Big Brother Spoilers: Adam tells Shelly that he has the most to lose if Rachel stays.. *Updated*

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9:35am – 10am Adam joins Shelly out in the backyard for a smoke. Adam says that he has the most to lose with keeping Rachel around. Shelly says that she thinks from what Adam is saying that Kalia and Dani have his vote. Adam says that he was thinking the other day …couldn’t they have given us better people to work with.. Adam says that the only thing that might have given them the impression that he was with them was when he went up there and told Kalia that there is nothing he would want more than to see a new person win this thing. Adam says that he was talking about himself but they didn’t need to know that ..I didn’t lie. Adam says that he isn’t sure they should keep Rachel. Shelly tells him to do what he needs to do. Adam says that Rachel wants to talk to him today …and that he is thinking of telling her that she owes him if he votes for her. Shelly says that she just can’t keep her mouth shut .. she’s a loose cannon. Adam says that he will tell her that she can’t turn on him till all the floaters are gone. They talk about how they still haven’t mentioned they are in the jury house and that there is something up with that. Adam says that Lawon hasn’t campaigned to him yet.

Rachel joins them outside. Adam asked her how she slept. Rachel says not so good. Adam says you slept better while Brendon was here …he serenaded you with his ass farts. Adam tells Rachel that he will talk to her later about his vote. They talk about the twist. Shelly says that evicted houseguest gets to come back ..but that doesn’t mean that person won’t compete against other evicted houseguests. Shelly says that she thinks they (production) are just trying to change things up, because all you vets know the game too well. They talk about whether or not they will be on lock down so that production can build something in the backyard for the HOH competition tomorrow. Adam says that he will judge what type of competition it will be depending when they go on lock down. He says if they go lock down early it will probably be a physical competition and if its not till later it will probably be a quiz competition. Shelly heads over to the hammock to sit in it before the sun hits it.

10:10am – 10:20am Adam tells Rachel to give him a half hour so that he has a chance to work out and then he will talk to her. Rachel says okay I don’t want to bother you. Adam says oh no ..I’ve been waiting for you to come talk to me. Adam and Rachel head inside to change into their workout clothes, and then head back out side. Adam is talking to Shelly about sports and metal music while he works out. Rachel is on the elliptical. All the other houseguests are still sleeping…

11:10am – 11:20am Adam and Rachel finished up working out. Adam heads inside for a shower. Dani is now up making breakfast. All the other houseguests are still sleeping.. Rachel heads in to take a shower. Dani is eating and Adam is now cooking something to eat. They both share their big brother application videos, Adam talks about the multiple copies he made beore deciding on the right one.

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230 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Adam tells Shelly that he has the most to lose if Rachel stays.. *Updated*

      1. HAHA! All someone would have to do with Adam is pretend to know Tori Spelling and get him a meet and greet after the show and he’d be their puppet!!!

      1. Dear CJ,

        I know that if you were in the house that you would be a regulator with cassi and dom. You would be going home Keith did. Go regulators go!

        1. What the hell are you smoking? I didn’t even make a comment on this post.

          And nice to know that you are either (a) posting under multiple aliases or (b) have a parrot.

  1. I cannot wait until Keith comes back in the house. Keith’s Angels: Porsche, Kalia, and Dani. Kalia will finally get a showmance and will shut up!

      1. Kali and Keith would be totally game changing and hot.
        They would be Brendon and Rachel 2.0.
        Kalua will win all quizzes and Keith all things physical.
        Plus, Kalua will be likeable now that she’s getting some.

        Talk about bringing on the excitement………Keith is the best choice for CBS

          1. I can’t speak for ma girl Ilyssa Lieb. But. I can say this. Regulators suck. But Keith does not. So really, it’s Dom and Cassi that suck.

    1. Ditto to that! I’m anxious to see who comes back in the house, cuz more than likely it won’t be Lawon. Unless Adam decides to stick with voting Rachel out. But, it appears he’s palnning to follow through with JJ and S.
      It is looking like this season is geared to one of the vets winning, because these newbies are either idiots, flip-flop too much, can’t do much in comps, or are totally used for their benefit (Shelly).
      It’s funny how things can change in the BB house.

    2. If it wasn’t for this twist… Rachel would be long gone this week and there would be no more Brendon and Rachel left. Now not only does Rachel have an amazing shot at getting all the votes but Brendon might be coming back. BR’s side of the house is going to be stacked! DK will be dunzo.

