted to go to the final 6 with the Cookout. One of Tiff’s personalities has changed her mind…. but I think Ky wants at least one cookout gone before final 6.
Does he want Couch out this week? Oh god no. He wants it to happen when he isn’t the HOH, hopefully to Tiff, Azah or Hannah.

That’s where my head is at right now.


I don’t think Ky would mind if X leaves especially after no one picked X in the knockout HOH comp until the very end. Ky has said “no one is even looking at X”, “X is loved by everyone”, “if I’m sitting beside X I won’t get the votes to stay” etc, etc.

He already knew X was in a good spot when he began plotting with Baby D in earnest to target Chris more than a week prior to DX winning HOH. I’m sure he also sees Ally, Azah, and Hannah are locks for X whereas he believes he has SB & DX and likely thinks he also has Big D, Tiff, and Claire — but does he? Watch for Tiff to ramp up that narrative depending on what happens this coming week.


I think Claire is just following her script. This is getting painfull to watch.


In back-to-back conversations today Tiff talks to X and then Ky. During these chats she discovers Hannah has told X she’s fine with DX being the target/leaving next week. Other Hannah comments exposed are Claire is trying to flip the vote, how Claire & Baby D are growing closer, that Hannah/Tiff don’t have control of them & her expressly targetinging Baby D to go next


I noted this yesterday — Hannah was in a downward position when she & Tiff got close but since then has worked to improve her position within the CO. Tiff certainly didn’t help herself last week when she went full-on Buella mode.

One quick aside on this — Azah learned that Brit was telling the showmance they had her vote & was lying to the Jokers about that. No it won’t matter this week — but after the eviction watch for a chat between Ally/Azah where she discloses Christian accepted a F2 deal OFFERED by Brit so she told him he definitely had her vote & he thought he only needed two more votes. That might be all Azah needs to fully repair the fractures with Tiff (b/c now what Tiff was saying about DF/Brit lying will make sense).

Plus with Big D confirming he has a F2 with X (and she suspects he has one with Ky) will she look to cement F3 with the CO ladies & maybe a F2 with Tiff? I mean Azah’s strategy & game play is baffling to me so I wouldn’t bank on it b/c she seems fine going to the end with no shot of being in a F2 chair so I won’t expect her to wake up now.

Okay I digressed – – The difference we’re witnessing in Hannah’s game play seems based on her feeling more confident within the CO. In terms of alliances & allies she has:

  • F4 – Baby D | Tiff | Claire
  • F3 – X | Tiff (Vacuum Cleaners I think is the name)
  • F4 – Tiff | X | (Big D or Azah — not cemented)
  • F4 + Hannah – the Detectives (Tiff, DX, Ky, Claire)
  • F4 – DX, Ally, X (not in stone)
  • F4 – DX, Ky, SB (also not in stone)
  • F2 – Tiff
  • F2 – DX
  • F2 – Ally (made a while back)
  • The Cookout
  • F4 w/
  • The question is has she also made a F2 with X?

The reason I bring up that last question is Hannah sure does seem to be running to X frequently. More importantly, it’s what she’s saying to him that matters. Just today, she shaded Tiff, DX, and Claire. She takes every opportunity to throw shade at Ky & he gave her ample ammo this week with that messy HOH.

I noted this shift recently but I think Hannah is starting to overplay her hand a bit by jumping on saying DX could go next, telling Ky that Claire’s targets were X, Big D & Azah and taking any chance she has to throw shade (even in minor amounts) about Tiff to Big D & Azah.

