Big Brother Spoilers: Dominic can’t stop farting.. Dani says oh my God it smells like Rachel …you make me sick’s still lingering.. it’s in my mouth!

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12:20am – 12:45am Up in the HOH room are Brendon and Rachel. Brendon complains to Rachel that he gave up so much to be here and that her your sister didn’t write anything about his family. Brendon says that he gave up HOH so she could eat! Brendon says that he purposely lost to give her the win. Rachel sighs. Brendon tells Rachel to just let him feel bad for a little while. Dani comes up to the HOH to join them. Brendon now complains that there are no pictures of him and Rachel. Dani makes fun of him and then tells him that they see him every day. Brendon says that he won’t stop complaining and says he is just sad. Rachel goes downstairs and then comes back up to the HOH room. When Rachel comes back she complains about how everyone is talking to Jeff and Jordan. Dani and Brendon tell Rachel to cut it out. Rachel keeps that people should be up in the HOH talking to her and Brendon. Dani tells Rachel that everyone is hungry from being on slop or that they already have golden keys. Brendon tells Rachel to please, please, please do not talk game with anyone if he isn’t with her. Rachel says okay …who do we nominate? Brendon says that’s not an issue. Rachel asks if it should be Dominic and Adam. Brendon says I am so glad you guys got food okay you are nominated ..again! Dani says that the saddest part is when Adam goes home on Thursday and doesn’t make jury, his dreams will come crashing down. Rachel says that if Adam would have won HOH he would have put up Brendon and Rachel or backdoor them.
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Brendon says that he likes the idea of working with Dominic more than Adam. Rachel says that she is not sure about trusting him because he talks about screwing over his friends so why not them for a half a million dollars. Brendon says that Dominic had a deep relationship with Cassi and that they might have had a relationship before the game. Dani tells Brendon that he is being paranoid. Dani says that if someone is in a twist it’s Adam. Dani promises that Dominic isn’t and that they can trust him. Brendon says that thinks he may be lying to her. Dani says that you trust Jordan when she says she wasn’t going backdoor you when three other people have said that they were thinking about it. Rachel says that they have to nominate Adam and Dominic even though all had said Lawon. They talk about how they need to see who is coming after them more. Dani says that we already have a deal with Dominic so quit asking him if he is with you. Brendon says that he can read people but he has a hard time telling with Dominic. Dani tells them not to set themselves up against the whole house. Rachel asks why is everyone outside talking to Jeff and Jordan when I won HOH. Dani says cause they want to eat. Dani says take him as far as you can and drop him off when you want to. Brendon tells Dani not to get too attached to him like a puppy. Brendon thinks it will be harder to convince Jeff over Jordan. Brendon tells Rachel not to talk game to anyone without him.

12:45am Kalia joins Rachel and Dani up in the HOH room. Kalia is trying to convince Rachel to get Lawon out this week. Kalia says that Dominic and Adam can be sent packing next week or the following week. Kalia says there’s a smaller chance of her and Lawon winning the power of veto than Adam and Dom. They talk about how there are only two more people to go that won’t be on the jury. Kalia says that she wouldn’t want Lawon on the jury or Adam. Rachel agrees. They think Lawon will vote for personal reasons and not game play. Kalia says that since day two she hasn’t trusted Lawon. Kalia says that she is 100% with the veterans because thats where her genuine friendships fell. Kalia says that five minutes after Keith was evicted ..Lawon was telling Porsche that he voted to keep her.

