Big Brother 14 POV Results “How Bad do you Want IT”

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

6:24pm Cam 1-4 Feeds Back
Dan is in isolation
Frank wears the Carrot suit for 24hours
Jenn won POV

6:32pm Dan chilling in the Solitary Room he gets a small bottle of campaign to drink. Dan: “There is also a silver lining to every Solitary confinement”
There is techno music playing tin the room, turn tables and strobe lights.. (I’ll be spending the night hanging in Dan’s room.. lol)

Dan mentions that he hasn’t really eaten in three days.. takes a giant bite out of his cake.. Lots of talking to himself.. “I was given 2 chances to win that mother.. damn” “I have 24hours to figure out how to get out of this”
Dan: “Plan one .. go to frank tell him that we need to talk .. as crazy as it sounds i’m going to expose everything to work with him.. “ (cameras switch don’t get plan 2)

Britney and Danielle chained up (Image Link)

6:56pm HOH Cam 1-2 Jenn and Frank

Jenn says she will not use the Veto. Frank tells her that Danielle will work closer with her with Dan gone. She doesn’t want to see the power being used it Britney goes up.
Ian joins them

Ian: “Ok guys I have some really bad use.. I’m going to use.. my best judgement and not use the power.. “

They all start laughing.. unless he does some sort of miracle think and gets the votes he’s going home.

Jenn: “He’s not getting the veto”
Frank mentions he cannot play in the next 2 HOH’s

7:10pm Frank and Jenn

Frank saying he wants to Get Danielle on their side.

Frank thinks that if Shane wins HOH he’ll put up Joe and Ian. Frank: “and to be honest if we had to vote out ian I wouldn’t tear too much..”
Frank tells Jenn he wants to go to final 2 with her because she was the only person that never double crossed him.

(Sorry for the fu*k up earlier it totally sounded like Frank had won the POV)

**Jenn is on slop for the summer

7:17pm Frank and Jenn Sound like Frank wants to make a run with Jenn and Danielle to the end. Frank lays out his entire strategy for the game. Jenn seem to be agreeing to all this.

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours

7:30pm Cam 1-2 Britney, Danielle and Frank

Britney tells him that Joe has been freaking out on her because she was apparently helping Frank out in the POV. Britney tried to explain that to him she wasn’t but he didn’t understand it. Frank calls Joe a “F*ing Idiot” Frank confirms with Danielle that she is safe this week. .

Frank tells Danielle and Britney that his targets are Dan and Joe because those are the 2 people that have wronged him the most.

7:38pm Solitary Dance Party

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OMG I hate Frank.


I hate Britney. Well, maybe not hate but dislike very much.

Seriously, she is gross. She is ALWAYS picking her face and her neck. I wish Production would bring this to her attention.

Boogie's Revenge

She’s got a serious caffeine addiction. Those giant beer mug’s of coffee are ridiculous. It’s low grade crystal meth…hence the constant face picking.


It’s Decaf.


Because he’s a good player and will get Dan out?

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Looks like me and Frank are going to the end. Yo!

Boogie's Revenge

Somebody needs to get Ian to say “Judge Wapner starts at 5 on Channel 5, yeah definitely Channel 5” when he starts one of his rocking fits….


only for 24 hours? i thought normally punishments are for a week( at least the suits) isolation lasts 24 hours


Frank the Fucking Tank strikes Again, this easily makes him a top 3 competitor ever in big brother.


Frank the Tank (aka Kid Vicious) will be the # greatest competitor in BB history if he makes it to the finals.


Danielle's Pathetic

You can say that again!!!!! And even louder!!!

FRANK for the BIG DOUBLE U !!!!!!!!!!!!






