Caleb “I’m too powerful and I don’t want to do it too much.” Victoria asks did you ever break a girls cherry?

POV Holder: Cody Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-24 02-31-48-052

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1:50am Caleb and Derrick are playing a game of pool. Over on the backyard couch Victoria, Christine and Cody. Cody says I just want to lay in bed and listen to Papa Roach and get amped up and start head butting walls and sh*t. Christine tells Cody I am pretty sure she (Victoria) would try and marry Derrick if he was single. Cody says oh 100%. Christine says that’s impressive. Christine says I think you and I are in good boats. Cody agrees. I don’t know where Frankie and I are but I think we’re crazy tight! I don’t know what Caleb would do. Christine says the HOH I want the most is the final 5. Cody says if you sent me home, I would pout the rest of time in jury. Christine jokes I can’t send you home because my final speech against you is so good. In your speech it would be like I played the f**k out of this kid and look who’s sitting next to him. He got played. Christine says how did you get played if I take you to the final 2? Cody says because I would take you. Cody says I feel so bad for Nicole. Nicole joins them. They talk about how Nicole will be Joey, Christine will be Pow Pow, Cody will be Zach. Caleb yells call me next (into the diary room), talk to beast mode! Talk to teddy bear! Cody asks who’s teddy bear?! Caleb says it just came out. Cody says I am going to call myself beast mode calzone and take over that name. Caleb says that ain’t going to work. Christine says yeah BEAST MODE CALZONE over here!! Caleb says yeah alright, Christine wipe you lips off. Both of you wipe your lips off. Nicole asks what does that mean? Are you going to punch out our teeth? Caleb says I said wipe your lips off it doesn’t mean.. Cody says that’s so inappropriate. Caleb picks up the bowl of lemons and dumps them on Cody. Right after Cody asks can you slide it over so I can dump them back in.
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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-24 02-08-57-570

In the kitchen Caleb, Derrick and Frankie are talking. Derrick says that f**king Donny, he really f**king got to me. I just know everyone has their own story, I know I’m struggling and he’s struggling too. I don’t know what he has back home. What makes me more deserving than him, you know what I mean?! It just comes down to who plays a better game and that’s it. That’s what I have to keep in perspective and thats why what you said today made a lot of sense. That if he had won today I could be going home. Caleb says and the thing is he knows its just a game too. Derrick says does and I know I would be emotional too. When I go home its just one of those things that you realize that its over. And he probably had a very stressful game because every week he was fighting for his life. Frankie says there was a moment for Zach when he knew he was going and it was wonderful. I know that if Nicole wins HOH I know I am going up. Derrick says well you have a chance to win HOH and if you don’t you know you had your chance and you blew it. Caleb and Frankie talk about studying the before and after information.
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2:15am Nicole, Frankie, Caleb, Christine and Victoria are on the backyard talking about the POV competition today. Frankie brings up how Caleb didn’t believe how big my balls are and I had to show him they’re bigger than those lemons. Nicole asks what does it mean to have big balls? Frankie says you have a lot a semen and that you’re really h*rny. Nicole says some guys can go one time and others can go eight times. Victoria asks are you talking about s*x? Victoria asks so if a guy is h*rny and he ejacul@tes.. Caleb asks are you talking about this right now?! Victoria says its just wonders! So if a guys h*rny and then he has s*x and he does ejacul@te and he is enjoying it .. Nicole says if they ejacul@te, its kind of dunzo! Caleb says usually a guy would be like okay goodnight but me and Frankie are like okay round two! Victoria says but if the female wants to keep going, then what? Christine says its kind of done at that point. Nicole says then they’re embarrassed. Caleb says that’s why you take care of the girl first. You just put one leg here and one there and just relax. Nicole screams and says AHHHh you’re being too graphic!!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-24 03-01-46-097

They ask him if he is the aggressive one and Caleb says no. Like grab your neck and throw you on the bed. Caleb says choke yourself. Put a belt around my neck and tighten it to the last loop!!! When they say that I’m like MOM!!! Punch me on the right side of my face! Nicole asks what kind of girls are you dating!?! Caleb says some girls are just rowdy. Caleb says the thing is I’m too powerful and I don’t want to do it too much. Caleb says the second girl I was with she was like this and it hurt her every time. That ended up being the downfall of us because I just couldn’t keep doing it when it hurt her. Victoria asks Caleb did you ever break a girls cherry? I mean pop a girls cherry? Caleb says no. Never would. I would send them away. Frankie asks what you wouldn’t be the first person they have s*x with so you would send them to someone else?! Caleb says no I’m not doing that because after that they’re like marry me, I love you! Nicole says I thought v!rgins are good!? Frankie says yeah but after they’re very clingy! Caleb says after you have to change your number, move houses. Nicole says if I was the first isn’t that romantic, like notebook style. Christine says that’s why Tim owes me for the rest of his life. Caleb says I literally laid in bed with 2 n@ked girls and didn’t do nothing to either one of them. Caleb starts talking about his ex-girlfriend.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-24 02-52-27-245

2:50am In the kitchen Christine and Derrick are talking. Derrick says we are very trusting and doing what we did today puts a lot of trust in Cody. Christine says a ton. Derrick says I didn’t know if you were going to fold or not. But same with me you probably just assumed that Derrick is going to fold too. Christine says I voted out people that weren’t coming after me. Derrick says but in hindsight look at where you’re at now. No ones after you. Donny was going after you and he’s going home. Nicole’s going to go after you.. maybe and she’s going home too. Victoria would never vote me out I think but I’m going to vote her out when it comes time for it. That’s just it, its a game. And she doesn’t play it like a game. And I like Victoria and that’s why I didn’t like Zach attacking her personally. Christine says she’s just naive. Derrick says she’s naive as sh*t and given her upbringing she never would have made it. She would have just quit. But its all worked out good and if its double eviction we’re good. Victoria joins them and the conversation ends.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-24 03-40-20-933

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3:25am Derrick and Frankie head to the fire room. Victoria asks Derrick where are you going?! Derrick says going to put deodorant on you want to watch me!? Victoria says you a$$, you a$$! YOU A$$! Derrick says I’m going to wipe my a$$ you want to come!? Derrick tells Frankie I think this BB Broadway is going to work. Frankie agrees. Derrick asks was anyone skeptical of us in here talking to Donny? Frankie says no, but no one knew that I was in here. Derrick says sorry on that one. Did they know I was in here talking to him? Frankie says yes. Derrick asks well who said something? Frankie says Victoria told Cody. Derrick says but Cody walked in here. Frankie says then just Cody. Frankie asks did I play it off okay? Derrick says yeah and it was genuinely the truth. We did have a conversation like that and after you left he was balling. Derrick says I know bad.. but doesn’t change my anything. Derrick says but I did convince him, lets get the 5K tomorrow that’s what’s most important .. and then we’ll see how the week plays out. And he was like okay, I guess that’s all I can do because it wasn’t going to work the other way. Frankie asks have you told the DR? Derrick says no, I’ve been waiting for them to call me in. Derrick says that’s what we have, we have the fans that voted us in voting on it. Frankie says and its going to be fine. Derrick says if we get Caleb to dress up like a girl .. its a done deal! Frankie says I’m going to do full drag. Derrick says I’m going to dress up. Frankie says black face! Derrick says no I can’t do that! Frankie says just kidding. Derrick says you’re going to get me f**King hung! NO Oh my god! But if we get Caleb in a drag outfit its a wrap! Derrick says that what’s going to convince them .. we’re going to have some of the manliest guys dressed up as girls and thats what makes it fun. Derrick says Cody was a little nervous after I went out there and I don’t want people to think I am working with him (Donny). Derrick says we’re going to have like 25K! We could be at the point where even if we get to second place we could have 80K! Frankie thinks Caleb will get america’s favorite… he’s red blooded and all american army. Derrick says I think Zach is going to give him a run for his money .. although he blew it with the women. Na, you’re right I think Caleb’s got it.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-24 03-45-15-836

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212 thoughts on “Caleb “I’m too powerful and I don’t want to do it too much.” Victoria asks did you ever break a girls cherry?