  2. I’d rip into Shelly about everything. I’d tell her that people are laughing at Jose at school and her husband is probably rethinking their marriage. That he will probably hand her divorce papers on finale night and her daughter won’t even live with her.. Grenades yo!

          1. Wish you had a real name on here, so I would know who’s comments to skip over. ED is regarding by most as one the best BB has ever had play the game.

            Your entitled to be wrong anytime you like.

        1. Exactly! Shelly wants to play hard, so bring it! She wants to play the hard role then I’d definitely step up to it. I guarantee she’d be in tears before it was over.

    1. Shelly’s husband and daughter are apparently very touchy subjects since everyone got all sensitive about Shelly when rachel got all pissy about Dani giving them shout outs in her HOH blog.

      But lord knows Shelly’s using her daughter to make relationships and hide behind her when Shelly’s integrity is questioned.

    2. You ditzy fool she have work at this game to the point that she may win if not the gam americas choice so stick that up you how ha

  3. Simon,
    I know you badly want Rachel to join DKP, but I don’t see how that is possible. Rachel did her part last night by not saying F U right off the bat, but Dani takes this game way too personal. You know her deal. First time she wins HOH she is putting up Rach.

    Also, luckily for Rachel, Lawon has done everything a houseguest could possibly do to get ousted or JJSA would send Rach home. But that is still another strike against Rach working with DKP because she may not win the eviction comp if JJSA do turn on Rach. Doubt it will happen, but the point is there is too many things working against that plan.

    1. lol…true! i was expecting rachel to just get up and leave!!! she’s just stroking them right now. if either jordan, jeff or shelly wins hoh….dani is on the block.

    2. The fact that Rachel didn’t mention a peep about the proposed deal to JJ even after being grilled about it repeatedly shows that she’s thinking about it. It’s not as far out of the realm of possibility as one may think.

        1. I’m not high and I also watched the feeds last night as they were happening. Sequence of events:

          a. Kalia and Dani talk to Rachel for about 20 minutes, deals were brought up.

          b. Rachel goes to talk to Jordan and Shelly in the Have-Nots room. She’s asked if a deal was brought up, she says no but gives a convoluted story of how she was up there basically being told that she doesn’t have the votes to stay.

          c. Rachel goes outside and talks to JJ and Adam. Jeff asks if a deal was brought up, she says no. Jeff smells bullshit and asks why she’d sit up there for so long just listening to Kalia and Dani tell her she doesn’t have the votes (which was Rachel’s version of events that she was telling people). Shelly joins them to talk about it, Rachel never mentions a deal was even brought up after being asked again.

          d. Rachel goes inside pissed off about how Jeff was talking to her. She’s also brought up in the past how she hates how Jeff talks to Jordan.

          e. Almost 1:00 pm BB time, the any mention of a deal being talked about between Rachel, Kalia, and Dani has yet to be mentioned.

          What’s the point of Rachel repeatedly denying any deal was talked about if she wasn’t at the very least thinking about it? She already knows she has the votes to stay over Lawon, why lie and say no deals were mentioned when asked about it repeatedly?

    1. She’s untouchable. She’s too sweet.

      Actually, even Jeff doesn’t want to touch her. Did you guys see her come up to him yesterday and give him a hug? Seemed like she wanted some affection, but he didn’t even move or react to it. It’s bizarre.

      1. this is what everyone has been talking about on all these threads – like not only is jeff horribly mean to her but he acts like he doesn’t even like her – doesn’t want to touch her or talk to her and when she brings something up, he deflects the conversation and she just follows and obeys him, i hate hate hate watching it….i honestly think he has another girlfriend or something (and told he he is going to break up with Jordan when the show is over) or Jeff is doing this for publicity (but he couldn’t he at least fake it) and why demean her??

        regardless, the fact that see each other only once a month and a few of those months he was doing that around teh world thing is not a relationship

        1. said this yesterday ..i’ll copy n paste it below..

          ..that boat has sailed. There’s nothing to indicate that these two are even a couple. There is no romance there at all. I’m thinking that their ‘relationship status’ is strictly to get them further during there 15 minutes of fame. They are better and more marketable as a duo than as individuals.

          They act like two good friends who have known each other for a long time, who may occassionally kiss.

          I also don’t think America is as enamored with them as CBS would like to force us..and believe.

