Zach says tell me what I can do to help you! Dude I’m at your disposal for the next 48 hours.

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 02-09-51-072

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1:35am Derrick is in the kitchen eating. Zach comes through and asks what’s up with the backyard? I’m trying to play pool. Zach heads to the havenot room and asks Victoria for her hat back. Victoria says no. Zach asks so you’re not giving it back to me? Why? Victoria says because it’s mine! Zach keeps asking for the hat over and over again. Victoria asks why should? Zach says so I can prepare for Thursday on what to wear. Victoria says there are still 3 days! Zach says but I need to prepare what I’m wearing. Zach says fine and leaves the room.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 01-38-44-034

1:50am – 2am Derrick asks how you feeling? Zach says I’m over it. No chance in you switching your vote. Derrick says no, I don’t think it would matter. Zach says yeah its fine. Derrick says you’re like a little brother to me. Zach says tell me what I can do to help you! Dude I’m at your disposal for the next 48 hours. Zach says if there are any little things I can say just let me know. Derrick says just don’t say that you’re going to vote for me because that’s murder in this game. Zach asks why? Derrick says because when you say you’re going to vote for me people aren’t going to want to take me knowing I have votes. Would you? Na I know you would. Zach says I start saying tomorrow that I’m voting for Frankie. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back – Derrick talks about there being 4 weeks left. Zach sayss so if there’s a buy back this week .. I could be evicted and be told to go to the backyard to compete. I would win it and then be right back in the house. Big Brother tells them to go into the house and close the sliding glass door. Derrick is annoyed because Big Brother hears voices outside the house and doesn’t want them to hear it. Derrick says its so faint you can’t even make out what they’re saying.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 02-17-33-342
2:10am – 2:30am Derrick is in the diary room. Zach lays down in the have not room and then he gets up and starts looking for the pink hat that Victoria took back. Derrick comes out of the diary room. Zach asks if the people yelling in the backyard are watching the live feeds. Derrick say most definitely.. Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

2:40am – 3:15am Derrick tells Zach about his idea to have a website about big brother. Talking about the new season and the house guests. He says I would have you on there. Zach says that would be awesome. The best case scenario would be me going back for anther season. Lets be honest I’m never going to do any mordeling or acting. Zach says I think me or beast mode would be asked back. Derrick says for your entertainment value yes. They talk about how if Victoria makes it to the final 3 people would take her. Derrick says if it gets how to the final 5 and she is up there I would vote her out. Derrick and Zach get ready for bed. Derrick talks about how big brother is about a lot of luck and putting yourself in good situations. You said you didn’t want to go home because of a cue ball.. you’re not. You and Frankie have been going back and forth for over a week now. Obviously it wasn’t repairable. You got burned by him. Derrick goes to bed. Soon after Zach heads to bed as well..

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 02-46-17-921

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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so refreshing to hear a HG say they won’t be modeling or acting. you go Zach, we need an all stars season next year, and Zach must be part of it. you have a community of people who played and pretty much follow BB all summer, get it going, you won’t get the Dr Will’s but I bet Rachel would return along with Zach and Amanda. could be explosive with all those personalities in one house.

I am beginning to question production, and how they could allow Frankie to use an HOH with 8 people still in the house to get rid of one of the most popular hg’s. why not convince him to remove Victoria who brings nothing at all to the game other than spite, evidently.


NO TO ALL STARS! PERIOD! I’m sick of seeing people return, irregardless of their capacity. Why is it so hard to bring in a whole new batch of people….and I mean people who actually applied for the show; no recruits, no ‘coaches’, no idiots looking for their second 15 minutes of fame; just back to basis…..


Be careful what you wish for. I’d stab myself in the eye before I’d watch a bunch of purported superfans like Christine throw comps and talk endlessly about not getting blood on their hands. I mean what would even happen if they all tried to throw a comp at once? Yuck.


I couldn’t agree more Koup. Why do they ‘recruit’ etc people who are clueless and bring nothing but a pretty face to the game. It’s ridiculous and boring. I’m sure they get plenty of applications for worthy players.

I’m also thinking they need a broader age range. I think a problem with the young ones is that they have no idea how much money that is…or more to the point how hard it is to actually try and save that kind of money. Derrick, Frankie and Donny know because they’ve been out working and realize the value…hence they are after the Win and the Money. The “kids” want twitter followers


Cause Grodner’s a fucking bitch. Simple answer.

Can there be a way...

for the game NOT have landslide votes each week?? It’s so boring to not have close votes or not know who will flip at last minute. I don’t think there has been anywhere near a close vote this season, has there?

Also can they ban the terms “doing what the house wants”, “blood on my hands” and “he/she’s a beast” ??

Chilltown 4 Life

Production only cares about what they think makes interesting tv. Unfortunately, that glittery turd, Frankie seems to be a pet of productions. Plus, they love the storyline of friends backstabbing each other. If Production does any rigging for Zach, it will be in the buy back.

I also think people are overestimating Hayden going back into the game to takeout Derrick. Hayden did nothing the entire time he was in the game. Derrick’s game will be tested in the next few weeks when the numbers dwindle down. He’ll have to start thinking about who will be Final 4 and Final 3 for him. It gets tricky for Derrick at that point, and his paranoia could easily see him make a mistake that gets him booted at Final 4 or at Final 3.

