Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly tells Dani that Rachel gave her shorts the other day and then when she looked at them, they were dirty and had spots in them.

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11:30am Shelly and Dani are out in the backyard talking about random things. Then Shelly tells Dani that she is suspicious as hell about Lawon. Shelly asks if Dani trusts him? Shelly says that he hasn’t even asked anyone for votes at all. Dani says that she thinks he’s crazy. Shelly talks about how Lawon was acting all weird last night …watching people. Shelly says that he keeps saying just watch what I am going to do now?! Dani asks what does that even mean?! Shelly says talks about how he is always telling her that he is going to go into the diary room just to say what’s up?! Shelly says who comes into this game and doesn’t even rally his allies for votes… does he ever talk game with you? Dani says a bit but not really. They talk about how there have only been four people evicted and that it seems like a lot more. Shelly says that she told Lawon that she will come unglued if she finds out he is lying to her. Shelly says that she asked him who he would put up if he were to win HOH …she says that he said ABSOLUTELY Dani and Kalia for doing this to me. Shelly says that she thinks Kalia is telling him to act crazy and make a scene. Shelly says that she is not sure he really means what he says, is suspicious that it’s all an act. Shelly says that she doesn’t know if it’s production or Kalia coaching him. Shelly says that Porsche told Rachel that she was going to give her a sympathy vote. Dani asks if this happened before. Shelly says that it was recently.
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12:15am Shelly starts talking about how crazy Rachel is and that anyone that acts like that after the eviction needs medication. Shelly says that she thinks that Rachel’s plans have changed and that she doesn’t think Dani and Kalia are her targets anymore. They talk about the twist and wonder what it will be. Shelly tells Dani that she will hands down beat Rachel at any competition. Shelly says that Rachel thinks all the other houseguests are idiots. Dani says she’s an idiot ..her game is no better this year than last year. Shelly talks about how Rachel gave her some shorts the other day and then when she looked at them …they were dirty and had spots in them. Dani says EWWWWW.. I don’t even know what to say to that. Shelly says that it was disgusting. Shelly talks about how she feels bad for Jordan because she has had to listen and baby sit Rachel all week. Shelly gets called to the diary room.

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12:15pm – 12:30pm Adam and Jeff are in the kitchen talking. Adam says that he has something good to tell you. Jeff asks oh about what? Adam says about Porsche. Adam says that last night Porsche let something slip …she said we’ll see if she comes back. Adam says that she said it right in front of Dani. Adam says that Porsche said she …not he. Jeff says oh really?!

Meanwhile out in the backyard, Dani asks Lawon what he thinks is going to happen with the twist. Lawon says that he doesn’t know ..that it will be something they don’t expect. Lawon says that he thinks it will be something like I leave and I get to feed one of the other houseguests that left information about the house to help them when they come back. Adam and Jeff join them out in the backyard. Adam, Jeff, Rachel, Lawon and Dani are now out in the backyard talking and laughing about random things..

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Keeping fishing Shelly…Dani isnt giving in yet!


Keith’s Angels 2.0


LOL I cant wait to see Dani’s face when its 2-4 and they think they got Rachael out. <3 this show!!


LOL I can’t wait to see “Boy Georges” Face when she gets kicked out and has to face Cassi for a chance to go back in the house and Cassi sends her packing! <3 this show!!


I don’t know according to BBAD last night Kalia and Dani made a deal with Rachel that they were going to keep her. Rachel is confused and doesn’t know who to trust you could tell by the look on her face. She has already said she thinks Adam is working with DK. I think that the votes are going to fall in her favor and Lawon will be evicted. Then I think that if she wins HOH she is going to straight turn on DK because she said that she will be willing to talk on Thursday. When DK find out that they are getting nominated they are going to go off about how Rachel made the deal. That is when everything will hit the fan because DK will be like we are the ones that got you to stay and I think Rachel will be like no Shelly already told me I was safe. Of course this all depends on who comes back Dom or Brendon. But I think either way Shelly is going to be outed as a liar after Thursday if Rachel stays.


