Big Brother 14 POV Results “How Bad do you Want IT”

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

6:24pm Cam 1-4 Feeds Back
Dan is in isolation
Frank wears the Carrot suit for 24hours
Jenn won POV

6:32pm Dan chilling in the Solitary Room he gets a small bottle of campaign to drink. Dan: “There is also a silver lining to every Solitary confinement”
There is techno music playing tin the room, turn tables and strobe lights.. (I’ll be spending the night hanging in Dan’s room.. lol)

Dan mentions that he hasn’t really eaten in three days.. takes a giant bite out of his cake.. Lots of talking to himself.. “I was given 2 chances to win that mother.. damn” “I have 24hours to figure out how to get out of this”
Dan: “Plan one .. go to frank tell him that we need to talk .. as crazy as it sounds i’m going to expose everything to work with him.. “ (cameras switch don’t get plan 2)

Britney and Danielle chained up (Image Link)

6:56pm HOH Cam 1-2 Jenn and Frank

Jenn says she will not use the Veto. Frank tells her that Danielle will work closer with her with Dan gone. She doesn’t want to see the power being used it Britney goes up.
Ian joins them

Ian: “Ok guys I have some really bad use.. I’m going to use.. my best judgement and not use the power.. “

They all start laughing.. unless he does some sort of miracle think and gets the votes he’s going home.

Jenn: “He’s not getting the veto”
Frank mentions he cannot play in the next 2 HOH’s

7:10pm Frank and Jenn

Frank saying he wants to Get Danielle on their side.

Frank thinks that if Shane wins HOH he’ll put up Joe and Ian. Frank: “and to be honest if we had to vote out ian I wouldn’t tear too much..”
Frank tells Jenn he wants to go to final 2 with her because she was the only person that never double crossed him.

(Sorry for the fu*k up earlier it totally sounded like Frank had won the POV)

**Jenn is on slop for the summer

7:17pm Frank and Jenn Sound like Frank wants to make a run with Jenn and Danielle to the end. Frank lays out his entire strategy for the game. Jenn seem to be agreeing to all this.

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours

7:30pm Cam 1-2 Britney, Danielle and Frank

Britney tells him that Joe has been freaking out on her because she was apparently helping Frank out in the POV. Britney tried to explain that to him she wasn’t but he didn’t understand it. Frank calls Joe a “F*ing Idiot” Frank confirms with Danielle that she is safe this week. .

Frank tells Danielle and Britney that his targets are Dan and Joe because those are the 2 people that have wronged him the most.

7:38pm Solitary Dance Party

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313 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 POV Results “How Bad do you Want IT”

    1. I hate Britney. Well, maybe not hate but dislike very much.

      Seriously, she is gross. She is ALWAYS picking her face and her neck. I wish Production would bring this to her attention.

      1. She’s got a serious caffeine addiction. Those giant beer mug’s of coffee are ridiculous. It’s low grade crystal meth…hence the constant face picking.

    1. Somebody needs to get Ian to say “Judge Wapner starts at 5 on Channel 5, yeah definitely Channel 5” when he starts one of his rocking fits….

    1. Frank the Tank (aka Kid Vicious) will be the # greatest competitor in BB history if he makes it to the finals.

      FRANK ROCKS!!!

            1. Because threating people with jury votes and telling them if they dont do what he says there going up and will make sure no one votes for them in jury caus ya thats real effing manly and a great way to play hell even brendon and RAchel were not that BAD this guy is so cocky dose he honestly think he has that much power in the jury house i dont care about his game playing i think HES a douchbag he his way to cocky and arrogant finally someone worse then jeff in that department and face it i never thought that was possible

              1. Hey Kate, you might want to rethink your comments before you make them. Do you watch the same BB that we all watch? Which HG in BB history has never threatened, bullied, teased, connived, schemed, planned or plotted against another HG, or their alliance for that matter? How many HG in BB history has never thrown another HG or their alliance under the bus? And, how many HG have you seen in BB history win the HOH or POV comps and NOT act arrogant or self-assured? I’m confused! I thought that’s what the BB game was all about. Huh…I suppose I’ve been watching an entirely different game all this time without even realizing it. Thanks for enlightening me about how the game isn’t played. Team Frank since day one!!! BTW: No offensiveness intended :)

  1. Well sadly it is over with Dan and a better chance for Frankie to win thank you BB I am done watching you now…

    1. Here’s Dan’s best play in my opinion:

      Dan asks to talk to Frank in HOH tomorrow and says that he wants to make a final 2 deal with him. Then says “What I’m about to tell you will all but guarantee my eviction or will prove to you that all my cards are on the table and we can start fresh.” He then tells him absolutely everything, the plotting, the snitching, the badmouthing, everything. “So Frank you have some choices: You can take this information, keep it to yourself, evict me and use it clandestinely. You can go off on everybody, assuring my eviction as a turncoat, and blowing the chance to work Britney, Shane, Danielle, and Ian. Or you can trust me and backdoor Shane, while continuing to act as though we are not together, but saying you had to take the shot to get out such a great competitor. Then I can sell the idea to my alliance that we need to get Joe next week and then we poison Jenn and Danielle on Ian or Britney and get them the following week, all while I bring you slowly into the inner circle. Then we get Britney or Ian out and then we get Danielle and you bring Jenn with us to final 3. This is how we sell her to use the veto on me.”

      He closes with “Look Frank, even if you get me out this week, you have to win two straight vetoes, because Shane, Danielle, Britney, Ian, and Joe are all out for your head. If you doubt me, we can bring everybody up individually and confront them and you will see from their reactions that I’m telling the truth. But it’s your call. You have the full picture now, all the information. Information you can use against me at any point moving forward should you find yourself in jeopardy. You can throw a bigger target on my back at any time. It’s your call what happens next.”