This could stem from Hannah’s belief her/Tiff will get to F2 (& with X to F3) so she’s trying to gain votes or a better position within the CO to get to that point. Or she could feel weakening Tiff is necessary as she told Big D that Claire & DX are getting closer so one has to leave next week. WHY would she tell him that knowing his targets are SB & Ally unless she feels safe with both of those ladies OR wants to put Tiff in a downward position? (hmmm)

Hannah’s moves are obvious although she’s agreeing about DX with X she’s actually trying to position Claire in front of him & notice how she always places Ally at the end of the pawns boot list. That’s b/c they made a deal to go deep (I think even F2). \

Like I said prior – Hannah is the junior Tiff – but not quite as adept b/c she’s not valuing one ally (unless it’s X but she also makes comments about him to Ky, Tiff & DX) over another.

But like most mentor – mentee relationships if the student elects to emulate the tutor or tries to usurp them they better have all the ducks in a row. In this case Hannah got exposed big time today. She already has a knock b/c Tiff told her an issue Azah had & she immediately ran back to Azah. That put Tiff in a bad spot – but it was also the first sign Hannah isn’t exactly trustworthy.

With X & Ky exposing so much of what Hannah said today Tiff can’t help but be annoyed. Will she tell Hannah? I’m thinking no b/c that would only serve for Hannah to provide an excuse & then tell Ky/X “don’t tell Tiff I said that” in the future. It puts Tiff in an quandary b/c she can’t exactly tell Baby D – Hannah is telling X you can go next week (b/c that exposes the CO). She also can’t tell Claire what’s going on explicitly.

That means Tiff has to figure out a way to make Baby D recognize he’s in jeopardy of being back doored unless he, Tiff, Claire or Hannah win F10 HOH but she also needs to find a way to warn him that Hannah is getting super close to X & he may try to get her to put up DX as a renom. That sounds unrealistic — but is it? How Tiff navigates that conversation beats me.

It’s a good thing Tiff & DF aren’t that close b/c if he passed along Hannah said one of DX/Claire need to go b/c they’re getting too close that might push Tiff over the edge. Let alone that she implied to both Azah/DF that Tiff might vote to keep Brit (she’s NEVER said that fwiw). This latter point will likely get back to Tiff b/c DF already ran right back to X outing that Hannah was the one who told them.

Bottom line the major obstacles Tiff is currently dealing with are essentially all being put in place by her F2 partner Hannah!

I’m anxious to see how Tiff deals with this situation.

The Beef

Very good post! Great information to know about what is becoming a powder keg – the Cookout alliance. The only question is when will it ignite and who strikes the match? Who fires the first shot and at whom? OR, will it be because somebody gets their panties wadded up because they think somebody gets the boot order wrong?


Listing all the alliances one person has, reminds me there’s no way I could manage that.


Was Ky plan to put up two Jokers? We know Queens & Kings have 3 each. Aces have 2 and tomorrow Jokers will be 2. Why are there still speaking in teamspeak? I don’t think producers thought they would stay in team thinking? At least CO has managed to survive in spite of two deadweights. Will see if Hannah will survive til 6 or Ky. I guess 50/50 CO makes 6/7.

another name

For the most part, they stay in team speak for Jokers and Kings because Jokers and Kings are still operating as if teams were a thing within the house.
Ky’s original plan was actually to get rid of Claire. He was being petty because the cookout had decided SB needed to leave, and blamed this decision on Tiff, so decided to weaken her by taking out her extra.
He didn’t think it through. How would he logically explain it to Dx? There was no logical explanation.
He thought he could present his plan as being cookout strong, but none of the cookout were actually buying it.
This is what caused his shift to start. X helped it along greatly with all of his High Roller money talk.
As soon as worry about random variables involved with spinning a roulette wheel next week kicked in (Ky has a real problem with random), he opted for putting up Brit next to Couch because if Claire were up with Brit, he believed Azah and Couch would whine until Brit stayed. Further, taking Claire down, in his opinion, was getting both Claire and Dx back on his side.
He made any number of ridiculous moves this week.
If it weren’t an alliance with an ideological base, but an alliance based on trust, he’d be on the block and out the door next week.


Think the producers came up with teams to prevent alliances based on race and hoping one or two would last or evolve.

