Big Brother Spoilers – Straight Shooter drops a dozen lies and gives us Rachels Nasty Face **Updated**

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9pm Kitchen rachel and Jordan jordan telling her she needs to go talk to Kalia and dani she needs to be nice because you never know she may need the votes. Jordan says you have Porsche and Adam/shelly are 50/50. Rachel says that nobody wants her in the house. Jordan says she just assuming that she has a good chance, “You got me and Jeff for Sure”. Feeds cut..

9:20pm Porsche and Rachel bedroom Porsche: “I’m just so frustrated with everyone in the house.. and this GAme”. rachel: “Umm this game is sucks Brendon just left.. I know”.
Porsche says that she talked to JJ before the nominations and ask them if they were cool with her voting for brendon to stay. She wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be pissed because Porsche wants to get hooked up with “jeffs connection in Cambodia”. Rachel: “Jeff is always going to try and save himself”. Porsche agrees says JJ are being super annoying, “I’m just playing fair and I’m sorry i’m playing to win HOH .. I was just trying to be FAIR” POrsche is upset that Jeff and Jordan are having such a problem with her putting Jeff and Shelly up. She says it was a stupid game move and she wasn’t thinking she just thought because they get picked to compete yet.

Rachel is asking her is she’s with Dani and Kalia now. Porsche tells them that she’s not she’s just hanging out with them because last week all the other side wanted to do was talk game and she didn’t. She tells Rachel that once and awhile she needs to get out of it.

Porsche says She wouldn’t be surprised is it was Rachel or Porsche going up. rachel thinks it will be her and Shelly. Porsche doubts Shelly will be up she points out that shelly is friends with everyone, ‘Noticed how she was after the HOH she was laughing with them and joking” Porsche: “Did you really think she was going to vote for Brendon.. she’s friends with them” rachel says that Brendon thought he had shelly’s vote but she knew he didn’t (Straight talk from the Straight shooter.. POW POW)

Porsche goes on and on about how everyone freaks out when she talks to other people in the game she wants to get to know them and doesn’t want to spend her time in a room. (And crying abour brendon leaving) Rachel: “Don’t worry about it I know what you’re saying”

9:50pm Dani and Shelly Shelly is re telling her angle of the Rachel blow up yesterday (WHICH got cut from the live show) The briefly talk about the dirty looks rachel is giving everyone (Attached pics show them) Shelly wasn’t too impressed with Rachel’s behavior saying she wanted to quite because of Brendon leaving. Shelly think what Brendon did for her was kind and if rachel really want to go she should just leave.
Dani tells her that everyone has been nasty to Porsche for talking to Dani and Kalia last week. Dani thinks that just a plain ugly way to play. Dani brings up hoe they were mad at Kalia when Jordan won HOH. Shelly agrees says no one in this hose will dictate who she should talk to. Dani tells Shelly honest to god that Porsche only hangs out with them and has fun. Shelly knows she’s talked to porsche about it.

Dani starts to explain why she left the JJBR alliance it wasn’t personal at all it was a strategic move that she tried to make. Dani points out the JJBR played the beginning like bullies and would order her around and thats not the way she wants to play this game. Dani: “What would I of said to the Jury that I was dragged around for 2 months”
Shelly: “Nobody was putting Dani up on her side.. 100% dani was safe this week 100%” (ohh she’s shooting straight tonight) Shelly adds that it was Kalia that was in trouble but she saved herself and that is what you have to do in this game. Shelly thinks Dani is in a great position nobody is after her she also thinks dani is playing a strong game.

Dani: “thinks there is no way rachel will work with her.. she wants me dead in real life”
Shelly: “If looks could kill you would be dead”
Dani: “I would be 6 feet under”
Shelly: “I dind’t know the game went so peronally”
dani: “It’s still early”
(Hmm i wonder how much of the straight shooter Dani bought.. )

10:22pm Purple Room Adam, Jeff, Jordan and Rachel Adam is telling Jordan to hang in there it’s only a game. he adds that BRendon is a great guy and whatever happens at the end of the show she’ll always have him. Rachel says she can’t stop thinking about his speech and how special he is to her. Cruddy: “We’re all elfs in their (CBS Produciton) Workshop.. hamster in a wheel”..