2am Adam is now up in the HoH room talking to Brendon and Rachel about why he was trying to keep Keith in the game. Adam says that he was to keep the target off of him. Brendon and Rachel starts talking about what if scenarios with Adam. Rachel and Brendon question Adam about how close his bond is with Dominic. Meanwhile, Dani and Kalia go outside to talk about how it’s good to look weak and that this week it’s either Dominic, Adam or Lawon being evicted. They says that it doesn’t matter because Kalia is safe from eviction. Brendon says that he thinks Adam will side with Jeff and Jordan because they are the weaker couple. Brendon says that he thinks putting Lawon and Kalia up is the stupidest decision. Brendon says that it’s a no brainer to nominate Dominic and Adam. Rachel says that she doesn’t like Lawon because he’s a floater. Brendon says that he thinks Dominic will turn on them. Brendon says that he thinks Shelly would nominate him and Rachel. Rachel says that she talked to Shelly earlier and that she said she wouldn’t put her up.
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3am In the lounge room Dominic and Dani are talking. Dom says that was fun. Dani says that it just wasn’t the same crew. Dominic asks her what is wrong and she says she is just really tired. Dominic says that he is not looking forward to the food competition tomorrow. Dani says that she thinks he’ll win but tells him to eat a lot before just in case he becomes a havenot. Dani tells Dominic that he should talk to Brendon and Rachel tomorrow because he makes them nervous. Dani says that he goes around whispering to everyone and he denies that he does that. Dani says that it is fine but that she just won’t tell him anything anymore, she’s just relaying what she hears. Dani tells Dominic that Shelly told Rachel that Cassi said that Dominic was planning on joining up with Dani and some others to take out Brendon and Rachel. Dominic says oh great! Dominic says that he doesn’t get why Shelly would say that. Dani says that she isn’t totally sure that Shelly was the one that told Rachel that but someone did. Dani tells Dominic that people are scared of you, they see you as a threat. Dominic says that he doesn’t understand why the focus is always on him it’s BLANK. Dominic says that if Jeff and Jordan realize that I am working with you and Brendon and Rachel then I’m going to be Jeff’s target. Dani says that they won’t know. Dani says that she thinks that the two of them should talk to Rachel and Brendon tomorrow. Dani asks Dominic if he threw the HOH competition tonight. Dominic says that he didn’t. Dani thinks he should tell Brendon and Rachel he did to try to get in their good graces. Dominic says that he wouldn’t mind having Adam on the jury. Dani says that she thinks Adam is skating by until jury then he is going to start playing hard. Dani asks Dominic if he can imagine Adam being sent home before jury and having to sit home watching the rest of the season on TV? Dominic says that he doesn’t understand why he is getting a bad rap like Cassi. Dani tells Dominic that he obviously doesn’t watch the show because the people who make alliances in the first two days are always the ones to go home first. Dom says he did what anybody would have done in that situation. Dani tells him she understands that but don’t tell Brendon and Rachel that because that will make them look at him as a threat. Dani tells Dominic that Brendon and Rachel are so paranoid about everything…

3:35am Lawon joins Dani and Dominic in the lounge room. Dominic goes to the kitchen to grab some milk and cookies. Dani whispers and tells Lawon that if he does get nominated, she’s not saying he is but if he does she says not to go crazy right away. Dani tells Lawon to stay calm until after the veto. Dani tells him that she doesn’t want him to mess up his game by going off. Dani asks who farted? ..and asks whats with this house? Dominic says that he did and says he just ate ice cream and that he is lactose intolerant. Dani tells him that he smells like Rachel ..and then says that was a low blow and that she didn’t meant it. Dominic tells them that he never had any attraction for Cassi. Lawon says that he knows that but from the outside it looked like he was attracted to her. Dominic tells them that he told Cassi that she was way too skinny and needed to eat a burger. Dominic says that Cassi was scary skinny, model skinny. Dominic says that Cassi got offended by his comments. Dominic says that super skinny is not his type of girl.

