Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche tells Brendon and Rachel that he has her vote..

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11:30am All the other houseguests are now up and getting ready for the day. Dani is called to the diary room. They give her the HOH camera and Dani starts taking funny photos of the houseguests.

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12:25pm The cameras switch to Brendon and Rachel in the havenot room taking off their wedding outfits. Brendon says just please, please don’t go back on me and say that. Rachel says that she won’t Brendon says that she has said that before. Brendon says Love, Honour, and Obey! Rachel asks what was that last one? Rachel says I don’t think so.. They leave the havenot room. The houseguests head into the lounge room to take the group picture. Jeff sums up what he thinks about Brendon by sticking his ass over Brendons head like he is going to take a shit on him.

12:30pm – 1:15pm Shelly, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon head out into the backyard. Shelly asks Jordan how she is doing. Jordan says that she just wants this week to be over. Brendon starts working out on the elliptical. Jeff joins then outside on the couches. Jordan talks about her grandpa. The backyard group are talking about airmiles, flights and airlines. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Dani, Lawon, Kalia and Adam are talking about random things. Kalia talks about witch hazel and how you can put it on your face to clear up zits… Kalia says why don’t the people with bad skin in the house ..ask the person with good skin how to clear it up?! WHAT?! Lawon laughs. Lawon and Kalia are in the kitchen alone talking. Kalia says that she thinks Rachel is going to go insane on thursday! …and that it would be crazy not to vote out a strong player like her. Kalia heads up to the HOH room to take a dump, realizes the HOH is lock and then goes to the down stairs bathroom. Lawon goes out into the backyard.

1:20pm – 1:35pm Porsche and Rachel are talking in the Havenot room. Rachel says that she just wants to see where she’s at. Rachel says that she really wants Prosche’s vote. Rachel says that Porsche will go a lot farther with Brendon and her. Porsche says that they are only going to be the only two votes for Brendon. Rachel tells her that she doesn’t know that …and that her and Brendon are working on that. Porsche tells Rachel that they need to be out there being friendly with everyone… that yesterday you and Brendon shut yourselves off from everyone. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back, Porsche, Brendon, and Rachel are talking. Porsche tells Brendon that he is going to get her vote because Rachel is her friend. Porsche says that she has been talking to people for them and we’ll see… Brendon says well at least I have two votes and we are working on Adam and Shelly… They break up their conversation and leave the havenot room. Out in the backyard, Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Lawon are talking by the pool about winning the money and having to pay taxes on it. Jordan says that she wishes she could get away without having to pay taxes. The talk about Richard Hatch from survivor who didnt pay taxes on his winnings …went to jail ..then went on the Apprentice won money and didnt pay taxes ..and is now back in jail. Big Brother cuts the feeds again. Jeff talks about how he told Jordan a million times to make sure she puts money away to pay the taxes. Adam talks about the other Adam that won Big Brother and used his winnings to deal drugs and got caught. Jeff says that he can’t go to jail… I can’t stay in my room in sequester… Jeff tells a story about a girl smuggling drugs through the airlines to different places and how she got away with it for a long time ..and then finally got caught.

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Shelly just told Jordan in the bathroom that she wanted to talk later…nothing bad about things down the line. I would be really surprised if she voted Jordan out. On another note…Jordan totally didn’t wash her hands after she pooped…nasty!



Dark Horse

I hope she says something to Jordan
…I’m glad I don’t have the feeds after hearing that LOL

Still not as bad as when this site titled a thread…After 10 days on her period Natalie finally showers…
I will never forget that title, only read the spoliers never commented at that time…

This is the BEST spoliers site EVER…I love reality sucks compared to here…and sorry guys if you know who runs that site…he is always a day late
and a dollar short…


SIMON and DAWG are awsome and you should not dis them like that on THEIR site. RUDE


I just turned on the feed J. Did you see Brendon hovering around them…. He wasn’t going to give them a moment to talk!!! Ha!!! this is getting good!


If Jordan goes home. I’ll be pissed and Jeff will get ticked off. He will probably go after Shelly, Porsche, Adam, or even Dani.