Because threating people with jury votes and telling them if they dont do what he says there going up and will make sure no one votes for them in jury caus ya thats real effing manly and a great way to play hell even brendon and RAchel were not that BAD this guy is so cocky dose he honestly think he has that much power in the jury house i dont care about his game playing i think HES a douchbag he his way to cocky and arrogant finally someone worse then jeff in that department and face it i never thought that was possible


Hey Kate, you might want to rethink your comments before you make them. Do you watch the same BB that we all watch? Which HG in BB history has never threatened, bullied, teased, connived, schemed, planned or plotted against another HG, or their alliance for that matter? How many HG in BB history has never thrown another HG or their alliance under the bus? And, how many HG have you seen in BB history win the HOH or POV comps and NOT act arrogant or self-assured? I’m confused! I thought that’s what the BB game was all about. Huh…I suppose I’ve been watching an entirely different game all this time without even realizing it. Thanks for enlightening me about how the game isn’t played. Team Frank since day one!!! BTW: No offensiveness intended :)

Danny Boy

frank sucks, and his dad sucked as a rassler….

Arn Anderson

That may be…but he sure knew how to wield a pair of scissors.

The Rock

Haha “Kid Vicious” I prefer Sycho Kid(Like Sycho Sid)


Well sadly it is over with Dan and a better chance for Frankie to win thank you BB I am done watching you now…

Capt. Obvious

Here’s Dan’s best play in my opinion:

Dan asks to talk to Frank in HOH tomorrow and says that he wants to make a final 2 deal with him. Then says “What I’m about to tell you will all but guarantee my eviction or will prove to you that all my cards are on the table and we can start fresh.” He then tells him absolutely everything, the plotting, the snitching, the badmouthing, everything. “So Frank you have some choices: You can take this information, keep it to yourself, evict me and use it clandestinely. You can go off on everybody, assuring my eviction as a turncoat, and blowing the chance to work Britney, Shane, Danielle, and Ian. Or you can trust me and backdoor Shane, while continuing to act as though we are not together, but saying you had to take the shot to get out such a great competitor. Then I can sell the idea to my alliance that we need to get Joe next week and then we poison Jenn and Danielle on Ian or Britney and get them the following week, all while I bring you slowly into the inner circle. Then we get Britney or Ian out and then we get Danielle and you bring Jenn with us to final 3. This is how we sell her to use the veto on me.”

He closes with “Look Frank, even if you get me out this week, you have to win two straight vetoes, because Shane, Danielle, Britney, Ian, and Joe are all out for your head. If you doubt me, we can bring everybody up individually and confront them and you will see from their reactions that I’m telling the truth. But it’s your call. You have the full picture now, all the information. Information you can use against me at any point moving forward should you find yourself in jeopardy. You can throw a bigger target on my back at any time. It’s your call what happens next.”


You know, I hope that you’re right. I hope that this will work for Dan (but instead of Shane, I’d throw Joe instead). I’d be willing to keep Shane since he can win competitions while Joe cannot.

However, I don’t see throwing Ian under the bus and even if he did, Frank will probably not believe him anyway.

Not that anybody cares –I know. As soon as Frank won HOH, I knew that Dan was done. And as soon as I knew that I shut down my BB twitter and stopped my feeds since there really isn’t any point. There’s no getting out of this for Dan. Actually, Boogie being evicted before jury was the best thing that could’ve happened to him. He gets the money from his contract + $16K from the game and he can go home without having to go to jury. Jury’s great if you’re a newbie, but if you’re like Dan –it doesn’t really matter –unless he really wants a say on who wins the $500,000. If I was Dan, I would be going crazy to go out like this because he’s being targeted when it wasn’t even what he did. That would slowly eat me up inside –knowing that “if he only really knows…” things would be different.


There’s no way Frank’s wasting this HoH on Joe, and Dan knows that. I like the OP’s idea


Beast Mode.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Jenn (I mean ????) is a beast. She is going with Frank and me to the end. Boogie may be gone, but his team lives on.

Bye Bye Boogers



yes me too!!


Franky types are what keep it going….would be too boring for tv and feed $.


Love it! Go Frank!


Freakin rigged


If anyone you don’t like wins its rigged.


How about we watch/hear more about the comp before crying rigged?

But I doubt it’d make a difference. You already have your mind made up.


