Big Brother 14 Spoilers: POWER Of Veto RESULTS!

POV Holder: Frank Next POV: Aug 18 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 20 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Shane Next HOH: Aug 13 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Boogie and Frank
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod
Last Evicted Houseguest Wil
HOH temptations Britney Safe this week, Boogie gets 10grand

7:31pm CAm 1-3 Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

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AShley, Boogie and Frank talking about Coffee and alcohol drinks of choice.

7:37pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Ian playing pool
Shane in the backyard now


7:48pm Hammock Dan, Danielle and Ian

Ian: “so what happens now.. Ashley goes up and Boogie goes home?”
Dan: “I don’t want to talk about it out here”
Dan leaves..
Ian asks Danielle who is going up AShley or Jenn. Danielle thinks it’ll be Ashley. Ian is worried asks her if it’s him. Danielle: “Hell no”

Ian and Danielle both agree that Frank needs to leave the game. Ian says he’s ready to win the HOH and Nominate him.

Ian: ‘there is going to be certain games he just can’t win and those are the ones I”ll win”
Danielle and Ian bring up Frank and all the cursing he was doing today (Must of been when we had Trivia) Ian and Danielle make a big deal about the cussing saying it was reason enough for the house to want him gone.

8:18pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Frank Working out

8:22pm Cam 3-4 Kitchen to no snakes no medical emergencies.. all we have is quack pack being sad, Dan scheming something and Joe being really friendly to everyone.

(General Chit chat about cooking food)

8:26pm Cam 1-2 Big Brother Production gave the players a Grill.. Joe and Shane are happy

#BB14 Britney Lazy Eye

8:37pm Cam 3-4 Ashley: “Joe was saying he say Frank and Boogie Cheating Did anyone see that “

Feeds cut..
There seems to be some discussion about the POV and a questionable performance by Ian and Ashley. (I’m trying to piece it all together.. I don’t have the clear picture of what happened yet)

9:04pm Cam 3-4 bunch of them are Eating Boogie and Frank are working out together.

Brintey to Ashley: “how many beers are you going to have”
AShley: “I’m going to chug them.. as many as I am allowed” (LOL famous last words)

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241 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers: POWER Of Veto RESULTS!

    1. Somewhere in Minnesota, Janelle is smiling–What goes around, comes around, Mike! Now, someone kidnap Production so they don’t do something stupid, like come up with a way to keep his cocky a** in the game!

  1. Is Mike Boogie the answer to the question, what ever became of Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver?

  2. Sa-WEET!!! Franks LIVES to continue playing!! Like it or not, Frank has been playing ONE AMAZING GAME!!!!

      1. Agreed, Frank should’ve been gone two weeks ago, I’m sorry but there was absolutely no reason for production to throw away Shane’s entire HOH when the coaches entered the game. I bet this veto was geared towards Frank, and I won’t be shocked in the slightest when he wins the Double Eviction HOH, and Shane or Dan get sent home.

        1. they’ll probably thinking of ways to save Boogie too right now….don’t open pandoras box shane or producion will fuck you

        2. So obvious AG wants Frank in this game. I bet I could stop watching after Sunday and tune back in for the final episode to see Frank win. Dan is playing a better game, but he has a huge target on his head being a former player. Danielle, crazy as she is, is playing a better game than Frank. But blinky eye will most likely win this shizz because it is rigged for him to. Final 2 (based on production’s influence): Frank and either Ashley or Ian. Frank will win. But I wish BB cast would pull a biggest loser cast and walk out after production’s twist. Not going to happen though.

    1. It doesn’t matter if Frank won. I think the SDBDI group wanted Boogie out anyway, so this changes nothing. I think we may have another HOH on thursday right after, as a double eviction, so my personal dream scenario (boogie/frank out in one week) is still a possibility.

    2. Like others have said PRODUCTION have helped Frank so many fucking times it’s crazy…

      It really isn’t fair his ass should be GONE but they fucked Shane over and now he is safe yet again……

      If he wins HOH this upcoming week [which is his trend *he wins HOH the week after being on the block* (2/3 times)] it will be even more evident that Production has already crowned him BB 14 Champion and won’t allow him to go home..

      All I have to say is that Mike Boogie BETTER go home.

      Shane really needs to AVOID any Pandora’s box because it will fuck him harder than he was week 3 during his HOH run..

      Again fuck Production..

    3. COMPLETELY agree 100 %!!!!!!! IMO most of the other house guests are petty losers, who gossip all day long ( so unappealing–a bunch of effing losers). At least Frank and Boogie are straight shooters ( at least in this game) who show tact and a ‘chill’ ( if you Will) demeanor……Too bad they didn’t fuck all the others and roll with Janelle, that would ahve been an unstoppable trio!!!!!

  3. I think Frank won POV; see Danielle, Ian, and Dan’s convo on hammock. “I guess Ash will go up and Mike will go home…”

    1. I’m so happy that Frank won! Next he will have to win HOH to make DDSB bleed!

      Don’t count out Boogie- this guy seems to stick around- defying all logic. We shall see.`

      1. this show is so rigged, put up Ian though, vote mike out. Then dan wins Pov puts up Frank and Ian and they vote out Frank. Both out in one day. Mike goes home, Frank gose to jury

          1. Everyone says its rigged w
            hen frank wins..he don’t have any thing gave to him.I wish he would work with shane he is a good guy.I think frank has one thing going against him & its boogie!! He is cocky & wants to talk about chilltown grow up….u r a 42 yr old man please stop trying to relive the glory days..u r no dr. will……frank, cut this ball n chain loose & win this…you & shane…

  4. Of course Frank won because that is why the POV took so long is that A. Grodner had to rig it so he won so they probably had to do it over and over and over again, and they had to threaten all of the other houseguests to be quiet. DONE WITH THIS SHOW and this continual cheating!!!

