Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly tells Adam that Kalia is thinking of putting him up.. Adam is shocked!

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12:20pm – 12:45pm Rachel asks Shelly if she thinks Brendon deserves better than her? Shelly asks why are you saying that? Don’t think that! Shelly asks if Rachel just wants to be sad! Rachel says no. Shelly tells Rachel that Brendon isn’t superman and you shouldn’t put him up there …because he is going to disappoint you ..he is human. Rachel says he is superman! Shelly says no he’s not ..don’t do that to him.. he will make mistakes and you will put too much pressure on him. Shelly says that she wishes she had a camera during the competition so that she could take pictures to remember everything. Rachel tells Shelly that she can buy the dvd of the season to watch it and remember it all. They talk about the competition. Shelly asks Rachel what Brendon would be doing right now. Rachel says that he is probably back at his campus now. Rachel starts crying. Shelly tells Rachel that she was strong before Brendon and she should never let her spouse complete her. Shelly tells her that she is still in the honeymoon stage, wait until you get sick of the snoring or when he leaves his things everywhere. Shelly tells Rachel that she has to make herself strong before she can be strong together with Brendon. Shelly asks Rachel if she has ever been depressed before. Rachel says no… its just since being in this house. Shelly says that she wishes she had the perfect words to say to make it better. Shelly says that if she could give her ..the phone call home she would. Rachel says that she couldn’t take that from her. Shelly says that she doesn’t think it will do her any good will just make things harder. Shelly tells Rachel not to give up ..that she needs to get up there and talk. Rachel leaves to go lay down… Shelly starts cleaning up the kitchen.

12:45pm Jordan comes into the kitchen and Shelly tells her about how all Rachel does is complain. Jordan talks about how she doesn’t want to go up stairs because she made a fool of herself yesterday and that she doesn’t want to do it again. Shelly tells Jordan that Kalia wants to put up Adam ..anyone who wont go home she wants to put up. If she puts up Porsche she will go home. They talk about how if Rachel goes ..she will be coming back .. people want to see the drama. Shelly talks about how annoying Rachel is …Jordan says oh I know she’s a train wreck! Jordan says that its good because as long as she is in here ..she is always going to be the target. They talk about how they know that the person that comes back in will not be able to be evicted that week. Jordan says she knows they don’t want to get rid of her ..because of all the drama. Shelly says that she will be pissed if Rachel comes back ..get a power … gets to the end and wins …because she is a horrible person …I just want someone nice to win.

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1pm – 1:20pm Adam is eating lunch, while Shelly cleans the kitchen. The backyard opens up and Adam yells FREEDOM!!! Shelly says SHHHHHHhhhh!!! You’ll wake them all up and we won’t have any peace and quite out there to enjoy. Adam says kidding! Shelly and Adam go out into the backyard to check out their new BBQ grill! Adam hugs and kisses the grill. Shelly finds the top of the other grill. Adam says that Porsche asked about the missing stuff and she was told that Big Brother is not responsible for any missing things. They talk about how it must have been Brendon. Adam says that taking the bathroom occupied sign is funny… but the other things are just dumb.

1:20pm – 1:40pm Adam asks Shelly who she thinks is going up? Jordan? Shelly says no not Jordan …she actully just said that she was thinking you … as a pawn. Adam is shocked and says me?! Shelly says as just a pawn. Shelly says that they think you are with Porsche and that if she went up you would vote for her. Adam says that he is not with her …that he talks to her …but not game. Shelly says that a lot of what you are saying to her …she takes up there. Adam says that he is not up there. They talk about how Rachel could come back. Shelly says that it will be insane drama and good for the show if she does come back. Adam says that its not for sure ..we don’t even know for sure whats happening. Shelly says the last time she came back in her season there were insane fights.. it will be huge for ratings if she comes back! Adam says he thinks it’s unfair that they would do that to Kalia. Adam says it wouldn’t be unfair because then Kalia’s HOH would have been for nothing… Adam says that he is shocked that she wants to put him up as the pawn …Adam says I have been the pawn how many times …its just a matter of time before I go home. Shelly tells him that she has his back .. she won’t tell him everything ..but that she has his back. Adam wonders if Porsche is going to even vote to keep Rachel .. because they were yelling at each other the other day. Shelly says that Porsche runs to where ever the power is. Shelly and Adam talk about how it is going to get crazy the next couple weeks. They talk about what next weeks HOH competition will be like ..they think it will be a skill quiz competition.