  1. If Cody keeps winning competitions Derrick will realize that he will not be able
    to beat him in the F2. As it now stands Derrick cannot beat Frankie or Caleb.
    He may have to look seriously look at Christine as a F3 option.

    I know that a Derrick, Christine and Victoria F3 would be vomit inducing,
    but Derrick is playing to win, not to make the viewers happy. If Derrick
    cannot win against Cody he will dump him. He can’t have Cody taking food
    out of his daughter’s mouth can he?

    1. Back to Donny…the looks of hurt and loneliness on his face reveal the torture he is experiencing right now. Donny is a “social” guy in the traditional sense of the word. He is friendly and likes to chat with others. He is not “social” in the sense of being heartlessly skilled at manipulation or lying (maybe BB lovers should start talking about players “sociopath game” in lieu of their “social game”). Just let Donny go relax at the jury house where he can hang out with Hayden, Zach and Jocasta and have a really nice time. We can see that he isn’t getting to the Final 2, so why not root for him to be able to enjoy at least part of his Big Brother experience before the finale when he finds out how much America loves him? With our support to give him America’s Favorite, plus his TA money and stipend, Donny will be happy and grateful and will go home feeling like a winner!

    2. Actually I don’t think any of them really see it as a veto win for Cody but rather a win for the detonomb squad. They had it set up so that Nic or Donny needed to get closest to the right number 3 times in a row and stay to win. They planned that only one of them would play at a time so basically they had 4 chances to win.. very unfair competition when production knew they had this plan set up for weeks now. Yet I love how they were so proud of themselves for winning and were calling Nic and Donny dumb. This mob mentality is killing me this season.

    3. Can someone explain to me about Frankie, Skankie, talking about wearing black face to perform. I already knew he was scum but now a Racist too? Here we thought last year was bad; BB has just hit a new low and did not think that was possible. Why should I be surprised with these vile people; nothing is beneath them. Wonder if Chen will call him out like she did Aaryn but of course she won’t, because the 31 year old sicko is BB protected this year. I mean it is wrong for a 21 year old to do it, but hey I guess CBS supports a 31 male being a racist. SICK, SICK, SICK!

      1. Breathe…..and then get over yourself. Frankie is not a racist by any means. How homophobic of you to reach so far to try to slander his character. The context of the conversation was how to get each person into the character of the person they are playing. Give me a break. Like Frankie – Don’t like Frankie…..I don’t care. But he is not a racist and your reach is ridiculous and says a lot about you.

        1. Seriously? He’s 31 freaking years old and that’s old enough to know that black face is unacceptable. Homophobia has nothing to do with it – and stop using the fact that he’s gay as a shield for him. I agree that he’s not racist, just STUPID!

          1. That has to be one of the most vile uneducated things I have heard in a long time.. Gay people don’t use their sexuality as a shield! If anything being gay puts a target on their back from homophobes such as yourself. Frankie played a black character simple as that. Coming out and actually making racist remarks is another thing all together. Jumping all over Frankie and trying to make up a imaginary scenario so you can justify your hatred for him is quite another thing all together.

            1. Please stop playing the “homophobe” card. If you insist on being treated as normal then act normal and accept criticism without accusing people of being homophobes for no apparent reason. I guess if Frankie asked Derrick if he was going to dress “GAY” that would’ve been acceptable? Too far?

              1. What may not be normal to you may be normal to others. If Frankie’s sexuality is a problem for you, then that’s your problem isn’t it? There is no one standard way of expressing who you are in the gay community, some are straight acting, straight looking, and others are like Frankie, out there and with no care in the world what others think of him. He can be as flamboyant as he wishes, it is his life…not yours..

    4. That is the problem with the “super alliance” sticking together. Eventually, you get down to six left and five of them have a legit argument for winning. Everyone in the house right now except Victoria has at least a decent case should they make final 2. They’ve all won competitions and played at least a fair social game. People criticize Donny’s social game, but that isn’t really fair given that everyone that gets evicted tells Julie how much they love Donny. It is bizarre that the Bombsquad/Detonators were able to hold it together, with a big assist from the awful 2HOH/BOB twist. Seldom do alliances of more than 4 or so manage to keep from imploding for more than a few weeks.

      1. Derricks game like Dans game? That’s like comparing a security guard to an FBI profiler. Derrick will go down in BB history as a ….. wait for it….. loser. Wait and see him lose his cool when his game starts to fall apart. Can’t wait for him to cry and show his anger when he is evicted. Gonna be the only reason I continue watching this show for the next few weeks.

        1. The problem I have is that if Derrick doesn’t win then who? I can’t imagine Frankie or Cody or “Beast Mode Cowboy” or Christine wearing the winner label. The whole thing makes me want to puke.

        1. I am pretty sure Frankie was so set on getting all the girls out that drew the boys attention away from him. Notice the only ones he left was the ungly married one and the one no one can stand that is the joke of the game. I sure his target again for sure is Nicole.

      2. I think you’ve been watching past seasons of Big Brother to make that stupid statement!

      3. Sorry best bb player was Evel Dick. Dan lied constantly and blew smoke up everyone’s behinds. ED didn’t and won. THAT is a good game.

        1. I have to disagree with you that evil dick is the best ever. Evil dick was saved by america, he would not have won if it werent for the twist that season. Dan in my mind is the best ever tied with dr will. U say dan had to lie well thats part of the game. Lying isis hard to do. Most people can tell when someone is lying and with dan nobody could tell. Dan should have won both his seasons. Evil dick was a great social player but again he won because america saved his ass. My top 3 best ever would be T1dan T1 dr will 3 evil dick 4 janelle 5 boogie.

      4. Here are the reasons Derrick is not great:
        1. A huge alliance was formed that he was asked to be in aka bomb squad. He had no part in creating it, it was handed to him and the only reason it worked so well was because of the twist of dual HOH’s/BOB. In a normal season this wouldn’t have worked.
        2. The only reason Frankie hadn’t turned on Derrick and split the house up to make it an interesting season is because Derrick was able to use the TA bond to prove his loyalty to Frankie (another thing HANDED to Derrick).
        3. Anytime the slightest thing hasn’t gone his way (like Donny winning BOB by himself) he has gone off on and lost his temper. A great player never explodes like this when they lose a bit of control. Dan was the most cool, calm, and collected player ever.
        4. He was cast in a house with the majority being naïve, immature early 20yr olds (easily manipulated). You have seen how Donny has got him all riled up because Donny is older and wiser and Derrick knows he can’t control him.

        I always said Derrick is a good player (and I think he is) but he has yet to prove his greatness because he has never had to get himself out of a tough situation aka scramble. He has been and minor situations and lost his cool, so I have a feeling he would do terrible at scrambling aka not great player.

        Although I never really liked Derrick, something rubbed me the wrong way about him since the start, over the last few weeks I have lost a lot of respect for him. He started really bad mouthing Donny, Nicole, and Zach unnecessarily. Although this has nothing to do with gameplay and from a strategy stand point I should overlook it, I can’t help but favor those players that have some integrity (aka Donny, Nicole, and Hayden).

        But the thing that put the nail in the coffin for me about Derrick was when I noticed he was lying in his DR’s to try and persuade America to like him. The great players take ownership of their games in DR and for that I respect them and can overlook the bad things they do in the game, because after all it is just a game. Please Derrick stop trying to mist America, I watch the live feeds and smell your BS a mile away..

        1. Yep, agree with everything you state about Derrick. Can’t wait to watch him melt down when he is subjected to all his lies coming back to him.

        2. I love how people give this the thumbs down but don’t have the ability to tell me how I am wrong…. Please if I got something wrong enlighten me. I would love to hear your arguments, sincerely. Otherwise I will just assume you are just mad because I am right.

            1. Not sniveling… I don’t care about thumbs down, just would like to have intelligent discussion. If I am missing something I truly want to know, which is why I made the comment… not because I was upset people were giving me thumbs down. But I have noticed no one has commented on where I am wrong, or what I am missing so I will continue to assume I am right and Derrick fans are just upset about it.

              1. Was that your first post ever on the internet? The thing about the WWW is that one does not have to do anything other than click on a thumbs down to indicate dislike for a post and no one is obligated to do anything more. While I agree with your analysis of Derrick, I also think that you need to get a grip. Geez.