    1. …ONCE AGAIN…

      LISTEN EVERYONE, Big Brother producers don’t rig the game, they don’t have favorites and they run a clean, above board operation. Just because something doesn’t go your way doesn’t mean that the show is rigged. This game is a combination of mental skills, physical prowess, sheer determination, socialization abilities, memorization capacity, agility, endurance fortitude and dumb luck. I know first hand that there is no rigging going on, CBS would be setting themselves up for major lawsuits if that kind of funny business was tolerated.

      1. Janelle has said that producers have been involved when they told her that they had tried to stop her eviction. Multiple houseguests have brought up production feeding them information. It’s not just speculation.

      2. Whatever…..and if the comps and conditions of the game were geared to another player and not Boogie/Frank you would be griping about production meddling. And, FYI, they would not have any lawsuits as they are considered a scripted/semi-scripted show – hence, the casting to fill roles – the model, the jock, etc. Production has publicly acknowledged that the game is always in flux and that they make changes throughout the season based on what is happening in the house. Production definitely set up Rachel & Jordan with a foot up last season – a Pandora’s box bringing back duos for one week???? And an endurance comp for veto the same week? PULEEEAASSEE.

      3. Production manipulates the game now and then I can’t believe there’s people that think the shit is 100% real no tampering, come on. I believe most of the time it’s legit but production will influence/ manipulate/ rig for the ratings and to keep the drama going. Anyone that says the game has no manipulation whatsoever is wrong, just like anyone who says there’s always manipulation is also wrong. There’s SOME manipulation now and then, eg Jeff’s coup de Jeff as it’s called, that was the most obvious, I noticed it and I was a fan of Jeff at the time. And then last year’s Pandoras Box that screwed Kalia/Porsches’s HOH. This one is up for debate but I believe it was production.
        Yes at times people will cry manipulation when things work against their player like sore losers, but I really believe producers run the show and can change it up. It’s all about ratings and making money for them.

      4. “There is no rigging going on, CBS would be setting themselves up for major lawsuits if that kind of funny business was tolerated.”

        Ummm. Not really. “Reality shows” are exempt from the rules game shows like “Jeopardy” have to go through.

        Even if there was, the courts can’t tell BB what to do because BB has few cut and dry rules to stand on. They cancelled an eviction. There is nothing they could do that is bigger than that, exempt nominate two people and send one home by a vote of 1-0.

        There is no comparison to that in any other game show or sporting event. Please give me a comparison because a sporting event being cancelled right before a team would lose would be absurd.

        By the way, how many times have you seen BB enact the twist BEFORE the eviction. I can picture countless times, Julie announcing the twist, right after talking to the evicted house guest.

      5. I just saw Bratney on BBAD bragging that she knew about the coaches entering the game twist in advance and drafted her team based on that info. If production didn’t tell her that who did, the Tooth Fairy???

    2. Oh pleassse! Would you be saying that if Shane won??? He’s won a bunch of comps, I supposed those were rigged too???? Sore losers, LOL!!

  5. Yeah Frank and couldn’t have been a better time to win. I hope they find out Ian is the rat and backdoor either Ian or Dan. Just sayin!

    1. not going to happen to much has happened shane made a big move so he has to follow through or he will be the next to go so the pov at this point is irrelevent they needed to get one of them out and that is what they will do. To be honest boogie is a bigger threat then frank he may win better comps but boogie is better at getting into people’s heads and if they don’t get him out now they will regret it

    1. Frank is another Rachael lol I would Apresh if his ass would finally go home but I guess I have to stomach him for another week. Thanks BB I APRESH the rigg (NOT LOL)

  6. Here we go now things are about to get very interesting….Does anyone think Dan might be going home? As biased as I am I hope not but if he doesn’t does anyone think Dan will give up Ian to save himself or might Frank and Boogie figure him out? Don’t get me wrong I want Dan in there but this is gonna make for some great TV.

    1. Do you work for the show or something – worrying about “making for great TV viewing”? Sounds like that’s why Frank won POV. Just to rile up people. The manipulation of the results for ratings is just wrong, wrong, WRONG!

    2. I agree why would shane put either of them up? Frank won Pov he isn’t the hoh all he can do is take himself off the block the rest is up to shane and shane won’t turn on his allies it makes no sense even if he was mad at dan it still in his best intrest to get boogie out and break up boogie and frank. As far as Dan goes as much as i love dan i don’t see him keeping the Ian secret to the end and Frank is already getting suspicious.

  7. glad frank won. boogie really should go at this point between the two, no matter how much that will make me sad to have him gone so early

    they will regret removing him so early. but will be glad in the end that frank and not boogie got the pov. boogie would have created serious drama before and after using it

  8. Boogie vs (replacement) Jen
    Votes for Boogie: Frank
    Votes for Jen: Britney, Dan, Danielle, Ian, Joe, Ashley
    But Boogie will think he’s got 4 votes (Frank, Ian, Joe, Ashley) until Thursday so it will remain calm.

  9. Anyone read wikipedia? People are making false updates . Today’s was easy to spot. Shane was expelled due to a viloent outburst at production. People have even less of a life than I do – they went into a lot of detail..

  10. Something must have happened. 6 hours to play a veto? No. The lockdown is over, that means the set has been cleared. Everyone looks showered and Ashley says she got some sleep. Haven’t seen Shane and Brit yet, everyone looks tentative, like they’re trying not to talk about something.