This sounds like a good plan & is what she should do if she was smart. I hope this is what she does, but it will be interesting to see how things unfold. I have no doubt that Rachel will always be gunning for Dani, but the look in her eyes when K/D just mentioned working with her said a lot. She looked so happy that they wanted to work with her that she almost looked a little spell bound. Plus things will change when the returning HG comes back (cause we know Lawan isn’t beating the returning HG regardless of who it is). If it’s Dominic, Rachel could team up with K cause Dani will drop K super quick. If it’s B then she’ll have him. If it’s Cassie, Rachel will have no choice but to team up with K/D or she’ll have no one cause J/J/S/A will drop Rachel for Cassie in a heart beat.


Shelly’s getting way too cocky, just like Danielle before getting caught. She’s in a great position atm, why continue playing with fire?


Boredom. Dani got bored because she couldn’t compete in any comps and I think Shelly is getting bored because she knows what the eviction is going to be… and that she’s always in the middle of the road during comps.


I’m confused. Shelly is playing too many sides here. Who IS she going to vote to evict? do we even know for sure?


She’s evicting Lawon. She’s not playing sides really. She’s 100% loyal to Jeff and Jordan and no one else. She has a loose final 2 deal with Adam. Everything with Kalia and Dani is fake and she’s trying to trick them till Thursday.


Goodness gracious. This house is just crazy everyday. Well hopefully Adam does vote Lawon out and Rachel stays. I’m not a Brenchel fan but I reckon Brendon returning will create the most ratings and drama. I truly believe CBS wants a Brenchel vs J/J showdown.

After Kalia and Dani are gone, that’ll be the only story line left. I do hope then something random happens with the HOH this week and someone like Adam wins who is sorta on the fence. THAT will create drama, scrambling and a lot of twists.

I don’t know how everything is going to be squeezed into the show tom…Post POV ceremony drama, eviction, evictee comp and then HOH comp. It might really be true that the returning HG will be the HOH or they might have a physical comp for HOH and we’ll find out the HOH on Sunday or a few hours later for us readers. The plot thickens!


Yeah, I’m thinking there’s either a twist and the person who comes back in the house is HOH or the HOH competition will be aired on Sunday.

Rachel's shrink

Dani is good. She isn’t going to tell Shelly anything of value. Nice how she slipped in the “rachel’s game sucks” bit in there to throw things off a bit.
Shelly is a sleazeball. She plays it like the other guests are required to answer her questions. Some, like Kalia, comply. Dani is smarter than that.

Dani should just feed Shelly disinformation about Jeff and Jordan laughing about how they are totally using Shelly. That would piss her off and start a train wreck.
It could be something as innocuous as “so…you think you are tight with Jeff and Jordan? Not according to what I overheard last night”. And then when Shelly asks for more information, just say “I’m not going to tell you” and walk away.
Plant the seeds, let the rest of the house water it.

…well, that’s what I would do.


I like your game play, good idea!!


I like your game play, good idea! Shelly needs a taste of her own medicine.


These people are so dumb they are confusing themselves. What’s the value of what Porsche said to Adam if they already know they (JJSA) know that they have the votes to keep Rachel?

On another note,I’ll be surprised if anybody other than Brendon comes back into this house. Lawon was never really in this game so him going home is definitely not a problem.


Bring back brendan! He might be cocky but HEY he had won all the vetos when he was still in there except for 1. The man can brag all he want coz he has something to brag. B is playing hard, he don’t float around so I think he deserves to be in the bb house


Why should Brenden come back, he was a dummy for keeping him on the block when he had power to get off. This is BIG BROTHER not the love connection. He had a chance and blew it big time. Other players like Cassi had no chance because she happened to look better than Rachel. Smh Jordan is the ultimate floater so she needs to just shut up, and Jeff is trash. All the newbies had to do was suck together and with Dani and they could’ve ran the house. Vote back Dom or Cassi, I’m tired of the game being handed to JJ and BR.

