Big Brother Spoilers – JJR Isolate Themselves and pout, Dani summons her minions, Dani: “Ding Dong the Bullies dead”

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7:50pm Dani, Kalia, and Lawon dani starts doing a happy dance when Kalia enters the room. Dani comments on how freaky fast Kalia was. Kalia says she was listening to keywords had them all figured out last night. Dani says she is in awe. Dani points out that Adam was really trying for the HOH he looked super sad once he was out. Dani adds that she was shocked at hoe MAD Jordan got when Kalia won the HOH. Dani always though Kalia had an agreement with Jordan never to put each other up. Kalia says they do. (It’s true Jordan is pissed right now.. she’s talking BLANK about Dani to Boy George in the Have nots)

8:00pm Porsche and Lawon Porsche is saying she doesn’t know why Rachel is so angry at her.. Porche adds that she gave brendon a vote which risks her game and now she’s noticing Rachel giving her dirty looks. Lawon starts talkign about DOM and how when they stay up late and chill they never talk game. Porsche says that is cool, she’s not like the other players she wants to have some fun while in the house. Lawon tells her there’s the game then there’s just living with people and that other side cannot handle losing. If you lose you lose if you win you win in the end it’s a game.

Kalia and Dani joins them. Kalia doesn’t understand why they are all so mad at her and giving her dirty looks. Kalia won HOH and brendon went home people have ups and downs and all kalia has tried to do these past days is be civil to Rachel.
Porsche tells them taht after Kalia won Jeff said to Rachel: “Looks like one of us is going home but we still get to come back” Dani: “really Jeff said that” Lawon and Porsche confirm it. Dani: “Omg these people are unbelievable”. Kalia: “why is JJ do pissed at me for winning HOH?”
dani: “I told you guys this before these pepole are transparent as hell ”
Porsche tells them that JJR are acting very cold to her. Kalia says she noticed that to. Porsche tells them that even-though she voted for Brendon they all think she has a secret alliance with DLK. She just can’t understand why. Lawon says that some people cannot separate the game from normal friendships. Lawon had a friendship with Dom

Porsche tells them that right now she feels liek Rachel, Jeff and Jrodan strung her along since the bengining jsut for her vote.they’ve been made at her every since the HOH comp because she put Shelly and Jeff up to face off.

Porsche leaves
Dani starts talking about Julie’s questions in her HOH room. Julie asked her if she felt any regrets for making a big move so early in the game. Dani’s only regret is doing it 2 week too early and putting Dom in jeopardy. They start going through scenarios for the twist. Kalia though that the twist was going to be the next person evicted does not go to the jury. Dani tells her that the next person evicted MAY come back into the house. they’re not sure what that means.
KAlia gets called in to the DR
Dani starts to tutor he minions she tells Lawon that it’s already apparent that Porsche is going to go their way now they need to work Adam. She want them to start getting closer with them. She doesn’t trust Shelly but thinks they can still use her. Lawon says that shelly is playing everyone in the house. LAwon thinks she’s closer to JJ then anyone else, he points out that he’s been watching her and he’s sure she up to something that won’t benefit them. Lawon says rachel does not like him he doesn’t understand why he’s never said BLANK to her, “she looks at me and it’s like BLANK YOU” Lawon bring up that Jordan is acting PISSED at him which is surprising him because they were on good terms. Lawon says they are going to be up far in Kalia’s ass this week. Dani doesn’t think so, she thinks it’ll be just like her HOH they’ll try to give her a BLANK deal throw lawon under the bus and then get pissy. Dani: “There social game sucks it’s unbeleibable”.. Dani says that Brendon went out very classy she’s really surprised and impressed thought he was going to go ouit like a jack hole, “i’m sure he reamed me in with Julies quesitons.. oh i’m so happy”.
Dani: “Ding Dong the Bullies dead”

Porsche comes back says a lot of people re pissed or depressed around the house. dani tells her that Porsche is strong she can play for herself now she’s proven herself as a competitor. Dani brings up how many strong women they have this season and how there isn’t too many guys remaining. Toys with the idea of a all girls final (jokes that Lawon is a girl). POrsche leaves
Lawon: “we got to get Jeff out of here”
Dani: “it’s risky becuase of the twist.. ”
Lawon: “I would rather either one of them go you never know what the twist means” (Jeff and rachel)
Lawon: “without JEff they will BLANK crazy they won’t know what to do” (Jeff is the new jessie and Rachel, jordan are Lydia and Chima, Natalie was brendon she/he went hom early this season)

9:00pm Shelly, Jordan, Adam and Boy George talking about the comps and twists.. making it very obvious that they are scared and upset that Kalia is the HOH.
Jordan and rachel have locked themselves out from the rest of the house for the past hour talking about the comp and BLANK about Dani, adam was the first to join them and they stick to comp talk)


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why is BBAD coming on so lat e


it comes on at one on thursdays, because the live show on CBS doesn’t start until nine, so they have to let it air on the west coast first.


