Big Brother Spoilers – “we’re honestly too beastly to be beat by anybody”

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

BB16-2014-08-23 19-22-57-614
7:22pm FIREROOM Derrick and Frankie
(Sounds like they are decided on the BB play)
Talking about the play they want to have.
Derrick – the BB Broadway
Derrick says both of them are equally dangerous Nicole/Donny.. Derrick explains if they start telling people to keep Donny the house will start to question them.
Derrick – they are not stupid you know.. Nicole not going to lie equally f** dangerous.. if it comes to an endurance comp she could potentially win.
Derrick – OK BB Broadway.. the whole f***g thing. Costumes everything..”
Frankie says it doesn’t have to be stressful it has to be fun. They will play themselves, with a script, set, costume.
Derrick says the fans usually don’t like the Nice stuff they want them to F*** sh1t up
Frankie – they’re giving us a chance to have fun this is a gift.
Derrick are they really going to vote against us.. are your fans going to vote against you
Frankie shaking his head NO NO
Derrick – Arianna’s fans are they going to vote against us
Frankie shaking his head NO NO
Derrick – they are going to vote to give you the money .. you’re right you’re right .. 100% that’s why I love you dude.. I need ya.. “
Derrick says Cody, Christine and Caleb are ecstatic that Donny is going home.
Frankie is worried they will get backdoored if they try to save Donny. Cody could get spooked.
Derrick says it’s always hard doing the team america tasks with Donny so if he’s gone the next couple will be easier for them to accomplish
Derrick says Donny will vote them out if he had the opportunity.
Frankie – now we have to F*** convince him
Derrick – it’s always a f*** struggle
Frankie – I’m so happy.. I’m so happy
Derrick we have to play it tonight and have rehearsals
Frankie 9 o’clock curtain

BB16-2014-08-23 19-42-23-201

7:39pm Fireroom Derrick and Frankie
Derrick pointing out that Cody could make final 2 pretty easily he’s a compe beast
Frankie says this is good everyone can talk about Cody being a beast and not Frankie
Derrick says after this week it’s time to play.
Derrick says Victoria has to go soon.. but that is a easy week “If Victoria is in the final 3 people are going to think about taking her.”
Frankie is worried they won’t have the votes to get Victoria out
Derrick says the only reason she stayed is you can get her out any week.
Frankie – all of us are smart enough to know we need to get her out
Frankie – 6 against one at the end of this week
Derrick – If she wins(HOH) we’re f***
Frankie hopes he’s up with Christine if Nicole is HOH
Derrick – Cody’s got her (Nicole) on Lock right now.. he put her on the block and he’s got her on lock.. he’s taking her to the movies tonight
Cody joins them they start wondering who Nicole will put up. Frankie thinks it will be him and Christine

BB16-2014-08-23 19-55-36-246
7:58pm FIREROOM most everyone but Donny/Nicole
Christine – “ I hate Donny with all my heart”
Cody “where did that come from”
Christine “the thought of him getting something good”
Derrick says Donny got the first question right in the POV comp
They talk about the strategy they employed to beat Donny and Nicole in the competition. Derrick points out how they screwed themselves because they folded at the end.
They laugh at how Nicole and Donny f*** up
Derrick – they didn’t pick up on the fact you and me weren’t playing
Derrick – Folding people are going to be like WHAT.. they had two rose

BB16-2014-08-23 20-44-32-527
8:08pm LIving room
Cody comes out of the Diary room says Nicole and Donny are you ready for the scorpions..
Production calls Cody tells him he has to redo it it’s SCORPION not SCORPIONS. don’t add the s.
Cody gives it another shot and “Crushes it” they head up to the HOH to watch the episode
In the living room is Derrick, Caleb, Frankie and christine. Caleb is begging them to not leave him alone with Donny any more. Derrick wants them to get close so Donny reveals his military past.
Christine says if DOnny campaigns she’ll say “HELL NO” she really doesn’t see him talking to her. Derrick says DOnny knows he’s the target but there’s a bit of hope because of who he’s up against.
Derrick – they were played each other and they f** each other..
Victoria joins them . Talking about the great strategy they employed to win the POV.
Christine “Imagine the final 5 this is what it will feel like”
Derrick – dead
Frankie – we got to do something fun tomorrow .. (hmm like a super fun play)
Derrick agrees says yesterday was tragic