Rachel starts telling them about her season and how Brit and Monet are theses really nasty girls that HATED Rachel because she was such a strong competitor so they were vocal about how much they despised Rachel. rachel says they would call her the most horrible things like BLANK and BLANK. Adam: “you had the entire house against you.. you and brendon didn’t have a chance to to show your funny side” rachel agrees says that the entire house was sacred of them. (OMG Team bacon and you watched the feed and read this site.. hmm ohh I get it social game. Vote DOM).

10:37pm Lawon and POrsche chilling in the kitchen cit chat..

10:45pm HOH Everyone seems shocked about how attractive and “urdan” he looks. Porsche thought he was going to be way more preppy looking. Kalia is very happy, she got ingredients to make red velvet. Kalia got her boyfriends mark’s belt everyone is trying to figure out
why she got that. Dani asks if he whips her with it. Kalia: “OHH my god you people are so inappropriate”
Everyone leaves rachel says that she thinks Kalia is a strong competitor and she’s really glad for her. Rachel: “I’m really sorry what I said to you 2 weeks ago.. and I’m glad you are now a competitor” Rachel leaves.. Dani, LAwon and Kalia remaining in the HOH. Dani says that Rachel was saying “those things” yesterday. Kalia knows.

Dani mentions she talked to Shelly and she told me that i’m in a better situation then I think, dani says that everyone was coming for Kalia and it’s great that she won the HOH. Lawon: “I’m next I better pick it up” dani tells Lawon he needs to go downstrairs and socialize with them every time they talk with shelly he needs to be right there. Dani also instructs him to break up group discussion no matter what, lawon says he’s on it. Dani says Rachel told everyone that she would be “Disgusted” if a floater like Kalia made it in final 2. Dani: “She disgusts me” Lawon runs downstairs to work his social game. Kalia and Dani start talking about how pathetic Rachel was, she was being so fake. Dani: “I can’t believe that they were going to put you up.. This soon..” Dani says that Shelly and Adam is on their side. Dani says that they need to get adam with them. Dani: “People were PISSED when you won HOH.. it was so obvious, Jordan, Jeff, rachel all pissed.. there’s options A or option B and then based on the veto we have a option B that is a subset of option A”. Kalia: “I can put up Rachel and Jeff and tell Jeff he’s not the target… I know jeff will fight for the veto and win it”. Kalia wonders that maybe they need to put up a fluffer against Rachel. Dani isn’t sure that the best plan she wants a player up that will win POV she can’t put up Lawon, Shelly, Porsche they may not win. Dani thinks Jeff should go up he’ll fight hard for the Veto to save himself, “so would you put up if the POV is used”. Kalia says that is the hard part. Dani mentions the twist is probably going to be the person evicted gets to compete to come back in . Kalia says that if rachel wins POV and saves herself then Jeff going home wouldn’t be a bad thing. Kalia is a but nervous that she’s now a huge target because she won the POV. Dani reminds her she was already a huge target. Kalia says her deal was with Jordan not JEff so she can out him up. Dani suggest they should plan their strategy without the twist in mind because there is no way they of knowing what it will be.

11:42pm Rachel and Jordan in the hottub Jordan telling her that when Jeff left her in the middle of their season it was devastating but the next day she jumped right back in and started playing the game. (by eating cookie dough)

11:47pm Dani, Adam, Lawon and Porsche Backyard couch. Chit chat.

12:02Am HOH Kalia and dani dani says that rachel is moping around the house and not talking to her. She points out the Jordan and rachel are BFF’s now, Kalia: “Ahhhh of course they are” Dani laughs says that everyone downstairs is looking around at the missing things they all think its part of the food comp.

12:06AM In the backyard Jeff and Jordan talking about who is going up . Jeff thinks it’ll be him and Rachel. Adam joins them tells them if he wins the Veto he’ll take rachel off. JEff laughs. adam goes on and on about how they can trust him he’s with them.