Dark Horse

Has Lawon ever watching BB before…

They never let an evicted houseguest talk to another evicted houseguest…
when there is a chance that one will be returning to the game…

WOW, he IS dumb…


i don’t think he ever did…he didn’t even know about the live feeds, shelly i think had to tell him about it


Shelly should be ashamed of herself. She is way too damn old to be gossiping. I bet in school she was one of the little girls that kept drama going & always stirred shit up.

If her shorts were nasty that is gross but why tell someone else that, knowing that Dani will run & tell the rest of the house. I feel sorry for HER daughter. If anyone is disgusting it is her!


LOL. in previous spoilers comments, I said as a little girl she was probably one who’d tattle to the teacher about what everyone was doing.


Shelly is a witch! Even if the shorts dud have “spots”… anyone with class wouldn’t announce that on TV! I’m all for Rachel staying!! They all say she’s crazy… Really I think she’s become less annoying then the rest of the HGS.

Nicki Minaj

Agreed x100

Rachel is the bes.


Maybe Shelly told Dani that about the shorts to see if Dani got it back to Rachel. If she did, Shelly would take that as Dani, Kali, and Rachel have a deal because they are talking to each other. Shelly is planting seeds all over the place. She has a hell of a garden growing but I’m afraid there is a hell storm on the horizon and it might just get wiped out.


When watching the feeds last night, I went into one of the chat rooms during the Rachel/HOH talk and the aftermath. It was a really funny turn of events:

1. Most everyone in the chatroom was anti-Rachel.
2. Rachel won over most of the chatters during her HOH visit because of how she played Dani and Kalia in the HOH room.
3. She blew her newfound popularity when she went downstairs and couldn’t keep her story straight.

She had us hating her, loving her, then hating her again within a 30 minute span. I concluded that Rachel is so manic that she makes the people who watch her manic as well.


I think that Brendon should come back. Seriously, Dani was slimy to turn on them as soon as she got the chance to win HOH. I am sick of hearing Dani say things like” im not afraid of making big moves”, ” I don’t care about putting blood on my hands”. She is trying to play like her father..and she is not good at it. Every alliance she makes..shes gets them targeted! Dom/Kailia. She made her enemies Kailia’s enemies..not good for Kailia’s game. JJBR at least play it straight. They let their targets know, they don’t hide the alliance, and they stick up for each other. As for Lawson..please go home..not sure why your even there..?


Hey Simon




I can’t wait until she is exposed as the liar & undercover lesbian that she is. Rachel is probably 20yrs younger than her & all she does is rip her apart. She better hope nobody does that 2 her daughter because I’m sure she wouldn’t like it very much


In regards to the title of Dawgs post.. I remember when Shelly told JJ about it she said that the shorts were covered in “discharge”.


Wow! Did she really say that?! If true that is nasty & even worse 4 Shelly 2 run & tell everyone. That’s so juvenile




i sjouldn’t ask this but is discharge what i think it is? haha,


Discharge? LMAO


Discharge is when a girl is having her dirty lady time and some fluids leak out.

army wifey

Really you guys are freaking dumb and obviously single if you don’t know what discharge is. No its not fluids that leak out when a woman is on or near her period. It can happen anytime. It does not mean she’s horny either. You can’t control it. Anyway, shelly is going to get caught and its going to be funny. I did like her but she’s talking way too much. Dani and kalia are idiots and I can’t wait to see brendon come back! Vote brendon!




Ewwww, that’s worse than skidmarks! 🙁

Dark Horse

sounds like Rach should make a doctor’s appointment…



Rachel's shrink

Shelly has zero class.
As smart as she tries to be, this is just a game, but real life is on the other side of the game and her colleagues and business associates may be viewing this.
She is really an idiot to be behaving the way she is.