BB16-2014-08-23 20-19-13-361

8:19pm Derrick and Caleb FIREROOM
Derrick says worst case scenario is Nicole win HOH during the next double eviction but Derrick heard Frankie saying Nicole will put up Frankie and Christine and they will send Christine home.
Derrick – F*** calzone he’s building himself up.. building himself up quick.. he’s a beastmode and a lady guy what the F**.. he’s a double threat the ladies love him..
Frankie comes in .. Derrick says he was just saying to Caleb worst Case scenario frankie and Christine go up and Christine goes home but that is only the worst case.
Derrick – It would be perfect if we can get her to put up CHristine Victoria.. Imagine that.. “
Caleb says he’ll tell Nicole they are all working together and if she doesn’t put up Victoria and CHristine they will take her out. “She can’t win HOH the next week”
Derrick thinks Nicole already knows they are working together.. points out there’s nothing Nicole and Donny can do, “Do you really think they think Cody will use the veto on them.. not a chance”
Caleb says maybe COdy will use the veto on Nicole put up Victoria. This way Nicole won’t put him up if she wins the HOH.
Derrick doesn’t think that will happen Cody has Nicole on lock now. “If Nicole wins he aint going up.. he’s got Nicole.. “
Caleb thinks Nicole might put up a beast that can win competitions up against Christine to make sure she doesn’t win it.
Caleb – if Frankie is up with Christine and I win the veto I have to use it on him
Caleb points out Frankie used the Veto on him last week.
Franke says if he won the veto he would use it on Caleb.
Caleb – we know Christine would go home
Caleb – “we’re honestly too beastly to be beat by anybody.. honestly.. we’re all smart to an extent and we’re all capable of the physical competitions”
Frankie says COdy and donny were first and second in both the HOH and POV.
Victoria comes in

BB16-2014-08-23 20-49-31-785

8:48pm Living room Derrick, Victoria, Caleb and Christine
Christine telling them her pastors wife is 23 and one of her closest friends she shaves Christine’s WHO-HAH
Victoria says she use to dating older guys in their 30’s. Her last two guys were in their 30’s
Caleb asks if her parents care. Victoria says her ex boyfriend looks liked Cody he acted young and looked young he didn’t act like a grandpa.
Christine laughs that Victoria is implying 30 year old is a grandpa.


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164 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – “we’re honestly too beastly to be beat by anybody”

    1. It’s sad because it says vote for your favorite 3 & the only two I like are Nicole & Donny…. so I guess Dawg can be my 3rd favorite houseguest?? haha

      1. I guess if Nicole follows Donny out the door next week I will have to root for Yeast Mold Cowpie. That’s how bad this season is…

    2. Is that a real TA mission Donny is talking about? Unless I missed something, I don’t remember seeing on Thursday night that they will have a mission.

    1. Good question. but I think Cody, Caleb and Christine really want him out. But it’s a long week, we can ONLY hope something happens and the both stay.

      1. Why do people like Nicole so much? I don’t hate her or anything but I don’t really find her interesting or fun to watch. I honestly like Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Derrick better (and Donny of course).

        1. I don’t think most people are pulling for Nicole because they think she’s interesting. I think at this point, many fans of the show want to see something different happen to shake up the game and go against the group of “mean girls” who have ruled the house all season. Seriously, what is interesting about watching a group of people gang up on one person week after week, then sit around and patting themselves on the back and bragging about what terrific game players and competition beasts they are.

    2. Donny should spill his guys about TA. Tell everything in front of everyone.

      Wreak havoc in that house before he leaves.

      He has nothing to lose!

      1. Nice idea, but if donny spill out the TA and their task, maybe production will disregard from them also the accomplishment they got.

    3. You can see the signs pointing to him plotting to vote out Nicole. He made the suggestion, but no one took the bait. Now he is going to spend the next 4 days dropping hints that Nicole is the bigger threat because he knows that she is onto him (how he’s been manipulating the game).

    4. Donny is more of a beast than Caleb. I don’t know why Caleb keeps calling himself “beast mode” sick of this season.

  1. here we go again christine shit talking donny being a usual bitch… the bashing is awful… poor donny im so tired of people saying donny sucks or whatever… well guess what, no one sucks and no one deserves to be treated like that. christine is in for a newsflash when she gets out of the house you dumb ugly bitch.

    1. I think she’s the type that wouldn’t even feel bad…that’s how awful she is. Truly a hateful person…if I were tim I’d be more disgusted with her attitude and hatefullness then the showmance with cody. She’s clearly insecure all mean girls are.

      1. You get enough people walking up to her expressing their disdain for. It’ll change her tune. She’s in for a hell storm. Look at all the hate Andy got and he even said he was going in that house to lie,cheat and manipulate in the pre interview.

    2. Somehow I don’t think Christine’s pastor’s wife is going to appreciate her sharing the fact that she shaves Christine’s whoo-hah, vajayjay, Grand Canyon, Redwood Forrest, whatever the hell she calls it.