  11. That Frank has a horseshoe up his ass. He is going to be hard to beat. Wonder who Shane will put up. Looks Boogie could very well be going to the jury house.

  12. So hopefully Boogie goes home unless Dan uses his mist on Shane to save Boogie since Dan secretly wants a bromance with Boogie. Hoping Boogie goes home this week. Hoping another Quack Pack wins in the double eviction and Frank follows!

  13. At this point im starting to think Frank deserves to win. Is this a BB record to escape block so many times and been on block about every fking week?

    1. Not sure of the record, but don’t count the time on the block when the twist came in, that was null and void. Thanks AG!!!!

      1. Yea you just got to respect his staying power, even though i hate his guts he just keep coming back for more. Fking terminator in that bytch.

  14. Ian,
    You have proven you suck at this game. You are Adam 2.0! you cant win anything, and you are too cocky for someone who has yet to do anything

    1. They will on finally night, cause clearly this guys gonna win. Im ready for Dan floater azz to get backdoored.

  15. Ha! I told you so. Shane, better backdoor Dan or Ian. Cya Dan! Have fun talking to your wife. Next up! Ian is next to leave. Thank you Ian for being a rat. It’s time to go home as well.

    1. Told what? all he did was get off the block but there is no way shane will back door dan or ian he is going to put someone up that he can control the votes like jen, ashley or joe but i am leaning to ashley

          1. You mean captainwidget! I always 100 percent correct. Frank is like John Cena of Big Brother. He always be a fighter, never gives up. Trust me. Right,Right,Right.

        1. Dan backdoored by Shane? no… If Shane backdoors Dan, his whole alliance will fall apart. Boogie is going home this week.

          1. @RAYDEN, There is no other choice but backdoor Dan or Ian. That way taking out the winner of Big Brother is a best option.

  16. YES YES YES, Frank WINS POV! Now let’s see what happens next few days, so we can see if we can get another house flip and Chilltown survive. Something major had to have happened for the feeds to be out that long, so God only knows…Pandora maybe?

  17. Everybody saying that Shane is the master of comps. in the house. Not exactly. This past HOH was kind of given to him since only 3 people were going for the HOH to start. Frank is just as good, if not better than him physically. Frank is a better social player too, that’s why he is public enemy #1. Dan is the best player in the house, but no one except Chilltown wants him out. Dan, Boogie, Frank, and Shane should have formed an alliance at the start of the game. They would have dominated. Now all 4 of them will get picked off one by one. The only one I can see winning is Dan because of his alliance, but these people better wake up or else Dan is cruising to another Big Brother victory. I do NOT want to see a floater win though.

  18. Crazy… well maybe booger will go home now. I mean they’d have to be idiots to evict ashley or even dan over him… I’m also kinda interested to see Frank’s game without boogs

  19. Frank uses the PoV. It could be why Boogie looks so upset, he wanted it to save himself.
    He now has to calculate how he can save himself, the campaign for votes begin.

    He also just realized Ian is working with the enemy, and he Just realized they are not putting up Dan.

  20. Oh wow, Boogies’s done, right after coming off his victory over Janelle he gets taken out and has no idea Ian isn’t loyal. He’ll be in for a shock when he discovers Ian’s disloyalty as well as the existence of an alliance that took him out much like Janelle was taken out by the Silent 6. For a guy that claims to be the best in BB history this eviction will embarass him greatly. From 1st place winner to pre-jury elimination at the hands of a newbie HOH.
    Janelle must be rolling on the floor laughing her ass off. As for me I’m glad we have some drama. And if Frank wins next week, it’ll be a bloodbath. I want him to win just to see his vengeance.

  21. now here is a thought … first , yes Frank won POV .. and Shane will go upstairs to find Pandora`s Box, and in it is a power to erase all other powers…or undo a power… So Frank takes himself off the block and Shane puts him right back on … now that is a thought .. one can wish …

  22. I actually like frank if anyone deserved to go it is boogie he could have gone for safety but instead he went for the money and even if you think you are safe you never are but i think frank is onto Ian and at some point Dan isn’t going to take the blame for Ian forever he will eventually spill the truth. I also think it would be better to get boogie out before jury because he will be more dangerous there then frank ever could be

  23. So it is no surprise that Frank won the POV. Can’t convince our group of people that the game wasn’t designed to give Frank the advantage, also he didn’t have any competition, look who was playing for the POV. If Frank wins the game that will be the last time we will be watching BB. Can’t tell me the games are fair, they are designed for certain players to have an advantage.

    What was the emergency all about? Why did it take so long for the feed to resume? Did they have technical problems and it was not that someone got hurt?

    Good luck trying to get Frank out, he’s got 9 lives.

    1. He had no competition? Shane played in it. Him and Frank have won almost every competition this season. Who else would have beaten him? Dan maybe. What a dumb statement.

  24. I have to believe that there is no way Dan will ve able to save Boogie – unless he uses the mist to get Frank to take Boogie down. Just like with Janelle when Dan had to admit that the coaches could not work together, he’s going to have to do the same with Boogie. No way can they keep both of them in the game. I truly hope that in the double eviction Thu that Dan wins the HOH, puts up two pawns, whoever wins the POV takes one down & he backdoors Frank sending him out the door.
    Gotta wonder what happened that production didn’t want anyone to save. I hope that we don’t see a lot of fish to night on BBAD – seems like they’ve told them not to discuss whatever happened. Hope I don’t waste a night on BBAD – last night was sooo good.