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Scallywag in Canada

Any other Canadians having a problem registering at CBS… I keep getting the following message. “CBS Single Sign On — Access To This Service Is Not Authorized” and have no idea what it mean. Vote Dom back in!!!!


To register for CBS click on join us on the home page to make an account, i dont think you can register on the americas vote page. Vote Dom


Had the same problem. You have to go to the CBS main page to create an account and not use the one associated with the “America’s Vote”. I had to vote my girl Cassie in, but did give Keith a “pity vote.” πŸ˜‰


i got the problem to, but i live in usa so its not just canada.


I can’t get access via my iPhone so I’ll be trying later today (for DOM) ….after I wake up! Just finished watching BBAD & now I’m done for the night.

BB Fan

I’m in Toronto, just registered on had no problems,


I am getting the same message CBS is not making a $1.00 off of each vote like they are for text so they make it so you can not get on, it does not matter anyway if you read the vote does not count it is just a opinion they say, CBS is picking who goes back. Just like they picked Kalia to win HOH there is no way that 2 words on the first question she got DOM come on the words were who did and she bussed in. How rigged can a show be they gave her the answers. I am done with this show.


I just voted. You may vote 10 times on CBS. I’m in Canada. You have to register first.


Ya…I tried says in their instructions that it is only open to US residents – so you need to find a way (i.e., google it) of “using a US IP address”…hot spot seems to work – I got it to finally work…. I have voted at least 10 times for DOM – Go Team Canada – show your support for Team Dani!!!!!! πŸ˜‰


If you’ll were really Dani supporters you won’t vote back Dom in the game. He is messing up her game I agree with Dick on that one. Didn’t like how he left exposing his alliance and throwing his one allie under the bus. Vote Cassie back


Dick is CAMPAIGNING for Dominic.


Because we vote for Dom (which I did) doesn’t mean he’ll automatically make it back in the house. He’ll have to face off against the next person evicted and if it’s one of BB’s darlings (J/J/R), Dom will NOT be making it back in the house. The possibility does exist we’ll get stuck with one of those other three again.


Use proxies or w/e vote dom back! πŸ™‚ 10 votes for every email!


The HG’s seem to be enthusiastic about Kalia’s HOH Room than they were with Dani’s


As much as I can’t stand Rachel, seeing her smile in Kalia’s HOH room is actually making me glad bc she’s not coming off fake at all. Reading of her breakdowns make me worried about her well being. It is a game but I don’t want to see anyone destroyed mentally. Regardless of her shady talk behind others back, I just want her to get her composure back.


That was fake in Kalia’s room. She actually grimaced as she was walking out when she thought the camera was off her face. Rachel if not any is a fairly decent actress.


I don’t think it was fake. Yeah, she wants to stay in the house, but she was very forthcoming and honest about her feelings towards Kalia the past few weeks. Remember that Rachel doesn’t really have anyone so at this point she has nothing else to do other than be honest. I actually like the person she is when Brendon isn’t around. Dare I say it, but she seems normal.


Dom will fight for Dani’s team and help defeat the Vets who think they own the house.

Cassi will just float her way with super sketchy spy Shelly…. BORING.

cmon vote for Dom. >.>


Lol! Yeah but I kinda like Not-Sly-Like-A-Fox Shelly!


when can we start voting on to who we want to bring back? I did not see any mention of it on brother.


And vote Cassi back in! Why Dom? He’s weak. At least Cassi told the truth to people’s faces and didn’t back down to Rachel in the kitchen! (Dom Wussed out to JJ&BR and ALMOST threw Dani under the bus…and Cassi is eye candy)


wtf are u talking about? cassi didnt do shit to fight the vets? dominic was the only new player to step up to them. the only reason dominic didnt fight back in the kitchen is because he was on the block and didnt want to make a scene that would guarantee him going home. if he wasnt on the block, im sure he would of said something to defend danielle.


