Big Brother Spoilers – Shelly wants to make sure “It’s Crystal Clear” with Dani that she didn’t say to BD Jeff

3:00-3:30 Bikini goodness

3:30pm Adam and Shelly couch Adam says he had a good conversation with Brendon. Shelly says she knows Brendon told her. Shelly says that Adam hangs around a trustworthy person not like some of the criminals in this house.. “Liars” (not 100% sure what she means) Adam: “lets mow them down” Shelly: “I know” Adam: “Lets get to where we need to get to and you and me can……..*Long Pause) Roll’. Shelly thinks it would be funny if her and Adam made it to the end. Adam: “So BLANK funny nothing would make me happier” Adam says that’s goal number 4 making it to final 2.. Shelly smiles, “You gotta keep making goals”

They start talking about the weather….

3:38pm bathroom Shelly and Dani Shelly confronts dani saying that she’s heard from 2 people that Shelly is wanting to backdoor Jeff and now Brendon and rachel are asking Shelly if she was trying to make an alliance with Dani. Shelly tells her that they did have their little talk in the havenots but she never said backdoor Jeff. Dani says someone in the house is throwing her name around and it wasn’t her. Shelly doesn’t believe her tells Dano just remember for next time it never was Shelly that said to back door Jeff, “I JUST WANT TO MAKE THAT CRYSTAL… CLEAR” (Shelly has teeth yo).. Dani: “Thats fine it wasn’t me” Shelly heads to the toilet dani leaves.

4:00pm Backyard Brendon is on the elliptical everyone else milling around.. the elliptical is starting to break it’s making this annoying squeak after every stride.. Brendon’s really working it and it’s annoying as BLANK.


4:05pm Dani and Kalia dani is saying that Shelly confronted her in the bath room. (Of course we can’t really hear what Dani is saying because she’s whispering and mouthing everything) The gist is Dani says Shelly is with BR, they’ve all been talking. Dani adds that if she wins HOH the entire house is going to be changed. Dani says something about someone throwing her name out and shelly yelled at her.

kalia comes back and still we can’t hear BLANK about what they are saying. from their hand movements and hearing the odd number and maybe the word “Backdoor” you would assume they’re counting votes and planing what to do if they win HOH .

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f this


worst BB ever


dani dom <3


You have to collect at least 120 crystals in most games before you can fight Allison Grodner.


I really am beginning to wonder if Danni has a mental issue or if she really is just plain forgetful. She sounds as if she believes the crap she’s saying. How can she blame other people for the things she’s saying?


She’s just a pathological liar. And as most liars, they can’t keep their facts straight. You cover a lie with another and she’s just NOT smart enough to do it. She got caught and called out. And it’s all cos she got too greedy and overconfident. Now her game is in tatters and she HAS to win HOH or POV. If she doesn’t win HOH, she’s getting backdoored for sure. She dug a hole she can’t get out off.


I could not have said it better


dani is too much. ain’t no one throwing her name out with any lies. she’s just upset she got busted. i mean in the last post when brendon said later we’ll all talk and get everything worked out, she was all freaking out like don’t throw me under the bus, don’t call me out in front of everyone. that right there says it all. if she didn’t do it, she shouldn’t be worried. and go shelly. very happy to see someone finally saying what it is and not backing down. loved it


Did shelly ever say that she wanted JJ backdoored?


No, Shelly has been emphatic that she would never go after JJ to anyone that will listen. Dani was the one that told Brendon earlier today that it was Shelly that brought up the idea of backdooring JJ. Obviously Brendon told Shelly that Dani said that which is why Dani is now telling Kalia that Shelly is in with BR.


I think Dom has suggested that Shelly was saying to backdoor Jeff a time or two as well.


No she didn’t. Dani tried to bait and ask her what she would do down the line if Shelley won HOH. And Shelley said it would make sense to get a couple out if they were still around. And Dani twisted it to B/R and told them that Shelley isn’t really with J/J and wouldn’t mind Jeff getting backdoored. Dani was hoping Shelley wouldn’t talk to Brenchel but she did and Dani got busted.


Shell has agreed with a few players that the power couples have to be split up otherwise they will win it all. She and Cassie talked about it, she and Dani talked about it and she and Dom talked about it. Shelly’s MO is to agree, agree, agree then run and tattle to Jordan on the one she was agreeing with in an effort to keep herself out of the line of fire.


Precisely what a good spy should do. I don’t get all these people pissed because she hitched her wagon to the winning horses. I think she’s possibly in the best position in the game atm. The only one that talks about targeting her is Pinto.

Rachel Is Boy George

Shelly is pure evil, i can see why she joined up with brachel week 1


this is season is a joke its going to be JJ AND BR IN THE FINALS


LOL @ the elliptical breaking, I was thinking maybe Pacer and Audrey II was using it, but everybody be working out on that thing like it;s indestructible. It’s gonna be funnhy when it breaks while someone is using it, just watching them fall all awkward LMFAO


Bren’s sideburns look ridiculously stoooopid.


Dani has overplayed her hand and is now pissing off the newbies as well as the repeats. She was playing a great game but she obviously overplayed to the point that if she doesn’t win HOH next week, she may be going home. But this is bb and she can still kiss ass and someone else can cause drama and then she can be golden again.