Not a Derrick fan at all, but he is the favorite at the moment to take home the money. I see Derrick’s best option to take Cody and Frankie with him to Final 3 if he can. Zack would go after Frankie ASAP if he came back, and his unpredictability at all times is a wild card to try and end Derrick’s stranglehold. Hayden and Nicole will be misted by Derrick in 10 seconds if they came back in.


You say Hayden did nothing in the game, but the truth is anyone outside the big alliance was unable to do anything. Zach is somewhat entertaining sometimes if he is awake & not brooding, but he has zero game. It is going to be very difficult for anyone coming back into the game to change the dynamics, the only way will be competition wins. Hayden is more likely to win competitions than Zach & more likely to attempt to go against Derrick et al than Zach who is likely to go to Derrick against Frankie. That’s why I’d rather see Hayden back.


Derrick already knows who he wants for final 3. Himself, Cody, and Victoria.


Disagree slightly. During Hayden’s exit interview he nailed Derrick and Cody. If he has a chance to go back he will be going after them. I think the best chance of shaking things up a bit is if Hayden gets back into the house. He could possibly turn Victoria and he would definitely have Donny with him. As much as I like Zach everyone is gunning for him so if he gets back into the house he will be on the block ASAP.

Allison Grodner

What else can I eat? I’m a garbage disposal for the next 48 hours!


My guess is that production would like very much for us to actually CARE about who comes back in the buy back. If the options were just Hayden, Nicole, Jocasta, and Victoria – yes just about everyone would want either Hayden or Nicole BUT with it being Hayden, Nicole, Jocasta, and Zach you get a bit more drama.


Let Caleb and Frankie’s egos sit on what they heard yesterday..they can lie to the house guests but not themselves. Sissy cowgirl is in for a rude awakening when he gets out. Fingers crossed zach stays I know it doesn’t look well. Frankie is well aware how many people love the show. And that might get his wheels going.. Cody, Christine, Victoria, and Caleb are just votes at this point. They are too stupid to think independently and are playing someone else’s game. So frustrating!! Last week Nicole this weeks zach.. So now unless a miracle happens only one will be back. Sucks..


Zach is not delusional I just think he is grateful to someone treating and talking to him with some kindness and respect, even if it is two faced Derrick. Derrick is not (for once) lying when he tells Zach he got burned by glitter troll. (Can’t say or type his name).

Teri B

I thought a thumbs up wasn’t enough, so I totally agree, and I think it has a lot to do with his medical condition and/or meds. He has high highs and low lows with lots of out-of-controll-ness in between. I think anyone who befriended him would have been appreciated….yes, to the point of agreeing that person is worthy of his jury vote.

Also, quite frankly, at the end of the day I think Glitter Troll is a perfect name for the a$$h0L2. Oh…and it is what it is, almost forgot that part. LOL

Donny or Zach for the win (I wish).


Hmmm. Maybe it is a good thing the hat no longer exists. Could have been bringing bad mojo on Zach.


Looks like Zack mlght as well give it up. At this point there doesn’t seem to be anything he can do to change anyone’s mlnd. But like he told Derprick he will win the jury challenge and be right back in the house. Sorry Hayden but I’m sure that will be production ‘s choice.
I still think that Fakie should be given a penalty for telling Zack he is going home.
Why can’t these kid’s figure out that Derprick is the one that has been running the show and vote him out? I mean, what kind of game do they think he is playing? Or is Donnie the only one that knows how to think?


I don’t think Arianna Grande’s people had any idea that Frankie’s appearance on BB would create a PR nightmare. Can’t wait to hear the spin.


Ariana Grande’s PR people are probably thrilled. You know the old saying any publicity is good publicity. It’s her brother not her doing & saying all these vile things. It won’t affect her one bit, but more people know about her now than before because of Frankie’s outrageous behaviour.


In reality bad publicity is bad publicity, and Frankie’s actions will probably have some negative consequences for her and her career and the entire family. All publicity is not positive and the way he acts is so disturbing, like killing and the blood of babies, and his overly sexual acts toward others and his hate will not be looked upon as positives for her.


I seriously don’t think that she will be judged based on his actions especially in the demographic she is aimed at. Lots of well-known figures have black sheep (or in this case pink glittery sheep) in their families, even presidents. Heck, if the Kennedy’s can get elected with some of the people in their family tree I don’t think Frankie will hurt Ariana.


Frankie has gained 500,000 social media followers since he went into the house. He is popular on other BB sites. His only crime is being awesome at this game, and it’s mainly this site where people inexplicably (although a lot of it is homophobic) hate him.

Short Haired Troll

Why does hating someone thats gay have to be homophobic.
Shut your bitch ass mouth

Not about trust

Zach is just saying he likes Derrick to win if he leaves .. Who would u want if you were zach ? Donny doesn’t have a good shot obviously.

I agree

Even though I like Zach… Asking Derrick what he could do to help Derrick’s game? As if Derrick needs help. Booooorrringggg.

Delores@Zac's hat

Wait! Victoria gave Zac that hat. She told him to keep it. So…if she destroys it Isn’t that a penalty nomination. The hat is Zac’s personal property…..Just like destroying cigarettes got a penalty nomination…destroying a hat…Definitely should.

Delores@Zac's hat

Zach’s ….not Zac


As atrocious as the grammar is on this website, I’m sure you can overlook someone spelling Zach’s name wrong in these comments.


