Big Brother Spoilers – Jeff’s plans if he gets HOH include Dani, “I’m going to stick it up in her f*ck!ng coolo” **Updateed**

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4:15pm have nots Lawon and Dom

dom tells him that he’s got 4 votes and he just needs to get Brendon’s and he’s dine. Lawon points out that Adam sure doesn’t look worried but they both suspect he’ll start campaigning tomorrow. Lawon says that this week the vote is based on game last week it was personal so that is why Lawon thinks dom has a chance. Lawon asks if he trusts Shelly, Dom says no he’s not going to bother trying to get JJS votes. Lawon says Dom has to follow his gut because that’s the way Lawon has been playing and he’s going to make it far as long as he listens to his gut..(LOL lawons gut is a BB mastermid) He didn’t listen to his gut with Keith and look where that got him. (Also keep in mind that after every single sentence Lawon says he finishes it with “you know what I mean” ) Dom thinks he should go talk to Brendon and see if he can cut some deal he’s a better competitor to keep around maybe use the angle that Adam is just floating through.

4:45pm Hammock Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan

Brendon says he very disappointed with Dani. they both agree to talk to dani tonight and lay it all out there and get the truth out. Jordan thinks they really need to just play it nice to dani just in case she wins HOH and puts the guys up. Jordan adds that she’s going to talk to Dani tonight. Brendon reminds her that if there’s anything dani asks Jordan that makes her feel uncomfortable or if Jrodan is afraid she might say the wrongs thing then deflect it onto JEff. Jeff agrees tells Jordan to just send it his way (These 2 talk to Jordan like she’s dumb) Jordan says maybe Dani is mad at her and flipped because Jordan didn’t pick her for the luxury prize. Jeff about winning HOH: “I’m going to stick it up in her f*ck!ng coolo when I get HOH” Jordan says that Dani is fine to Jordan now there doing the small talk thing again.

Jordan is about to begin walking laps with Kalia.. isn’t looking forward to all the BS Kalia is going to feed her. Jordan tells JB that she’s worried about Dani winning HOH if it’s endurance. Tells them she thinks Dani will put both them up but she’s going to try her hardest to win. That is why she’s been working out a lot more she’s gettign ready (Jordan can be pretty damn sweet sometime .. lol)

brendon says they have Shelly 100% and Adam 75%(He’s right with Shelly but Adam is with Dani) They all agree that Kalia cannot be trusted and she’s full of BLANK. Jordan points out that Dani has been talking to Lawon a lot. Jeff: “It’s cool.. the line has been drawn we’re not stupid”. Jordan leaves.. Jeff: “My dream is to knock Dani out next week… my only goal is to take her out” Brendon says how stupid Porsche is, she told him that Porsche wants to “Do something”.. “BLANK someones game up” So he’s not sure what she’ll do. Jeff and Brendon shares some stories about how dumb Porsche is. Brendon now starts sayign how Dumb Dani is and how scared she’s going to be when they start pushing her for the truth. Jeff just wants to see her squirm. Jeff rehashes some of his conversations with Dom when Dom was swearing to him that he wasn’t going around telling people to backdoor JEff. Jeff laughs becuase he told Dom he knew 3 or 4 people in the house that said that. Dom demanded to know who it is, so Jeff offered to get them and dom said “no no wait wait lets talk first have a meeting”

5:15pm Dani DOm whispering Sound like their thinking about was to save Dom but they’re giggling a lot. Dom rachel has so much control over everybody.. dani says no it’s brendon .. rachel does NOTHING. (I really wish I could hear what they are saying) Dom: “Let’s be honest you have nothing if I go….” (they laugh) Dom adds that the 4 BRJJ will run through this house with now problems. Dani says something about how strong of a player she is in comps and nobody knows because she hasn’t played in 3 weeks. Dom says this season sucked anyways.. with him looking back now he was screwed from the beginning. Dom adds even if he won HOH he still would of been gone because the rest of the newbs weren’t with him, “My partner was Adam… He’s a paperweight” (Dom Sounds Defeated)
Dom starts to list off what he thinks of the other houseguests. Something about lawon repeating everything over and over makes him want to punch him. Dom just flat out hates Jeff says his attitude is like a “Big muscle head type”. He thinks Brendon’s a buck wheat and Rachel’s a BLANK. Both Dani and DOm are talking about Jeff being so mean to Jordan. They had no idea he was like that. Dani says she never watched the feeds and had no idea he treated her like that she states Jeff gets a very good edit (I thought she did watch the feeds). Dani says something about Getting Brendon out next week since he’s pretty much running the show. The downside of that is Rachel will hate her and right now she’s on decent terms with Rachel.