4am – 5:30am Lawon, Dominic, and Dani talk about random stuff like their jobs outside of the Big Brother house and about school. After awhile they head out into the backyard and lay out in the hammock. They talk about how they relieve stress outside of the game. They talk about the food competition tomorrow. They say that they think it will be fun. Dani yells PT! Dani says that he farted again and it stinks! She tells him not to drink milk anymore. Dani says oh my God it smells like Rachel …you make me sick! Dani says oh it’s still lingering, it’s in my mouth! Dominic says that he won’t eat vanilla ice cream anymore. They talk about Adam and then about dressing up for the live shows. Lawon tells Dani that when she dresses it up she makes him want to go straight. Dani says thank you! They talk about how Porsche was angry about the bikini question during the HOH competition. Dani says that Porsche was really upset that people voted that they would prefer to see Dani in a bikini over her. Dominic says that Porsche’s looks are her identity. Lawon says that she is a sweet girl but that she just tries too hard. Dani says that Porsche also got really offended that she was voted most likely to steal your man. Lawon calls Dominic out for farting again. Dani says that Dominic is so gross, you did it again. Dani tells Dominic to go poop or something!! Dominic says that he doesn’t have to poop! Dani says I think ya do! Lawon asks if Dominic just farted again? Dominic says no! Lawon says that it must be the BLANK pillow then.. They all laugh. Dominic farts again and says that it smells like rotten eggs. Dani asks him whats wrong with him?! Lawon, Dominic and Dani all head inside and go to bed. All the houseguests are now sleeping..
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“Brendon says that he purposely lost to give her the win. “


Humm you haters get a life Rachel is HOH and if what Brendon says it’s true then it’s a good strategy wich. Means brendon might win next HOH well if Brendon wins it’s like Rachel wins 2 so yeah Team Rachel let’s goooo

Rose Jones

I have watched Big Brother for a while and even the one Rachel and Brendan played on . Please Big Brother do not bring them back again.
To all that likes Rachel it’s ok. I dont like the way she plays and that laugh got to go. It’s all about Rachel and the deal in the bunches was real Rachel. My daughter and I both talked about last night show and both said it ‘s time out now to stop watching Big Brother especially this season.


Maybe it’ll be a comp involving erect penises and Skype, cause you know he’d win hands down/


I told you this game is rigged. HAHAHA!


Or who can be the most condescending and douchy.

We all know he sucks in endurance, last season was a fluke it was to create drama in the house after Drama Quenn was evicted, that was so obvious.




I wrote tht Roach wanted Brendon to play in the next HOH b/c they think it’s endurance, BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY SAID THAT. Writing tht info in no way, shape, or form, makes me a Brenchel fan. Go suck his sabotoe!!!!


That’s disgusting I don;t wanna die.

Brendon sucks in endurance comps


I know– what else did he win besides the rope thing last season? The chum pov? He’s awkward and goonish; I think if it’s endurance, last two standing will be Jeff and Dom; Dani if she plays…


uhm.. brendon won 3 POV’s you dumbass. and he won an HOH.


Hey “Name” ( so original btw) you’re an asswipe. I’m not the dumbass you are for knowing the stats of Brenda. Why don’t you go gnaw on his knee scabs while you’re down there in front of him.


Guess I didn’t remember what he’d won because he made about as big impression on me as you do.
Got that? Nimrod.


Yo comments are whack.


Brendon, who met his fiance in the Big Brother house, is telling someone else not to get too attached to another house guest?

Lord help us all if he’s going to be at the forefront of logistical scientific discovery.


I know right? and he supposed to be the brains of that outfit. They bother wear the dress in the relationship.


Maybe he’s speaking from experience. They have been fighting a lot.


I love watching Big Brother, but honestly I think it is rigged, more-so after watching last night.

Producers control everything that goes into the show it’s never really at random. Like last night when most of the people voted A . Chenbot hesitated, why did she need to do that if she was reading off what viewers said online? sounds like she was getting information told to her in her earpiece, paused to hear, then changed the answer. BB knows that it would’ve been boring if someone other than Brenchel won, because they knew we would be talking about them a mile a minute, I think they love what we do here on onlnebb WE FAMOUS and we love Rachel constantly giving us reasons to talk about her, if she actually changed from last season we’d have nothing to say. Last season when Rachel was voted off they made sure Brendon won that HOH and had that her brought back in for a day, and Brendon out because the drama between her and Ragan was EPIC. Remember that 2nd HOH Hayden won? the one with the stuff they were climbing in? Hayden was declared the winner before he even touched the bell, then Brendon was evicted because without Rachel he’s a dud, Rachel could hold the fort without him. They hear the HGs talking about past comps then all of a sudden that’s what the comp is and the person that was more talkative about it wins. Let’s not forget the infamous CDT that tore open a dominating alliance in favor of America’s Sweethearts. Expect the unexpected? more like expect when the producers will meddle int the game fr ratings boost.