If you are referring to Delores@Zac’s hat comment, she was correcting her own typo. Don’t know why so many gave her thumbs down for the correction.


it’s annoying and unnecessary, even when done by the OP.


I see that now. I rarely pay attention to who says what. My point still stands. Spelling Zac[h] wrong is small potatoes in comparison to everything else written here.


I have to say I understand why he trusts Derrick, nobody ever throws Derrick under the bus and he’s so unendingly nice to your face and always wants the appearence of group decisions, he always acts like the reason you can’t get his vote is because of the house… I get why (inside the house) people trust him. BUT I’m shocked that people who are in his alliance and have seen him lie, don’t see through it


Oh wow, Zach is a smoke bomb.



I’m still waiting for this season to get exciting and pick up. It’s still the same old boring Derrick/Frankie show. We only had a few moments of excitement. It’s already mid-August and I’m finding the feeds almost unbearable to watch (don’t know how Simon/Dawg are doing this for us). I think it was Zach who said it must be boring for us to watch yesterday and yes, yes it is!

Victoria is so childish. They already told her all the crap Zach said early on in the season. She is ridiculous. She really serves no purpose in the house.

I really hope what BMC heard was accurate because we do find Frankie disgusting. I love Zach and I feel bad for him. He’s been the scapegoat for the house this season once Devin left. I feel like Im watching Mean Girls Big Borther addition with the high school shunning is in full swing. All ganging up on the person they want out. It’s so predictable and painful to watch.

Zach, why the hell would you tell Derrick anything. This just proves most everyone thinks Frankie is. The biggest threat in the house. I really hate the idea of Derrick making it to final 2, but at this point, who besides Donny can change this? If Frankie and Derrick are on the block, Frankie will be voted out keeping Derrick in the game and he has Cody and Victoria so far up his butt, the only good purpose they serve is a suppositories. Use Derrick’s advice against him Zach!


Unfortunately the only exciting part may be their reaction when they leave and realize they are not as loved as they think they are.


Derprick is going to mess up his own game. He’s too slick and after the buy back, that’s going to get blown up. Ratine is going to be the one to blow up Derprick and her first move will be to help send Victoria home. Then Cody’s going to be sent home and Ratine and Derprick will turn on each other. I see Donny and Frankie as final 2 and Donny winning unanimously.


Hey Frankie! Relax! Don’t do it. If you succeed in getting Zach out then you BB infamy will be…wait for it…
legendary. You won’t get Hollywood!


Oops, meant TO Hollywood.

Cocoa Puffs

Zach is only campaigning to stay in house and I can’t blame him. But Derrick is making sure he says nice things to him. To get his vote I guess at end.


And he definitely doesn’t want Zach coming back in the buy back and going after him. He wants Zach to come back and target Frankie/Christine.

Beach girl

Victoria is picking a fight with Zack over the pink hat, so it is very possible she could be evicted this week. Which could be good for Zack.
Loved people yelling over the fence again, We love you Zack, it really upsets Frankie! Love it!


How would that be good for Zach? She;s not even up for eviction.

Social Experiment

I don’t want to be unkind but sometimes, watching BBAD (as well as reading the spoilers), I feel like I am watching/hearing about primates at a zoo. The preen each other and themselves with reckless abandon (e.g. Cody apply lotion in while speaking to Victoria in the HOH room).

What is most disturbing and what bothers me the most is how they fling their own feces at any HG who they feel is against them and then laugh hysterically. When they are caught in a lie, they don’t simply deny it and move on. No – they have to ridicule, insult, blame, and malign the person who ACTUALLY told the truth. As far as how they talk about Donny and how they treat him most of the time, I have no words. I am not a huge Zach fan, however, I grew to like him more when he got caught in the lie, he simply said, “Yeah, I lied.” He could have flung his feces and blamed it on someone or degraded someone.

Yes, it is “just a game.” Yes, people lie to get further. Yes, when confronted by accusation, one can deny they said it/did it. What seems beyond the pale is the need to malign and laugh at the other person – especially to the degree that some of the HGs reach.


I couldn’t agree more. It’s such a bizarre sight. And when I saw Cody putting lotion on his private parts while talking w/Victoria I was just beyond words. I literally said out loud: “is he rubbing lotion on his junk with Victoria sitting right there”. UGH

I think I’ve said it many times on here, but I just can’t help myself – why are they so mean to Donny?!? I mean, this isn’t just about the fact that I like Donny; this is about respect and having common courtesy. The only way it wouldn’t bother me is if the person were awful and deserved to be shunned; but to see Donny night after night watching them play pool and not once do they ask him to join, it just breaks my heart.

Also, I get sick of the people who say that Donny has had a terrible social game. Has he had a choice??? He has tried to talk with people and they either A) pretty much ignore him or B) they run off and tell the exact people they shouldn’t (Cody just did this yesterday)


Always sad to see Donny sitting alone while others play pool. Would it be too much to ask him to play.


And it broke my heart to see Zach sat at the table playing jenga by himself at least donny and Zach r friends now and its also sad because no one talks to donny i mean when donny was talking about his brother Zach was the only one listening and seemed interested its a sin how zach and donny have been shunned by the rest of the house it breaks my heart hope zach comes back team Zonny


Oh come on, grow up! Donny is a grown a$$ man. If he wants to play pool he just needs to say, “I’ve got next game against whoever wins.”