      1. You know, I hope that you’re right. I hope that this will work for Dan (but instead of Shane, I’d throw Joe instead). I’d be willing to keep Shane since he can win competitions while Joe cannot.

        However, I don’t see throwing Ian under the bus and even if he did, Frank will probably not believe him anyway.

        Not that anybody cares –I know. As soon as Frank won HOH, I knew that Dan was done. And as soon as I knew that I shut down my BB twitter and stopped my feeds since there really isn’t any point. There’s no getting out of this for Dan. Actually, Boogie being evicted before jury was the best thing that could’ve happened to him. He gets the money from his contract + $16K from the game and he can go home without having to go to jury. Jury’s great if you’re a newbie, but if you’re like Dan –it doesn’t really matter –unless he really wants a say on who wins the $500,000. If I was Dan, I would be going crazy to go out like this because he’s being targeted when it wasn’t even what he did. That would slowly eat me up inside –knowing that “if he only really knows…” things would be different.

    1. Jenn (I mean ????) is a beast. She is going with Frank and me to the end. Boogie may be gone, but his team lives on.

      1. How about we watch/hear more about the comp before crying rigged?

        But I doubt it’d make a difference. You already have your mind made up.

      2. How is it rigged when Frank didn’t even win the veto? Dan doesn’t win and you cry rigged? Just like dan said, he had two times to win the veto and he didn’t. Not as great as he or you thinks he is.

  2. Dammit. The 2nd best player in BBB history in a goner. What a dark day. At least he’s going out in style starting tonight lol!

    1. You call that style? He’s such a douche bag. Already turned on Danielle a long time ago. loyalty? None. Hope he chokes. Hoe Danielle figures him out and blasts him!!!!!

      1. Dan that Douche –really? Do you even watch the feeds or just the CBS spoon fed version of what’s really going on in the house? Dan has been loyal –except to Frank and Boogie. That’s Silent 6 thing was strategy and he was never really with them. He was always with the QP. And by the way, you’re calling Dan the douche? Who makes fun and talks crap about people in the DR? Dan? Oh right… it’s actually Frank and Boogie. Get real. Dan may throw competitions and may manipulate people to see his way –but that’s not being a douche –that’s called playing the game. Ring…Ring… Dan the douche –that’s Frank and Boogie calling –saying that you have now earned the title of their new pet. Congratulations.

    2. Dan 2nd best? Not even top 5. Wll, Boogie, Janelle, Jeff, Dick were all better players (Each with their own distinct style of playing the game).

        1. Lol Will is the best and you have the second tier guys ala Dan, Dick, Boogie and Janelle you can’t put a number 2 there its only in your opinion and to me Dan is the second best player to play this game….

          1. Dr. Will is so over rated it’s pathetic,his season was weak sauce players and he rode Janelle/Erica in All-Stars.So sick of hearing how great he is…it was dumb moves by others that give him this bs status.

            1. Evil Dick
            3. James Rhine
            4. Danielle D.
            5. Dr. Will

            1. So you give Dr. Will a hard time but then put Daniele Donato who rode her dad’s coattails in S8 and did nothing of note when she couldn’t hide behind an alliance in S13 ahead of him? Am I being trolled?

            2. I have to disagree with that dr will did it with no veto no hoh and the whole house against him than finished 4th his second time a feat never accomplished by any other player

            3. I love Dick…but if not for America’s player (I can’t think of the kids name) helping him out by doing production;s…uh..I mean the fan’s bidding, Dick would likely not have won.

              Will is in a class by himself.

              1) Will
              2) Boogie
              3) Frank
              4) Dick
              5) Janelle

              1. America’s Player was Eric in S8. What I found funny about that is when Dick was asked by Julie how he felt about Eric (and the fans) essentially saving his season, ED still tried to take credit for the move saying he felt he talked people into changing their votes.

            4. u guys are all crazy top 5 is
              and i think dan is gonna lose his mind tonight,lol

        2. Frank is good, but this list doesn’t include Russell, he was good at stirring the pot, and causing conflict. I love how people forget that he got Jeff to use the Coup on him, sending Chima into one of the best Downward Spirals in BB history.

      1. How is Jeff better than Dan when he hasnt won big brother he is not even in the top 50 lol , same thing for Janelle she had 3 chances to win bb but she didnt yes she is one of the best all time but nowhere near dan.

        1- Dr Will
        2- Dan
        3- Evil Dick
        4- Boogie

      2. Boogie rode dr wills coattails both times he was on and he did nothing special this season! Dan may not be top 5 but he is for sure ahead of boogie.

        1. He really didn’t ride Will’s coattails in S2 since he was out kinda quickly in that seaosn. In S7, Will said himself that neither one of them would have gotten far without the other. While Will was the puppetmaster, Boogie had his role as well (by playing Erika like a fiddle). And you cannot deny how brilliantly he played that last HOH comp in S7.

    1. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I just got a mental picture of her hairy ass for a second. I just threw up pieces of Danielle’s thunder thighs in my mouth and had to reswallow, Tasted better the second time around.

    2. It’s definitely sounding like Jenn won it… Dan is talking to himself about if he could get Jenn to take him down or not.

    3. I hope they took Franks’s wardrobe as part of the competition of: “How Bad Do You Want It”, don’t want to see him wearing those Boogie shirts and hats anymore.

      1. An ugly disgusting person with poor hygine. She is also annoying! That tune she constantly sings is so stupid! She needs to go die!

    1. Not really…It isn’t over til it’s over..I’m still hoping for some production magic for Dan and quack pack!! They can always make it way more interesting..More people can’t stand Frank that can..Get rid of him!! But everyone loves the drama..Stir it up..The fact that Frank should have been gone weeks ago and the show messed it up!! It proved some things needed to be left alone! Let what will happen, happen! I don’t have a real favorite but I hate all this bullshit of fake theater crap..Isn’t this a reality show?