          1. When she said that her and Jeff were still contemplating about about moving into the same state during her HOH talk with Julie…. after TWO YEARS I knew they weren’t into each other…

          2. In the beginning Jordon told Jeff No sex. Jeff mentioned it many times in “guy” talk how it has been difficult to eevn look at Jordan. I think they are playing the game, being the friends that they are, and leaving the romance for when it’s appropriate (after the game). I think it speaks volumes to their relationship to be at this point. As for how they don’t spend time together – they are both young and have their own lives – and some of those same ppl are complaining on BR were up each other’s butts (HAHA!) I think tis forum just gives ppl something to gripe about. AND I may or may not like Shelly personally but I think ppl need to get over themselves on ousting her for being a liar – HELLO this is a game and not many have won without lying. It’s not like these people are real friends.

        2. How hard would it be to put up with Jordan’s lack of intelligence? I am sure it was alot easier for Jeff when he was getting some from her. But since he isn’t, and they clearly aren’t a couple anymore, it would have to real hard to put on a happy face constantly. Eventually your gonna snap at her and he does. It all makes sense once you accept it. 2 years, still not living in the same state? Did a show without her?

          Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And the fire these two had for each other has been extinguished.

        3. Comeon…anyone in a relationship with thier best friend knows that Jeff is distancing himself from Jorden because they aren’t having sex. I guarantee that they have an understanding about not being to into each other not only because they are on national television, but because they are in a game for a half a million dollars. Who would want to be distracted by who isn’t giving or getting to much attention? No…I totally respect that game.

      2. Jeff is crazy about Jordan. I believe he doesn’t ever go overboard with physical contact with Jordan because it is SHE who insisted before the game even started that there would be no inappropriate sexual contact in the house, and he doesn’t want to endure any more temptation than he has to. The more physical contact, the harder it is on him. The complement each other well. While she is legitimately sweet and innocent, she is not insecure and she knows when he is joking, when he is just venting, and when he is serious. …just my opinion.

        1. there is no way in hell that Jeff would ‘wait’ to have sex with Jordon when he was having sex or ‘banging’ as he called it a few backs with many multiple women.

        2. I mean c’mon.. SERIOUSLY?? .. He has been dating this girl for 2 years, but can’t return a simple hug because by your reasoning he’ll turn into a sex crazed maniac.. oh c’mon

          ..the truth is in the details. Jordan is DUMB and Jeff knows it, and will eventually, if not already, exploit her ignorance.

          As stated earlier, they can ride their 15 minutes further if they are a duo. This showmance is EASY income for them.

          1. you make a lot of sense…
            these 2 don’t even live in the same state…
            After BB, Jeff did that travel the world thing [what Pavati is doing now]…
            then she lost it for them in amazing race…
            now she’s a hemroid on Jeff’s ass in the BB house…

            1. Apparently she hasn’t even got that close to his butt. She maybe a thorn up his butt but I don’t think he has even sat on the bush.

        3. J/J had no problems with their under the blanket affair during
          their first BB. NOW, Jordan is concerned about her image? lol
          IMO, they are friends as in business friends.
          Nothing more ………………

      3. I watched a few ATWFF videos when Jordan met Jeff in Italy and I think she is just camera shy about physical affection. He was so happy to see her at the airport with the largest smile on his face and they kissed on the cheek. During the Have/Have Not competion when she started crying he kept kissing her and was trying to console her. People complain about BR being disgusting and all over each other and then people say Jeff has another girlfriend thats why he act this way, no one is ever happy!

        1. I have to agree with you. Jeff and Jordan said that they won’t show affection on the air because her grandparents watch and she doesn’t want to do anything to embarrass herself or her family and that’s why they don’t show that. Jeff said that he wanted her and that he was having a hard time and not to get him going. So I agree with you. Jeff and Jordan do love each other they just prefer not to display it. Cheers

      4. It’s not bizarre, they aren’t in love. They have been “dating” for 2 years now and still not living in the same state. Not living together, they don’t even live in the same state. CBS is paying them to act like they are still a couple. Hell, they might have even thought at a summer in the BB house would rekindle that spark.

        But if you seriously believe those two will ever get married, I got some ocean front property in Wyoming to sell you.

        1. You JJ h8ters make me laugh with your pathetic bullshit about these two. you bitch and bitch about BR being all over each other and how sickening it is.But bitch cause JJ show lil affection towards each other.It’s called respect and morals,they don’t have to be all over each other to show they love each other,they know they do.Nobody on this sight knows what they talk about in real life outside this house.That’s the problem in the world…these girls/guys anymore will screw anything that moves,have threesomes,show their goodies etc.I would prefer my daughter to grow up innocent in life like Jordan,than be a f’n hoe like Rachel,Pacer or Dani.Like the old saying goes….which one would you want your son to bring home?

