Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche says she is mad that she voted to keep Brendon in the house, and that Rachel didn’t even thank her…

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12am Up in the HOH room, Dani and Kalia are talking. Kalia says that she will not lie, she feels like they have a really good options on who to put up and that she would be happy either way. Kalia says that she is putting Rachel up and that she will tell her that she is giving her the chance to play for Veto because all is not lost between us. Dani says I would be careful what you say to her. Kalia says that when people come up here and ask me what I’m thinking, I don’t know anything. Dani says that people start coming up here to sell each other out, just listen and take it all in. Rachel comes up to the HOH to talk. Kalia says that she is trying so hard to not belt it out it’s so hard. I’m just enjoying it. Rachel says yay! Kalia asks how are you doing? Rachel says good, it’s hard but.. Rachel says that it’s hard because… Kalia says because it’s your support system. Rachel says yeah! Rachel asks Dani is she can talk to Kalia alone? Dani leaves the HOH room. Rachel says that obviously we’re not best friends. Kalia says that emotions run high in this house, it’s tough. Rachel says that it’s really tough and that she wants to say genuinely that she is really excited for you.. Rachel says that it was obvious we were targeting each other in the competition. Rachel says that she wants to say that she does respect her, as a competitor. Rachel says if you don’t nominate me this week, I won’t nominate you next week. Kalia says that she knows that people in this game value it and the game itself. When you come in as the new kid on the block you want to prove yourself. Rachel says not only did you win you took out three veterans, you did a really good job and I really respect you because… Kalia says that there are a lot of people who still don’t’ know what’s going on. That makes me nervous because you don’t know what’s going on..
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Rachel says that Brendan and her compete really hard, and obviously you do too. Kalia says that she was so excited to win, and then she was like oh crap I have to nominate now. I really have no idea what I’m going to do. Rachel says that she totally understands. Kalia says that she obviously doesn’t have a lot of people in this house. Rachel says you do have Dani. Kalia says that Dani and I are friends, but she has to ride her own vote through the game. Rachel says that it’s tough, because when you do win things in this game people target you more …you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t… and when someone wins an HOH.. that to me two weeks ago if you made it to the final two I would have never voted for you. Rachel says really, for me that’s what I want to see… I respect that and I can compete with that. Rachel says if you take me out I’ll say hey she BLANK did it, but I’ll tell you that I would not nominate you next week if I win HOH. I will tell you that if you want to make deals or talk about making deals.. Kalia says that I am definitely sure I’ll talk to you again tomorrow. Rachel says that Dani will guide you, she knows this game very well. Kalia says that she doesn’t think all is lost between the two of you outside of this house. there’s obviously pain and hurt between you two, but she really was with you guys…for whatever its worth.. Rachel says I know what you’re saying and as much as Dani is not my best friend, I respect her as a competitor… it doesn’t mean I need to like everything she does.. she will guide you, and if you need any advice from me, I’ve won a few HOH’s in my lifetime. Kalia says for sure, I’ve seen most of them and I appreciate you coming up here and I know it’s not the shifts in power. Rachel says honestly it’s not about a shift in power. Rachel says that she hink it’s awesome you are the only newbie that did it.. it speaks volumes. Kalia says trust me, I really appreciate it. Rachel says that Kalia is definitely not a floater.. I definitely respect that and everything you’ve done in your game. Kalia says thank you so much for coming up. Kalia laughs as soon as Rachel leaves. Kalia says humble pie tastes good doesn’t it home girl, trust that I always had a plan the whole time I was here…