  3. Well this sucks. I said it now and I’ll say it again, they should have never gotten rid of Janelle. Frank is looking like he can take most vetos and most wins in a single season with how many competitions are still left. It’s kind of gross really when he should have left in 12th and looks like he’ll now go way past 7th if he succeeds in evicting Dan this week.

  4. Awww shit Daniel Son on the ONE TWOS…………..

    Carrot Top HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AG does read everything we write on here

  5. I’m pretty sad. Dan was my favorite. Can anyone think of a scenario that would not result in Dan getting evicted? I can’t. It looks like production wants Frank in and not Dan. I’m not sure why.

    1. There are only two senerios that could save him first would be if Ian used his power (which he should since it is his fault he is on the block) but i doubt because Ian doesn’t want frank to know he is a rat,

      the second and more likely is that he goes to frank and tells him the truth that Ian is the one that ratted him out and he would work with him and since he can’t play 2 hoh his best bet is to get rid of shane. He also probably knowing dan will say that danielle will eline with shane if he goes but if he saves him he will be loyal and since he didn’t break his trust to begin with he has no reason to doubt him (this might work frank wanted to work with dan from the begining he never understood why he wanted him out so bad). He is really dumb clearly he doesn’t trust shane and shane is a much better competitor so no matter how much of a talker he is shane is the better option

    2. Dan has nothing to lose if he will just expose Ian to Frank . He should tell Ian that he gives him one hour to tell Frank he is taking Dan off in a convo with the three of them in the HOH room or he will tell Frank and Jenn that Ian ratted out Frank and Mike out to the QP. Or he could call a house meeting and expose Ian and remind Ian in front of everybody how much grief he took from Mike and Frank to protect Ian from their wrath.

  6. well i called that right … no one can tell me that this season is not rigged… why did it take so long .. never has before … like brit said .. just write frank the check BIG BROTHER are nothing but a bunch of cheating idiots … this is the last time i watch this show… i now feel like a total fool…. i guess they thing that their viewers are IDIOTS .. rot in hell AG

  7. Team Frank FTW! Frank DESERVES to win this game, but unfortunately unless he can pull a Dick and Danielle it will be hard for him seeing as though he is a nominee every time he isnt HOH.

  8. Frank is a savage at this point id be afraid to ever put him up for fear he would find away to come off and come after me.They are either gonna have to back door him or give him the check frank FTW

  9. Frank really is a BEAST!!
    hope he is thinking long & hard how to save himself next week when he cant play HOH! prob be all ont he VETO to make it!

  10. for all you frank fans … take a closer look…. you should be saying go frank AG and the dumb jack azzzzzzzzzz`s that are sniffing AG`S butt … love to hear about a lawsuite after this season …

  11. I’m sorry but this just BEYOND BULLSH*T!! CARROT TOP2 has to wear a f*kng CARROT suit for 24 HOURS and he wins POV? I can smell the bullsh*t all the way to my house and I live in FLORIDA!

  12. WOW that’s awesome. Twice all those people against him and he did it again. What an animal he is turning out to be. Now what is the rest of the house going to do?

  13. As much as you people hate Frank, you have to admit, He deserves to be there. Take a midol and realize the guy isnt Hitler. Seriously.

    1. I noticed that also. You couldn’t say the word Frank here without DDBS fans going nuts. Now looks like some people are singing a new tune.

  14. Just imagine if this season’s newbies were the ones playing last year, would it have been different or would they have run with the vets like Kalia and Porsche initially did?
    First out Janelle, then Boogie, then maybe Dan. The vets are going.

  15. Well, it’s official, Frank is the Big Brother COCKROACH that just refuses to die!!!!

    Die, cocksucker, die!!!
    Put me in this game, dammit, I had enough of this BS. If they can’t get rid of him, I WILL. Grrrrrr.

  16. What the heck is going on? I wish they would quit talking in code. IF Jen won, who is she going to take down and then what do we think Ian will do now?

    1. umm franks been the one crying lately…”feel sorry for me, i really really want this” like nobody else does. my poor booger left…they took my friends out…boo hoo

  17. Oh no jenn won veto well it was the easiest comp so this was made for a floater because i doubt if this was endurance or trivia she wouldn’t have won

    1. I would love for them to vote out Danielle! She really annoys me when she talks – I thought I was gonna die last night! And you’re right, they need Dan’s help to get Frank out. At least Frank can’t play for HOH the next 2 weeks.

    2. why do they need dan, both ian and dan have shown the sack to make moves and not throw comps. Dan, as much as people love him hides behind others and manipulates them to do the dirty work, ian and shane dont need him for that

  18. ROLMFAO X 10000000 @ Jenn City pulling one outta her ass, Alright now, somebody light a fire under that ass………….

    1. I second that! Frank don’t crap on our dreams go to the Jury house. Jenn and Ian save Dan and Danielle put up Shane and Joe. Remember Jenn, he put you up last week.

    2. OMG BB don’t crap on my dreams send Frank to the Jury! Jenn needs to save Danielle and Ian has to save Dan. Send Shane and Joe to the block! Heck you could send Brit to the Jury now!

  19. I still don’t understand why people love Frank. He’s at least as much, if not more of a bully than Willie was. Production is the only reason that he is still here. And trying them telling Ian not to use his power on Dan just shows how badly Production wants Frank to win. It’d be nice to see them just leave the houseguests alone and see who would win based purely on their own games and not based on the whims of Producers.

    1. I think it’s because he’s nearly unstoppable in the comps, and somehow by CBS, he’s been portrayed as an honest, straight-forward, reliable person, which is noble to some people. And plus the house is against him, and people LOVE a good underdog who has the odds against them. But I don’t think everyone knows the REAL Frank, the arrogant, self-righteous, vindictive jerk who threw temper tantrums whenever he didn’t get his way. I think the people who LOVE Frank only see the CBS version of Frank.