5:45pm Por, Rachel doing Rachel’s version of Pilates, Jeff on the hammock chilling, Jordan and KAlia walking laps getting ready to win the endurance HOH.

6:08 Hot tub Jordan saying she’s so excited that Shelly is making spaghetti tonight.

6:18pm Jeff, Shelly and Jordan Backyard Jordan is talking about the wrap party. Jordan brings up missing some important date for school in the fall because she’s not getting out of the big brother house until mid September. Jeff makes a comment that they’re not guaranteed to win. Jordan: “We’ll get there” Jeff: “I like your positivity” Shelly jumps in “oh no oh no that is not happening no mater what” She stutters a lot when she says it (if this is part of her game It’s a bit over the top if this is truly how she feels her mind isn’t right)
Shelly leaves.
Jordan is suggesting that he talks to Dani and tries to smooth things out.. she doesn’t want Jeff to go home if he wins HOH. Rachel and Por are running laps and Rachel wipes out right near the couch. She’s not hurt and keeps running.

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Does Jeff really treat Jordan bad, or is that a lie for the camera? That’d be so sad if it were true 🙁
I know he has a temper, but they are saying that he insults her and is really mean. They even mentioned that he kept insulting her in the Luxury competition on a different update of this conversation. That part doesn’t make sense to me, because why would he care about that competition in the first place? And also, wouldn’t him just treating Jordan bad in general be mentioned independently by the numerous play-by-play websites?
Anyway, just wondering if anyone has watched the feeds and noticed anything!


I get what you’re saying. I know he (along with Brendan) talk down to her like she’s stupid, and honestly although she seems like a really sweet girl, I think she needs to be talked to in that way.. She’s not the brightest! Haha, but I was just wondering if he was mean as in with insults, or anything. Can’t really see that happening. The way Dom and Dani are talking about it makes him seem terrible!


I think I’ll choose to believe the latter. They’re too sweet together to believe otherwise!
Thanks 🙂


me too. We can’t really judge them by the show because the circumstances change people’s moods and what not.


i don’t think he treats her badly. he just has a sense of humor that is a little different. i know quite a few people like that. they are actually extremely caring of the people around them, just their sense of humor isn’t the norm so to anyone who doesn’t personally know them well it looks mean. but for everyone who says he’s mean, they don’t seem to notice how supportive he is of her and how he looks at her with love


If he is, its because of his “pent up frustration.” Not having any type of sex for 3 months will do that to a man lol
We all know Jordan is an advocate of “no bogger


I have heard him call her fatty or mention her jelly several times, but they both laugh about it.


I was going to ask the same question about Jeff being mean to Jordan. I’ve never seen it. I mean, I’ve seen them get into little tiffs here and there, but nothing more than any normal couple – and certainly nowhere near the way BR fight. In fact, I don’t hear them call each other horrible names like BR, either. So I’m really curious about all of the Jeff bashing going on.


yeah beleive it or not Jeff is very mean to Jordon. On the live feeds and BBAD you can see that Jeff belittles Jordan ALOT and he acts as if he is her father. Dani was right when she said that they gave him a good edit. they are not that “sweet couple” that they seemed to be on season 11. Jeff acts as if Jordan is a 3 year old who is incompetent.


Dani just better be a bomb bitch in these competitions. We haven’t seen her do anything besides hang on to banana? She talks a good game but she better back that shit up or it’s her ASS!