The Beef

If you mean “white only” alliances, I agree with you. Based on the way the teams were “picked” (They really weren’t picked were they? They were really allocated by production based on both race and gender to ensure each team had 2 POC, 2 women and 2 men), and the fact once a team is established, you can see it never really goes away until much later in the game when it becomes a much more individual, or at most 2 to 3 person thing.

As for the Cookout, we’ve now heard Tiff say DF started it, and DF himself has now claimed that as well, with push back from X, who also wants to claim credit for starting it. The fact remains nobody seems to have seen this initial formation, and I still wonder if the seed for it wasn’t initially planted by TPTB. We really just don’t know since they chose not to show us this historically important moment, especially since they are so thoroughly dominating the game, and being the tin foil hat wearing guy that I am, I’m left to wonder why not? In fact I think the producers are FINE with a POC only alliance, and the golden edit they have given that alliance the past few episodes just goes to show they are very much in favor of it. It’s actually a great idea, with only two execution problems – voting people out based solely on their race and treating the other players as if they were pets, or less than people.

But we all know if you start an alliance with only one race in it it’s going to look like racism when you vote out non-alliance members to people who relate to those getting voted out. That’s been going on for years now. Is it the same thing this year only in reverse? The fact that they talked about it makes that argument a little tougher to make, but really, it could be the exact same thing from a POC point of view. IF they hadn’t said it, would it still be racism, even if they voted out the same people in the same order?

As for the pets/trading cards thing, I do find it dehumanizing, but people have used other players in Big Brother since this game was founded! Are we being too hard on TC members for doing this, when so many have done it before them, simply because they are steamrolling this season and everything seems to be coming so easily for them? Maybe we should be being more critical of the “pawns” themselves, for not seeing the forest for the trees, for allowing themselves to be used so obviously in this manner (at least two of them know about it – Claire and DX – and I’m thinking SB probably does too), and for being so ignorant to let themselves get so far down in position and possible numbers, there is no way for them to recover at this point in the game, barring some miraculous winning streak, power award, and pinpoint perfect block nominees, that would force TC to have to vote each other out! They didn’t move in there to make friends. They moved in to try and win $750k, or so we thought. Maybe some of them moved in to help somebody else win $750k, or at least their game play would tend to make one think that way.

another name

As Hannah is pulling every illogical argument she can on Dx, while making every one sound absolutely logical in vocal tone (Dx is a bit of a moron when it comes to reading when people are bullshitting him) in order to keep Couch….
Ky walks in. Fresh from getting intel from his little spy SB. (She has been the biggest season disappointment in my eyes. You can call out whoever you want… has she done ANYTHING in the game other than being Ofkyland? Nope. Heck, I even prefer Brit’s “game” to her).
I have NO CLUE wtf he is talking about.
He’s being even more vague than usual. To the degree that he is asked if he is drunk.
He’s afraid of making an emotional move because of things Tiff and Claire have said?
Oh, we interrupt whatever drivel the Horse’s Ass is going on about for…(did anyone actually care what he had to say?)

Tiff and Couch and the Festivus airing of grievances already i progress.
grimace face. oh. This is likely not going to go that well for a while. Some real tense body language.
Tiff’s face at him… oh. She’s face expression murdered him about twelve times in the last five minutes. Her vocal tone… oh that boy better apologize like he’s never apologized before or she’s going to go off. (You realize, if he weren’t on the block, he’d NEVER be having this conversation. EVER). Good thing they’re in the storage room, she may need the garbage can to hide a body part or two. And Alyssa threw away frozen food thinking it had gone bad…. more disposal places in the freezer.
You know they are going to make up, right? for the cause. I just deleted an entire rant after that. I’m not going into my personal opinions, I’m staying on track with game.
killjoy Azah has poked in and told them to keep it down. Doesn’t she have a bed sit on somewhere and mope? I want fireworks.