      1. Or the people who like Frank also realize that other people in the house have been just as bad but have a blind eye turned to it because they’re people’s favorites.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it doesn’t matter what happens in the house, people are more concerned with who’s doing it and whom it’s being done to. Just because Dan doesn’t raise his voice doesn’t mean him threatening Ian with a jury vote isn’t a form of bullying.

    2. Considering how much Ian has said “production told me…” and how much he keeps getting away with it, I’m starting to doubt production told him anything.

      Also, the coaches have as much to do with Frank being in the game as production did. Afterall, they did vote to come back in with the understanding Frank stays.

      The whining is becoming tiresome.

    3. This isn’t a sport, it’s tv. They have to try and make the show entertaining. And one group destroying a weak group isn’t that. It’s crazy to think but BB does care about ratings. Not too much about fairness. They didn’t say you can’t or you have to keep the power, just suggested. Ian can make his own decisions.

  20. I think, when Dan comes out of isolation, he will talk to Jenn – this is what I think should happen —-

    Jenn used veto and pulls Dani down.
    Frank will have to replace – he promised Shane in the event this happened he wouldn’t go up
    Frank puts up Brit
    Ian uses his veto on Brit – cos he has a crush on her
    Frank’s only option is breaking his word to Shane (bad move if he is not the target – Shane comes off and goes for Frank) or putting up Joe – which would please EVERYONE.

    House votes out Joe and Dan lives another day.

  21. I am so mad i really wanted dan to stay he should have picked joe i think his only hope is to get Ian to use his power other wise he is a gonner

  22. God Jenn just made me dislike her so much…out of four QP members to win Jenn decides to finally try at something? UGHHH

    1. If you truly want Boogie’s revenge why would you want the nominations to stay the same. The three people that had the most to do with him going home were Britney, Shane and Ian. None of them even have a chance to go home this week and they have the best opportunity to knock out Frank, Boogie’s best friend, next week.

  23. Well if you can’t understand a setup you have no business watching this. It is clear that production has setup this show for years. Whether or not you find it entertaining and do not care who wins you are still filling the producers pockets. Shake rattle and roll as far from this as possible. Or just keep telling yourself I’m nuts and you are not. Hope Frank has a good accountant. Too bad the show was a good concept then AG got hold of it.

  24. Who won Jenn Or Frank because if it was frank there is somethng honestly wrong there every other week he is hoh and always winning pov\s im sorry you may be a great player or the best player but you arent going to win THAT many comps without help from production even janelle Dani and rachel didnt win that much there is something very wrong here and people arent stupied they will figure it out

  25. Oh, Jenn won POV, last time I checked it was Frank, oh well….
    Jenn should have been nominated week one then she would have started playing the game then. Here’s hoping she wins HOH finally and rattles the Quack Pack.

  26. how the hell did she win she’s gonna act as if she’s the shit now shane and brit have to e working with frank for this to happen

  27. I’m really disgusted with AG and BB production team. Getting in Ian’s head and telling him what to do is such crap!

  28. I’m interested in finding out how Jenn, out of all people, ended up winning the “Who Wants It More?” veto. The punishments don’t seem too bad and it’s weird that Jenn would feel the need to win this one. Who would have taken prizes? Maybe she just wanted to a player for a week? Idk. It’s just odd.

  29. Will IAN save DAN? …..and send BRIT home? Will JENN save Danielle and IAN save DAN? Lot of games to be played yet and with this cast of idots who knows.

  30. Awesomeness!

    I wonder if it was a girl band trivia contest for POV?

    Guaranteed Dan will threaten Ian saying he will expose him to Frank.
    We will see if Ian will bring Dan off the block. I kind of hope he does so Frank finally knows where he stands with Ian.
    There will be a lot of lies exposed this week and some people who think they are in strong alliances will realize it isn’t the case.

  31. Wow did Jenn really win POV? OMG then if she doesn’t use it all is still okay. Wowser this is interesting. Waiting to hear from someone with live feeds who knows for sure or like Ilovebb said did Jenn pull one out of her A$$?

  32. LOL, Simon, it looks like Hell froze over! Wow! JENN won something! I KNEW she was gonna pull a Porsche eventually!


    1. So basically he’s done, unless he wins the POVs or aligns with Ian, Jenn and Joe against the remaining Quack Pack, which is unlikely seeing as everyone ‘s just telling him what he wants to hear and pretending to be on his side.
      Frank needs to be on All-Stars and even then his only hope would be to align with other strong players that have faced a similar problem (too much winning comps, playing alone, whole house against them ……etc etc) so he doesn’t get taken out.

  33. Around 3am Jen says “its gonna be a bloodbath they won’t know what hit them” This was said at 3am this morning. Do you think she knew something or was she just hyping herself up for a win>\?

  34. it’s official…britney and dan should both go drown themselves in the slop bucket because the stranger that just appeared in the bb house last week won something before they did and on top of that she won the biggest pov of the summer so far bahahahahaha. saint daniel and tits mcgee, pack your bags and get to stepping!

    1. You know, the only reason a huge target would agree to give up 2 HOH plays in a row would be if they were somehow confident that they’d be around for that long. Makes you wonder………..

  35. Based on what I read on this site, I think the odds of Jenn taking taking Dani down are better than Shane or Britney. Dani is Jenn’s closest ally.

    No matter what though, it seems that production has many more chips in Frank’s basket than Dan’s, by far, which is surprising. I don’t think production has helped anyone more than they helped Frank, in BB history.

  36. jenn needs to win hoh not a pov dan is a little pussy he needs to go home but going to tell frank everything ………… this butch better leave nom the same cuz i cant lose shane now all the work he has done for qp … dan wants shane nominated

  37. I am just wondering why everyone is calling Frank a bully and cheater when Dan has called Ian dirty names and threatened him twice? Bye Dan been nice hope to never ever see you again.