12:30am Dani, Kalia, Porsche and Lawon are talking. Dani says that she loves the fact that Rachel got called out when she cussed on live TV she got called out, and Julie was telling them to keep it clean. Kalia says that she was like you have a lot going on, hold it together. Porsche asks did she say she thinks it’s her and me. Kalia says that Rachel just keeps telling me how much she respects me, and appreciates that I’m actually playing the game. It was that kind of thing. She was like you have dani she will guide you. Dani asks did she really say that? Kalia Yeah!
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1am Rachel, Jordan, Adam and Jeff and Shelly are talking in the backyard. Jordan asks if everyone is going to talk to kalia about nominations. Rachel says that she went up there and told her she’s not a floater and that she respects your game. Rachel says that she won’t be surprised if she is nominated. Jordan says that she hates going up to people and feeling like I’m kissing their butt just because…if she doesn’t talk to me I don’t want to go up there and be like hey are you nominating me. Rachel says that she thinks Jordan have every right going up and talking to her Jordan says that she just feels like it’s just going to be like me asking, and beating around the bush.. she’s not going to tell me. Shelly says I just don’t want to leave them up there to talk. I’m going up there to find out what the BLANK is going on. Shelly leaves. Rachel tells Jordan that Shelly isn’t on our side.. Shelly is 100% playing us and them.. she’s playing everyone in the house, everyone trusts her and I don’t think anyone would nominate her. Jordan says that she feels like it’s me, Jeff, you and Brendan on this side. Dani on this side and everyone else in the middle. Jeff says that he is not BLANK winning anything and feels like a target every week. Rachel says that Kalia is the first newbie to win stuff. Jeff says that she had to… Jordan says that she thinks Kalia is a better competitor too, and nobody believed me. Rachel says that she is not good at physical competitions, and if you take them out of these games, there’s maybe three. Jordan says that she knows stuff, even like days and stuff. She’s using her birth control pack to remember the days. If I find one in the trash can, i’ll take one. Jeff asks why would she throw them away. Rachel asks you know everything that’s happened right? Jordan says that she doesnt know everything by heart, i’ll have to start studying. Rachel points out that Adam and Lawon are the biggest floaters in the house and Shelly is playing all sides as well. Rachel says Jeff and Jordan are the only people she trusts. She wants to trust Porsche, but Jeff and Jordan tell her not to.

1:25am Adam and Dani are talking in the metal bedroom. Adam tells Dani that he threw the HOH competition because he didn’t want to win. Adam says that he wasn’t comfortable yet with the idea of putting two people on the block. Adam says that Kalia winning is best case scenario for him, besides Shelly, because Kalia will nominate people like Rachel and Jeff. Meanwhile, Kalia, Porsche, Lawon and Shelly are up in the HOH room talking. Kalia talks about Rachel calling her a floater a few days ago. Porsche says she is mad that she voted to keep Brendon in the house, and Rachel thank her… Porche said it sucks that you come into a house, and be friends with someone for two or three weeks and then. They talk about Jordan and Jeff splitting the money if they win. Kalia says she believes people are here to play a game, and every single week is new. Porsche says that she really wants to put Rachel up so bad. Shelly says she’s probably in trouble for being in the HOH room right now. Porche says that happens to her all the time. Lawon and Shelly leave the HOH room. Porsche says she feels like a floater and that Rachel already wants her out. Porsche says that makes her upset. Porsche says that she doesn’t like the whole picking sides thing. Kalia says that she picked sides by picking a person who has never been dishonest to her, has never done anything wrong. Porsche says that Rachel wants Porsche to use Dani, and Rachel can use Jeff and Jordan, so her and Rachel can be a strong alliance together. Porche says that you can’t just do that. Porsche says that she voted Brendon to stay because she said she would, and doesn’t go back on her word.. Porsche says that she’s not like a puppy dog, because she wasn’t afraid to go against the house. Kalia says but that supports the Rachel puppy dog thing..
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2:35am Kalia and Adam are talking up in the HOH room. Adam congratulates Kalia for being the first newbie to win HOH. Kalia says that she didn’t even realize it until someone else mentioned it. Kalia tells Adam that she is playing the game now and she is trying to separate emotion from it. Kalia tells Adam he has the ability to play this game really well he shouldn’t think the vets have any kind of advantage over him. Adam says he wanted Dick to stay in the game so he could have worked with him and then stab him in the back later on, he thinks Dick would have respected him if he could take him out. Kalia assures Adam that he isn’t going up on the block and she says she couldn’t send him out the week of his 40th birthday! Adam asks her to please tell him otherwise, he just doesn’t want to be back doored. Adam says congratulations, you BLANK did it!