Everyone had gone to listen to the argument at the door… and Hannah tells them they are talking personal life stuff and they shouldn’t listen. She must be terrified they’ll talk about cookout and the cause some more. meh, it’s being hugged out anyway at this point. (solving nothing imo).
Dear Claire, should have just listened for yourself and not called Hannah Brit and Dx.


100% agree that SB has been a huge season disappointment. I had high hopes for her the first few weeks. Since then, she’s become invisible. The only reason I know she’s there is because Tiff is laser focused on her.


I’m looking forward to DF being off the block so he can tell Tiff what he really thinks.


I would love to see Df win hoh, thenyou could get a well deserved rest!

another name

They’re already back to her being pissy today and him complaining to the other cookout members about her. The entire storage room conversation might as well not have happened.


Nice! looking forward to seeing some arguments this weekend.


I didn’t see the feeds – do you know if Claire or the others heard them mention the Cookout?

another name

I don’t think so. It was after Azah had told them to keep it down. they weren’t listenting for very long at all before Hannah got them away from the door.


Was there any talk about the actual event & why it happened from Tiff’s side of things? Did she tell Big D how Brit was in on the back door (volunteered to go OTB), & told Chris he definitely had her vote? I mean that was part of why Tiff was pissed — yes it was coming back on her but she also felt bad that Brit was punking Chris. Even in the case of Brent they weren’t that cruel & he was an assh*le. On top of that watching Brit play both sides was equally frustrating b/c Big D/Azah were acting as if Brit was getting stalked so they also looked foolish.

It probably wouldn’t have made a difference (Big D lied to him too) – I was just curious if she told him.

Big D & Tiff simply don’t jive – he’s jealous of her influence & she’s annoyed by his (and Azah’s) lame game play. After Brit leaves I’m hoping it all comes out about Brit’s lies & people tell Azah/DF how hard it was to watch them protect her like they did knowing she was playing them for the attention.

another name

It was more about we’re here for the cause, so don’t come rolling up on me, trust me because I’d never do you like that.
From his side it was you get a tone, you don’t know how you come off.
which led to if you ever come at me like that again then we’re through.
It was pretty focused on her being pissed he never apologized for coming in hot, and him deflecting on his actions being response to her tone.
If you’ve ever seen that couple that’s been together for 30 years start to argue about something that happened a week before they got married… this was that argument. You know, that couple that quite honestly should have called it off they day they met?


I’m disappointed that when it’s finally down to just the CO there will be a triple eviction. Everyone turning on each other will finally be the drama we have been waiting for but instead there will be 2 10 minute HOHes and no time for gameplay to happen and no juicy conflict.

Also, what does ‘Roll up on me’ mean? Talk back? Threaten?

Jay Bee

“Roll up on me”, means if you mess with me, you might not like the consequences.

The Beef

Here’s what I found in the online “slang” dictionary…….

1. v. To arrive, mainly through the use of a car. “Eh, I say we roll up to that party tonight and roll up on that fool James.” 2. Something that an enemy would do to sneak up on you; also to interact or address another person aggressively, particularly an enemy. “Let’s roll up on those fellas and bust a cap!” 3. To fight. “Roll up, fool!”


Anyone want to start predicting who wins this season?
Who I think will win

  1. Xavier
  2. Tiff
  3. DX

Who I want to win

  1. DX
  2. Xavier
  3. *Tiff only if she’s not final 2 with X/DX

If DX gets to final 2 that’s quite a feat considering what he’s up against. It will probably require some critical comps wins, Getting a power and getting wise of the Cookout so he can use that power.


Hmmm. Difficult. DX should make it to the final 3 depending on how long certain people go after each other; that’s also why I think X will go far. I do hope that the houseguests don’t let DF get too far because if they think they can win against DF they are forgetting about some houseguests that have the potential to be very bitter jury members.

In the end, currently I believe Tiff is going to win given all the maneuvers she has done


The only thing that I’m seeing hurting Tiff is her jury management and low comp wins.. I’m assuming X will win a few more comps.