This season is leading to either the 1st person to win 2 Seasons of BB or a 2nd chance for Brenchel. Either way Producers win.


Dude, I totally feel you. I may be a litttle too much of a conspiracy theorist for my own good, but it looks like CBS wants Brenchel or bust. My only crack in the theory is why production borked Cassi’s chances. The girl HAD to have boosted ratings. So many people are like: “No Cassi-I quit watching…” and blah blah blah.

Thing is, CBS knows they won’t quit as long as the Roach is in the motel.


Seriuosly though, if production was going to have a controlled “game” and I do believe they are, why just not have another season of All Stars? That’s what everybody’s wanted since season seven anyway!


You CBS conspriacy spooks crack me up. Go solve the 9/11 Moon Hoax and leave BB to those of us who get it.


As for 9/11 is was an inside job….
1.Building 7 was destroyed, with out a plane hitting it.. It was the only building beside the twin towers that was destroyed., what about the other buildings beside them? Why didn’t they get destroyed?

2.Tall buildings don’t fall inward when hit. It was a controled demolish, watch a controled demolish building go down then watch the twin towers go down.

The moon landing? Well that was filmed inside a studoi we all know that…LOL

I love how everyone hates Rachel so much. Jeff and Jordan are not so perfect either, he yells at her, rewatch the veto comp where he yelled at her not to take the slop.

I have also read people have said they don’t like Rachel’s laugh, well how abou tLowans laugh..omg.. ut ut ut WAH or something like that LOL

So is Dom or Adam going?

Plus if Jeff and Jordan backdoored Rachel and Brandon, this week a newbie would have put up Jeff and Jordan…They’re going uptill final 5!

But there is a new twist coming and a suprise celeb. coming….EVELDICK returns? LOL lets hope so..


Except the producers really don’t win. In my 13 seasons of watching BB, I don’t ever recall such a backlash against one player as there is for Rachel. Since last night, I’ve read so much stuff about how people are tuning out until Rachel is eliminated. I know there’s always a certain section of people who always say that every week but the volume of people seemed much higher than usual and there was more vitrol than usual (and BB fans can carry a lot of venom so that’s saying something).

Endemol misjudged this one. Rachel elicits the wrong type of “hate.” It’s not the same hate that Dick, Dr. Will, and all these other “evil” HGs elicited. You thought they were complete assholes at times and wish karma would bite them in the ass but it was never the type of hatred where they were so obnoxious that you just couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

No one wants to see Rachel get her comeuppance or someone get revenge on her. They just don’t want to see her. People cannot stand her to the point that they’re willing to tune out a show that they’ve invest money and years into. That’s not a win situation, that’s a misguided business decision.


YOu hit the nail on the freakin’ head. Dr. Will you loved to hate. Evil you hated yourself for loving. The Roach simply needs to be stomped. Same with Janelle. Plus, Janelle was SO damn good at comps, that she could pretty much slide on her own ability. (Did her comp record ever get broken yet?)Can’t remember


Totally agree with you. I have watched every season of BB and I’m ready to tune out because it’s getting impossible o stomach Rachel. She’s just awful


I guess I’m a conspiracy nut as well bc i thought the exact same thing last night. Each of the questions has two choices that are intentionally ambiguous and each can be explained as the right answer depending on what the producers want. For example the question about who would go into a burning building Shelly or Brendon? Most people would say Brendon since he is a big strong man but Shelly could be expained as the answer with “she is a such a good person and has such a great heart”. If the choices were Jeff or Rachel the answer would be much more obvious and harder to justify both answers.