  38. Lol, u can’t rig who wants it bad, that’s just who wants it bad, frank haters are just jealous the weak team couldnt get him out. Jenn pulls out the veto, time to swim up the pond quack pack…quaaaaaack quaaaak, u just got hit by a rock.

    1. Silly people. Frank was going home while Willie was hoh – check feeds for setup – also going home via janelle but for the very first time production implemented a twist prior to a vote – this has nothing to do with favorites – just fairness and a good game!

    1. No need to yell. I do not care who wins. I am not for or against any player but I can tell you with certainty that this is reality tv and not a game of chance – I ask all to pay attention – you’ll figure it out….

      1. dude, the majority of people on this board who have watched BB for years already have accepted, that BB is a balance of power semi-scripted show. it’s becoming a tired and boring topic. every day having people like you bringing up the “RIGGED BROTHER” comments. this site rocks and the posters here make it even more entertaining than the people in the BB house.

        1. Hey Dan’s Bible – I know you know – did not mean to upset you – this site does rock and is fun – did you see The New Yorker earlier this month – go Ian!

  39. Frank Keep your Eagle Eye on Ian. He’s a smack talker who you should have put on the block when you had the chance. He should have never left that wild card on the block. The only thing about Ian having the veto, is it could come in handy if Frank doesn’t win HOH. If Ian is Truly working with Frank he could use him to pull him off the block this coming week if necessary.

  40. Congratulations to that dude Jenn for winning something!

    About fucking time he did something..

    Sucks for Dan but he and Britney/Shane had a chance to win and they failed [to Jenn of all people!].

    That’s gotta sting.

  41. Wouldn’t it be cool if Dan spinning music could blast throuout the house, Scratching Frank over and over? Orrr maybe to the song Your Own Personal Jesus! I dislike Frank, he needs to go, Please send him to jury!

  42. The whole techno thing Dan is going through would be hell on earth for me.. nothing sucks more than techno music… yikes

  43. Ian does not want a floater to win. It would be best for the QP to hint that Jen or Joe may win and maybe Ian will take down D or D

  44. I think Ill Will got his naked pic (sort of)! That one of Frank lounging with what I think is a strategically place bear appendage???? Oh my word – it’s scary!

      1. I know – couldn’t help myself!! Perhaps with Danielle & Britney chained together you can get a glimpse of them in the HOH tub. Good Luck! Oh wait! There’s always a chance of Jenn City since she has to burn her clothes – LOL!!

        1. Bet that bear is stinky now, and it;s not his? if the next HOH is a female and cuddles with it, she’s in in for a whiff of STANK

  45. Asking Jenn and Joe (who swears on his kids/give military oaths to tell the person in power he is with them for the long haul) to win two competitions is not a good stradegy. Frank will have to win POV for back to back weeks just to stay on the game.

  46. frank not playing in next 2 hoh’s gives dan a play here

    very dangerous for frank. it actually seems a bit unfair. 2 hoh’s is a LOT to get out of at this point of the game. to sit out? I mean cmon. its just begging for a backdoor

  47. … hmmmn, The * #1 Greatest Player of BB History* will be gone Unless he is able to Work his magic Again! … 1st: Try to Persuade Ian to use Veto on you!!! – 2nd : Expose Ian AND Nasty Britney!

    I Don’t see how Dan could Not have won that Veto! and did Shane and Britney really TRY to win it?!!

  48. Did i just hear Frank cant play in the new two HOH’s? What is he thinking? for a stupid Veto… Boogie please call production.

  49. It is weird but i would actually like to see dan and frank work together and if dan tells frank the truth it is over for Ian because frank will be out for blood. Frank might take dan up on it from the begining frank wanted to work with dan he was more upset that dan didn’t so if he throws ian under one thing is for sure dan isn’t going to just go down without a fight and if Ian thinks he isn’t going to expose him he is nuts

  50. Frank is such an arrogant schmuck. Doesn’t he realize he has absolutely no power left any longer yet he’s telling Jenn he’s going to take HER to the final two. While I have no doubt they will kick his big butt out in the two HOH’s but even if they don’t I believe that Jenn could get the votes to be the FIRST woman to win sitting next to a man….GO JENN fomerly know as ????

  51. How stupid is Frank to give up the next 2 HOH’s? His obsession with Dan really clouded his judgment. He should have just let the POV go because either way he was getting one of the 4 out!! Why take that as a punishment? So since he couldn’t have played in the next HOH anyway, does that mean he is really out of the next 3?

    1. actually he didn’t give them up. he can’t play next week obviously because he’s hoh this week but apparently he was DQ’ed during the pov comp today so he has to sit out another hoh comp.

  52. Supposedly!
    Jenn won POV. She had to burn her clothes and is on slop the rest of the season. Danielle and Britney are handcuffed together for the next 24 hours. Frank has to wear a carrot costume for the next 24 hours. Frank can not play in the next two HOH competitions. It sounds like a punishment because he did something that he had to end up apologizing to BB. It sounds like Shane walked away unscathed.

  53. If Dan goes,” Shane wins HOH” Jenn and Brit go up, Ian takes Brit off Frank goes up.and OUT. He is still trying to PUSH his way around he is a Bully’

  54. Frank wanting to take Jenn & Danielle to final 3 – LOLOLOLOLOL!! If those girls buy that bs they deserve to join up with Frank. Don’t they know he’ll win over either one of them… oh my!!

  55. Dan’s Biggest Mistake will be he did Not get rid of Frank when they had him on the block and had the votes! – I can NOT Stand Frank and I think that BB is making a way for him.

  56. Also, supposedly!
    Dan is in solitary confinement with a turntable, techno music, strobe lights, a sheet cake, beer, and a port-a-potty.



    1. she doesn’t have much to burn – what’s she gonna do the rest of the summer without her hoodie thing & hat? LOL!!