    Any snakes yet, Simon? Sssshhhhh!

  25. Frank has more lives than a cat!

    Too bad for Boogie. He makes the game interesting. At least we know he isn’t going to go out quietly. Should be a hell of an interesting week!

    Go, Frank!!!

  26. Saaaaweeeeet!

    All Frank has to say to Shane is “if Dan doesn’t go this week, you go next week”.

  27. Ian is one of the worst players who thinks he has game. I am so shocked at how people show such hatred directed at Frank. Love him or hate him he has got mad game. As far as intuition his has been far better than Boogies. From now on I hope he plays from his gut and not his head. Hindsight is 20/20 but I wish he took out Dan the Man. Who knows his game may be better with Boogie gone.

    1. because Shane is a hell of a lot more scared of having an angry Frank in the house after him next week than he is of back dooring Dan with zero repercussions.
      Once Dan is gone, Dan can’t touch Shane…not even in the jury. Frank is guaranteed in the house next week and Shane can’t play for HOH…so odds are Frank will win it.

      Shane is now royally screwed.
      I wonder if he has figured that out yet.

      Probably not. Frank and Boogie will have to explain it to him.

  28. love it frank won the pov couldnt be happier i think that puts a big kink in the plans of the quack pack if anybody can get the votes to stay its boogie and with frank stayin they might have to out ian and put him up to appease frank and boogie just to keep themselves safe

    1. i also think at this point joe,jenn,ashley all have to jump on board with chiltown if they wanna survive any further although most likely one of them is goimg up as a replacement that would still leave boogie 3 votes and if dan outs ian that could be his fourth since he wants boogie at the very least in the jury house

  29. good for frank now people see that this guy deserves to go to final 3 with shane and danielle. These coaches and floaters should just go home those are the 3 that deserve it and if production fixes so things come out there way they should have those 3 because in the final comps it will be a fight to the death instead of a bore feast with one strong player and 2 floaters or 3 floaters competing.

  30. if there s no twist til thursday its quite obvious whats gonna happen. the HOH comp will be made for frank and he ll win. third time from bottom to top. then dan leaves during double eviction. after that it will be difficult for frank to stay. because he has to win too much comps. and eveantuelly there will be a comp that doesnt fit for him. even if he forms an alliance with jen and ash maybe joe. thats a weak one.

    1. I would totally agree, but Shane can’t be trusted…at all anymore.
      He has put Frank on the block, what, 3 times now?

  31. Everyone is present and accounted for in the house. The medical emergency must have been one of the many false scenarios thrown out there. Some of them were pretty funny though. It seems like everyone is alright. It is strange that people are showered, the backyard is broken down, and someone even took a nap. It makes you wonder, what really went on for six hours.

  32. What was the medical emergency? Why is Brit completely under the covers, do ya think it could be something to do with a family member and they had to notify them and now no one’s allowed to talk about it cos it’s a personal matter? Just throwing out possibilities.

    I don’t like Frank, but having him stay keeps the drama, so I’m all for it!

  33. Ian’s been saying he’s going to win the “memory” and “brain” comps but he’s lost those too. Franks two HOH wins were both /brain/memory comps. Ian’s brain is overrated. He doesn’t have a photographic memory, he’s just a geek who memorizes things like the table of elements and formulas and shit like that.

  34. are the comments about cbs not rigging this show serious? if they are then you are seriously delusional. as far as cbs opening themselves to lawsuits if they engaged in such hanky panky as to rig the game, the houseguests sign contracts that sign away their rights and give cbs the right to do whatever they want with no fear of retalitory lawsuits.. but really funny stuff, guess it is good their are still innocent and naive people who still drink whatever kool aid they r given..

    1. @nr123. I agree with you about people on here that are still saying Big Brother/production doesn’t interfere and favor certain house guests.What will it take for them to admit this has been going on for a while.Last season with production saving Rachel&Jordan with the pandora’s box should have been enough proof.Now this season production saved Frank with the twist and there’s talk between Britney&Ashley that Frank&Boogie cheated.To the people who continue to doubt or flat out deny production has went out of their way to save certain players(Rachel,Jordan,Jeff&now Frank)wake up!

  35. Yeah for Frankie. Don’t count out the Booger because he is a true gamer unlike Dan and Britt. They are the ultimate floaters wanting others to have bloody hands with them acting innocent. Yeah right… Game? Hell no, not game just chickens who hide behind others floating through it all. The new people are in awe of them and listen to them and act on Dan and Britts ideas like fools. They need to wake up get rid of Boogie, Dan, and Britt and then play it all or none with each other. Hope that happens soon. I respect Boogie like never before because he is truly a gamer and doesn’t just stand by and let it happen like Dan and Brittney. Dan and Britt are dirt bags and need to own up to their influence on Shane. Neither Dan nor Britt have a game plan because they don’t know what to do or how to do it other than hope their suggestions get taken seriously like they have been. I’m so happy Shane outed Britt and witsh he would have given them all up including Ian (whom I really likeed). Shane is not a gamer just good at comps like Jani was. Two peas in a pod! Just my 2 cents once again.

  36. omg…Danielle just touched raw chicken, then licked bbq sauce off the fingers she was rubbing on the raw chicken….

    1. she’s not going to be able to blame Joe when she’s sick later. I guess she figures that a Kindergarten teacher wouldn’t know that you have to be a little careful with raw chicken – LOL!