    2. If I were a HG I would have no trouble taking her to the F-2. I don’t care if she wins the $50,000 on top of what she has already won. F-2 with her equals the best shot of $500,000 for the person that is sitting next to her. She has already won, she won only 1 comp because people gave it to her, this is her 2nd rodeo, she has made 0 game moves, she won’t answer the HG questions with any intelligence, she is is not as likable as BB11, plus there is a better shot of beating her in the F-3.

      Having said that, she is +1 vote for Jeff, as far as who is voted out, so he must go ASAP.

      1. cant disagree more.

        lets match this up

        if you were up vs rachel in F2. how many votes does rachel get? zero? one(if brenden is allowed back)
        what about jordan…ok shes won before…shes also very much liked and has a guarenteed vote from jeff, a guarenteed vote from shelly( yes, unless cassie returns, there is a vote) Kalia is dumb enough to give her a vote for friendship in the future…dont underestimate the poor voting that could take place….

        id take rachel final 2 over jordan if I could get rachel to act normally and not seem so fake when she lies or doesnt like what you are saying

      2. the biggest mistake of this whole thing, is that dani and kalia put this in motion so early, that I think we may end up losing rachel after all because of the amount of time given for people to figure it out

        the second lawon was the one going, they should have just held an instant vote instead of doing it live.

      3. Interesting…Keith thought that too.
        Do you have a flowchart like he did?
        Didn’t work out too well for him.
        You don’t know until you are there.
        We all see the big picture here – it isn’t as obvious when you are there.

    3. I swear, that’s who I’d have taken out first, followed by ED, if he’d stayed in the game. I adored Jordan and cheered when she won, but this is a new season, and I’m just flummoxed at why she’s never been the target. Bless her heart, yeah, but DAMN! Some colleges should make this part of a a course in human pyschology and give out credits.

      1. I think most people in the BB house don’t think that she’s all that smart, and therefore, not a threat. Also, i think they keep her there because they are hoping that even if in a F2 situation, that most ppl wont allow her to win the $500k TWICE. They assume it would automatically default to whomever she is up against.

        1. How is she dumb as nails? she isn’t dumb,she is a major airhead.she was smart enough to win BB11 by herself,nobody was there in final 3 to help her win 2 outta the 3 comps.Cookie Monster is a very dangerous player and the ppl like you h8ters is what gets her to final 2 ” Jordan is dumb,sweet,can’t win anything” then she does and your standing there with a dumb look on your face as she wins another $500k. Jordan has best chance outta anybody in the house to get final 2….because nobody gives her credit for anything,because of her sweet,innocent,dumb gameplay….working for her so far…go Jordo go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. That is the best question yet!! She is THE biggest threat in the house to win this thing!! I find it amazing that Big K did not put her up as the replacement nominee, now nobody will ever put her up and if they do, they will never vote her out! Her master social game is how she wins!! If she can make it through those last few comps when they get to the F3 then she wins hands down!! No matter who sits next o her in the F2 they will never get the votes over her!! Anyone with brains in that house would get her out ASAP! But it will never happen so I look for her to win this year too!

    5. You know what? Honestly, I don’t even care about who’s doing what or screwing who over, or any of that right now. I’m too busy laughing at these avatars…

      Shelley as David Spade is the one I’m printing out and putting on a T-shirt. PURE GENIUS!!!!;)

    6. Oh come one with the Jeff and Jordan relationship! I think they’re just like any other couple out there that have been dating for awhile. You don’t have to parade your relationship and constantly show PDA to prove your still together. Jordan seems like a confident girl that doesn’t need someone to tell her and show her how much he loves her 24/7 (unlike Rachel) and Jeff seems pretty content that he doesn’t always hve to do that and they both know they love each other. They don’t have to be kissing, hugging, making out, having sex 24/7 to prove to us fans that they’re still together.

    1. Votes to keep Rachel: Dani, Jordo, Jeff
      Votes to keep Lawon: Shelli, Adam, Prosche

      Tiebreaker: Kalua keeps Rachel.

      1. Shelli and Adam realize keeping Rachel is not a good idea. (See the 9:35 AM conversation today).
      2. Dani and Kalua have a secret alliance with Rachel (See last night’s conversation).
      3. Porsche hates Rachel (See all week)
      4. Jordo and Jeff want a vets alliance.


        Im so happy, rachel is my fave houseguest this year, and last year ;]

  4. Does anyone find it funny that Adam is trying to make a deal that he can’t be voted out until the floaters are gone considering that he is a floater???

    1. Nobody will make a deal with Adam. He cannot win anything. He’s totally Tori Spelling’s type given that she married Dean. Except, Adam is not Canadian. Oh well..