BBAD is coming on 1 hours later due to the Thursday live show airing ne hour later than Sunday and Wednesday.




Yay. Kalia won. Love to see her in finals.


WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO !!!!!!!! Good for you Kalia, now lets get Rachel out of the house. Lests all hope she has a major melt down and leaves the house on her own…….


Ew. It’ll be painful listening to Kalia the motormouth in the HOH room all week. But she was awesome in the comp.. She deserved it.


Yea, She really was awesome in that comp….i didn’t expect it..


Get REAL!!! Daniel is an ass jus like Dick is/was. Kalia is the most abnoxious person I have ever seen. Both should be long gone by now. KAHLI as HOH how disgusting is that!!!!. Bradon and Racheal are the best in the world at this game. To bad Daniel doesn’t ge it!!


jeff and Jordan are idiots for being in an alliance with Rachel.. She will be the reason one of them go home!


I know! Whatbthe hell are JJ thinking of being attached to this clearly emotionally unstable woman? One minute Jeff is saying: “With B gone & R on her own & with every fruit & vegetable looking like B to her, OMG” (LMAO when he said this) and talking about how sick of her he is, and now he’s joined her pity party. WTF?!!


This is EXACTLY what I’m thinking…they should’ve cut her loose when she lost her mind. I wouldn’t want to be any part of her and her craziness.


Geez, she’s (Rachel) by herself. What else do you people want? She’ll probably be put up on the block and evicted this week. Then you should be very happy. Jeff & Jordan have their first alliance with each other. They’re just using Rachel for a vote. Unfortunately, because Brendon is gone, JJ are actually huge targets, particularly Jeff. It doesn’t matter if they’re friends with Rachel or not. They really don’t have anyone else in the house.


Bring back Dom. Finally, Brendon is history. Rachel will be next. It will be easier target. Oh well, Rachel meltdown has been begun.


ugh, this is so bitter sweet.
im glad Brendon is out but at the same time i hate the fact that Kalia is now HOH
she was the last person i wanted to win it, just cause she’s so damn annoying.


Annoying? Annoying? I can name someone even more annoying and that’s Rachel! Can’t imagine what she’d have been like if she’d won HOH. “This is for you Brendon!” UGH. I also shouted when Kalia won HOH. I was thrilled, just because as much as Shelly tries to say that noone was going after Dani this week, we all know that was BS. I happen to like Dani, even if it’s because she’s Evel Dick’s daughter. I loved them during their season, and cheered them till the end. She’s got her dad’s smarts, but it was such a risky move when she worked on dividing from the other vets. But, I understand her logic in why she wanted to. This will be a challenging choice to make in who goes up this week. You never know who they’ll need to play against for a chance to get back in the game.

Jay L

Well, I am goin to call it right now. Porsche is going to win big brother. She ACTUALLY has that victim card all ready and stuff. It seems like it might manage to carry her somewhere. I am assuming she will be like Enzo and simply win one veto when she needs to, and skate to the finals.

Fuzz Corleone




team dani is a mess! all THIS celebrating is going to be short lived. Dani has NOT played smart at all, even her dad thinks so. Kahlia is as annoying as rachel without the lap dog tagging along. dominic is a mommy’s boy who needed Dani to wipe his butt. Bring Cassie back to play…she was forced out unfairly & due to jealousy & Dani was afraid of her relationship with Dominick.


Shut the hell up. How on earth can you be supportive of Dani and her pathetic alliance? (It’s quite obvious you are by how you’re comparing JJR to some of the most hated houseguests in BB) Danielle is honestly the ugliest person in the house. She looks evil. I would LOVE to see her fall down that spiral staircase! All her and Kalia do is hide out in the HOH room and talk about people.


Nonono. I want Brandon back. Talk about house drama. That’d make great TV. Brendon vs Dani and eventually Jeff. If they bring back Cassi she’ll just sit there, smoke, and complain how much every girl hates her. Dom would be my second choice, but I can’t stand that smirk on his face. Best TV, most drama, most competitive play would be Brendon.


Hopefully Rachel will be the one evicted and America will vote for Brendon to come back – Rachel and Brendon will have to fight againest each other for one of them to come back in the game… total wishful thinking here, but wouldn’t that be a sight to see (not to mention the look on Rachels face seeing that it would be Brendon she would have to play againest!!!)