Depending on who the final 2 are, I can see Azah (definitely) and Britini (most likely) as bitter jury members


You nailed it. Azah and Brit will be bitter jurors. SB and DF might be a bit salty as well. My guess is that Alyssa, Claire, and DX will vote based on gameplay. Meanwhile, Ky will be delivering corporate training seminars in the parking lot.


I disagree partially. Based on a conversation that he said with Britini either yesterday or the day before, Kyland will be involved in something philosophical. DF may be a bitter jury member if the others are smart and get him out very soon; if not and he goes all the way he could very well win (remember Paul’s season; in my opinion he should have won but BOY was that jury bitter!)


Oh yeah, no way Paul should have lost to Josh. The BB19 jury were bitter when they were the ones who acted like sheep all season.

Ky as a philosopher? Yep, I can see that. LOL.


Sure win would be for whichever
CO goes to final 2 with anyone who is not. If a CO brings along their puppet wins the game. Priduction plan from start of season. CO will definetly win regardless but this would assure no stray votes.

Game fan

if they betray them to get there… than not for sure


Kaycee didn’t start winning comps until the second half of the season.

another name

She spent all that time consoling the pre jury. Lol.
I thought for sure she’d be gaining jury points.


Would love to see Hannah and DX in the final two.

More likely: X and Ky ?


From Day 2 I picked X for my winner picked and though his game isn’t perfect I think he can win. CO really is controlling most things. I hope we see some individual moves eventually.


X is in the best position to win the game. There is nobody even talking about taking him out (other than DX). X has played his “house dad” role well within the CO. He has the best ability of anyone in the house to control his emotions and keep his mouth shut. And he can win comps!

I would love to see DX in the F3. This coming week is key. If he can avoid the block this week, then he has a shot at winning the coup d’etat the following week, and consequently making it al the way to DE/TE.

P.S. – Remember when Hannah was just an “honorary member” of the CO? It’s ironic because she seems more loyal to the CO than anyone else.


Watch Hannah be the “Devil in the Blue Dress” and not only have the other houseguests fooled but us as well, lol


I think Xavier is going to win, like you I would like to see DX, but if he does not win the next HOH I think he is done.


My trio is precisely the same and I know I’m on an island here, but I’d rather Tiff win over Xavier. Granted, if he starts beasting (which he probably will) they would likely swap places on my board.

Halfway into the game, X had an easier route given the Kings were the most competitive (with benefit of Christian). X makes his decisions primarily for what’s best for him as evidenced by trying to keep all of the Kings off the block in spite of teams dissolving & now pushing his agenda to take out DX or Claire (while Ky & X work to ensure the safety of Ally & SB). And like Another Name said, it’s not like he ever had a tough job keeping his team in check. SB & Ky formed their bond on Day 2, the showmance spent less than 10% of their day interacting with the house & he had the benefit of the Royal Flush (aka — Tiff) to help.

Tiff helped to resurrect X and Hannah’s position in the house and while she may not like being labeled as most influential — she is. Consider the fact that Frenchie couldn’t keep any secret private yet he never exposed her hinky vote — that was a feat all on it’s own. Of the Cookout members, her game suffers the most — think of how Christian & Baby D’s HOH’s could’ve played out if the Cookout didn’t exist.Would Ky & X still be in the house?

Ky was an early front runner but it’s hard to imagine him recovering from this week. Hannah has the chops but is probably two or three years too young, SB was someone I thought had potential but as AN and others noted is the biggest disappointment of who we thought could be players. Likewise, Azah was an early favorite & remains the person who has made me literally laugh out loud the most but her game play & inability to separate personal from logic sucks.

The hamster I like the most (as a person) is Claire (although DX is also up there). She’s not mean spirited and while I was hoping for more moxie & competitive ability from her, I appreciate her game insight & overall kind nature.


Meant to be “resurrect DX” not X – she was the first to align with him when Frenchie & Ky went after him in week one & made him cry.