      5. Derrick got lucky and that’s all there is too it. He does have a level of social skill that has gotten him this far yes, but I hardly doubt his hypocrisy and fear mongering ways a good strategy.

        If he had not bullied everyone in the house to voting how he wanted all summer, things would be different.

        Not to mention the serious lack of competitors in the female department this summer. Amber and Brittany could have changed this season so quick. It wasn’t strategy thy got them evicted, it has hate. Disgusting gameplay.

        Sure they’re use to be villains and heroes in the BB house in the past, but at least it was all in the open where people had a chance to defend themselves or play a social game with it. But lately these houseguests have just been whisper to each other and condemning anyone who speaks out against them or wants to ‘play’ the game. Fuck this sorry bunch of bastards. Even Donny is starting to darken from his time around them, and that breaks my heart more then anything.

  2. As much as he grosses me out, i got to give it to Caleb. If you think about, he was considered the biggest threat at one point and there was even a plan to evict him, and now they wouldn’t even think about getting rid of him. Out of the detonators, he bothers me the least

    1. What just amazes me……if this is BB16 and they do this once every year………this has been on for 16 years?
      I have to get a life, cause I have been wasting an awful amount of time.

    1. I actually agree with you but the PSYCHO WEIRDO amber obsession was just way too much for me. That isn’t loyal it’s frightening

      1. Amber is probably so glad she is away from that creepy weirdo. The way he keeps talking about being so powerful is unnerving. There is a very eery side to that guy. He looks like he just sits there and is quietly scheming about Amber. I think he is still trying to get Amber’s attention by pretending to be saving himself for the right girl. She may need to get a restraining order on him as soon as the show is over to keep him away from her.

  3. I hate Frankie and Christine so much its unreasonable. I’ll be sad whether its Nicole or Donny this week. Frankie’s play idea sucks and I hope America votes no. Cody, Donny calls you stupid because you are. I initially found cody attractive and i dont at all anymore. He’s a spineless pussy. As much as I despise the entirety of the detonators derrick def deserves to win this game.

    1. The problem with voting no, you are punishing Donny also. It would be nice to vote no and then Donny favorite, but another 5k for Donny (even if Frankie and Derrick get it) is also a good thing, since he is out the door.

      1. I think any true BB fan will vote NO for this TA mission. First off, the whole TA think sucks. Secondly, this “play” idea is beyond lame and merely an opportunity for Frankie to have even more of an opportunity to preen and show himself off. My stomach could not take it. By voting NO we are sending a clear message to them that we don’t like Frankie and Derrick!!! Just say NO!

        1. Amen!!! VOTE NO!!!!!!! The play idea is stupid!!!!!!!! Having men dress as women to appease Frankie is STUPID!!!!! I can’t stand Frankie or Derrick!!! They let down a fellow TA player yet once again!!!! VOTE NO and then vote Donny America’s Favorite!!!

        2. I can see it now, with Frankie’s urging this play he is planning will be sick and disgusting. Guarantee they will try to portray the ousted HG as a bunch of pathetic, idiotic losers in the most cruelest of ways. If they do and CBS airs it, I will definitely let CBS know. Hopefully production will not even approve this Task but if they do I am voting No/Fail when the voting opens.

    2. Rewarding Derrick by saying he should win this game makes no sense. It’s like saying that Christine should win because she hasn’t slept with Cody so at least she has some standards.
      If anyone, Derrick is the one that has manipulated and encouraged the nasty behavior of his minions. Did you see him on the feeds the last week? Disgusting and vile commentary about Donny and Nichole. Derrick is the worst when it comes to bring overly personal and spiteful. The others are just following his lead.

      1. What has Derrick done to win? Other then control everyone……he can’t win comps, he has never had to fight for his life….what has he done, besides manipulate a bunch ok KIDS? How difficult is that? Not very, bribe them with what they want (each of them) and let them do the dirty work. Derrick does not fight to win, he is expecting to win.

    1. So true. I only support this site so I wonder what people are saying on CBS’ website. Do they dislike these turds (except Nicole/Donny) as much as we do? Honestly I wish they would only take people that ACTUALLY applied for the show? I wouldn’t even mind a more evenly mix of older people (30+) and younger (under 30). Also does it make a difference that I don’t care if all of them are attractive? I would rather have a good game than have to watch nasty pretty people.

    2. Last night while I was in a BBAD stupor, I realized that there are people who are Team Donny, Team Derrick, Team Nicole, even those rooting for BMC and Shitoria…but no one has said “oh, I’m pulling for Christine.” No family, friends, coworkers…I think she burned the bridge with her church friends. So unless I missed something on this site, her “supporters” have been radio silent, which speaks volumes.

    1. I’m sorry but Zach fans (or the majority) have NO RESPECT for the game. Yes Zach was entertaining but this is not the Real World or the Real Housewives of BB, it is a GAME. Zach had TERRIBLE game play. Yes he was unpredictable at times… but very predictable in the fact that as soon as he did something game changing he would immediately tell on himself. For the most part I did like Zach, but he didn’t bring anything to the table as far as the game is concerned.

      1. Zach fan and it didn’t hurt my feelings. Big Brother is a show more then a game. Most watch it for entertainment not because they are interested to see true strategy be interrupted and influenced by production, stupid team america tasks, and people who stick around for the simple fact that they suck at the competition aspects of the show and are absolutely no threat to win the whole thing. So many people get evicted due to superficial factors rather then gameplay or lack thereof.

  4. Donny needs to blow up Team America to Cody to save himself. And Cody needs to put up Frankie. But Cody would be to stupid to believe Donny.

  5. I want to vote no for TA to send the two a$$h*les of the team a message but I want Donny to get another $5,000. It’s a catch 22.

    1. Donny doesn’t need the $$ that bad. He is very principled. He’d likely rather we vote NO as it will clearly demonstrate how lame we think Frankie is, after all it was his idea. Vote NO people. Send them a message!

    2. I honestly think there is no TA task. Donny made it up. And I think it was a BRILLIANT move on his part to try to stay in the game. When he spent so much time in the DR, I think he was trying to get production to put it to an Americas Vote. I don’t think they agreed. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….
      There will be no vote……….but it was the most INGENIOUS move of the game. Too bad it didn’t work out.
      If I’m wrong, I’m voting NO to the play. And by the way Derrick, your ploy (tears) to get America to think you feel for Donny isn’t working. We’re not the same lemmings you have in the house! You’ve been doing your own “play” since you walked in the door. Had your number weeks ago! (And it’s ZERO)

      Donny’s the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What I’d like to see:

    Right before veto ceremony Nic and Donny corner NoBallsCody. They act excited and happy. Tell him they are so glad he finally knows about Fakie and the Thing. Before NoBalls can say anything one ask him so which one of us is coming down while the other says I so glad you know cause we knew if we told you that you wouldn’t believe us. NoBalls will be totally confused and question what the Thing is. Nic and Donny looked shocked. Then say OMG they told us you knew!! And then leave while looking at NoBalls like they feel bad for him.

    What do you think?

    1. This is what little kids of 8 years old would do… oh but wait… these IQ of these people in the house is about just that :)

  7. I will say that Cody is doing exactly what he should at this point, work with the rest of the house, if he doesn’t then he will put a target on his back. I can see him flipping on Derrick soon though, once the numbers begin to dwindle for the simple reason that he knows Derrick better than any other players.. If Donny decides to blow up Team America on his way out then I can see resentment building towards Frankie and Derrick, especially from the other players who will look at those two as having an unfair advantage with the prize money. I don’t know if Donny will do it or not because it would be seen by some as a vengeful act. But if he does then expect some fireworks from Caleb who we know is a powder keg waiting to explode. Cody I can see being resentful that Derrick and Frankie have guaranteed money when everyone else is still battling for the 2nd and 1st place. Christine will go along with what ever Cody think about that. Victoria will praise Derrick and tell him he deserves every penny. Nichole could see it as a perfect chance to take advantage of the situation and attempt to turn others on Derrick and Frankie.. But again this potential flip of the house all rests on Donny’s shoulders if he does in fact decide to tell everyone else about Team America. I don’t know if Donny would forfeit the money if he told everyone about it or not?