That would be the funniest thing ever. I think I’d piss my pants.


even better rachel would come back and know jj threw her under the bus, along with porsche, i can hear her crying no body likes me waaa waaa wah….. i miss brendan


ok ok we heard you the first 10 times you posted that….Brendon = good tv….Dom = bad smirk


ok ok we heard you the first 10 times you posted that….Brendon = good tv….Dom = bad smirk


If you link the 10 times I supposedly posted it, I’ll give you $100 via paypal.


Yes! ! Come On Baring Back Brendon You know thats why we all watch Imagine how boring it would be if Dom Cassie or Keith, came instead WE NEED THE DRAMA ! I want to see Dani’s face when Brendon walks back in. Imagine that.


Brendon coming back wouldn’t be drama, it’d be a repeat of what’s gone on the past few weeks. Same with Dom before he left. We know what he’d do.

Keith and Cassi are the only wild cards. I have a feeling that if Cassi found out Shelly tossed her under the bus, she’d be a lot more aggressive, bitchy and awesome.


bring back brendon!


Absolutely Dom 2.0 will return & re-enter the game of BB 13 !




and jj and rachel arn’t doming the same thing? her “pathetic alliance” has gotten her this far with the hoh n’ stuff.


Sarah – exactly! Dani’s not doing anything JJR aren’t doing. No one has acting as childish and over-the-top whacky as R (and B for that matter).

The Meow Meow

Aye stupid, Dani’s “pathetic alliance” has won HoH for the 2nd straight week. But you couldn’t see that because your head’s too far up Rachel floppy ass to see that. As far as Dani being ugly. I find that laughable. She runs circles around Rachel’s acne filled excuse for a mug. I mean really? Rachel resembles a retarded parrot.


hilarious! Dom!


Dani is definitely devious, but she’s so playful and fun I can’t help but like her.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

“Danielle is honestly the ugliest person in the house. She looks evil.”

This is where Yo got exposed as just another Delusional and whiny Brenchel fan…..

let me correct your little rant

Rachel = looks like a man without make up

Rachel = looks and is evil(maybe just in the house but whatever)

U MAD? Rachel go the answer wrong , be mad at her. kalia the floater, the eater won HOH fair and square… GET OVER IT


and when she wears make up she looks like a guy wearing makeup


Dani is hot yo, Rachel is just nasty


whoa is that you Brendon?…I thought you’re in sequester lol


Brendon & Rachel fans seem just as nuts as them. Take it easy guys.

Rachel fan

100% Agreed.


completely agree, dani is being very manipulative right now. some people hate Rachel so much, they can’t see the true personalities of the other houseguests. they’re too focused on Rachel


wow jordan isnt acting like a sweetheart anymore, acting more like a bitch. but cbs wont show any of this on the show


since when does acting miffed because you didn’t win a crime in this game?? Jordan has a ‘moment’ of being upset & ‘bitchy’ & everyone’s panties are in a wad? Jordan never put herself on the ‘sweetness’ train but she is not fake, like Dani.


yes but Dani congratulated Kalia on the skies and Shelly called them classless the whole time that everyone was cheering her and the rest of the vets on. So, it’s eye for an eye.


has any 1 tried to vote at yet it says voting opens at 10pm pst but its still not available, hhhhmmmmm who to vote for brennan or DOM whats everyone else doing


Voting is open now!


I voted for Brendon, because it would be priceless to see everyones face if he walks back in the house. Plus Brendon will play his but off and not kiss anyones butt. Dom coming back will be another minion for Dani and Cassi coming back well no no and no. so everyone please vote back Brendon, it makes for the best big brother drama ever lol

The Meow Meow

I wonder if Dom could beat Jeff or Rachel head to head???


Dom is an idiot & mommy’s boy…never send a boy to do a man’s job


Dom could not beat Rachel. Even if it was a contest about who had the bigger Dick, Rachel would still win. She’s engaged to Brendon.


Thoughts on what the “evicted houseguests competition” will be? Physical or mental? Endurance or questions? I’m gonna say it’ll be a combination – something like in BB11 where they constructed that weird apparatus with the glow in the dark liquid or whatever.

Also, do you guys think all of the remaining houseguests will be able to watch the competition between the two evicted houseguests? Or will it be done in private? God I hope Dominic comes back. If not him, Cassi would be almost as good.


Like I said twice now, the vote doesn’t matter. Who is likely evicted is what CBS will manipulate. Which HG is smart enough to guess the twist?
Dani, Jeff, Jordan, Adam maybe Shelley?