Twist save Brendan! He & Rachel win comps! I don’t care of personality, race, religion, or mental health. If they win in comps that’s all that matter. Not kissing @$$, lazy, & floating to get to the jury house!


If winning comps is all that matters, then BR would have won last season and Jordan wouldn’t have won her season…


good point


Then I guess you are saying Dr. Will shouldn’t have won his season and been 4th in all stars. That dude never won a competition and still won. Winning competitions will get you HOH, but it will also put blood on your hands and a target on your back. If you can get to the end without winning anything and win the jury votes, then hats off to you.


How many threads did you copy and paste this to?


Same tired post each time. A little originality would be nice. I am sure thinking isn’t your strong point, after all your on here championing B/R. Says alot about you, actually says all I would ever need to know about you to know you aren’t someone to take seriously.

Tell us why you like B/R or even what you think is admirable about them? Anything but they aren’t kiss ass floaters and that they win comps? Got anything else?

Dark Horse

I hope Porsche is lying

funny how they brought up that loser criminal Adam…

and seriously does witch hazel work? and why have we not told Rachel about it – LOL


witch hazel definitely works it smells but it works.. dickerson’s is the best


Jeff is a weak @$$! He can’t win sh!t. He is a lazy @$$, loafer. Jordan won half a million she no need any more. As for all the brendan & Rachel haters saying they won’t watch big brother if Brendan or Rachel win is all liars! You guys said that same shit last year. & here you are watching! I don’t care about race, personality, or any mental probs they have. They win comps! That’s all that matters!


Hmmh, are your writing revisionist history? Brendan and Rachel won a few comps, but in the end did little more than cast a vote for a kiss ass, lazy, floater in Lane. They didn’t win the game or even stick to their words, that they would vote for game. To say these two are a waste of flesh is an understatement. And no one had to quit watching last year, as B/R we kicked to the curb in hilarious fashion. And they even brought Rachel back only to be destroyed in a battle of wits againist Regan. Much like Cassi did to her this year. Your heros are zeroes.

bb13 sucks

ive never heard anyone say that, as far as brenda and boy george winning wont happen unless they made it to the end together and they had no one else to choose their personalities suck and its not a suprise that this cast like last seasons hate BR or are slowly begining to dislike them i guess by the end of this season BR still will not reflect and see that they are in denial of being assholes


Is it just me or does Adam belong in the movie Bad Santa as the “Bad Elf”?


get brendon out!!!!! make it a 6 – 1 vote!!


I was really hoping for a showdown between JJ and BR just like JJ had with Russell


Me too! I loved JJ in thier season but I loved Russel more. I wish he came back!




It’ll stink as bad as Jordan’s poopy hands if she is voted out by Shelly and Porsche.


love the pic of jeff dumpin on brendons head…..


Shelly is not going to vote Jordan out. She is going to stick to JJ for a few more weeks. Actually, I’m surprise there is so much hate against Shelley. I think she is a smart player. She has a thing about her that people trust her and tell her things. She is smart to listen and tell people what they want to hear. She didn’t tell BR she was going to vote for B. She just said it was a good idea. I think the HG are stupid for trusting her but they do and eveything she has done in this game no matter how immoral or lack of virtue, evil dick did 10 times worse and we now praise him. It’s a game and I think Shelley may surprise many people.


What grinds my gears about Shelly is that she garners information by getting people to trust her on a personal level and then lying to them to further he game. And then she spreads other people’s business. She told more people about Cassi’s family being poor than Cassi did.


and the first week she was ballin her eyes out cuz she taught her daughter not to lie, now its 2nd nature for her TO lie and doesnt phase her


I agree Jenny, she’s only now starting to get on people’s radar.


Really Folks, if u where in the BB house and you had Brenchel in your face asking if you are going to vote one of them out, most of us would do what the houseguests are doing and tell them they have your vote to avoid all the drama and stress but when they get to the private DR they will all, except for Rachel, be voting to send Brendas ass home. Simple really…


that’s your opinion right because i don’t know what BB you were watching right now the one i’m watching seems that shelly is flipping hard


GUY, sure your a nice guy but your watching BB through Brenchels crazy ass eyes, we wont have to waite long to see how deluded your prespective on what is going on reall is….Bye Bye Brenda


Get a big box of tissues for tomorrow night, your gonna need em.