Unfortunately DX doesnt really stand a chance because if he is up there against a cookout they will have 5 votes and they would all vote together no matter who the cookout member was up there beside him. I would like to see him win but he wont unless he is against someone not in the cookout and I dont see that happening.

The Beef

There’s always the veto for good ol’ DX! He’s got to win and win strategically to have any hope!


i dont think anyone will be able to beat xavier if he makes it to final 2. He will have azahs df and alyssas votes for sure. he will also prob get SB’s. I just dont see anyone who can beat him really and i dont understand how tiffany isnt seeing this. Anyone else they can take to f4 and be able to beat them since i doubt the CO wont vote for one of their members to win even if theyre up against DX. Even if deep down they thought DX deserves the win they wont go against their “mission” no matter what in the final vote imo
So given this and xavier potential to win his way to final 2 if he makes it to f4, they should really be looking for ways to get him out
its really hard for me to understand why they are so fixed in getting all CO to be in the f6 when thats definitely not the best for some of them. They will get a poc as winner regardless most likely so if they want to be the winner they should really be thinking of how to ensure that… and going to f3 with X like tif and hannah have talked about is definitely NOT the way

Big Brother 23 Fan

I pick Tiff to leave next week — please! DX and X are my predictions.

another name

This morning.
X trying to tell Ky that he did his job controlling Alyssa this week and she’s the most stubborn and difficult to control of all of them, so what’s wrong with the others?
Alyssa hasn’t been playing Big Brother for weeks. First she was playing ‘Secret Brother/Husband’, then ‘Why are they trying to take away my Brother, he’s my only Storyline’, then ‘Nobody saved my Brother/Husband, will you be my Brother wink wink’.
Real difficult, she gets a whiff of testosterone and immediately complies.

Meanwhile, Dx and Claire have used the phrase ‘a big secret alliance’ more than once in the last little while.
They’re cluing in to cookout because of how Tiff and Hannah are always talking about how X feels, and what X thinks as a factor in how they make decisions. They are hoping TIff/Hannah/X is a backup and they are more of a priority to Tiff and Hannah. They plot how to backdoor X. They don’t realize they don’t have the votes at all anyway, even without the cookout he’s insulated by Tiff and Hannah, Alyssa and SB.
Claire doesn’t understand why Tiff is so against the other girls, but oblivious to X and Couch.

another name

I think Claire and Dx have gone back to the nom SB and Ky because neither can afford to spin the roulette wheel plan.
At one point they were X and Ky.
At another they were SB/Alyssa in order to make Tiff/Hannah happy, but then slam X up on the renom if the stars align. They dropped that with all of the variables required.

Tiff has spoken to Hannah about Ky whining at her that she and Hannah have to learn to control their extras better. Tiff says that SB has been saying she’d nom Azah/Couch and if she needed a renom put up Hannah, So how’s Ky even talking about control when the only names SB is saying to the house is Cookout?

Realistically, and my apologies, but it IS how I feel: There is no way that Azah or Claire make it much further. Why you might ask? They were both late casts. They weren’t part of the storyline development process. They’re just place setters for the two other people that were dropped late in the day, same as Christian was a replacement. Replacements don’t traditionally do so great when it comes to chances of winning.
The most production latitude is going toward X and Couch. Barring a major incident that causes production to need to sacrificial lamb one of them? Top 6 easy. Maybe even top 4.
If I’m in the writer’s room, I’m saying let one of the extras win the coup d’etat week, hype up the viewers in either direction, then lower the boom of a cookout member winning the (Hannah’s name for it) Invisible HOH. I really doubt they’d swing that in the other direction. It doesn’t make much sense to what they’re crafting.
*I say this with all of my knowledge of editing this season coming second hand.
*Real world adendum: oh. Onlyfans is considering banning all sexually explicit content? What are all the previous BB season houseguests going to do to make extra money. Give it 8 hours, onlyfans will be myspace.