Three times last night Julie took huge pauses before she gave the answer and it was obvious to me that she was being told what answer to say based on what the players answered.
First when the “who would steal your man” question was asked Kalia was the only one who answered Rachel and Julie took forever to say the correct answer. I think this one was more based on time and they didnt want the HOH to end so quickly,
Second when the bikini question came up it worked out perfect for the producers bc the vets and noobs answerd opposite and so they went with the vets answer.
Lastly once Rachel and Brendon are the last two standing they can pick whoever they want to win bc they will answer opposite eventually and if not they can make the answer to a tiebreak whatever suits who they want to win. (If Rachel picks 500 and Brendon picks 700 the answer is 550 but if Brendon picks 535 the answer is now 510)

I’m not saying that the answers the HG gave were or weren’t the answers America voted, bc it doesnt matter the producers can make the answer either one since the questions are very debatable. It just seems to me that as long as Julie gives the answer that the most Vets answered eventually the number of players will dwindle to where they can hand select the winner. For example even if Dom had answred with the Vets on the bikini question (like he almost did) they would just make the answers to next questions whatever B/R pick until Dom falls out.

I’m sure I’m just delusional and paranoid but that HOH comp is very easily manipulated.


for the most part I agree with what you are saying. CBS gave rachel a very bad Edit they want to set her up as the villain . Also i think the bikini question pissed Pacer off a but becuase in her mind she thinks she’s now the Hottest girl in the game. Hearing that America thinks Dani is better looking in a bikini will boil her blood.


I also doubt they also gave the top two answers for each question. For the bikini question, I have no doubt the top answers would have been Dani and Cassi.

It’s not a good sign when your most loyal fans are openly questioning the legitimacy of the game more and more as time goes on…


I think one question was phony that was which houseguest would run in a burning building to recue you. A Shelly or B Brendon. Shelly would do it before Brendon.


Yea that one was a little confusing. Brendon would go in the burning house, then jump out and whine about it being too hot in there.


Again….whining cause she’s not getting all the attention! Blah, blah, blah…..poor Rachel! I haven’t heard Brenda say his infamous one liner “it’s not rocket science” in a while!
I’m also starting to think that Dani is starting to get real dangerous in the game for others…


You guys may not like it but Rachel is running this house this season honestly j/j better watch out cause Dom is working with dani and B/R.B/R were my favs since last season and I’m still routing for them.Rachel may have a bad social gameplay but as a competitor girl is good and last night I saw the hoh I don’t think Brendon threw it for rachel it’s a lie his trying to cover up his stupid gameplay


I think dani is running the house to be honest.


Would love to see Danielle GO!! as soon as duo’s are over….talk about arrogant, it’s her…J/J better watch there back…have they forgot about her? Season 8, she came in 2nd, she would love to win it all! I can’t stand her….best friend, best friend….STFU!!


Dani barely speaks in the house and when she is she’s laughing and joking around. She just has a sarcastic personality and to a lot of people that comes off as them being mean. I’m from NY so maybe I just understand that personality more. She’s probably, other than Jeff and Jordan, the only person I would want to hang with outside of the game bc she seems fun and real. I enjoy her sarcastic personality and honesty. And I certainly haven’t seen her pout at all this season. She was a little annoyed when she got awarded the golden key but that only lasted a second. She hasn’t pouted about anything at all since then and if she does it’s in a joking manner.

I think she is just is kind of annoyed that she’s left to fend for herself with Dominic. I think she likes him, as a friend, but has had to befriend him more than she would have liked to bc she needs him for her game. She just seems to be tolerating him. He is kind of annoying with all his mean comments all the time and horrible attempts at flirting with her. I also think it’s kind of interesting that BB chose a guy who kind of looks like the ex she broke up with during her season. I feel like they did that on purpose and that’s why in the shows airing on CBS they always try to paint is as if Dom and Daniele have a showmance going on.


