Big Brother Spoilers – Shelly Tells Rachel to “Fluff Her Feathers” and Finally a successful Prank **updated**

10:40pm Shelly and rachel Shelly is basically saying that she’s a stronger player than lawon and Kalia are weak players so she’s better to keep around. Rachel says that POrsche doesn’t even want to win the 500K she wants to go home before jury. Shelly thinks Kalia and Lawon are playing for Jury.

rachel goes into how much she is learning this year about he game and her self. She thinks that last year they broke her down but this year she can get her head into the game. She adds that Jrodan sad she comes across as bitchy and she really thinks thats the case and wants to change. Shelly: “Ohh sure you deserve to win Fluff your feathers”. Shelly says that Brendon is a strong player and She’s smart both BR and JJ will make it to final 4 and Shelly wants to help them get there. Rachel agrees that the 4 of them are going to go far she says that there isn’t much in their way. Shelly points out that Dom and Dani are forming a couple or at least Dom is trying to.. Shelly also recommends that Rachel should be more gracious when she wins. rachel understands, Shelly adds that all the fights she has with Brendon should be kept private. Rachel tells her that they all trust Shelly. she didn’t want Cassi out because she was a pretty girl she wanted Cassi out because she was trying to split her alliance. Rachel says that if Lawon and Kalia go up and Dom/Adam win POV and use it then they’ll be force to put up JJ. Shelly doesn’t think it’s fair to split JJ up nor is it fair to backdoor them.
Brendon joins them for a minute and takes Rachel in to the other room were he gets upset with her talking game when he’s not around. She explains what she said to Shelly and that they are good with her. Brendon thinks Shelly is wise and it’ll be a good idea for Rachel to listen to her.

11:25pm Jeff and Jordan getting their bed ready

11:30pm Backyard Lawon, Jordan, Shelly, Kalia Shelly is saying that everyone should just not bother saying sorry for Cassi going they can tell her themselves. Shelly understands it’s a game and Dom won the POV and she used it was the same thing any of us would do. She brings up that Dom was telling her before he used the POV that he wasn’t sure if he should use it or not. Shelly told him he better use it becuase it’s a game. Lawon in the backyard “Game game it’s a game it’s a game.. respect game” Shelly was hoping that someone was going to give Cassi a sympathy vote. Kalia explains that Dani was telling her earlier that during Season 8 Nick had asked Dani not to give a sympathy vote because it might make her look bad in front of Nick’s enemies in the house.

11:48pm Rachel jumps out “Who wants to see my HOH room” everyone is hiding behind the furniture when they hear her they toss pillows at her. (Dick leaving Screwed this season up in a huge way)

11:57pm Rachel shows them her HOH room … (it’s lame, you’re all better off from not seeing it)

Midnight have nots making food..

12:12am Backyard Jordan and Shelly Shelly tells Jordan there’s no chance JJ are going up. Jordan: “We’ll see when it’s all done” Shelly gives a mini recap of her conversation with Rachel. says she told rachel to start wearing underwear during comps, Stop gloating because her and Brendon are wiping the floor of everyone. Shelly understands that Rachel is trying to change America’s perception of her but her actions are not doing that. Kalia joins them, Shelly tells them that she tried to tell Rachel she needs to stop fighting with Brendon in front of everyone, “I told her to cover up furing the live show because her butt showed flat out”..
Jordan: “Dani flipped that sheet back”
Kalia: “Ohh did you see it”
Shelly: “It was Nasty”
Jordan: “there was dried *** all over the sheets ”
Kalia: “Oh to was nasty NASTY”
Shelly: “It’s off now isn’t it”
Jordan: “DRIED *** all over the sheets.. yes it’s gone”

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LOL, there’s dried ****all over the house according to Jordan. I’d ask for a new matress if I won HOH next!


wow..i think its Brendon and rachels job to clean the ****up. thats just nasty man.


RacHELL can’t even be useful as a ***dumpster! Man they were bashing her down there! The worst part is now that it’s getting good, BBAD is going off the air. Shelly is screwing herself by talking too much. Dani was calling her out in the hoh room to B/R. This shit’s gonna get ugly, yo!


Well, Johnnysik, a Glad Bag can’t hold everything. And, if you don’t ever have the dumpster emptyed, it is going to overflow.


I noticed Rachel had a runny nose….


Guess Rachel only swallows for her clients… ZING


Simon– I was just watching BBAD, and after Rachael was going thru her basket, there was an exchange of glances btwn Brenda and Pacer… Then it looked liked P mouthed words close to “luv u” w a wink!!!! Did u catch tht? Am I seeing things? What do u think she said???


Lori, sorry but I haven’t learned all the catchy names for everyone, yet. Who is Brenda and Pacer? I didn’t catch that either but I might watch the repeat of BBAD when it airs on Showtime West.


Thx, Simon. I thought I knew who Brenda was but Pacer had me. But, I get it now. Porsche isn’t classy enough for her name. She is more an Edsel than a Porsche. Her face has a lot in common with that old car. Do you know one of the reasons why the Edsel failed to sell well?