3am Jeff and Jordan are talking. Jeff says that if he is on the block he doesn’t care because he’s coming back and there’s a veto. Jordan says that she is always feel on edge in the house, even in the beginning when she was HOH but I guess that’s how we felt last time. Jeff says that he has no idea what Kalia is going to do. Jeff says that he thinks they should talk with her tomorrow. Jordan says it seems like a lot of people have been going up there tonight. Jeff says that he thinks Kalia knows what she is going to do for nominations already… Jordan says she doesn’t think Kalia should target Jeff or Rachel….she thinks Porsche should go up Jeff says that he thinks that would be best if Porsche went up and was evicted. Jeff says that if we won HOH next week, it’d be nice. Jordan says that she’ll suggest Porsche go up and Jeff tells her not to suggest anyone because it’ll come back on her. Jordan says that she don’t think you are her target. They talk about how they couldn’t believe Kalia didn’t pit Jeff and Rachel against each other during the HOH competition. Jordan says that it’s either going to be Rachel and someone but she could be scared Rachel would win the veto or she might do Porsche and Shelly or Porsche and Adam. Jordan says that she remember Kalia telling her that she was unsure about Porsche because she didn’t know where her head was. They talk about how it would be good if it were Porsche and Shelly because Shelly would stay. Jeff thinks that Dani is thinking the same way he is, that whoever goes home this week will be coming back into the house.

3:35am Adam and Shelly are in the backyard talking about his goodbye message to Brendon. Adam says that he doesn’t know what Kalia is going to do yet but he asked her to not backdoor him and to let him know if he is going to be put up. They talk about past seasons of Big Brother and then head to bed..

4am All the houseguests are asleep in bed…

6:40am All the houseguests are still sleeping…

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142 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche says she is mad that she voted to keep Brendon in the house, and that Rachel didn’t even thank her…

        1. So if someone has a differing opinion ,from yours, about who should be voted to come back into house, you just delete the comment?

          1. LOL what are you talking about? I would still be happy if Cassi came back.. heck if I knew Brendon was going to stir it up and go after JJ I would be all over getting him back in the house. I just want to see a even battle between all 3 factions and not see one side roll through I find it more entertaining that way.

            1. Cassies a nice girl but she is a terrible player! Plus I don’t want her to link back up with Shelly and I don’t like people who just lay down and die in this game. Nice girl but no thanks. Dominic please.

              1. She was only in the house for 2 weeks, and both of those weeks she was living with the wrath of jealous Rachel. I don’t think it’s fair to say she has bad game based on two weeks. I’d be willing to give her a chance. If Cassie finds out that Shelly screwed her over she probably wouldn’t work with her. It would force Dani and Rachel to reassess things. I think Cassie beating Brendon for the chance to come back would be another reason for Rachel to show her batshit crazy side, which is usually fun. After watching her last night, I am convinced that her “meltdown” was more for show and sympathy than a real meltdown. If she was seriously breaking down, CBS would have removed her and got her the medical care she needed.

                1. Make no mistake about it Production encouraged her antics. Although I’m not convinced all of it was phony. I do believe she suffers from a mental problem thats exacerbated by an environment such as the BB House. No way a normal person would freak out like that. I’ve seen military families who’s spouses are called to active duty behave with more restraint than her.

                  Jeff is so cocky. What makes him thinks he’d come right back? Because he knows that CBS has protected him?

  1. I definitely see myself jumping on team pinto.
    I swear this chick will come out of no where dropping grenades, JUST WAIT.

  2. i dont like JJ’s attitude they were cool at the begining but now i think brenchel has rubbed off on them and they are starting to mope shelly is so crooked right now she looks like a picaso painting i hope por flips cuz she can be a pyscho biotch then boy george better look out

    1. I don’t get why Jordan isn’t “acting” happy for Kalia. They have been friends in the house so Jordan is blowing it by not using their past friendship now!!!!

        1. Jordan screwed her social game up last night babysitting Boy George and her social game is the only thing she had going for her. I don’t get why Wheldon has not been exposed yet or why hasn’t anyone she told JJ that BR was talking mad shit about them last week? So that Jordan can stop screwing up her own game trying to keep that crazy lady calm. I swear it seems like Dani, Rachel, and no Tina Talk-a-lot (Kalia) are the only ones really playing the game. As much as I literally cannot stand Boy George that girl has balls and no shame.

  3. this is what i dont understand rachel doesnt talk to kailia all week but yet when she wins hoh she goes to talk to her , yes i know u show respect but please kailia will put her up

    porshe and shelly deserves to win these two bitches lies so much i dont know which one of them deserve to win both of these bitches have 5 faces and 6 hearts

      1. Cassi back would be nice, BUT… you know she would be reconnecting with Shelly. And Shelly does NOT deserve any help staying in this game!