      1. I couldn’t believe that when I saw it lol, after she placed the chicken on the pan I was just thinking ok now please wash your hands, but now she wiped them on her pants, then started rubbing the sauce on with her fingers, and just started licking them when she was done, and no one said anything or acted like it was gross or unhealthy. I don’t know why that irked me so much haha

  37. Going to be a long week listening to Frank the new messiah constantly talking about his many accomps.
    I don’t care what anyone says he is officially Rachel 2.0, given as many chances as possible to stay.

    Is anyone else (who has the feeds) sick and tired of listening to Jenn continuously humming the BB theme song? I can’t imagine the others in that house are not at the point of wanting to rip her voicebox out!

  38. I am sick. This guy is so hard to watch. The way he talks about sex, and his constant whining about how he fought to get on the show, it is insulting. Obviously he had to fight to get on the show because someone didn’t like him. I hear his family is doing a reality show, maybe they are related to Honey BooBoo from Toddlers & Tiara’s. It is also insulting to hear Boogdiva talk about handing over the money to the lesser HG’s. If you ask me he has led a very lesser life, who is he to talk. I am sick. This show is so scripted, poor Shane , they have made a total fool of him. I really am now rooting for a Danielle and Britney final, or Britney and Shane. I really do like Dan, though….

  39. Maybe AG will just fast forward straight to the end on thursday and hand Frank the money. Production is making it impossible to vote Frank out.

  40. I am so disappointed that it is Frank that will stay. Like Dani and Ian I am tired of listening to the crap that comes out of his mouth. He apparently needs glasses to see exactly what he looks like – cos he is no gift…and he must need hearing aids to hear what trash he spouts. He is a hateful person and needs a mute button.


  42. I wouldn’t count Boogie out just yet,
    the last time he managed to convince everyone to backdoor Janelle.
    We’ll just have wait and see what he does next….

  43. Noooooo anyone but Frank! Ian needs to go home. Talkin’ about “I wanna get out the floaters”… uh, Ian YOU are a floater! He needs to win something and take a stand and get some heat for once!

  44. Well it’s official that Boogie is going going gone–Shane and Ian were talking and saying they have to take out Boogie now and Frank needs to go next week. Quack Pack lives to see another week for sure now.

    1. Well at this point i don’t think shane has a choice he needed to get one of them out once he made the stand to put frank and boogie up he must of know he had to follow through and unlike when janelle was backdoored there is no coming back from this if he took out one of his allies it wouldn’t change anything boogie and frank would be after him next week. They were already thinking about doing it last week which is why they are on the block frank is good at comps but not at game he should have never told anyone once everyone found out it was over for him.

  45. I guess Dan or Ian has an option to be backdoor. Shane, if I were you, the fast forward HoH & Frank win this one. Better watch the tapes of fast forward HoH because you are super toast.

  46. Joe is ALWAYS wearing a blue Kentucky tshirt. Shane loves that pink tank top. Dan wears his red neighborhood “O” shirt 24/7. Boogie doesn’t own anything that doesn’t say Chilltown. Frank looks like he shops at Goodwill. Jen can’t get enough of her black sleeveless shirts. Production, please give these people a clothing competition!!

    1. LOL that’s probably because Frank does shop at Goodwill. He probably just lives off whatever money his father floats him.

      I think Production is so biased to Frank and Boogie is because after Willie flamed out this season needed a villain in a bad way(pun intended). Frank has proven to be the only new HG able to take the heat, because everyone knows Boogie and Dan can.

      The noobs need to wake up and get rid of Boogie, Dan and Brit. I really like all of the coaches this season, Janelle for her competitions, Boogie for the drama, Dan for the gameplay, and Brit because she is hot and can be funny; but there is no way for the noobs to really ever take off if they are being used liked tools by these great players. The only difference between BB14 and BB13 is that Shane and Frank are good players and not mega-floaters like Kalia, Adam, Shelly, and to an extent Porsche, and that was the best BB13 had.

    1. i know! ew! ew! ew! i hope she doesn’t get sick…. raw chicken? i thought she was educated!

    2. These people are not very consistent in washing their hands before/during cooking and are always licking their fingers and picking their faces as well as other gross stuff. If I was in the BB house, I would make my own food or starve!

  47. LOL. ash just said that frank and boogie were cheating. and asked brit if she saw that. and then…the fishes stroke again.

  48. Ugh, for all the tin foil hat, conspiracy theorists. Frank is coming off HOH,so they decide to make the next HOH the same competition Jeff won a year ago. A competition that relied on physical prowess to win. A competition DESIGNED for Shane. Oh, boogie’s super greedy too, so let’s throw in a luxury to take his mind off trying for HOH.

    It works both ways, morons.

  49. I don’t understand why Ian is a rat?!?! He is in an alliance(QuackPack), and he gave them valuable info(ChillTown 2.0 planning to get Brit and Shane? out). Why would SBDD want to out Ian when he has info coming in from the other side! It would be stupid of Shane to backdoor Ian becasue Ian actually helped them pull the trigger at F&B first. Right now I am Team Ian/Team Dan and I hope the QuackPack can stick it out until Thursday to finally get rid of Booger!! The perfect scenerio would be Booger out on Thursday and then Frank folowing his footsteps in the double eviction!!

    1. Why Ian is a rat
      1 he resemles a rodent
      2 he scurries around like a rat
      3 rats spend a lot of time in labs
      4 he has shown no loyalty to Boogie- who gave him not Frank or Jenn 3k
      5 he decided to be a pet rat for Brit- who has him perform for her amusement (asking him embarassing questions, burning his armpits, etc)
      6 rats play for fifth place like he is doing with the Rat pak
      7 rats worry for themselves when the going gets tough (Frank wins POV and he is worried he will go up)
      8 no one calls their pet rat loyal
      9 rats are vermin
      10 no one likes a rat and no one likes Ian any more- he will soon be infesting the jury house

  50. i had my headphones on….
    seriously though this is my first season watching bb in the fullest. i’m loving it! onlinebigbrother is awesome thanks so much for all of the hard work! GO FRANK!