Hey BBGrandma 🙂 happy you’re back and doing well!!! On BBAD, i watched it again, and still convinced it didn’t look right!!! Tht girl Porksh can’t be trusted– she’s stated many times she’s only on the show to be discovered, yet all she does is eat and lay around like Kalia…she doesn’t want to go to jury b/c it would be a waste of her summer. My only reason for writing about her and Brenda is b/c Roach was so accusatory of Cassie and Dani talking to her man, but she “trusts” Pacer b/c that’s her friend?– if you see it, plz tell me what u think 😀


I saw Porsche with the sneaky look on her face. She said something and she winked. The camera went to Brendon. I wondered where he was looking/what he was looking at and then the camera angle switched and I knew. I thought they might have been eyeing each other. That seemed supported by the camera team switching to a camera behind Brendon that had a shot with he and Porsche in it and Rachel, oblivious, off to the side. Brendon would f*ck Porsche on the HOH dresser the minute Rachel walked out if he thought he could get away with it. And Porsche would do the same. No surprise there.


What the hell is this nonsense about apologizing to someone for booting them. This isn’t a popularity contest. The object is to boot as many people as you can and to stay the longest yourself. It feels like I am watching a dating show. I feel the same about some comments on this site.


I hope Rachel Backdoors JJ! Epic, everyone would be upset and it would be so funny.


Im praying for Rachel to backdoor Jeff/Jordan!! =)


I’m starting to get Rachel. I’m a very forgiving person, if Rachel somehow sets her ego aside she might actually get on my good side. For once, Rachel is convincing when she said she was to change, but we’ll see if it’s just an act!


So I’m starting to think this show is rigged for the vets. It’s starting to get really boring with the same alliance winning comps. They should have found some kind of way to get Dick back on the show because right now the show is really starting to fall off. If Dick was still on the show, Rachel would be in tears everyday with her lap dog Brendon giving her false confidence because I know he wouldn’t be able to go toe to toe with Dick. Brendon only knows how to fight little girls.

I hope the “so-called” new twist next Thursday brings Big Brother 13 back to life.


That HoH was not rigged and the answers were very obvious and Rachel appears to have the most common sense because thats all you needed for that HOH comp. I dont think any of the HoH’s were rigged because first it was endurance which Rachel won which is a surprise because she didn’t Do well in endurance in bb12 and when Rachel got to choose the order it didn’t really matter. The order was merely put for show and gave the vets more of a flexibility on which vet should get Hoh either way a vet would’ve won


Only reason Rachel won the first HOH is because Dani made a deal with her. She got lucky, cause Dani would have kicked her ass in that endurance comp.

lotus 53

How do they know what people on the outside are saying online?


Does anyone know what Brendon said to Cassi when she hugged him goodbye? I mean I don’t think he is Yoda or anything to hang on his every word, but it sounded like he was gloating that he and Rachel got into her head in the end. What a clown. He should just put on his facial mask and prance around again in front of the cameras. How entertaining. America enjoys that like they enjoy the wacky antics of the employees at the DMV. Pure excitement.


@Ava: Brendon told Cassie to hug Rachel on her way out.


Is it just me, or is JJ never ever affectionate with each other? I Have never seen them hug, hold hands etc…maybe it is editing. They are a sweet couple, but I see no physical intimacy there.


They held hands and short kiss
jordan has more class than br

Eric CA

They are intimate, they just do not make porn like Douchy and the Beast. They probably consider two things, that Douchy and the Beast do not consider .
1) People hate watching a couple being physically intimate when a) they do not have anyone and B) When they do not have access to the one they have.
that alone can make you a target.
2) For god sakes their family and friends are watching… who wants to make out like a caged beast, when their mother could be watching. let alone their mother finding out that you had *** all over the sheets… eek


I can hear the song in my head. “Tale as old as time Douchy and the Beast” Too funny.


Simon… What happens to Rachel’s two weeks of slop now that she is HOH?


She still has to eat slop BUT she can eat anything sent to her in the HOH basket, But that’s it.


I’m not Simon, but I think she gets to eat what is in her basket…and slop.


I just had to say that Rachel’s goodbye message to Cassi, is a perfect example of why people dont like her. Would it kill her to not be so catty and nasty to everyone? She is a total bitch. Brandon is kind of a douche also. That conversation they showed between him and Cassi made him look like an idiot. They deserve each other. I do have to say this, Rachel is a good player. I wanted to throw a brick through the tv when she won HOH again.


Wait, BBAD is ending?! Whyyyyy?!


i just googled it, I see no where tat says it’s going off air, maybe they meant for the night.


@mommaj – Jeff and \jordan are never affectionate on camera because she comes from a traditional family and doesn’t want her grandpa seeing her “boogering” on TV… at least that is what she said on her first season. I would assume that it is still out of respect for her family. Also, it was mentioned in the live feeds earlier this season by someone how disappointed everyone was about B\R getting it on in the HOH room, when J\J were making such an effort to keep it classy.


Oh, BB, what are you thinking?? Everyone seems to be intimidated by the Vets, you give “golden key’s” out and they can’t play in comps, meaning, it’s boring!!! I want to see divisions, the newbies to break off on their own, I want to see Dani kick some butt in the comps and forge a new alliance with Dom, etc. Let’s make this exciting and not the Brenchel/JJ show please!!


Did I dream it, or was there a discussion about stained bedsheets last night on BBAD?


Thanks Simon…I was looking for a way to lose weight….you just made me lose my appetite with that comment. LMAO and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


I feel the same way about JJ. I said it last year, I’ll say it again, Jeff is gay. The way he smokes. the way he eats, there’s just something about him that screams gay to me. Jordan is more likr the best friend. They don’t even live in the same state! I don’t like the way he treats Jordan. I understand that they both have enough class not to act like Brachel, but I really think it’s because Jeff is in the closet. He won America’s favorite because he also won the gay voters along with the females. I only wish they backdoored Brachel, they will be kicking themselves silly that they didn’t when they had the chance.