      1. And just how does Christine know this? Hard to imagine a pastor’s wife telling people about it, risking that the whole town will know. But of course now the whole Nation knows, Christine may be looking for a new church when she gets home.

        1. Disregard the first part of previous, I some how missed the part where it is Christine that is doing it to her. Still….

      2. I think Christine is losing any friends she may have had. Hope her pastor’s wife is forgiving but if I was Crustine I would not hold my breath. Truly one of the most despicable hgs.

    3. Can you believe that fugly bitch’s “Life’s Motto” on her bio is; “Love people, and be happy”. Talk about the worst hypocrite ever! She is as fake as she is trashy. Go figure.

    4. Crustine is really a f*cking c*nt. she just blurts out how much she hates Donny for getting something good!!?? What sort of twisted bitch is she? I wish someone would do a video clip reel of all the times she said she hates someone or insults someone and then send to her and her husband. I can’t stand women like her

      1. In addition to the video clip of all of Christine’s nastiness, someone needs a to make a video clip of the Cody cuddle moments so it will forever be in a nice package immortalized on the internet….forever. As a reminder of why she got divorced or to make Tim look even more pathetic to his friends and family as to why he stayed with such a horrible person. Cody needs a woman’s affection. She needs a man attention. She will never have someone like Cody when she gets out…unless she’s paying for it. $$$$ ugh so tired of this people.

    5. Wishing someone could influence CBS to have a reunion show of BB16 houseguests in about two weeks. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear and see their faces after they’ve tread comments, seen hosting really went Down ,. Everyone HELP!

    6. Christine…STFU…you ugly, big nosed, double chinned, tramp stamped, cackling whore of a friggin bitch you are!! I’m guessing that you were picked on your entire friggin life…and I’m starting to feel like you deserved every second of it!! Sorry people…I have never despised anyone as much as I despise her in my entire life!! Total POS to the extreme!!

      1. Do you see by writing this you prove you aren’t any better then she is? You’ve called her every name in the book and go on to say you despise her more then anyone in your whole life, which is the same exaggeration that Christine used about Donny. For some reason she thinks he is a bad person and is acting the exact same way everyone on these boards is acting by name calling when they hate someone because you guys like they deserve it. Its the same kind of bullying that is going on in the house, and it doesn’t make any sense to me. They can be called out on their actions but it doesn’t make sense to make fun of their looks, or call them names, it just makes you on the same level as them.

  2. Okay, Christine is just a whacko filled with hate. The pastors wife is 23 and she shaves her cooter? Yeah Manson Family follower 2.0 Frankie does a BB play? Waiting for Guffman anyone? Dear God AG, what did we do to deserve this? Those two are the most wretched people on this planet. What’s Cody up to? If he had a brain in his head he would flip the house this week. But then again, Daddy called him a bitch in front of everyone and he just stood there and took it. Saddest group of people that’s ever walked in that house. I’m glad Donny’s leaving and the best part to all you Donny haters, he’s gonna come out on top when this is all said and done. He might not win 500k, but he’s the only one in that house who’s gonna get the fame the rest of these cretins have been dreaming about. Poor little Frankie will always be known as the pop singer’s sister. Man that’s gonna burn and he’s barely in his 30’s.

      1. It’s Irish for Black Rose. I chose this handle out of respect for one of the best bands of the 70’s, Thin Lizzy and for one of rock’s greatest frontman, the late, great Phil Lynott.

        1. I chose my handle because Vic used to have 25, but one got stuck in my teeth and now I use it for dental floss. Like the ole saying goes: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”; oops that was Zach’s adage!

  3. Seems to me that Zack got enough of Frankie’s meatus to be spitting lemon pulp, crappin’ lemon rind and ‘jaculating lemon seeds for the rest of his miserable life!

  4. I just voted for Dawg, all the other HG are so worthless, except for Donny, and that’s considering he makes a big move this week!

    1. The best part is that Cody winning back to back now ups his profile, but the dumbass can’t see it and when he does, Daddy will slap him down again and he’ll take it.

      1. Daddy will get him voted out soon – he’s not chancing that Cody might be smart enough to pick Victoria over him in F3. Notice he’s already working that with Caleb who would is far more likely to take him out of his misplaced sense of loyalty.

  5. These people are just the worst and I await the day the show is over and they find out what America really thinks about them

    1. I stopped watching 2 weeks ago… I just read this … And nothing has changed.
      . no big moves… Game starts when there is only 5 left… What’s the point.??? Its the biggest bitch, Christine.. Ariana’s bitch brother… And who’s the other 3? A guy who hasn’t dome nothing but … A guy who threw a competition… And a guy who has no balls…. No charisma, no decorum, no brains, 5 ducks in a row….

