Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon tells Rachel she is stupid if she doesn’t see that she can’t trust these girls… that she has been played before and she will be again.

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1:45pm Adam and Brendon shake hands and Adam leaves the HOH room. Rachel tells Brendon not to talk about Porsche. Brendon says that Jeff saw her motioning to Lawon to come talk. Brendon tells Rachel that she is stupid if she doesn’t see that she can’t trust these girls… that she has been played before and she will be again. Brendon tells Rachel that he told her before and he will tell her again not to play with her emotions. Brendon says that he doesn’t trust Porsche when she talked about the endurance where Porsche told them that they can drop. Brendon says BLANK you! Brendon says that Porsche is not smart enough to figure Rachel was sticking up to her or that Daniele just started being nice to her. Brendon says that they (JJ, BR, and Dani) will all talk later tonight. Brendon heads down stairs. Porsche comes up to the HOH to lay in bed with Rachel. Porsche starts talking about how Dominic came up to her asking if she heard him and Jeff fighting in the lounge room. Porsche says that she told him that she could hear them yelling but that she didn’t know what it was about. Rachel that the plan is to evict Dominic .. and that Dani will be going around campaigning to keep him. Porsche asks why.. because then everyone would know she is not with us. Porsche says that if she gets HOH she would put up Kalia because she know she couldn’t win the POV. Porsche then talks about how she would like to try and get Dani out ..and that Dick would hate her if she did. They start talking about Dick. Then they talk about this week’s HOH competition. Rachel says that Lawon and Kalia won’t win an endurance.

2pm Dani and Brendon are in the kitchen talking. Brendon tells her that he wants them all to go up there and talk later tonight. Dani says but please don’t call me out in front of everyone. Brendon says no no.. we will all just talk one yelling or anything …that we all just talk ..we all haven’t talked in forever. They talk about Jeff calling out Dominic and how Dominic won’t say who told him they were going after Jeff and Jordan. Shelly comes in through the kitchen and Brendon and Dani whisper about how Shelly is always hanging around whenever people are talking. They talk again about how they will talk later to bring everyone together again. Dani says just don’t call me out or throw me under the bus. Brendon says no no.. Dani says that it was probably Shelly that was saying stuff about getting Jeff and Jordan out..

2:10pm Porsche and Rachel are up in the HOH room talking about random stuff. After talking for a bit ..they decide to take a nap. Out in the backyard are Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Lawon, Kalia, Shelly, and Dominic just hanging out in and by the pool talking about random stuff. They are talking about kids drowning and being a life guard. Dominic gets up from beside the pool and says that he is going to ice his balls and spit up blood. Adam says thanks for sharing. Dominic runs into Shelly in the kitchen and Shelly wonders if someone is trying to create all the drama. Dominic says yeah maybe. Dominic and Shelly talk about the confrontation Dominic had with Jeff. Dominic says either way it is horrible timing for me. Dominic tries to go up and talk to Rachel …but she tells him they are sleeping. Rachel says thank god for this HOH room. they go back to sleep.

2:25pm – 2:40pm Brendon, Shelly and Kalia are sitting on the couch. Brendon is confronting Kalia out on the backyard couch about how she says that they aren’t talking game. Kalia back tracks and says that they do talk game …but not about getting them out or anything. Brendon says that he thinks she is getting nervous about things that she doesn’t need to be nervous about. They talk about the paranoia in the game that you think everyone is talking about you. Shelly confronts Kalia and asks her if she said that Lawon was the other vote to vote out Keith. Kalia says yeah I think he was and I heard it from other people too. Shelly says okay… Brendan says that he wants to bring the bible down and have everyone swear on it. Brendon says that at least he can condemn everyone to hell if they’re lying. Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen … when the feeds come back. Shelly is talking about not smoking around her daughter.

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This coming from the guy who was basically the brigade’s puppy after Rachel left.


Go eveldani go


Are you kidding me brendan? The Bible?
Someone should kick him in the knees, where he is completely bruised. What an idiot – a hypocrite at that! Cassie was being attacked for swearing on her father, and incorporating religion in the game.. and here you are doing the exact same thing, WHEN YOUR ASS IS SAFE for the week.
Cassie was trying her best to save herself, and to remain in the game.. you’re just taking it way to far to prove a point that doesn’t need any.

You & Jeff need to calm the eff down, and eat your own shit for awhile.. Unbelievable!


They were just joking about the bible…bc they swore on the bible during Season 9 about not knowing someone


I think America will vote Cassie back in. I hope so anyway. I hope her Daniel and Domique and the gay guy come together and get Rachel Brandon proscha and the old women out. I actually like Jeff and Jordan but I think it was a bad move on thier part to team up with Rachel and Brandon.


Simon, “When does the narwhal bacon?” If you know the answer you’re still wrong; it’s whenever Allison Grodner isn’t looking.


At Midnight LOL and I’m sure AG knows this.


kahlia is disgusting. i vote to evict her


Why is Kahlia disgusting? I’m not saying I like her….at all! Just wondering y you y
Think she’s gross?