  58. Gotta say that Jenn burning those clothes is no great loss to the viewing public. Might be interesting to see what she looks like in something other than black.

  59. 4) Jenn has POV had to burn her clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game

    WOW so she gone be in underwear the whole summer? or she gonna wear Big Brother clothes??

  60. LMAO @ the QP FAILING again at trying to up one on Frank. Jenn winning POV was the worst case scenario for QP. it’s too damn late Dan, for you to tell Frank Ian was a mole, Frank already knows. if you tell Frank, Frank next move should be to tell Ian Dan told him everything betraying Frank and Boogie. Ian will def not use the POV on Dan if that happens.

  61. Frank has made final two with everyone in the house that’s why he told Ian not to have house meeting and ask what side everyone on

  62. Wow Jenn won POV! I was thinking how funny it would be if Joe or her won it. If Jenn’s smart she won’t use it. Ian if you use to u could lose britney or shane so just use it next week instead if they put you up. You don’t owe Dan nothing even if he covered for you. If Ian was in Dan’s shoes and Dan won POV I doubt he would use it on Ian anyway. Would’ve been funny if Joe was chained for 24 hours but I guess him and shane didn’t play POV

  63. I hate Frank. He’s a douche and the ONLY one with a dream. P lleease…

    I hope Dan doesn’t go but not looking good.

    Jenn?? UGH.

    I hope Frank goes next week, finally. He spooned with Mr almighty (so he thinks) Booger. That was his downfall. He’s a low, nasty, stinking butt ugly DOG

  64. So Dan is going home because he was blamed for Frank’s Husband going home When it was Ian’s doing? AND Ian could save Dan but wont even though Dan never ratted him out? That’s messed up!!

    And Jenn looks like something from the Triassic period…

    1. Don’t count dan out yet he is definetly not going to go out without a fight and if Ian doesn’t save him he will probably rat him out he is already deciding that

  65. Mike Boogies Full Exit Interview

    Here’s our exclusive interview with Mike Boogie of BB14! Mike was the first HG evicted on double eviction night and the last player to NOT make jury.

    When did you realize you were likely to be evicted?
    After Jenn was nominated I pretty much knew it was over.

    Who do you see winning this game?
    Maybe Danielle? I think she’s in a nice position. She won’t come under fire, the big dogs will knock each other off. She’s playing the classic second-place game, but she might have enough friends on the jury to get it done.

    Who do you see as next out?
    I assume it will either be Frank or Ashley. If one wins the HoH, it will be Shane or Dan.

    What players do you anticipate remaining friends with after the season is over?
    Definitely Ashley, Frank. Other than that, I gotta go watch some TV. I could see being in touch with people. Oh, and probably Kara because she lives in L.A.

    Where are you at emotionally with Ian right now?
    Clearly the kid had more in him than I anticipated. He was working for other people we were trying to work with. It explains a lot. He was obviously feeding them information. We told him very little, but he used the very little, and they used that against us. It’s clear the kid is a player, and I’m super happy about it.

    Will you go back and watch any highlights?
    I’ll definitely watch all the episodes before the finale. I’m very curious to see how things developed, how they were able to reel him in. He was obviously one of my players and we had a great relationship, so I’m not exactly sure what caused him to choose them over me and Frank. Maybe because there was more of them? I got chills when it happened. I’ve likened it to the movie “Primal Fear” when Richard Gere finds out Edward Norton was playing him the whole time. I’m happy. If I’d gotten run out of there by a bunch of people who don’t know how to play, like Joe and Danielle, and there was just more of them, that would make me angry. But the fact that someone pulled one over on me, I’m proud of him.

    Is there anything you could learn about what happened that would potentially cause you not to be his friend outside the house?
    Yesterday he cried all day, and I hope that stuff was genuine. The bottom line is we’ll be in touch, but we live two very different lives in two very different areas. I’ve done this three times, I know that summer camp comes to an end. I have nothing but good things to say about Ian, I hope he was a genuine friend in there. If he did what he did for gameplay, then I do nothing but tip my cap and say “good job”.

    Do you have any regrets about your gameplay this year?
    No. I played this game with no fear, no regrets. It worked last time, it didn’t work this time. I was put in a difficult position, obviously I’m a monstrous target.

    Talk about turning down the option to go in the game. Was it legit, or did you figure someone else would push the button?
    I was 90/10. 90 percent genuine that I wouldn’t have a good shot as an individual, so I thought the odds were better that I could get one of my three players to the end. But 10 percent of me knew Dan was going to hit the button. If you only have one player, and it’s Danielle, clearly she wasn’t any kind of a threat at the time. So I knew he was going to press it.

    Did you enjoy Joe’s cooking?
    His cooking is good, but his hygiene is terrible.

    Are you happy to be out before jury?
    Ecstatic. I could not be happier. Somebody ended up leaving the same night as me and now has to invest another month. I get to go home to my son and my life. I’m so happy I’m not on the jury.

    What do people who watch the feeds religiously not realize about being in the house?
    It’s very easy to judge, and I can be a very negative person sometimes. But we give up a lot to be there. Our lives, our friends, our family. The boredom and the stress get to you, and you say things you wouldn’t say in your normal life and you say things you don’t mean. I know I have a lot of critics, but give us a break a little bit, because it’s not easy in there.

    What’s next for you?
    I can’t wait to see my son today. And ease back into my work. It’s been a long two months, a grind, but I’m happy to get back to my life!

    1. I get tired of hearing about how much everyone gave up to be in the BB house. If it’s that much of a deal, maybe you should have stayed home in your sucky lives and made your money the old fashioned way—work for it!! I understand the stress of being stuck with a bunch of numnuts but hey, you didn’t think about that? Not hating, really, just tired of hearing it.

  66. Why are these people even working with and kissing Franks Ass, he is out in the next 2 wks. They should all tell him bye bye

  67. BB wants to keep ratings up? With as much arguing that is done here about Dan and Frank, perhaps BB should rethink who they “help” and try to keep Dan around a bit longer.