  51. Ashley says “Joe was saying that Frank and Boogie were cheating, I didn’t even see it, Did you see it?……..”
    and we get FISH!

      1. They are doing it on BBAD too, when they start talking about the comp they switch to something else. Something is up.

  52. what has production done to keep frank in the game besides a reset other than that hes earned his place there anyone who says different is either a boogie and frank hater or just a cry baby when things dont go their way he could have easily been gone week 1 or 4 danielle is the idiot who chose to eat up the silky smooth silver tongue of boogie and if willie hadnt blown up there probally wouldnt have been a reset lets remember there was a vote for that if you think the vote was rigged i can account for 200 votes from people i know voted o put the coaches in and i know 0 people who voted otherwise

    1. I voted for the coaches to come into the game but they should have allowed the eviction to go through and then bring in the coaches & they should have told America that there was an opportunity for the newbies who were voted out to come back in if the coaches didnt. It as Dan would say, “was very poorly handled.”

    2. No, frank really hasn’t earned his place because they WERE gonna vote him out the week of the reset and voiding the eviction that week was NOT part of America’s vote.

      1. i dont dipute that he might have been saved once but all i read is how production steps in every week to save frank its absurd hes won pov twice as well as hoh that is why he is not gone if there had been a chance for newbs to come back he would of had that same chance and most likely would have won so yeah mad respect to frank

    3. The coaches have acknowledged on several occasions that they knew they were coming into the game before they even entered the house. The “America’s Vote” was to give the viewers the illusion they matter to AGP. Willie leaving the game had nothing to do with it. The eviction should have taken place before the twist but it didn’t and now the HGs have missed TWO opportunities to send Frank packing since the reset. I don’t particularly like him and don’t want to see him win but if he makes it to final 2 based on his game do far and some of the other HGs stupidity he would get my jury vote.

  53. Basically Frank admitted cheating & Boogie told him to never say that again so that no one else hears it and there is no reprecussions. Way to play the game with “integrity” & “truth” Frank. Oh wait…

  54. News Alert: BB RIG COUNT FOR FRANK

    Rig #1: No Eviction, because Frank was about to go home.
    Rig #2: 2 Houseguests Choice Chips? Fuck that shit.
    Rig #3: They made sure he won the competition in a way nobody would think otherwise of.

  55. Ashley: “Joe thought Frank and Boogie were cheating, do you think they were cheating?” and FISH! and when Ash and Ian were on the hammock and Ian was just about to tell her about why people thought maybe something was shady with her performance. “Ian, please go to the Diary Room.”

    After 7 hours of trivia, I’m so in the mood for this transparency. It’s a hoot, really! Iove it. I also love that I can only see 2 camera angles. Not that I want to sit and watch Dan sleep, but I’d like the option.

  56. 10 min to BBAD – can’t wait! Simon & Dawg – as always thanks for your hard work & putting up with all us posters at the same time you’re trying to figure out what’s going on! Best BB site ever!!

  57. nobody should be surprised that carrot top won, they’re not gonna let him leave just like somone stated earlier first the non eviction saved him, then the houseguest choice chip controversary and now a 7 hour veto with people speculating that frank and boogie were cheating how much more proof do some of you people need it’s quite obvious.

    1. exactly. i would bet a huge amount of cash that the next HOH will be Q&A. and frank will know the answers in advance. so after he got HOH one of quack pack will leave. dan. if he wins POV shane will. i think they think its good TV…

      but after that it will be difficult to keep frank in the game.

  58. so im hearing from a bunch of people that are associated with big brother that danielle is the biggest crybaby and production can not stand her….my source told me that when she was on slop she kept giving them different reasons why she should be allowed to eat normal food, and that she could die, they also said she asked to go to hospital three different times for panick attacks ….but they told her she will be ok….believe me or dont believe me i really dont care, i just thought it was funny and i am sharing with u guys…but he wasnt supposed to tell me…he was just so sick of hearing her complain that he had to vent to someone

    1. I am so glad that you put this out there for us to see. She doesn’t deserve being in the final 3 at all. In fact I hope Frank wins HOH and puts up Dan and Dani tp see wjp stabs whom first. LOL

    1. I thought it was funny… many people on Facebook do not feel the same way. I guess they don’t read this blog and know that I have a secret crush on her ;)

  59. It’s funny to me how yesterday they were bitching about frank being mean and a sad sack because he was on the block and here are quack pack doing the same. This alliance is a joke they complain about people lying and being rude and mean and throwing each other under the bus. But they were the ones who complained about janelle doing it???…like yesterdays convo how they tried to say they were duped in to puting up janelle WTF…dani put her up because she was threatened by her and boogie and frank kept there word so how were they duped?

    1. First of all, Dani told Shane, when the subject of Janelle came up, that she wanted her out from the beginning. No duping involved. (This is true – she told Dan after HOH she wanted her gone). As for Quack Packs post-veto attitude – there is no comparison to the bad, foul mouthed behavior of Boogie and Frank last night. They look tired and a little down. But they always knew they only had a 50/50 shot that it would be Frank going home. I don’t see them cussing. I don’t see them cornering people. I don’t see them doing anything untoward. What I do see is disappointment. The only negative thing I heard since the feed came up is that they are tired of Frank’s mouth. Well, guess what?!? SO AM I. I want a mute button for him. I want Nana to come into the house and beat him over the head with her suitcase sized purse.