How is it rigged when Frank didn’t even win the veto? Dan doesn’t win and you cry rigged? Just like dan said, he had two times to win the veto and he didn’t. Not as great as he or you thinks he is.


Dammit. The 2nd best player in BBB history in a goner. What a dark day. At least he’s going out in style starting tonight lol!


Big Frank is getting evicted? I know you’re not talking about that piece of garbage, Dan! Blahahaha!

dan the douche

You call that style? He’s such a douche bag. Already turned on Danielle a long time ago. loyalty? None. Hope he chokes. Hoe Danielle figures him out and blasts him!!!!!


Dan that Douche –really? Do you even watch the feeds or just the CBS spoon fed version of what’s really going on in the house? Dan has been loyal –except to Frank and Boogie. That’s Silent 6 thing was strategy and he was never really with them. He was always with the QP. And by the way, you’re calling Dan the douche? Who makes fun and talks crap about people in the DR? Dan? Oh right… it’s actually Frank and Boogie. Get real. Dan may throw competitions and may manipulate people to see his way –but that’s not being a douche –that’s called playing the game. Ring…Ring… Dan the douche –that’s Frank and Boogie calling –saying that you have now earned the title of their new pet. Congratulations.


Dan 2nd best? Not even top 5. Wll, Boogie, Janelle, Jeff, Dick were all better players (Each with their own distinct style of playing the game).


Lol Will is the best and you have the second tier guys ala Dan, Dick, Boogie and Janelle you can’t put a number 2 there its only in your opinion and to me Dan is the second best player to play this game….


Do you get the distinct impression Dr. Will is far and away the #1 player of all-time in most people’s minds?


Dr. Will is so over rated it’s pathetic,his season was weak sauce players and he rode Janelle/Erica in All-Stars.So sick of hearing how great he is…it was dumb moves by others that give him this bs status.

1. Evil Dick
3. James Rhine
4. Danielle D.
5. Dr. Will


So you give Dr. Will a hard time but then put Daniele Donato who rode her dad’s coattails in S8 and did nothing of note when she couldn’t hide behind an alliance in S13 ahead of him? Am I being trolled?


I have to disagree with that dr will did it with no veto no hoh and the whole house against him than finished 4th his second time a feat never accomplished by any other player

Capt. Obvious

I love Dick…but if not for America’s player (I can’t think of the kids name) helping him out by doing production;s…uh..I mean the fan’s bidding, Dick would likely not have won.

Will is in a class by himself.

1) Will
2) Boogie
3) Frank
4) Dick
5) Janelle


America’s Player was Eric in S8. What I found funny about that is when Dick was asked by Julie how he felt about Eric (and the fans) essentially saving his season, ED still tried to take credit for the move saying he felt he talked people into changing their votes.

billy bob

u guys are all crazy top 5 is
and i think dan is gonna lose his mind tonight,lol

Are you kidding

Really? Janelle top 5? She is 0/3.


Frank is good, but this list doesn’t include Russell, he was good at stirring the pot, and causing conflict. I love how people forget that he got Jeff to use the Coup on him, sending Chima into one of the best Downward Spirals in BB history.


Technotronics…Clown Shoe; Jeff is maybe top10


How is Jeff better than Dan when he hasnt won big brother he is not even in the top 50 lol , same thing for Janelle she had 3 chances to win bb but she didnt yes she is one of the best all time but nowhere near dan.

1- Dr Will
2- Dan
3- Evil Dick
4- Boogie


this one i can agree with i just wish evil dick had been able to play all of last season


Boogie rode dr wills coattails both times he was on and he did nothing special this season! Dan may not be top 5 but he is for sure ahead of boogie.




He really didn’t ride Will’s coattails in S2 since he was out kinda quickly in that seaosn. In S7, Will said himself that neither one of them would have gotten far without the other. While Will was the puppetmaster, Boogie had his role as well (by playing Erika like a fiddle). And you cannot deny how brilliantly he played that last HOH comp in S7.


lol @ throwing Jeff in the top 5




Frank has safety for two weeks?