    2. Agree, him and lawon have done nothing. He should nominate himself if he wins HoH saying I agree floaters must go and since I’m the biggest floater in the house I nominate myself.

    3. This is an example of how delusional HGs can get sometimes! Adam & Lawon define the term “floaters”. But you keep kidding yourself Adam! If nothing else, it’s entertaining the hell out of viewers, just to hear you make such an asinine statement.

  5. Hey Simon (and everyone else),
    I am wondering what the general consensus seems to be on who’s going back in the house.
    I don’t follow twitter on anything so I can’t really guess.
    Can anyone pls let me know who may be going back?
    Thanks guys!

    1. There’s no way of knowing what CBS will do if I was betting money on this I would say CBS will brign back Brendon

      However I am plugged in with the Big BRother fan community and they in general want anyone but Brendon to come back so we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow.

      1. Simon,
        Have you checked your own comment board lately. All I’ve been seeing is vote Brendan. Not counting you, I’ve seen 1 or 2 “Vote Dom” comments since Dani and Kalia’s blunders that started Sunday.

          1. I agree! Keith’s Angels would rock!! He was the smartest and most athletic rookie, which is why they targeted him. Plus, Keith will come back and realize he would have a showmance with Kalua. That is why she got rid of him because he rejected her advances. And if Kalua will get some from Keith, she will be likeable. You will see!

        1. well there are ‘vote Keith’s’ above, which is new…
          There have been ‘vote Cassi’…
          I think its gonna be b/t Dom & Brendon…
          If CBS does not want to deal with a ‘mental Rachel’ [again]…
          then Dom should be coming back…

      1. That was really funny one night when they were sitting on the couch and she looked at him and said “you wanna try me out?” with this devilish look on her face. Of course she was kidding because she really worries about her reputation, but Dominic got so embarrassed he walked away.

  6. So Rachel straight lied last night saying Kalia and Dani didn’t offer her a deal. JJ-Shelly-Adam think that they are voting Rachel out over Lawon, but once Kalia talks with Shelly and Adam about keeping Rachel (cause they have a potential deal) and Shelly and Adam report this info back to Jeff and Jordan, Rachel may very well be screwed and called out.

    Please, let some fireworks go off.

    1. .. why do you want fireworks against Rachel.

      Shes the only sane person in the house, that DOESNT go crazy or hate themself.. or complain that their partner went home.. :S

      1. But she is the person that is “genuinely” sarcastic, uses the pool as a bathroom, gives a women a scale as a b’day gift, talks behind everyone’s backs, and is looking for the BB house as a way into an acting career…. Oh wait… That’s Dani, Kalia,Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Porsche.

    2. I wonder how much a revelation of the RKD deal would sway the JJ side at this juncture. They don’t trust her anyway and all of them seemed to half believe that she did make a deal. They probably also believe she will go back on any deal and that her goal is the same as theirs: get Dani out.

      Further, if Brendon comes back, it will 100% be his first order of business to get Dani out and Rachel will follow.

  7. Yea Jordan won her season and they still don’t see her as a bigger target than Rachel?? Dani is just a bully that says she plays without emotions, when really that’s all that drives her!!! I hope brendon comes back just to stir it up a bit and knock dani right off her high horse!!

  8. here we go again with big dumb adam (i know i calle everyone dumb but these people really are) – can this guy make a decision? here he is wanting to flip flop having made zero moves in the game having won zero comps and having zero power – as if what he thinks is important. all him flipping on JJ will do is show everyone that he really can’t be trusted and used for any good (bc all he is in the house for now is a vote) and that will just speed up his eviction…newsflash he doesn’t have anything to gain or lose with rachel in the house – except maybe a target bigger than himself — these must be the most unaware people ever…i know it is easier to say when you are not in the house but come on it’s basic math2+2=4 (not winning comps + no allies = no power = expendable=eviction)

        1. I watch the live feeds hussy. It will be a 4-2 vote. Adam just said he wants Rachel gone this morning, Shelli nodded along.

          1. I dunno who Ilyssa Lieb is. Sounds like a cool chick, but she thinks Rachel is staying apparently (comment 7 or 9 or something) and I think Lawon is staying. So we do have a different interpretation. LOSER

  9. Dear CJ,

    I know that if you were in the house that you would be a regulator with cassi and dom. You would be going home Keith did. Go regulators go!

    1. I’m sorry, I liked what Ilyssa said and had to reiterate her message since she wrote it to me and not the message board.