WTF are YOU talking about? Cassi drew Rachel’s wrath when Cassi straight up asked Rachel “why should I trust you?” instead of bowing down to her when Rachel won HOH.

Cassi’s one mistake was not campaigning against Shelly. Once she finds out Shelly backstabbed her on Day 2, things will be different.


Cassi didn’t win anything and spent her last week moping around the house. Dom got put up twice and both times took it like a man while trying to fight back. It was Dom who tried to rally the newbies in the beginning and it was Dom who took himself off the block once and probably could have twice if he hadn’t made a deal with the vets. That deal would have kept him there if not for Dani’s failed attempt to backdoor Jeff. Dom proved himself to be the much stronger player.


…last time I checked Dom THREW his last veto to the vets he “tried to fight”. Cassi was backdoored, she had no chance to fight. Vote for Cassi!


vote cassi back why for another pretty face wrong she won’t do anything in this game but puff cigarettes & why dom he wasn’t that he the most overhyped houseguest of all time he won one pov wow keith was just wrong for big brother bring back brendon real good player nice person went out with class would love to see dani’s face if both were back


What show have you been watching. Brendan is not a nice person. He’s an arrogant prick. You have to be a complete loser to be able to root for that guy. You couldn’t pay me enough money to root for Brenda or RacHELL. I felt sorry for them last season, this year I get it why people hate them then and now.


I am rooting for brendon and I am not a complete loser, was that coment really needed ?


I’m getting the same thing in the US.


In the polls, who/what does “Dawg” mean? lol sorry I am new to this site and trying to figure out the lingo! πŸ™‚


Hey simon, can you give me the full details about the new twist?


Random —–> I wonder if anyone has kept tabs or wrote a list of what each of the houseguests got in their HOH baskets.? I just think it would be interesting to see what different people like/ask for. Idk I’m nosy I guess πŸ™‚


@scallywagincanada im having the same problem

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Rachel was fake she said she respect Audrey II’s game she never said that to anyone outside if her alliance. Too bad it won’t do her any good.


Hmmm. So Dani just passes the lies right to Kalia. Since when was Kalia Rachels Target next week? Dani slow you’re roll…She’s so exicited she can’t contain herself which is why she overplayed her hand with the JJ scenerio. Kalia likes JJ and Shelly is sly like a fox, the whole thing could back fire AGAIN. Just concentrate on Rachel, will ya? Dani’s sitting there trying to puppet string the HOH to get everybody out! Lol!


They said it several times after brendon and her got into that fight…. That Kalia was on their hit list right up there with Dani


Without getting any blood on her hands, does anyone think Dani is going to convince Kalia to take out either Jeff or Jordan…?


Considering it’s a competition to get back in and Dani knows that America will vote Dominic, she will likely go after Jordan. Jeff could win the comp and come back. Anybody feel like Kalia already had the answers to those HOH questions?


Now that you mention it Kalia did seem to have all the answers up front ! She says she listened for the” keywords”, Would those keywords be the ones production gave to her?


three out of her four questions she was asked the answer was dominic


Yes this game is fixed big time, they think we are all stupid and did not notice that she guessed Dom after only getting a 2 word clue “who did”, come on



Interview with Allison Grodner and Her Love of Brenchel, Jeff’s homophobic rant, BB Twists, etc…:


Since A.G. loves Brenchel so much, I would not be surprised if Brenden walks right back in the door.


Oh, he WILL. Vegas is already hedging bets.


Well, already I can hear grips, gaffers, and best boys backstage rigging the game. Because of production’s “special eviction” next week, the cockroach and her stupid boyfriend have the opportunity to get back in the game.

Here’s what I predict happens (that production already DAMN well knows.)…

Dillbag Brendon gets to compete magically next week. Kahula will be all alone on bended knee the night before nominations and for some divine reason only she knows (or cockroach cuts her a threatening deal/ultimatum: “Brendon’s gonna win this comp., bitch! And if you put me on the block, you go home next week!”).

Kuhula goes: “Yes, Supreme Commander. You are my life. Without you I am nothing!”

