OnlineBigBrother and the Kill Show Talk BIG BROTHER 18 Week 5

Hey Onlinebiogbrother readers,

Every Friday I record a Big Brother segment with Ken from the Kill Show. The show airs live on Saturday at 10:00pm . Or you can catch it a day later on soundcloud, I’ve added the embed code to this post. We cover everything that went on during the feeds, broadcast show and the OBB Comment section.

This year I would like to add a new segment where readers can asks us questions in the comments. Missed something on the feeds that needs clarity? Just include your question in the comments below and we’ll try to get to them during the show.

Hope you all enjoy it we have a blast recording it. 🙂

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That True

Thank you, BB18, for ensuring that the myth that Frank is a good player and a likable player is dead forever.

BB Poet

James loves Nat,
That’s why he picked her.
But, Nat hangs out with James,
Because she got dumped by Victor.

Nicole and Frank

Did Nicole ever confront Frank about ratting her out to Davonne during the HOH comp?