  8. So the one who’s butt f**cked, has the nerve to be a racist gay? Black face? Really fakie? Had Derrick said, yeah cool, let’s do it, fakie would have been happier than a ______ in boys town. He really wanted Derrick to do black face. SMDH. And that would have really been the end of Derrick, he literally would have taken food out of his daughters mouth, bcuz his job would have dumped his ass. These boring people put me to sleep at night. Come on production, you geeks have to think of better and more exciting game play for these clowns.
    And stop feeding fakie info, no one on the outside likes him. Even his sisters ratings and record sales have flopped. Probably bcuz of him, no one is buying her music. Sad, nope, exciting.

    1. I don’t know where you are getting your info from, but her debut album last year(Yours Truly) debuted at #1 and was critically acclaimed. Ariana’s 2nd album “My Everything” was just released and has already stormed to the #1 spot on iTunes and will be available in stores Monday. Where are you getting this information from that nobody likes her anymore? Her new album has just been released Sunday!!! It is expected to debut on Billboard’s album charts at #1 as well. She is massively popular among the younger demographics.

  9. The reason Derrick keeps saying he is basing his final vote on is how many competitions someone has won, he better hope the rest of them aren’t voting that way, he can’t win based on th

    1. The only decision Derrick is basing on how many competitions someone wins is who to take to the final two with him… Which of course (should he make it that far) would be Victoria, because she has done nothing and won nothing therefore he would automatically win all the jury votes over her !!!!!

  10. I can’t wait until they find out just how much they all are hated when the show is finally over, and how wrong they were about Donny when he wins America’s vote. I especially can’t wait to see Christine’s face when Julie announces it!

    1. That’s your opinion about Donny being America’s favorite. But Zach Rance has had the most social media coverage of any past BB player in history. Zach is immensely popular and one of the top most players in BB history all ready. The campaign to save Zach trended world wide on Twitter last week, and the eviction episode last week was this year’s highest rated episode of the season. Zach has it locked down for America’s favorite. While I like Donny as a person, there is no doubt that Zach is this season’s breakout star.

    2. Sorry what I meant to say about Zach being one of the top players in BB history was that he is one of the most beloved players so far in BB history instead. I’m not saying that his strategy of blowing up the house on numerous occasions was a great move, not by a long shot.. I was referring to his popularity among viewers.

  11. Could production PLEASE suggest to Donny that he tell Cody or Caleb about Team America?
    The only thing he has left is to lay it all on the line with 1 of them, with the last thing being how they refused to take money to keep him. He could follow that up with, “If they refuse to take money to keep me because it might mess up there game, what are they going to do to you when the time comes? Do you really think they want to take 2 Beast Modes(a little vomit in my mouth just typing that) to the final 4 or 3?”

    1. He is not allowed to tell about TA. I don’t know what the consequences are if he does, but I know they signed a contract (it was talked about on live feeds between Derrick and Frankie). Frankie was worried Donny might blow them up and Derrick said I thought about that too but then I remembered we signed that contract and he can’t. Basically what I got out of this along with what was given to us on the show is that they are allowed to tell people I am in Team America but are not allowed to say the others who are involved. They probably aren’t even allowed to say there are others in it.

  12. I think if Donny goes on Thursday we should all boycott the show until the final week (see who wins and what number to use to vote for your choice for AF)..
    The reason being that this is the lamest season to date and if we want real improvements we need to make it happen the only place they will listen, the ratings.
    They need to improve the casting and the twists
    1) Casting- Unlikable followers and wanna be T.V. personalities. Stop recruiting people who don’t know the game and aren’t here to play! Also, stop recruiting bullies!
    2) Twists- This season has none. Team America sucks. BOB was brutal. Returning house guest isn’t even a twist any more, even the house guests knew it was happening. There haven’t been any twists. Activity Tracker Bracelets is the most exciting thing they came up with? BRUTAL!

    I say we still frequent sites like this, twitter, etc. if you want to stay up to date (don’t punish Simon and Dawg!). Even the odd live feed if you can suffer through. But Boycott the broadcasts! Turn off the T.V. as soon as Donny’s exit interview happens and don’t turn back in until the finale. Obviously everyone won’t do this, but if we can get even half the viewers on board, maybe next year will be better. If they keep getting viewers, nothing will change!

    If you like this idea lets make it a movement. Spread the word on social media and blogs! Give them this link if!

    1. It really won’t matter if boycott the broadcasted show or not UNLESS you have a Nielsen’s metering box that is where the ratings come from. If you know anyone with a box you need to urge them not to watch the show. Cancelling your live feed may get some attention as when I cancelled mine I was ask why I was cancelling.

  13. Derprick and Skankie are only trying to sway Americas Vote for Americas Favorite. They are going to do everything they can to make Donny and Nichole look bad so that one of them can win it. This is why Frankie went off on Zach and tried to discredit him. Frankie heard the fans screaming that they Love Zack over the BB wall and he had to do something so that Zach’s popularity would go down. Frankie thinks that with his sisters twitter followers, that he will win AF.
    Derrick realizes that he has to have a plan B in case he doesn’t make it to the final 2. Derrick is focusd on making as much money as possible so between the TA missions and trying to get AF, he thinks he can maximize his earnings. He and Frankie are out to make Donny look bad and are doing eveyrthing they can to cause an emotional breakdown of Donny so that he looks bad on TV. That is why they are treating him the way they are and are making up lies about him. The other HG’s are joining in on abusing Donny so that he just gives up and looks like a quitter. It is really insidious and has made me dislike Derrick more than ever regardless of his gameplay.
    At this point, I think that there is a strong chance that Derrick ain’t making it past final 4. As stupid as Christine, Cody and Caleb may be, they also know that Derrick has outplayed them. They may not be saying it, but they are aware. I guarantee you that Frankie is telling Caleb that Derrick would win over him but Caleb isn’t gonna say that to anyone. Remember, it was Caleb that brought up the fact that they shouldn’t vote Zach out the first time because of the numbers. Don’t totally underestimate Caleb as he is using the simpleton front to fly a bit under the radar. Christine is ruthless and would cut anyones throat for the money. She also is gonna need it for a lawyer to handle her divorce if Tim hands her papers OR if she needs to fly out on a regular basis to see Cody. Too bad when she arrives to see Cody, he is gonna send her right back to Tucson. She is so ridiculous to think that he will want anything to do with her after this show ends.
    One last thing. I think that when this jury votes, you are going to have a number of people on the jury who are going to vote on the character and integrity of the winner. I don’t see Frankie or Derrick winning if this is the case. I think the only 2 that truly have a change of winning against this jury (who is gonna be a bitter jury) is Donny (if he survives) Caleb (if he is playing it smart right now) and Cody ( if he makes a big move against Frankie or Derrick this week).

    1. After the way Donny has been bullied this season by the HG is givng me more reason to vote for him as fan Favororite over Zach… Even Zach bullied Donny, he called Donny creepy.. Donny has been sweet and kind to everyone, The only thing Donny is guilty of is trying to play the game. Donny has my vote. Donny winning Fan Favorite wold piss off Christine and that would make me happy.

    1. Wow!!! Too accurate. I started to tear up by the end, what a waste not having Zach for the rest of BB16.
      & I was amazed how he stepped up to Jeff on Live Chat, never backing down while clearly projecting ‘I know I’m a loser and don’t have any fans’ humility. The real deal. We’ll see more of ZachAttack I guarantee!
      Also Cody, you wanna punk Jeff & Boogie on your HOH blog? Bad form dingus, here’s a kid who just proved he is worthy and he ain’t even on the show anymore.

  14. I can’t wait to watch the finale when Derrick is on the final 2 and wins bb16. These idiots will find out that they got played by Derrick Nd lied about his job. I hope Britney and amber talk about how stupid the rest of the house is. Except Donny!!

    1. I would love to see Derprick go home before VapidVic. I so don’t want Fakie or Ratine to win but would just love for him to go before her. It would be insult to injury.

  15. ….and I said the only 2 that have a chance against this jury because Cody last big move was adjusting himself so that Derricks arm could maneuver up his a&s.