  10. It’s nice to see Adam thinking on his own.

    I’m sure Shelly will, if she hasn’t already, alerted Jeff about Adam’s independent thoughts, so Jeff can ‘put a stop to it’.

    1. he’s not really thinking on his own…he’s thinking with Shelly and he is about to get screwed over.
      The good thing is that it will freak out JJS, and good stuff happens on BB when people are freaked out.

  11. Again with the Jeff is mean to Jordan crap. He’s a guy, he’s not getting any, our cuddling factor tends to go down when we don’t get to have a little physical fun. Why aren’t people asking why Jordan is being so mean to Jeff by not screwing?

    1. Q) What do you call a woman that you spend alot of time with but don’t get to have sex with?

      A) Someone else’s girlfriend.

      I know its hard to read between the lines, but has anyone seen anything from JJ that truly leads them to believe that they are a tight couple? 2 years later, its still a long distance relationship? Why wasn’t Jordan on the Jeff around the world show? Just sayin.

      Would it really be so hard to believe that they were being paid to act like they are still together?

      1. It’s not like Jordan has a job that requires her to stay put. She’s a receptionist at a hair salon. She could get that job in Chicago.

      2. a.) She was on ATWFF. She met Jeff in Italty.

        b.) Did you ever think that maybe she’s not ready to pack up and move half way accross the country to Chicago? Her entire family is there and she seems to be pretty close with her mom and siblings.

    2. You do a disservice by reducing men to vagina-hungry animals. Not all men are brain dead. Not all men think with their penises. To make it seem like a man can’t function effectively and properly becuase he hasn’t gotten a piece of ass is debasing. Your comment was beyond juvenile and ignorant.

  12. I know this is a long shot but .. Michele Noonan the neurodork from BB11 are you out there? send me a email if you are

    It was great seeing you on Dick @ Nite (RTVZONE.COM)

  13. Shelly’s days are numbered. It is still early in the game and people are catching on to her.

    Plus she hasn’t won anything.

    1. But she’ll use her daughter as a defense mechanism and people will shrivel away from her because they’ll feel guilty they’re making an 8-year-old’s role model look like a she-devil bitch.

      It’s gotten her this far.

    1. She said she is throwing this weeks because she wants to be HOH the following week when it will be her birthday.. Shake my head….

      1. I believe that is what Dani is telling Kalia because she has a good idea that it will get back to the other side.
        Actually good game play. I think you will see this tonight in her vignette.
        Remember, we only see/hear what people say and do, not what they are thinking.
        This is actually a good sign that Dani is about to ditch Kalia or just use her as she needs her.

        1. Dani was royally pissed at Kalia last night but had to keep it under wraps because Kalia is her only real ally at this point.

    2. It will mostly likely be sometime of endurance competition. If you recall every season when an evicted house guest returns, the HOH comp is most likely an endurance competition. TBH, it’s only fair to the houseguest that is returning!

  14. Has anyone seen Jeff masturbate? How can you be in the presence of the one you love, not having sex, very very little contact and not get excited in some way? It’s not possible. No way, no how. Unless he is castrated..

    1. A) They are not in love anymore, if they ever were. Most likely if they were, it was during and at the end of their first season. Living in seperate states after 2 years of “dating”, yeah I am not buying it. Nor do I expect to ever see those two get married.

      B) I am sure Jeff is the classic two pump chump, so he could be done in seconds. So catching him in the act might require a special camera that can shoot more frames per second.

        1. Just because you all give it up to anything or anybody with a heartbeat,doesn’t mean she has too. Apparently there are some ppl on here that think love is having sex,which leads me to believe they have been in love 100+ plus times in thier lives.How do you know they haven’t had sex,because they said so…OMG how can you believe those bullies,lol. Dom only said he heard Jeff whackin offf,because he was wishing it was his hand helping him.Come outta the closet Dom,you can hook up with Lawonda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lets hope team bacon makes a move and does something this season otherwise he’ll go down as another Zach (BB8), Shellykathy(BB12), Kevin(BB11), Jerry(BB10), Sheila (BB9)

    1. I do like Team Bacon but he refuses to play the game. I had hoped he would play the ‘Evel Dick’ role but he hasn’t done anything and I want to cheer for him so bad.. sooooooooooo bad!!!!

    2. Zach did make it to the Final 3. If the Donatos weren’t the other two left, who knows if he would have made it to the Final 2.