Omg cant stand her I hope she goes too and agree with you..everyone forgets about her because she cant play and she is just so annoying i dont know why people like her so much..they all talk about rachel cassie or porshe needing all the attention but of them all DAni is the one that wants all the attention which is why she pushed so hard for cassi to go cuz now she has all doms attention and she already gets plenty attention from brendumb which is why she clung more close to BR rather then JJ cuz Jeff wouldnt give her the time of day…Get ride of Dani!! whooop


Dani is totally running the house. She knows exactly how to prey on Rachels paranoia to get what she wants done. It’s Dani’s game to lose. She just has to beware of becoming a target thru her relationship/alliance with Dom


Who designs the Big Brother house??? Id like to have a room in my home be like one of the BB rooms, that would be sweet.


I love dani, but she’s starting to annoy me the way she speaks for dom and is always defending him.


She’s pretending about Dom. She’s totally attracted to him and this is Nick 2011. But she does need someone and I think she’s hoping to pit the couples against each other and walk into the final 3. But I can see her being found out. She’s one of those people who is just about smart enough to think they’re smarter than they really are. Once the HOH goes to a newb…this vet alliance will be smashed.


I agree. She totally is. It’s obvious that she’s into him. I hate how she perpetrates that he’s the smitten one. As if! DONT FLATTER YOURSELF DANI! YOUR BARELY PRETTY WITH A FACE FULL OF MAKEUP!!! Hes not wrapped around your finger. Hes using you! Lets face it, she’s old and worn and dominic is young and hot. She’s delusional if she honestly believes he’s attracted to her. If she didnt have that ridiculous golden key Dominic wouldn’t pay her half the attention he is. I can not stomach the Dani/Dominic thing. It’s really aggravating. Ugh she’s so obnoxious. Monkey face troll!


PAMCAKE: Actually I think they’re both the same age at 25. But Dom does look really young. To me Dani is playing a good game but she’ll be found out. J/J especially already know that Dani will turn on them soon. Hopefully it’ll start getting exciting. This season has been kinda blah. B/R drama and nothing much else.


THECHOSENONE: Theyre the same age? That’s even worse. She looks old and haggard next to him. I really wish she’d get over herself. I agree she’s making the most of her goldenkey stint but it’s going to her head. Eventhough I prefer Dominic over her, I’d love to see her game with him gone.


LOL i thouht she was older then 25 also…


How can people think Rachel is not as annoying. She will always be annoying, as she can dish it out, but can’t take it. If you notice, most of
the time she starts one of her “crying” acts there are no visible tears! She called Cassie a liar and someone who always plays the victim. Rachael
plays the victim most of the time and has lied on many occasions. She sees things as she wants to see them. Cassie was a class act.

How Sad

Well she was referring to Porsche as a C$%T, not exactly something I would expect out of someones mouth that I deemed classy. I think your judgement is a bit biased. Clearly she has more class than Rachel, but that’s not really saying much, now is it?


Also for some reason the site is not saving people usernames when they comment I am currently working on a solution sorry for the inconvenience.
Ohh and sorry to anyone who asked me question and I didn’t get back to them last night was busy for me, If it’s site related send me a email if it’s Big brother game related please re-ask I’ll be keeping a close eye on comments this weekend.


July 21, 2011 – 8:49 pm Reply
from the chen bot

Next week the Big Brother 13 houseguests will be joined by a secret celebrity.  Join Big Brother on Sunday to learn who Rachel nominates for eviction.  Also next week there will be a change in the game that will cause the Big Brother 13 houseguests to rethink their strategy in the game.  


sweet, thanks!


well said no body wants a humble respectful Rachel we want VEGAS Rachel! I may be one of the few people that wanted her to win HOH cause I thought she would go girls gone wild on us.. hopefully she still does.

And dani is running this game however SHelly, JEff and JORdan are starting to see this.



When will they have nominations?


today I think..