      2. Dom was a cool guy. I’d like to see him come back and compete because I think he got screwed with the whole format of the season and circumstances that came up . Then again Cassi did too so she would be my second choice. Not into watching more of that BR bookie, bookie crap and them wiping each others tears telling each other how amazing they are.

    1. Hey Ill, Do you mind me using some of your graphics for the Houseguest avatars?

      I’m putting up the alternative houseguest avatars up this weekend… once the draft is up we can all decide who needs to be changed etc etc.. I’ll create a separate page were we can discus them and put the avatars at the bottom of the main page.

          1. You got Photoshop right? I was just gonna send you the .psd that way you can switch out whatever you want.

    2. And who is Rachel to give someone kudos? As if she’s her stamp of approval is all anybody in the BB House needs? I would’ve said unless you’ve won this game before I don’t care about getting your fake respect.

  4. Next Thursday the past HG and the new evicted hg compete that will take up the time for HOH comp. So would that mean maybe what hg wins that will be HOH. That would be crazy.

    1. If you were to listen to what Julie had said you would know that is what is going to happen. That is what the twist is. So Kalia better watch who she buts up and we all need to vote for Dom.

    2. Interesting idea ……………

      Next Thursday –

      Vote for Eviction. The Evicted HG told to stay seated.
      AFTER the vote, Julie tells the BB house guests the player America Voted Back.
      HGs reactions noted ……….. and then Julie announces the recently Evicted HG will “fight” America’s Choice to return to the BB House.
      HGs reactions panned by the cameras.
      AFTER the challenge, Julie announces the Winner of the Challenge is HOH.
      REACTIONS NOTED …………….. WILD!!!!

  5. Thank goodness, Kalia won.
    She has been wise to Shelly’s duplicity for a long time and it is about time
    someone exposes Shelly’s lies. Hopefully Kalia makes that happen this week.
    JJ will really go crazy if Shelly is exposed. Poor CBS/PR Babies! lol

  6. Hey SIMON OR DAWG, Did you know that Evel Dick complimented you or your Twitter Avatar? He said that it was really nice. He also follows you on his RTVZONE.COM Website. Just thought I’d let you know.

  7. I hope rachel doesnt get evicted this week. Only because she would most likely beat Cassi or Dom in the comp. they have to do to get back in. Maybe she would throw it so she can just leave and see brendon. I would like to see Jeff out this week, only because he sucks at comps and Dom could maybe beat him.

  8. Glad people are starting to become wise to Shelley. Just wish somebody would go ahead and out her in front of the entire house.

  9. The Vets are a bunch of sore losers who feel so entitled: what it is so special about them that they have to be the only ones to get a shot at winning? They’re a bunch of bullies: they just expect people to lie down before them so they’ll walk over them, kick them to the curb whenever it pleases them. Yon don’t win anything? You’re a floater. You try to win? How dare you! You do win and they all pout! The vets have nothing to be proud of:
    – they have already played the game;
    – some of them have already won some money;
    – it isn’t an all-stars competition so you’re playing against people you have a huge advantage over;
    – the game wasn’t even fair at the beginning with the couples twists’ given the fact that the vets paired up among each other. They should have made each vet to pair up with one newbie.
    And CBS still edits JJ as America’s sweethearts!!! Jordan, you’re a nice girl but you may wanna stay away from Jeff. He’s turning you into an obnoxious person like him. Newbies FTW!!!! Shelly’s tongue must be so brown now after all this @** licking. Really can’t stand that one!

    1. We’ve had to endure the B/R Pity Party, but, IMO, if Kalia nominates Shelly, the B/R disruptions will seem like ‘bumps in the road.”

      Straight Shooter/Mom/Liar Shelly will become the ugliest competitor, ever!

      Shelly to BB House Guests during her one on one –

      “I’ve been a true friend to you. Right?
      When have I been “caught” lying?
      You know I have a reputation outside of this game that I
      need to uphold so if you are going to vote against me, at least be kind about it.
      In case you’ve “forgotten,” I have a daughter
      and hold an executive job. I don’t want my young daughter or my co-workers to hear others say awful things about me. I’ve
      been very careful talking about others on BB. I’m a Straight Shooter and very few BB guests can say that.
      If you vote me out, let it be on your conscience that you voted out a M O T H E R and a S T R A I G H T SHOOTER!!!!”