    2. But America loves them and hates the nice honest people! Oh no…That’s not correct? Somebody needs to give them a reality check! Bunch of bitch lips!

  6. LOL Christine is making more points with her pastor, with her comments about his wife. And she was worried about what he would think about her being all over Cody. To be honest I hate her the most, but I feel sorry for her a bit….. Nah she is the worst, with the other BS right behind her. And can someone PLEASE tell Victoria she’s playing BB. She thinks it’s a summer camp or ……I don’t know what she thinks she’s doing. Why is she still in this house? She will be totally crushed when she finds out her darling Derrick played her the worst, and looks like the most ignorant person in the house. And they want to do a BB play, WTH!!! We are already sleeping through this season already. There just trying to get the drama kings happy.

    1. zach tried to tell that dumbass derrick is playing her but shes 2 stupid to put 2 and 2 together and see it seriously the casting department needs 2 b fired

      1. You stop supporting CBS/Big Brother. You do NOT stop supporting Simon and Dawg! Come on Man! That’s why were still HERE!

  7. Once donny and nicole are out (let me be wrong pleassse) dawg will ne number one lol no doubts. What a terrible season :( usually when its this predictable production throws a wrench in there. Just awful!

  8. I hope Nicole can somehow stick to what Hayden and Donny said (unlikely but just PLEASE) and that the moment she wins HOH (hopefully during double eviction), she puts up Derrick and Cody.

    1. If I were Nicole and won HOH, I wouldn’t waste an eviction on Christine dispite what she did to Nicole. I would put up 2 guys. If one is taken down put up the fourth. They can try and scare her (so skerry), she going out regardless. She should know this. Plus the guys will get rid of Christine anyway. Not sure Nicole realizes that though.

      1. Nicole is as dumb as a bag of rocks if she gets hoh and puts up Christine as much as I revile Christine. she need to put up Frankie and cody, the two most vile men in the house

  9. …who wins this season. I just want some excitement. I want them to make me change my mind every episode.

  10. That Christine is just completely wicked. She is such a hate filled woman. I keep waiting for lightening to strike her every time she carries around that bible. I have never seen anything like this woman. I feel for her husband.

    1. Her husband constantly defends her and says its all game play. How is talking about her Pastor’s wife personal area game play. She’s just hating on the woman like she hates on everyone else. Imagine what a truly miserable, self-loathing person she must be to take such pleasure in spewing hate and vile.

    2. I feel for the pastors wife that I guess volunteers to shave her who-ha! I just can’t get over that! Thank god it seemed to repulse the others because nobody asked her about it.

  11. So Ratine thinks it okay to tell the world that her pastors wife private area’s on BBAD. Her pastor may have been able to forgive a lot of her actions but I think this might be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  12. Christine is skerry. Derrick is a wannabe master game player. Cody is a P@ssy. Frankie is a fame whore. Caleb is ignorant. Victoria does not know where she is. Then there are Donny and Nicole, don’t want them to go.

    1. Unfortunately Derrick is a huge master game player. Don’t know why the others hang on to his every word. Guess it’s all his cop training coming through. Ugh!

  13. I saw people talking about Donny maybe leaking the Team America alliance, If I were him I would totally do it because he has nothing to lose, but I just dont see how any of these other idiots would believe him when they have the other 2 members manipulating and denying it, and we all know if derrick or frankie tell you something isnt true then that obviously means it isnt true *sarcasm*

    1. They can only tell the other HG’s that they are TA. If they tell who the others are they lose the money. I the way out he could say it wasn’t Zach, I was one member of Team America now you guys have to figure out who the other two are. I would do it but I don’t think Donny would. America would love it and it would make for great tv and piss off Derprick and Fakie.

  14. Creep Chode Cowpie thinks they are too beastly to be beat…more like too stupid to play the game for themselves and are letting Chief Wiggum puppet them all. Wonder if Cowpie would tell The Runaway Hide that Chief Wiggum was throwing him under the paddy wagon about taking Nicole to watch the show. I bet Cackle-twat was jealous…

    Speaking of twats, why do we need to know about Cackle’s-bald-twat (thanks to her pastor’s wife)…and why would this woman willingly do this every month? Is Cackle blackmailing her? That image is worse than Walking Vagina’s almost sex dream with a “blond”…I’m sure Cackle-twat thinks it was about her, but I bet the “blond” in his sex dream had pink tips…

  15. Donny blows up Team America to Cody, Caleb and Nicole BEFORE Veto, Cody pulls Donny off (for confessing)puts up Frankie or Derrick, one is gone, all trust is gone for the other, then it would it would be a more even playing field…Game On…just sayin

  16. Christine – “ I hate Donny with all my heart” WHY he’s only been nice to you and your slimy boyfriend (you wish) OMG I can’t stand this horrible bitch !!!!!