Saw that about “OF” BB alums going to take a hit.

another name

Oh no, what ever will the cauliflowers do…. let alone the nowlans.


Love DX & want him to win, but even if he gets to F2, the Cookout will not vote for him.

Crazy how these 6 don’t see the other POCs such as Alyssa or DX. They even didn’t include Hannah at first as she is bi racial, but so is Ky. A little racism in this group perhaps? The others will not confess that they see the Cookout alliance as they know they would be called out for being racist themselves. Was the Cookout formed before filming started? by production? scripted?

I see the racial problem on BB as one of casting. Look at their other 2 reality shows, Survivor & Love Island. Survivor has always mixed the races together with both black & Asian winners. Harmony among the players, race not discussed. BB has only been casting people like David or Da’vonne who are not players. Where were these fine POC from this year’s cast all along? Being overlooked by BB casting. It’s not a CBS problem, it’s a Grodner problem.

What could have been a real experiment has been ruined by manipulation of production etc. I do not think that it’s a fair concept for the other 8 players as they have been set up to lose. They haven’t talked race or said the things Azah has said. Looks like these millennials aren’t the prejudiced ones.

I hope Tiffany or Ky stick with their partners & make it a fair outcome. Never like the ones who cheat or are handed the prize without the work.


Interesting the Powers That Be allowed Big D to lie to Sarah Beth yesterday & blame it on them. She asked him why he/Brit told both her/Christian they had their (his & Brit’s) vote.

First, Big D LIED saying he didn’t do that (he DID) then he backpedaled stating he had intended to tell Chris everyone was lying to him (BULLSH*T) but production told him he couldn’t disay how votes were leaning. It’s annoying the guy running the speaker didn’t hit him immediately with “you are not allowed to use production as strategy!”

another name

That’s part of that Production latitude I was talking about.
That and the first out on the wall not being have nots.
And the have nots that week getting sandwiches.

in your opinion, what is worse for jury management? Stringing the evictee along until the vote, or telling them they don’t have your vote out right?
I’m thinking the string along creates a more bitter juror. Something this house isn’t considering because they are so invested in hiding their allegiances.


So much production latitude. Can you imagine BigD in early seasons of BB? He would have self-evicted by now.


Good question but not for this season. CO will be 1 & 2 so no matter how bitter jury is a CO will win. Only question on jury management will be to which CO wil you be less pissed off at. The CO jury members will be the ones to watch, those non CO wont want to appear bitter or judgemental because of possible ramifications outside the house.

another name

Ah, but which of the final 2 cookout members is the jury more bitter about.
That’s what the question becomes.
Which cookout member is doing to worst job of jury management is what we have to consider. And when they start taking each other out, which ones are going to be the most bitter.
I can’t see this season being without 2 or 3 bitter jurors. Given the way they’ve chosen to play the game.


Right now the ones who seem will be the most bitter jurors are Azah and Britini


It depends on HOW they string them along – read: Big/Brit saying “you have my vote” & never meaning it is far worse than saying I want to gauge the house. Sure it’s annoying but for example Brit calling Tiff/Claire out on not voting for her to stay is pretty hypocritical given she blatantly lied to Chris he had her vote when she had a F2 with him & was intrinsically involved in the back door (she gave him no warning). Her actions specifically put all the pressure on Tiff/Claire who were then seen as the flip votes which is why Tiff was so pissed off.

I’d be annoyed but in my pitches I’d say – I completely understand you need to gauge the house but know how upfront and honest you are will weigh in my jury decision.


Man the editing on this show is a trip.


Please, not another week of Britini crying and playing the victim. She is exhausting.

another name

Episode only friend is pissed at me. Just messaged.
Says I lied and said Couch knew Brit was renom, but he just said in D/R….

So, Prodogremlins are sanitizing the furniture in the episodes. Got it.
So Couch is gonna get 100 again, eh?


I’m already done watching this show very predictable