    2. Agree completely. I’m glad Dani broke her alliance with them. She deserves to win this game for not being a sheeple and taking out Brendon.

    3. remember Dani won $50,000 And I think everyone forgets that and are counting her as a newbie. I think final two will be Dani and Kalia. Newbies may just vote for a newbie.

  10. how do they always know what the competition will be, they all said it will be a knock out and what do you know it is a knock competiion. Adam said the other day it would be a knock out where the questions will be about the evicted housguests and he was right on target. Production needs to start coming up with competitions that are a surprise to them.

    1. Because BB has become predictable. These HGs have studied previous seasons as well as drawing on their own season’s experience. They use that information to guess when/what types of competitions are coming up.

      It would be nice to see BB Production shake up the order of these comps or at least introduce new ones.

    1. Simon- Why are you so enamoured with Dom? He was quite possibly the most puppeted player ever on this show and he was too dumb to realize it. And if I have to listen to him and Dani whisper sweet nothings to eack other again, I will become phsically ill!

      1. It’s a strategic vote to give Dani’s side more numbers. If Cassi comes back I can see her flocking to Shelly, Shelly is my least favorite houseguest, she just way to ‘honest’ for me.
        JJSRA Vs. DKL With Porsche being in the middle. I want BB13 to be a closer battle with DOm back we’ll have this
        JJSA Vs DDKL with Prosche in the middle. with Brendon back we’ll have this
        JJSAB Vs DKL and with Cassi back we’ll have this
        JJSAC Vs DKL

  11. I dont like that Kalia won! I want TEAM BACON to pick up the slack here! I want him in the final four at LEAST.
    Lawon is useless and even though I love Jordan and Jeff they arent really doing anything interesting this season. I kinda wish Russell was back on,. or even Jesse I can cope with seeing him rip of his shirt again.


  12. Bring back Dom. Bye Rachel, Have fun going home. Kalia, just go for it. Put Rachel up, she will probably going home. Bring back Dom. Come on America, Vote for Dom.

  13. some of u people makes me lol

    if dom is voted back in he will still lose the competition he isnt good geez dread yall just dont get it ha haha

    vote willbe between brendon and dom and i think most americans like what brendon did for rachel i think he will face off with whoever kailia puts up

    1. I know alot of people that watch this show, not a single one of them can stand Brenchel. They need to fade away into obsecurity. Brenchel was brought back because they were easily the most hated couple in BB history. Anyone that thinks people love them are as delusional as Brenchel is.

    2. Yeah, you could totally tell brenchel are so loved that they laughed at Rachel in the live audience while she was bawling her eyes out during her vote. These two are the laughing stock on the show and the cheesy crap they put on weekly shows is enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

  14. I hope Brendon dosen’t get back in the house. I can’t stand to see anymore of the Brenchel saga. Dani keeps BB13 exciting.

    1. Yes, B back would be the worse case scenario. Dani & K keep the dialogue at least going, which, I imagine, CBS appreciates.

  15. I really hope Jeff wins POV. I don’t think I can stand Dom coming back and crawling right back up Dani’s ass. And the newbies just follow her lead. Kalia is doing whatever Daniele says and if Jeff leaves, leaving Rachel and Jordan, Daniele will win this season. And if Brendon gets back in, I will be pissed.

  16. I think kalia needs to be very careful on who she nominates, I don’t entirely think putting rachel up is such a horrible idea anymore, but if she does get evicted, everyone knows cbs is going to rig the competition for brendan to come back so its just going to be him throwing the competition and letting rachel back in the house, boring! I think shelly and rachel would be good nominations and then if one of them wins the veto you put jeff up, who do you guys think she should nominate?

    1. Good point and, I have to agree. Although it would be intersting viewing to see both Jeff & R squirm for a week if they were both nominated.

    2. i hope that Kalia at least put up SSS and she gets evicted. I know she’s playing the game, but, I just hate it when people use something about their family members(usually a lie) to get ahead in the game.