Stop acting like Donny is some kind of angel saint rocket scientist! He’s a nice guy. He’s pretty funny, but he’s not that intelligent. If he was he would have teamed up with the floaters a long time ago and gotten rid of Frankie, Caleb, or Derrick. He’s just cruising along, earning his $1000 a week. He’s not an interesting person, and he makes no effort to be entertaining. He’s on holiday in that house and boring the hell out of the live feed watchers.


I don’t think I read in that post they used the word ” saint ” referring to Donny. Yea maybe he is shy and can’t say hey guys can I play a game with you. But it’s nice to be asked. Obviously your like them.


Are you watching the same game as the rest of us??? Donny DID try to work with people like Nicole and Hayden, but it didn’t work. Get over it – we like Donny and we hate to see someone treated like crap for no reason at all.


You are wrong – you can tell from listening to him talk he is very intelligent & very well-read. Which outsiders did you want him to team up with to get out Frankie or Derrick? All the ones who couldn’t win a competition to save their life or the ones who were only trying to get into the “in” crowd or the ones who have never even seen BB & were clueless? There was no one, literally no-one. You’re delusional to think that was ever a possibility.


Derrick is a lying, manipulative, twisted, sociopath. Just watch the guy on feeds. He’s creepy as all fu&8. I really hate Frankella but Derrick is just a freak. Yeah BB is a game, Yeah, everyone lies and deceives. BUT, Derrick is on a different level and whether you admire his gameplay or not, he doesn’t deserve to win.

I especially hate when he panders his pig nose to the camera during TA missions. He talks to the fans as if we are stupid and can’t see his manipulation. He is ruthless and is not a nice guy. He is as nasty behind the HGs backs as Frankella. So, I don’t want the smug fool to win because he’s exhibiting sociopathic attitudes and is nice as long as he gets his way. Did you all notice his agitated and mean he got when Frankella revealed that his sister was famous? He saw the money slipping out of his hands and that narcissistic veneer was pierced: you can catch the flashes of anger in Derricks face every so often. Go back and look at some of the feeds and you can seem him almost lose it and then compose himself: classic sociopath. And why aren’t any of the women on this site complaining about how Derrick looks at women, he is a sexist in so many way and treats women as property. Just look at the way he treats Cody!

So for all of you that say that Derrick is just playing a great game, I think you are not seeing that Derrick isn’t playing: it’s who he is. I am all about game play (like Tony in Survivo8) but own up to it at least. Derrick is delusional: he has been trained in being deceptive and getting people to believe he is not what he seems. The best undercover cops are a mess in their real lives: they can’t turn off that deception when they get home. They go too deep into it and get lost. That is exactly what has happened to Derrick in this game and that is why I hope he gets found out. Nothing would make me happier than to see him revealed as a cop and have the whole group realize that he had an unfair advantage over them, especially because he was trained in being stealth.
I can’t wait for Derrick to throw a tantrum when he is discovered and then have Zach tell him to chill out. That would be epic Nothing would make me happier than to have that smug smirk wiped off that face (and to not have to deal with his stupid pandering and juvenile mugging to the camera). Seriously, you are not fooling any one OUTSIDE of the house.


Calm the hell down. You can not like a person, that’s fine and cool, but it’s just a game. Reading your comment, you are taking this way to seriously.


Yeah it’s just a game and that was just a rant…but one that touched the sensitive nerves of some if you. Looks like I stirred up the emotions on here….which at least makes this board more interesting than what is going on in with the HGs right now. But, think about this ….If you like Derrick, I can see why you empathize with him. Your comment is like one that Derrick or Frankie would give to discredit one of the other HGs to shut them up,


Totally agree 100%. I didn’t like him from the minute he walked in the house and knew he would be the biggest sleaze there.


Thanks … I saw it right away too!

I'm back

Sociopath? Really? Derrick is playing a game. A good game. No, he’s not nice but he’s there to win BB. That’s the game. You do what you have to do to win. If he makes it to the end, he does deserve to win. I’d prefer Donny because he’s so nice. Zach has grown on me and would love to see him or Hayden return but sociopath? Come on???


We can agree to disagree on sociopath. He’s the classic definition of one.
We can agree that Donny or Zach should step up their game.

Love BB

Bravo Insights!! Well Said!!!! I have always thought that Derrick should not have been cast. His training as an undercover cop gives him skills that the other houseguests don’t have!
Would you play tackle football against an NFL player & call the game fair????? Of course not….
Frankie’s sisters fame also gives him an unfair advantage for votes for Americas Favorite. I don’t think he should have been cast either.

Donny is the outcast. He is the underdog. In a game requiring lies & underhanded manipulation, he has not only maintained his dignity….but has given us hope that human beings can rise above the lies & manipulation & still win. It is why we believe America is the best country. We root for the underdog..the lone wolf…because he shows us what qualities are the best in us The ones most of us strive for daily.

Whether he walks out with 500k or not….yes, he was the winner this year. And so is his lovely girlfriend Christine. Their life together will not be able to be measured in $’s…..but in unbounded love for each other. A fullfillment few of us will ever know.

Donny FTW…cause he deserves it.


I think BB has finally gotten the message. Donny is now the one showing up on their page.

Day Yum Yum

Something tells me this game is going to have a profound affect on Donny’s life after BB. The others are too oblivious to see and appreciate the non-monetary gifts it brings, but him, he will definitely experience it!