  16. Donny deserves to win. He has been nominated over and over and targeted week after week. He has lived in almost total isolation at times. He knows they despise him for no reason, and yet he is still there. He has managed to survive. That is playing against all odds. Derrick has never been on the block and hasn’t won much. Donny for the win,

  17. Did Julie tell Nicole that Derrick is really a cop? If so, I can’t believe that she hasn’t told anyone. I honestly cannot remember if she did or not, and I have read conflicting stories.

    1. No, that never happened. Its a rumor. No body knows Derprick is a cop….except maybe Cody because Derprick has had his billyclub up Cody’s a&s the whole game.

    2. No.. she doesn’t reveal anything to the jurors ever.. that is why Jo and Hayden didn’t know about Frankie’s “secret” until Nicole told them.

          1. How sad is it that I’m so past the whole Ariana Grande thing – that I forgot that was Frankie’s “secret”?

  18. Wish I knew which church Christine attends. I would send a razor and tin of shaving cream to the pastor’s wife to have available for Crustine’s return.

  19. So Frankie is going to put on a BB Broadway show on BBAD with HG’s as the cast. Plainly he’s looking for more publicity to boost his career as a show-biz mogul once BB is over. Will he have to write all the music himself to avoid copyright problems? So many questions. He of course will star. Title? How about “Great Balls on Parade”?

    1. This idiotic show that Frankie is planning may surpass last years BBAD wedding for stupidity. It won’t get anyone in show business to think that Frankie is an up and coming talent. Frankie is truly more delusional than Caleb. Frankie acts like he thinks it will glorious fun, just like those old MGM musicals where Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney called out “Lets put on a show!” and 20 minutes of energetic singing and dancing would fill the screen. What Frankie is failing to remember that those 20 minutes were the product of the best talent Hollywood had then, not a bunch of no talent idiots of who at least half won’t even want to do his big production. He’s a fool. I might just watch to see how wretched it is.

  20. I can’t handle this cast anymore. Derrick kept saying “everyone in here is intelligent..” Really? Cut to them trying to figure out the square root of 900… um, uhhh, it’s 3 right? no 300. I can’t take it. Of course they think Donny is a super genius, next to any of them, my left nut would be a super genius….. This is so painful. Derrick is obsessed with this game. Every conversation is about the money. I hope he gets kicked out F3. It’s the only justice that would feel good.

  21. Frankie and Derrick will NOT save Donny in a TA mission..

    Production is going to need some good luck finding a different way to try and rig Donny’s safety this week..

    With any luck they will fail.

  22. Frankie is just damn despicable. “Black face”???? Really you fool? That pos disgusts me more and more each time he opens his mouth and I actually didn’t think it could get worse after he said “I want to euthanize Zach”. If that pos makes it to the F2 I will be beyond disappointed. Wish Cody would send that pink-haired chicken head out the damn door.

    1. Frankie just wanted Derrick to do blackface to bring outrage from the viewers towards Derrick. He really must think Derrick is dumb to even suggest that from him. Now if tried to get Caleb to do it, he might have had better luck, Caleb might be that dumb.

  23. Just coming here for my information. After Dark is just all of them talking badly about Donny. The actual show has become too predictable. Too hard to watch, and I definitely do not want to see some stupid play with them playing each other.

  24. Frankie is so gung-ho on his drag queen review that he thinks he is producer of…I hope it blows up in his ugly face when that idea gets voted OUT on Sunday. I’d choose to save a player any day over watching such a spectacle. Of course,when it does get voted down, he’ll want to do it anyway. I’d love to be there to see all of their faces when the mission is to save Donny because that’s when they’ll realize that Donny is America’s Favorite! I don’t know, as dumb and clueless as some of these people are, they may never even consider it!

  25. I want to see Frankie’s reaction to Donny or Zach winning America’s favorite. I want the camera to zoom in on that face, so we can see the pain and discomfort he experiences when he learns he is not cared for.

  26. Just shoot me now! These people are just as sick as last year! No wonder the country is in the state it is. We have raised a generation of idiots.

  27. Donny, Nicole and Frankie need to go, then this season can start for real. Donny and Nicole have no game other than compwhoring whereas Frankie is the biggest annoyance to have tarnished the BB house since Rachel.

  28. TA won 4 and lost 1 and they bout to attempt 1. Donny rat out the TA alliance u may get Caleb and Cody to flip and put up Frankie and derrick. Its ur last hope.#fingrs crossed

  29. Ugh. This is why we need sex ed in school. Dumbasse. They don’t qualify as high schoolers they’re mental midgets. Frankie gets a prime time opp to explain sexual orientation and a straight guy explains it? WTF ? And for women it’s a do over? He disdains women. So over.

  30. Even if we all vote “no” after their little Broadway show, will production be honest about how we voted? Or, will they let them get away with it as being “approved” by us even if it is not? Also, were these people this delusional before they entered the house, or is it something that happened to them after being in a cage with someone like Frankie & Victoria for months? I have often thought about auditioning for BB, but if I go in the house normal, will I come out a self-absorbed, delusional person? It has to do something to your mind after being in there that long.

      1. We didn’t vote… we vote AFTER to pass or fail them. I can only assume it was productions lame attempt to try and save Donny.

        1. I am not convinced that production authorized this TA mission – I think Donny cooked it up in an attempt to save himself.

          1. Ha love the handle name! At first I thought that too and thought it was brilliant… but all of the members go into DR to talk about it so I feel like if it were fake Donny would get busted quickly.

    1. I would advise people to realize where Donny comes from and how much he needs this money.

      Just think about it before you vote because of hatred.

  31. Wow Christine is soooo fkin UGLY! Man get her off T.V. it is painful enough having to see that ugly mug week after week!

  32. Zach’s true downfall was gaining weight AND trusting Frankie. Zach could have pulled a Dr. Will and won the game if his Mike Boogie (Frankie) would have stayed true to the Day 2 final 2 deal. Midway in the season Frankie became obsessed physically with Caleb and Cody and less physically attracted to Zach because of the extra pounds Zach put on. Frankie is so vain, that he can’t even fathom that Zach could be near as “popular” with America as Ariana Grande’s brother. Frankie’s ego cost Zach the game. Unfortunately for Zach, every guy in that house this season except Donny has a jealous streak.

    The only way you can win the game is if you have someone with you that is 100% loyal to you at least to Final 4. Unfortunately, Zach lost that luxury week 6 when Frankie decided to backstab him for no reason other than to remain a floater (being liked by everyone) in the house while not in power. It really didn’t help Zach’s case that he had put on weight at that point and Frankie had moved on to molesting Caleb now that Caleb was succumbing to Frankie’s physical advances.

  33. After watching Derrick and Donnys convo last night, when they both ended the conversation crying. I have changed my tune on Derrick. I do not believe Derrick is an actor and can cry on demand. He legitimately feels really bad about Donny and in his mind it is too late to do something about it. I do believe he is better than the disgusting people he is an alliance with and has unfortunately gotten dragged into some to the ugly comments Christine, Frankie, Cody have said. He is going to feel sick when he gets out of the house and sees the way Donny was treated. After the convo he went outside to describe with he was so emotional and felt sorry for Donny, the assholes outside started saying more asshole comments.

    1. Another one of Derrick’s lemmings…………he’s playing you too………& you’re falling for it just like the rest of the lemmings in the house. How’s he supposed to hope for America’s Favorite if he doesn’t turn you too?????

    2. Derricks tears are only because he sees $500,000 slipping away from him. He is the biggest piece of $hit in this game. Saying that Derrick genuinely feels bad is like saying that an abusive husband feels bad after he hits his wife: they just keep doing it and ask for forgiveness but they don’t stop abusing the other person. Derrick ain’t sorry about anything.

      1. If you know him personally it is okay to say this since you know him… but people forgets that these people are playing a game.. to say that Derrick cannot feel sorry for anything is a bald statement… He is playing for the money…. but please stop talking as if you know these peoples deeply to say such a thing.

        I am NOT a fan of Derrick… but I would never bitch against him either, I do not KNOW him… I am not like these focken morons in that house who keeps doing mean thing to Donny!!!