Rachel Is Boy George

At least were not the only ones who thinks this season sucks, even Dom who is on the season knows it sucks and was set up from the start


Dani is gonna be embarrassed when she finds out dom is gay. Her hormones are raging!


I don’t think she is into him that way. He’s not her type. She was totally trying to use him to further her game. He was the obvious choice because he is the only newb capable of winning anything. She should just sacrifice her virgin to the Rat Goddess and come up with a better plan.


Dom is in deep denial. I don’t think he knows yet that he might be gay. On to the other topic trending on here,Jeff talks down to Jordan because he thinks he’s smarter than she is. In reality they are both simpletons.


is he gay? did he come out? or is it an assumption becuase his BFF is a girl and he is a virgin.


Yeah she is so horny for him it’s unreal. He’s lucky. I would love to be in his shoes.


just curious, is your name in any way related to ABDC 6 winners IaMmE? hahaha. if it’s not, sorry to bother you lol.


No but I did Jack the name from their group because it is off the hook 🙂


if Dom leaves then this season isn’t really worth watching IMO. he’s the only noob that can make a dent in the BR/JJ alliance. him and Dani are such a powerful duo, I really wanna see them go far. it looks like Dom might leave though. he needs Brendon’s vote, but from what the feeds show, Brendon appears to be with JJ 100%. it’ll be a shame if Cassi and Dom leave right after eachother (those 2 + Dani are/were my faves).


sorry the second comment wasn’t meant to be a reply to you x_x lol.


Dani saying she got robbed in her season. WTF? No, princess. The only reason you made final 2 was because your dad saved you several times. First he got your boy toy out and your head back in the game. Then he used the POV to save you and he stayed on the block. Dani would never have won the 500k against anyone in the house, because she annoyed them all and rode her dad’s coat tails. I was pulling for her, but now she is showing that she is the same ungrateful whiny bitch she was on her season. I understand that Dick wasn’t a great dad and I understand she has issues with him, but it would be nice to see her acknowledge what he did for her in the game. Now she is on her own and making the same mistakes she did the first time around, but now Dick isn’t there to bail her out.


While I do agree with the general overall sentiment, Dani did win two HOH’s and five POV’s (which I believe is a record) for her season. Her dad did carry her but she more than held her own in the comps.


I never realized how mean Jeff was to Jordan either. I feel bad for her considering shes a very sweet girl. I used to like Jeff on season 11, but I can’t stand him now. I wish CBS would show how Jeff truely is. He wouldn’t be Americas favorite anymore. I also think its stupid that they didnt show that kalia vs jeff fight about dumbledor(sp?). I have a feeling that Jeff is just with Jordan so he can feel better about his intelligence. Hes pretty stupid himself.


I totally agree.. Jeff treats her like a child.


jeff was real mean to jordan in BB11, but cbs gave him a good edit so he can get the 25 grand


megan stop with the whining…jordan loves jeff the way he is….does he have a smart mouth yes but he clearly thinks the world of jordan…she needs to be guided in gameplay by him clearly…but she has the best social game of anybody by far….people on this site that bash hg are just jealous and trying to make themselves feel better…holla


I just like how cbs shows jeff as mr. wonderful nice guy who never would swear a word. But on the feeds you can totally see his real side, and yes he does belittle jordan alot, it is not something I would put up with in a relationship. He may love her and she may be a bit of a space head, it doesn’t mean that people should act like she’s a moron the entire time and talk to her like shes a 2 year old.


Wow Jeff is an ass. TEAMDANI


Right? He’s taking this so far to the extreme and he’s so crass. I used to like him but he has no respect for women. Fine, he’s passed she was trying to backdoor him but seriously, chill out man. Such a big man who is just a bully and going after a girl like that and saying those things. It’s disgusting and un called for


Russell was Michelle’s closest ally. Jeff / Jordan and Russell / Michelle had an alliance but it dissolved before final four. I don’t recall Jeff talking smack about Michelle (maybe he did; I just cannot remember it ??) but I certainly do recall Russell talking crap about her and to her before they joined forces. Russ was mean too; he wasn’t playing around.