  17. It is bad enough that we have a boring game where one alliance from the start dominating every week is absolutely making to the end, but it’s even worse that SOMEHOW the very worst 6 people (in terms of personality) out of the group of 16 (maybe besides Devin, but even that is debateable now) are making it to the end. I haven’t seen such evil and cockiness triumph so much since that cocky group of Chapera tribe in Survivor All Stars make it to the end. The only comfort is knowing that 4 of the group of 6 will be absolutely bitter when they find out that they are next and just pawns in Derrick’s game.

  18. I believe that Christine genuinely thinks that America loves her…she’s in for a shock. A very, very skerry shock.

  19. Christine – “ I hate Donny with all my heart”
    Cody “where did that come from”
    Christine “the thought of him getting something good”

    Christine must be a terribly insecure, sad person. Maybe getting on the show was a blessing so that Tim can see her for her true colors. I’m so over this season.

    1. For me, it’s too late in the game for a twist to make any difference. Production will probably wait until Donnie and Nicole to be evicted and them have a really twisted twist …….. a luxury comp!

  20. I believe that Christine genuinely thinks that America loves her…she’s in for a surprise. A very, very skerry surprise.

      1. Do you have an address for Donny???? The money I donated to giveforward was refunded when they closed the page down and I was thinking just to send him a cheque or postal order.

        1. I’m not sure but from how the house guests talk, I assume some of them set them up after the show. Someone told me the other day he has a facebook account.

  21. Wow, and I thought season 15 was bad! This is just a big bitch slap in the face. I pretty much despise everyone except for Nicole and Donny….

  22. Christine a God fearing woman??? No, she a hypocrite. Cannot wait for her to go but there’s bigger fish that need to fry first. Derrick, Cody, Frankie then Caleb.

  23. I hope Donny doesnt go along with the TA play idea and they dont get the money. They refused to go along with keeping him in the house idea so why should he help them win more money for TA?! I honestly dont think I can sit through a play with Frankie over the top drama … why the hell would anyone find that entertaining? What is wrong with you BB?!

    1. I thought they said we get to vote on whether or not it is an acceptable task. Maybe tomorrow night? If we do I am voting “NO”. Don’t think I could stand a Frankie Play!

      1. I wonder who will have the “starring” role ,,,,,,,,,,, the most lines. Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

  24. Christine is obviously a drama queen. After she and Cody got their little cuddling Zing, she started bawling because she thought that her family & pastors wouldn’t approve of it. And now she’s going around telling the houseguests that her pastor’s wife’s friend shaves her cootch? Unbelievable!

  25. Christine is the most mean spirited person in the house. I don’t this whole religious side she keeps speaking about. She obviously has a black sole.

  26. I am so tried of the veil, disgusting hatred coming out of their mouths towards Donny. The way they bash Donny really makes you wonder what they are like in real live, I sure their families are oh so proud of the inhuman cruelty they have been saying. Frankie thinks America would agree the mission to be a play (I THINK NOT BOSO) I will not be watching the show on TV Sunday or Wed this week I hope CBS rating fall.

  27. Here’s a novel idea…how about if they go through with this asinine idea of a “play”, nobody watches the broadcasted show, they won’t get paid when we go to CBS to vote it down, and their ratings are L O W. Sorry Simon and Dawg, we’ll get the play by play from you guys. I love your little commentaries thrown in better anyway. ;)

  28. Also kind of upset that zach wasn’t in this competition cuz he was the math kid of the house and he always said estimating was his specialty or even Hayden for that matter. Them two would have been awesome for this comp

  29. Oh,l I think they’re talking about the new Scorpion tv show that’s coming out in the fall… It should be good, I like high tech tv shows, when done right..

    1. Don’t ya think it’s a bit cheesy for BB to show them a CBS show and not a brand new move like they used to do? What self-serving a$$holes to treat the HGs this way. Despicable.

  30. Also, every time I see a screencap of Chief Wiggum, I see his nasty gob hanging open…framed by that ridiculous facial hair (which looks like he just got done munching ass)…and I think to myself: “I bet his breath stinks…” That must be how he is controlling the house…he puts them in a suggestive state with the toxic gas that escapes that gaping maw when he talks to them. This is why Donny Darkorse is immune…his beard acts as a natural filter for the gases to be trapped in before he can inhale them…

  31. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Mind Control. A lot of celebrities, models and military are mind control victims. Derrick seems suspicious he seems like a mind control handler and the key word for handlers is how the victim trust the handler. Also I believe that production has a hand in mind control.