    3. Not an actor? Seriously? Derprick was an undercover cop for years. He was trained by the government to make friends, set them up and send them to jail. That’s how he made his living. If there were any real tears it was because Derprick has realized that Donny is the favorite and the fans hate him. He even talked about how if he was at home watching with the feedsters he would hate them. And when he does go to Jokers and reads whats being said he may cry a little more.

    4. I agree he is the biggest manipulator in the house and is playing the most aggressive BB game.

      But that convo was genuine. He literally realized mid convo he is voting out a house guest that America loves and he knew right there he did play the game wrong. But he is in too deep, with the wrong people and still wants the money.

      No I don’t think Derrick can cry on queue. And no I don’t think he is as bad as Christine, Frankie, or Cody. Just my opinion. If he had played the same game with Donny, Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole…I don’t think he would be hated at all.

      No I am not a lemming, if I was in that house he would be my first target. Lets see if Nicole listens to Hayden.

      1. I agree, I think you hit the inner workings of Derrick’s thought process during that convo. Question though, you said he would be loved if he played the same game with Hayden, Donny, Jocasta, and NIcole… do you mean still manipulating the dumb squad but being loyal to those you mentioned, or trying to work with and manipulate those you listed?

        1. Using his same game play skills, but playing with Donny, Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden. The group in the house that seem to not be such a-holes. I just think Derrick would have been seen in a different light.

          I think what I was trying to say is he is the first one to realize that Donny is beloved by America and outside the game he is a very nice person. It literally just hit him during that convo and it made him feel bad. But on the other hand, he still wants the money and will continue with the alliances that he built in the beginning of the game.

  34. I really hate to see Donnie lose out on 5 grand..but… I hope America votes against Frankie’s ideal so we can watch his face as “he can’t believe America DOES NOT LOVE and cherish the ground he walks on…. I hope that sends a smack in the face message to Frankie, Derek and all the rest of them! Maybe… just maybe …Derek and Frankie will then realize if they send Donny home… America is going to hate them…. and we all know Frankies ego… he thinks he’s a shoo-in for America’s favorite… because don’t you all know?… we love him as much as he loves himself…lol

  35. For anyone who may be going through BB withdrawal when this season is over, check out Utopia. . .it’s a new show starting on Fox on Sept. 7th. . .live feeds 24/7.

  36. How can someone almost pass out from pain and then is fine and eating candy twelve hours later? I don’t think that kind of intense pain just comes and goes. And, a glucose IV is for low blood sugar. . .nothing for pain.

    1. She had nothing wrong with her so they pacified her and gave her an IV drip for dehydration. She pulled a Jocasta and tested Derrick to see how much he ‘loved her’. She was so giddy hearing Christine tell her how concerned Derrick was.
      She should keep her hairy knuckle-hands off Derrick and just 12 hours earlier slapped him quite hard (I believe because he hasn’t been paying as much attention to her), passive-aggressively; or just aggressively. Maybe she’ll cut up her hair bows just to show Derrick how mad she is.

      1. Caleb better hide his bunny slippers from this psycho! I wouldn’t be surprised if one morning he woke up to find them boiling in a pot of hot water on the stove!

  37. The plus side of seeing Donny and then Nicole evicted, is that we’ll finally get to see the “cool kids” turn on each other. Looking forward to the bloodbath.

    1. I have a feeling you are going to be sorely disappointed… all you will see is Derr walking to the end. The only way blood will flow is if Derr goes next week and these people have to start thinking for themselves… which actually might be more painful than entertaining.

  38. Someone please help me with something: I am looking for the day and time where Victoria said she ‘thinks she loves Zach’ so I can flashback.
    Several people have mentioned she said it (I believe to Christine) and I want to hear it for myself.
    Please if you can help I’d appreciate it.
    Thanks everyone.

  39. ya princess Frankie thats what America wants to see your auditions on your own time cause i could give a flyin fuck about you and your aging none existant much more of this idiot do we have to see , showing everyone his supposedly large balls was more than enough. for christ sake dont let him do this stupid play ,we already are bored enough with most of these clowns…

    1. Not to mention his brilliant idea for Derprick to do it in blackface! Derprick knew that could cost him his job as a cop and knows Fakie knows the backlash on Derprick would be a roar. So maybe Derprick is smart enough to see now is the time to strike and tell NoBallsCody he was right and it’s time to put up Fakie. With Derprick, Nicole and Donny voting out Fakie he could pull it off. And when CrazedCaleb freaked out they could tell him about Fakie trying to make Derprick do the show in blackface and was mad when Derprick wouldn’t do it and starting saying blah blah blah. I think even CrazedCaleb would forgive Derprick.

  40. If I was Donny I would expose it. Now I know nobody would believe him, so he’d have to be sly…

    He needs to pick a new mission that Frankie/Derrick agree too and tell Cody and Caleb about it and TA. Tell them to not say a word and if he is lying they will see and if he isn’t they will see that also… Then when Frankie/Derrick propose the new plan or carry out the new mission, BAM!
    I doubt he will, but hoping he does!

  41. CBS has absolutely NO shame when it comes to BB. They broadcast a sham of an edited ‘game’ while at the same time profiting from the sale of the live feeds where the HGs are exposed for the sub humans they really are. The only winner is their bottom line! They really don’t care if we are outraged in the least. Couldn’t be more disappointed with their blatant avarice they have foisted on all of us.

    1. Yes, they are only concerned about the bottom line and unfortunately they are winning. We can hate players all we want, cancel feeds, email CBS, etc but nothing will change. We do not have a vote in anything major (TA is not major) or game changing. America’s role is to grab your wine or beer, grab your junk food, sit down in front of TV and watch the stupidity that is BB. And the winner is………….CBS.

  42. KILL me NOW!!! Yet another platform for the ONE man SHOW that is the PERV formerly known as FAKIE. Did you hear his most recent shoutout to EVERYBODY …” Once I get out of BB house, I’m SINGLE, HIT me UP for SEX. Sick bastard- even noBalls is complaining “everytime he hugs me , I feel his DICK on my leg”

    1. Trust me.. I am NOT a Frankie fan but I do think this comment was taken out of context. I really do think he was making fun of Caleb who basically said the same thing right before he made this comment. I am sure there was some seriousness to the comment but I do think it was more of a jab at Caleb.

    2. Well… Well.. Well.. Not a single peep out of you or anybody else for that matter about Caleb & Nichole’s talk about sex, with Nichole asking Caleb if he ever took a girl’s virginity and Caleb being very frank to her about his sex life. Why has that not outraged anyone? Because it is two straight people talking about sex that’s why! However once Frankie opens his mouth and talks about sex, then this make believe outrage from homophobes begins. If adults discussing sex bothers some of you that much, then that says more about your squeamish attitudes about sex, then it does about them. If you bothers that much then cover your ears. This show is for grown ups not for children.

  43. I haven’t been on the site for a few days and I see Cody won HOH and VETO.
    What were the competitions? Just wondering as Cody really wasn’t a good competitor.
    He did b***h a lot but not compete good.

  44. If Cody was smart he would take someone off the block and backdoor Frankie! Why are they holding on to him? After his BIG reveal everyone forgot he was a glitter fart!!! Time to make a big move! Let’s go already!

    1. Cody cannot do that because Derrick does not think it is a good idea to get frankie out this week… and we all knows that with Cody goes by the rules of Derrick… too bad ;)

    2. WTF…what a group of weak willed jelly fish ( exception: Donny & NIc) Any other season they would have at least gotten rid of the person who supposedly had money by now. I really can’t stand to watch that IDIOT…closely followed by Crustine, Snot Boy, Killer Cop,

  45. I’m really looking forward to this big brother play. Twist after twisted twist. This is gonna be sweet. Thumbs up if you agree!!

  46. This generation is so corrupt by the mainstream such as music,celebrities and media. Its like they are brainwashed not to use their brain and make their own decisions and it shows on this cast. Donny’s genius is what we call common sense and they don’t have it.

    1. Sorry big brother this season sucks.Can’t stand these bullies.Not watching anymore if Donnie goes home.Not watching’ve lost my business.