    3. Sure, Can’t get rid of Jeff. Bring Dom back and then get rid of strong ones. Final four Jeff, Jordan, Dom, and Shelly

  17. I’m really not looking forward to seeing kalia and dani’s excitement of kalia’s hoh, kalia won fair and square and she did a good job but her personality irritates me and I know were going to see more of her on television this week, I wonder how cbs will portray her!

  18. Jeff hasn’t really won anything this season, he has been a bully with all the crazy things he has said in the live feeds. I wouldn’t really be sad to see him go. If anything, I think he is no different than Brenchel; yelling at jordan, telling her to STFU, so many things. Sorry Jeff but you don’t deserve Jordan and you don’t deserve to stay.


    R is condescending.even when she’s paying someone a compliment. She says that “Kalia is the first newbie to win stuff” yet, in the same breathe, she also says that Kahlia is “not good at physical competitions.” I’m sorry, physical endurance was the name of the game when Dani won the previous HoH and, HELLO!!, who was the 2nd last person to remain up on the skis??? You dumb ass R, it was KAHLIA!! Not even the other half of your codependent team (B) could hang in there anywhere near as long as K was able. Next one who needs to go: R. Also, for all the ‘how can you say those things about R, can’t you see she’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown’ people, my my my, hasn’t she made a miraculous recovery (ever since her nervous breakdown enabler got the boot)!!! The reason for R’s over-the-top outbursts in the house was due to B being in there with her, and he being a mollycoddling enabler for her childish behaviour. Watch the live feeds now that he’s gone; she’s able to control her emotions just fine … if she wants to and,…. if she knows there’s no one there (B) to put up with her shit. Nervous breakdown my ass!

    1. LOL – they are definitely not a fan.

      Personally, I’m hoping Dani wins this year. She’s the only one who had the courage to go after the power couples. I am so glad Brendon is out of the house.

  20. if Rachel is eliminated and Brendon is America’s vote then they would have to go up against each other, right? And we wouldn’t have to watch Brenchel again?

    1. If Rachel was voted out and brendon was voted back in, it’s a good chance that BB would have them compete against each other blindfolded not knowing who the other is.

    2. Your logic is full of fail, you wouldn’t have to watch either Rachel or Brendon if people Vote for Dominic or Cassi to come back and they win against Rachel, IF she is even evicted at all. Please people don’t vote for Brendon… its just retarded.

  21. Who else thought it was strange that Jordan would ATTACH to Rachel like she did. Wouldn’t it of been better game to spread around the joy a bit celebrate with Kalia/comfort Rachel/chill with Team Bacon? I’m just thinking Jordan showed her hand to everyone and to me it was a surprise. Looks like JJ need to take a lesson in the Social game from porsche and dare I say Rachel.

    Porsche played it smart she got buddy buddy with Kalia, Dani and rachel.

    1. Production will have to step in with Jordon again and tell her to work the rest of the houseguests because if not, she will go up against Rachel this week.

  22. Don’t get me wrong. There are more annoying people in the house but KALIA makes me want to implode!! First of all, her winning the HOH was BS. totally fixed (i hope no one got fooled by that). And the way she acts, shes trying to be a britney. Gahh!! I can’t wait for her to be the next big target!!

    1. IMO HOH was not rigged Kalia was prepared for the COMP and knew her shit. I’m starting to think the only reason why BR win comps in the first 3 weeks is because they are the only ones trying.

      I always thought Kalia was underestimated in this game. She is annoying though i’ll give her that.

      1. This proves that the game is not rigged. If it was rigged there is no way they would have Kalia won, they would have given the HOH to Jeff

      2. Kalia listened to her teacher, Dani.
        Dani told her to study and she did.
        “Kudos” to her.
        Kalia might be annoying ( Who isn’t?) and when put up against someone like Shelly, Kalia comes out a BIG WINNER!!!

  23. kailia jeff jordan rachel shelly and porsche all of them will be trying to evict each other like dick says and people like

    lawon adam will skate pass with a floater winning

  24. WTF dont vote back cassie, she wont be able to beat the next evicted house guest in any comp, that’s a waste of a twist! Vote dom!

      1. Why would we want momma’s boy Dom back..clearly the wuss is dependent on women and follows them like a puppy dog.If he comes back in the game,he’ll do the same thing as before,be Dani’s bitch and fall on the sword a second time!!!