Simon: sounds like a porn title. I humbly regress. I must have been blinded by his beauty :oP


I wonder if Dani stole a couple of pages on Casey Anthony’s book of lies…



A Nono Moose

i’m no angel, & i try not to judge but i do have opinions. i think that was a tasteless & heartless thing to say…whether casey killed caylee or not (i think she did) a baby died. so I wish you or anyone else wouldnt make jokes about that case. just stating my opinion.


In no way was I implying anything other than having the lies in common. I have two children I love more than the world itself, and I did follow the harrowing saga of poor Caylee. As a current event, the trial of Casey Anthony and her lies are not forgotten. I believe she is guilty, and got away with it. As to my comparison to Dani: they both (meaning Casey and Dani) are constantly lying and manipulating a situation for their own benefit. Meanwhile, hiding the truth and starting to believe their own lies, was merely to show the parallel of two people. You mistook what I wrote, or I wasn’t clear on my point when I wrote that. Hope you understand now…


Jeff proves yet again how “classy” he is. He does belittle Jordan similar to how Brendon belittles Rachel. The difference is that Jeff jokes it off and Brendon spends the next hour ‘baby’ing.

The HOH God complex is ugly on them all.


I don’t know if anyone has thought about this or not. But I’m starting to think that Jeff and Brendon are in a two man alliance that doesn’t include Jordan and Rachel. Why is it that both of them had the chance to backdoor the other and neither one of them wanted to do it. I know everyone thinks it’s because they’re just trying to stick together until the end and fight it out, but I don’t think that’s true. If you watch the feeds, both Jordan and Rachel wanted to backdoor each other, but Jeff and Brendon both calmed their women down and kept saying, it’s not time to do that, it’s too early. I think this is fishy. I truly believe that there might be some secret alliance between Jeff and Brendon. Another thing that got me thinking was why does Brendon care soooo much that Dani and Dom want Jeff out? How does that affect him? Why wouldn’t you want to keep Dom around so Dani and Dom can get Jeff out for you.

It’s funny because America is waiting to see some showdown between JJ and BR, but I don’t think there ever was any beef between the guys (but yes, there was some beef between the girls) and I don’t think there ever will be. I think they are using both Jordan and Rachel to do their dirty work and are going to dump them at the end. Again, I know this sounds crazy, but I really think Jeff and Brendon are in a two man secret alliance. I hope Rachel figures it out before its too late. Poor Jordan, I’m not sure if she ever will. …And I’m sure most of America will think I’m crazy for thinking this.


Here is my theory. Production is feeding them BIG TIME. There has been serveral times where Brendon and Jeff have said that Production has confirmed thier alliances… and then the feeds cut. BR & JJ have both contemplated turning on each other but then things MAGICALLY go back to “happy go lucky land”. Even when Rachel acted an arse and Jeff got on her, she tried to apologize but JJ wasnt buying it. And with the Luxury Comp BR (mainly Rachel) was PISSED and yet things are just fine now. Production is smoothing over all thier little spats for them. Even Shelly was crying and saying how production was all in her head…… and then the feeds cut. Im not saying your therory isnt true, I can totally see them thinking of Rachel and Jordan as baggage, But Im leaning more towards Production playing out thier own gameshow ending.


“I’m going to stick it up in her f*ck!ng coolo”

I don’t think Jordon is going to like that, but DO IT.

I am watching the feeds, and Jeff does whatever Jordan ask him to do. Sometimes he is sarcasticly mean to her…but she obviously knows him better than anyone and knows if he is serious! Sometimes I think maybe it’s “game play” so the house keeps thinking she is dumb. The dumber they think she is, the more they disregard her. I heard her say to Jeff when they were talking once about how they all think she is so dumb, and she was laughing…sort of like it’s an inside joke between the two of them. He does encourage her and has confidence in her!


So now Dani’s lying about non-game things? She’s got a downward spiral in the works here.


this season sucks. unless the noobs can do something its just dumb. once dom is out its a joke. Kalia/Lawon = Floaters, Porsche = Stupid/Floater, Adam = Won’t win any endurance comps – so next HOH is going to the vets.