Yep, production has got to rethink this a bit for future casts. Certain people are trained in their work to be better at playing games with people’s minds and lying or have a built in fan base that gives them an initial advantage. The fans see this and it becomes obvious as the season continues. Like right now it’s obvious that The fans are bored because they got a professional liar running the house with a diva sitting next yo him. We can only hope Donny gets a fair chance over the next few weeks.


Hate cops? Have a long rap sheet do you?

Nick B

I don’t have a single thing on my “rap sheet,” not even a speeding ticket, and I, in general, don’t like cops. They tend to be smug. They also tend to be the guys that didn’t excel in sports, academics, or demonstrate any kind of real talents when they were younger, so they decided to go into the force because they weren’t good at anything else. A lot of the ones from my hometown were also outcasts craving a power trip. There’s not much to like about the majority of cops I’ve met, and there’s very little to like about Derrick or his game. He’s not a likeable person.


Did Derrick tell you to say that? Is this Cody?


I like Zach but all the crap he has done, regardless of whether he was manipulated or not, has come back to gator chomp him in the as$. I hope he can survive but he is so emotional and young that althoiugh entertaining, is not really a strategic player. Having him make it to the final 3 would be great but I do have a hard time feeling sorry for him right now because he could have stepped up his game 3 weeks ago against Frankie but he didn’t.


Agree 100%. Zach’s not so innocent himself. He loves to torture people when they’re on the block, for example Nicole, Amber… what’s happening to him is well deserved because he has participated when it was happening to someone else. We all saw how he was when he had power even though it was for a brief moment. So I don’t feel sorry for him for experiencing what he’s experiencing.

Yet despite that I wish it was Cody going home instead of him, and I wish it had been him winning the Frankie/ Zach battle , not Frankie winning.


Just watching the after dark footage. Cody up in HOH bedroom talking to Victoria grabs some lotion rubs his hands together and next thing you know they are down his pants. Lol. Guess he thought cameras were off.


Lol great tv. Cody itching his balls.


I don’t think that’s what he was going to do!


Skankie is like the guy who beats his wife then goes out and buys her flowers.


Yeah,Derrick would not buy flowers and then blame his wife for not reminding him.


It states in the rules that a player can not tell what they would do with their winnings, why is that OK for Frankie to tell all about giving to charity?


Can someone please tell me what the Renom rule is all about.


A HG can receive a nomination for breaking house rules. They can receive an automatic nomination for the next eviction. Or if they are the HOH can have one of their nominees “renomed”.


When Frankie told Zach that he was going up that allegedly broke a BB rule that the HOH is not supposed to tell the nominee ahead of time. Many feel that production should have stepped in and made Frankie do a “renom” of someone else besides Zach.

Yesterday Zach was seen reading the BB rule book: why? Maybe someone from production suggested it, so if Zach realized the rule was broken he could have called for a renom himself. If that rule exists it would be hypocritical for production to enforce it now because they failed to do so in the past.

I sincerely wish the renom thing would have worked for Zach! Maybe there’s still a tiny chance for the live show but I’m not gonna get my hopes up too much they keep getting dashed by these nitwits. I would have enjoyed seeing Donny sit back watching the chaos with a twinkle in his eye knowing he’s safe.


I never heard that rule before. Are you sure? HGs are always talking about what they would do with their winnings. The only thing I heard you can’t do is offer another HG part of your winnings. Even Evel Dick was not allowed to give his daughter part of what he won. He was allowed to buy her a gift, but not give her cash.


The only hope for this season is if on Thursday, just before voting, Julie calls out Frankie, saying Frankie, you broke the rule, and Zach you are no longer nominated.

If they put Frankie on the spot, and make him nominate someone right there, leaving everyone who is safe this week, then it would be appropriate, and would save the season.

Especially if someone comes back into the house this week and works with Donny and possibly Zach.

Production is always interfering anyway. Short of that happening, this season is a complete waste.


If production really wants some drama and shake things up, they should Tell Frankie that he is evicted because he brook the rule and that Zach is off the block. Another scenerio would be that Frankie has to replace Zach on the block for breaking the rules. Drama Queen Frankie would get hysterical and have a major hissy fit.


Dream on. Frankie, unfortunately, is a protected player. Even when he doesn’t win this season, which I certainly don’t see happening, he will be back to haunt those of us who watch BB.

BB Production loves the strong emotion (both negative and positive) his presence generates. I personally put him in the category of BB people I ignore whenever possible and cannot wait until the day he’s evicted. He,no doubt, will use that moment to act out some over-the-top,theatrical crying/shaking Grand (e) performance on his way to see Julie.

Nick B

If Zach goes Thursday I’m cancelling my feeds, and as long as frankie is on the show, i’m not watching cbs anymore. seems to me frankie has become unbearable for many of us to watch. Lets see how production takes to that when their ratings begin to slump.


CBS likes people who they can air footage of and Fakie isn’t that person. Between the vile things he says and the grabbing and humping there isn’t much to show. His sister’s fan base is tweens and CBS doesn’t want to show them the real Fakie.

Just wondering...

I would love for that to happen, but which rule did Frankie break?


Frankie told the house guests what he was going to do with his winnings and that’s a the rules


Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski told people he was going to do something for charity with his money as well – obviously that didn’t affect him. I think you’re mistaken about that rule.


People are grasping at the renom rule – it’s not going to happen. The outrage over the iniquity of application would be worse than the outrage of the people who don’t want Zach to leave. I will agree that with no production “manipulation” the likelihood of there being any change in how the season is going will be slim to none. However, I don’t think we’ll see anything of significance – BB doesn’t really care as long as the rating for the show are ok.