Midwest Fan

I agree.
She may have a demotion awaiting her return to work or no job at all.
I can’t imagine any employer would be pleased to see their employee acting
like Shelley. She has lost all credibility. What business accounts would want to
work with her?
Maybe she really wants the BB WIN so she can retire and harass her husband
and daughter 24/7.


Yeah big mistake dawg I watched that the other day and it wasn’t Rachel who gave Shelly the shorts it was PORSCHE because she gained wait and Two pairs of her shorts didn’t fit her anymore and Shelly was telling Jeff andJordan yesterday that when she went to put one of the pairs on she noticed vaginal discharge ewww and she was disgusted and said why would u give someone filthy shorts. I repeat they were PORSCHE shorts she got fat not Rachel lol


That maybe the truth but that wasn’t the story Shelly told Dani. Shelly is tricky. I think she is planting a seed to see if it gets back to Rachel thru Dani or Kali. Shelly will probably lie and say it was Porsche she was talking about to Dani if Rachel would ask her about it. But, Shelly would have her answer that Rachel and DK are talking to each other.


Excellent observation, I’m w/ u there, but damnshelly really has no integrity she will stoop to levels unimaginable but if she wins damn these people r stupid

Midwest Fan

I have great respect for Intelligence and you’ve got it.
You are one smart cookie.
: )


I like you, too, Midwest Fan!


Just a thought, but if production is truly “rigging things” and is making it for who they want to return to the game, etc. (when it’s supposed to be America’s vote), then why bother having us vote at all?
I also agree that Shelly is going crazy now, and hope Dani is really onto her slithery ways. I wish tomorrow night would get here.


Drive activity to the website, make money off website ads? Drum up interest in the show by giving viewers a personal interest in watching the trainwreck? I’m just guessing…


it keeps up the illusion that Big Brother is really a random anything can happen\, expect the unexpected game, but those of us with common sense can see the little rigs and coaching.


Dawn- who knows? I will never ever believe a vote is fair unless I was in a room with all ten voters and saw the paper they wrote on and I counted it for myself


To let people think they actually have an impact on the game, thus drawing up more interest from the viewers.


Don’t y’all gotta pay 1 buck per? I’m Canadian, eh, I don’t get to vote 🙁

Wouldn’t that be fraud if they rigged it?


Hey I’m Canadian too from Toronto and u can vote for free up to 10x on the CBS site if u register no private info needed just email and screen name and password vote Brendan we need fireworks lol


I voted DOMx10 I’m Canadian Eh


Simon sez “repeat?” … okay! 😉


Done ….. and done! Thx for the info


Someone would be able to have to prove it and as long as CBS doesn’t publicly release results as the votes go on, we’ll never know.


Damn I thought Britney was mean Shelly’s brutal. If Brendon doesn’t make it back I would love to see his face when he hears what little miss straight shooter had to say about his precious fiancé.

Nicki Minaj

okay so up till now, is Rachel still safe? ;]]


That’s just sick!!! I like you Shelly but cmon save SOME things for privacy! Go Rachel! I think production gave her some zanax to chill her out because she’s acting totally chilled this week. Vote Brendan!!!!


I love how Rachel was talking to Brendon via the cameras last night. Too bad they don’t have cameras in sequester. It would be funny if Brendon was doing the same thing to Rachel. “Don’t worry baby…I’m your knight and shining armor…I’m your superman..I WILL be back for me baby…I can’t live without you.”


all you loosers should know that shelly is my wife of ten beautiful years and she is playing the game pecfect so stop calling her stupid names like skelly and stait shooter because at home she is hard worker you guys know nuthing about her!!!!


are same sex marriages allowed in Opelousas, Louisiana ?


acuali simon shelly is my sister and tony is my brother in law so please make these people st posting things about shelly


GREAT! give me proof and i’ll help out.. we’re a grumpy bunch here and shelly is playing a wild game.