Yep, that about describes it in a nutshell. I’m giving it another week. If something doesn’t change, I’m opting out of the rest of this season. It wouldn’t be the first time I stopped watching a lame season.


Okay you can go but don’t let us catch you posting here next week after you’ve “left”. 🙂


I’m hoping for a good twist with the golden keys. Something along these lines: the key holders have an option of opening doors that would let evicted house guests back in or opening doors for cash. The house would go nuts if Dom and Cassie both come back.


Do we know who can actually compete in the HOH this week? I don’t think they’ve said for sure. I have a feeling only those WITH a golden key will be able to compete. JJ/BR will be on the sidelines while Shelley, Adam, Porsche and Dani compete…and maybe Cassie too if they bring her back. None of this will probably happen. I’m just dreaming of something to make this boring season go away…


I Like it. I guess that would be fair being they were not given the chance to compete before. Give them one shot to show and prove and save thier own butt for a week……before the resentment from the rest of the house sets in and everyone comes after them. HaHa Nice.


Long as it;s Dani I don’t care she is going to put a dent in the BRJJ team..


I think about what it would be like if it was just all of them in the house without them knowing each other what the game would of been like then


it cracks me up how dani thinks she knows it all about bb. if she was so good she wouldn’t have gotten caught in her bs. totally loved it when shelly called her out. and how dani started freaking out about the converstation she’s supposed to have with her alliance tonight. can’t wait for that to happen. it was pathetic when dani asked brendon to not call her out or throw her under the bus. funny too when dom was like who is saying i said to backdoor you to jeff and jeff said i’ll go get them and dom was like duh,duh,duh, let’s just talk instead. commn sense says even if you didn’t say it(even though we all know he did) if you’re not willing to confront them face to face you look guilty as hell. i just hope they save all this drama for bbad tonight. love to catch everything on this site, but some things are better to watch play out


Yes! The “I’ll go get them” was great!!!!

Tyler Kent

Brenda and Jeff both treat their girlfriends like shit. Rachel deserves it and at some level probably likes it… Jordan however doesn’t deserve it. I sure hope Dani wins HOH next week and cleans the house of scum, filth, sycophants and liars. The list is long and includes Brenda, Rachel, Jeff, Shelly and Porsche… and probably Kalia.


if Dom leaves then this season isn’t really worth watching IMO. he’s the only noob that can make a dent in the BR/JJ alliance. him and Dani are such a powerful duo, I really wanna see them go far. it looks like Dom might leave though. he needs Brendon’s vote, but from what the feeds show, Brendon appears to be with JJ 100%. it’ll be a shame if Cassi and Dom leave right after eachother (those 2 + Dani are/were my faves).


Someone should tell Queen Bitch that spreading your legs easily is not a “polities”.


Brendon and Jeff are in a two man alliance. Watch and see.


Sitting in your room pouting and giving up will never get you far. Might as well fly your “I give up” flag – Danni/Dom


Brendon and Jeff are in a secret two man alliance. Wait and see.


OH wait nevermind Rachel teaching Pacer how to spread her legs so she can work it for Brenda, you know he wants that booty…


To be honest I have heard Jordan call Jeff names and things like “stupid” before too.

Everything they call each other is tongue-in-cheek and in good fun from what I can tell.


Totally agree. You can tell J&J are very good friends and understand each other…they don’t fight constantly like B&R. Jordan had her head on his lap last night and you can tell they have a genuine connection. Not everyone gets Jeffs kind of blunt humor, but
I get it and that’s probably why I love him. lol You also gotta remember they are playing a game in a very stressful situation, too.


I wouldn’t consider talking down to a woman humor, but whatever floats your boat. As far as both couples go, I really don’t think one is any better than the other. I think Jeff/Jordan pretend things are ok for TV and I think Brendon/Rachel argue just for TV. I’m not sure how real either of these couples are and I could really care less. I just hope someone has the balls to get the big bullies, Jeff and Brendon, out this house.