First off, thanks for all the hard work Simon. And secondly, you’re spot on. I do think that someone will come back. I didn’t catch Cassi’s exit interview today with Julie. Was there a hint that Cassi might actually be sequestered? I think someone will be back when CBS thinks they need someone to drum up drama. Especially with B/R become too unwatchable. I think everyone heard that collective groan from the studio audience when she won the HOH last nite. Cassi is the most likely candidate come back actually unless Jeff or Jordan is evicted in the coming weeks. Like you said, when 3-4 ppl are out, there are might be a return. Perhaps thru a pandora’s box even.


It wont be Cassi, my gut feeling says EVELDICK….


Did Brendon win veto??


IDGAF about Rachel anymore. She has used up all the hate in me, I cant hate anymore. All I care about now is parying, and praying and praying that Kalia and Lawon go up, Dom and Adam play fro Veto, win and take them off the block. How fun and exciting would that be. Just tgo show Jordeff how dumb they were for not finally saving this season.

How Sad

Nah, you will find more. Just wait till the next time she does something you don’t like, you will come in here and go off about her in a mildy childish manner, reminding me of the person you are bashing on.

I will say this about Rachel, she can bring the worst out in people. I don’t care for her actions, but those actions won’t cause me to come here and post like I was in elementary school. But she has that effect on alot that do post in here. Of course, she’s not alone in that. For some its Kalia, or Dani, or Porsche. I just don’t understand the need to hate these people. Its a show people, its not going to work the way you always want it to. I think there’s only been a couple of seasons (8 & 10) that worked out how I wanted it to, the rest people won that I wasn’t rooting for.

The only thing that I think that has really hurt this season was ED’s early departure. Of course I am biased, I am an ED fan.


Like I said, there’s always a section that always vows to stop watching no matter what happens but that section seems to be a lot louder with a lot more people after last night. Personally, I DVR fast forward any time Rachel is the focal point of the show (I maybe watched five minutes of Wedneday’s show) and I switch the feed to another camera if she’s on or talking to someone else.

I’m not entertained by her, just annoyed.


I don’t mind her as much as I mind her & Brenda together. It is really difficult for me to listen to such dysfunction. I dont’s get the feeds, but it seems the BBAD’S are the rachel show


I think I fixed the comments so when you enter your username the site will remember it for the next time.. Please give it a try and let me know if it’s working for you all.


show up for me.


WOOOHOOOO, TY Simon you Rock


Worked for me also, Thanks Simon!

At least we know you have our best interests in mind even if CBS doesnt lol


We all got a new and most called for reason to hate on Brenchel, dried man juice all over the sheets, I mean seriously, why not clean the sheets off after he skeeted on the sheet, she should’ve licked the shots that missed her mouth or at least wiped it off with a wet towel or better yet remove and wash the sheets since someone else has to sleep on that bed. Does she have no shame? or did she want to let the house know how nasty she really is? Now I gotta put something else besides zits on her picture. Wonder if Big Brother said anything about it? I would’ve taken her HOH goodies away and gave her another 3-4 weeks of slop.


Just read Ragan Fox’s BB comments. I can’t believe that he’s such good friends with BR. This absolutely confirms to me that this whole BB thing is bullshit. There is no way I would have anything to do with that sanctimonious, little turd if I were BR. Ragan also weighs in on Jeff’s stupid Harry Potter remarks (he’s against); this from the guy who made the comment about AIDS infected African babies. I guess he’s up for tenure this year, hope someone sends some footage of his nasty self to his department chair.




Simon, What are the Big Brother guidelines for them having Sex in the house???


not sure..


whats wrong with sex u must not get none if ur hung up on what other people do


I feel so bad for Rachel… the guy is literally making her feel bad all the time….Rachel 1st step: DUMP HIM!!!

The Watcher

For me, the show gets boring when the person I have been rooting againist leaves the show. I think deep down, I like having someone to root againist. A villian to the player that I root for that season. I know those that hate Rachel get driven nuts by her. The examples are endless based on the posts I have read on this site alone. However, she is like a trainwreck and people will tune into to see what she does next.

Love her or hate her, she’s making CBS money. If not, she wouldn’t be back in the house.