She eats everything that someone else is cooking, she never ever cooks for the house, and she eats while talking with her mouth full, that’s why shes called Audrey II


You forgot to write that after she has eaten all the food otherpeople cook, she then proceeds to criticize it as being too bland, too spicy, too sweet, etc… What an jerk.


Brendon is such a jerk and a BIG IDIOT. All of these pointless tactics and tantrums for what? Brendon calm down, Rachel is HOH which means neither one of you are going home this week. Shut the h*ll up, your mouth is annoying the heck out of me.

I used to like both Jeff and Brendon, but I am quickly realizing, they are a bunch a bullies and a bunch of dummies. Bring me the bible, Brendon, so I can swing it across you dumb a** head.

Shut the fudge up.

Go Dani and Dom! I will even continue to root for Rachel, but not Brendon or Jeff.


I totally agree with you! <3


It’s not about the edit which is hilarious, but why was Rachel giving Brenda the laser death stare while he was rubbing her feet? I would sprain a women’s toe if she was looking at me like that while I’m rubbing her feet, what a pussyman.


LMAO at the pic of Barennan’s he/she that he spanked his monkey for.


lol sometimes i forget kalia is even on the show.


hahahha, kalia isnt so bad.. i always forget porche is on the show!!




i cant get over dani. she is so hot. that bikini pic on this page is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

most of this cast sucks. i cant stand that fat bacon weirdo adam. dom seems slightly gay, kalia is just a waste of everything, porche is invible, brendan and rachel suck, especially rachel (they got game though) and that shelly is a old hag. the only cool ppl on there are j&j. even that old drunk hoff said he liked them. lawon is ok, he can be funny but dude is just taking up a bed and dirtying up some dishes. no game at all. i hate the way b&r are ALWAYS the focus and are ALWAYS fighting. yawn. had enough of it last year. it sucks when some of the worst ppl are some of the best players.


You can tell Dani and Dom are working together closely, both throw Shelly under the bus as their first line of defense.


If Dom only knew that Shelly was the one who actually backdoored Cassi to begin with. I think he’d have a shitfit.

Jay L

I just wish the players would evict the people based on how ugly they are first:
The order I would have done is: Kalia, Shelly, Lawon. Don’t really care about the rest of the order


HAHAHA I agree. Down with the uglies


People are crazy if they think America wants to see BR/JJ in the final. America hates B/R even Rachel will tell you that. And anyone who watches the feeds is getting fed up with Jeff’s attitude. Who does he think he is the only reason he is here is bc of Jordan he wasnt even a good player in BB11 he got a coup de’tat. He was cool than but now he is an a**. Yea Dani overplayed her hand but I bet she’ll recover and take one of the vets out next week! If Dom goes, I’m backing Dani all the way bc everyone else is awful!

dani's fan

A number of people are saying that BB will go to singles after Thursday’s eviction. However a fourth golden key will go to either Dom or Adam. If Dani, Shelley, Por, and Dom/Adam are competing what is the point of the 4th key? Does anyone know for sure how the HOH will be played this Thursday?


I agree with you. I think the golden keytwist will last until next thursday. Dicks departure will cause them to bring back one of the evicted to play this week. If so it will be BJJ vs KL+returning HG playing for HOH and everyone except HOH playing the following week.


Am I the only one who thinks that the HOH’s safe partner should be ineligible to vote or play in the following HOH? It allows the HOH to nominate, vote, win the veto as well as win the following HOH. It’s a very clear advantage, especially for the vets.


I agree.


That would make it like they are too HOH but they are not HOH just because. their partner wins, but I see what you are saying


I was wondering the same thing. Why would there be a 4th key unless it has a use? Maybe it has to do with the twist?


Does anyone know who left the Bible in the HOH room open to Matthew 6 yesterday (seemingly for Rachel to find that passage)?


I would like to know to..


A lot of complaining from this group. Why do you all still watch then?


LOL are you complaining about us complaining?


Because Dr Drew doesn’t have a rehab for bb. Can’t stand it but can’t stop wanting more 🙂


Lol I agree but I think Shelly first then Kalia and Lawon. I cant take Shelly’s ugly smoker face much longer, theres no way her daughter doesnt know she smokes!


Kalia is super fugly, please stop posting pics of her. Thanks!! 🙂


Idk ab all of you but porshe is so damn hot I hope she stays for a while


Somebody should corner that Crypt Keeper Shelly and tell her to shut the hell up. I’m tired of her self-righteous babble about how good she is and how she never does anything bad..blah,blah,blah.

As far as Brendon and the bible goes,it’s offensive on so many levels. Not everybody holds Judeo-Christian beliefs and therefore should not be subjected to his standard of ethics probing. Furthermore, who died and made him sheriff? I’d tell him to go to hell.


Yeah I know her whole honesty thing is getting a bit much

Tyler Kent

Amen! I’d tell him to shove has bible up his bum!