  47. cmon CBS, I am not even watching anymore. not the show, not the feeds, not after dark.

    its become a struggle to even check on this website. what a sucky season

        1. Ha I really don’t care, was just saying it in jest. Seems a lot of people hate me on here though so for your own sake you might want to reconsider ;)

  48. Apparently BB lets them know who “may” win HOH in advance. Cody started talking about what he was going to do (more than usual), then wins. But he screwed up when he asked Nic what she was going to do when she gets HOH. Congrats Nic.

  49. I can not believe how boring this season has amounted to. The cast seemed great at first, but now the detonators/bomb squad(I don’t even know what to call them by this point) have just taken the game over entirely. Yeah, they’re a surviving alliance, and they’ve got Victoria on a leash, but that doesn’t mean they’re entertaining. I’m honestly done with Frankie, Christine, and Cody.
    Frankie is 143% obsessed with himself and talking about himself, and then talking about his sister..
    Christine is just plain boring. Her backdoor Nicole plan obviously backfired as Nicole is back in the house, and I find it very hard to believe she’s all over Cody so she can win the money.
    Cody isn’t the worst player, but he has yet to make a big move this season. During his first reign as HOH, I think Zach had more screen time than he did. He’s gonna be in for a rude awakening when he finds out Christine actually was playing him..

    Yeah, Caleb barely has any brain cells intact but he’s tolerable. I can deal with his stupidity, and he isn’t excruciatingly boring.
    Derrick is, as you’ve heard by now, the puppet master. Is everyone so blindsided, besides Donny & Nicole, to realize that he’s the puppet master of the house, or do they just not want to realize it ands believe they’re still in power. He can get them to do whatever he wants, despite the circumstances. He’s a great player, but boring as hell, and if he could stop stroking his pathetic mustache everytime he’s talking game, that would be great.
    I don’t know what else there is to say.
    Cody and Victoria are so far up Derricks ass, they could chew his food for him. Hopefully Cody takes himself out of this trance and realizes that he’s been manipulated all summer. But he’ll never put Derrick on the block. I think Frankie or Caleb would be as far as he would go for a replacement nom.

    I think that’s about as much as I can say. I’ll still watch until the end, but that doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable by this point.

  50. Have you seen a BB season where the same people have been in power since the start for so long.
    This house is really boring for too long now.

  51. On his way out Donny should blow up team America , he should lie and say that TA is Frankie, Derrick and Christine , that they have made tons of money manipulating the house….,if Frankie and Derrick say that Donny is also part if it , Donny should just deny, deny deny……that should leave the house in an unstable state.

  52. Donny should just bluff and tell them that he will break his contract and is willing to lose the money for Team America , He will reveal their names if they vote him out. But won’t actually do it but they won’t know that.

  53. I’m in the US Where can I watch full episodes of Big Brother Canada 2. I watched BBCA last season but can not locate full episodes of season 2.

    1. I live in Canada and can only tell you that Slice the network that carries BB After Dark U.S. also shows episodes of BB Canada 2 before After Dark U.S. If you go to YouTube you can see plenty of BB Canada 1 & 2 live feed shows. Also the official Big Brother Canada website has plenty of other videos on their site. This is the official site for BB Canada One thing I was very grateful for was that Big Brother Canada made their live feeds available for free and I really looked forward to the live feed videos that Simon and Dawg made available for us on this site every year. It’s a shame that CBS won’t allow feed videos to be put up anywhere and charges money to watch the live feeds, where BB Canada made it free for everyone.

    2. There are some Big Brother Canada videos on Slice’s website as well and you can also catch up on past episodes of BB After Dark U.S. as well. There are some great videos from Mike Boogie and ChillTown talking about BB Canada there as well. Slice’s website is Like I said the best bet is to go to YouTube and look up Big Brother Canada there are lots of videos there of previous live feeds.

  54. Listen this year BB I agree IS VERY BORING ……. But we fans love BB.
    Cody will not make any moves because he does not want to be targeted next week. So he is going thru with the plan. He is not allowed to play for HOH and he is thinking of that. Yes I do agree that he is a wussy also. Hopefully, this Sunday will see more of BB due to the fact that the BOB is over. BB was overloaded showing this other competition and was not able To give the viewers the opportunity to see all the conversations and back stabbing transpiring in the game. Hopefully, we can see more this Sunday. We are all so frustrated this season because we wait all year for BB and this year was another disappointed season. But as a fan I do not want to give up on the game. I do agree with an earlier post that Donny should go to the jury house and enjoy the rest of the season with people who truly like him as a person. I know that I am voting for Donny for Americas favorite player!

  55. If it does come down to Christine, Cody, Frankie, Caleb, and Derrick. Derrick better win, because the other 4 are complete jerks and their game was carried by Derrick. He is the most deserving out of the jerk alliance.

  56. Relax everyone. Sit back and enjoy the show..or not! The script has already been written and nothing is going to be done by production to change that. They would throw a wrench if the show wasn’t going as planned, but so their favourites (picked before show even aired) are not in trouble.

  57. Lets face Donny lastly longer then anyone hoped!! Donny was picked by production to be the ridicule of the season the country hick Donny was picked to bring shame on the duck dynasty folks. Because hardworking heterosexual white men that love their families are loyal to their women are becoming extinct. Donny proved production wrong America is still a great country with a great people we are just starving for honesty
    Donny should stand up Thursday night after Mrs Les Moonves tells him hes been evicted look at all the houseguests and say “This was fun I had a great time Derrick Frankie team America was awesome hope we completed our missions I will vote for either of you in the final 2 good day to you all!!

    1. Donny’s appeal has nothing to do with him being:
      1. Straight
      2. White
      3. Male
      4. Having a beard

      Donny is honest, loyal and genuine because that is who he is . Trying to make him into a poster-child for “your” version of America, are own issues coming out.
      So I agree Donny is a moral exemplar is this group of vicious snakes but can we just admire his fortitude without making it mire than it is?

  58. I’m so tired of these horrible people. They’re vulgar, ignorant, cruel and SHALLOW!
    Is THIS the best that CBS could find for this season?
    I’ll watch until Donny leaves on Thursday, then I’ll stop until the end so I can vote for Donny/America’s Favorite. I don’t care who wins or loses or who screws who over. I just don’t care.


  59. Fellow Donny Fans
    The the future FAVORITE THREE POLLS vote for only ONE person. Vote for DAWG. Make everyone else get 0%. Send a message to CBS that they really messed up this season.

  60. I am done with B.B. The last few seasons have turned me against the current culture of the younger people. I have never seen so many immoral, filthy mouthed, pigs as in this and last season. When did it become okay to talk such trash and expose yourself to others? When did it become acceptable for a man to cuddle on you, sleep with you whether you want to or not. Being gay does not give you special privileges.. If I were one of those “men”, I would be setting Frankie straight. Get the hell off of me. I’m done. Will not watch the rest of the season or any others. Don’t care who wins and don’t care to find out. Thanks Dawg and Simon.

    1. It seems that you are a little too titilated by Frankie and gay stuff in general. Kind of have an issue with the boys on here don’t ya? Ya know, the guys can say NO….maybe they like it. Let them be, nobody’s getting hurt except your puritanical ism
      I mean to be fair, Christine makes me lose my lunch and Victoria could turn me gay. Their behavior and the thought of them touching me makes me turn away from my TV on a regular basis. So, I do understand bring repulsed by some of the HGs.

  61. There will be no blood baths, fights or flips. After Nicole goes the rest will volunteer to go on the block and be voted out by majority. This group is so stupid, Derrick is shaking his head wondering why it was so easy.

  62. After last year’s final three – Andy, GinaMarie and Spencer, I had such high hopes for Big Brother this season! But after the house alliance was formed this year (on practically day one), all hope pretty much faded away and once again we’re left with a bunch of ignorant, classless, individuals. Thank God once again (just like last year) for these updates and my DVR because there’s nothing fun to watch. Just look what you have left:

    Andy was tame last year, compared to his uber horny, annoying compatriot Frankie. I guess in casting, one of the questions they asked to the cast members was, “If one of your male cast mates is gay, would you mind if he hugs & kisses you and constantly makes sexual innuendo’s/comments? I’m guessing they all checked “No”. It’s uncomfortable to watch sometimes, but I guess they like it.