Actually it is the opposite… he is not allowed to take part in the next 2 HOH’s so he has 2 weeks of non safety


Jenn is saying she is keeping noms the same…are we sure Frank won or did Jenn pull this one out her ass?????


EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I just got a mental picture of her hairy ass for a second. I just threw up pieces of Danielle’s thunder thighs in my mouth and had to reswallow, Tasted better the second time around.


if she won and keeps the noms the same, is she smarter or dumber than we thought…


Hmm that would be interesting, and why would she say that if she didn’t win???


It’s definitely sounding like Jenn won it… Dan is talking to himself about if he could get Jenn to take him down or not.


I hope they took Franks’s wardrobe as part of the competition of: “How Bad Do You Want It”, don’t want to see him wearing those Boogie shirts and hats anymore.

Thinking man

WTF? Who is Jenn?




An ugly disgusting person with poor hygine. She is also annoying! That tune she constantly sings is so stupid! She needs to go die!


It’s ok if you don’t like her, but wishing death on her is taking it too far.


woot woot ! yeaaaaaa frank , way to go

The Better Erin

Well this sucks. I said it now and I’ll say it again, they should have never gotten rid of Janelle. Frank is looking like he can take most vetos and most wins in a single season with how many competitions are still left. It’s kind of gross really when he should have left in 12th and looks like he’ll now go way past 7th if he succeeds in evicting Dan this week.


Wonder if anybody had to shave their head?


FRANK IS A BEAST!!! Wins pov again as much as people don’t like him frank deserves a final 3 spot


Not really…It isn’t over til it’s over..I’m still hoping for some production magic for Dan and quack pack!! They can always make it way more interesting..More people can’t stand Frank that can..Get rid of him!! But everyone loves the drama..Stir it up..The fact that Frank should have been gone weeks ago and the show messed it up!! It proved some things needed to be left alone! Let what will happen, happen! I don’t have a real favorite but I hate all this bullshit of fake theater crap..Isn’t this a reality show?


Maybe they made Powerhouse shave his chin?


I don’t remember Joe playing in this comp…at least he was not one listed as being picked to play POV


Joe was the only one not playing. And the strip is where his POWERHOUSE POWER lies. He’ll never shave it.


he didn’t only 6 people played frank, dan, danielle, shane, brit and jen


Awww shit Daniel Son on the ONE TWOS…………..

Carrot Top HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AG does read everything we write on here


this sucks. dan has no chance to stay


I’m pretty sad. Dan was my favorite. Can anyone think of a scenario that would not result in Dan getting evicted? I can’t. It looks like production wants Frank in and not Dan. I’m not sure why.


There are only two senerios that could save him first would be if Ian used his power (which he should since it is his fault he is on the block) but i doubt because Ian doesn’t want frank to know he is a rat,

the second and more likely is that he goes to frank and tells him the truth that Ian is the one that ratted him out and he would work with him and since he can’t play 2 hoh his best bet is to get rid of shane. He also probably knowing dan will say that danielle will eline with shane if he goes but if he saves him he will be loyal and since he didn’t break his trust to begin with he has no reason to doubt him (this might work frank wanted to work with dan from the begining he never understood why he wanted him out so bad). He is really dumb clearly he doesn’t trust shane and shane is a much better competitor so no matter how much of a talker he is shane is the better option

Big Sister

Dan has nothing to lose if he will just expose Ian to Frank . He should tell Ian that he gives him one hour to tell Frank he is taking Dan off in a convo with the three of them in the HOH room or he will tell Frank and Jenn that Ian ratted out Frank and Mike out to the QP. Or he could call a house meeting and expose Ian and remind Ian in front of everybody how much grief he took from Mike and Frank to protect Ian from their wrath.


I like that!


well i called that right … no one can tell me that this season is not rigged… why did it take so long .. never has before … like brit said .. just write frank the check BIG BROTHER are nothing but a bunch of cheating idiots … this is the last time i watch this show… i now feel like a total fool…. i guess they thing that their viewers are IDIOTS .. rot in hell AG

Rob C

If BB is rigging it there not doing a very good job. Frank can’t play in the next 2 HoH’s.


