Big Brother Canada Spoilers Topaz and Alec back to kissing and apparently Talla didn’t pee her pants

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)


11:34pm Kitchen Topaz and Jillian

Topaz has sobered up.. Jillian is doing Dishes comments about how Messy the kitchen in. Beside her you see a bunch of dirty drink glasses.. Topaz heads into the bedroom to fold her laundry.


11:38pm Bedroom Topaz and Alec

Alec: “You have fun tonight”
Topaz: “Ya.. it was nice to get some alcohol.. Always nice to get Alcohol”

Alec: “Why do you think we wouldn’t get booze.. too often”
Topaz thinks it’s because sometimes they get too crazy. Alec agrees adds that he thinks production wants footage

Alec: “I haven’t been hung over this entire time.. in my real life I’m hungover at least every other week” Alec is thinking that he might stop drinking when he gets out of the house.
Alec goes on about how expensive is it to go out to drink alcohol. Topaz asks why he doesn’t pre drink. Alec explains he pre-drinks when he goes to the club.
Alec asks her if she is going to do a vacation with the other people houseguests after the show is over. Topaz will but thinks it’ll be really hard for them to plan something like that for 15 people.

Topaz wants them to do a trip to Cuba, Alec thinks they should stay in Canada so they can milk their last 2 minutes of fame. Topaz: “Yeah we can do it in Canada.. but we have to make sure it’s in the summer.. so we can suntan”

Alec: “Isn’t that what we’re thinking.. “
Topaz thinks trying to plan something like that this summer might be tough for people to schedule so soon, “I think a good 10 will make it”
Alec is certain that all the Jury members will go.

They both agree that AJ will be a lot of fun on a tripe. Topaz thinks Danielle would be fun to go out, “I think she is a wild party girl”. Alec says that Danielle was a nice girl if you got through all her bullshit. Topaz brings up that Gary and Danielle were close.. Alec says he likes Gary would love to see him again.
Topaz says she liked everyone left in the house and she even liked Tom.
Alec: “I didn’t see a single redeeming quality in him”
Topaz: “He was funny:
Alec: “Ya he was funny at times.. I’ll give him that”
Topaz: “He definitely had his a$$hole moments..”
Alec thinks Tom’s personality just didn’t mesh well with him.
Emmett and Jillian join the trip conversation.

Topaz: “We don’t have a place in Canada that is warm”
Alec: “WHAT you’ve never been in Vancouver”
Emmett thinks Mexico is a better pick than Cuba. Alec still thinks keeping it Canada is a must. (I agree keep it in Canada)

Alec can’t believe everyone thinks they would get along with the other houseguests. Jillian says she does not like everyone in the house. Topaz: “Oh.. JILLIAN…. VILLIAN”
Alec agrees with Jillian says he wouldn’t want to hang out with Liza.

Emmett says he’ll bring all his buddies so if he gets sick of the Big Brother Canada players he can go hangout with his bros. Jillian says she would go alone.

Alec says everyone will hate him because he’s been trashing everyone but AJ.
Jillian: “I’ve been trashing people to.. “
Alec: “I think they are saying the same things about me as well.. “
Topaz doesn’t think people will hold grudges, “Depends what you were sayin”

All of them agree the players left in the house are cool it’s the ones they’ve excited that they have problems with. Emmett thinks Liza would be cool outside of the house but in the house she was horrible. Alec and Jillian agree. (Topaz stays quiet)

Alec: “The personalities that don’t mesh with me is Suzette, Tom and Danielle “

Jillian tells them she had 7 dresses packed and they (Production) told her she would only need 3 or 4. Emmett jokes that they didn’t except Jillian to last long.


12:14AM Topaz says Talla peed in her clothes.. Alec and Jillian both say that Talla never peed her pants.
sounds like everyone left awake is planning on going to bed soon.



12:21AM Bathroom Topaz and Alec hug and kiss. Topaz: ‘I have to wash my face” Alec: “Wash that sexy Face”

(Video Uploading)

12:35AM All cams on sleeping players..

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I dont think she peed her pants. Peter was trying to get her to change out of her wet clothes because she slid into the hot tub fully clothed.

Whoever on the last spoiler article commented that Peter is really nice and he must have a girlfriend back him since he doesn’t he have a showmance: There are any number of reasons a person wouldn’t want to be involved in a showmance while actually being single outside the house. Showmances are typically not the best gameplay as it makes you an obvious pair and therefore a target, Peter having watched every season of BBUS knows this. There is also the possibility that no one in the house is his type, he has previously stated he is interested in intellectual conversation, Talla being the only female houseguest remaining who isn’t already in a showmance doesn’t really fit this criteria. Or its just a case of the girl he likes being with another guy, aka Liza with Tom.


He doesn’t have a showmance because girls don’t like him. Liza being the exception, now he is head over heels for her.


Simon, do you have any idea when ratings will come out for Sunday’s show? I’m curious to see if they POWERSHIFTED their way to a massive subscription surge for Slice by blocking the feeds all weekend.


As usual lots of activity and talk. Yet nothing changes.. I think cash and prizes would make a better incentive for HG game play then booze and twists..Maybe a pandora box. A diamond veto..Anything that makes the game the focus…People say it is just a game. Yeah. But the 100 k …car…25k shopping spree is real. Got to keep the dream alive in the participants..

Sir Peanut

Does anyone know why no one has sheets on their beds? Are they just being lazy and nasty?