Queen Cockroach goes: “Damn straight!” and Kuhula throws up say, Pink Gremlin and Adam the dwarf.

So…Brendon wins another quiz comp which is rigged in their favor and BOOYAH! We are now beleaguered YET AGAIN with Roachdon.

LAME!!!! CBS WILL have those two win this bitch or bust!


I like how dawg has more votes than Keith, nobody wants to see a Keith/Porshe reunion?


Been trying for what seems like forever to vote Dom back and can’t get in…UGH!

He’s eye candy for us girls πŸ˜‰



whos cruddy haha, must’ve missed the one where that started


i am so glad you cleared that up. i was thinking that cruddy was Brenden because of thescabs on his knees that looked like crud.




Honestly jeff needs to go. Hes the leader of the Jordan/Rachel/Shelly/Adam alliance now and he sucks in comps and Dom will have a good chane of beating him and coming back


jeff will totally beat dom in a comp, come on. And why are we assuming Dom’s getting voted back lmao?? Slow your roll, Cassi has just as much of a chance of getting voted back. It will be Cassi or Dom.



Vote Brendon back in, Keep the excitement ! dom, Keith and Cassie are boring TV

Fuzz Brasi

Are you high?


Are you? What’s wrong with Brendon coming back?


I’m just kidding with you, Fuzz. I almost would rather keep Rachel by herself. She seems to do better without Brendon.


Vote back Brendan?? WTF?? Are you a glutton for punishment? If you are, well hell, go hit yourself over the head with a pan or something, but spare the rest of us the pain of have a BR reunion! Again, WTF are you thinking? Seriously dude!


I can honestly say I don’t mind this calm Rachel that we see right now. Maybe this is what she will be like without Brendon. As Rachel gets less annoying Kalia and Dani are getting more annoying!


For sure! All those two asses did the entire night is gab on about how much they hate Rachel… As if we already didn’t know!! Stfu already! And if Kalia says genuinely and Dani says obviously, 1 more effing time, I’m gonna shoot myself in the damn foot! Ughhhh annoying little brats!


RacHELL is medicated right now. Once the meds wear off, we will see Rachel being Rachel. Which as we have all witnessed time and time again, is not a pretty picture.

Used several accounts this morning, 50 votes for Dom. Go Dom, Team Dani. FTW

kalia's meltdown

Anyone have a feeling this could be a potential set up to see Kalia have a mental breakdown the same way Chima had one? If Rachel gets evicted, then beats “america’s choice” then she gets to stay in the house and then Kalia will pop a blood vessel and whine that her HOH basically got discredited (like Jeff’s coup de tat) and then go crazy. To make things worse, Rachel might feel empowered by beating “america’s choice” and then have enough courage to fight for HOH, win HOH and then nominate Kalia and Dani for eviction…and then the meltdown begins….I feel like this is a potential set up.


I don’t know Kalia will react like that because they were warned beforehand that the person evicted has a chance to stay in the game. Second, it’s likely whoever comes back into the game doesn’t play in the HOH comp and is granted one week of safety.


Rachel in the HOH room is AWKWARD!


Dani is the one that looked awkward




Simon and Dawg, I was wondering what season, in your opinion, provided the most entertaining live feeds?

Fuzz Brasi

BBAD is the Racho show right now -_-


Here comes that ultimatum I was talkin’ about… COuld get ugly.


This couldn’t have been more rigged for kalia to win HOH
Julie: “Who…”
Kalia: *hits button without thinking*
julie: “you are correct”


Rigged is an understatement. They gave her the answers to each question that would be asked, she just had to remember the order. I’m out for a bit, this week will be Kalia overload and I might burst.

I don’t care who comes back or who wins. I know they rig sh&t, but d@mn! That was way too obvious, even for my taste. I knew Kalia would probably win HOH this week, but I do want to be entertained, not mocked and lead around like a dummy, which is what CBS is doing this season. (At least it seems that way to me).