But the rule was enforced in a previous season if not this one.
They gave him the rule book, so I wonder if he has to
bring up the violation himself in the diary room.

Another Anonymous

If the renom rule is applied that would cause the season to have a real Twist. I don’t think a twist is allowed during this “Most Twisted Season EVER!!!!” ….


Which rule did Frankie break? I must have missed it in one of the updates.


Too bad the people yelling out things about the houseguests didn’t yell out that Derrick is a cop. That would destroy any trust the others had in him and a monkey wrench into Derrick’s game.


I agree. As much as I would normally not want someone’s game screwed up like that, Derrick’s easy run over these weak-minded HGs has made things so boring. His training really did give him an unfair advantage IMO, so give him a challenge & let him mist his way out of that getting revealed. I don’t doubt he could do it since I’m sure he’s been trained on what to do if he is ever suspected when undercover, but I’d like to see him under pressure & in panic mode.


I said that to my husband before he ever entered the house – he has an unfair advantage due to his training.

BTW, sadly I’m not sure yelling that out would work (even though I would want them to). Victoria is so easily manipulated I doubt she would believe it. In fact, I think the only person who would believe it would be Donny.


Soothe, don’t fool yourself!


Why does the renamed rule not apply to Zach like it did when Brendan had to renominate? The circumstances are the same. Wonder if CBS has a response or just going to continue rigging it for Skankie?


BB is not a game show…they can change and enforce the rules at will. That is the loophole with reality TV shows: they can be rigged.

The Truth

Brendon didn’t have to renominate. He said he wasn’t told he could not nom Britney.

At least that’s what he tweeted, and Britney retweeted.


The more reason I prefer Hayden to come back,Zack is still misted by Derrick


Zach still does not get it. WTH won’t he listen to Donny? If Zach returns he will align with DePrick based on his conversation with snout nose. Too bad.


awesome how production is playing with the minds of the houseguests. production is either allowing people to yell comments at the houseguests or production staff are yelling the comments themselves. there is no doubt that zach is going to have one final zach attack on thursday: either zach will whip out the rule book or he will be evicted and then fight his way back in to the house. should be stellar fireworks.


I think you are onto something about Production. Over the years I’ve thought often they engage in light psychological warfare with the HGs occassionally to spark certain reactions. Like recently the clapping for Donny when he won the BoB. I think its deliberate,not accidental. They purposely cause fissures to deepen in the house, which leads to drama which leads to ratings.


The “house” is located in the middle of the CBS studio lot and everyone on this lot goes through some sort of security gate ( entrance, parking, etc). Nobody just randomly walks by the house like would happen in a neighborhood. Most people on the lot are somehow related to the entertainment industry, be it a crew member, actor, producer, and so on; about the only time a non-employee is on the lot is when a show is taping and an audience is allowed. However, a non-entertainment type wouldn’t be walking on the lot this late at night (when something was shouted over the fence). I’m not saying it was a member of BB.production who made the comments but it was most likely by someone who should have known better to interfere with the game.


I thought the same thing; I’ve actually been where the house is located when I went to a taping on the same lot and I didn’t remember it being possible to see the house from the street. But then someone posted aerial shots on FB of the house and it does show a city street on one side. It’s still a stretch, though. There are trees and grass, not mention the huge fence that surrounds the backyard – all of which would come in between the HGs hearing what’s said and the people screaming.

Heads Up

This Thursdays 8/21 and next Thursdays 8/28 episodes will air on the CW @ 9 on the East coast due to preseason football. Not sure about the other time zones. Set your dvr’s accordingly.


As all the hgs seem to borrow clothing, etc from other hgs, Zach needs to borrow Skankie’s make-up bag. Just before going live on Thurs he could come out wearing all of Skankie’s glitter, lipstick, eye shadow, foundation etc, leaving Skankie without any make-up for duration. It would not be stealing, just borrowing.




Omg Christine talking about people is just a joke, she really has no clue . I can’t wait for people to see how she’s talked about them, and if she cries because America hates her, boo hoo, she deserves it! She has said how her husband is so insecure and yet she clings to the closest person who is just like him, whipped! Those two can’t stay away from each other! Everyone in the house knows and all feel uncomfortable. When she said she was gonna get a web site for her fans, what? Really?
Does Victoria do anything besides eat, whine, or look in a mirror? Maybe she’s been eating from the box of cereal that Caleb sprayed for ants. Could explain her vomiting, so leave, and let zack stay, she doesn’t do shit anyway.
And beast mode cowboy…….. Yuck! More like boast mode ( didn’t mummy’s letter tell him to not be that way)


Boast Mode Cowboy

Team Anyone but Caleb and Frankie

Okay, I use to be Team Anyone but Cody and Derrick… But it seems my choices are between Cody/Derrick and Caleb/Frankie… Let’s face it, I love Donny and wish he wins, but if the man can’t even stand the house, the noise, the kids, and stay awake for ALL the negotiating that takes please, he ain’t winning… So… I have suddenly found myself rooting for Derrick/Cody. I only mention Cody because he is just the pawn that will happen to be ‘taken’ by Derrick. Frankie is so F’d Up! For as much manipulation Derrick has done, he would never do to Cody what Frankie is doing to Zach. That is just SO MEAN. Talks so much crap, let’s him beg, tells him off, then hugs and kisses him saying my Family and friends are number 1. Um… Is that how you treat your friends? I have ZERO respect for Frankie’s game. He is just hiding behind Caleb’s shadow, because Caleb is protecting him like a bodyguard. At the very least, Derrick has not done this to Cody. AND I just can’t stand Caleb. His lies about West Point, thinking he is so hot, a beast, and this major Iraq Xwar hero.. yeah right. I literally hate him. I cannot believe I would say this, but I would rather vote for Cody than Caleb… And Ratine??? Well… she’s gone after Donny. Does anyone see what I am saying???