They are just being lazy and nasty.
Actually I heard Emmett say (a few weeks ago) that the mattress was softer than the sheets they have in the house (he was the first to stop using the sheets)


id actually much rather topaz be evicted this week than gary.. gary is very entertaining while topaz is just rude and annoying..


If anyone can help me with this question, I’d really appreciate it: Was Will Kirby EVER part of Chilltown/did he even say the word Chilltown? Was it because Shannen was, that people have assumed by association that he was? Thanks Fellow BBlovers.


Will Kirby and Mike Boogie were the creators of Chilltown.


God – Thanks. That seems to be the only ‘alliance’ he was in, right? By Alliance, I mean an alliance with a name.


The name of ‘Topaz and Gary’s last project: SKANK ‘HO TALL —– EPIC FAIL! Putting bugs in people’s ears like Talla peed in her clothes. Gary saying, Telling Alec to get in bed with her so it looks like she’s a trifling skank. “I’m the only one here who’s first priority isn’t the money” – MOTHER-FUCKER PLEASE Both the Demon Troll and her Monster Sidekick are pretty street and also more aware of every image that gets snapped by the camera Topaz’s hair has a lot to do with the way she wants to be seen. They talked about Talla’s skin like two evil witches brewing a batch of snake venom. Gary has already said that Jillian is ‘that bitch that says do this, do this, and people listen Topaz: yeah, yeah, yeah. They should both consider BAD GIRLS CLUB CANADA for their next shot at the Big Time cause Topaz options be runnin’ out. Evil pair these two TRULY EFFING PSYCOPATHS.


Ok I’m sorry but am I the only one that sees that Peter does nothing unless there is something in it for him. Peter helping Talla is a vote for him in jury. He is going to manipulate this girl so badly she won’t know what hit her. First of all he’s not going to say anything he’s going to have the other HGs tell her what happened while he sits there with that stupid look on his face. she’s going to go running to him apologizing and what can she do to show her appreciation (not putting him up if she wins HOH) then he’s going to point out to her discretely of course why she should turn on her alliance I was there for you while your “alliance” we’re too busy having fun. This guy is so self absorbed. I wished Talla had peed on him. I remember Talla saying “I’m 26 years I’m not stupid” she may want to re think that analysis.


Are Topaz and Gary the only ones that didn’t go in the Hoh room yet? Has either 1 been there?


Nevermind: I see now from the vid Simon or Dawg posted during the ‘feed blackout’ that Andrew grabs two beer out of the fridge and he and Troll proceed up to his room. She has now called 2 women whores in the house …… power is an aphrodisiac. Damn I can’t wait to see her ass get kicked to the curb.


Topaz is playing Alec as much as he is playing her. She was so pissed at him for voting AJ, but now that both she and Gary are on the block, she has woken up and realizes that if Gary goes, she is absolutely alone. Now she is backtracking and trying to get in good with Alec again. Alec may be a lot of things but he isn’t stupid. He will play along just in case she wins HOH next week, but if she doesn’t he will gladly vote to evict her. She made a stupid move with her nominations. I do think it was unfair that they showed her talking about her options, but she has been pissing production off and I bet they enjoyed sticking it to her. She should have realized then that her biggest threats in the game are Peter and Jillian/Emmett. That’s how she should have gone, not Andrew and AJ. If she had been awake more often, she would have seen that Peter/Alec and Emmett/Jillian were solid duos and that there was really no place for her and Gary with either, except to do their dirty work before getting sent to jury. Her and Gary should have tried to hook up with the stooges instead. Honestly, if either of them ended up in a three way scenario with any combination of those four, the only way they could get to final two would be if they won the final competition. Topaz should be throwing Alec under a fleet of Greyhound buses right now if she really wants to stick around for more than another week.

As for Alec, I think he overestimate’s Peter’s loyalty. Peter has let Alec make the moves and kept the target off himself. Unless Peter makes some big moves himself soon, the jury will probably give him the win over Alec. Peter and Alec’s biggest problem right now is how to get rid of Emmett/Jillian without doing it themselves. They need Andrew and Lala to do it for them, but I think Lala would put up Topaz and Alec, not Jill and Emmett. Andrew seems to want to work with Emmett and Jillian too, but I don’t think it will work out for him. He is probably looking at final 5 at best unless someone takes out Peter or Emmett soon.


Topaz may not be even nominated next week. Jillian/Talla/Emmett/Talla are in an alliance and agreed to target Peter/Alec. A lot of people in the house are ready to send Alec/Peter and are fed up with them. If Alec or Peter don’t win HOH, they’re the ones that are going to be in trouble, not Topaz.


Please tell me why Peter is cleaning the bathroom with Gary showering and he doesn’t even talk .The guy is as entertaining as a rock.If glitter Gary goes there’s nothing to watch for me. Topaz and glitter Gary crack me up. Jillian ,Emmett ,Peter,Alec all boring .With Andrew running around pretty much kissing there asses ,to be one of the cool kids.


Meg take take your anti psychotics !Harsh


Topaz should have thought before speaking in the HOH. It was really unfair that AJ and Andrew did not get a chance to play for the POV instead of just voting AJ out the way they did. I was not impressed with BBC for that. BBC sure not what BB USA has been, do think I will watch next year. Then to get people hook on BBC and you have to sign up for slice to see the rest of the season not nice BBC.

Topaz is using Alec just like cry baby Alec is using her. What Topaz and Gary are doing with their stories is sick I will be glad to see them both go. Peter has done nothing in this game but yell every time he speaks in the DR. and hide behind cry baby (Alec) the rest of the game they both need to go to the jury house.


Watching Alec and Topaz is like a puke fest man they make me sick to my stomach.