      2. i didn’t see her interview with Julie after she was evicted on the Today Show… but didn’t she hear Shelly voted for Porche week 1 yet??? If she heard that she might be on team Dani.

        1. iT’S The Early Show and Julie Chen isn’t on there anymore. CBS edited out what Shelly said to her. All of the houseguests have been sequestered at different hotels

  25. I just found out that the garbage bag wedding wasn’t shown on the TV broadcast, i’m surprised by this. Not surprised that the didn’t show rachel freaking out about the HOH blog. People who just watch the TV show are missing so much of the show it’s sad.

    1. I’m shocked there was no wedding on the broadcast. However, they might show it on Thursday when the houseguests have gathered as a summary to show because that is ratings gold.

  26. If Brendan somehow gets back in the house I will stop watching Big Brother this season. I want to watch the game not the Rachel and Brendan show! Maybe ouside of the house they are decent people but in there they are the most disgusting human beings around! Kalia shouls put Rachel and Jeff up and if one of them wins POV backdoor Shelly. Best case scenario(to me) is that it ends up being Jeff or Shelly that leave because they both suck at comps. Their chances of getting back in the house would be slim. Keith sucked but it would be interesting to see him come back, maybe change his tactics and turn the house upside down! But I would love Dom or Cassi back. Dom cause he plays and Cassi cause she pisses off Rachel :)

    1. Exactly keith would be the strangest choice but for some reason i think he can more of an impact than dom or cassie and i actually think he could be a strong competitor

      1. Dom was in the game longer than Cassi and Keith and he knows where the battle lines are drawn. cassi still thinks that SSS is her buddy because CBS edited SSS farewell message. Therefore, dom would be the better choice over Keith and Cassi

  27. Well if the evicted houseguest has to “compete” against the “america”s vote” houseguest to remain in the house I don’t think the two competitors should know who they are competing against. That way, you avoid any “throwing” of the competitions.

  28. Love them or hate them, Brandon and Rachael are the only real competitors in big brother 13…they actually try to win competitions and don’t rely on others so that they can coast through the game. Please vote Brandon back in, it makes wayyyyy better t.v!!!!

    1. I somewhat agree. Dani is playing the game too. If Rachel would be a normal person she would be okay but it’s either gloating and treating people like shit or bawling and hiding in the bushes. It’s just toooooooooooooo much

    2. Smart but both are causing problem. Bring Dom back. That way it will be best to play. If cassie will come back. Rachel will be more miserable. oh! bring back pandora Box.

    3. If you feel that winning competitions is the only way to play the game, then you clearly don’t understand this game like you think you do. Dr Will, one of the best at BB ever didn’t win a ton of competitions. I swear, these Brenchel drones get dumber and dumber.

    4. Rachel and Brendan are the only ones who compete to win by trying to win contests and HOH/POV competitions. But they don’t compete to win by having a good social game.

      Other houseguests compete to win by having a great social game and worry less about winning contests and HOH/POV competitions.

      You don’t have to compete the same way Rachel and Brendan do in order to compete to win.

      You’re making the same mistake BR make by seeing only half the picture. If BR saw the whole picture they would have gotten further along last year and Brendan might still be there. And many of us wouldn’t have such dislike for them.

      I’ll counter your statement by saying BR are average competitors because half of their game play sucks.

  29. simon and to all who registered at, is it normal that confirmation email take awhile before receiving it? i tried it twice using 2 different emails and its been 5minutes and till now i havent received any.

  30. I’m voting for Cassi – I think it’s JJ’s best chance at going further and I’m a JJ fan for life. Even though Jordan put her on the block she didn’t really blame her and I think she’d be willing to work with JJ again.
    I would love to see an endurance between Cassi and Rachel – imagine how long they’d hang on a banana for or stand on swinging skies for to get back in.

    1. You are so right. I utterly despise Rachel but game wise, she’s as fierce as Dani and Rachel is a strong player indeed. She just needs to hang her emotions somewhere, maybe in the storage room? If there was some kind of prize like the 25K Jeff got in BB11, I might vote for Rachel to have it. A part of me really feels sorry for her: she needs therapy. We all do, don’t we?:-)

  31. Ever notice that when Jeff gets upset or does something in a negative light, he immediately gets called into the DR, and when Rachel gets upset, she usually just came from the DR. I don’t think comps are rigged but I do think alot of manipulation happens by production in the DR. No live feeds in the DR and no one is allowed to even talk about DR sessions. All we get on CBS is a very tight edit of the DR sessions. BB is banking on keeping J&J the ones to love and B&R as the ones to hate.