I know. So disappointed in what he said to Derrick, unless — and this is a stretch, but maybe… — he plans to use that information against Derrick. I doubt that because Zach doesn’t seem to know the game as well as others, but it could all be a ploy… He has to know that the pink head of the snake is merely a facade, right? Oh, I hope he realizes the truth — that Derrick was plotting Zach’s demise early this week, before the POV. Cody won’t tell him, but maybe Caleb? UGH!!! This season gets more and more frustrating.


Now I don’t want Zach back because he is most likely going to be Derrick’s lackey. ….is it too much to ask for a little drama in this house? Geez.


Production: Christine, please take off the scream mask! Oops, sorry our bad.


After yet another depressing season of BBUS, I’m so excited that BBAU premiers 9/8. Their YouTube promo “BBAU 2014 A storm is coming” is brilliant. While I don’t like that Australia votes to evict housemates, I wish BBUS would randomly let America or the live feeders vote to evict just once or twice.


I love that the audience votes them out! There’s still all the scheming to avoid being nominated, but once they’re up on the block they have to try to make the audience want to keep them, not the housemates. It’s way more fun to watch. If the USA show was like that Cody would be going home this week. It’s so much better.


I think a great twist would be if viewers were the voters, but let the house think that their votes evict HG. That would cause paranoia, and add some entertainment to the show!

Donny is Beast Mode Janitor!

Jess, I so agree if the public had a say and could vote out the housemate then they would figure out just how unpopular their “gang” is as one by one they get evicted! And Mr. Clooney added a lot of laughs to BB AUS last year!

Mr. Clooney

4 PAWS UP!!!!


Love Mr. Clooney. Still get a laugh thinking back on him jumping all over Jade and Ed in bed. What a great concept showcasing a shelter dog and getting it a good home.


Can’t wait for beginning of BB AU. Just too bad we will not have Simon and Dawg to give us updates.


If Victoria had a brain, she would flip and vote out Cody. She is not Derrick’s #1 as long as Cody is around. It seems like Caleb might be ready to flip considering he’s questioning Cody. And we already know Donny is voting to evict Cody. If only the DR could finesse Vic and Caleb today…

Pissed Off Toucan Sam

It’s Froot Loops people, not fruit loops! It’s Archie Bunker’s favorite cereal on All In The Family – Edith Bunker could be considered the original Froot Loop Dingbat.

Froot Loops is Howard Wolowitz’ astronaut nickname given him by the real astronaut Michael Massimino on The Big Bang Theory.

Sarah Palin is a Froot Loop according to Jamie Oliver because she criticized the healthy eating initiatives. (we all know there are many other reasons)

& the BB model of culinary sophistication – Willie Hantz of BB14 fame is quoted as saying “I’m a f***ing grown-a** man. And when I come in and get something to eat, I’m gonna f***ing sit down there and eat some f***ing food, Froot Loops or whatever, cuz that’s what I wanna do.”

There is no fruit in Froot Loops dammit!!! (literally there isn’t)


spoken like a true FRUIT LOOPS DINGUS


In this crappy season THAT is what you find to complain about ??!!??


OMG. Watched BBAD and Vicdisturbia was telling Cody and the Chrust (who is still fondling the house pet) that she can’t verbally confront Zach because she has class. So she cuts up the hat?!! Yes that just screams class. (of course Christody strongly agree with this idea. Instead Victoria why not stop trying to get attention with the “poor me I got picked on” (if she only knew) mantra and then vote the guy out and move on. That you stupid house plant would show class.

Victoria's Makeup Bag

I’ve tried to find a reason to like Victoria, but I just can’t. Underneath all that hair, there’s just not much substance. Shallow and spoiled, materialistic, and completely self involved. Just distasteful.


And that’s why she’s VapidVic


Unlike many fans I have never found Zack to be interesting. He’s loud, immature, awkward, extremely self centered, rude, completely without breeding, and more obnoxious than the other guests except the other gay sex maniac. Hayden is so much smarter and could bring an interesting dimension if he returned….Zack would be more of the same, stupid brainless game play at a two year old maturity level. The HG’s do not like Vic or Zac, they were unpopular from the start, mostly because they both have obnoxious behavior. Why on earth would anyone feel they are all star material? I guess some people like to see trainwrecks too.


You said it so well. He is just overly obnoxious and immature. He has dished it out, and now he is getting it back. Zach is a somewhat sad case, but it is hard to feel bad for him.

Casey Jones

Yes, Zach is a trainwreck! But he is the only trainwreck worth watching cause he’s been driving the train straight through the middle of this bunch of boring ass sheep with the throttle wide open. Who else has even come close to derailing Derrick’s complete control of the entire house & script so far?