  32. hey we know Donny going to win America favorite
    now he might go to jury house reason might go cause everyday suff change
    in if he do im put all my hope into Nicole but Im sill giving Donny America favorite
    Nicole can win endurance she is smart in she skills she might be the one to make them turn
    cleab thinks he can win all endurance I don’t think so that first one wants even a real endurance
    waite to you get the wall endurance orr the banna endurance it be tough i think Nicole will win the next hoh
    i do not see her falling my predciton Nicole wins pov cody and derrick on the block
    Nicole wins pov take cody off in put up Frankie
    derrick goes home
    Victoria not happy wins hoh next
    Nicole cody
    Nicole wins pov
    Christina goes up
    cody goes home

      1. Although I cannot be certain, I believe that English is not the first language for Anonymous. He may be writing his thoughts into a translator and then doing a copy and paste. I do that with a German couple. They speak limited English, I speak no German. When I email them I use a translator. I am told it is quite hilarious when they receive my e’s and how the translator has interpreted my English.

        1. I have seen people post comments on here that are from Quebec in Canada and their first language is French. i give them credit for post in a second language,

          1. Quite correct. I admire those who do not have English as their first language but have taken the time to learn. Before Canada had 2 official languages school children were not required to learn French so very few of us grew up speaking or having a working knowledge of French. More the shame.


    1. I know…it cracks me up how Skankie and Pig Face think that they are somehow popular among fans. I look forward to that moment when Skankie realizes he was the least like house guest along with Ratine. She really is a nasty piece of work hating on Donny for no reason. My satisfaction for this season is one when Skankie is voted out and hopefully gets booed when he exists and finally realizes what piece of scum he is in America’s eyes.

  34. I wish BB did a reunion show like a week after the finale so we could see all the houseguests reactions to America hating Derrick, Christine, Frankie, Cody and Caleb and just loving Donnie, Nicole and Zach. Oh, and I almost forgot, forgettable Victoria and no one caring about her.

    1. Based on the TV edits, they would show only the good comments for the final 6 and the bad for Donnie and the rest. They would probably spend the majority of the show talking about Frankie’s sister.

  35. “Victoria says she use to dating older guys in their 30?s. Her last two guys were in their 30?s”

    If she was mature and acted like an adult, I would think she just liked older guys, nah, she’s trying to get her a suger daddy.. LOL

    1. I will miss Donny so much. But if he’s in jury he can hang with BowTie, Zach and Hayden. And Nic says they always have two handlers with them so he’ll have people to talk with. They’ll probably get books and they see movies. And he can get away from this vile fratbrats.

  36. What a warped view of what America wants. We want TA to save America’s favorite Donny and if they don’t do that then TA is over because they did us a disservice and there’s no use for them anymore. The only reason they got to be a part of TA has to do with the fact it was too early to see what d-bags they really are and options were limited this season. There’s a few loose seeds out in the US but they are the kindred spirits of the disturbed houseguests or only watch the edited episodes.

  37. Who gives a flying fadoodle what your Pastor’s 23 year old wife does to your who hah? One more reason to not like the skanky beeotch! Tim, watch your back dude. She’s going to burn you too.

    1. What a witch Disgustine is!! Her hate for Donny makes her even uglier…guess watch b!tch, America hates you ! She is the epitome of a “faux” Christian. What a hag!!! The sooner she gets voted out the better.

  38. I’m trying to understand Derrick’s strategy.
    He appears to be with Frankie, throwing Cody under the bus by building him up to be a late comp beast and loved by the ladies. He’s dismissing Victoria as someone who can go any time. He knows Cody is OK with getting rid of Frankie. Derrick got Frankie to say 100% Ariana fans will vote to give him the money (America’s Fav?). Caleb told Derrick of his Final 2 counter argument against Frankie where Caleb would say he would give some of winnings to Vets in America vs Africa.
    Is it possible Derrick will give Cody the OK to put Frankie up to replace Donny, then he, Donny, Victoria and maybe Caleb vote out Frankie?

      1. If Donny gets evicted, I would love it if Julie would tell him that she has read some of the BB blogs and that it seems he has a huge fan base across America and Canada. It’s important that he knows this summer wasn’t a complete loss, despite the best efforts of those cretins.