    Derrick – From reading everyone’s comments, he’ll be the winner of Big Brother this year. What big comp has he won or what big move has he made this year? I can’t stand to watch or listen to him talk because he’s personally offensive. If Victoria realized he was a cop, she definitely wouldn’t like him because she can’t eat pork!

    Christine – Floater, spy, ugly duckling, waste of breath. She’s so disgusting and vile, I can’t even…

    Victoria – Next…

    Cody – He’s a follower, not a leader. What’s worse, he acts like a big tough guys saying he’s going to call Donny out (like 10x times) and never opens his mouth. He all show and no go…Hope he has fun in the Jury with Victoria and his little vixen Christine (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, lol)

    Caleb – Leastmode Cowboy will have fun in the Jury house as well and keep on telling his hunting or celebrity stories. Good luck in the real world after this show!

    Donny and Nicole are the only reason I’m still paying attention. Everyone always says, “It’s all about playing the best game and they deserve to go home because they didn’t make the moves they needed to stay”. All I can say to that is, a majority of people in that house aren’t capable of making big moves because that would requiring having a brain, some level of intellect and common sense. I would rather see Donny or Nicole win, but when the stacks decked again them from the beginning, there not much they can do. If everything stays the course, this show is pretty much unwatchable…

    1. GM, Spenser and Andy really were the worst F3. I think BBCAN2’s Neda, John and Sabrina were almost one of the best. Best if they had gotten rid of Sabrina, just because of who Sabrina was in the house. John and Neda together were just awesome to see. At F3 tho you win or you go home, and Neda failed to win what she needed to win to be in the power seat. However, with Spense/GM and Andy you don’t feel like Spenser got robbed by being evicted at that stage. That’s what you want to feel at F3 or even F4, that whoever goes out the door before F2 is being robbed because they played really well and gained popularity.

      There is no one in the F6 arrangement these guys have that anyone could possibly care enough about to say oh too bad, they got evicted. Instead we’ll all just say, good on ya, for being an a**hat to the good HGs, so there. You still won’t care who they leave behind but at least ‘they’ whoever they are won’t get it lol

      The are still delusional about the America favorite being Caleb aren’t they? Why would he get it, he isn’t winning anything is he?

  63. Frankie says there was a moment for Zach when he knew he was going and it was wonderful.


  64. I’ve never been a big fan of CBS……except maybe Walter Cronkite news with my grandparents in the ’60’s……and Big Brother the last 5 or so years….well, Walter is gone now & so is my interest in this once-great show!!!! Last year’s cast did that embarrassingly stupid broadcast panel AND Amanda/McCrae wedding..UGH! Now I hear about this lame, ridiculous plan of Frankie’s Broadway show!?!? WTF! I’m sinking into the depths of despair knowing that CBS is simply pushing these two repulsive Grandes down our throats! If I want to watch a friggin’ song-n-dance show, I’d buy tickets to the nearest jr.high production of effin’ ‘ Grease’ for god’s sake! Where are the dang twists you promised us???????

  65. Why would anyone even think America would enjoy seeing these stupid people in the house put on a play making fun of the people they sent to jury. I vote no to that mission. But I do hope the Jurors get to watch them making fun of them. And I hope it pisses them off. I think Donny would be glad to loose his share of the money so that the other two members of Team America don’t get a red cent of their bulling tactics. I truly believe Frankie’s sister is ashamed of the way he is acting. I am also sure he is a hindrance to her career. She should evict him the first opportunity she gets. Wrap him up and send him off to Africa with a one way ticket. Oh wait…Africa doesn’t deserve that.

  66. When Miss Julie Chen got a BIG bucket of (I wish- ice cold) WATER on her head. Now, that is one TWIST I could endorse EACH and EVERY episode. Or maybe alternate with a member of Production each week. IDIOTs for giving us such BORING CRAP this season. They deserve to be without jobs.

  67. Are we sure Derrick is really a cop and not a security cop from Walmart? How does a policeman get to take 3 months off from his job?

  68. Sadly, the only thing I see happening that could save this “train wreck” of a season is if Velcronia decides to declare a jihad in the BB house in profession of her undying love for “De Fuehrer” (Derrick).
    Her plan is to use the backyard gas grill as an ignition, and her $1000 hair extensions as kindling to set her entire head on fire!
    Her hopes are this selfless act of “blind obedience” and love for “De Fuehrer”, will snap him out of his constant “state of self-absorption” in time to extinguish her flame engulfed head by dipping in the backyard pool.
    As the threat of this indelible caliphant subsides, Christine can be heard saying, “For f**k sake Frankie, I f**king hate interpretive dance!”

  69. Since Donny is not allowed to tell the houseguests about TA, I think he should get some of the house guests alone other than frankie and Derrick, Tell them to spy on Donny while he has a conversation to Derrick and Frankie. This way they can find out them selves and Donny didn’t have to expose anything.

  70. Also, BBAD, wtf. one day (i record this always) i tune in and the cameras are zeroed in on two people who are WATCHING other people play pool. They aren’t DOING anything, but the camera is there for probably 25 out of 30 minutes.

    Last night we get to WATCH Cody, Donny and Nicole WATCHING the Scorpions show. wtf? How interesting is it to have the cameras zeroed in on 3 people watching TV? NOT, that’s how interesting it is.

    In the past, I have watched the BBAD from start to finish. These HGs are so boring and the alliances and decisions so locked in from day one, they literally don’t do anything at all. There is no reason to watch them. They have family dinners during half of the AD shows, and full house gatherings chatting get togethers the other time. The nominees are wasting their breath campaigning, and no one is ever making deals, mostly because these F6 people never once honoured any week long deal with anyone. They can’t even get to a nomination without completely backing out of a ‘i’m not nominating you, honest’. Like why not just say you can’t say or haven’t decided until you talk to everyone, why do that.

  71. I have decide after reading some of Christine husband tweets that he more than likely will forgive her. Being a woman on Nationwide with a husband and children[ if she have any] seem like u would carry yourself in an respectful way. Cody told Frankie & Derrick after finding a paper shape heart in his pocket ” I’m not married”. If Christine was angry at Julie for showing throwing the Bone game. When meets Julie in person how will she explain her relationship with Cody.

  72. This isn’t the bad girls club bitch! Most of this years contestants act like catty bullies. The way they treat poor Donny is repulsive. I would never know about these things since I don’t have the livefeeds and of course CBS shows nothing of this and give all these losers good edits! Thanks so much for this site. I have been a BB fan since season 6 and these followers are the most annoying alliance since the nerd herd. Derrick the narc got lucky he is on a season with imbeciles excluding a few who have already been eliminated because old piggy boy knew he could not control them like he does these clowns. Donny will most definitely have my vote for Americas Fav. The man has been on the block practically all summer and has managed to win POV multiple times to save himself! He has not maliciously schemed or lied in order to have made it this far. He has been shunned by them and mocked for no reason. Not one of them can or have had to endure as much as he has by being ostracized. Especially Derrick who has never had to sweat and when he thought he lost a tiny bit of control, he completely freaked and showed what a pussy he really is. Donny is a great player and he deserves to be on an all-star season with real great players instead of these immature incompetents. America loves you Donny and I cannot wait until these people get their karma when they get back into the real world and they see how everyone loves Donny and hates them! Donny is proof that one can remain true to themselves and classy on the train wreck that is reality tv. He is definitely my favorite player of all time even if he doesn’t win because he has a genuine kind heart something many people not just on this show lack


    I cant wait till some of these players replay this episode of BB and see how much of an azz some of them are. I guess they were never taught to think before you speak, I think sometimes they forget they got cameras all around. Its not so bad that they want Donny gone knowing he is a threat, It is how they are going about it being so mean to him.And he has always been so nice to all of them. Donny is one person that has my respect. hope theirs a way to keep him.

  74. N I am simple. Wish zach was still in, skanie out and someone place a bom in the bom squad room and blow up this terrible season. Derrick is a control freak, Victoria is just clueless. Cody is an idiot and Christine…we’ll she is just simply a pig. A married pig. No less Have watched them all and this is by far the worst. CBS should be ashamed to call this reality TV. Nothing realistic about it…all done according to their plan

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