BTW Rachel finds the camera with her eyes way too much to be depressed or worried about what people really think of her. She’s acting. Anybody that could care less about having sex and showing her ass on TV could care less. Her whole thing about splitting the Brigade vote was probably productions idea. She said so herself that she’s not that smart.

I really appreciate Simon and Dawg! Awesome website. Thanks for allowing me to post, both venting and mingling!

I’ll come back after a few episodes, but for now, I need a break from Kalia bee’s buzzing. For all of Rachel annoying issues, she has nothing on Kalia in terms of grating on nerves and Dani’s playing her full tilt this week.

Peace & Love!


Kalia is a writer, so she easily figured out the answers with the keywords. Go Kalia


I wish Kalia would put Dani and Rachel up together. Dani is talking way too much, acting like EvalDani. She hasn’t stopped since Kalia won. “I vote to evict Dani” Then she would have to play against Dom…..


Im not sure how secure the voting is it let me votes 23 times for dom before it cut me off xD make the account on cbs home page it wokred for mem, TEAM Dom/Dani!!!!!!


These people are saying brendon makes good t.v ….. how , racheal is more entertaining without him she has no self control its pretty funny. Brendon and Racheal kissing and hugging isnt good t.v. I would rather have keith come back then brendon honestly brendon so unfunny its not funny. Dom or Cassie either way πŸ˜€


Those pictures of Shelly – HILARIOUS. I’m dying right now hahahahaha.

Anita Hanchob

I think the people rooting for danni will split their votes between Cassi and Dom, then Brendon will end up with the majority of the votes.


good observation! I think Brenchel have a lot of supporters who are avid BB watchers and don’t go online to read spoilers like we do. But they will make the effort to go vote for Brendon.


updates, updates…:)


Wish CBS had a vote tracker on their website so we could follow the action and see who is winning the vote

Team Dom

You can log in to vote through Twitter or Facebook if you are having an issue. I had the same problems. VOTE DOM


that poll is wow… even


YESSSSSS! Just watched the live show and so glad Kalia wised up and won and there is a chance for PT to come back in the house…I just really hope the right person gets evicted though. Maybe Dani has a chance now. We’ll see. Oh and let’s continue the Rachel pity party. Want to blame everyone on the planet besides herself. Maybe if she didn’t have her head so far up Brendon’s butt, she would have had her mind set on winning HoH. Oh well. Karma is a big old ugly bitch.


Mary R

Kaila takes so many words from dani if she could fit in her skin and wear it she would


why does everybody wanna bring that retard dom back, he was worthless….bring bendon back for the love of god for the sake of good TV and the sake of somebody decent winning the game


Wow, your as delusional as Brendan. Decent person. Brendan has never been that, never will be that. He’s actually a rather stupid. Who in their right mind would give up 500K for Rachel. Seriously, she can be had for a bottle of tequilla and a couple of hundreds. She said so herself last season. Brenchel fans, how do you look in the mirror each day. Wow, talk about living life with blinders on.


Honesty I am not the biggest Kahlua fan but I found myself jumping up and down with joy when she won hoh, I mean say what u want about her but when her back was in a corner that girl fights… I’m also starting to think Chef Porche game is acting like she is only here for fun. Think about it she does little things here and there that lead me to believe she trying harder than she let’s on. She is really growing on me. I can see her, Dani, and Kahlua in the final three. Lawon is officially the worst player this season and its so evident. I mean can he do anything good. He’s not athletic, he’s no genius, he doesn’t dress good to me, he is absolutely useless. But I’m down for this all girl alliance, I for totally disagree with evil Dick bout Dani’s game, she is pulling strings like Boston Rob did on survivor, I love it, She pratically won the HOH for Kahlua by prepping her. Dani is the shit haterz.




I want to see dom come back but it would be funny to see rachel get evicted and have to go against brendan in a comp


Just wondering… Did anyone notice during the live HOH comp that people were pressing the buttons but noting was happening?? That there was a delay??


I’m proud of everybody here no hates going on……………… waiting for POV Rachel i trust you you can do it get to the game fast