  39. If this TA mission is real, let’s vote that they failed. Try and send them a message about America’s True Favorite. Won’t save Donny….F@ck you! (I doubt they would get the message though. Too self centered or dumb)

      1. Donnie is making more with the BB weekly stipend than he would as a grounds keeper in NC (or which ever southern state he is from). He is also saving on groceries. Throw in the TA money and he is not doing too bad.

      2. How about instead of walking out with another $5k, staying in the house (with a save) and walking out the door with $500k or $50k. I understand that Derrick is smart enough to realize that Donny would probably beat him in F2, and maybe Frankie too, but there are other ways that Donny could be saved (Pandora’s Box, Diamond POV, Coup d’etat), and then yes, let Frankie have his stupid “play” and we can approve so that Donny gets his $5k. Win Win all around for Donny.

  40. After Donny and Nicole were placed on the block, i stopped watching BBAD. I have not even been able to bring myself to watch Zach’s final episode which aired on CBS. I only read this site now for updates. If either Donnie or Nicole leave this week, I will tune out completely until finale…I may not even care enough to watch finale. CBS–this is unheard of for this die hard fan who used to watch it all with bated breath. You have probably killed my fave summer obsession with the likes of fame whore Frankie. Thank you. You are dismissed.

  41. Those two guys are so jealous of one another. Cody is jealous of Caleb’s physique and Caleb is jealous of Cody’s physical attractiveness. It has become less obvious, now that all of the model women are no longer in the house, but, if you look at their body language when they are together it is as plain as day. They are now at the point where they won’t stab each other in the back, but pretty soon they will be on opposite sides (with the Final 6).

    Everyone keeps saying Derrick will win, but I totally disagree. It will not be until Final 5 when everyone realizes Derrick’s place within the house and Derrick is not really good at competions. As soon as Derrick is on the block and is still there after a veto ceremony, he is LITERALLY out the door. Derrick’s mistake has been not building a solid personal connection with a strong competitor. He had Cody in the beginning, but now Cody has other options and realistically doesn’t have the pull to collect votes to save Derrick, if Derrick is stuck on the block. Derrick has made himself a floater within a power house alliance that “respects” one anther. Derrick is the weakest link (behind Victoria) in the game. The only person that will take him further would be Victoria, and then Cody (the weakest link of the remaining members behind Derrick, then Victoria). Derrick is so focused on getting out outsiders as opposed to causing chaos among the group that’s getting along that he is really setting himself up for failure at either the top 5 or top 4 spot. When the dust settles, it may be Frankie/Caleb vs Christine/Cody (or vs Derrick/Cody, if Christine doesn’t save herself with a veto). It is only a matter of time (2 weeks) before Caleb and Cody rekindle their jealous rivalry between each other. Especially with the thought of actually winning starts to settle in their heads and each start to think who is the person (Derrick) that will stand in their way of winning and who is the person everyone in the Jury will vote against (Frankie/Christine) should he/she stay in the house.

    1. Good insight. I think Derrick and Frankie’s fatal mistake was not making TA the true blue alliance. Derrick the brains, Donny, the beast and Frankie the social and beast. Nobody would’ve saw that coming and if they did, good luck breaking that one up. The Brigade went A-Team when they ran it. They even had a Murdock and an Amy. These chumps are to stupid to realize the freight train they would’ve been. When you have to depend on Cody, Christine and Vic, you are playing an unnecessary game to put it mildly. I hate these people as much as you do, but it’s so fun to watch them build up the butthurt and then face a jury to give them 500k when about 85% of them truth comes out.

  42. If Cody was smart he wouldve put up Derrick or Frankie because this will probably be his last chance. He has no chance against them if they stick around anyway. I wish he would work with Nicole and Donny. :C

  43. I hope Victoria gets the 500k this season. Bb16 is soo wack. I am not the one to hate, but this season is soo bad. Victoria is the only one left on the show to win. Donny and Nicole are done in the next 2 weeks.

    1. I could see the humor in her winning. It’s totally undeserved, but the reactions would be priceless. Derrick would have a breakdown!

  44. Idk why u people think that Donny outing TA will save him?? HELLO it’s Cody Victoria Christine and Caleb he will have to tell. Do you think that there is anything he could do or say to those 4 that would save him? No they’ll just believe Derrick when he calls Donny a liar

  45. If Donny can’t tell the others about TA can he write it out using the jenga pieces? Or maybe using some skittles or beans or other food items. Each day another message first thing in the morning so they think production did it. Things like…..Team America=Sabouteurs. Who is in Team America? Still in the Game. DTA Dont Trust anybody.