  32. I thought it ironic, but not unexpected that Brendon said Rachel would continue to target Dani for sending Brendon home.

    …but wait a minute….didn’t they say earlier this week that Dani was a horrible player because she was targeting them for personal reasons (she wasn’t) because they sent Dominic home?

  33. CBS Single Sign On — Access To This Service Is Not Authorized

    Anyone else getting this error when they try to sign up to vote?

  34. For me, the saddest part of this season hasn’t been Rachel’s obvious psychiatric problems, but how much respect I’ve lost for Jeff and Jordan. Their original season was damned near magic for me, and I was beyond thrilled to see them come back in the house this season. It’s like chomping at the bit when you hear the sequel to your all time favorite movie is coming out, finally seeing it, and realizing it’s not nearly as good as the first. Jeff’s celebrity has gone to his head, Jordan seems to have lost even more brain cells since her last season, as well as some of her good nature, when I was hoping to see them immediately separate themselves from Brendon and Rachel and try to get those two out right off the bat, they do the opposite and cling to them, even now. The best thing JJ could’ve done was NOT come back into this house unless it was to be guest hosts.

    I’m seriously yet pleasantly surprised to see myself finally finding someone to root for in Daniele. If anything, she’s got balls, not to mention half her dad’s genes, which I’m hoping is enough to keep her going.

    And Simon, out of immense respect for you and Dawg, I’ll end with this:

    VOTE DOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. your points would be valid if Rachel was rational and able to control her emotions and not piss other players off with her “me me me” attitude, but since she is not able to do that, JJ should really cut her from the team and find new alliances (maybe Dani and Dom when he comes back?). Rachel can win HOH’s and she is unpredictable – she contemplated putting JJ up already – she might actually do it next time.

    Sadly, in my opinion, Jeff turned out to be kind of a douche this year. Jordan won an HOH, but don’t forget both Jeff and Brendon threw it, so she didn’t have to compete with them.

    I think everyone is on to Shelly on both sides – her time will come. Dani should use Shelly to feed disinformation to the other side. Perhaps make up a lie about one player (Rachel) on the other side targeting another (JJ or Porsche?) and only tell Shelly. Better yet, if she did it with Shelly and Kalia in the room, both Dani and Kali could deny it and turn it on Shelly as a liar if there was ever a house meeting and it was brought up.

  36. I agree completely, but with whom ever is coming back in the house, things might change. Rachel is a roller coaster, she can’t control her emotions at all, and I’m not sure anyone in the house could. Not even her manchild(Brenda) could.

  37. Does anyone else think if JJ didn’t align with BR and/or if Dani or Cassi had convinced JJ to backdoor one of BR that second week they wouldn’t be losing as many fans? Everyone loves the underdog and JJ weren’t the underdogs this year, so everyone’s jumping off the JJ boat.

  38. Vote Brendon back in! And seriously yeah rachel is annoying and can be a little wack at times but really she is a good competitor and so is Brendon and I actually want to see them win something! They are some of the rare bb players that never choose prizes because the win is more important to them. I watch the feeds and I truly dont understand how so many people could have “lost respect” for jeff or jordan? Jeff made one dumb comment big deal get over it everyone says something that gets taken out of context or that they regret at some time in their life! And seriously i dont see how one person who actually watches the live feeds can like Kalia??? And people need to get over the Brenchel hatred because they truly are not that bad if u watch the feeds without already hating them, besides yesterday they stayed true to their alliance, they play their a**es of in the comps, and big deal they have a unique relationship and have their cheesy pda etc but Brendon keeps her in check and its obvious she is the type of chic that needs that so let em be!

  39. A: Dom or Cassi need to come back,
    B: Porsche in her best interest to allign with Kalia and Dani. But dani and Kalia CAN NOT allign with Shelly she plays both sides and it’s not cool …

  40. Bring Brendon Back !!! He Deserves Another Chance… I Really Dont Understand Why Ppl Hate Him Like Wth Man !? And I Wanna See Dani’s Reaction When She See’s Him… PRICELESS !!! Lol

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