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shelly is starting to annoy the living crap outta me !!!..straight shooter my ASS YO !!


LMAO she started to annoy me the minute she entered that house 🙂


shelly needs to go up! Even if they think she’ll return, during her absence everyone will start talking and she will have been exposed. Let’s say she wins and is BACK inthe competition – she’ll be toast and wouldnt be able to be trusted. Her trusted alliance would burn her, and Dani and her DREAM TEAM (haha) would use her for votes.

Shelly up!! Keep Rachel!






why? so he can lay around all day and tell dani what a goddess she is! bring back Keith.:)


Yay! Do this. I’ve had all of my friends vote to bring back keith… I don’t have many friends.


so he can lay in bed and complain how everyone ruined his game, but him??


Allright but odds are Rachel is leaving this week. Only onewill go back in the house(most likely Rachel) and it would be a wasted vote. Even if Cassi can beat her shes going back in the house with no Rachel and then what would be the point of her in the house? Allign herself with shelly? Yep thats exactly what i want to see-.- Bring back Dom


Exactly Cassie was not a player! I don’t want anyone back who didn’t bother to fight to say because of her “friend” Shelly. WTF. No thanks Cassie. Dom 10x’s


Shelly is going to get exposed for sure. If kalia puts up adam then im pretty sure J/J/P will keep rachel and S/L/D will keep porsche and then Jeff and Jordan will see that shelly is playing them!!!


I think Kalia is going to be stupid enough to put up Adam and Shelly is going to be persuaded by j/j to vote with them and Porsche. Adam will go if she puts him up. Kalia better be ruthless and put up Jordan. WHo cares about a deal you put up her boyfriend so she’s coming for you anyway. Honestly she should have put them on the block in the first place and backdoored Rachel. Dani will talk some sense into her. Shelly clearly has lied about the way she was going to vote twice before so… duh you can’t trust her. You can’t not trust her but you can’t afford to trust her either.


Vote cassi!!!!!!

Rachel Is Boy George

nooooo Adam can’t go up, a pawn that wouldn’t go home, hmmmmm sure sounds like Jordan to me, how dumb is Kalia? TEAM BACON FOR LIFE!


The thing is I think that Kalia promised to never put Jordan up. Or else it would be a no brainer.


Why hasn’t Dani caught on to Shelly??? Rachel figured Shelly out and told Jeff and Jordan they didn’t believe her, said she is just gathering information for them. LOL, Jeff and Jordan are going to feel stupid when they see the tape. I hope Dom does not come back in, anyone who would throw a comp, deserves to be out of the game,




LAWON has figured out Shelly!


Shelly should be the pawn. Make her sweat.


Shelly had the nerve to accuse someone of running wherever the power is? Now if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black


exactly monster needs to keep her friggin mouth shut. all she does is talk, talk, talk (mouth moving, nobody listening) who does she think she is? really! she needs to be on “the real L word”. that show suits her alot better.
And Kaka should not put up ad. monster needs to go up.


This is literally the season of hypocrites. It’s crazy how many of these houseguests get pissed at other people for doing the same shit they do.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

If you put up Team Bacon, he will come after you.



that pic is way cool and very creative 🙂 got more? do one of KAKA


I think Shelly should go up.


If Kalia is playing the game to insure Rachel leaves, she needs to put Jordan up. It would be the same vote as last week minus Rachel’s vote. J&J already said they are coming for her just for putting Jeff up. If she puts up a pawn now, Jeff can say he scared them to do it his way by winning the POV. And even if the pawn stays, one more person coming after Kalia. Even if Porsche, Adam, and Shelly all vote to keep Rachel, it would be a tie and Kalia would vote to keep Jordan. Then she could truly say that if I wanted you I could have just sent you packing.

If anyone else goes up then Rachel has a chance to stay in the game because Rachel would probably get J&J’s vote then all she would need is two more. J&J could easily convince the two who didn’t go up as a pawn (Porsche, Shelly, or Adam) to vote with them.