Uncle Cool

Freedom Of Speech is a Human Right.

I may not agree with most of the things people say, but I agree with their rights to say it.

That said, Shelly did earn respect from me, by her game play, but has become so aggressive and mean-spirited that the respect has been lost and I hope she gets evicted next week.

Perhaps there’s something ‘special’ in those cigarettes.



Josie (shelly’s daughter) and the Pussy Cats (Shelly and her wife, Toni)

Shelly’s the most butch heterosexual woman i’ve ever seen. Shelly’s a post op transexual or she’s just a str8 up manly lesbian woman.


I think so as long as it’s the same breed.


Shelly is brutal with her backstabbing. She does it in such a way that really has nothing to do with game play. I think because deep down she’s a critical and judgmental person but tries to hide it in the the house. I’m glad Dani doesn’t trust her if she can get Kalia the shut her mouth the would be good too although it seems like an impossible feat.


So who wants to make a compilation video of all the crap Shelly talks about all the other houseguest post it on YouTube and email a copy to her daughter? Any takers?


Sounds mean I hope your joking her daughter is 8


i love you shelly and we miss you


I have never seen a guy spell his name Toni with an I. I always thought the male spelling was Tony.


Shelly is awful manly, maybe her Tony is a Toni. 😉


toni is a sexually ambiguous name ..sorta like Pat – remember that SNL skit?

Shelly’s Toni is a woman..and Josie (her daughter) is her cat.

I can’t believe that a heterosexual man would want a butch chainsmoker like Shelly for a wife. If she is married, then he’s gay. Shelly looks like, acts like, talks like, walks like, eats like.. a man.


with respect to “daughter” perhaps I should’ve said KID .. shelly always says ‘her kid..her kid her kid’ ..most women say ‘daughter’ .. we all know that some ppl refer to their pets as their kids or Josie, her kid, must be a pussycat


“Kid” hmmmmmm… perhaps Josi is her pet goat??


It’s sad all the nasty things shelly says about Rachel. I don’t like Rachel myself but this is low. And If brendon comes back I bet he’s gonna say how much he trusts shelly and how they need to stick by her not knowing that they are disposable to her


It’s not nasty if it’s the truth.


shelly is my favorite sister and she is a very good person and she makes nearly $25,000 a month and she is a wonderful mother


sister in law thanks for the comment about shelly and hopefuly she wins the money because our little princess begun school and i wish she was there


contact simon with proof by e-mail who you are. It’s very simple to do. Send him a couple family pics. If not, as usual it’s a hoax.


yes if your related to a houseguest I want to hear from you.. I may talk shit about all of them but i’m really a nice guy. 😉


new reason to drink – when someone mentions Shelly’s daughter.. ==chug two==


Thanks, Rockstar, I was a bit parched. Drink!


Oh Man…. good thing it’s 5:00 cause I’m gonna be HAMMERED!!!

SoCal Suks!

I realize that after reading all these post, I don’t need a reason to drink!!!


If JJ were smart they would vote out Rachel. Then there would be not chance for both RR to get back together. Only one could come back making it easier on JJ down the line.


your welcome tony


can you beleve what these people are sayin about shelly just because she talks about being a mother who realy love ger daughter


I wouldn’t think that Shelly would be related to two people who can’t spell basic words or use correct punctuation. I’m just saying.

There are spelling errors in all of their posts.

Team 500 G's

You know what would be funny…If Team JJ turned on Roach and voted against her…and Team Dani voted to keep her….what a flip flop…..LOLOLOLOLOL

Hannibal Mo.

In my humble opinion … Dani wants the house guest thinking that she (will vote for Lawon) wants to keep Rachel.
JJS will now be assured they have a deal (D/R/K) and switch their votes to Rachel.
Thats how ‘ya play BB.