She's a looney

What the hell are JJ doing??? They’re ruining their game by pouting with Rachel. Idiots.


how much time has gone by when you posted this?? really? I don’t think an hour or so away is going to RUIN their ‘game’….chill out


how great would be, if rachel gets evicted and brendon gets voted back. watching them compete against eachotrher would be classic, i’m still voting for dom though


JJ should definitely stay away from R this week. SAP should also distance themselves from the ticking time bomb that is Vegas. Not one of them are good enough sports to congratulate Dani or Kalia on a job well done. When Rachel isn’t spewing vomit, she’s weeping bile.

The sore losers have regressed from adolescence to toddlers.


Rachel is acting ok without Brendon around. JJ are just pissed they lost. It doesn’t mean they are sore losers. Anyone that is competitive would be pissed. As long as they’re not throwing things and acting really ignorant, I think they’re fine.


Porsche is suck an idiot. Of course Rachel wanted her for her votes. They needed numbers from the beginning


If JJ don’t keep their cool ms distance themselves from Rachel, they could very possibly be on the block.


Jeff is going on the block anyway. Kalia isn’t putting up a newbie. She will only put up vets. Hanging out with Rachel will not hurt or help they’re game. Jeff is going up anyway. At the end of the day, it’s still newbies vs vets, so they have to stick with Rachel.


Damnn!!! Kalia won HOH… The only person who I didn’t want to win… D=== Vote brenden back in!


I dont think ppl shud split their vote on cassie and dominic stick to the one who will have a better chance on going farther in the gam because. Because brendon might get more votes then both of them. J/j fans might help to vote brendon in. (highly doubt that tho)


I know i was thinking the same thing. Unfortunately there are a lot of trashy people in America who support these creeps, while the normal people will split their votes between Dani and Dom. But I’m fairly certain that we greatly outnumber the crazies and will still come out on top. Good will prevail!




It would be soooooooo funny if the DR “accidentally” let Roachel know that her big BB wedding wasn’t even mentioned in the show!!!! I think she thought a good 20 minutes were going to be all about her and Brendon’s wedding, instead : it was replaced by (of all things) dick and Dani!!!!! She’ll shit a brick when she sees this episode!!!! Julie even had the gall to say tht Dick was the first to save someone while on the block… Dani!!!!!!


Yeah I’m with ya’ll holing up in that room and being pissed off at everyone is never a good move. And hanging on to Rachel (tho admirable) is not really that smart. Dani was right, Why divide that house like that, what you should be doing is playing both sides still !! Of couse Dani holing up with her minions doesn’t help her game at all either. they still need help. They should have grabbed a couple of the house guest and made nice with them right away!!! But I guess this always happens. High drama after HOH then it settles and deals are worked. Hate Kalia but so glad she won!!


I agree. I believe they can still give Rachel emotional support on a “healthy” level but still be social with everyone else. Jordan has been so friendly this past week with the “other” side. Why ruin that now? You wonder does production tell them to act this way….makes no sense for game play.


I think Cassi should come in because I feel she was cheated out of the game because of rachels insecurities. She had no chance to play game yet, and with Rachel and porshe in the house, it’ll add drama. With Dominic, we all know he is gonna go to Dani, so might as well give them the final two because it’s so predictable.


hopefully she won’t go back to the ol’ witch if she comes back


i’m such a contradiction because Jeff is still my favorite player, but i’ve been rooting for Dani this whole time. I also hate Kalua and hate Shelly so I have no idea what’s going on. Dom is my favorite houseguest that’s been evicted, but if he comes back Jeff is done.

It’s sad that this season I’m always just a fan of whoever isn’t doing well. No Jeff and this sucks, no Dani and this sucks.


Honestly, I think Kalia’s best option would be to target Jeff. Rachel is no threat in this game. Yes, she wins HOH’s, but thats all she can do. Her social game sucks, and without Brendon in the house she’s likely done and there is no chance in hell of her winning when it comes down to Jury Votes. Jeff is pretty much the leader of the vets group and the next biggest threat after Brendon. Jeff should be the target this week..


I agree, plus I think there is a greater chance of America’s Choice beating Jeff in a competition than beating Rachel.


I am going to be terrified to watch this week cause you know how they have been showing the HOH shaving her legs in her bikini in the HOH bathtub while taking with someone else(usually Kalia). Well this week it will be Kalia in the tub in a bikini shaving those tree trunks she calls legs while eating a salami with extra cheese sub that will surely be in her HOH basket. Seeing that might actually make me jump of my balcony to my death, i will be tuning back in next week when it will be safe to watch BB again


LOL…I am so glad I will not be exposed to watching that! Just the mere thought of seeing Kalia in a bikini would make my face melt

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Why is JJ part of the We are the Victim Pity Party, how did they get VIP passes?