If Adam were to go to Kalia and say Shelly just told me you may put me up, then Kalia could call Shelly out in front of the whole house for playing both sides and then be justified in putting her up. But Shelly seems to be too tricky to be called out.


I have to admit that Shelly gave Rachel some good advice about Brendon about how he is like Superman to her. I give Shelly kudos for that!! However, it was short lived as she started dissing on Rachel the minute she seen Jordan. I just hope that if Rachel is sent packing, that BB divides the backyard with a big ol’ wall so that Rachel (if it is her) does not know whom she is playing against (and vice-versa), in case it is Brendon because he will for sure throw it again.


I was thinking the same thing! As much as I love Rachel, Brendon needs to be back in that house. He has a stable head on his shoulders and has better chance at winning than rachel does right now. I hope if Rachel does go then Brendon comes back in and takes out Kalia, Dani, Porshe and Shelly. I know im in the minority here but im sooooo team BRJJ!!!! Brendon/Rachel for the WIN!


I have been sayin it from day 1 shel (aka) : )monster is a 2 faced backstabbing snake. member she ran straight to brenchel and told them everything Dom said and trusted her with. people like her make me sick. I work with a girl like her and she has no friends, no husband-BF and everyone in the office stays clear of her.


Would love for them to bring Cassie back BUT do you think she can really beat whoever they vote out? Safest bet is Dom…..


Rachel against Cassie in a comp to come back into the house would be good tv, especially if Cassi gets her revenge against the evil Rachel.


I really dont think that cassi would beat rachel in a competition. Brandon would let her win, Keith has not shot with americas vote IMO, that leaves Dom with the only realistic chance of beating rachel.


We don’t know because we never really saw her compete.


I agree. As much as I liked Cassi, I am doubtful that she could beat whomever is voted out this week (unless it was Jordan). But, I’d rather get Rachel out of the house. I agree that putting up Jordan is the best bet, because after the way JJ have been acting Kalia would have to figure she’s on their radar no matter what.
Putting up Shelly isn’t a bad idea. I didn’t have an opinion about her one way or the other in the beginning, but her true colors have truly shown.
As far as Lawon, I like Lawon as a person, but I doubt he’ll make it to the end, and he hasn’t played much of a game.
Same goes for Adam. I like that he’s such a big BB fan and all, but he hasn’t gotten his feet very wet in this game; except for pleading to get the golden key, when the vets seemed to be running the house.
Porsche? What can I say about her? I also don’t have much to say about her, but I’d be a bit worried if she was put up to replace Jeff.
Dani? I’m on team Dani for now, but I’d like to see the newbs shine more in this game. I can’t believe the hatred that JJ has for her (and could careless what Rachel’s opinion is about her cuz I hope she leaves). I find it highly unlikely that Kalia would turn on Dani now; especially after the threats that JJ have shouted in her direction.


I would loooooove to see Shelly get outed for playing both sides! There would be some good drama and, justice!!


Kalia HAS to put up Jordan otherwise Rachel will stay. She is worried and trying to get back in good with JJ. She needs to give that up. She already found out that if JJ won HOH she was going up, they have no loyalty to her, not before and definately not now. Jordan does whatever she is told to do by Jeff. Jordan is not on your side. PUT UP JORDAN. Kalia cant say she is gonna make a big move then back down when the road to make it happen becomes a little bumpy. Thats like pulling out a gun on someone then later saying, “oh im gonna put this away, but we are good right?!? No hard feeling, heh heh”. It dont work like that, take your big girl pill, put up Jordan, get Rachel out, and deal with the aftermath when it comes.


You’re absolutely right.


I have 270 votes for Cassie so far…


LOL im somewhere around 900 for dom bro i have lots more emails to go


I think shelly may be the saboteur because the shut she says just doesn’t make sense. I think thy may be the big twist this season. Production just wants her to start shut between alliances and see how far she can make it.


At this point, Dominic’s main opposition in this vote will be Cassi, an internet favorite for her confrontation of Rachel. Certainly her return would lead to sparks with Rachel, but then what? Especially as Rachel seems to be doing just fine going off the rails without Cassi, we need a little more incentive. Other than that single conflict, Cassi’s main activity in the house was smoking in the backyard and helping Shelly and Jeff’s games. At this point, enough of the house is on Shelly and Jeff’s side, and we, America, need to even out the balance.