I don’t get what Shelly is doing, I watched the live feeds yesterday and today and wow, she’s such an asshole. Rachel shows her respect and trusts her with personal information that has nothing to do with the show, and she goes and tells other people about it? (example: Rachels engagement ring). And Rachel was nice enough to offer her shorts, probably not realizing they were dirty, and she throws that back on her too? Shelly has to go, I’m now on the “disgusted with shelly” list.


I am actually gettin a little tired of this big brother – I think it is rigged. I thought it unfair to bring back the pairs. – The least the could have done is not make them pairs. It ruined the whole show for me. I like a fair competion and an even playing field. I would have like to have seen how everyone interacted.


I dont understand what the good news Adam was trying to tell Jeff??


By a vote of 4-2, Rachel you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Votes to evict Rachel: J,J,S, A
Votes to evict Lawon: D.P



Kaaaabooom those are the type of grenades they need to start tossing


All this hate for Shellly because she working the entire house. Its a game and everyone lies and right now, Shelly is the best liar. Look her up on the web, she is an executive for a large company, she probably has plenty experince controlling people.


If Brendon comes back, then I’ll know BB is definitely fixed!!!!!

SoCal Suks!

Michele Noonan lookin’ hot w/ her blonde hair, and appears seemingly sane!


for sure she looks like she’s doing alright


So… Bella, Shelly really soooo stupid that she does not know what a jalapeno or yam is, or is that just part of the game. And please do tell…has she had a sex change? Personally, I could be a fan if she really was a man.


well after another long day at work come here to see that house that stupid built ( the big brother house roomates are dumb as rocks but look like mensa members compared)
as for Toni /Tony …. seems t me his posts look alot like the little girl we know as AA


Is this the Shelly we are seeing on Big Brother? 🙂

Shelly Moore-VP of Business Development

A proven sales and marketing executive with excellent strategic and management skills focused on net profit, Shelly has been a creative and disciplined leader in the outdoor industry for over 12 years. She has been able to direct high volume domestic and international sales and sourcing opportunities through strong core competencies in sales execution, management, meticulous planning, extensive professional relationships, and extremely effective communication.

Shelly has managed her own business, M3 Product Solutions, providing several outdoor retail customers product development and sales solutions. Handling a variety of products from initial concept to sourcing in the United States, the orient, and the pacific rim, she has worked with several entrepreneurs, assisting them with product and brand development to bring new, innovative products to a variety of markets and diverse distribution channels.

Shelly also served as COO of John Marshall Design out of Baton Rouge, LA. During her five years, she oversaw the expansion of the product line from ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories to full product line offerings for complete home and lodge decoration, to include bedding, draperies, and bath accessories. Company sales doubled every year during her tenure. She handled all operations internally as well as handling the sourcing of everything from textiles to hard goods.

Shelly cut her teeth in the outdoor industry as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Robinson Outdoors, expanding the ScentBlocker® and Scent Shield® brands from $4 million in sales to $18.8 million in four years. She was also a key member in the acquisition of Whitewater Outdoors in 2003.

Shelly is a Magna Cum Laude Graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a BS in Elementary Education. She is a proud member of Delta Zeta Sorority and former President of Xi Beta Chapter. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of The Sportsman’s Legacy Foundation.

Shelly is a mom to a beautiful seven year old little girl, and proud wife to a former US Marine and owner of a pool restoration, remodel, and maintenance company.

Midwest Fan

An addition to her resume:

Big Brother Chain-smoking, Lying and Evil Hag.


Shelly is a liar and I can’t WAIT until she gets hers. Too bad everyone falls for her “I’m a straight shooter” BS. What a snake in the grass. Hate her.


I love this season, I think its great.


It’s about time “straight shooter” gets some massive arrows shot straight back at her ugly bulldog’s face. Time is running out and DKP need to get Adam on board board ASAP.


Only dominic or brendon deserve to come back in to game