We’ll have to wait and see. All of a sudden it’s Dani that’s public enemy number 1. And aligning with Kalia will do NOTHING. Kalia is a fat ass who won’t win any comp unless it’s an eating one. So Dani is pretty much alone. She HAS to win HOH or POV next week if not she’s done. J/J & B/R are already rallying ppl to put Dani up. There is a high chance that she’ll simply be backdoored.


I like the Adam/Shelly alliance.


You’re so weird. You’ve picked an non-existing alliance. Shelly, is with no one expect her excessive skin. She and her excessive skin will manipulate, cry, and sympathize with anyone, and anything. Please, I know it is difficult for most to differentiate Shelly and a pile of shit – but look at it this way… Shelly is a wanna-be pile of shit. =)


Ummmm. I believe that Simon/dawg posted how Shelly and Adam had a conversation about working together and how it would be cool to make it to the end. Its not weird, its reading comprehension.


Why go that far?Shelly is a fellow female,a wife and a mother.You don’t know her.It’s one thing not to like someones game play but you also make yourself look uneducated and rude saying things like that.All the personal appearance jabs are unessasary. In the end every single one of them has someone who loves them in this world and their all human beings like YOU


Big Brother should not let them whisper, tell them to speak up at least so the mic can hear, not fair that they wanna whisper to be incognito, but the viewer can’t here, we not gonna tell anyone what we heard “honest” 😉


Ok. Lets be real. Kalia is not going to win anything. Why is she talking about what she is going to do IF she wins HOH.


Why does people keep saying worst BB ever do not watch then and walk away.


OMG this one scared me…. click with caution.


Ill, you are sick!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, now THAT’s a grenade! YO!!


why is everyone itching its a bad season..? Its a great season :). Thank god not another boring brigade season where everyone was blinde.


Thank you! Brigade was the most overrated alliance ever. Yes they made it to the end but they stumbled into it. They were all playing randomly and somehow made it to the end. Hayden was probably the most boring winner in recent memory. He had the personality of a fly. I was team Britney all season last year. And while Enzo was entertaining, he sucked at everything. At least this year, we have some interesting characters.


yeah and the brigade fans keep claiming they threw all the challenges….not remotely true…they threw some of them. they were pathetic


A four man alliance formed in the first week gets all of the final three spots( would have been all 4 if Matt hadn’t turned) and goes undetected all the way to the last elimination..but they weren’t any good? You are in denial. That was greatness my friend! This season has nothing to comapre to the Meow-Meow , The Beast, Hayden or Britney. Shelly is the only one playing a decent game. Kalia and Lawon are the most worthless players in history, Keith was the biggest d-bag ever, the rest are worse than sheep running to the slaughter. And the re-treads are all annoying a**holes at best. Missing those grenades like crazy, yo!


I wonder if Dom confronted Shelly about whether she backdoored Cassi or not if she’d spew the same old shit about not lying and having integrity. So what if she knows that Dani is throwing her name out there? Trying to intimidate Dani makes her no better than the dogs she’s lying in bed with.


I’m sure that since this season is becoming so clear cut, production is going to do something to “shock” everyone, like bring back Evil Dick, or another Dynamic Duo or something.




How about the return of Cassi?


I guess dom is most likely to go home , him and cassie were my favorites no suprise their gone one after the other -_- im on team dani now she been playing a perfect game until dom was in danger which caused her to panic and sealed his faith but she is still a great player i hope she wins hoh next week it will turn the house up side down. I also think their is going to be a big twist on thursdays live show like brining someone back im hoping dom or cassie. if not this week definitly next week , does anyone else think a big twist isgoing to happen ?


no offense to anyone, but this has got to be the worst season ever, i really wish dani was on the block she is annoying, and i can see why they brought back the three couples, this new cast is very weak, i do love how dom’s regulators are bein picked off every week, instead of trying to have a cool “gang” name dom, you should have brought a better game.


Please tell me how the Brigade was overated? You may not have liked them but they got the job done. When 3 out of the 4 of your alliance makes it to the Final you did a great job!


Is anyone else really getting frustrated with the fact that everyone is like super whispering and mouthing all of their convo’s?? I mean we paid for live feeds and we are getting silence. I really hope that the producers at some point do something about this. I really would love to hear what`s being talked about.


Yah I have noticed that.. quite irritating.


Great job this year Simon and dawg!I love the new iPhone app! ?


Dani Kalia or Dom would not have game if someone put it in a box wrapped it and gave it to them!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, I am. Especially when all four cameras are on them and you can’t hear a word they are saying. Sometimes Dani is deliberately playing with her mike. BB needs to look out for those of us that paid for the feeds and make them stop whispering. All it would take would be for BB to announce “Dani and Dom, quit whispering”. Call them out by name so that the house knows and that will stop the inaudible whispering in a hurry.


I like your thinking 🙂


Does anyone else wonder how Dick vetted out the non-regulators within the first 5 days of him being there? He went after Porch, Koala, Shell and Adam to get on their side claiming their partners were backstabbing them. He was successful with everyone other than Adam by the time it came down to voting Keith out.

It looks like Dano’s best bet would be to come clean with BRJJ privately while calling them all out on their hypocrisy letting them know that BR wanted JJ backdoored and JJ planned to backdoor BR so why was it only her getting the blame, while mentioning that she was partnerless when the time came for them to turn on her, etc. Then they might be able to reset their alliance or cause the whole alliance to disolve completely through everyone distrusting everyone else.


They should bring back two people and then have a double eviction.


Brendon and Jeff are in a secret two man alliance. Wait and see.


Yeah, the nut to butt alliance


Get real where do they find these people