I think it’s funny. If Shelly were younger and perhaps more attractive, I think people here would be drooling over her amazing game play, but as it is, it’s easier for folks to despair her looks and whine about the “Mommy” card she plays, I see her as a good tactician in the same way Will played, she’s holding different cards, but she’s playing them well.


her only “game” is repeating info (that people trust her with ) to whoever is HOH. that’s gonna bite her sooner or later.


I dont think it’s because she’s a mom. It’s more because she’s a major ass kisser and keeps telling everyone she’s a straight shooter. Even in her DRs she says she’s not a liar but is seen lying all the time.


So then the question remains, how is lying directly to every player, then lying about lying, and having everyone buy it not good game? It’s only bad if or when she gets called on it. Now since we only see edited clips from her DR’s I’ll hold judgement on whether she truly believes her own lies or not…


I have a feeling that Rach might not win the battle.


What is missing from the house? I must’ve missed that….


Shelly drives me nuts when she eats because she scrapes her fork against her teeth. It’s like hearing finger nails going down a blackboard.


Dani is also a fork dragger, but I still loves me some Dani!!

SoCal Suks!

fork dragger? whats that?

SoCal Suks!

disregard! I read the comment prior…haha! Duh


She drags her fork across her teeth when she eats… Doesn’t bother me but some people really can’t stand that, kinda like a shovel on concrete…


you should hear her munch on carpet 🙂 she really makes slurpy sounds. 🙂


Put Shelly up yo. She needs a taste of the block.



vote dom, why bc cassi will lose almost any comp against R,S or A.
My take on Dom, he’s tries to entertaining more than any HG except Rach.
Now why?
Dani tried to BD BR (JJHOH) when Dom won POV & got himself off the blck
Dani tried to BD JJ (BRHOH) and BR told him he was safe to throw POV and Dani convinced him he was safe.
BR choked on the JJ BD and now will go home, both of them (no Jury until 8/18 evict)
Dom got evicted by trusting Dani and BR. Yes that was one dumb move but w/o an alliance he had to trust someone.
I blame Dani and BR for his eviction and deserves a second chance to at least play and maybe beat Rachel.
Pretty Cassi is a good social player but not good at comps. Sorry Cassi lovers.


I think that shelly is the saboteur and production has asked her to start shit between alliances. This may be the huge twist this season.


I think rachels out and brendon will be back in!


Correct me if I am wrong but:

Rachel won HOH week one after Dani and Evel let them win (HOH week 1 is usually not a good thing). Cassi did not compete for POV the first week. Week two, Jordan won HOH on a golf comp, which is more about luck than any of the other comps they do. Cassi did not get to compete for POV. Her and Shelly were backdoored and she went home.

How does this equate to “Cassi can’t do competitions”? We don’t know what she can do. It would appear gameplay had little to do with her eviction. Rachel just didn’t like her. Also, unlike Dom, Cassi never threw a POV that would have saved her. Why reward him for bad game play?


Either way you put it in mi opinion dom is a better competitor . cassi had a chance to win the first HOH she didnt. you can call the 2nd one luck or skill..personally I think it’s part skill and dom did pretty well in that one. Dom won POV once, against brendon, rachel, and jeff. cassi sucked at the social game. she trusted shelly. shelly screwed a few ppl though. he threw a comp [[not smart but it was to better his position in the game, or so he thought]] dom has done more in BB and was way more vocal and entertaining to watch. cassi is pretty and wanted to do stuff but didnt. I still like her and if she wouldnt join JJ I’d want her back but I gotta go with Dom

OR…brendon gets the vote [[cbs rigging of course]] and he has to compete against rachel without her knowing [[like others have said]] and her win…then dani wins HOH or a random like lawon and we have no clue what would happen. I dont mind lawon..I forget about him but I dont have anything against him like others do for some reason. hes just there, he isTHE floater and he slightly amuses Me

Ms Jaxon

Straight Shooter should go up as the PAWN!!


I’m so digging my own fantasy of Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly getting a Pandora’s Box with Dick Cheney and his hunting rifle in it! She annoys the crap out of me. What’s more annoying is that people keep talking game to he! What is wrong with them??!


these people are atrocious truly.