  46. Anyone else notice Derrick seems to be planting seeds tonight to maybe getting the house to vote out Nicole instead of Donny? How Cody could be in F2 and that Cody has Nicole on lock now and how she is good at comps and will put up Frankie & Christine if she wins HOH.

  47. Quick Facts About the Big Brother 16 Cast:
    Caleb Reynolds:
    What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: The most difficult part is being watched at all times, because everything I’m doing my family back at home is watching. Also, throwing a sexy girl that likes me under the bus will be hard but I will do what I have to do, so kiss me, lay with me, have sex with me, tell me you love me, I’m still in it to win.

    There you go folks!…. Caleb is living by what he said he would do! His family back at home is watching him throw a sexy girl under the bus, and Frankie kiss him, lay with him, have sex with him, tell him he loves him! Hey Caleb, you FAILED cowboy!

  48. I cant wait until this is over, and to see the look on there faces when they find out derrick is an undercover cop and they have been played this whole time. I stopped watching the show for now. but i plan to tune in when the detonators start to get evicted. i want to hear if they get boos or not when they are on the way out the door.

  49. I believe Derrick believes he is Detective Gorem from Law and Order. Criminal Intent. There is an uncanny resemblance but not nearly as smart.

    1. Chief Clancy Wiggum aka Derrick is a fictional character from the television reality show Big Brother 16!

  50. So much for the idea of production rigging. If that were the case why would they have given them the Hold em Fold em POV competition which a large group can work to knock out the other 2. We heard the turf herd 2 come up with a strategy to win that comp weeks ago.

  51. Good Gr!ef!!!

    I don’t think the members of her church needs to know what kind of hand the past0r’s wife is lending to Ch!$t!ne behind closed doors. Ewwww

    How can anyone spew such pr!vate and totally d!$gust!ng $tuff??? Go figure.

    *Chr!$t!ne lack$ cla$$*

  52. Disgustine truly makes me ill! She has the Bible in her hand and saying that she really hates Donny with all her heart. Well, that’s telling all of us that she is a Fake Christian and is truly with the Devil! She has gone too far and I really feel like making a video and posting it on YouTube for everyone to see, including that bitch when she get home. It’s time for her to feel what she’s been spewing about everyone in the house. Time to reap what you’ve sown, you fucking ugly soulless whore!

    These idiots need to stop doing Devin Math and remember only two people can win.

  54. Every other season when it came to this point in the game, and someone was targeting the others in the house, as a housequest you were more than escatic, because the threats were being taken out of the game. No, not this season. Everyone is in this alliance, so the mere thought of taking someone out strong is just ludicrous

  55. Living in the tropics we are at peak of hurricane season mid-August thru September. Several times over the past 16 seasons I have been unable to see the finale or possibly 2 or 3 shows before finale as I have been hunkered in my storm shelter. In 2004 a hurricane bashed my house and I did not see BB finale nor did I see tv again for 7 months as it took me that long to get electric restored. After getting over shock of no house, I cursed and swore as could not see BB. I hate to say it but a hurricane would be preferable to watching these vile, loathsome, wretched, hate-filled, self-entitled losers.

    1. Wow. I lived for a while in the Caribbean so I know how you have to anticipate inclement weather and how painstakingly hard it is to wait for basic necessities to be restored. I actually agree with you about this bunch. Even talking about non BB stuff has become more interesting and I’m glad I’m not the one who has to cover this mess. Thanks guys!

  56. perhaps have one last Team America quest. If all the members of Team America survive this week each player gets $5000. That would change the game greatly or make them think.

    1. That would require just a tiny bit of thought from BB which apparently they weren’t up for. They’re done with the stupid TA twist so they throw the ball to the team to make them come up with the mission. Donny’s idea go shot down, and wouldn’t you know it, Frankie gets to be center stage again, as usual. I really think BB wants Frankie to win.

      As for poor, dear Donny, BB ruined his chances from the beginning by not allowing him to shave off his beard (which he normally does for the summer). This gave a very skewered 1st impression to the other HGs (Duck Dynasty …hillbilly) combined with his very southern, rural dialect & colloquialisms. The poor guy never had a chance, and then Devin added insult to injury by his paranoid delusion that Donny is faking his real identity as some super soldier. I don’t dismiss or ignore the part that Donny has played in his own demise. Despite his OCD he could/should have prepared himself to be less rigid/more flexible in his routines and to try to assimilate himself into the group. But there again, BB has some of the blame for placing him into a house full of 20-somethings plus a few early 30s, most of whom are emotionally immature for their ages, the exception being Derrick. So all this combined have been working against Donny in the game. But obviously, by now we can see that BB doesn’t want him to win. Unless they surprise us with a life-saving twist to save him.

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