    1. I agree with you, I think who wins between Evicted and America Vote Nominee will have a Competition and the winner of those two will also be the new HOH. You can’t expect someone to leave, Compete, Come back in and Compete again and have a chance in hell at being HOH. I also think CBS does this to protect the person coming back in for at least enough time to get a Base under them.

    2. Yes..I’ve been saying that ALL along, we can’t have two battles same night unless we are looking for a two hour show. Aftert the HG votes, Julie will announce the twist to the HG and them she will announce that the Evicted HG will battle America’s Vote HG winner to battle HOH!!! Only those two will get a chance to compete. Now wouldn’t that be a slap on the face for either side of the sand.

    3. No, that’s not fair to teh remaining costestants, everyone deserve to play for HOH. IT WILL BE SOME TYPE OF ENDURANCE COMPETITION

  16. y is shelly a bad person just because she cares for jeff and jordan she want them to win and be together the entire summer..nd all kalia want is the same thing as shelly so they are most loyal

  17. Did you hear Dani talking to the Hut last night after the Rachel meeting. She is nothing but a bossy bully. She definitley has a superiority complex. If Jeff ever trys to work with her he’ll regret it for the rest of his life.

  18. Please don’t bring Brendon back! I don’t want to see one side or the other dominate this early in the game! Cassie is my choice because I don’t know how it would change the game. I want to be surprised. Tired of the Brenchel show. Rachel is a mess without him. Rachel goes on about how loyal she is and how she never breaks a deal, but that is BS. What about Dom? They told him to throw the POV and that he was with them, then they evicted him. She lied to JJ about the deal she made with Dani last night, and they are going to turn on her when they figure it out. Then she will be utterly alone, and deservedly so. I don’t get why people hate Shelly so much. She is playing hard. Winning competitions won’t win the game on its own. Rachel has no social game. The other day she said that she said she hasn’t talked with Lawan for even 5 minutes since the game started. That’s because she isolated herself with Brendon. Bad game play from someone who claims to be one of the best! I want Brenchel to go away and never come back.

    1. I don’t speak for anyone else but I can’t stand Shelly because her gameplay depends on people not giving her shit because her daughter may or may not be watching.

    2. I’m sorry, but Dani’s side of the house put up one of their own! They deserve to have Brendon come back and pick them off one by one!

  19. Seriously Team Bacon, If Brendon comes back and found out that you voted for Brendon. He will beat the crap out of you. Jeff will not save you, your alone without newbies back you up. Shelly, do me a favor watch the Truth commerical and you will be right in with Team Bacon. OH Yeah, It will be fireworks if Brendon comes back and raise turnoil for Dani and Kaila as well. Rachel will say “Don’t ever mess with my man”. Yeah Rachel!!

    1. Loved, loved, loved “bitchy” ……. almost peed my pants from laughing so hard! Y’all gotta check it out, seriously. :-)

    2. Did you just smite me with threats of terror? *waves fist in the air all angry like* I’ll get you Simon! By hook or by crook. In the meantime, enjoy the cloudy orbs of Shelly-smoke I’m sending your way. They smell a little like Bengay, coffee and progesterone patches.

  20. Quit with the Jeff & Jordan romance crap!
    There is nothing romantic about a chick who shits (pass’s gass’s) for affection!!

    1. It’s their delusional fans who think JJ can do no wrong. The same ones who say Dani is playing a personal game. Uhh, I’d say that would be JJR. They are sickening to me. If Dan, Rach, and JJ don’t watch out Straight Shooter will win the whole thing.

  21. ok, so I was talking to my 12 yr old daughter. I asked her if I was on bb trying to win the $ and lied and made deals would she be embarrased? Answer no – her embarrasement would be if I broke our previous agreement of singing and dancing in public (which bb would count). She understands the point is to win the money. She then told me that it is a contest as listed on CBS description and that contests have clear favorites for the win. I just thought it was interesting to get her point of view. She is not watching feeds or spoilers and this is her first year of actually following the show regularly. She knows the difference between real life and the show. My grown kids (mid 20’s) also watch and they seem to really love Rachel. So here is a shout out to Shelly, your kid knows it is a game and that you are trying to win and make her future better…my kid says buy her an expensive puppy with some of the money.

    1. There’s a big difference in rationality from eight years old to 12 years old. At your daughter’s age, kids would have a better understanding of the game, especially if she’s been watching it (even if only for a few weeks).

      Assuming that her daughter has never watched the show – and what parent is letting their seven year old (I’m using seven because that’s how old her daughter would have been during last season) watch the show and even if they are, what are the odds of them understanding the intricates of it? – how does she rationalize to an eight year old that lying is OK as long as it’s to win a game (or money)?