  68. $100 bucks says the reason why Ian seems distraught while re-reading the letter from his Mom just now, is because he’d instructed her to use “code” in her wording before he left for the BB house, and she f-ed it up!

  69. Jen had to burn all of her clothes, and won HoH? I thought you won this by taking a punishment. Ba-da-Boom

    Dan Fans do not give up hope.
    Danielle is probably the evicted House guest, if they stay on the block. Why? because that is how this season has been going.

    Brittney: Danielle
    Shane: Dan
    Joe: Danielle
    Jen: Dan
    Ian: Danielle

    Unfortunately, Frank does not realize he just needs three to evict, and has not been paying attention (Granted the view blows from inside Boogies butt..)
    Get either Jen or Ian (ha ha ha) to use the veto power. replace Danielle, which will make Jen happy to do it.
    Put up Shane as the replacement. Either way you get POWER out of the house. POWER that is NOT on your side.
    Shane who wins the HoH and PoV for the other side? Shane does. Who would Danielle and Brittney vote to keep in the game over Dan? Shane.

    Brittney: evict Dan
    Danielle: evict Shane (big) tears
    Joe:evict Dan
    Ian: evict Shane
    Jen: evict Dan

    3-2 evict Dan. If Dan is your target, put up the right person against him. Otherwise even with Danielle, by the end of the week Dan is golden and he is staying. All of the rest of them Dan stays. Dan gone you may have a shot at getting Brittney and Shane. Shane gone you have a shot at Brittney, No chance at Danielle she will want blood. You may cement Ian if Brittney moves over. Frank is still a guarantee for being on the block, unless Brooklyn is in the House and wins HoH.

      1. If that is true and Frank chose it trying to win this week’s POV, he is a complete idiot and just tossed his chances of winning.

  70. Has anyone caught on the fact the as of now, Frank has made a final 2 deal with everyone in the house except Dan?? Can’t wait until that sh*t blows up in his face. Amateur. Yes, after this week his back is up against a wall…..but everyone that is in the house is close with someone and it’s only going to be a matter of time before they realize he’s making final 2’s with every single person. A little late to be playing that game Frank. I hope Dan wins it all again, the rest of the people are just kissing butt and are wishy washy. It seems to me that the ONLY person that isn’t being wishy washy in this game is Dan. He deserves to win. Who cares about the comps? They’re retarded anyway!

    1. That means they all also have a side deal against their alliance too. Everyone knows he is playing alone this info is as useless as handsoap to Joe!

  71. If Joe or Ian somehow makes it to the final two, they automatically win. Anyone who ever loses to Jenn, does not deserve to win. Period. End of discussion.

  72. Well I was really looking forward to the battle of wits between Dan and Frank, but guess that is out. Dan will most likely leave Thursday and we will watch Frank coast into the win. I didn’t care if Frank won, but I wanted it to be a bit of a struggle until the end. The last month or so is going to be pretty boring. I mean do we really care what week Joe, Jenn, Danielle, Britney, Shane, or Ian go to jury? CBS, go ahead and write Frank the check now and start your fall lineup.

  73. So many people complain about Frank’s attitude who’d think it was a personality contest. Yeah he is arrogant, but you what he has a reason, maybe some of these other house guests are not arrogant because they really have not been doing all that great in the comps. Dont even get me started on the he’s a bully and production has rigged the show for him stuff. There’s honestly been worst players in the BB house personality wise….Amber with her crying, Evil Dick!!!
    You mean to tell me that you guys were not rooting for Chilltown season 7?
    I was rooting for Evil Dick on his season, you know why, he made the show more interesting!!!

    1. Nope, always hated Chilltown, they were arrogant aholes. Have always dislike Boogie, think the guys a schmuck. I am still rooting for Ian or Dan, even would rather see Shane or Joe win than the rest. This show has always been swayed for certain players, they did it for Jeff when he was on and ED and Chilltown when they were on. They do the show to make money, it isn’t a game show, like someone else said it is more like semi-scripted reality tv.

  74. Do you people really think that Dan won’t go to Ian and once again threaten to spill his guts to Frank if Ian doesn’t pull him Problem is Frank already knows Ian did something terrible against him and Boogie he just doesn’t know yet what it is. He’ll still be cool with Ian when he finds out if Ian beats Dan to the draw and fesses up. Also Jenn lost her clothers (has to burn them)? Even if she was nekked she’d still be wearing black with all the tatoos she has all over. LOL

    1. Frank has no idea what it is he thinks what Ian did was voting out boogie but he convinced frank that it was because dan manipulated him into it he has no idea that not only he has been in an allience with dan, danielle, brit and shane but that he master minded boogies departure and that dan actually kept his word to boogie and frank. As far as i can see either way Ian is in trouble if he takes dan off or if dan tells him the truth frank just doesn’t see it. Frank isn’t very smart player if he was he would have gone after shane because shane will take him out next week

  75. No one would give Dan the half million unless he was sitting next to Boogie. He must know that.
    Jenn is going to be on slop for a long time that will be interesting to see if she looses weight.
    Is it Frank that can’t play in the next two HOH’s NOT counting the next one that he can’t play in? That is going to really ruin his game, he will have to go social.

    1. Jayelle, did you mean: Janelle? Maybe change your name to: “pig fat that migrated from Janelle’s lips to her boobs” or better yet:
      “silicone that migrated from Janelle’s boobs to her big hips”

  76. so i take it that dan had the dance party , but also won the isolation…. dan why you not go for the punishments and leave the prizes….. he does not deserve to win because he chose to not save himself … no one else will

    1. Dance party and isolation? Sounds like that would be a good one for Powerhouse. He could be his own date. Get the groove on, Joe!