Which of these other trainwrecks even matter to this season?
Caleb isn’t even riding on rails.
Cody & Victoria wrecked before they ever got out of the station.
Christine is just wrecking her marriage.
Frankie is the evil step sister trying his damndest to wreck Ariana’s career.
All of the above are following behind Derrick’s boring ass train as their only gameplay.
Donny is the only one trying to keep his train on a track without wrecking, even when he’s gotta drive real slow.


I don’t dislike Zach, he just has a lot of growing up to do. He has provided a bit of entertainment occasionally, but he’s also been obnoxious & rude, especially towards the women. He has not affected or changed the game in any way other than to ruin his own chances; Derrick is still running the boring show & steamrolling his way. He is not all-star material (not that I like All-Stars anyway), but he has a certain charisma that people like Derrick & Frankie don’t. Would love to see him do Amazing Race with Donny since it’s not as strategic – think he’d be non-filtered hilarity & would be a great compliment to Donny’s dry wit & quips.

Nick B

I love these people running their mouths about not liking Zach because he’s immature. He’s an upper-middle class kid in his early 20’s. How mature were any of us at that age? Add to that the fact that he’s over the top in that house much of the time because he’s smart and he knows it makes for good television.

Frankie is 31…what’s his excuse? He’s far too old to be acting that way and he’s still not a fraction as entertaining. Must kill him, and Derrick, and Cody, and Caleb, that they aren’t close to being half as beloved by America as Zach.


Love Zach, but will be thoroughly peeved if he gets the buy back and continues to trust Derrick. It would be an incredible waste, and it looks like that’t exactly what would happen. Donny is the only hope.


Oh Zach! Karma is a beatch! Is it payback for what you and your so called “friends” did to Devin? Remember how you strutted around like a peacock taunting Devin. Now it’s your turn and your “friends/bros/dudes are socking it to you now. Even “mealy-mouth” Victoria is adding her two cents worth. Karma baby, karma! Chin up bro! Take it like a man! I love it!

Jewish Hag

People with ‘class’ (whatever that is), don’t talk about having it. They display it.
Watch this daddy and mommy; I am a tough chick running shit – I’m going to cup up my own hat! Whoa – slow down there Victurdia.
This chick is so disgusting, having said she would cut Zach’s dick off and crossing the line with a married man a couple of times.
She is such a useless tool.
Derrick is a smug prick mugging for cameras (wearing his poor starving daughters blanket around his neck), and constantly talking with his hands.
Time for someone to yell over the fence – Derrick is a sociopathic narc and he’s had previous training in talking you into doing things you wouldn’t do.
Pig-face is ugly as hell.


I find your post name, calling women “chicks” & others as pig face pretty classless.


Thanks for your enlightening comment, you dried up hag.


Point proven.


First off- leave her religion out of this, it’s completely irrelevant. Second- there are nice and rude ways to say things, and you don’t have to use such nasty language. Third- stop being so judgmental, it’s completely rude and wrong to make fun of people because of their looks, and you don’t even know them to be criticizing them in other ways. Don’t get me wrong- I’m not a fan of Derrick or Victoria- but I’m also not being completely disrespectful towards either of them. Please take a look in the mirror and actually THINK before speaking and writing things online.

Mel C.

Sorry all of you Pro-Zach people, but I really hope Hayden wins on Thursday.. Zach would squander the opportunity if he came back. Hayden is MUCH more likely to win an endurance comp, which is very likely going to be the comp. on Thursday now that they don’t have to set up for the Battle of the Block anymore. Zach is done…..he won’t gain any true allies even if he won the HOH. Hayden will get Donny, and possibly Victoria. If he can win HOH and goes after Derrick…………..the whole game could change.


Victoria is property of derrick. hayden can’t get ANYONE together. give me a freaking break

hayden sucks, the only shot he has is if Zach is NOT eliminated tonight, and there is no eviction

hayden is 100 percent a useless player, saying Zach would waste it is flat out hysterical when in the same sentence you claim hayden wouldn’t waste it. ROFL Hayden wasted the entire summer


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I’m thinking I read somewhere here on one of the updates that Christine was heard saying “I hate Donny”?? Am I correct? Either way she’s a tool but really?? She has “hate” for Donny? What a f n witch!! And for the love of God, somebody tell Victoria the self adoration is a complete turn off. Someone really snowed her into believing she was jaw dropping, show stopping, gorgeous. I’m not knocking the girls looks, she’s attractive. The constant staring in the mirror is too much! Every time she leaves the dr she checks her reflection while exiting. Lol, funny. I’m venting. Frankie you’re just gross.

Christine is eww!

gosh, I had such high hopes for Christine. she seemed like she could have gone far with Nicole. she let a little popularity and male attention go to her head. She has doomed herself, and looks like a massive idiot in the process. and I honestly cannot believe she is STILL all over cody. zingbot’s zings obviously didn’t get through.


What do you people expect from Zach. He can’t be enemies with Frankie and Derrick at this point and expect to have any chance of staying in the game if he comes back. He’s got to still team up with Derrick for the time being if he wants to be able to take out Frankie/Christine at least and not have the whole house against him still.

Right now Derrick is the waaaaaaaaaay lesser evil, than Frankie/Christine so it’s pretty smart to plant that seed of trust back in case he does get back in the game.


I am still cheering for Donny (hopelessly so) but I’d now rather see Christine/Victoria final two because it would be funny after all of Derrick’s hard work to then end up with nothing……..