    2. Betcha if Frank got a haircut and learned to speak without swearing every third word, he wouldn’t be unemployed.

  60. Hopefully Boogie/Frank and Danielle/Britney/Shane all
    figure out Ian has been lying to all of them before the
    POV Ceremony.

    Then Ian could be backdoored and we can (hopefully)
    watch the Silent Six compete in an interesting finish.

    If Boogie goes, it seems a given that anyone else with
    any game-play ability at all will be right behind Boogie.

    Then never ending dullsville….

  61. Boogie is playing an amazing game. Frank has been on the block all those weeks and the only reason he survived is Boogie campaigns. When Frank was out the door Boogie single handedly got the house to throw out Janelle. His social game is great for a guy nobody likes.

    1. G, Boogie isn’t liked because he is a gamer and that’s not what people want evidently. Just sayin you’re right on…

    2. So the only reason that Frank survived is because of Boogie’s past campaigning? Then explain to me why Frank would have gone home on a complete blindside the last time that Shane was HOH if not for production saving him by deciding that there wasn’t going to be an eviction? And just in case you want to say that Boogie knew the reset was coming, he was the only coach not to hit the button, so if he knew that his player was going home, why wouldn’t he have hit it. Boogie did a good job to help plant the seed for Janelle’s elimination, but Frank would have been gone already if not for production. Boogie had nothing to do with it.

  62. I’ll bet Quack Pack look stupid right now that Frank Survive another one. Also, Quack Pack would bleed last minute. Quack Pack, what an idiot. I would suggest Shane should team up with Frank.

  63. I agree Tom, I already know who will win Frank cause that’s what they want I’m sure the next HOH comp will be Q&A again so they can give all the answer to Him ( stinky Frank)

  64. GOOD JOB FRANK!!!! Frank/Boogie ftw….sadly Boogie gonna be leaving but once Frank finds out that its double eviction his ass is gonna go to war. pick up dan/shane danielle/britney etc. why? 1. dan is a dr. will wannabe and there is only one dr.will! 2. shane cant do anything for himself. 3 britney is annoying and acts like her shit dont stink. 4. danielle is just fake

  65. Fabulous! Came home early to watch BBAD with friends, but the sound is off! I have to read closed cap and those guys can’t type or keep up with the dialog! Thanks Showtime! Thanks Cablevision! Thanks Katherine Gibbs Schoo; for Secretary Sciences!

      1. It’s fine on Directv – so it must be a cablevision thing. However, since they keep switching the camera’s & telling people to go to the diary room when anyone even tries to talk about the comp & whatever happens.

        Frank & Boogie still don’t look happy – Frank s/b ecstatic is he won POV… hmmmm

      2. dan ask booger “who won the comp” where was dan that he didn’t already know? and it was obviously a counting comp and frank just happened to know the answers….hmmmm was he given the answers?

    1. i have cablevision as well and the feeds suck tonight on showtime the one night something major happens which will have every one talking game and that happens

  66. The look on booger’s face is like oh noes, no more retard chilltown DRs….. he need Dr Will, without him he ain’t shit but an inflated ego

  67. I wouldn’t count Boogie out just yet,
    he managed to convince everyone to backdoor Janlle,
    we’ll just have to wait and see what he does next….

    1. I don’t see how he can save himself with Janelle Danielle already hated her so it was just about adding fuel to an already existing flame. Danielle already wanted her out boogie only gave her a reason to act on it but it was already in her head in this case i don’t see how he can influence shane enough to turn on his own allience

  68. Production definately sways the game..but boogie is for sure gone…time for the quack to step up to
    The plate…win this hoh and bye bye frank…I think frank is gonna be a diffrent guy..
    Guarenteed…..once frank is gonzo…time for them to turn on each other.
    But they all should be careful looks like..jenn,ashely, and eagle eye will be sitting second chair

  69. Shane will be offered Pandora’s Box. He will choose the money, the guys a broke ass, when he takes the money the holder of the power of veto will become the holder of the diamond power of veto and Frank will be able to pull himself and Boogie off the block. Long Live Chilltown 2.0 Production loves them….

  70. If you have the live feeds,go back and look at Ian and Ashley in the hammock.So effing sweet! Ashley really likes Ian.You can see it in her face and body language.Ian really likes her too,he was making small moves,but he’s so shy.And don’t count her out…she’s way smarter than you think….

  71. Boogie looks a little down and out.. I hope he will think of one of the best movies ever, Animal House and recall Bluto’s speech and he uses it to sway the floaters:

    Nothing’s over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no!

    (-Germans? -Forget it, he’s rolling.)

    And it ain’t over now. ‘Cause when the going gets tough… the tough get going! Who’s with me?

    Let’s go! Come on!

    What the fuck happened to the Delta (Chilltown) l used to know? Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts?

    This could be the greatest night of our lives… but you’re gonna let it be the worst.

    “We’re afraid to go with you, Bluto (Boogie). We might get in trouble.”

    Just kiss my ass from now on. Not me! l won’t take this!

    Dan- Dead man! Shane- Dead! Who’s with me?

  72. It is looking hopeless for Boogie…..

    Unless Boogie/Frank find out that Ian is the snitch,
    and Danielle/Britney/Shane figure out that some of
    the things Ian tells them that Boogie/Frank are doing
    are lies before the POV Ceremony.

    Then Ian could be back-doored, Frank/Boogie are
    still in the house, and back to the Silent Six plan!

    And, instead of a snooze-fest-floater-finish, there
    would be exciting competition right up to the end!