  77. Why would Jenn be willing to burn her clothes and go on slop and then do nothing with the veto. She is safe no matter what so why doesn’t she just take Danielle off. Frank is making it seem like Danielle should be indebted to him. But if Jenn takes her off she should then have Jenn’s back. And if Dan turns Ian in, then frank could put Ian up and make him use the veto on himself so he doesn’t have protection next week. If Dan offers to work with Frank then he would have someone fighting for the veto for him. Once this week is over I do not think Brit or Shane will work with Frank because he can’t compete in the HOH.

  78. it’s gonna be a very interesting night tomorrow, when dan is taken out of solitary confinement, and placed back into general population. Ian may mentally break down these next few days when he has dan in one ear pleading to use the veto, and britney pleading in Ian’s other ear not to use it. only way Dan stays in the game is, if Ian uses the veto on him, if that happens britney automatically goes up. britney will def be evicted if that happens. Jenn, Shane and Dan will be voting for britney to be evicted.

    1. Ian has already made plans for when Dan comes out of his house party. Ian will ask to talk to the BB psychiatrist and spend a lot of time away from all the other house guests.

  79. LMAO! I can’t believe Jenn actually won something for once! That’s still more than Britney’s done in two years on this show, which is sad.

    Don’t go away mad, Dan, just go away.

  80. To those people who think this game is rigged for Frank, BS. He wins HOH and immediately he faces two vetos with pandoras box. Now he faces not playing in 2 HOH’s. If it is rigged it is rigged to get my man out of the house. I personally don’t think it is rigged as that’s illegal but maybe a little “directed.”

    1. Frank chose the punishments and then cheated keeping him from winning the veto. Listen to the convo he had with Brit about it. The player Production wants to play with Frank conveniently wins the special veto (his first win since Dani threw him the HOH). I think that Frank was actually DQd from the comp because of the growing noise about Production interference this year – which has been more blatant than ever and directly solely at one player.

      Whatever, Dan goes this week and if the opportunity comes to backdoor Frank or put him up as a replacement he will be gone.

    2. How do you explain Shane’s HOH being voided when Frankhole was going out the door or production asking Ian not to use his veto power and wanting him and Britney to work with Frank for the good of the show?

  81. Was Frank penalized for cheating and no HOH for 2 weeks? If that is true, this is the second time that we know that he has not played a clean game. I was hoping for Dan to go home this week, but now I hope Ian uses the Veto and pulls Dan off the block. Franks whole HOH should be voided and that is the only way it will happen since BB will not do it. Why should he still be able to stay in the game?

  82. So disappointed that Dan will be going home. He is my favorite player this season because of the way he treated people. He didn’t bully or verabally abuse people. I remember when having a discussion with Danielle, she was complaining on how rude Ian was because he told her, “your in my spot”. I admired Dan when he responded, “he just doesn’t know better”. He didn’t get into the bashing thing. Think it’s sad that he took so much heat for Ian, now Ian won’t save him. If it doesn’t work out for Dan I hope he exposed Ian to Frank and the other houseguest and ends up being the next person leaving the house. Come on Ian, Frank cannnot play in the HOH in the next two comps!! Think he will go further with Dan than Frank. Do they really think they can get through Shane, Brittany and Danielle. Don’t know how Jen won anything but she better enjoy it cause I don’t think she is going to make it anywhere. The floater that will make it to the end will be Joe.

    1. Gee, I think it would be in Ian’s favor to have Dan evicted this week and go after Frank while he (Frank) is handicapped for the next two weeks.

      Then make a deal with Shane and Danielle and a final three will be looking good.


    1. Wins little or no competitions

    2. Jumps to different alliances as it works to his/her advantage (such as: more in numbers or alliance with HOH winner)

    3. Has to lie a lot to house guests

    4. Has to betray to house guests

    5. Has to talk bad about house guests

    6. Has no strategic plan planned out whatsoever, their future planning relies on others actions

    7. Tries to fly under the radar

    Those are traits of a BB house guest who is a floater.

    Can anybody else add to this list?

  84. Why can frank not play in to hoh’s maybe he did get a power in that box they call pandora guess we will see tomorrow

  85. I question whether, at this point, Frank would even believe Dan if Dan were to lay it all out for him. Frank is addicted to the notion that Dan is the Devil Incarnate. I’m not sure he could receive the truth. It might help if Dan had Brittany, Shane, and Danielle backing his story. You know, call a limited attendance meeting in the HOH room and spill. Frank really does not want to know how wrong he could be. His ego couldn’t take the beating.

    Still, I wish Dan would at least try. It would be interesting to see how Brit and Shane would try to wriggle out of helping him. And it would expose their true colors/ loyalties if they refused. The motto has been “actions speak louder than words.” But they have all been content to praise Dan’s fortitude in private, while hanging him out to dry to protect themselves. Even Joe and Jenn have no idea that Dan has been Ian’s protector. Have they all forgotten that it was Brit and Shane who were being targeted by Boogie when it was decided that Dan would take the heat “for the team?”

    I almost wish Dan would pull a Boogie/ Frank maneuver and call out the lot of them in a very public forum. Brit is a good liar, but not that good! And there is not a “spin doctor” in the bunch. They would have to tell the truth.

  86. OH OK PRODUCTION SCREW FRANKS GAME UP…. PUNISH HIM… BUT THATS CRAP THAT YOU WILL DQ Frank but PORCHE floater did not get shit for putting ex lax in someones food… ok so I see your defitely not team FRANK….

  87. As a Frank fan, I’m worried sick that someone will backdoor him in these next 2 weeks so that he CANNOT play for the POV and will go home, leaving who?
    Britney, Danielle, Jenn, Joe and Ian and Shane. Britney will go after that since she is one of the former coaches and wields some power and all we have left is Shane and the motley crew… Shane for the win,…although my heart is with Frank who has really earned his shot at this season’s prize. He should get something by way of compensation…

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