Team Frank FTW! Frank DESERVES to win this game, but unfortunately unless he can pull a Dick and Danielle it will be hard for him seeing as though he is a nominee every time he isnt HOH.


Frank is a savage at this point id be afraid to ever put him up for fear he would find away to come off and come after me.They are either gonna have to back door him or give him the check frank FTW


UGH darn! Well BYE dan


YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Frank The Tank wins again. Beautiful how he is dominating the motherfuckers!


It actually sounds like invisible Jenn won, not Frank.


Frankie my boy you did it. Frank is truly a beast.

Jen W

You think he threw it? 2 chances to win?


@ simon i think Jenn won..


Frank really is a BEAST!!
hope he is thinking long & hard how to save himself next week when he cant play HOH! prob be all ont he VETO to make it!


Whoa…. JENN won veto??!?!?!?!?!?

Roisin Dubh

Please Backdoor Shane destroy that ceap alliance once and for all.


I’m sorry but this just BEYOND BULLSH*T!! CARROT TOP2 has to wear a f*kng CARROT suit for 24 HOURS and he wins POV? I can smell the bullsh*t all the way to my house and I live in FLORIDA!


That must be the swamp since Frank didn’t win.


for all you frank fans … take a closer look…. you should be saying go frank AG and the dumb jack azzzzzzzzzz`s that are sniffing AG`S butt … love to hear about a lawsuite after this season …


Considering Jenn won… errr…


I’m so sick of Frank

Dr. J

WOW that’s awesome. Twice all those people against him and he did it again. What an animal he is turning out to be. Now what is the rest of the house going to do?


i cant wait to see Dan’s boom boom party on BBAD! LOL


As much as you people hate Frank, you have to admit, He deserves to be there. Take a midol and realize the guy isnt Hitler. Seriously.


BB is Frank’s dream and Danielle thinks Frank is jealous of her. (Double drink)

Kelly Anderson

Did Jenn or Frank win the POV?


Did Frank or Jenn win??

I’m confused.

billy bob

jenn won my bad bb,lol


Big Frank! By the way, in case you haters failed to notice.. Big Frank is our new favorite houseguest on the poll!!


I noticed that also. You couldn’t say the word Frank here without DDBS fans going nuts. Now looks like some people are singing a new tune.


so what, thats proably rigged too. And if its not, nobody said the word wasnt full of dummys.


You think Frank fans give two shits if it’s “rigged?” Get over it, dummy! Big Frank runs this shit!




Just imagine if this season’s newbies were the ones playing last year, would it have been different or would they have run with the vets like Kalia and Porsche initially did?
First out Janelle, then Boogie, then maybe Dan. The vets are going.


The houseguest formerly known as ??? won something?

Capt. Obvious

Let the crying begin:

“It’s fixed” “Frank Cheated” “Dan is the son of God”


So if Fank is God, then Dan is the Son of Frank?? lol :-)


And don’t forget the ever popular “its gotta be rigged”.


umm franks been the one crying lately…”feel sorry for me, i really really want this” like nobody else does. my poor booger left…they took my friends out…boo hoo


Most of the crying has come from this board about Frank.


rigth though bunch of frank haters ima be like them booooohoooo shows rigged quack pack gets all the powers

just a random fam

Well, it’s official, Frank is the Big Brother COCKROACH that just refuses to die!!!!

Die, cocksucker, die!!!
Put me in this game, dammit, I had enough of this BS. If they can’t get rid of him, I WILL. Grrrrrr.


LOL, my feelings exactly.


What the heck is going on? I wish they would quit talking in code. IF Jen won, who is she going to take down and then what do we think Ian will do now?


So who won? Jenn or Frank?


Jenn won’t use it. Bye Dan!


*record scratch* wait, JENN won?


Oh no jenn won veto well it was the easiest comp so this was made for a floater because i doubt if this was endurance or trivia she wouldn’t have won