So, Shelly spends all afternoon in the kitchen cooking and guess who is line FIRST to fill her plate…..yep……Kalia. Funny, she claims to be vegetarian too and ate half of Dom’s turkey burger last night.


thats why she is called audrey 2 shes a shabebe and loves a free meal (evenif it’s not veg) 🙂 she’s getting bigger too because of it.


Not that she is a vegetarian she is a vegetable she’s a plant who eats meat ie Audrey II …


Who’s lying?

Jeff (telling kalia not to talk game to Dani, claiming they have been talking game with Dani over the past week and claiming they never discussed putting Brenden and Rachel up last week)

Brendon (claiming they never discussed putting JJ up, never went against their alliance like trying to change JJ’s nom last week)

Shelly (claiming not to be one of the votes against Keith, claiming not to have talked to anyone about getting out the power couples, exagerates and embellishes convos while tattling to the vets, claims she is an honest, straight forward person who plays with integrity)

Anyone want to add to the list?




They are all a bunch of back stabbin liars
with production meddeling in the middle takes all the credibility out of the game


What does TeamDani like about Dani? It is a serious question. Just the fact that they think she can break up the current power alliance running the show??? She hasn’t shown any loyalty to anyone in the house in my eyes. Dom is the closest thing, but based off of history, i dont believe he is her type at all. Just using her to help her game (funny thing is, he is doing the same).

I understand this is a game and you are going to be put in a corner and lie here and there. You are going to throw people under the bus from time to time. You are going to sit there and agree with someone when in reality, you don’t agree with them at all. I understand this. I don’t understand what she has done at all in this game for anyone to like her.

She has done alot of things in this game that have made me want to get rid of her before Rachel (i cant believe I typed that). Maybe somewhere down the line I just closed my mind to her because of the way she was playing the game. So someone, please open it again. Cause I don’t get it.


I agree, I don’t think Dani has done much of anything yet in the game other than plant seeds and get herself into trouble while doing so. However, that’s not to say that I don’t think Dani will do something in this game. Even though she has done little so far, she has done far more than people like Adam, Shelly, Lawan, and Kalia in this game. She is the only one that seems to not be afraid of the big 4 and she is probably the only one that has the guts to win HOH and put them on the block. So, yes, in a sense, we are all waiting for Dani to win and break up the BRJJ alliance. This is coming from someone that was a BRJJ fan, but has quickly gotten fed up with their bullying tactics and power drunken attitudes.


It just amazes me how Jeff And Brendon were bullied in their seasons and cried about it and now…their the bullies. Dani had the right Idea but seems like produstion wants BR to win so if they dont change the set up ..Like keep newbeeswith newbees and reject returns with reject returns I think I will qiut watching


Everyone who thinks Dani is a great player, please remember she lost a jury vote to Evel Dick; the most hateful, filth spewing, vile human being to ever crawl on the face of the Earth. He spent the entire season insulting, de-meaning andd estroying those people in any way possible and they picked him over Dani. Why? Cause Dani had no game. She just rode Dick’s t-shirt and hid behind his veto to get there. This year’s people, even as dense as they are, can even see she is a parasite who lives off other people’s gameplay.


Okay seriously, everyone has said that Jeff treats Jordan so bad, yet no-one can provide any examples? Is it just the talking down to thing? Or we are talking something worse??? the way its been worded here you’d think he was the worlds worse bf. Insight please as I dont watch the feeds.


Imissthebrigade has it right. All of you whiners about how Jeff and Brendon are “bullies” forget that Evel Dick is the biggest bully this game has ever seen and he won his season. I am sure that he gave them some pointers before he left. Dani can be a good player, but has overplayed her hand and forgot that her dad carried her the last half of their season.

Being a bully is a legitimate stratagy. I don’t like it much but it is legitimate. Just because you don’t like a player or how they play does not mean that they aren’t playing a good game. Now I have not been watching the live feeds, but please tell me how Jeff has been a bully. I am not doubting it but… As for Brenchel, THEY are bullies. Both of them. (Again, it is a legitimate stratagy. Remember Allison? She promised that she would make sure that she would sink the player that voted her out and that threat took her to the final 3)