Shelly is not really flipping at all, she had voted with JJ pretty much from the beginning and had not done anything to show different. She never really promises anything to anyone if you really listen to her. It is like someone said further down in post… If BR is in ur face you are just going to nod ur head and say ok rather than dispute them and listen to them botch.


I also think this is whats going on. The others are just telling brenchel what they want to hear so they will stfu. In the end they will do the smart thing and vote out this loser

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Team Bacon getting drunk…. Cruddy bout to come out


Alika808 is the confirmed resident comment board crack head right?
I mean there’s no other explanation.
Unless Rachel has somehow got secret access to OBB.


Don’t they realize that Jordan is the one to take to the final two, ’cause chances are they’re not going to give her half a mill twice! They’ll give her 50k, but award the other person ’cause they never won it before – it”s just human nature to do that! I’d take Jordan with me if I were them!


If Jordan goes home Jeff will team up with Dani… JD will be the final two mark my word! I WON THE LOTTERY SO YOU ARE TELLING ME I CAN’T AND SHOULD NOT WIN AGAIN??…


Careful with the witch hazel, if you have rosacea ( often appears like acne but is not) it can make it way worse. Some ppl look like they have acne when it is rosacea, it is not always flaming red cheeks and nose.


I totally agree. Also, I found things like that to be tough on my skin. I used to try them all, and I’d have worst problems than before.


me too. I have rosacea and when it flares I look like a teen in the middle of an acne commercial. It is embarrasing and annoying when ppl tell you how to treat your acne and don’t believe you when you tell them it is not.


I also have it. When I drink a glass of wine, my face turns really red.


Just a sneak preview of dawgs next post *Great job Mr. Dawg* Shelly playing Jordon like a fiddle. Great stuff!!!!


If Brendon stays, this seesion will be unwatchable….


That story Jeff is telling about the drug smuggling flight attendant sounds like he’s been watching too much of the Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown”.

And c’mon guys, Brendon is going home. Every week they start this fake flipping conflict. We all know who’s going home. They just do it to drum up ratings.


In the movie “Blow” which is based on a true story and is Jeff’s favorite movie, Johnny Depp’s girlfriend is a stewardess and that is how they move the weed and then the coke from coast to coast. Of course in the end they all get caught or die and end up broke in jail.


I was utterly nauseated last night watching that white trash wedding. In stark contrast, everyone dressed up and BR put themselves in trashbags where they belong. The vows were ridiculous (rachel’s rhymes and brendon’s screw up about being on ABC instead of CBS. He can claim all he wants that he was referring to the bachelorette but his face gave away the fact that his slip was unintentional and he tried to recover from it). Rachel looked even more trashy by wearing a bikini under a see through white garbage bag. What I can’t figure out is why all of the HGs went along with this pathetic charade but I am looking forward to hearing what everyone will say about it in their DR sessions. As a ring bearer, Adam was giving off the pedosmile which made it all the more creepy when added to Lawon’s preaching and getting pointers fro Straight Shooter Shelly. Porky being the milk maid of honor and that 70’s show Jeff being the best man was comical. BB leads BR to believe that they are among the most beloved HGs by giving them champagne in addition to beer and wine but nothing could be farther from the truth. And now after all this BS, we have wednesday’s show to look forward to knowing that it will once again be all about BR. God help us all! And by the way, everyone should be sure to thank Brendon when he gets out of the BB house, afterall it was his uncle/grandfather who wrote the Bible.


I said earlier, thankfully I had electricity issues last night due to storms so my DVR kept going out. It recorded most of the weddiing,but I FF thru all of it until near the end of BBAD to see if they were talking game.

It’s not specifically that I don’t like B/R (I truly don’t), it was the fact that this isn’t a dating game show. It’s a competition. NBC has a game called ‘Love in the Wild’ if I was interested in that type of reality show, that’s what I’d be watching.


Here is the twist!! I find it funny how they already have Brendon evicted! http://twi 0jl8k


is he really…………………… wow yes