  73. The only way Boogie can stay is if Ian is put on the block, and Boogie convinces Jenn, Joe, and Ashley to vote out Ian. Of Ashley goes up than Boogie is going home :(

  74. Frank and joe being saved by the reset was not rigged Julie Chen asked america if we wanted the coaches back into the game Before Shane won HoH In week 3 so even if say jen won and put up shane and danielle it would have still reset and saved them but the only difference is the chilltown fans wouldnt be blaming production like the rest of u. Nice try

    1. Of course you would not see production manipulation in this. Look at your moniker. The question given was should coaches be allowed back into the game. NOTHING was said about it nullifying HOH decisions. So, I still say that they worked it so that it favored Frank.

    1. Unless they pull an All Stars or Celebrity BB, I think this might be the last season. I think AG has exposed herself too much this season.

  75. Despise Boogie! Despise Frank!

    Ready for Thurs show where I hope to see Boogie walk out and Frank behind him after double eviction

  76. So here is what happened.

    The Power of Veto Ended a long time ago.
    Everyone napped for 2-3 years and the feeds were still down.
    Production cuts the feeds every time somebody mentions game.
    People speculated about colorful language Frank was using.
    People speculating about Boogie/Frank cheating.
    People speculating about Ashley throwing the comp…
    Ashley talking about something DR.

    Grodner rigged the competition in favor of Frank by threatening Ashley to throw the competition to him (likely using her current lawsuit exposure and medication as blackmail) so Frank can win, cuss out Dan for the tv show setting up Frank vs. Dan in the live double eviction episode, while also pleasing Boogie to go home pre-jury at his request.. but still holding onto her FAVORITE storyline of someone(Frank) vs. The House. Nobody can talk about it, because she knows everyone will find it fishy, (clueing us in by showing us fish) and she will edit the episodes to her pleasing.

    I’m not even trolling or kidding. I genuinely think she would stoop to this level.

  77. Does anyone remember Julie C on one of the network shows last week saying that an upcoming twist may have an evicted HG return to the game? If so, Boogie may have yet another life in the game!

  78. this is best for boogie

    im hoping he helped frank win the pov

    I think boogie is ready to go home, and he can actually do so 1 week before jury? possibly even 1 minute with a double eviction, he will be pleased he took cash prizes and isnt in jury

    ill miss boogie, its a bit sad that he and janelle both fell so hard, especially since both fell partly due to both of their own ego’s.

  79. I’m glad Frank won the POV, that’s what they get for trusting Boogie and evicting Janelle! I hope he wins the next HOH too!

  80. I know all reality shows are “entertainment” but damn….this so obvious in its twists its pathetic lol

  81. Why does anyone like Mike or Frank? Mike wants to “ride Ian like a jockey” he wants to “slap that cup of coffee out of her (Brits) hand.” They want everyone to tell them who they are voting for straight up.. They decide who has to go and everyone must do their bidding… they are bullies and egomaniacs, like BB deliberately put some hyenas into a pen of hamsters and the other houseguests are there to do the bidding of Fran and Mike.

  82. listen, at first , i was amazed at some of u that thought this show was rigged, how dumb r u ? i thought. Until the coaches twist…no, not because the coaches came in the game…but because they reset the game…then u hear this controversy tonight, u hear about cheating, the feeds are down for six hours, dan says hes playin possum ….something is up…something very fishy….that fat cow AG should be ashamed of herself…just because her and frank look like twins doesnt mean she has to rig it for him….i think something is happening…although i would rather frank win it, than danielle…because she has benefited from having dan as a coach…she did nothing in her social game…dan did all of it for her, shane deserves to win the most at this point…he has the most blood on his hands, he has won the most comps…but production doesnt want him to win…obviously, by making his last HOH pointless…and now that somehow they got to brittany to betray shane…shane better hope he doesnt go up on the block…because AG wants him out…think about it….they wanted a showmance with him and danielle…but shane wouldnt give it to them….then they wanted him to change his noms….but he stuck to it…they do not like shane for some reason….we shouldnt watch the show anymore if something fishy happens thursday!….

  83. next bb please bring a house full of SINGLE people…I like it when girls fight over the same guy and guys play the girls….I like bb to be better than a soap opera… but bb14 is sooo boring because theres not that many attractive people left ….and you got britt non stop talks about her HUSBAND…. PLEASE WHY DID SHE JOIN BB AGAIN…. Hayden Moss should have been here instead of Dan … JUICE IT UP NEXT YEAR

  84. Well, all you Frank HATERS who said production has rigged his winning competitions must admit that all the players in the house who lost to him must be in on the rig as well and are just great actors. In your world this whole show is nothing but paid actors and you all fell for the production. Use some common sense and just admit that FRANK maybe is the best competor this game has ever seen. Time to backdoor DAN or IAN and don’t think Shane won’t do it to get back on Frank’s good side before Frank wins the next HOH. Also, DAN will now throw IAN under the bus to save himself in a heart beat.

  85. I have been team Frank since day one, and I always stay true to my team, no matter what! I knew that guy was like a cat…nine lives all you haters…hahahahaha! Go Frank!!! Double eviction on Thursday will hopefully get Dan or Shane’s spineless a-holes out the damn door!!! Dan and Shane are a couple of disloyal jerks!!! I definitely wouldn’t trust a single word that came out of their bum-holes! If Brit wants to survive this game she needs to shake off Dan and Shane and go with the castaways. At least the castaways are a bit more predictable. Dan and Shane are loose cannons! Team Frank…rah-rah-rah!!!

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