      If Shelly lies, I’m OK with that. But she uses her daughter to build other people’s trust (which I’m OK with if people are actually stupid enough to trust her on that basis alone) and then hides behind her daughter when someone brings something up in which her integrity is questioned (which is where I have a huge issue with how Shelly is playing the game) which in turn makes the other HGs feel like shit because they’re vilifying a little girl’s role model and they back off.

    2. deebee- we rarely ever agree but I love you. I just wanted to put that out there. Your kiddo is one smart cookie. Tell her Rockstar thinks she is awesome.

  22. What is a FLOATER(drink)?
    Can someone give me a clear definition?
    1. Is it someone who doesn’t win comps?
    2. Is it someone who flip flops back and forth and is not associated with any alliance?
    I think everyone in this house has a different definition of what a FLOATER(drink) is. Thoughts?
    Depending on which definition you go by, 70% of the house are floaters(drink)!

    Jordan see #1
    Adam. see #1 and #2
    Porsche. see #1 and #2
    Shelley. see #1 and #2
    Lawon. see #1
    Kalia. see #2

    1. There is actually 3 types of Floaters (Drink)

      You’re bang on with 1 and 2 but the 3rd type of floater (drink) is the BR floater (Drink) basically a BR floater(Drink) is anyone who doesn’t win all the comps in the first 3 weeks and doesn’t do what BR tells them to do. In the minds of BR everyone is a floater (drink)

      1. I’m a floater. I fill my bath tub up with water and bubble bath and use my snorkle to breathe as I float semi under the water. I also like arm floaties. justsayin’..

  23. I’m annoyed with all this “JJ aren’t really a couple” crap. Jordan has talked about her and Jeff needing to figure out where they’re gonna live soon. Jordan wants to finish school, good on her. Jeff’s making the most of his fame by traveling now while Jordan is busy with school rather than never being around once they move in together. Seems pretty logical. Tons of people have long distance relationships. Sure a lot don’t work out, but why bash people for trying? And so they’re not very affectionate, I’m sure things would be different if the cameras weren’t there and had some privacy. Jordan has respect for herself, and would rather not have a sex tape going around on the internet. I can’t stand PDA so JJ is a breath of fresh air compared to BR’s constant make outs.

    1. I couldn’t care less whether it’s romance or showmance but the fact that Jordan hasn’t made a move when she’s had ample time, money, and lack of real responsibility is rather puzzling. There are plenty of good colleges in Illinois.

  24. I hope they knock JJSA out and I hope Rachel does team up with Dani and Kalia and Porsche…Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly are just straight up mean….They talk about Rachel all the time, but pretend to be her friend…..and Adam and Shelly are stupid for staying with JJ….they will not carry them to the final 2……it’s so stupid to me…break the couple up….duh….makes the most sense to me…..geez I hope this show gets better soon because it is straight up boring right now… dom back in and let’s stir the house up…..

  25. Jeff speaks highly of Jordan. And living together?Are you kidding me? LOL. How old was Jordan when she met Jeff again? Jordan is practically a kid who after winning big brother, wanted to make herself better. Jeff of course is a plus factor. Jordan wants to become a dental hygienist and she is juggling work and school and her love life. Jeff is a keeper. His past relationship lasted 9 years. No one knows Jeff better than Jordan herself. Jeff is close with her family and so is she to his. Jeff’s friends speaks highly of Jordan and how much Jeff loves her and how inlove they are with each other. Jordan is probably the nicest gf Jeff has ever have and he is pratically at marrying age. Marriage is not yet in Jordan vocabulary. She is very young and if she prefers living together first then it’s her choice. As far as I know, in Jeff’s world, Jordan is above everyone else. Jordan is beautiful, innocent (as Jeff would always say) and has a good soul – again, as Jeff would always say. I need not to say more. lol

  26. Not trying to defend JJ’s relationship. Let’s just say, I love watching people who are happy with each other. As per BR they are perfect for each other and they are very lucky to have each other. BR can be mean but are not mean spirited. They just have issues that only them has that patience to understand each other.

  27. is Adam actually considering voting for Rachel to be evicted? If so, that’s perfect ’cause it’d be 3-3 and Kalia would get rid of Rachel (hopefully -.-)

    1. Thank you Simon. H8ster maybe doesn’t recognize a joke. I wasn’t calling anyone on the show or a member of their family a name. Nor was I speaking from experience. Just trying to be funny and I guess I bomb again. BOOM! Unlike a lady of the evening who wait until paid to lie, Shelly is lying before she has the money.

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