They should be happy Psycho could be voted out next week.


I know, it is the most wonderful thing in the world. Can’t think of anything that’d be better.


Simon and Dawg, don’t even worry about updating us on what happens on the live feeds – JUST VOTE DOM during the time you’d normally be watching the live feeds lol. Just kidding, I’m sure I represent a lot of people when I say we really appreciate the work put into this site. It’s really awesome.

mrs windy city

I can’t believe so called adults are acting like this. Locking themselves in rooms and not being social.

Do they not understand BB? Someone leaves, people lie, people get backdoored.

What is the problem?


You’d think they would, especially since they’re the high and mighty vets.

I wish CBS would show some of JJ acting like complete idiots just once. I swear they do more damage control with them than anyone else in BB history.


wow jordan is a pathetic bitch hope they show this on sunday show don’t know how jj fans can still support them. jj was planning on getting dani out of the house for two weeks and they cant handle that it blew up in their face. Most disgusting alliance jeff- homophobe/bully, jordan- ditsy bitch, rachel- wicked witch, shelly- two faced liar


Vote back brendon I mean cassie sucked dom is extremely overated because he gets most of his popularity because of the hatred of brendon & rachel & keith well nots even talk about keith Team JJ/BR


C’mon Simon. You really don’t want the chance to post more Cassi caps?


This is the most important POV so far this season. Can Dani figure out the Twist and guide Kalia to someone that will lose to Dom?


UGH Kalia. That is all. Can you say borrrrinnnggg week in the BB house.


I love JJ but they need to quit hanging around Rachel…. It is going to make me mad…lol…


I know. It’s the saddest thing in the world to see JJ hanging out with Rachel. Just horrible, I tell ya.


VOTE DOM BACK IN! As far as Jordan goes, i’m glad she’s being a bitch. Now I have even more reason to loathe her. Her being a flat out idiot just wasn’t enough.


How do we know CBS brings back the actual AV winner? Do they publish anything???

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Well finallyAudrey II gets to play in a POV remember how she was whining about it? best case for player Kalia Dani, and the Noms Rachel and Jeff/Jordon

The Meow Meow

What I wanna know is when Jeff started doing these “pity parties”. He never was the type to do that.


There’s no way in hell they will figure out the twist unless they get more clues


That’s because Dani messed it all up. They had an awesome 5. Then Dani had to get the crazy idea of backdooring Jeff early. I blame Dani. I also don’t think she is in a better position now than if she stuck with the 5. You saw Dick was really harsh about that move. But this is what makes this such an interesting experiment/game. You don’t know where it’s gonna go from one week to the next.


bad move maybe, but it made for good t.v. and we all know how much you like good t.v.


Dani had to make a move, after dom she had no partner, ther final 4 would have been br and jj, her only chance was to break it up…..

Melissa S

Ooops Simon, I voted Dawg!!! I think he could run the house better than anyone in the house right now lol.


I am with you on the Jordan thing. I am surprised that she is acting pissy. She has to know that she is safe for the next few weeks b/c everyone likes her. Acting ugly will not do her any favors.


Geez is there no end to RacHELLS whining?

I agree J&J should cut bait and run!

UGH Kalia as HOH..I do wanted it to be Team Bacon!

I hope Kalia nominates Rachel and Pacer.

All of the HG’s lie. All of them play every side of the house…right now, I still like Shelly and hope Dani can get her to join them..especially if J&J are going to continue to deal with whiney ass RacHELL!




Brilliant idea.


Who is to say that if Dom gets voted back and gets in the house that he will team up with Dani again? She screwed him over, she’s part of the reason he got evicted


simon how come when I go to post comments it says “waiting moderation” then the comment never gets posted? am I doing something wrong? 🙁


thanks I will just read then. 🙂


ANYONE but that little wussy mommas boy Dom!! YO!!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

If Dani wins POV cool, if Rachel wins POV it would suck, but If kalia wins POV *DEAD*


Hope Kahlia puts up J&J and let’s everyone know that if either goes down, Rachel will go up. Then who ever fights to help J&J are deliberatley fighting against Rachel. Either Cassie or Dom will come back. It would be good tv if Cassie comes back for Jordan or Jeff to leave because Cassie and Rachel would be fun to watch.


this is most likely what will happen


damn I wish Dick would have stayed.


Everyone should vote Cassie back. After all, she was backdoored. Everyone else had a fighting chance. Ya ND won the veto, but he made his bed…


Good point vote cassie!